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Dr Maria Pozza (Space law expert and 2022 Otago Foreign Policy School Director) on Aotearoa's role as a space-faring nation

Thursday 30th June 2022 | Zac Hoffman | R1 News Reporter |
Image: NASA's Capstone satellite, launched from Aotearoa. NASA/Daniel Rutter

The 56th Otago Foreign Policy School is taking place this weekend, and is set to tackle Aotearoa's role as a space-faring nation. We spoke to the school's director and space law specialist Dr Maria Pozza about the technological and commercial advantages and disadvantages further space exploration brings, and how Aotearoa can become a tour de force in space exploration.

National List MP Michael Woodhouse on changes to political donation and funding rules

Thursday 30th June 2022 | Zac Hoffman | R1 News Reporter |

Earlier this week, Justice Minister Kiri Allan unveiled a series of new changes to political party funding. The changes include a requirement for parties to publish annual financial statements and a $5000 limit on anonymous donations. The new law has garnered criticism from the Opposition; we spoke to National list MP Michael Woodhouse about how this impacts Aotearoa's democracy and what this means for the future of political party fundraising.

What The Puck!? With Dave Borrie - Tampa Bay Blunder

Monday 27th June 2022 | Quintin Jane | R1 News Reporter |

Upset for the Colorado Lightning as their hopes of hosting the Stanley Cup for the first time in more than two decades is shifted back after a devastating home game loss. We speak to Radio One’s resident hoser Dave Borrie about the upset. 

University of Otago launches Centre for Indigenous Sciences

Monday 27th June 2022 | Quintin Jane | R1 News Reporter |

Last week, to coincide with Matariki, the University of Otago announced its new Centre of Indigenous Sciences, which seeks to incorporate mātauranga Māori into research. We spoke to Dr Chanel Philips, co-director of Te Koronga, about the centre and its aims. 

“We need naloxone” - Brin Ryder of Know Your Stuff NZ on fentanyl overdoses in the Wairarapa

Monday 27th June 2022 | Quintin Jane | R1 News Reporter |
Image: St John ambulance. St John/Creative Commons

12 people were hospitalised over the weekend for suspected fentanyl overdoses in the Wairarapa, highlighting the importance of drug harm reduction measures. We spoke to Brin Ryder of KnowYourStuff about important policy changes and harm reduction measures as fentanyl presents in the community.