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Half-price public transport fares launch

Friday 1st April 2022 | Zac Hoffman | R1 News Reporter |

Starting April 1st, all public transport fares in Aotearoa will be half price for three months as part of the government’s response to skyrocketing fuel prices.

While the move has been celebrated as a win for accessibility and climate action, many are pushing for these temporary measures to become permanent, and for the fares to be scrapped altogether.

Zac Hoffman speaks to Adam Currie of the Free Fares campaign about the move.


The Neighbourhood brings men's mental health dinner Ōtepoti

Friday 1st April 2022 | Zac Hoffman | R1 News Reporter |

Photo: Neighbourhood NZ website


Next week, new mental health not-for-profit organisation The Neighbourhood are hosting a No Small Talk dinner, facilitating tough conversations around men’s mental health.

Zac Hoffman spoke to the organisers and local mental health advocates about providing men space to talk openly.


Students split over dropping vaccine mandates

Thursday 31st March 2022 | Scott Faville | R1 News Reporter |

Vaccine pass mandates are out the door come April 4th. 

Scott Faville looks at how the student community is feeling ahead of this latest set of changes.

83% of lawyers report mental health suffering from workplace stresses

Thursday 31st March 2022 | Sunaina Born | R1 News Reporter |

The newly-formed Aotearoa Legal Workers' Union has just released a new report that finds that lawyers are suffering under high workloads, stressful subject matter, and bullying by senior staff, with 83% of respondents reporting their mental health deteriorating due to workplace conditions.

Co-President Isabella Lenihan-Ikin talks to Sunaina Born about this report and the unique role of the union.

Media depiction of cyclists does not reflect motorists' role

Thursday 31st March 2022 | Scott Faville | R1 News Reporter |

Cycling is an accessible, environmentally friendly, and increasingly popular way to get from A to B, and cyclists are road users like any car, bus, or truck. However, their rights as road users are increasingly downplayed by media outlets when they report on vehicles impacting cyclists. 

Scott Faville spoke to Kitty Cresswell Riol of cyclist advocacy group, Spokes Dunedin, who says that the way we report cyclist injuries and deaths downplays drivers’ culpability.