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Cosmic Friday Drive

4pm - 7pm Friday with Seb & Rutene / Ruby & Eileen

Cosmic Friday Drive

Radio One's 'Drive' programme is the station's flagship, prime-time, magazine-style radio show hosted by the station's top presenters, DJs, and news readers. From 4 - 7pm, Monday through to Friday, tune in to the Drive show for news, reviews, interviews, prizes and giveaways alongside a premier sampling of Radio One's exemplary contemporary and alternative sound.

Monday Drive w./ The Chris

(NZ) Sleeping Corpse - Spiritstone
(NZ) Ben James Leo - MANUKANUKA
Jack White - City Lights
Grimes - Flesh Without Blood
Of Montreal - Gratuitous Abysses
Kilo - Sense
(NZ) Lunavela - Burn for You
(NZ) Marlon Williams - Lost Without You
Jenny Hval - That Battle is Over
(NZ) Little Bark - Apreggiator
(NZ) Minuit - Except You
Blood Orange - Champagne Coast
Amon Tobin - Kitchin Sink (Clark Rmx)
!!! - Bend Over Beethoven
(NZ) Merk - Ash & Sand
(NZ) Rackets - Lizard High
(NZ) Polyester - Lucky Me
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Dynanism of a Getaway car
London Grammar - Rooting For You
(NZ) Courtney Hate - This is not ironic, watch me while I cry
Gabriella Cohen - Downtown
Xiu Xiu - Wondering
(NZ) The Biscuits - Something to Fix
Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round
(NZ) Kakapo - On My Mind
Esben and the witch - Sylvan
Hand Habits - All the While
Black Marble - Iron Lug
(NZ) Dracula Factory - Yurika
(NZ) gRinse - q Town
Yeasayer - Silly Me
(NZ) MOSES - Drive Back Into Wellington
(NZ)Shocking PInks - Not Gambling
Prinzhorn Dance School
(NZ) F in Math - Attacked By a Squirrel on Crack
(NZ) Golden Axe - Got To Be Startin' Somehtin'

Monday Drive w./ Queen Jean

Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ)- 10 Feet Tall
Iron & Wine -Boy with a Coin
James Brown- Hot (I need to be Loved, Loved, Loved) 
Jay Z- Empire State of Mind (ft Alicia Keys)
Joe Cocker -Woman to Woman 
Michael Jackson - Rock With You
(NZ) Lorde - Team 
Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers 
Sex Worker - Telephone (Blondie Cover)
Sia - Electric Heart
Childish Gambino - Redbone
(NZ) Brooke Fraser - Kings & Queens (Gasp Remix)
Curtis Harding - Keep On Shining
The Beach Boys - Heroes and Villains
(NZ) Dummybag - Fright Night
Julian Moon - A Cup of Coffee
The Beatles - Rain
The Roots - The Fire ft. John Legend
(NZ) The Ruby Suns - Jukebox Run
The Eagles of Death Metal - I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)
Black Sabbath - War Pigs
Arctice Monkeys - Arabella
Davy Jones - You've Got a Habit of Leaving
The Stooges - No Fun
(NZ) The Pleasers - Yes My Darlin'
Mazzy Starr - Five String Serenade
(NZ) Fang - Snowtown
John Red & The Playboys - Boogie Children
(NZ) The Prophet Hens - Popular People
The Maccabees
Velvet Underground - Beginning to See the Light
(NZ) The Shades - Downtime
The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
(NZ) The Future's Bright - Preloved
(NZ) The Gideons - Matter
Charlotte Gainsborough - Trick Pony
(NZ) Toy Love - Squeeze
Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow
(NZ) Two Lane Blacktop - The Rat


Monday Drive w./ Queen Jean

Comets on Fire - Brotherhood of the Harvest
The Clash - Clash City Rockers
Saturday Looks Good To Me - (Even if You Die on the) Ocean
(NZ) The Chills  - Molten Gold
Belle and Sebastian - (I Believe In) Travelling Light
(NZ) The Checks - Let Your Lover Know
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Trampoline
Grinderman - Dream (Song for Finn)
Grimes - Go ft. Blood Diamonds
(NZ) PIkachunes - Nervous
(NZ) Hopetoun Bros - Own It
(NZ) Courtney Hate - This Is Not Ironic, Watch Me While I Cry
(NZ) Die Die Die! - (I Love How You) Listen to the Radio
Professor Longhair - Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues 
The xx - VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)
A Tribe Called Quest - The Space Program
(NZ) Unsanitary Napkin - Trumphole
A Tribe Called Quest - The Space Program
(NZ) Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead Cover)
St Vincent - Krokodil
Daughter - The End
Kings of Leon - On Call
Nirvana - On a Plain
(NZ) The Ruby Suns - Jukebox Run
The Black Keys - Just a Little Heat
(NZ) The Mint Chicks - Welcome to Nowhere
Arcade Fire - We Exist
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Whatever Happened to My Rock N Roll
Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone
(NZ) All Hail the Funkillers - Mermaids
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady
(NZ) Dummybog - Fright Night
(NZ) Avalanche City - Love Love Love
Band of Horses - The First Song
(NZ) Gulls - In the Snow
David Bowie - Fame
What's a Girl to Do - Bat For Lashes
Bob Dylan - Thunder on the Mountain

Better than a kick to the jaw

(NZ) Tracing Spheres - Wander
New Gen - Ring the Alarm ft. Avelino & Tiggs Da Author
Bat For Lashes - Honeymooning Alone
Crystal Castles - Char
(NZ) Sparkle Kitty - Tender
Purity Ring - Begin Again
(NZ) Hex - The Moon
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Dynanism of a Getaway Car
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Gospel of Trial and Error (Boycrush Rmx)
Matin Courtney - Northern Highway
(NZ) Sarah Mary Chadwick - Am I worth it
(NZ) Jonathan Bree - Duckie's Lament
(NZ) F In Math - Attacked by a squirrel on Crack
Flying Lotus - RobertaFlack ft. Dolly
(NZ) NIkolai - Rico
(NZ) Coco Davis - My Girlish Days
(NZ) The Wendys - Salmon Joe
(NZ) Estere - Ambition
Common - Red Wine Ft. Syd & Elena
(NZ) Merk - Manchuria
David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes
Mariachi El Bronx - Eternal
(NZ) Thundercub - Falcor
(NZ) Little Bark - Modern Love
(NZ) Unsanitary Napkin - Trumphole
Cigarettes After Sex - K
The Shins - Dead Alive
(NZ) SKUX - On Her Way
(NZ) Princess Chelsea - Cold Glass Tube (The Reduction Agents Cover)
(NZ) The Reduction Agents - The Pool
Pussy Riot - Straight Outta Vagina
(NZ) Doprah - I will Be a Figure Eight
(NZ) The Unfaithful Ways - I Can't Get Your Cruel Love Off my Mind
Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightning
(NZ) Marlon Williams - Dark Child
The Specials - Ghost Town
(NZ) The Tweeks - Happened Before
(NZ) She's So Rad - Levels
Fruit Bats - Humbug Mountain Song


Gold Panda - Metal Bird
Vera Blue - Hold
Affelaye - Whir
(NZ) Prizegiving - Vailima
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Gospel of Trial and Error (Boycrush rmx)
Soley - N.Y Hotel
Chris Cohen - Torrey Pine
Belle & Sebastian - The Party Line
Best Coast - The Only Place
Hot Chip - Shake a Fist
(NZ) Batchelorette - Complex History of a Dying Star
(NZ) Rousseau - Sugar Plum
(NZ) Teeth - Gangrene
(NZ) Coco Davis - My Girlish Days
Run The Jewels - Talk to Me
Jai Wild - Like It's Over
(NZ) Disasteradio - Theme For Young Losers
Blood Orange - I KNow
Jay Som - Peach Boy
(NZ) Garden Burger - Pink Stars
Soft Hair
(NZ) LEISURE - Moon Beam
Shit Robot - End of the Trail
LVL UP - Hidden Driver
Bat For Lashes - Honeymooning Alone
(NZ) Orchestra of Spheres - Trapdoors
(NZ) Anika Moa - Fly
LCD Soundsystem - Dance YRself Clean
Tirzah - Make It Up
(NZ) Marlon Williams - Strange Things
(NZ) Harley Williams - Weight of the World
Black Bananas - Physical Emotions
(NZ) Matthias Jordan - The Sound of Asia
(NZ) Sets - Peter Kevion
(NZ) P.H.F - I Was A Kid Ft. Emily Edrosa
(NZ) Fanfickk - SF Rose
(NZ) New Dawn - The Dying LIght



(NZ) Pacific Heights - Realms
(NZ) Laura Lee - Dreamers
Rachel Mason - Tigers in the Dark
(NZ) Yumi Zuma - Right off teh bridge
(NZ) Anika Moa - Jealous
(DN) Trick Mammoth - Delphine (With a Purpose)
Pulp - Cocaine Socialism
David Bowie - Queen Bitch
Kele - Temderpmo
(NZ) Hopetoun Brown - Own It
(NZ) Bzzrkr - Back off man! I'm a scientist
(NZ) Hex - Witches of the Hex
(NZ) The Wendys - Salmon Joe
Dick Dale - The Wedge
The Mountain Goats - Lovecraft in Brooklyn
The Bronx - Heart Attack American
Solange - Don't Touch my Hair Ft. Sampha
(NZ) Girlboss - Kind Face
Pusher - Clear ft. Mothica
Blood Orange - I know
Kiiara - Dopemang Ft. Ashley All Day
Marie Davidson - Naive to the Bon
(NZ) Chelsea Jade - Colour Sum
DEVO - Planet Earth
The White Stripes - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits
Jarvis Cocker - I Never Said I Was Deep
(NZ) Ives - Callin Ur Phone
FEWS - 100 Goosebumps
Tiny Little Houses - You Tore My Heart Out
Soren Juul - Dear Child
(NZ) Pelorus - Shelter
(NZ) Katana - Hai Prayers
Cut Chemist - My 1st Big Break
(NZ) The Deadly Deaths - Half Time Double Time
Jarryd James - 1000x ft. BROODS
Alex G - Kicker

Seven Eleven

All Our Exes Live in Texas - The Devil's Part
Death Cab for Cutie - Million Dollar Loan
Alexndra Savior - Shades
Alex Cameron - Mongrel
(NZ) Matthias Jordan - Don't Go By That River
John Grant - Down Here
(NZ) Wilberforces - Paradise Beach
(NZ) The All Seeing Hand - Swarm
(NZ) Teeth - Gangrene
(NZ) Fanfickk - SF Rose
(DN) Yesses - She's
Jarvis Cocker - Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
(NZ) Sarah Mary Chadwick - Makin' it Work
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - People Vultures
VHS Dream - Come Around
(NZ) Aaradhna - Wekcine ti tge Jungle
Juliana Barwick - Same
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Sur Back - Occam's Razor
Mountain Goats - The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton
(NZ) Groeni - Hedre
(DN) Thudercub - Beta
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Dynanism of a Getaway Car
Matthew Dear - Sound and Vision (David Bowie cover)
Billy Childish & the Singing Loins - Don't Like The Man That I Am
Unsanitary Napkin - Trumphole
Patsy Cline - Walking After Midnight
Roy Orbison - You Got It
(NZ)Sheep Dog & wolf - Breathe
Waxahatchee - Bonfire
Jagwar Me - Come Save Me
Adult Karate - So Low Ft. Adaline
(NZ) BEATCOMBER - Sick Breeze
Lee Scratch Peery - Rastafari
Pusher - Clear Ft. Mothica
Grandaddy - Clear Your History
Bartns Courtney - Glitter & Gold
Japanese Breakfast - The Woman That Loves You


Monday Drive w./ t. Chris

Beyonce - Formation
Metronomy - Night Owl
(NZ) Dual - Vidgame
Amber Arcades - Turning Light
Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want
(NZ) Toy Triptech - Rydo
(NZ) Hex - Albatross
(NZ) Hex - Ignoring the Problem
(NZ) Hex - Witches of the Hex
(NZ) Hex - The Moon
(NZ) Bunnies on Ponies - Straight Up Jerk
Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
(NZ) Gareth Thomas - All Eyes in the room
Deradoorian - A Beautiful Woman
(NZ) Parallel Dance Ensemble - Weight Watchers
(NZ) WOMB - Fucking Close to Water
Desire - Don't Call
(NZ) Princess Chelse - Morning Sun
(NZ) Aporia - Jupiters Gold Coast
(NZ) Andrew Keoghan - Everything
(NZ) OPOSSOM - Getaway Tonight
(NZ) Sea Views - Into The Night
Cherry Glazerr - I Told You I'd be with The Guys
Tremtemoller - Complicated ft Jehny Beth
Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Hardest Years
(NZ) Soft Hair - In Love
(NZ) Girlboss - Kind Face
(NZ) SoccerPractise - Windfall
Siccer96 - Megadrive Lamborghini
(CHC) Delaney Davidson - So Long
(NZ) Marlon WIlliams - STrange Things
(NZ) UMO - SO Good at Being in Trouble
U-Roy & The Congos - Fisherman Style
Savages - Strife
Cut Copy - So Haunted
(NZ) Teeth - Something Has Gone Wrong in my Brain
And The Kids - Picture

Monday Drive w/ t. Chris

Sylvan Essa - Radio
Taylor Payne - The Jungle Talks
(NZ) Womb - Feeling Like Helium
(NZ) Montell2099 - Space
Whitney - Golden Days
Jersey Lanza - It Means I Love You
Moderat - Intruder
Tv Girl - Taking What's Not Yours
(NZ) She's So Rad - Say The Word
King of Cats - Boom Boom Boom Boom (Venga boys cover)
Dumbo Gets Mad - Thank You Neil
CHVRCHES - Strong Hand
The Seeds - I Can't Seem to Make You Mine
(DN) Louis Smith - Don't Fuck WIth Radio One
Stereolab - Self Portrait with "Electric Brain"
(DN) Haunted Love - Darkness in Diamond City
(AKL) Tourettes - Loneliness ios a Luxury Ft. Coco Davis
(NZ) Soft Hair - Lying Has to Stop
(NZ) Hex - The Moon
(DN) Herman Doose - Beach Wolf
(NZ) Dad Jokes - Party Goblin
Andrew W K - Ready to Die
Alexandra Savior - M.T.M.E
(NZ) Beatcomber - Sick Breeze
Safia - Bye Bye
ANHONI - Crisis
(NZ) Civil Union - Well Let it Lie
(DN) Bediquette - (You Really Should Be) Ghostly
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
(WLG) Kittentank - Take You There
Casey Mecija - Sounds That Mark Our Words
Major Lazer - Jah No Partial
RJD2 - Game You Can Win Ft. Kenna
Ouch My Face - Don't Take  a Knife to the Graveyard
(NZ) The Mint Chicks - Red, White or Blue
The Kills - Love is a Deserter
(NZ) Minuit - Last Night You Saw This Band
Polica - Someway
Angel Olsen - Sister
VHS Dream - Come Around

Monday Drive w./ Jon

Electric Wire Hustle - I Light A Candle
Bloc Party - Stunt Queen
James Blake - Timeless ft. Vince Staples
S U R V I V E - Dirt
Sampa The Great - Born To Be Blue
MEZKO - Trust
Grimes - Medieval Warfare
Astro Children - When You Lose
Warpaint - Whiteout
Sad13 - Less Than Two
Safia - Bye Bye
Dent May - Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love
Doubleu - Quit
Massive Attack - Voodoo In My Blood ft. Young Fathers
Solar Bears - Wild Flowers
Eden - And
Agnes Obel - Golden Green
Lexxi - Red Eyez
Pitch Black - Circuit Bent
Subterranean Storm - Chaos In The CBD
Kruff Kurtis - Arohi i roto i whakarongo (ft. Danielle Cochrane)
MIA - Freedun ft. ZAYN
Bon Iver - 33 GOD
Esben and the Witch - Sylvan
Princess Chelsea - Cold Glass Tube (The Reduction Agents cover)
The Beths - Lying In The Sun
Mermaidens - Undergrowth
Sharon Van Etten - Not Myself
The Shifting Sands - Coming Back
Forth Wanderers - Slop
Koizilla - Krill
Totems - Murk
Jenny Hval - Female Vampire
The Weeknd - False Alarm
STRFKR - Never Ever
Katie Dey - Fleas

Monday Drive

SOHN - Signal
Sachi - No More ft. Zoe & SYSI
Safia - Bye Bye
Pussy Mothers - Skirt
Man Made Mountain - Cachaca ft. Tom Scott (NZ)
Goya (NZ) - I Don't Like The Light
Dugtrio (NZ) - Game
Case/Lang/Veirs - Honey and Smoke
Dirty Projectors - Keep Your Name
Girlboss (NZ) - Mrs Doubtfire
Cherry Glazerr - I Told You I'd Be With The Guys
Bomba Estereo - Soy Yo (Agthx Rmx)
Floating Points - Kuiper
Ian Sweet - #23
Fox Wound - Waveshrine
Herman Doose (Dn) - Beach Wolf
Merk (NZ) - I'm Easy
L-X-Tricity (Dn) - Fantasy 
Konono No 1 - Mama Na Bana
Indi (NZ) - Freeways (The Reduction Agents [NZ] cover)
Hot Chip - Huarache Lights
Mr Amish (NZ) - Chemical Custody 
Eyeliner (NZ) - Toy Dog
Frank Ocean - White Ferrari
Kwai Chang Cain (NZ) - Buddy (Snapper [Dn] Cover)
Sad13 - Less Than Two
The Coathangers - Perfume
The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM
Openside (NZ) - Push Back
Scott & Charlenes Wedding - Maureen
ANOHNI - Crisis
TOURETTES (NZ) - Loneliness is Luxury ft. CoCo Davis
Air - Playground Love ft. Gordon Tracks
Coco Solid (NZ) - Oh My Zeus ft. Boston Rodriguez & Jizmatron
Soccer96 - Megadrive Lamborghini

Monday DRive

Taylor Payne - The Jungle Talks 
My Invisible Friend - Sleepless
Scott & Charlenes Wedding - Hardest Years 
Trentemoller - Redefine 
Waves - Two Oceans 
Valare (NZ) - Skin And Bone 
Princess Chelsea (NZ) - Cold Glass Tube ( Reduction Agents [NZ] Cover)
Porches - Black Dress
SSELF (NZ) - Consume 
Purple Pilgrims (NKZ) - Is You Real 
Poor You Poor Me (NZ) - The Bell Song 
Pity Sex - A Satisfactory Word For Reasonable People
Matilde Davoli - #1
AlunaGeorge - I Remember 
Ian Sweet - #23
Yesses (NZ) - Short Love 
Emily Edrosa (NZ) - Corner Of The Party 
October (NZ) - Cherry Cola 
Father John Misty - Strange Encounter 
Liars - Scissor 
Desire - Don't Call
Psychic Twin - Lose Myself 
The Veils (NZ) - The Stars Came Out Once The Lights Were Out
Skyming (NZ) - Art School 
Connan Mockasin (NZ) - Why Are You crying 
SOHN - Signal 
Sylvan Esso - Radio 
Ebson and the Witch - Sylvan 

Monday Drive w./ The Chris

Joy Again - Looking Out for you
Animal Collective - Golden Gal
(NZ) Wilberforces - Paradise Beach
(DN) Kilo - FUCK
Soley - N.Y Hotel
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Paper Machee Dream Balloon
(NZ) Yumi Zouma - Alena
(NZ) Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing - Feast of Trumpets
(NZ) Hay Man! - If I'm In Love
Sleigh Bells - Demons
BANKS - Drowning
DEVO - Gut Feeling
(NZ) Eb & Sparrow - Little Hands
The Clash - Straight to Hell
(NZ) Soft Hair - Lying Has to Stop
(NZ) Sea Views - Into the Night
Wilco - Someone to Lose
the White Stripes - My Doorbell
Handsome Boy Modeling School - First and Then
(NZ) The Nudge - Come Home
(NZ) Soccer Practise - Windfall
(NZ) Ron Gallipoli - Work is an Amethyst
Glass Animals - Mama's Gun
DBFC - Autonomic
Portishead - Machine Gun
Groeni - The Oak
Au Revoir Simone - Sad Song
(DN) Death & the Maiden - Civilization
(NZ) Beastwars - Call to the Mountain
(NZ) Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing - The Great Disappointment
(NZ) Merk - I'm Easy
(NZ) Ives - Callin' ur Phone
(NZ) Yuna Lesca - Stamina
Sad13 - Get a Yes

Bailey Wiley (NZ) - IZL (Feat. Raiza Biza)
Gardens & Villa - Bullet Train
Echo Ohs (NZ) - You Don't Mind

The Budos Band - The Sticks 
Miloux (NZ) - Pocket (Jono Das Stolen Cadillac Remix)
Glass Animals - Life Itself

Merk (NZ) - No Better Reason
CSS - Let's Make Love & Listen to Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix)

Life Decisions

Tom Tom-Holy Fuck

Kane Strang-It's Fine



1518-Fever the Ghost


Snoop Doggy Dogg-Gin and Juice

Sonic Youth-Teenage Riot

Taste Nasa-Do what you feel

Summer Camp-Ghost Train

Menahan St. Band-The Wolf

Desiigner-Timmy Turner

The Veils-Axolotl

Lonatlius-It's Not Love

The Bravest Man in the Universe-Bobby Womack

I want to thank David Williams from the ODT for coming and talking about the media coverage in the run-up  to the Iraq War

Thanks to Scout Barbour Evans for coming on and talking about their Mayoral Campaign..check out their campaign on Facebook.....


Animal Rights/Olly/David Clark




Matthew Dear-Sound and Vision

Mumtaz Kham-Ratatat

Pacific Heights-Realms ft. Deanne Kreig-Pacific Heights

Log Horn Breed-Interesting Times

The Veils-Low Lays the Devil


BANKS-Fuck with Myself

Ghost Wave-Blues Signal 79

Daddy Issues-Drop Out


Peaches-Ligh in Places

The Phoenix Foundation-The Captain

Gang Gang Dance-Blue Nile

Golden Axe-Telephone


Bats for Lashes-If I Knew


Be sure to check out Olly Ohlson's talk this Wednesday at the Peace and Conflict Centre...

Thanks for listening!


Wild Weather

Yumi Zouma-Catastrophe

Purple Pilgrims-Forever

UMO-SO Good at Being in Trouble

Tiny Ruins-Dream Wave


Pine-Make Way for the King

De La Soul-Pain ft. Snoop Dogg

Warpaint-New Song

Tom Lee Richards-As Far as India

Pleasant Surprise-Boats

Charles Bradley-Ain't it a Sin

BB King-Meet My Happiness

BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Sam Herring-Time Moves Slow

Balkan Beat Box-Bulgarian Chicks

Mulha Rendeira-Merielles

Muloma-Let Us Be United

PHF-Loneliness is Lame


The Creole Choir of Cuba-Neg Anwo

The Avanlanches-subways

Blood Orange-Hands UP

The Doqument-Glamour



Thanks for Shirley Walthew from First Union for taking the time to come on the can find out more about Unions in New Zealand at

Thanks to Jarred Griffiths from the OUSA exec for talking about the recent elections....

Special Thanks to Tony Ballantyne for talking about the recent changes in the Humanitarian Department. 




Moody Blues

Prophet Hens-Popular People

Memory Tapes-Go Play Outside

Gardens and Villas-Fixations

Shocking Pinks-Not Gambling

Dear Time s Waste-And So I was Returning

The Shocking Pinks-Us Against the City

Sarah Mary Chadwick-Cool It

Surf City-NYC

The Avalanches-Subways

Jocee Tuck-Heart in Two

The Drones-Tasman Shud

Bones Garage-Seasons Break

Beastie Boys-Sure Shot

Beach House-Norway

Four Tet-Ribbons

Paul Cathro-Telescope

Andrew Keoghan-Quese at the Dani Hall

Brian Jonestown Massacre-Get Some

My Bediquette-My Nightmares

The Mountain Goats-Damn these Vampires




Vagabond Guardian

The Goldhearts-Heres the Thing

Little Dragon-Paris

Trentemoller-River in ME Ft. Jenny Beth

LEISURE-Control Myself

Nada Surf-Looking Through

The Eels-In My Younger Days

Jonathan Bree-Murder

Devo-I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Four Tet-Ribbons

Fugazi-Bed for the Scraping

The Traditional Fools-Layback

Yumi Zouma-Catastrophe

Orchestra of Spheres-Trapdoors


Fuck Buttons-Olympians

Fugees-Fu Gee La

Sparkle Kitty-Tender

The Leers-Fool

Mum They Made Frogs Smoke 'Til They Exploded

The Veils-Axolotl


Secret Knives-Every1

Prophet Hens-Popular People

Air France-Collapsing at your Doorstep

Hercules & Love Affair-Blind feat Anthony

Opposite Sex-Vicarious Life


I want to thank Eleanor Ainge Roy for coming in and telling us all about her experiences writing for the Guardian. Be sure to check out her work and follow her on twitter: EleanorAingeRoy

Australian politics and #DunedinistheNewHawaii

Radiohead-There There

Aj Sharma-We Need to Move It

Beach House-Norway

Cypress Hill-I Wanna Get High

MadLib-Face the Sun

Elvis Perkins-How's Forever Been Baby

Curtis Mayfield-PusherMan

Beck Modern Guilt

PrizeGiving-Sarah (Snow)


Curtis Mayfield-Pusherman

Spiritulaized-Little Girl

Astro Children-When You Lose

Space Above-Shades

Old Crow Medicine Show-Cocaine Habit


Wild Bill Ricketts-Mangi Mangi

The Goods-Love You Baby

The Great Unwashed-Born in the Wrong Time

The Terminals-Batwing

Trick Mammoth-Delphine

Haunted Love-Darkness is Diamond City

TV on the Radio-Heroes

Courtney Barnett-New Speedway Boogie

The Goods-Love You Baby

The EU is Dead, The Planet is Dead plus Al Jazeera and Norfolk Island

Kane Strang-It's Fine

Vampire Weekend-Diane Young

Unknown Mortal Orchestra-Shakedown Street

Brockaflower-Where Are You From

Blue-Coffee and TV

Bobby Womack-Please Forgive my Heart

Cage the Elephant-James Brown

Jon Spencer Blue Explosion-Talk About the Blues

Fruit Bats-You're too Weird

Fuck Buttons-Phantom Limb

Marlon Williams-Strange Things

Jay-Z-Show Them What You Got

Spiritualized-Death Take Your Fiddle

Fraser Ross-Hitchhiker

The Bengal Lights-Black Jean Surly

Lawrence Arabia-Auckland CBD

The Besnard Lakes-Plain Moon

Teenage Fanclub-Star Sign

Surf Friends-The Sea

Tiny Ruins-Carriages

Strange Harvest-Colonies

Thanks to Daniel Price for taking the time to talk about Bangladesh:

Be sure to check it out.....

Thanks to Caitlin for taking time out of her busy schedule and talking about her experience. Be sure to check out her article on how she sees New Zealand!

Thanks to Thomas Huxley for giving his unique perspective on Norfolk Island: 

Check out his work at