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Three Chord Revolution

7pm - 9pm Thursday with Nath

Three Chord Revolution

Three Chord Revolution

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now


H2O-From the Heart


H2O-Black Sheep

Seaside Rebels-Abandon Ship

Saves The Day-Freakish

The Swellers-Ups and Downsizing

Frank Turner-I Still Believe

Ignite-By My Side

Swingin' Utters-Sunday Stripper

SNFU-Zipperhead Club

Gogol Bordello-60 Revolutions

Forever The Sickest Kids-That For Me

Genocide SS-Superstar Destroyer

Goldfinger-Just Like Heaven

Sonic Boom Six-No Man, No Right

Sonic Boom Six-Do What You Wanna Do

Sonic Boom Six-Love

Sonic Boom Six-Worship Yourself

Dead To Me-I Wanna Die in Los Angeles

Bad Brains-Rise

Motion City Soundtrack-Her Words Destroyed My Planet

Madball-Thinking of Myself

Guitar Wolf-Invader Ace

Cobra Khan-Eye To Eye

Dropkick Murphys-The Dirty Glass

Reel Big Fish-Sell Out

Reel Big Fish-She Has a Girlfriend Now

Reel Big Fish-Everything Sucks

Reel Big Fish-Alternative, Baby

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath: 20/10/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
NoFx-I'm So Sorry Tony
NoFx-Ditch Effort
NoFx-California Drought
NoFx-Sid And Nancy
The Replacements-Kiss Me On The Bus
Pretty Girls Make Graves-Chemical, Chemical
The Brains-Need You Now
Say Anything-Of Steel
Kill The President-Fight 'Em All
Screeching Weasel-Phasers On Kill
Propagandhi-Albright Monument, Baghdad
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Temporary Trip
Oxymoron-On the Outside
Randy-My Heart, My Enemy
Mustard Plug-Throw a Bomb
The Hippos-Wasting My Life
House Boat-I Watched The Biggest Loser Australia
Jeff Rosenstock-Festival Song
Jeff Rosenstock-I Did Something Weird Last Night
Jeff Rosenstock-Perfect Sound Whatever
Jeff Rosenstock-Wave Goodnight To Me
Flatfoot 56-Waves of War
Hot Water Music-Wayfarer
State Champs-Tooth And Nail
Banner Pilot-Effigy
The WBC-Ol' Skool
Lower Class Brats-Bite the Bullet
Guitar Wolf-Jet Satisfaction
U.K. Subs-Workers Revolution
The Bronx-White Tar
Blink 182-Dick Lips
H2O-Nothing To Prove
H2O-Faster Than The World
H2O-Use Your Voice
H2O-Role Model

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath: NOFX SPECIAL 13/10/2016

NOFX-Backstage Passport
NOFX-Shutup Already
NOFX-Here Comes The Neighborhood
NOFX-Beer Bong
NOFX-Dinosaurs Will Die
NOFX-180 Degrees
NOFX-I'm Going to Hell for This One
NOFX-Party Enema
NOFX-What's the Matter With Kids Today
NOFX-Idiots Are Taking Over
NOFX-Leave It Alone
NOFX-Green Corn
NOFX-Fermented And Flailing
NOFX-The Longest Line
NOFX-Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
NOFX-Thank God Its Monday
NOFX-Franco Un-American
NOFX-Soul Doubt
NOFX-I Am An Alcoholic
NOFX-I Am The One
NOFX-Olympia W.A.
NOFX-Monosyllabic Girl
NOFX-We Got Two Jealous Agains
NOFX-Stickin in My Eye
NOFX-The Brews
NOFX-Kids Of The K Hole
NOFX-Wore Out the Soles of My Party Boots
NOFX-13 Stitches
NOFX-We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum
NOFX-Bottles to the Ground
NOFX-All Outta Angst
NOFX-Leaving Jesusland
NOFX-Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation)
NOFX-Don't Call Me White
NOFX-The Plan
NOFX-Six Years On Dope
NOFX-Oxy Moronic
NOFX-I Don't Like Me Anymore
NOFX-Dead Beat Mom

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 6/10/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
toyGuitar-Move Like a Ghost
toyGuitar-Stoned Under a New Moon
toyGuitar-Turn It Around
toyGuitar-Peach Fuzz
Supersuckers-My Kickass Life
Guttermouth-Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired, Tramps
Spizzenergi-Where's Captain Kirk
The Scarred-Get Me Out
Clit 45-What's Left?
Missing Teeth-The Plan
The Hippos-Australia
The Lillingtons-Charlie Goes To Cambodia
The Mr. T Experience-Love Is Dead
Dag Nasty-Another Wrong
Agent Orange-It's All a Blur
Tragedy-The Hunger
The Methadones-Street In My Hometown
Dan Vapid And The Cheats-Killing Me With Kindness
Millencolin-True Brew
Millencolin-Something I Would Die For
Millencolin-Sense & Sensibility
The Bouncing Souls-Letter From Iraq
Dropkick Murphys-Going Out In Style
The Vandals-Be A Good Robot
Ashley Reaks-I've Got Everything (That Nobody Wants)
Schüssler Dü-True Faith (New Order)
Against All Authority-What the Fuck'd You Expect?
Joyce Manor-End of the Summer
The Scotch Greens-Meat, Teeth, And Hair
Charged G.B.H.-Diplomatic Immunity
Nerf Herder-At the Con
The Hextalls-Who's The #1 Cop?
The Hextalls-I'm A Hulkamaniac!
The Hextalls-My Name Is Kenny Rogers
The Hextalls-Danny Glover Vs. The World

3CR 29/9/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Beach Slang-Future Mixtape For The Art Kids
Beach Slang-Punks In A Disco Bar
Beach Slang-Atom Bomb
Beach Slang-Wasted Daze of Youth
The Skids-The Saints Are Coming
The Living End-Who's Gonna Save Us?
X-Ray Spex-Warrior In Woolworths
Burning Leather-Annihilate Us
Forgotten Generation-She's My Disease 
Glassjaw-Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
Zebrahead-Playmate Of The Year
The Get Up Kids-Stay Gone
The Unseen-Children of the Revolution
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers-Born Too Loose
Million Dead-Smiling at Stranger on Trains
Million Dead-Holloway Prison Blues
Million Dead-Bovine Spungiform Economics
Million Dead-Charlie & the Propaganda Myth
The Templars-Doing the Dirty
Iron Reagan-Tyranny of Will
A Wilhelm Scream-Gut Sick Companion
Patent Pending-Old And Out Of Tune
Street Dogs-Fighter
The Mahones-Paint The Town Red
Billy Bragg-Greetings To The New Brunette
Anti-Flag-1 Trillion Dollars
Anti-Flag-The Project For A New American
Anti-Flag-The Press Corpse
Anti-Flag-War Sucks, Let's Party!


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 15/09/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Ashley Reaks-This Is Planet Grot
Ashley Reaks-Waiting For Something To Believe In
Ashley Reaks-Running Away From Reality
Ashley Reaks-Freaks Of The World Unite
Scurvy Dogs-3 Ships
Battalion of Saints-Fair Warning
The Germs-Media Blitz
Faction-Obligatory War Song
Lower Class Brats-I'm a Mess
Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers-Chinese Rocks
No Trigger-New Brains
Death By Stereo-Harmonic Divisor
I Am The Avalanche-Save Your Name
Agnostic Front-Never Walk Alone
Lagwagon-E Dagger
Lagwagon-May 16
Lagwagon-Know It All
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!-Between Your Lines
The Front Bottoms-Summer Shandy
Smokey Bastard-Eden Holme (Pt. I)
The Wonder Years-Passing Through A Screen Door
Crimpshrine-Pretty Mess
Night Gaunts-Ninja-Like-Bandanas
The Riot Before-You Rock, Rock
Discharge-The More I See 
The Mr. T Experience-The Girl Who Still Lives at Home
The Bleeders-A Bleeding Heart
The Gaslight Anthem-Stay Lucky
The Gaslight Anthem-Handwritten
The Gaslight Anthem-Great Expectations
The Gaslight Anthem-Boxer

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 01/09/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Bayside-Pretty Vacant 
Bayside-Two Letters 
Bayside-I've Been Dead All Day
Bayside-The Ghost
Brand New-The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Armor For Sleep-Car Underwater 
Antarctigo Vespucci-Save Me from Myself 
The Sidekicks-Jesus Christ Supermalls 
Direct Hit!-Buried Alive 
Tsunami Bomb-Take The Reigns 
Go Betty Go-C'mon
NOFX-I Don't Like Me Anymore 
Apologies, i have none-Love & Medication 
Apologies, i have none-Everybody Wants to Talk About Mental Health 
Apologies, i have none-Wraith 
Above Them-For Those Who Paved the Way 
The Dollyrots-Twist Me to the Left  
The Explosion-Here I Am 
Gob-We're All Dying 
Damone-Frustrated Unnoticed 
Dear Landlord-Rosa 
The Falcon-The La-Z-Boy 500 
None More Black-Oh, There's Legwork 
Smoke Or Fire-Integrity 
Forgetters-Too Small To Fail 
The Playing Favorites-Leavingtown 
The Arrivals-Simple Pleasures In America 
The Holy Mess-Within the Range of a Raven 
Plow United-Spindle 
Iron Chic-Cutesy Monster Man 
Dropkick Murphys-Going Out In Style 
Dropkick Murphys-Vices And Virtues
Dropkick Murphys-Wicked Sensitive Crew 
Dropkick Murphys-The Dirty Glass 

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 25/08/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Infinite Justice-Infinite Justice
Infinite Justice-Ballad of Clint Rickard
Infinite Justice-Rock n Roll Bitch
Infinite Justice-Overgrow the Government
Anti-Nowhere League-Time to Kill
D.O.A.-Fucked Up Donald
The Misfits-Nightmare on Elm Street
Raised Fist-My Last Day
War On Women-Roe V. World
Walls Of Jericho-Wrapped In Violence
Get Dead-Welcome to Hell
The Wonder Years-Coffee Eyes
Mr. Irish Bastard-Blood On The Flag
Screaming Females-Hopeless
Alkaline Trio-I, Pessimist
AJJ-Junkie Church
AJJ-American Garbage
AJJ-Goodbye, Oh Goodbye
Million Dead-Smiling at Stranger on Trains
Articles of Faith-Everyman for Himself
Bad Brains-Rise
Fake Problems-ADT
Seaside Rebels-Abandon Ship
Say Anything-About Falling
Alternative TV-Action Time Vision
Agent Orange-Cry For Help in a World Gone Mad
Cross Stitched Eyes-Age of Consumption
Forgotten Rebels-AIDS
Anti-Pasti-Ain't Got Me
Anti-Product-The Modern Day F Word
Randy-Addicts of Communication
Black Flag-Rise Above
Black Flag-Louie Louie
Black Flag-Six Pack
Black Flag-TV Party
Black Flag-Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 18/8/2016 Political Punk Special

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Dead Kennedys-Holiday In Cambodia 
Dead Kennedys-California Uber Alles
Dead Kennedys-Police Truck 
Dead Kennedys-Life Sentence 
Great Collapse-Break in Case of Emergency 
Good Riddance-Dry Season 
Boysetsfire-Foundations To Burn 
Desaparecidos-The Left is Right
Circle Jerks-Question Authority 
Sex Pistols-Anarchy In The U.K. 
Pennywise-Fuck Authority 
Anti-Flag-Die For The Government 
Anti-Flag-The Debate Is Over (If You Want It) 
Anti-Flag-The Neoliberal Anthem 
Anti-Flag-You Can Kill The Protestor, But You Can't Kill The Protest
Dropkick Murphys-The State Of Massachusetts 
Millencolin-Egocentric Man 
D.O.A.-Racism Sucks 
Refused-Servants Of Death 
Youth Brigade-Alright Then 
The A.K.A.'s-Confessions of a Dangerous Mouth 
AJJ-No More Tears 
Love Equals Death-Plastico Americano 
The Bouncing Souls-Letter From Iraq 
H2O-Use Your Voice 
Strike Anywhere-I'm Your Opposite Number 
Strung Out-An American Paradox 
Face To Face-Can't Change The World 
Flogging Molly-Revolution 
The Menzingers-The Obituaries 
The Vandals-Anarchy Burger (Hold The Government) 
Seven Hate-Golden Dream 
Uncommonmenfrommars-Dead inside 
Rise Against-State Of The Union 
Rise Against-Anywhere But Here 
Rise Against-Blood To Bleed 
Rise Against-Give It All 

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 11/08/2016

The Mahones- The Revolution Starts Now 
The Bouncing Souls-Hey Aliens
The Bouncing Souls-Satellite The Bouncing Souls
The Bouncing Souls-Gravity The Bouncing Souls
The Bouncing Souls-Hero Zero The Bouncing Souls
The Explosion-Here I Am
Death By Stereo-The Ballad Of Sid Dynamite 
Strike Anywhere-To The World 
Only Crime-Life Was Fair 
Western Addiction-The Church Of Black Flag 
Zero Down-Dead to Life 
Red Lights Flash-Brand 
The Rezillos-Top Of The Pops 
Propagandhi-Failed States 
Propagandhi-Status Update
Propagandhi-Devil's Creek
Bad Brains-Sailin' On 
David Johansen-Personality Crisis 
The Gears-Teenage Brain 
The Weirdos-Solitary Confinement 
Billy Talent-Louder Than the DJ 
Gallows-In The Belly Of A Shark 
Four Year Strong-We All Float Down Here 
Pkew Pkew Pkew-Mid 20's Skateboarder 
The Swellers-The Best I Ever Had 
Rehasher-Don't Make Me 
Trash Boat-Eleven 
The Distillers-Beat Your Heart Out 
Misfits-Where Eagles Dare 
NOFX-Six Years on Dope 
NOFX-Kids Of The K-Hole
NOFX-The Brews
NOFX-Stickin In My Eye

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 28/07/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Masked Intruder-Take What I Want 
Masked Intruder-First Star Tonight 
Masked Intruder-Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt 
Masked IntruderRunning from the Cops 
Masked Intruder-Still Always on My Mind 
Masked Intruder-If Only 
Bruce Lee Band-Go Feet Go 
Refused-New Noise 
Minutemen-Viet Nam 
Hüsker Dü-Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely 
Black Flag-Rise Above 
Motion City Soundtrack-Everything Is Alright 
blink-182-Bored To Death 
blink-182-Rabbit Hole
blink-182-San Diego
blink-182-Teenage Satellites
The Bronx-Knifeman 
Suicide Machines-New Girl
MxPx-Chick Magnet 
Circle Jerks-Question Authority 
Desaparecidos-The Left is Right 
Subhumans-Mickey Mouse Is Dead 
The Lawrence Arms-Quincentuple Your Money 
Beach Slang-Punks In A Disco Bar 
Trash Boat-How Selfish I Seem 
ROAM-Cabin Fever 
ROAM-RIP In Peace 

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 21/07/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
The Hives-Tick Tick Boom
The Hives-Walk Idiot Walk
The Hives-Main Offender
The Hives-Hate To Say I Told You So
Basement-Promise Everything 
All Systems Go!-All I Want
Boysetsfire-One Match
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves-Middle Man
CIV-So Far, So Good... So What
Minor Threat-Betray
Minor Threat-Straight Edge
Minor Threat-I Don't Wanna Hear It
Minor Threat-Filler
The Coathangers-Make It Right
Culture Abuse-Turn It Off
Dillinger Four-Doublewhiskeycokenoice 
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes-Snake Eyes 
Lost Love-Take Care, Get Better, See You Never 
Modern Baseball-Wedding Singer 
Solids-Blank Stare 
Story Untold-If I Had One Dollar 
The Starting Line-Quitter 
Texas Is The Reason-Back And To The Left 
Stabbed In Back-Dead Inside 
Great Collapse-New Abolition 
Great Collapse-Break in Case of Emergency 
Great Collapse-Beyond Authority

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 07/07/2016

The Mahones - The Revolution Starts Now 
Descendents-Victim Of Me 
Descendents-I'm The One
7 Seconds-My Aim Is You
Gang Green-Skate To Hell
Murphy's Law-A Day in the Life
Reagan Youth-No Class 
Gorilla Biscuits-New Direction 
Blood For Blood-White Trash Anthem
ShelterHere We Go 
Huntingtons-Judy Jetson
Parasites-So Wanna Kiss You
Travoltas-Liv Tyler 
The Manges-I Tried to Die Young 
The Riptides-I Don't Wanna Go to the Movies 
Riverdales-I Accuse My Parents 
Nobodys-Scarred By Love 
The Guts-Love Love Love (feat. Ben Weasel)
The Transgressions-Braindead
The Adorkables-Brokenhearted
The Peawees-'Cause You Don't Know Me 
Against Me!-I Was a Teenage Anarchist 
The Loved Ones-Pretty Good Year
The Draft-New Eyes Open 
Smoke Or Fire-Monsters Among Us 
Dead To Me-Cruel World 
Banner Pilot-Dead Tracks 
Hot Water Music-Trusty Chords 
The Bouncing Souls-Up To Us 
The Bouncing Souls-Lean On Sheena
The Bouncing Souls-Kate Is Great
The Bouncing Souls-True Believers
The Bouncing Souls-Sing Along Forever

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 30/06/2016

The Revolution Starts Now - The Mahones
Diarrhea Planet-Let It Out - 
Diarrhea Planet-Life Pass
Diarrhea Planet-Ain't A Sin To Win
Diarrhea Planet-Hot Topic
The Coathangers-Hurricane - 
Hunx & His Punx-You Think You're Tough -
The Vindictives-Alarm Clocks (2013 Remaster) - 
Groovie Ghoulies-(She's My) Vampire Girl
Mixtapes-Morning Sex and Am Radio
Such Gold- Two Year Plan
Crucial Dudes-Boom, Roasted 
Misser-I'm Really Starting To Hope The World Ends In 2012 
The Ergs!-Hey Jealousy 
The Interrupters - Phantom City
The Interrupters - You're Gonna Find A Way Out 
The Interrupters- The Prosecutor 
The Interrupters - She Got Arrested
The Bastard Suns-Never Say Die
Everybody Out!-Ghettoblaster 
Bad Religion-Give You Nothing 
Social Distortion-Don't Drag Me Down 
Peter Pan Speedrock-Killerspeed 
Cigar-No More Waiting 
Near Miss-In A Daydream 
Flogging Molly-Requiem For A Dying Song 
Millencolin-Egocentric Man 
No Use For A Name-Dumb Reminders
No Use For A Name-For Fiona
No Use For A Name-International You Day
No Use For A Name-Justified Black Eye


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 23/06/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Architects-The Badge
Architects-Don't Call It A Ghetto
Architects-Bury My Heart In Lebanon, Mo.
Walls Of Jericho-Damage Done
Dayglo Abortions-Your Facebook Can Kiss My Assbook
Fugazi-Full Disclosure
Sticky Filth-Fall From Grace
Copyright Chaos-Problem Addict
Generation X-Dancing With Myself
Total Chaos-Be What You Want
NOFX-The Decline
Restorations-No Castle
The Vibrators-Automatic Lover
The Amity Affliction-15 Pieces Of Flair
The Restarts-Just Gets Worse
Stephen Egerton-Abundance Of Fluff
Suicide-Cool As Ice
Nothington-Tired Hearts
Frenzal Rhomb-Sick And Tired
AFI-I Hope You Suffer
The Damned-New Rose
Chumped-Anywhere But Here
Chumped-Songs About Boats
Chumped-Something About Geography
Chumped-Old And Tired

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 16/06/2016

The Mahones - The Revolution Starts now
Useless ID - We Don't want the Airwaves
Useless ID - Right Wing Fascist Killing Spree
Useless ID - Tension 
Useless ID- State is Burning Acoustic
Migraines - I Killed Punk Rock
Underminded - Bring on the Flood
The Methadones - Accident waiting to happen
Pink Lincolns - Invisible man
Bang Sugar Bang - The Machine Gun Song
The God Awfuls - Disconnected Youth
Righteous Jams - Righteous Jams 
The Interrupters - By My Side
The Interrupters - Babylon
The Interrupters -  Jenny Drinks
The Interrupters -  A Friend like Me
Mi6- Lezbian Girlfriend
Vs. The World - If I Died
Satanic Surfers - My Decision
Margate -The Unsilent Majority
88 Fingers Louie - Tomorrow Starts Today
Belvedere - Hairline
A Radio With Guts - Werewolf Weather
This is a Standoff - We're Really Doing It
High Five Drive - Foreign Mantras Make Great Role Models
Straightaway - Had Your Chance
Kill The Drive - Apocalypse 101
Adhesive - On a Pedestal
Even in a Blackout - In a Letter Never Sent
Pour Habit - Heads of State
Venera - Calling Card
Lipstick Homicide - We'll be Okay
Masked Intruder - Take What I Want
Masked Intruder - No Excuse
Masked Intruder - I Can't get You Outta My Head
Masked Intruder - Better Believe It
Masked Intruder - Gimme Parole

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 02/06/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Pup-If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will
Pup-My Life Is Over and I Couldn't Be Happier
Pup-Old Wounds
The Bugs-Eharmony Rejected Me (Ft. Ben Weasel)
Brendan Kelly And Joe McMahon-Requiem Once Again Visited
The Brains-Wolfman
Agent Orange-Say It Isn't True
The Agrestix-Follow Me to Hell
Icons of Filth-Fool Britania
Rum Rebellion-Dancin' The Hempen Jig
MDC-Greedy & Pathetic
Worship This!-Let Life Unfold
The Dillinger Escape Plan-Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants
Mongol Horde-Tapeworm Uprising
The Murder City Devils-Sick of Dreaming
Iggy Pop-Search and Destroy
Iggy Pop-Lust for Life
Iggy Pop/Sum 4-Little Know It All
The Stooges-I Wanna Be Your Dog
Screeching Weasel-Cindy's on Methadone
Star Fucking Hipsters-Church & Rape
U.S. Bombs-Ballad of Sid
Tragedy-The Hunger
Single Mothers-Ketamine
Nathan Detroit-Hold On Tight
The Stranglers-No More Heroes
Stratford Mercenaries-Down To You
Millencolin-True Brew
Matt Skiba And The Sekrets-Haven't You?
Matt Skiba And The Sekrets-Luciferian Blues
Matt Skiba And The Sekrets-How The Hell Did We Get Here?
Matt Skiba And The Sekrets-The End Of Joy


3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath New Zealand Music Week Show 26/05/2016

Kitsch-Memory of Me    
Kitsch-Stay Right Here    
Scurvy Dogs-Pirate Blood    
Bilge Rats-Lady Alcohol    
The Bludgers-You Won't Change Me    
Diamond Sutra-Let It Go (Weta cover)    
Cobalt 3-Wish That I Could See    
Missing Teeth-The Plan    
Skaface Claw-Fear And Loathing    
Vicious Rumours-It's In The Stars    
Brubeck-Two Bettys    
PCP Eagles-PCP Anthem    
PCP Eagles-I Hate The Mall    
PCP Eagles-I Hear Static    
PCP Eagles-Nature Boy    
Primmers-Funnie Stories    
Suburban Reptiles-Coup D'Etat    
Proud Scum-I Am A Rabbit    
The Bleeders-A Bleeding Heart    
Conniption-Fucking Chads    
Mailbox Skipole-Remember    
Foamy Ed-Exhale    
LAGER LOUTS-Once Were Warriors    
Blistering Tongues-Hellcats and Helltimes    
Cobra Khan-Helgorithms    
Kid Cynical-Sodamise Intolerance    
Forgotten Generation-She's My Disease     
Sommerset-Streets Dont Close    
Sommerset-Say What You Want

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 19/05/2016

4ft Fingers-Brightside
4ft Fingers- Walk Away
4ft Fingers- Last MAn Standing
4ft Fingers- Busted
Antifreeze- Ordinary
Jesse JAmes - Shoes
Subb - OUt of Line
Capdown - New Revolutionaries 
Allister- Somewhere in Fullerton
Farse- Cigarettes through POlystyrene
Uncle Brian - POstcards
The Ataris - Teenage Riot
Audio Karate - Nintendo 89
Audio Karate- Jesus is alive and well
Audio Karate - Halfway Decent
Audio Karate- rosemead
[spunge] - Kicking pigeons
Student Rick - Falling for you
Brand New - Jude Law and a semester abroad
Spitalfield-  I loved the way she said LA
The Starting Line - The Best of Me
Gob- For the moment
The Movielife - Jamestown
Rufio - Above Me
Descendants - I'm the One
Your Loss -  Theatre Trash
Your Loss -  Ramekin
Your Loss -  Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation
Your Loss -  Carry the weight 

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 12/05/2016

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Wraths-Oh God
Wraths-Bleed It
Wraths-Back of the Line
Wraths-What Can You Do?
1208-Outside Looking In
Beatsteaks-God Knows
Division Of Laura Lee-Black City
Pulley-Hooray For Me
The (International) Noise Conspiracy-Up For Sale
Deviates-The End
Death By Stereo-Holding 60 Dollars On A Burning Bridge
Guy Smiley-Breakdown
Straight Faced-Happy
98 Mute-Slow Motion Riot
Government Issue-Fun & Games
Government Issue-Mad at Myself
Government Issue-Written Word
Government Issue-Everybody's Victim
The Gordons-adults and children
Dead Boys-Dead and Alive
The Wonder Years-The Bluest Things On Earth
Titus Andronicus-Titus Andronicus
Royal Headache-Two Kinds Of Love
Discharge-The Broken Law
Harley Flanagan-Fighting The Urge To Kill
Minor Threat-Think Again
Mischief Brew-Thanks, Bastards!
Consumed-A. O. T.
The Misfits-Where Eagles Dare
The Misfits-Hybrid moments
The Misfits-Skulls
The Misfits-Night of the Living Dead
The Misfits-Last Caress