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Radio One is the ONLY station on earth.

Or it might as well be, 'cause if we don't play it, it's probably not worth listening to. That's what we mean. The mere fact that you're reading this suggests a 95% probability that you agree with us.

Yes, there is this thing called 'commercial radio', playing the same three songs, five times an hour, squeezed between forty minutes of horrible, shouty ads... And then, there's Radio One, beaming on 91.0 FM as far as our signal will take us, and online at to the rest of the blessed universe, all locally, from the grounds of the mighty institution known as the University of Otago.

We're about variety. We're about diversity. We're about goodness. Our DJ's cover everything from punk-pop futurefunk to bangin' bhangra beats, catchy synth singles to cosmic soul death disco. Planted at the heart of urban culture, sorting the gold from the gunk and turning it up - that's us.

If you're looking for a link to now, listen to the One.

Music is life. We'll keep you breathing.