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Sports recovery programmes that menstrual cycles into account

Thursday 7th April 2022 | Sunaina Born | R1 News Reporter |

In the past, recovery regimes for athletes that menstruate have followed the same guidelines as athletes who don’t. Physiotherapist and PhD student, Emma O’Loughlin has conducted a study that looks at how the menstrual cycle affects rehabilitation after an ACL injury.


Review Your Poo: Gut health and cancer detection

Thursday 7th April 2022 | Sunaina Born | R1 News Reporter |

Bowel Cancer is the 2nd highest cause of cancer death in New Zealand. The Gut Foundation encourages New Zealand to Review their Poo for a month so that they can detect any unusual changes. Sunaina Born talks to Otago University Professor Richard Gearry about monitoring your bowel movements and the different ranges of normal.

Sweat with Pride - the fitness fundraiser that supports the rainbow community

Thursday 7th April 2022 | Scott Faville | R1 News Reporter |

Over 50% of the LGBTQ+ community is affected by mental illness. Gay and bi men make up 80% of new HIV transmissions in New Zealand. To raise money for essential support services for the rainbow community, the New Zealand AIDS Foundation is fighting discrimination with perspiration. Sweat with Pride gets people active and raises money.


Scott Faville spoke to Beth Goulstone (of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation) about Sweat with Pride.


News Bulletin: Rāapa Wednesday 6th April

Wednesday 6th April 2022 | Bonnie Harrison | R1 News Manager |



Mind the Gap NZ pushing for a pay transparency regime

Wednesday 6th April 2022 | Athina Koncke | R1 News Reporter |

The government is considering putting a pay transparency regime in place. Employees will be able to compare their wages to other people working in their sector, with the hopes that they will be able to use this information to be paid fairly.


Last year, organisation ‘Mind The Gap NZ’ provided a policy recommendation and course for change on ethnic and gender pay reporting for Aotearoa. The Gender pay gap was 9.1% in the June 2021 quarter, where it has stayed for the past decade, and the gap between a European Male employees and a Pacifika woman is 27%. And Disabled people in Aotearoa face a pay gap of 18%.


Athina Koncke spoke to Nina Santos from Mind The Gap