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Three Chord Revolution

7pm - 9pm Thursday with Nath

Three Chord Revolution

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 11/7/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
MxPx-Franco Un-American 
MxPx-Teenage Politics - Teenage Politics 
MxPx-Punk Rawk Show 
MxPx-Chick Magnet 
The Gospel Youth-Moods Like English Weather 
Between You & Me-Overthinking 
Sleep On It-Fireworks 
Oh, Weatherly-Here Tonight 
Grayscale-In Violet 
Better Days-The Summer 
Death Before Dishonor-True Defeat 
Alkaline Trio-Radio 
ROAM-I Don't Think I Live There Anymore 
ROAM-Playing Fiction 
Nicolas Rage-Dirty Talk 
Lawsuit Models-Worn out Sleeve 
The Hives-Good Samaritan 
Homesafe-Without Warning 
Amigo the Devil-Hell and You 
Decent Criminal-Sigh 
Trashed Ambulance-Trash Queen 
The Drowns-The Bricks of Ol’ Rainier 
Part Time Killer-Kill Em All 
Dog Eat Dog-Rocky 
Ninja Dolls-Who Am I Fooling? 
Frank Turner-The Death Of Dora Hand 
Frank Turner-Sister Rosetta 
Frank Turner-Little Changes - Choir! Choir! Choir! 
Frank Turner-To Absent Friends 

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 4/7/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Drunktank-Waste Away 
Drunktank-Hammer of Justice 
Drunktank-Mother Russia 
Venerea-Little Billie John 
This Is A Standoff-The Light Is Still On In Broadmoor 
Bash Brothers-The Easy Way Out 
Adrenalized-The Story to Believe 
Headless Frank-All Heart, Zero Book 
F.O.D.-So Far 
Long Story Short-Hands Down 
Tears of a fallen hero-A hymn for the broken 
The Phosphorus Bombs-Drugpig 
Modern Baseball-Your Graduation 
Stanis-Ready Reply 
Stanis-Dying Witness 
Stanis-Loud Revenge 
Stanis-Tempus Fugit 
Thousand Oaks-The Roar of the Consequence 
Not On Tour-Run for It 
DARKO-Atlas to Atlantis 
Authority Zero-Revolution 
Shoreline-Bent / Broken 
Bigwig-A War Inside 
All Faces Down-Stop to Fall
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves-No Anchor 
Adult Magic-Sign of the Times 
The Draft-New Eyes Open 
The Drowns-The Sound 
The Bronx-Heart Attack American 
The Explosion-Here I Am 
Samurai feat Refused-Chippin' In 
Refused-New Noise 
Refused-Servants Of Death 

3 Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 27/6/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Off With Their Heads-Disappear 
Off With Their Heads-Nightlife 
Off With Their Heads-Clear The Air 
Off With Their Heads-Shirts 
Red City Radio-Whatcha Got? 
Dear Landlord-Lake Ontario 
Banner Pilot-Overwinter 
The Flatliners-Count Your Bruises 
Nothington-End Of The Day 
Screeching Weasel-I'm Gonna Strangle You 
The Methadones-Murmurs in the Dark 
Dead To Me-Comforting the Disturbed and Disturbing the Comfortable 
PEARS-Hinged by Spine 
Polar Bear Club-Graph Paper Glory Days 
Pkew Pkew Pkew-Asshole Pandemic 
Titus Andronicus-Just Like Ringing a Bell 
Titus Andronicus-(I Blame) Society 
Titus Andronicus-Beneath the Boot 
Titus Andronicus-Troubleman Unlimited 
Death Before Dishonor-Cowards Will Fall 
Wild Side-Street Action 
Dead Heat-Certain Death 
The Falcon-The Fighter, The Rube, The Asshole 
The Holy Mess-Spencer Reid 
Meet Me @ The Altar-Tyranny 
Russian Girlfriends-Angry Bong Rips 
The Hold Steady-Denver Haircut 
Harm-If You're Gonna Dig a Hole in the Yard, Better Make It a Big One 
The Bottom Line-California 
Nothing Serious-U-Turns 
The Penske File-Come What May 
The Burnt Tapes-Maybe I'm a Method Actor 
Weatherstate-Barely Human 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 20/6/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Civil War Rust-Bart Card and Broken Hearts (Acoustic) 
Civil War Rust-Finish Lines and Fiery Starts
Civil War Rust-Shallow 
Civil War Rust-Self Diag 
The Dangerous Summer-Violent Red 
Last Night Saved My Life-Waterfall 
DZ Deathrays-IN-TO-IT 
Tijuana Panthers-Little Pamplemousse 
Fights And Fires-I Want Napalm Death Played at My Funeral 
The Lucky Eejits-Champion 
Kid You Not-Me and Dead Owls Don't Give a Hoot 
Problem Daughter-Modern Stigmata 
The Drowns-Take Me Back 
Spanish Love Songs-(No) Reason to Believe 
Good Riddance-Our Great Divide 
Good Riddance-A Credit to His Gender 
Good Riddance-Dry Season
Good Riddance-Last Believer 
Arcane Ghosts-Rooftops 
We Outspoken-For Now 
Spermbirds-Go to Hell Then Turn Left 
The Dollyrots-I Know How to Party 
Your Words-Let's Go Chase 
Gameday Regulars-The Punisher 
Bastards of Young-Good Grief 
Success-Revolution Schmevolution 
Nightmares For A Week-Dead Men 
Downtown Struts-Lost in America 
Devon Kay & The Solutions-Temporary Displacement 
Typesetter-Obvious Imperfections 
Antillectual-Truth Hits Everybody 
Antillectual-Heads You Win, Tails We Lose 
Antillectual-The Invisible Hand Meets the Visible Fist 
Antillectual-Europe This Is Your Final Countdown 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 13/6/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Disgruntled Taxpayers-Escalator Etiquette
The Disgruntled Taxpayers-Five Dollar Toaster 
The Disgruntled Taxpayers-Internet Troll 
The Disgruntled Taxpayers-Party Pies, Cocaine, Paddy Wagons and Lawyers 
Ramona-Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Hearts 
Prince Daddy & the Hyena-C'mon & Smoke Me Up 
The Go Getters-Secret Agent Man 
Sanction-Radial Lacerations 
Condone-Anguish Forever 
Against Me!-Baby, I'm an Anarchist! 
Area-7-Nobody Likes A Bogan 
Banner Pilot-Empty Your Bottles 
Left Alone-Mile High 
Nothington-In the End 
The Draft-New Eyes Open 
Pixies-On Graveyard Hill 
Pixies-Where Is My Mind? 
Pixies-Here Comes Your Man 
The Sidekicks-Don't Feel Like Dancing 
Operation Ivy-Sound System 
Beach Slang-Anything, Anything 
Pkew Pkew Pkew-Mid 20's Skateboarder 
Lifetime-Young, Loud, And Scotty 
Consumed-What Would Cliff Burton Do? 
Only Crime-R.J.R. 
Down By Law-Rebrand It 
Latterman-Fear And Loathing On Long Island 
Piebald-American Hearts 
Much The Same-Snake in the Grass 
Much The Same-The Greatest Betrayal 
Much The Same-Making Friends
Much The Same-Stitches 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 6/6/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Big Mother Gig-The Great Heist 
Big Mother Gig-Low Payout (feat. Dicky Barrett) 
Big Mother Gig-Nametag  
Big Mother Gig-Obliterate 
Osatia-Lose My Number 
Summer Cannibals-Can't Tell Me No 
Arrows in Action-Denim 
Titus Andronicus-Just Like Ringing a Bell 
King Prawn-Seven Seas 
Trail of Lies-Fearless 
Origami Angel-Emerald 
Cemetery Drive-Feeling Lost 
Bowling For Soup-Sometimes I Don't Mind 
Bowling For Soup-Ohio (Come Back To Texas) 
Bowling For Soup-Don't Be a Dick 
Bowling For Soup-1985 
The Obsoletes-In the Meantime (Hey Hey Hey) 
The Barren Marys-Roaches & Fleas 
Ghost Chant-Weathered Skin 
The Decline-Verge Collection 
The Bridge City Sinners-Virgin Sacrifice 
Los Fastidios-Ellos Dicen Mierda 
Jeffrey Lost Control-Anxiety (Everything's Fine) 
Down Memory Lane-Our Soundtrack 
Symphony Of Distraction-No Apologies 
Cigar-No More Waiting 
Bash Brothers-The Easy Way Out 
Nothington-Don't Have To Wait 
The Interrupters-Gave You Everything (Acoustic) 
Primetime Failure-Watch It Burn 
Primetime Failure-Apologies, I Have Some 
Primetime Failure-Memory Lane 
Primetime Failure-Broken 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 30/5/2019 NZ Music Month Special Part:2 Revenge of the Sith

The Managers-Capt Ska
The Managers-My Mistake
The Managers-Running
The Managers-So You're Leaving
The Managers-Infiltraitor
The Managers-Out Of Breath
The Managers-Think Twice
The Managers-Loosenut
The Managers-Killing En Masse
The Managers-Charge!
The Managers-Stabbed In The Back
The Managers-Who Am I Kidding?
The Managers-Reggae Monster
Dead Flowers-I Don't See Anyone at All
Eight-Moments Gone
Flight of the Conchords-Ladies of the World
Mint Chicks-Crazy?Yes!Dumb?No!
The Mutton Birds-Dominion Road
Rubicon-Funny Boy
Steriogram-White Trash
Supergroove- If I Had My Way
The Verlaines-Death and the Maiden
Weta-Calling On
Dead Flowers-I Wanna Know
Slim-Real World
Slim-Rise Up
Slim-Bullet in my Hand
Slim-Moneys Gone

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 23/5/2019 NZ Music Month Special

The Bleeders- A Bleeding Heart
The Bleeders- Wild at Heart
The Bleeders- All that Glitters
The Bleeders-Nightmares
The Bludgers-You Won't Change Me
Acid Reign-Carnivore
The Androidss-Auckland Tonight
Streetwise Scarlet-IN the City where the devil sleeps
Amtrak-Facist Fashion
Basura Blance-Tag and Release
The Bones-Geskapo
Compos Mentis-Bullshitters
Defiance-Women Of Your Dreams
Forgotten Generation-She's My Disease
The Terrorways-Never Been To Borstal
Lager Louts-Ain't Going Nowhere
Brubeck- Two Bettys
Kitsch-Stay Right Here
Kitsch-Memory of Me
Kitsch-Trying To Hard
Loves Ugly Children-Senseless
XfrankgrimesX-The Wheels on the Bus Go
The Primmers-Police Wheels
Suburban Reptiles-Coup D'Etat
The Rabble - The Coast Song
Ritalin-Don't Look Down
Muckhole-Cool Guy
Skaface Klaw-Fear and Loathing
Small Victories- Lock up your Daughters
PCP Eagles-PCP Anthem
Sommerset-Streets Don't Close
Sommerset-Say What You Want

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 16/5/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
blink-182-Blame It On My Youth 
blink-182-Peggy Sue 
blink-182-Dick Lips 
blink-182-Going Away To College 
IDLES-Mercedes Marxist 
Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties-Bury Me Anywhere Else 
Jim Jones & the Kool-Aid Jammers-Soy Boys from Mars 
Bracket-Arting Starvist 
The ProblemAddictsfl-Overdue
Highland-Growing Up 
Plague Vendor-Let Me Get High \ Low 
Summer Cannibals-False Anthem 
Taking Meds-Stranger Who Stares 
Craig's Brother-Maintaining Destiny 
The First Step-Get Wise 
Down To Nothing-Your Loss, Your Regrets 
Ten Foot Pole-Unbroken 
Ten Foot Pole-Don't Be a Dick 
Ten Foot Pole-The Antidote 
Ten Foot Pole-Everything Dies 
The Mizzerables-Everything I Need 
Aree and the Pure Heart-Fifty Dollar Bottle of Wine 
The Damn Tracks-All My Luck 
Wicked Bears-Nickel Arcade 
No Matter-Migraine 
Skinny Lister-Rollin' Over 
Tear Them Down-The Nihilist Tone 
Windup Space-California 
Decent Criminal-Creep 
The Damnit Jims-My Babys Away 
Dial Drive-Parasite 
Bash Brothers-Dark Passenger 
Chumped-Anywhere But Here 
Frenzal Rhomb-Don't Cast Aspergers On Me 
Frenzal Rhomb-5000 Cigarettes 
Frenzal Rhomb-I Went Out With A Hippy & Now I Love Everyone Except For Her 
Frenzal Rhomb-Punch In The Face 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 9/5/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Bad Religion-Lose Your Head 
Bad Religion-End of History
Bad Religion-Candidate 
Bad Religion-Old Regime 
Petrol Girls-Big Mouth 
Primetime Failure-Apologies, I Have Some 
The Damned-New Rose 
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes-Tyrant Lizard King 
Ten Foot Pole-Forever Road 
Titus Andronicus-Tumult Around the World 
Coming Clean-All's Well That Ends Well 
Sudden Waves-Contender (feat. Brendan Murphy) 
Sam Chalcraft-What Have You Done? 
Craig's Brother-Follow Your Heart 
Free Throw-The Corner's Dilemma 
The Burnt Tapes-Don't Make Me Play Bocelli 
L7-Ouija Board Lies 
The Jasons-Blood in the Streets 
The Jasons-Scene Police 
The Jasons-It's Still Crystal Lake to Me (No Matter What They Call It in, Part 6) 
The Jasons-Chili Is a Stoner 
Walt Hamburger-Wisconsin Dells 
Left Coast Envy-The Bears Have Mobilized and They Have Armed Themselves 
Arcadia Grey-Godzilla 98' Sux!!! 
C.C. Potato-Old Cynical Bastard 
Bold-Running Like Thieves 
Crossfire Collision-The Girl from Dublin 
The Damned Things-Cells 
Anti-Flag-Brandenburg Gate 
Donots-So Long 
Against Me!-Cavalier Eternal 
Against Me!-Stop! 
Against Me!-Baby, I'm an Anarchist! 
Against Me!-I Was a Teenage Anarchist 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 2/5/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows-Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushups 
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows-The Only Thing You Talk About 
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows-I'm the Rehab, You're the Drugs 
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows-If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is 
Mat Kerekes-Ruby 
Heart Attack Man-Sugar Coated 
Remo Drive-Two Bux 
Troubled Minds-Exit Stage Left 
Calling All Captains-Chasing Ghosts 
Go Radio-Collide 
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!-Blame It On This Song 
Hands Like Houses-Tilt 
Best Intentions Cartel
Go Radio-Rolling In The Deep 
Bright Green-Failure on Your Part 
Bright Green-My Bad 
Bright Green-Superfan 
Bright Green-Buying the Farm
Jimmy Eat World-The Authority Song 
Saves The Day-Shoulder to the Wheel 
Nothing Serious-Gravedigger 
Mannequin Pussy-Drunk II 
To Octavia-My Confession 
Love Like Fiction-Let's Call It Closure 
The Planet Smashers-Too Much Information 
Frank Turner-The Greatest Day
Frank Turner-Mr Richards
Frank Turner-Don't Worry
Frank Turner-If Ever I Stray


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 18/4/2019

The Revolution Starts Now The Mahones
Blood Command-S01E02.Return.Of.The.Arsonist.720p.HDTV.x264 
Blood Command-No Thank You, I'm More in to Fake Grindcore 
Blood Command-Cult Drugs 
Blood Command-Afraid of Water 
Goober Patrol-Easy Life 
No Use For A Name-Soul Mate 
Lagwagon-Razor Burn 
Screw 32-Misunderstood 
In Her Own Words-Alone with You 
Carousel Kings-Lock Meowt 
Spanish Love Songs-Losers 
Set Your Goals-Goonies Never Say Day! 
Andy's Room-400 Miles 
Misfits-Where Eagles Dare 
Dave Hause-Paradise 
Dave Hause-OMG 
Dave Hause-Saboteurs 
Dave Hause-Eye Aye I 
Scheisse Minnelli-Love It or Leave It 
Youth Fountain-Rose Coloured Glass 
Tornado-You can't stop me 
Maybe Not-Wrong 
Blowfuse-Grand Golden Boy 
Havenhurst-Evolution to Liberation 
The Flatliners-Resuscitation Of The Year 
Streetlight Manifesto-We Will Fall Together 
The Members-The Sound Of The Suburbs 
Snuff-Jet Generation 
The Hellsquad-Kawasaki Z117 50 Rock n Roll 
Lightning Bolt-Planet of the Wolves 
The Wildhearts-Wild Zero 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath and special Guest Mike Chewie Bennett 11/04/18

PUP- Full Blown Meltdown
The Disables- Damned if you do
The Coathangers- F the NRA
The Specials - Bonediggin'
Debt Neglector - So bored with the USA
Tsunami Bomb - 4 Robot and a Evil Scientist
Authority Zero-Summer Sickness
IMperial Leisure - Man On the Streets
Iron Chic-L'esprit L'escaler
Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes-Anxiety
The Murderburgers - The Art of Being a Sad Sack of Shit
PUP- See you at your Funeral
Gallus-Looking Like a Mess
Propagandhi-Devil's Creek
Bad Religion-Do the Paranoid Style
Strung Out - Westcoasttrendkill
Brendan Kelly and the Wandering birds-Huggz
Bouncing Souls - Here's to Us
Days N Daze - Day Guants
The Menzingers-They Speak of My Drinking, But Never of My Thirst
Leftover Crack - System Fucked
Fucked Up - None of your Business Man
Demented Are Go-Bodies in the Basement
Cosmic Psychos- Fuckwit City


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 4/4/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Bad Religion-Do The Paranoid Style 
Bad Religion-Chaos From Within 
Bad Religion-My Sanity 
Bad Religion-I Won't Say Anything 
Dorm Patrol-Make Ea Skate Again! 
Antillectual-Truth Hits Everybody 
Not On Tour-Therapy 
Civil War Rust-Hopeful at Last 
Death By Horse-Straight Edge 
Headcrime-For All These Years 
Have Heart-Lions And Lambs 
Leave It To Us-Guilty Pleasure 
Moderntears'-Beware Me 
Rage-Out of Time 
 Down Memory Lane-Deja Brew
Me Vs Hero-Heisenberg 
Me Vs Hero-Opposites 
Me Vs Hero-Marks of a Slave 
Me Vs Hero-The Things We Know 
Thousand Oaks-Dim Firmament 
The Human Project-Desperate Measures 
Fair Do's-Cowabunga 
Last Hounds-Running With The Dead 
The Peabodys-Got the Morbs 
Versus You-Your Only Song 
The Waiting Game-Just Tonight, Not Forever 
Snareset-People I Miss 
Texas Is The Reason-Johnny On The Spot 
Trash Talk-The Hole 
The Apers-Jamie Oliver 
The Damned Things-Something Good 
The Murderburgers-I'm Sorry About Christmas Eve 
The Murderburgers-Pick a Knife, Any Knife 
The Murderburgers-I Remember Feeling Alive 
The Murderburgers-The Things That Help You Sleep at Night 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 28/3/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Teenage Bottlerocket-Everything to Me 
Teenage Bottlerocket-Creature from the Black Metal Lagoon
Teenage Bottlerocket-Anti-Social Media 
Teenage Bottlerocket-Night of the Knuckleheads 
Civil War Rust-Hopeful at Last 
The Hextalls-Who's the #1 Cop? 
Frank Iero-Young and Doomed 
Dance Gavin Dance-Head Hunter 
Sundressed-Heart Lie (feat. Tiny Stills) 
Can't Swim-Hell in a Handbasket 
Down By Law-At the Redoubt 
Rumatera-Ciao Bella 
Rumatera-California Punk Rock 
Rumatera-Pizza Boy USA 
Cold World-Blind 
Fugazi-Waiting Room 
Havenhurst-Evolution to Liberation 
The Dollyrots-Everything 
Hüsker Dü-Pink Turns To Blue 
Defeater-Mothers' Sons 
The Deadnotes-Makeup 
Yours Truly-I Can't Feel 
Elvis Costello & The Attractions-Radio, Radio 
New Found Glory-The Power of Love 
Nerf Herder-Gary and the Princess 
Nerf Herder-I'm the Droid (You're Looking For) 
Nerf Herder-5000 Ways To Die
Nerf Herder-High Five Anxiety 

Three Chord Revolution

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 7/3/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Prodigy-Breathe 
The Prodigy-Voodoo People 
The Prodigy-Firestarter 
Bad Religion-Chaos From Within 
Black Futures-Me.TV (feat. Bobby Gillespie) 
Not On Tour-Therapy 
Death By Horse-Narcissist 
Heart Attack Man-Fake Blood 
toyGuitar-Move Like a Ghost 
The Overjoyed-Defanged 
The Hextalls-Jason Vs Freddy Vs Ash 
PUP-Free at Last 
PUP-You Don't Get Me High Anymore
The American Scene-Why I'm Not Where You Are 
Those Without-Glasshouse 
Anti-Flag-Bring out Your Dead 
Bearings-North Hansen 
Spanish Love Songs-Buffalo Buffalo 
Boston Manor-Halo 
Fenix TX-Phoebe Cates 
Rozwell Kid-Boomerang 
Bayside-Sick, Sick, Sick 
Iron Chic-My Best Friend (Is a Nihilist) 
Armor For Sleep-My Town 
The Menzingers-I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore 
Masked Intruder - I’m Free (At Last) 
Masked Intruder - Please Come Back
Masked Intruder - Stay With me Tonight
Masked Intruder - Just So you Know

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 14/2/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Chats-Smoko 
The Chats-Mum Stole My Darts 
The Chats-Do What I Want 
The Chats-Bus Money 
March-Fear of Roses 
Rude Tins-Fire and Forget 
Twilight Creeps-Along Came a Spider 
We Struck Gold-High Horse 
Boardroom Heroes-Safe Words 
Undeclinable-Waiting for the Catering 
Symphony Of Distraction-No Apologies 
For Heads Down-Fatty Livers and the Deep Pockets 
Hit The Switch-Associative Forces 
Trashed Ambulance-Bridesmaids 
Cold Wrecks-January First 
Cold Wrecks-Therapy 
Cold Wrecks-Bury Me in Gainesville 
Cold Wrecks-Suburbs 
Mad Caddies-I'm Going Surfing for Xmas 
The Potato Pirates-I Will Defend 
No Motiv-Independence Day 
Riverdales-Lead The Way 
Roger Miret & The Disasters-Stand Up And Fight 
Travoltas-One For The Road 
Retarded-Gambling on Rock 
I Voted For Kodos-Calc Lecture Girl 
Turnstile-I Don't Wanna Be Blind 
The Scandals-Lucky Sevens 
The Slow Death-I'll Be Right Here 
 Fire Next Time-Collars
F.O.D.-Crew You 
Eternal Boy-Clean Slate 
The Swellers-The Best I Ever Had 
Suburban Legends-Duck Tales 
Clowns-Freezing In The Sun 
Clowns-Euthanise Me 
Clowns-Destroy the Evidence

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 7/2/2019

The Revolution Starts Now The Mahones
Bad Friend Spielbergs
Distant Star Spielbergs
We Are All Going to Die Spielbergs
You All Look Like Giants Spielbergs
Hooligans Lenny Lashley's Gang of One
The Easy Way Out Bash Brothers
Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Flag On Fire
No Honour Amongst Steves Family Meeting
United for Our World Colorsfade
Anxiety Hack The Mainframe
Parallels Money Left to Burn
Opium for the Masses Larrakia
Cooking with Nunchucks Dead Neck
Sick Boys Social Distortion
One Fine Day Fiddler's Green
The Night Pat Murphy Died Fiddler's Green
Devil's Dozen Fiddler's Green
We Don't Care Fiddler's Green

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 31/1/2019

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Bouncing Souls-Crucial Moments 
The Bouncing Souls-True Believers 
The Bouncing Souls-Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell) 
The Bouncing Souls-Kate Is Great 
Merauder-Mirror Shows Black 
Hüsker Dü-Pink Turns To Blue 
The Hard Aches-Glad That You're Gone 
The Frights-CRUTCH 
MC5-Kick Out the Jams 
I Against I-Wish I Could Remember 
The Queers-Punk Rock Girls 
Sloppy Seconds-The Horror Of Party Beach 
Forever Starts Today-Family Tradition 
Rude Tins-Year of Disaster 
Red Alert-We've Got The Power 
Death By Horse-Never Said 
Death-Politicians In My Eyes 
Millencolin-Penguins & Polarbears 
Millencolin-True Brew 
Millencolin-Move Your Car 
The Crack-Don't Just Sit There 
Germs-Richie Dagger's Crime 
One Flew West-Hurricane 
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes-Lullaby 
Break Anchor-All I Have 
Success-Believe In 
Adversity-Moving On 
Action Men-Every Night 
Backyard Superheroes-Arcade Girl 
Anti-Flag-When The Wall Falls 
FIDLAR-By Myself 
FIDLAR-Scam Likely