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Three Chord Revolution

7pm - 9pm Thursday with Nath

Three Chord Revolution

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 1/11/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Direct Hit!-Something We Won't Talk About 
Direct Hit!-Altered States 
Direct Hit!-Perfect Black 
Direct Hit!-Losing Faith 
Stand Atlantic-Skinny Dipping 
Boys of Fall-Something to Say 
Debt Neglector-R.P.F.O. 
Goalkeeper-Nothing at All 
Eternal Boy-Growing Pains 
The Longshot-Love is for Losers 
The Replacements-Bastards of Young 
Dead Kennedys-Viva Las Vegas 
IDLES-Danny Nedelko 
In My Eyes-Difference Between 
Local Resident Failure-Everyday's A Holiday On Christmas Island 
Hüsker Dü-Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely 
AFI-Get Dark 
AFI-Brownie Bottom Sundae 
AFI-Theory Of Revolution 
AFI-A Single Second
Judiciary-Pure Fury 
Mayday Parade-Never Sure 
Death From Above 1979-Holy Books 
David Johansen-Personality Crisis 
Stiff Little Fingers-Wasted Life 
Guns n' Wankers-Skin Deep 
The Pariah-Surged 
Pressure Cracks-Collages & Collagen 
Dead To Me-Comforting the Disturbed and Disturbing the Comfortable 
Bad Astronaut-Needle in the Hay 
This Is A Standoff-We're Really Doing It 
The Menzingers-The Freaks 
The Menzingers-I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore 
The Menzingers-Bad Catholics 
The Menzingers-Burn After Writing 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 25/10/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Van Grafs-Should've Stayed Home 
The Van Grafs-High Heels And High hopes 
The Van Grafs-The Words 
The Van Grafs-Tattoos 
Gob-I Hear You Calling 
Audio Karate-Nintendo 89 
Raised As Wolves-DeLorean 
Tsunami Bomb-Take The Reigns 
Valencia-The Space Between 
The Chats-Smoko 
Bold-Nailed To The X 
Better Than A Thousand-Demand Independence 
The Ataris-Teenage Riot 
Sick Of It All-Wake the Sleeping Dragon 
Sick Of It All-Built to Last 
Sick Of It All-Inner Vision 
Sick Of It All-Take The Night Off 
The Feral Young-Amnesia Alibi 
Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today 
Judge-Bringin' It Down 
Shelter-Here We Go 
Chain Of Strength-True Till Death 
Inside Out-No Spiritual Surrender 
Youth Of Today-Break Down the Walls 
Slaves-The Hunter 
The Spill Canvas-All Over You 
Burn-…Shall Be Judged 
Dag Nasty-Values Here 
Warzone-The Sound of Revolution 
Joyce Manor - Make Me Dumb
Bad Religion-The Profane Rights Of Man 
Bad Religion-The Kids Are Alt-Right 
Bad Religion-American Jesus 
Bad Religion-You 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 18/10/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Reel Big Fish-You Can't Have All of Me 
Reel Big Fish-Talk Dirty To Me 
Reel Big Fish-I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore
Reel Big Fish-Don't Start A Band
The Flatliners-Fred's Got Slacks 
A Wilhelm Scream-Boat Builders 
Smoke Or Fire-The Patty Hearst Syndrome 
The Draft-Alive or Dead 
Small Brown Bike-See You In Hell 
Grade-A Year In the Past, Forever In the Future 
Farside-I Hope You're Unhappy 
Sense Field-Building 
Rival Schools-Used For Glue 
Planes Mistaken For Stars-Fucking Tenderness 
Justin Courtney Pierre-Ready Player One 
Justin Courtney Pierre-Anchor 
Justin Courtney Pierre-Sooner 
Justin Courtney Pierre-In The Drink 
King Nine-Paradise 
Wrong Answer-Citizen of Hell 
Losin' It-Check Your Head 
U.S. Bombs-Riot Sirens 
RAT BOY-NO PEACE NO JUSTICE (feat. Tim Timebomb) 
Smoking Popes-Simmer Down 
Assuming We Survive-Searching 
The Menzingers-I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore 
The Friday Prophets-Zest 
Ever Elsewhere-The Truth 
Operation Ivy-Sound System 
Against Me!-People Who Died 
Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers-The Airplane Song 
Against Me!-I Was a Teenage Anarchist 
Against Me!-Because of the Shame 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 11/10/2018

The Revolution Starts Now The Mahones
Agent Orange-A Cry for Help in a World Gone Mad 
Agent Orange-Miserlou 
Agent Orange-Bloodstains - Original Version 
Agent Orange-Too Young to Die 
Emery-People Always Ask Me If We're Gonna Cuss in an Emery Song 
Sincerely, Me-Aesthetically Pleasing 
Eternal Boy-Clean Slate 
You vs Yesterday-Collide 
The Doped up Dollies-Papa Plays the Drums 
Point North-Empathy 
DRAIN-Don't Believe the Hype 
Counterparts-The Disconnect 
Nightmares For A Week-Friends 
Gold Steps-Rum Is for Drinking, Not for Burning 
Backyard Superheroes-Mary 
Backyard Superheroes-I Just Wanna Rock 
Backyard Superheroes-Paint the Town Red 
Backyard Superheroes-Netflix and Chill 
Rare Americans-Worm Is Gonna Turn 
Home Wrecked-Anxious Minds Think Alike 
Downset-Pure Trama 
SPINE-Crumbling Mind 
Rehasher-What You're Seeking 
Fullcount-Out of Time 
Money Left to Burn-Parallels 
Yankee Brutal-Revolt 
Contra Code-Pickabar 
Main Line 10-Rise & Fall 
13 Steps-There Will Be No Light 
A Day To Remember-All Signs Point to Lauderdale 
Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown 
Suicidal Tendencies-You Can't Bring Me Down 
Hüsker Dü-Too Far Down 
Blood For Blood-Shut My Eyes Forever 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 4/10/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Rumjacks-The Foreman O’Rourke 
The Rumjacks-Saints Preserve Us 
The Rumjacks-Bus Floor Bottles 
The Rumjacks-Uncle Tommy
Rumspringer-Not the Advice I Was Looking For 
Like Bats-Sad Stories About Sad People With Pathetic Dreams 
Chinese Telephones-Back to You Again 
Tiltwheel-Fuck You, This Place Is Dead Anyways 
Terror-Total Retaliation 
Drk Blu-Alright 
DRAIN-Don't Believe the Hype 
Bad Religion-21st Century [Digital Boy] 
Descendents-Everything Sux 
The Gaslight Anthem-The '59 Sound 
No Use For A Name-Dumb Reminders 
Hot Water Music-I Will Be 
Hot Water Music-Trusty Chords 
Hot Water Music-State of Grace 
Hot Water Music-Remedy 
Leatherface-Not Superstitious 
Samiam-She Found You 
Dead To Me-Would It Kill You 
Mudhoney-Prosperity Gospel 
Death Valley Girls-Street Justice 
C.C. Potato-Flamingo Motel 
Riverdales-Crash Of The Moons 
Electric Frankenstein-High Voltage 
Neurotic Outsiders-Jerk 
The Vindictives-The Invisible Man 
Joey Ramone-What a Wonderful World 
Joey Ramone-New York City 
Joey Ramone-I Got Knocked Down [But I'll Get Up] 
Joey Ramone-Rock 'N Roll Is The Answer 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 27/9/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Joyce Manor-Friends We Met Online 
Joyce Manor-Think I'm Still In Love With You 
Joyce Manor-Up The Punx 
Joyce Manor-Million Dollars To Kill Me 
Hands Off Gretel-Kiss Me Girl
Ready Steady Steroids-I'm Not a Pessimist, I'm an Optometrist 
We Are The Movies-Leaving Me Incomplete (feat. Nick Thompson) 
Aerial Salad-Conservative thinking 
Grand Collapse-Turncoat 
Clowns-Freezing In The Sun 
The Bronx-Notice of Eviction 
Maid of Ace-Bone Deth 
In Evil Hour-Progress 
Glocca Morra-Ya'll Boots Hats? (Die Angry) 
The Mahones-Heroes Die 
The Mahones-Win Some, Lose Some 
The Mahones-When Ye Go Away 
The Mahones-Never Let You Down 
Adhesive-Nothing Is Won 
Action Men-About Me 
Last One Standing-About to Explode 
She Likes Todd-Another Starless Night 
The Fullblast-Brothers 
Five Drive-Colic High 
Sickshift-Death from below 
Hateful Monday-De Facto Independent republic 
Rebuke-History Doesn't Repeat Itself... We Repeat History 
Bedtime For Charlie-It Ain't About The Music 
Craig's Brother-Insult To Injury 
Bigwig-Girl In The Green Jacket 
The Suicide Machines-Vans Song 
Night Birds-The Day I Beat My Brain 
Night Birds-Onward to Obscurity 
Night Birds-My Dad Is the B.T.K. 
Night Birds-White Noise Machine 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 20/9/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Direct Hit!-Welcome to Heaven 
Direct Hit!-Forced to Sleep 
Direct Hit!-Buried Alive 
Direct Hit!-Paid in Brains 
1208-Next Big Thing 
Slick Shoes-Late Night Showing 
Deviates-There For Me 
The Falcon-The Fighter, The Rube, The Asshole 
Strike Anywhere-Infared 
Gold Route-Living Now 
Light Years-Burning in My Blood
SHADED-A Familiar Love 
The Friday Prophets-Reason, Where Are You? 
The Distillers-Man vs. Magnet 
The Distillers-Beat Your Heart Out 
The Distillers-Blood in Gutters 
The Distillers-Die On A Rope 
Against Me!-Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious... 
Mixtape for the Drive-Show Me What You Got 
Anti-Flag-For What It's Worth 
Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized 
WSTR-Tell Me More 
Debt Neglector-Go Fund Yourself 
Russian Girlfriends-Rollerskating Jam Named Regret 
The All Brights-Maximum Hangtime 
The Eradicator-I Am the Eradicator 
Odd Robot-Schadenfreude 
Attic Salt-Arm's Length 
Frenzal Rhomb-Everyone I Know Has Mental Problems 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes-Leaving On A Jet Plane 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes-City of New Orleans 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes-Have You Never Been Mellow 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes-I Believe I Can Fly 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 6/9/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Alkaline Trio-Is This Thing Cursed? 
Alkaline Trio-I Can't Believe Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio-Pale Blue Ribbon Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio-Demon and Division 
The Mahones-Paint the Town Red 
Motion City Soundtrack-Everything Is Alright 
Red City Radio-Two Notes Shy of an Octave 
The Swellers-The Best I Ever Had 
Me Vs Hero-Can You Count Suckers 
No Trigger-Tooth 
The Story So Far-Bad Luck 
AFI-The Days Of The Phoenix 
Alkaline Trio-Little Help? 
Alkaline Trio-Throw Me To The Lions 
Alkaline Trio-Stay 
Alkaline Trio-Heart Attacks 
Fenix TX-Flight 601 (All I've Got Is Time) 
Driveways-Drop Dead 
Home Wrecked-Back on the Grid 
WSTR-Silly Me 
Doc Rotten-Mind Control 
Goodbye Blue Monday-Misery-Punk Ruined My Life 
The Cryptkeeper Five-Gimme, Gimme Your Heart 
Fire Next Time-Collars 
The Shell Corporation-Not Funny 
The Hope Conspiracy-Animal Farm 
The Filaments-Fuck the "alt"-Right 
Random Hand-Tales of Intervention 
Dirty Revolution-I Love Reggae 
Former Member-Peanut Gallery 
The Last Gang-Salvation for Wolves 
Alkaline Trio-Blackbird
Alkaline Trio-Worn So Thin 
Alkaline Trio-Goodbye Fire Island 
Alkaline Trio-Krystalline 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 30/8/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Joyce Manor-Think I'm Still In Love With You 
Joyce Manor-Heart Tattoo 
Joyce Manor-Make Me Dumb 
Joyce Manor-Million Dollars To Kill Me 
Spraynard-Applebee's Bar 
Allout Helter-Speed of Blight 
Jeff Rosenstock-Nausea 
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra-Glorious 
The Sidekicks-Don't Feel Like Dancing 
Balance And Composure-Tiny Raindrop 
Glocca Morra-Ya'll Boots Hats? (Die Angry) 
Modern Baseball-Rock Bottom 
City Kids Feel The Beat-Coming Home 
The Dirty Nil-I Don't Want That Phone Call 
The Good The Bad and The Zugly-NAV or Never 
Mixtapes-Hey Ma Pt. 2 
Mixtapes-One for the Ozarks 
Mixtapes-Even on the Worst Nights
Mixtapes-Indian Summer
Pity Sex-Wind-Up 
The Frights-Over It 
Jesus Piece-Workhorse 
Plague Vendor-ISUA 
Death By Horse-Werewolf 
The Decline-Showertime In The Slammer 
From Plan To Progress-Global Reaction 
One Light Out-In the Dark 
Sellfish-It Doesn't Matter 
Symphony Of Distraction-Don't Bother Screaming 
Laura Jane Grace-The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton 
Frank Turner-21st Century Survival Blues 
Frank Turner-Brave Face
Frank Turner-Common Ground 
Frank Turner-Going Nowhere 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 23/8/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Boston Manor-Halo 
Boston Manor-Heathens 
Boston Manor-Bad Machine 
Boston Manor-Drowned in Gold 
Cold Wrecks-Therapy 
Hard Girls-Puddle of Blood 
Hazen Street-Fool The World 
Rozwell Kid-Wendy's Trash Can 
None More Black-Dinner's for Suckers 
Morning Glory-Standard Issue 
The Bronx-Heart Attack American 
The Unseen-Scream Out 
Slapshot-Make America Hate Again 
Endicott-Chain Letter 
Fugazi-Waiting Room 
Stand Out Riot-Ambush Paddington 
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man-To Be Frank 
Inclination-In With The New 
The Damned-New Rose 
Eat Defeat-A Little Less Than OK 
Eat Defeat-Smile 
Eat Defeat-Can't Say I'll Miss You 
Eat Defeat-Scorched Earth 
Beat The Red Light-Never A Dull Moment 
Sick Of It All-It's Clobberin' Time 
Skourge-Conceived to Die 
Mustard Plug-On and On 
Sex Pistols-Pretty Vacant 
Kill Your Idols-What Doesn't Kill Me 
Modern Life Is War-Feels Like End Times 
Beartooth-Bad Listener 
Psychostick-We Are a Band 
Psychostick-Introvert Party Time 
Psychostick-Uncle Material 
Psychostick-Socks & Sandals (Pajama Pants) 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 16/8/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Dead Kennedys-Holiday in Cambodia 
Dead Kennedys-Kill The Poor 
Dead Kennedys-Police Truck 
Dead Kennedys-Nazi Punks Fuck Off 
AS IT IS-The Handwritten Letter 
Death By Horse-Burning the Witches 
Drakulas-I'm Getting Out 
Knocked Loose-Deadringer 
The Generators-Give Yourself Up 
13 Steps-There Will Be No Light 
The Aquabats!-Fashion Zombies! 
The Aquabats!-Pizza Day!
The Aquabats!-Martian Girl!
The Aquabats!-Super Rad! 
Maladroit-Mila Kunis - Will You Be My Plus One 
Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown 
The Loved Ones-Jane 
Misfits-You Belong to Me 
Hüsker Dü-Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely 
PCP Eagles-Nature Boy 
Piebald-American Hearts 
Have Nots-Louisville Slugger 
The Smith Street Band-Sunshine and Technology 
Texas Is The Reason-The Magic Bullet Theory 
PUP-You Don't Get Me High Anymore - triple j Like A Version 
The Hempsteadys-When Dead Are Undead 
The Hempsteadys-Rudy Comes from the Street 
The Hempsteadys-The Moon Laughs Knowingly 
The Hempsteadys-Still Life with Woodpecker 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 9/8/2018 Vans Warped Tour Special

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Face To Face-Disconnected 
Face To Face-I Won't Lie Down 
Face To Face-A-OK 
Face To Face-Blind 
Sublime-Same In The End 
Descendents-I'm The One 
H2O-Thicker Than Water 
Lagwagon-Alien 8 
The Bouncing Souls-Say Anything 
Less Than Jake-The Rest Of My Life 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-The Impression That I Get 
Social Distortion-Don't Take Me For Granted 
The Vandals-My Girlfriend's Dead 
Rancid-Time Bomb 
Rancid-Side Kick 
Rancid-Old Friend 
The Suicide Machines-New Girl 
Flogging Molly-Drunken Lullabies 
Strung Out-Exhumation Of Virginia Madison 
Save Ferris-Come on Eileen 
The Living End-West End Riot 
Frenzal Rhomb-5000 Cigarettes 
Anti-Flag-This Is the End (For You My Friend) 
Dropkick Murphys-Barroom Hero 
Hot Water Music-Remedy 
Reel Big Fish-Beer 
New Found Glory-My Friends Over You 
NOFX-Wore Out The Soles Of My Party Boots 
Pennywise-Fuck Authority 
Pennywise-Bro Hymn 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath and special Guest Mike Chewie Bennett 2/8/18

The Bennies - Trip Report
The Flatliners-Moves Too Quickly 
Swingin' Utters-Human Potential 
The Holy Mess-Within the Range of a Raven 
Harley Poe-Persevere 
Freddy Fudd Pucker-Good Times 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Green Bay, Wisconsin 
Swingin Utters-Pills & Smoke
Mischief Brew-Thanks, Bastards! 
Mad Caddies-2RAK005 
Mad Caddies-Take Me Home (Piss off)
Alkaline Trio-Blackbird 
Street Dogs-Working Class Heroes 
Street Dogs-Never Above You, Never Below You Street Dogs
War On Women-Lone Wolves 
The Interrupters-Be Gone 
The Decline-Showertime In The Slammer 
Modern Life Is War-Feels Like End Times 
Beastwars-Damn the Sky 
Millencolin-Auto Pilot Mode
Propagandhi- Victory Lap

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 26/7/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Alkaline Trio-Blackbird 
Alkaline Trio-This Addiction (Live) 
Alkaline Trio-Private Eye (Live) 
Alkaline Trio-Calling All Skeletons (Live) 
Irish Handcuffs-Breathe Sleep
Late Bloomer-January 
Alarmsignal-Fertig (Mit euch und eurer Welt) 
Hospital Job-Mount Rushmore 
Fat by the Gallon-Calm Down 
Living With Lions-Tidal Wave 
No Better-Still 
The Prosecution-Overrun 
Heaven's Basement-I Am Electric 
Trash Boat-Nothing New 
Trash Boat-Don't Open Your Eyes Trash Boat
Trash Boat-Shade Trash Boat
Trash Boat-Controlled Burn Trash Boat
Red City Radio-If You Want Blood (Be My Guest) 
Iron Chic-Let's. Get. Dangerous. 
Direct Hit!-Forced to Sleep 
Teenage Bottlerocket-They Call Me Steve 
The Bombpops-Be Sweet 
PEARS-Green Star 
Off With Their Heads-Nightlife 
The Methadones-Self Destruct 
Banner Pilot-Alchemy 
MxPx-Teenage Politics 
Goldfinger-If Only 
The Bouncing Souls-Coin Toss Girl 
Joyce Manor-Million Dollars To Kill Me 
Joyce Manor-Angel In The Snow 
Joyce Manor-In the Army Now 
Joyce Manor-Leather Jacket 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 19/7/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Nerdlinger-Sunny Days 
Nerdlinger-The Ballad of Rod Lightning 
Nerdlinger-Song of the Damned 
12 Step Rebels-Hunt of the Unnamed 
The Decline-A Crash Course in Emotional English 
Hightime-Tear us Apart 
Hack The Mainframe-Coriander 
Outta Luck-Crappy 
Dividers-Open Doors 
7 Shot Screamers-Kickin Myself 
The Stunned-Almost Everyone Is A Little Bisexual 
Straight Line-Not Afraid 
Rainy Day Ollie-Suck At Life 
Three Bad Jacks-Crazy In The Head 
Swingin' Utters-Human Potential 
Swingin' Utters-Five Lessons Learned 
Swingin' Utters-Pills & Smoke 
Swingin' Utters-Brand New Lungs 
A Chase Worthwhile-A Days End 
Thee Flanders-On Your Way 
Consumed-What Would Cliff Burton Do? 
Between You & Me-Twice Shy 
Local Resident Failure-Old Skool 
O'Holy Ghost-Tio 
Dollar Signs-Sadderday 
Phantom Rockers-Baby Blue Eyes 
Dead Soft-Kill Me 
Homebound-Change of Heart 
Mom Jeans.-you cant eat cats Kevin 
The Arkhams-She's Lost Control 
Trophy Eyes-You Can Count On Me 
The Palatines-Take It Back 
The Palatines-Demons Whispering 
The Palatines-Take a Left at Fullerton 
The Palatines-Grave Misfortune 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 12/7/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Point North-Conditions 
Point North-Blameless 
Point North-Everybody Fades 
Point North-Dearly Departed 
A Story Told-All of You 
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die-Heartbeat in the Brain 
Moose Blood-Just Outside 
Have Mercy-Coexist 
Can't Swim-Even In Death 
Balance And Composure-Reflection 
The Story So Far-Things I Can't Change 
The Last Gang-Sing for Your Supper 
Antiseen-The Mysterious Green Mist 
Antiseen-From Parts Unknown 
Supersuckers-Pretty Fucked Up 
Transplants-Come Around 
Obey The Brave-Raise Your Voice 
He Is Legend-The Seduction 
Half Hearted Hero-Periphery 
The Almighty Trigger Happy-Tango 
Bedtime For Charlie-It Ain't About The Music 
Lipona-The Citadel 
Sunsgrind-No solution 
Bokassa-Hellbilly Handfishin' 
Living With Lions-Tidal Wave 
Homebound-Change of Heart 
Joyce Manor-Make Me Dumb 
Joyce Manor-Heart Tattoo 
Joyce Manor-Catalina Fight Song 
Joyce Manor-Fake I.D. 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 5/7/2018

The Revolution Starts Now The Mahones
Adolescents-Sunspot Screams 
Adolescents-L.A. Girl 
Adolescents-Queen of Denial 
Sin 34-Say We Suck 
Swingin' Utters-Five Lessons Learned 
CKY-96 Quite Bitter Beings 
 U.S. Bombs-Yer Country
We The Kings-Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby Run) 
Mission Of Burma-That's When I Reach For My Revolver 
Flamethrower-I Want It All 
Paint It Black-Womb Envy 
Fabulous Disaster-Gia 
Midnight Evils-Loaded And Lonely 
The Explosion-No Revolution 
Taking Back Sunday-MakeDamnSure 
The Interrupters-Got Each Other 
The Interrupters-Be Gone 
The Interrupters-Room With a View 
The Interrupters-Outrage 
GBH-Crush 'Em 
Jelly Beans-Rebel Yell Assorted 
The Browns-American Werewolf in Calgary 
Hot Water Music-Freightliner 
Fastbacks-In the Summer 
Andy Black-Stay Alive 
Minor Threat-Filler 
Rubber City Rebels-(I Wanna) Pierce My Brain 
Rocket From The Crypt-Straight American Slave 
Hüsker Dü-Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely 
The Vandals-Don't Stop Me Now 
MONGOL800-Love Song 
Brain Failure-Coming Down To Beijing 
Hi-STANDARD-Teenagers Are All Assholes 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 28/6/2018 Ska Special

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Reel Big Fish-Sell Out 
Reel Big Fish-Don't Start A Band 
Reel Big Fish-You Don't Know Reel 
Reel Big Fish-Another F.U. Song
Streetlight Manifesto-Keasbey Nights 
The Planet Smashers-Surfin' in Tofino 
Accidental President-Friday 
Buck-O-Nine-My Town 
Ballyhoo!-I Don't Wanna Go 
Mustard Plug-Beer (Song) 
Two Tone Club-I'm Not Safe with Your Love 
No Sports-The Way of the Dragon 
Authority Zero-Revolution Riot 
The Interrupters-She's Kerosene 
The Interrupters-Babylon 
The Interrupters-She Got Arrested 
The Interrupters-A Friend Like Me 
Bumpin Uglies-Sorry I'm Not Sorry 
The Hippos-Wasting My Life 
The Valkyrians-Val Kilmer 
Jaya The Cat-Sweet Eurotrash 
Madness-One Step Beyond 
Random Hand-Play Some Ska 
Rx Bandits-Stargazer 
Skankin' Pickle-Turning Japanese 
The Specials-Call Me Names 
Starfish-Worst Nite Klub 
The Suicide Machines-New Girl 
The Toasters-Night Train to Moscow 
Sublime-Same In The End 
Operation Ivy-Sound System 
Less Than Jake-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads 
Less Than Jake-She's Gonna Break Soon 
Less Than Jake-Gainesville Rock City 
Less Than Jake-Danny Says 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 21/6/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Bad Religion-The Kids Are Alt-Right 
Bad Religion-Land of Endless Greed
Bad Religion-New Dark Ages 
Bad Religion-New America 
State Champs-Mine Is Gold 
Adolescents-Queen of Denial 
The Bar Stool Preachers-8.6 Days (all the Broken Hearts) 
The Motorleague-Everyone Is Digital 
Teen Agers-Never Let Me Down 
Muncie Girls-Picture of Health 
The Darts (U.S.)-Revolution 
Forus-War's Not over, I've Just Found the Flag 
The Almighty Trigger Happy-Tango
Heartsounds-Constant Crossroads 
Face To Face-Keep Your Chin Up 
Face To Face-Disconnected 
Face To Face-Say What You Want 
Face To Face-You've Done Nothing 
Local Resident Failure-The Opener 
Jet Market-15 Hundred Miles For A 15 People Show 
Symphony Of Distraction-I Wish I Wasn't 
One Light Out-She Almost Turned You Emo 
Fast Motion-Watch It Burn 
Shadows of Defeat-Straight to Hell in All Its Glory 
Never Been Famous-Try to Be 
She Likes Todd-Storybook Endings 
Lustra-Scotty Doesn't Know 
The F-Ups-Lazy Generation 
Autopilot Off-Indebted 
SR-71-Right Now 
Go Betty Go-C'mon 
Mad Caddies-Alien 8 
Mad Caddies-Sorrow 
Mad Caddies-Sink, Florida, Sink 
Mad Caddies-Sleep Long 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 14/6/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Get Up Kids-I'm Sorry 
The Get Up Kids-My Own Reflection 
The Get Up Kids-Maybe
The Get Up Kids-Better This Way
The New Amsterdams-Hover Near Fame 
WSTR-Bad To The Bone 
Sleep On It-Unspoken 
A Place in Time-You Know the Type 
Unclean-Sleep Forever 
Dance Gavin Dance-Suspended In This Disaster 
Modern Life Is War-Lonesome Valley Ammunitions 
Trophy Eyes-You Can Count On Me 
Wearing Thin-Hidden In The Framework 
Bad Religion-American Jesus 
Frank Turner-Song For Josh 
Against Me!-Because of the Shame 
blink-182-Adam's Song 
Descendents-Jean Is Dead 
Billy Bragg-Waiting for the Great Leap Forward 
AFI-The Leaving Song Pt. II 
Anti-Flag-1 Trillion Dollar$ 
Bad Cop, Bad Cop-Sugarcane 
No Better-My Love Says Always 
The Bouncing Souls-Coin Toss Girl 
Brand New-The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows 
Chumped-Anywhere But Here 
Andrew W.K.-Ready To Die 
Alkaline Trio-Warbrain 
Alkaline Trio-Midnight Blue 
Alkaline Trio-This Addiction
Alkaline Trio-Burn