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Climate ramifications of the 2022 Budget

Thursday 12th May 2022 | Eileen Corcoran | R1 News Manager | Digital Content Editor |

Finance Minister Grant Robertson is set to announce the 2022 Budget next week. Alongside COVID recovery, climate change is a highly anticipated part of this year's Budget. Lisa Ellis, director of the PPE programme at the University of Otago, tells us what is expected from this year's budget, and what more needs to be done.

Sinn Féin's landmark election win in Northern Ireland explained

Thursday 12th May 2022 | Eileen Corcoran | R1 News Manager | Digital Content Editor |
Image: Sinn Féin

Irish nationalist party Sinn Féin made history over the weekend as they became the first nationalist party to win a majority in the Northern Irish general election, moving the possibility of a unified Ireland into previously unexplored territory. Sonja Tiernan, co-director of the University of Otago's Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, speaks to R1 News about what Sinn Féin's win means for Northern Ireland and the potential of a unified Ireland in the near future.

Newly qualified teachers are underpaid nationwide

Wednesday 11th May 2022 | Athina Koncke | R1 News Reporter |

RNZ released an article regarding newly qualified teachers being severely underpaid in New Zealand and some going months without the correct salary that aligns with their qualifications. Athina talked to Gabby Richardson a newly qualified teacher about her experience entering the teaching workforce.

New research with ancient Moa DNA can help us understand how to personalise conservation for endemic species in Aotearoa as we face climate change

Wednesday 11th May 2022 | Gemma Goldstein | R1 News Reporter |

Dr Nic Rawlence, a researcher and department head for paleogenetics, joined us in studio to discuss how new research with ancient eastern moa DNA has shown their biological response to fight climate change created issues within the species during its existence. This research can be used to develop personalised conservation plans for endemic species to Aotearoa today, and help our fauna survive the climate change we face.

Local production of Agatha Christies 'The Mousetrap' celebrates the 70th Birthday of the play with opening night on the 19th of May.

Wednesday 11th May 2022 | Gemma Goldstein | R1 News Reporter |

Zac Henry, a UoO student studying theatre and media is involved in a local production of the Agatha Christie play 'The Mousetrap'. Rarely performed outside of the westend where it has been for 70 years, they hope to put on this iconic murder mystery to honour the play.