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The Radio One Community Notice Board is kindly brought to you by the OUSA Student Support Centre. If you’re a student, you can find them at 5 Ethel Benjamin Place, behind the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre on 84 Albany Street, for any help and support you may need to get through student life.

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Girls Only Power-lifting Competition

Hosted by Propel Fitness at 172 Princes Street on Saturday 31st August, there's an opportunity for womxn in Dunedin to give the sport of power-lifting a go! Please note that this event will run as a competition but there will be lots of help along the way. Entries close soon. For more information, visit

University of Otago Creative Writing Competition

University of Otago staff and students, do you love to write? Here’s a competition for you.

With four categories: student poetry, student fiction, staff poetry and staff fiction, the University of Otago's Creative Writing Competition is an opportunity for ALL keen writers across ALL of the University’s campuses to have a go.

The competition has been created as part of the University’s 150th celebrations – and will become an annual contest on the University calendar. This year, to celebrate the University’s 150th anniversary, the writing prompt is “Daring to be Wise”.

Entries for the completion close on Friday 6th September with winners announced on Thursday 3rd October. For more info, e-mail or visit

RED CROSS EXCHANGE - Tiffany Singh: Make A House A Home Project

As one of seven refugee settlement locations in New Zealand, Dunedin provides multiple levels of support to those establishing new lives here, from day-to-day support and community orientation, to the establishment of housing. Artist Tiffany Singh has connected their 'Make A House A Home' project with the Red Cross’ aim to ‘turn houses into homes for families’, through community donations and support.

On one remaining set day, members of the public will be able to donate items at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in exchange for one of Singh’s 108 handmade prints. At the end of the exhibition all the items will be donated to the Red Cross and divided amongst the families, acting as a small token of welcome and support.

Final exchanges will take place between 10am – 12pm on Saturday 28 September.

Please note: There are a fixed number of prints able to be exchanged on each exchange day. The exchanges will operate on a first come, first served basis. The DPAG will not accept food, children’s toys, clothes or cash/voucher donations. For a list of desired donatable items, see

Dunedin Curtain Bank

Are you struggling to stay warm? Curtains make a significant difference to the warmth of a home; a third of all heat loss in an un-insulated home occurs through windows. Even double-glazed windows let out more heat than un-insulated walls. The Dunedin Curtain Bank is a community organization that up-cycles unwanted and unused curtains, lines them, and distributes them to those in need for just $5 per pair. Located at 174 Princes Street, they also accept donations of usable curtains for distribution.

Bags for Good

Bags For Good is a community-led project of the Just Atelier Trust, which works to reduce landfill by repurposing pre-loved textiles into good quality reusable bags, celebrating good design and craftsmanship to ensure maximum re-use. Bags For Good brings together people who care about reducing waste, minimising single-use plastic, sharing skills, simple acts of kindness, and supporting local community, and holds regular working bees on Thursday mornings throughout the year. These working bees run from 10am-1pm at 88 Vogel Street. Everyone is welcome and there is something for everyone, whatever your previous experience. This is also a great opportunity for home sewists to pop in and top up their supplies, ask any questions, or drop off any fabric, thread, etc you may have surplus in your stash. Help save the world from the clutches of the plastic bag!


Looking to buy things you need while helping a good cause? ReStore on the corner of Gordon and Vogel Streets is there if you’re looking for something a little different, retro or cheaper including clothes, kitchenware, furniture, books and more. Make your income go further by shopping with ReStore which helps raise money for the Malcam Charitable Trust and for Habitat For Humanity.