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The Radio One Community Notice Board is kindly brought to you by the OUSA Student Support Centre. If you’re a student, you can find them at 5 Ethel Benjamin Place, behind the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre on 84 Albany Street, for any help and support you may need to get through student life.

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Bee Aware Month

September in New Zealand is Bee Aware Month - a month fully dedicated to celebrating bees (our tiniest superheroes)! This annual education campaign is all about sharing with New Zealanders some basic things everyone can do to help improve bee health: planting more trees for bees, to use garden sprays safely or not at all, and to buy local honey.

Bees face many threats including pests, diseases, climate change, habitat loss and pesticide use. For Bee Aware Month 2021, help ‘Feed the Bees’ by planting bee-friendly trees and plants. Some plants are better sources of nectar and pollen than others. And some plants produce nectar and pollen at times when there is not a lot else around for bees to feed on. Some of the 'best bee plants' include rosemary, citrus trees, harakeke, sunflowers, and pumpkins, squash, and courgette! You can find out more about how to plant for bees at

Bands sought for New Year’s Eve concert

The search is on for bands to entertain the crowd at Dunedin’s 2021 New Year’s Eve concert in the Octagon. Dunedin City Council Events Advisor Olha Viazenko says the DCC is looking for bands that can bring something special to the stage on what is a memorable night for Dunedin residents and visitors. “The chosen bands will be able to entertain a large crowd at this annual family event, which is all about celebrating the New Year as a community,” Ms Viazenko says. “This year we want to discover new exceptional talents and give them the opportunity to perform on the main stage alongside experienced bands.” A selection panel, made up of people of different ages and experience, will shortlist applicants and run a blind audition process for up to six bands. Bands looking to audition need to supply examples of their music and information about the gigs they have performed. The deadline for applications is Friday, 8 October. Visit for detailed information on what is needed to apply.

Wāhine Exhibition Ōtepoti

From October 2nd to the 31st, Toitū Settler's Museum is hosting 'Wāhine', a touring multi-media exhibition that amplifies Māori women’s voices around Aotearoa, offering our communities the opportunity to be enriched by their life stories while fostering mutual understanding. Here in Ōtepoti, Phyllis Smith will be joining the kaupapa.

Using personalised sound, stories and portrait photography Wāhine is an immersive exhibition inviting communities to come together, be inspired, and learn from the raw, honest, and vulnerable stories of Māori women.

Dunedin Curtain Bank

Are you struggling to stay warm? Curtains make a significant difference to the warmth of a home; a third of all heat loss in an un-insulated home occurs through windows. Even double-glazed windows let out more heat than un-insulated walls. The Dunedin Curtain Bank is a community organization that up-cycles unwanted and unused curtains, lines them, and distributes them to those in need for just $5 per pair. Located at 174 Princes Street, they also accept donations of usable curtains for distribution.


Looking to buy things you need while helping a good cause? ReStore on the corner of Gordon and Vogel Streets is there if you’re looking for something a little different, retro or cheaper including clothes, kitchenware, furniture, books and more. Make your income go further by shopping with ReStore which helps raise money for the Malcam Charitable Trust and for Habitat For Humanity.

Thursdays in Black

Thursdays in Black is a student-led movement working towards a world free from sexual violence, and runs events raising awareness and providing education around the issue of sexual violence on campus. Sexual violence is a significant problem on tertiary campuses, but a different reality is possible. All students and staff of the University of Otago are invited to stand together, and wear all black, some black, or a Thursdays in Black badge, every Thursday to show support and solidarity for survivors of sexual violence. The way to change statistics about sexual violence is to: see, acknowledge, understand and address these issues. If you would like to get more involved, message the Thursdays In Black Facebook page or email You can also donate to Thursdays in Black Otago via Givealittle, to help them continue their advocacy and education.

Free Oral Health Service for Adolescents (Teens)

Don’t forget that dental treatment is free up until your 18th birthday, regardless of whether you're at school or in paid employment. Basic dental care includes an annual check up, oral health advice, examinations and dental X-rays (if necessary), preventative treatment, fillings, and extractions. Please note though that orthodontic treatment (like the straightening of teeth using braces) is not provided. To receive free basic dental care, Adolescents (teens) are required to enrol with a provider, and most of the dentists in Dunedin offer the free under 18 dental service - all you have to do is just call them up and ask!

OUSA $4 Lunches

Hungry? Feed your brain! OUSA's delicious and nutritious $4 lunches are on Monday - Friday at the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre, 84 Albany Street.

Stitch Kitchen

Stitch Kitchen is a community sewing studio with sewing machines, public classes, and a huge collection of fabrics, patterns and sewing supplies available to help you with mending, upcycling, costume making and more! Time banking and student rates are available, as are volunteer opportunities! Check our their website or get in touch to book a machine, or drop in at 474 Princes Street, Wednesday - Saturday from 10:30am - 4pm.

Black Star Books Ōtepoti

Black Star Books, the Ōtepoti-based non-for-profit social centre, infoshop, and radical zines archive is looking for enthusiastic and likeminded volunteers who are keen to get involved in supporting DIY publications and flax-roots social organising! Black Star Books is open Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 - 5pm, and is located at 111 Moray Place, Dunedin. To get involved, email