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Three Chord Revolution

7pm - 9pm Thursday with Nath

Three Chord Revolution

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 05/05/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
The Bouncing Souls-Wish Me Well (You Can Go to Hell)
The Bouncing Souls-Kate Is Great
The Bouncing Souls-True Believers
The Bouncing Souls-Lean On Sheena
The Bouncing Souls-¡Olé!
Fiddler's Green-Bretonix
Coldside-Sever the Ties
Pretty Girls Make Graves-Chemical, Chemical
Fugazi-Waiting Room
War On Women-Jordan
Ignite-You Lie
The Wonder Years-You Made Me Want To Be A Saint
Agnostic Front-The American Dream Died
Refused-Servants Of Death
The Vandals-People That Are Going To Hell
The Vandals-If The Gov't Could Read My Mind
The Vandals-My Girlfriend's Dead
The Vandals-Oi To The World
The Bugs-My Favorite Baseball Team Is Fucking Bad
Roger Miret and the Disasters-Gotta Get Up Now
Total Chaos-Be What You Want
Wolfbrigade-Chemical Straight Jacket
7 Seconds-Young 'Til I Die
Lars Frederiksen-Vietnam
Defiance-Fuck This City
The Virus-Terror
Wednesday Night Heroes-Another Wasted Night
A Wilhelm Scream-Hairy Scarecrow
Youth Brigade-Did You Wanna Die?
98 Mute-Slow Motion Riot
H2O-What happened?


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 28/4/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Brian Fallon-Painkillers
Brian Fallon-Rosemary
Brian Fallon-Among Other Foolish Things
Brian Fallon-Smoke
Doom Service-1.21 Gigawatts!? Great Scott!!
Worship This!-Let Life Unfold
Hooton 3 Car-Prozac
Walls Of Jericho-Wrapped In Violence
Michale Graves-The Beginning of the End
Break Anchor-Black Hearts And Blackouts
Coldside-Truth Means Nothing
Dayglo Abortions-Sick Of The Lies
Cherie Currie Marky Ramone And Wayne Kramer-Cherry Bomb
NOFX-Olympia W.A.
NOFX- Antennaes
The King Blues-Starting Fires
Stratford Mercenaries-Down To You
G.B.H.-City Baby's Revenge
The Adicts-Rage Is The Rage
Dwarves-Everybodies Girl
I Am The Avalanche-My Lion Heart
Oxymoron-Dawn Patrol
Frenzal Rhomb-You Are A Nob
The Ataris-San Dimas High School Football Rules
The Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop
The Ramones-Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
The Ramones-Havana Affair
The Ramones-Beat On The Brat
The Ramones-Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 21/04/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Frank Turner-Get Better
Frank Turner-The Next Storm
Frank Turner-Out of Breath
Frank Turner-Glorious You
Streetwise Scarlet-Let's Go
Ten Foot Pole-A.D.D.
Seaside Rebels-Abandon Ship
The Rabble-The Coast Song
Section 8-Who Are You To Blame
Great Collapse-Break In Case of Emergency
Set Your GoalsThis Song Is Definitely Not About A Girl
Sick of It All-Ruin
The Wonder Years-Teenage Parents
PCP Eagles-PCP Anthem
The Real McKenzies-Best Day Until Tomorrow  
Alkaline Trio-Warbrain
Rise Against-Give It All
Rancid-Fall Back Down
The Bouncing Souls-True Believers
Dropkick Murphys-Famous for Nothing
Strung Out-Spanish Days
Social Distortion-When the Angels Sing
Anti-Flag-1 Trillion Dollars
Days N' Daze-Misanthropic Drunken Loner
Billy Bragg-Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards
Against Me!-True Trans Soul Rebel
Against Me!-Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Against Me!-Unconditional Love
Against Me!-FuckMyLife666

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 7/4/2016

The Mahones - The Revolution Starts Now
Nerf Herder - At the Con
Nerf Herder - Doctor Who
Nerf Herder - I'm The Droid
Nerf Herder - Ghostbusters 3
The All Brights - Hell on a Surfboard
Avial- Simple Song
Lucky Boys Confusion - Fred Astaire
Pegboy - Strong Reaction
New Bomb Turks - Jukebox Lean
Vendetta Red - Shatterday
Success - Believe In
Western Springs - Got It Get It
Not On Tour - Gut Feeling
Ray Rocket - First Time
Ray Rocket - Do You Want To Go To Tijuana
Ray Rocket - Todayo
Ray Rocket - Without You
Not Scientist - Just Break Me
Stabbed in the Back - Why don't you dance
Bad Cop Bad Cop - I'm Alright
Apocalypse Hoboken - Pop Goes The World
The Bollweevils - Bulletman
Falling Sickness - Face the Clock
Jugg's Revenge -  Punk isn't Cool Any more
Straight Faced - Greed Motivates
The Flatliners - Resolution of the Year
Daycare Swindlers - Crystal Meth
Brain Failure - Coming Down to Beijing
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Rascal King
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Where'd You Go


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 31/3/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Face To Face-Bent but Not Broken
Face To Face-Say What You Want
Face To Face-Protection
Face To Face-It Almost All Went Wrong
Farewell-Stay Pretty
Chelsea-The Right  To Work
The Misfits-Hybrid moments
The Methadones-Hygene Aisle
Conniption-Hymn For Them
The Boys-The First Time
The Cramps-Hypno Sex Ray
Chaos U.K.-Hypocrite
Bikini Kill-Alien She
Off with Their Heads-Wrong
Refused-Servants Of Death
The Mahones-Paint The Town Red
Flogging Molly-Requiem for a Dying Song
Dropkick Murphys-Walk Away
The Real McKenzies-Pour Decisions  
Destroy All Monsters-Bored
U.K. Subs-Detox
Ignite-Fear Is Our Tradition
The Lawrence Arms-Navigating the Windward Passage
DOA-Death to the Multinationals
Bayside-The Wrong Way
Ex Pistols-Land Of Hope And Glory
Madball-H.C. United
The Saints-Follow The Leader
Fugazi-Public Witness Program
Kitsch-Stay Right Here
The Falcon-Hasselhoff Cheeseburger
The Falcon-Dead Rose
The Falcon-If Dave Did It
The Falcon-War of Colossus

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 10/3/2016 Bad Religion Special

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Bad Religion-Suffer
Bad Religion-I Want to Conquer the World
Bad Religion-Against the Grain
Bad Religion-Dept. of False Hope
Bad Religion-Atomic Garden
Bad Religion-Can't Stop It
Bad Religion-Politics
Bad Religion-Dharma and the Bomb
Bad Religion-No Control
Bad Religion-1000 More Fools
Bad Religion-Sensory Overload
Bad Religion-Social Suicide
Bad Religion-You
Bad Religion-Cyanide
Bad Religion-New Dark Ages
Bad Religion-Give You Nothing
Bad Religion-New America
Bad Religion-American Jesus
Bad Religion-The Devil In Stitches
Bad Religion-Don't Pray On Me
Bad Religion-You Are (The Government)
Bad Religion-Generator
Bad Religion-The Gray Race
Bad Religion-I Won't Say Anything
Bad Religion-Infected
Bad Religion-It's a Long Way to the Promise Land
Bad Religion-Kerosene
Bad Religion-Los Angeles Is Burning
Bad Religion-Modern Man
Bad Religion-Portrait of Authority
Bad Religion-Punk Rock Song
Bad Religion-Requiem For Dissent
Bad Religion-Sorrow
Bad Religion-Stranger Than Fiction
Bad Religion-Supersonic
Bad Religion-A Walk
Bad Religion-Wrong Way Kids

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 3/3/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
H2O-Black Sheep
H2O-What happened?
H2O-One Life, One Chance
H2O-Use Your Voice
H2O-Can I Overcome
The Replacements-Little Mascara
The Adicts-Rage Is The Rage
AFI-Kung-Fu Devil
Marky Ramone And The Intruders-Nobody Likes You
Less Than Jake-The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
INDK-Sunday Bombs
The Lawrence Arms-Navigating the Windward Passage
Andrew Jackson Jihad-Linda Ronstadt
Fiddler's Green-Folk's Not Dead
Fiddler's Green-(You) Drive Me Mad
Fiddler's Green-The Night Pat Murphy Died
Fiddler's Green-Shut up and dance
State Champs-Shape Up
SS-Kaliert-Make War Not Love
Mischief Brew-Thanks, Bastards!
Sham 69-Hersham Boys [7" Version]
The Mr. T Experience-Tomorrow Is a Harsh Mistress
Piss Drunks-Richard's Wife
Against All Authority-All Fall Down
Dads-Get To The Beach!
Cobra Skulls-There's a Skeleton in My Military Industrial Closet
Hi-Standard-My Heart Feels So Free
Rum Rebellion-Gotta Go
Rum Rebellion-Dancin' The Hempen Jig
Rum Rebellion-Pubcrawler's Jig


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 25/2/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Sex Pistols-Anarchy In The UK
The Ramones-Rock & Roll High School
Iggy Pop-Search and Destroy
Fugazi-Waiting Room
Lagwagon-May 16
X-Ray Specks-Oh Bondag! Up Yours!
The Clash-London Calling
All-World's On Heroin
Dropkick Murphys-The State of Massachusetts
The Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)
Against Me!-I Was A Teenage Anarchist
Operation Ivy-Sound System
Millencolin-No cigar
Bikini Kill-Rebel Girl
Bad Religion-American Jesus
The Menzingers-I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
The Runaways-Cherry Bomb
Refused-New Noise
The Distillers-City of Angels
The Jam-In the City
Social Distortion-Story of My Life
Agnostic Front-Gotta Go
New Found Glory-My Friends Over You
Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized
Teenage Bottlerocket-Skate or Die
Saves The Day-Shoulder To The Wheel
Frank Turner-Get Better
The Replacements-Bastards Of Young
Pulley-Hooray for Me
Ten Foot Pole-A.D.D.


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 18/2/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
The Adolescents-Amoeba
The Gaslight Anthem-American Slang
Rancid-Ruby Soho
MC5-Kick Out the Jams [Uncensored Version]
Rise Against-Savior
Bad Brains-Banned in D.C.
Screeching Weasel-Cool Kids
The Bronx-Knifeman
Husker Du-In A Free Land
Hot Water Music-Trusty Chords
The Misfits-Last Caress
Motion City Soundtrack-Everything is Alright
Guttermouth-Can I Borrow Some Ambition
Alkaline Trio-Mercy Me
Black Flag-TV Party
The Damned-New Rose
The Suicide Machines-New Girl
Minutemen    -Corona
L7-American Society
Strung Out-Analog
Minor Threat-Filler
Anti-Flag-This Is The End
Dead Kennedys-Holiday In Cambodia
The Muffs-Kids In America 
Bowling for Soup-1985
No Use For A Name-Dumb Reminders
The Clash-Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Off With Their Heads-Nightlife
The Bouncing Souls-Gone
Stiff Little Fingers-Alternative Ulster
Pennywise-F**k Authority

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 11/2/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Alkaline Trio-This Addiction
Alkaline Trio-Warbrain
Alkaline Trio-Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Alkaline Trio-Private Eye
Chixdiggit!-Melissa Louise
Off with Their Heads-1612 Haven Hurst
Conniption-Hymn For Them
Accelerators-Southern Girls
Night Gaunts-Top Hat Killers
SNFU-My Pathetic Past
LAGER LOUTS-Work Together
X-Ray Spex-I Am A Poseur
The Bouncing Souls-Baptized
The Bouncing Souls-Static
The Bouncing Souls-Coin Toss Girl
The Bouncing Souls-Comet
Quincy Punx-Part of the Problem
The Lawrence Arms-Turnstyles
Pulley-Insects Destroy
The Methadones-Undecided
The Germs-Communist Eyes
The Mr. T Experience-There's Something Wrong With Me
Iggy Pop-Lust for Life
Descendents-I'm Not A Punk
MDC-I Remember
Mongol Horde-Your Problem
The Murder City Devils-Get off the Floor
Brubeck-Two Bettys
Dropkick Murphys-The State of Massachusetts
Dropkick Murphys-God Willing
Dropkick Murphys-Vices and Virtues
Dropkick Murphys-Loyal to No One

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 4/2/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Mixtapes- Hey MA. pt2
Mixtapes - Even on the worst nights
Mixtapes - one for the ozarks
Mixtapes - just when you thought it was over
minor threat- minor threat
the misfits-teenagers from mars
missing teeth - the plan
millencolin - lozin' must
The Casualities - for the punx
teenage bottlerocket - necronomicon
Living End - One said to the other
star fucking hipsters - war windows vietnam
leftover crack - burn them prisions
accelerators -your the one
zebrahead i'm definately not gonna miss you
The lawerence arms-turnstyles
the nerve agents -the poisoning
agnostic front -dead yuppies
Tiger Army-Power of Moonlite
goldfinger - here in your bedroom
pinhead gunpowder - song of my returning 
agent orange - wouldn't last a day
The Ruts - Staring at the rude boys
Old man markley - for better for worse
say anything - john mcclanne
unwritten law - rest of my life
The menzingers -lilth Avi
ten foot pole - the getaway
nerf herder - jenna bush army


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath /17/12/15

Refused-War On The Palaces
Refused-Destroy The Man
Anti-Flag-Brandenburg Gate
Anti-Flag-Fabled World
Anti-Flag-Set Yourself On Fire
The Real McKenzies-Up on a Motorbike
The Real McKenzies-Who'd  a Thought
The Real McKenzies-What Have You Done
Millencolin-Egocentric Man
Millencolin-Sense & Sensibility
H2O-Use Your Voice
The Interrupters-The 11th Hour
The Briggs-Who Would've Thought
The Triggers-The Wars End
The Last Gang-Cocktails
The Hextalls-Ouch, My Childhood
The Hextalls-I Bought You A Singing Toilet
The Hextalls-Who's The #1 Cop?
The Hextalls-Let's Build Robots
Teenage Bottlerocket-I Found The One
Teenage Bottlerocket-Nothing Else Matters (When I'm With You)
Teenage Bottlerocket-Been Too Long
Teenage Bottlerocket-TV Set
Strung Out-Rats in the Walls
Strung Out-Spanish Days
Frank Turner-Get Better
Frank Turner-The Next Storm
Frank Turner-Out of Breath


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 3/12/15

PCP Eagles-PCP Anthem
PCP Eagles-Nature Boy
PCP Eagles-I Hear Static
PCP Eagles-I Hate The Mall
Ten Foot Pole-Late At Night
Sick of It All-2061
Frenzal Rhomb-Brians Problems
U.K. Subs-Workers Revolution
The Vindictives-If You Knew What She Wants
Millencolin-Material boy
New Found Glory-Tell Tale Heart
Forever The Sickest Kids-She's A Lady
The Queers-I Can't Stand You
7 Seconds-Spread
A Wilhelm Scream-The Kids Can Eat A Bag Of Dick
The Stooges-I Wanna Be Your Dog
Chumped-Anywhere But Here
The Bouncing Souls-That Song
The Bouncing Souls-True Believers
The Bouncing Souls-Manthem
The Bouncing Souls-Gone
The Cramps-Sheena's in a Goth Gang
Nothington-Ordinary Lives
Total Chaos-Attack (Keep'em Down)
Lars Frederiksen-1%
Minor Threat-It Follows
Less Than Jake-Hell Looks a Lot Like L.A.
Career Soldiers-Don't Play Your Role
The Mr. T Experience-Another Yesterday
Death By Stereo-Harmonic Divisor
Lagwagon-Alien 8
Rise Against-State of the Union
Rise Against-Life Less Frightening
Rise Against-Anywhere But Here
Rise Against-Give It All

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 26/11/15

Avenged Sevenfold-The Art Of Subconcious Illusion
August Burns Red-The Wake
Hands Like Houses-I Am
Bring Me the Horizon-A Lot Like Vegas
Blacklist Royals-Riverside
The Copyrights-Worn Out Passport
The Black Pacific-The System
Larry and His Flask-Blood Drunk
Sharks-It All Relates
Street Dogs-Punk Rock And Roll
The Jukebox Romantics-Famous Last Line
Closure In Moscow-A Night As the Splean
Black Flag-Rise Above
Masked Intruder-Hey Girl
Masked Intruder-Why Don't You Love Me In Real Life
Masked Intruder-Wish You Were Mine
Masked Intruder-Don't Run Away
Masked Intruder-I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
Bad Cop Bad Cop-Nightmare
A Global Threat-On the Clock
The Get Up Kids-Holiday
Generation X-Dancing With Myself
The Go Set-The Struggle And The Fight
Iron Reagan-Obsolete Man
The Jacks-The Ghost Of A Crying Shame
Joyce Manor-The Jerk
Bad Religion-Wrong Way Kids
The Real McKenzies-Best Day Until Tomorrow  
Rise Against-Ready to Fall
Rise Against-Worth Dying For
Rise Against-Prayer of the Refugee
Rise Against-Drones


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 19/11/15

Eagles Of Death Metal-i want you so hard (boy's bad news)
Eagles Of Death Metal-Keep your head up
Eagles Of Death Metal-(I Used To Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants
Eagles Of Death Metal-i only want you
XfrankgrimesX-The Wheels On the Bus Go Fuck.My.Life
The Agrestix-Follow Me to Hell
Agnostic Front-United And Strong
Agent Orange-Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
Against All Authority-The Production of Self Destruction
The Adolescents-Pointless Teenage Anthem
A.O.A.-Who Are They Trying to Con
The Abuse-No Tomorrow
All-World's On Heroin
Smokey Bastard-Wasteland
Smokey Bastard-Yuppie Dracula
Smokey Bastard-Cheer Up, Love (Worse Things Happen At Sea) (Pt. III)
Smokey Bastard-Mamma Mia
Total Chaos-Time to Go
Wolfbrigade-Gasping for a Breath
House Boat-Kids Of The Black Hole Sun
Suicidal Tendencies-Go Skate (Possessed To Skate )
Swingin' Utters-The Librarians Are Hiding Something
Tukatukas-The mask
Blanks '77-I Don't Wanna Be
The Riverdales-Volcano
Screeching Weasel-I Will Always Do
Mxpx-Teenage Politics
Chumped-Something About Geography
The Murder City Devils-That's What You Get
Randy-The Guide To Outrageous Drinkin'
Rise Against-Tragedy+Time
Rise Against-The Strength To Go On
Rise Against-This is Letting Go
Rise Against-Like the Angel

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 12/11/15

Teenage Bottlerocket-She's Not the One
Teenage Bottlerocket-Radical
Teenage Bottlerocket-Another Way
Teenage Bottlerocket-On My Own
Teen Agers-New York, NY
U.K. Subs-War of the Roses
U.S. Bombs-Art Kills
Union 13-No Time For Learning
The Unseen-No Direction
The Vandals-When I Say You, I Mean Me
Division Of Laura Lee-Black City
The Dillinger Escape Plan-Fix Your Face
Main Line 10-Excuse Me Can I Use This Chair
Strike Anywher-Blackbirds Roar
Reverend Horton Heat-Generation Why
MDC-Deep in the Heart (Of Racist Amerikkka)
Softcore-Not My Problem
Guitar Wolf-Jet Satisfaction
Sex Pistols-Anarchy In The UK
The Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)?
The Buzzcocks-Orgasm Addict
The Buzzcocks-I Don't Mind
The Buzzcocks-Chasing Rainbows Modern Times
Strung Out-Agents Of The Underground
Bombshell Rocks-Warpath
Operation Ivy-Here We Go Again
Zen Guerilla-Slow Motion Rewind
Hard Money Saints-Hot Rod Trash
Hi-STANDARD-My Sweet Dog
Good Riddance-Stand
H2O-Faster Than The World
Burning Heads-Thinking Of The Time
Guttermouth-My Girlfriend
Great Collapse-Human Target
Great Collapse-The World Between
Great Collapse-Dawn Stations


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 5/11/15

The Bones-Violent Hostility
The Bones-Dollar Signs & Krytonite
The Bones-Chainsaw
The Bones-Bigger Than Jesus
Great Collapse-Specific Gravity
Bracket-Speed Bump
Strike Anywhere-Summerpunks
Strike Anywhere-Notes On Pulling The Sky Down
The Suicide Machines-Bleeding Heart
The Swellers-They all Float Down Here
Supersuckers-My Kickass Life
Ten Foot Pole-The Getaway
The Tossers-Emerald City
Transplants-What I Can't Describe (Feat. Boo Ya Tribe)
Teenage Bottlerocket-Blood Bath at Burger King
Teenage Bottlerocket-Skate or Die
Teenage Bottlerocket-Haunted House
Teenage Bottlerocket-Bigger Than Kiss
The Agrestix-A.D.D.
The Adicts-A.D.X. Medley
Snuff-All Over Now
Anti-Flag-1 Trillion Dollars
Propagandhi-War Is Peace, Slavery Is Freedom, May All Your Interventions Be Humanitarian
Swingin' Utters-I Follow
Guttermouth-Can I Borrow Some Ambition
Death By Stereo-Holding 60 Dollars On A Burning Bridge
Masked Intruder-I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
Masked Intruder-Heart Shaped Guitar
Masked Intruder-I Fought the Law
Masked Intruder-The Most Beautiful Girl


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 22/10/15

State Champs-All You Are Is History
State Champs-Secrets
State Champs-Eyes Closed
State Champs-Back and Forth
Western Addiction-Ex-Humans
Bad Cop Bad Cop-Nightmare
Morning Glory-Life's a Long Revenge
Night Birds-Left in the Middle
Get Dead-Welcome to Hell
toyGuitar-When It Was Over
Strung Out-Rebellion of the Snakes
Strung Out-Modern Drugs
Strung Out-Spanish Days
Strung Out-Go It Alone
Comeback Kid-Lower The Line
Abrasive Wheels-When the Punks Go Marching In
Actionmen-Popular Inquiries Into Everyday Perspectives
Random Hand-A Clean Slate
Resistance 77-State Controlled Assassination
Blacklisted-Bottle Rockets
Dead Rejects-Jealousy [Feat. Night Gaunts]
FIDLAR-40oz. On Repeat
Downtown Boys-Future Police
Flatfoot 56-Smoke Blower
Jeff Rosenstock-Hey Allison!
The Smith Street Band-Sunshine & Technology
Nothington-Where I Can't Be Found
Bodyjar-Role model
Apologies, I Have None-Sat In Vicky Park
Say Anything-People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist
Say Anything-Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 15/10/15

H2O-Use Your Voice
H2O-True Romance
H2O-Black Sheep
Billy Bragg-Waiting For The Great Leap Fowards
Midtown-Become What You Hate
Teenage Bottlerocket-Been Too Long
Youth Brigade-Believe in Something
Pinhead Gunpowder-Before The Accident
Randy-The Beginning
The Riverdales-The Beginning Of The End
Teenage Head-You're Tearin' Me Apart
Guttermouth-Teri Yakimoto
Alkaline Trio-I Wanna Be A Warhol
Alkaline Trio-She Lied To The FBI
Alkaline Trio-I, Pessimist
Alkaline Trio-Midnight Blue
Nerf Herder-Van Halen
Joyce Manor-Falling in Love Again
SNFU-New Rose
Rollins Band-One shot
Marky Ramone And The Speed Kings-Girls & Gasoline
The Methadones-Bored Of Television
River Jumpers-All Our Histories
Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown
The Lawrence Arms-Porno and Snuff Films
Koffin Kats-The Devil Asked
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!-Haters Gonna Hate
Authority Zero-mesa town
Good Riddance-Dry Season
Blink 182-Josie
Blink 182-Dick Lips
Blink 182-Apple Shampoo
Blink 182-Dammit


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 8/10/15

Mongol Horde-Casual Threats From Weekend Hardmen
Madball-False Threats
The Bronx-False Alarm
Marky Ramone And The Intruders-Coward With A Gun
The Reverend Horton Heat-What's Reminding Me of You
MDC-Sleep a Little Less, Dream a Little More
Major Accident-Mr. Nobody
The Suicide Machines-One More Time
Quincy Punx-Killer Ratings
The Vibrators-Long Beach Police
D.I.-Gutters of Paradise
Cursed-Nineteen Seventy Four
Chaos U.K-Punk Rock Ambulance
Battalion of Saints-I Don't Like You
The Flatliners-Filthy Habits
Black Flag-TV Party
Bad Religion-I Want to Conquer the World
Bad Religion-No Control
Bad Religion-Anxiety
Bad Religion-Automatic Man
Undead-Never Say Die
Burning Leather-Wasted Days
Cobra Skulls-There's a Skeleton in My Military Industrial Closet
A Day to Remember-You Should Have Killed Me When You Had the Chance
The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
The Get Up Kids-Holiday
Matt Skiba And The Sekrets-All Fall Down
MC5-Kick Out the Jams [Uncensored Version]
A Wilhelm Scream-5 To 9
White Lung-I Believe You
Laura Palmer-Summer's Over
Less Than Jake-The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
Less Than Jake-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
less than jake-the rest of my life
less than jake-soundtrack of my life