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Three Chord Revolution

7pm - 9pm Thursday with Nath

Three Chord Revolution

Three Chord Revolution Punk Rock Show

3CR 19/3/15
Rancid    Intro
Dropkick Murphys    The Warrior's Code
Dropkick Murphys    The Dirty Glass
Dropkick Murphys    Worker's Song
Dropkick Murphys    Sunshine Highway
The Bastard Suns    Irish Drinking Song
Flatfoot 56    Knuckles Up
Barbar Punk    Raketova Zakladna
Ahead To The Sea    Still Angry, Still Happy
Banshee's Wail    Johnny Jump Up
Barstool Hooligans    All For Me Grog
Fiddler's Green    Scolding Wife
The Barcrawlers    The Leaving Of Liverpool
Gaelic Storm    Punjab Paddy
Flogging Molly    Drunken Lullabies
Flogging Molly/Lucinda Williams    Factory Girls
Flogging Molly    Revolution
Flogging Molly    The Lightning Storm
The Kissers    Kicked In The Head
The Kidney Stones    Zombie Love
The MahonesThe Revolution Starts Now
Bastards On Parade    Pipes And Drunx
Auld Corn Brigade    Muirsheen Durkin
The Black Tartan Clan    Beer And Woman
The Gobshites    Too Drunk To Fuck
Mr. Irish Bastard    I Smell The Blood
Circle J    The Day I Shot Her Down
The Bloody Irish Boys    just for a night
The Pogues    Dirty Old Town
The Real McKenzies    Pour Decisions  
The Real McKenzies    Best Day Until Tomorrow  
The Real Mckenzies    Chip


Three Chord Revolution Punk Rock Show

3CR 12/3/15
Rancid    Intro
Rise Against    Like the Angel
Rise Against    Prayer of the Refugee
Rise Against    Kotov Syndrome
PCP Eagles    PCP Anthem
The Mr. T Experience    Tomorrow Is a Harsh Mistress
Bodyjar    Not The Same
The Riot Before    Fifteen Minute Revolution
Motion City Soundtrack    My Favorite Accident
The Methadones    Bottom Out
Darlia Interview    Nathan Day IV 
Darlia    Blood Money
Darlia    Candyman
Darlia    I've Never Been To Ohio
Bad Brains    Saillin' On
Sick of It All    Watch It Burn
Total Chaos    That’s the Story of My Life
The Black Pacific    The System
Death By Stereo    Depression Expression
Dropkick Murphys    Walk Away
D.O.A.    The Prisoner
The Copyrights    Button Smasher
Dishonour Squad    Tax the Rich
Beatsteaks    Be Smart And Breathe
Nothington    Where I Can't Be Found
Good Riddance    More DePalma, Less Fellini
The Bronx    Around The Horn
Counterpunch    Young & Entitled
Your Demise    Brothers In Arms
The Menzingers    I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
NOFX & Friends    Urban Campers
NOFX & Friends    Fecal Alcohol Syndrome
NOFX & Friends    I'm Suicide
Joy Division - She's Lost Control


Three Chord Revolution Punk Rock Show

3CR 12/2/15
Rancid - Intro
tenacious d - the last in line
tenacious d -wonderboy    
tenacious d - tribute
milencolin- ray
the adolescents -noway
the copyrights- switchblade
iggy pop-search and destroy
youth brigade - wanted
the restarts - labelled inferior
morning glory - this is no time to sleep
7 seconds -we gonna fight
alkaline trio - radio
bouncing souls - wish you well
the specials - little bitch
one man army - she wants me dead
misfits- die die my darling
vandals - my girlfriends dead
frank turner - worsr things happen at sea
fishbone - lying ass bitch
masked intruder - heart shaped guitar
lagwagon - razor burn
descendants - i'm the one
the dopamines - cincinnita harmony
screaching weasel - love
the vibrators - my stalker
teenage bottlerocket -done with love
reel big fish - she's famous now
off with their heads - self checkout
bad religion - you
all - she broke my dick
the casualites - punk rock love
TSOL - love story
the lawerence arms - the ymca down the street from the clinic


Three Chord Revolution Punk Rock Show

3CR 5/2/15
Rancid    Intro
Green Day    Basket Case
Green Day    Welcome To Paradise
Green Day    Burnout
Accelerators    You're The One
Adelleda    Just A Shame
Lagwagon    Violins
Agent Orange    Wouldn't Last A Day
Allister    Jacob
Joyce Manor    In the Army Now
The Banditos and Surfin' Mutants Pizza Party    To Riverdale
Schleprock    Suburbia
Bowling for Soup    The Bitch Song
The Bloody Irish Boys    beer is good, beer is great
Bodyjar    Not The Same
Refused    New Noise
NOFX    Stickin in My Eye
NOFX    Franco Un-American
NOFX    The Plan
NOFX    Leaving Jesusland
Bracket    Cynically Depressed
Banner Pilot    Dead Tracks
The Briggs    Song of Babylon
Chixdiggit!    Where's Your Mom?
Randy    Punk Rock High
Abrasive Wheels    Voice of Youth
Quincy Punx    Killer Ratings
Stiff Little Fingers    No More of That
The Horibillies    Horrible Rockabilly Punx
Jawbreaker    I Love You So Much Its Killing Us Both
Joey Ramone    New York City
The Hextalls    My Name Is Kenny Rogers
The Interrupters    A Friend Like Me
The Interrupters    Liberty
The Interrupters    Take Back The Power


Three Chord Revolution Punk Rock Show

3CR 29/1/15
Rancid    Intro
Rancid    You Want It, You Got It
Rancid    Sidekick
Rancid    Red Hot Moon
Rancid    Tropical London
Iggy Pop    Lust for Life
Implants    Bleed Within
Inepsy    The Fury Of Destruction
Jay Reatard    My Reality
Koffin Kats    Splatterhouse
A    Nothing
Krum Bums    Last Breath
Leftover Crack    In Hell
Lower Class Brats    Ultra-Violence
Madball    Been There, Done That
MDC    Snuffed Out
Guttermouth    She's Got The Look
Midtown    Become What You Hate
Minor Threat    Out of step (with the world)
Minor Threat    Straight edge
Minor Threat    Minor Threat
The Misfits    Teenagers from mars
The Murder City Devils    Idle Hands
Morning Glory    School Is Bullshit
Nathan Detroit    Hold On Tight
No Fun At All    I Wont Believe In You
No Trigger    Department Of The Interior
Good Riddance    Class War 2000
Kitsch    Eleven:Eleven
AFI    Narrative Of Soul Against Soul
Allister    Moon Lake Village
The Flatliners    Drown In Blood
Dave Hause    The Shine
The Casualties    Get off My Back
Drive A    Belligerent Time Bomb
Frenzal Rhomb    I Went Out With a Hippy and Now I Love Everyone Except for Her
Alkaline Trio    Private Eye
Alkaline Trio    Stupid Kid
Alkaline Trio    Mr. Chainsaw


Three Chord Revolution Punk Rock Show

3CR 22/01/15
Flogging Molly-Revolution
Fiddler's Green-Scolding Wife
The Mahones-Paint The Town Red
The Loved Ones-Pretty Good Year
Lunachicks-MMM Donuts
The Clash - Tommy Gun
The Lillingtons-I Saw The Apeman (On The Moon)
Pulley-Working Class Whore
Social Distortion-Don't Take Me for Granted
Transplants-Diamonds and Guns
The Outsiders - Walk Away
Ten Foot Pole-Kicked Out Of Kindergarten
Tiger Army-True Romance
Forgotten Generation-She's My Disease 
The Swellers-Inside My Head
Teenage Bottlerocket-Bigger Than Kiss
Bad Religion-Kerosene
State Champs-Rooftops
Star Fucking Hipsters-Death Is Never Out of Fashion
The Smith Street Band-Throw Me in the River
Nothington-Where I Can't Be Found
The Methadones-Say Goodbye To Your Generation
Descendents-I'm The One
Mixtapes-One For The Ozarks
The Jacks-The Ghost Of A Crying Shame
PCP Eagles-PCP Anthem
Nerf Herder-Mr. Spock
The Real McKenzies-Pour Decisions  
The Real Mckenzies-Droppin Like Flies
The Real McKenzies-Bugger Off