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Cosmic Friday Drive

4pm - 7pm Friday with Seb & Rutene / Ruby & Eileen

Cosmic Friday Drive

Radio One's 'Drive' programme is the station's flagship, prime-time, magazine-style radio show hosted by the station's top presenters, DJs, and news readers. From 4 - 7pm, Monday through to Friday, tune in to the Drive show for news, reviews, interviews, prizes and giveaways alongside a premier sampling of Radio One's exemplary contemporary and alternative sound.

Monday Drive

(DN) Jaggers x Lines - Come to Rest
Big Thief - Shark Smile
Ferla - Breakups are hard for everybody
(NZ) Little Lapin - Wake UP with the Sun
(NZ) Marlon Williams - Lost Without You
Alt J - 3ww
Dan Deacon - Feel the Lightning
Sinkane - Uh Ha
HEALTH - New Coke
(NZ) the Phoenix Foundation - Modern Rock
The Slits - I Heard it through the grapevine
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Please Don't Ft. Santigold
Battles - Tonto
(NZ) Rizvan - Bill$
(DUD) Pesk - Forests
(NZ) Blair Parkes - Don't Worry Baby
(NZ) Jono Das - Off the Wall
(NZ) Fazerdaze - Friends
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend
Iron & WIne - Call it Dreaming
Radiohead - I promise
(NZ) Wurld Series - RIP KF
The National - The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
(NZ) David Dallas - Don't Want the World
Calvin Harris - Slide

Monday Drive

(NZ) Indi - Tablelands
Nirvana - Crude
(NZ) Ladi 6 - Royal Blue
(DN) Francisca Griffin - Falling Light
(NZ) Scott Mannion - Your Kinda Love
(NZ) Lady Luck - Disco Disco
(NZ) Wilberforces - Paradise Beach
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
Manowar - Crown and the Ring
(NZ) Street Chant - There is no depression in New Zealand
The Descendents - Hope
(NZ) Unsanitary Napkin - Trumphole
DEVO - Secret Agent Man
Woody Guthrie - Dusty Ol' Dust
(NZ) Randa - Fashion
(NZ) Soccer Practise - I was screaming
Run the Jewels - Get it
(NZ) Honey - Can't Be on the Record
(NZ) Pipsy - Why Can't I get what I want for once
Kevin Morby - Ciry Music
Powerdance - A Safe and Happy Place
Run the Jewels - Talk to me
(NZ) Shuedet - A Field of Fractions
River Tiber - No Talk 
Teen Suicide - Wild Thing Runs Free
(NZ) Chelsea Jade - Night Swimmer
(DN) Kane Strang - Scarlet King Magnolia
Hatchback - Everything is Neu
Of Montreal - Jimmy
(NZ) Echo Ohs - Hot Pockets
(NZ) Jono Das - Off the Wall

Monday Drive

(NZ) David Dallas - Sideline Ft. Che Fu
Blockhead - The Strain
Jen Gloeckner - Row with the Flow
Alvvays - In Undertow
(NZ) SoccerPractise - I was Screaming
(DN) Abigail Knudson - Religion
Seapony - Saw The Light
The Bug - Void Ft. Liz Harris
(NZ) Yumi Zouma - Song for Zoe & Gwen
(NZ) Golden Axe - Hot N Cold
Antipop Consortium - Volcano
(NZ) Disasteradio - Oh Yeah
(NZ) Rizvan - Bill$
(NZ) The Bads - Shelter Love
(NZ) Edie - Helix
Wandl - Window Color
(NZ) 9-5ers - Same Sky Ft. Siavani 
Bonobo - Samurai
(NZ) Thee Rum Coves - Simple Little Lie
Washed Out - Get Lost
Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas - Oh No
(NZ) Jaggers x Lines - Come to Rest
The Ramones - The KKK Took my Baby away
(NZ) Spelunks - Amateur Chiropractic
Ferla - Breakups are hard for everybody
Run The Jewels - Talk To Me
LCD Sound System - American Dream
LOVING - The Not Real Lake
(NZ) Milk - You Are Too Uncertain

Monday Drive

The Bronx - Knifeman
Roots Manuva - Witness
Run the Jewels - Talk To Me
Dj Shadow x Nas - Systematic
Mac Demarco - On the Level
Wilco - Born Alone
(NZ) Disasteradio - Theme for young losers
Ratatat - Mumtaz Khan
(NZ) The Naked & Famous - Punching in a Dream
(NZ) David Dallas - Are You Down
(NZ) The Situations - Pcy's Everlasting Journey
(NZ) Kakapo - Me Ghana
(NZ) Full Moon Fiasco - Diamond Dancer
(NZ) Cool Meditation - Make It Rain
(NZ) Surf City - Headin' Inside
Bus Vipers - CSIRO Weeds
The Jungle Giants - On Your Way Down
Seva Hi Fi - Travelling
Guitar Wolf - Jett Rock
Kevin Morby - City Music
DEVO - Gates of Steel 
(NZ) Carb on Carb - Pracising for Retirement
(NZ) Jaggers x Lines - Come to rest
(NZ) Azure - See You Through
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Dynamism of a Getaway Car
Big Thief - Mythological beauty
(NZ) God Bows to Math - The only Good Fnord is a dead Fnord
(NZ) Chelsea Jade - Life of the Party
(NZ) Zac Fraser-Baxter - Whispers Around|
Choir of Young Believers - Jeg Ser DIg
The Goldhearts - Here's the Thing
(NZ) UNMAP - Etude No. 3

Memberberry Mumble

The B52s - Planet Claire
Soccer Mommy - Out worn
Red Axes - Into Your Arms
(NZ) Grayson Gilmour - Hundred Waters
Alt J - 3WW
(NZ) Depressed House Cat - House Abyss
Agnes Obel - Golden Green
Hazel English - Never Going Home
East India Youth - Turn Away
(NZ) Space Ventura - Pins and Needles
(NZ) Look Blue Go Purple - I Don't Want You Anyway
(NZ) Pesk - When the Heavies Come
(NZ) The Autoharpies - Psychic Mantissa
Sur Back - Occam's Razor
Bacalao - Die Roboter
(NZ) Soaked Oats - Stoned Fruit
(NZ) Erith - Weak
(NZ) A.C Freazy - Love In Other Places
Dan Auerbach - Malibu Man
Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas - Oh NO
Washed Out - Get Lost
Wandl - Window Color
(NZ) Echo Ohs - Up the River
(NZ) Space Above - Let It Still
Gorillaz - Andromeda Ft. D.R.A.M 
Palm - Walkie Talkie
Jen Gloeckner - Row with the flow
Overcoats - Leave the LIght on
(NZ) Maya Payne - If Only
Warpaint - New Song (Jagwar ma RMX)
(NZ) Paul Cathro - Telescope
(NZ) Little Phnx - Pyrexia
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Crushin'

Cool Sounding Title

Swear And Shake - Tear Us Apart
The Smoking Trees - High Horse
(NZ) Introverted Dancefloor - Giving Up On Summer
Naytronix - Back in time
Sinkane - Uh Ha
(DN) Jaggers x Lines - I Tried
Garden City Movement - Bengali Cinema
David Bowie - Modern Love
Lazerhawk - Interstellar
Wild Nothing - Nocturne
Hatchback - Nesso
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Dynanism of a getaway car
Portishead - The Rip
(NZ) Dummybog - Disco Days
(DN) OV Pain - B C I
(NZ) Career Girls - Werkt Up
(NZ) Sal Valentine - Just Another Lover
(NZ) Melting Faces - Far King Oats
Alex Napping - Fault
H. E. R - Say It Again
Tash - Sultana
Juveniles - Love Me Forever
(NZ) Ives - Callin' Ur Phone
Future Islands - Cave
Slaughter Beach, Dog - Monsters
Bats For Lashes - Honeymooning Alone
Juns Lekman - What's that Perfume


Monday Drive

(DN) ShouldBSweet - New Edinburgh Colour
(NZ) Hex - Page of Pentacles
(NZ) Groeni - Hedre
(NZ) Greta - Strangers
(NZ) Threat.Meet. Protocol - The Garden
(NZ) Stanley Pedigree - Continuum
(NZ) Tim Wrath - Expert
LTA - The Shambles
LTA - The Shambles
LTA - The Shambles
LTA - The Shambles
(NZ) King Loser - Jungle Beat
(NZ) Shocking Pinks - Us Against the City
(NZ) BROODS - Bridges 
(NZ) Recloose - Don't Get Me Wrong
(NZ) Lorde - Liability
(NZ) Cool Meditation - Make it Rain
(NZ) Gareth Thomas - Weird Fever
(NZ) Thomas Oliver - Tenderly
(NZ) Ounce - Hooch
(NZ) I.E Crazy - Praying Mantis
(NZ) Jaggers x Lines - Heart Beats Slow
(NZ) Kamandi - Clone Phone
(NZ) Hopetoun Brown - Own it
(NZ) Vera Ellen - Sand in my tobacco
(NZ) Pacific Heights - Oceans Collide Ft. Deanne Krieg
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Dynamism of a Getaway Car
(NZ) Sandboards - VISA (SDC's 12 Bit Late Tape Mix)
(NZ) Yeongrak - Sunny Side up Central Nervous System
(NZ) Leonard Charles - Airworks (Forever) Ft. Georgi Anne Muldrow
(NZ) Bediquette - Lovely Lonely Getaway
(NZ) Team Dynamite - Marvin (Beam  me up)

Monday Drive

 Devo - Fresh
(NZ) Pitch Black - Circuit Bent
(NZ) Soft Hair - Lying Has to Stop
(NZ) Boycrush - I Don't Want You (Introverted Dancefloor RMX)
(DN) Embedded Figures - EVE
(NZ) Fran - Same Name
Upercent & Javier Orduna - La Familia
Katie Dey - Fear O the Light
(NZ) Lontalius - All I wanna Say
(DN) Terrified - Bad Luck
(DN) Francisca Griffin - Falling Light
(NZ) Eden Mulholland - Utopia
Uffie - Dismissed
Kononon No 1 - Mama Na Bana
(DN) Jaggers x Lines - Heart Beats Slow
(NZ) Hex - Page of Pentacles
(NZ) The Situations - King David
(NZ) Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man
(DN) Elan Vital - Dreams
(DN) Dummybog - Days of Disco
Lando Chill - Break them Shackles
Michael Beharie - Drugs Store
Russ - Cherry Hill
(NZ) B O K E H - I know you know
King Woman - Utopia
MEZKO - Trust
Warpaint - New Song
(DN) Bediquette - (You SHould Be) Ghostly
(NZ) October - Switchblade
Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow
Grimes - Kill V. Maim
Beach House - PPP

Monday Drive

(DN) Embedded Figures - Paradise Lost
Astronauts Etc.  - Eye to Eye
(DN) Astro Children - Gaze
(NZ) Signer - Languidly toot
(DN) Thundercub - Cheese on Crackers
(NZ) David Dallas - Are You Down 
(DN) Fazed on a Pony - DYou
(DN) Francisca Griffin - Falling Light
(NZ) Dirty Pixels - Space Suit
Juveniles - Love Me Forever
H.E.R - Say It Again
Cende - Bed
ANOHNI - Paradise
(DN) Elan Vital - Dreams
(NZ) Clever Calvin - Don't You Think I think so
Earl Sweatshirt - Balance ft Knxwledge
Roalling Black outs Coastal Fever - Sick Bug
Homeshake - Call me up
Mac DeMarco - On The Level
(NZ) miloux - Pocket (Jono Da Stolen Cadillac RMX)
(NZ) ILJ - Paid to be a slave
Boys Noize - Starchild ft. Polica
PJ Harvey - the Orange Monkey
LA Priest - Oino
Ages and Ages - Light Goes Out
Liars - Scissor
Koushik - Be With
(NZ) Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man
(NZ) Fazerdaze - Take It Slow
(NZ) Pickle Darling - Mouthful
(NZ) Yoko Zuna - Orchard St (Ft. Tom Scott)
(NZ) Fran - Same Name
Hazel English - Fix
(NZ) Womb - Feeling Like Helium
(NZ) Wilberforces - Absent Presence
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts
The Cactus Channel - Do it for nothing
Tash Sultana - Murder to the Mind
(NZ) Hotel Silk - Step
(NZ) Peach Milk - Master Chief
Depeche Mode - You Move

Monday Drive

Tuff City Kids - Labyrinth ft. Annie
Solange - Borderline (An Ode to Self Care)
Royksopp - Never Ever Ft. Susanne Sundfor
(NZ) C2 - Divinity Matter Form Effect
Anna of the North - Oslo
Yung Regret - USB Love
(NZ) Chelsea Jade - Visions
(NZ) Sherpa - So Hard
Run The Jewels - Blockbuster Night Pt. 1
(NZ) the Naked and Famous - Serenade
Hatchback - Everything is Neu
(NZ) Little Lapin - Wake Up With the Sun
(NZ) Lord Echo - Woah! Theres no limit.
(DN) Strathcona Pl - Seams
(NZ) Grayson Gilmour - Hundred Waters
(NZ) Bye Bye Fishies - FRUGALI - TEHE
Joe Goddard - Home
The Catchus Channel - Do it For Nothing
ANOHNI - Paradise
Run The Jewels - Talk To Me
Xenia Rubinos - Right
(NZ) Purple Pilgrims - Is You Real
(NZ) Pitch Black - It's the Future Knocking
American Football - Desire Gets in teh Way
Charlotte Day Wilson - Work
Christine and the Queens - Tilted
(NZ) Physical - Islands
(NZ) Doprah - Zi
Katie Dey - All on you
(NZ) Alec - For a Shine
(NZ) Little Bark - Hmmm
The Mountain Goats - Damn These Vampires
Radiohead - 15 Step
Kononon No 1 - Mama Na Bana

Mostly Fred Dagg & Run The Jewels

10-04-2017 Monday Drive w. the Chris
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Dynamism of a Getaway Car
(NZ) Fred Dagg - Not a Bad Day For it
Run The Jewels - Blockbuster Night Pt. 1
Killer Mike ft. Ice Cube - Pressure
El-p - Drones Over Brooklyn
Run The Jewels - Lie, Cheat, Steal
Diet Cig - Sleep Talk
(NZ) Pacific Heights - Buried by the Burden
The Rubens - Hoops
Samoyed - Fawn
Doldrums - Loops
(NZ) Popstrangers - Heaven
Run The Jewels - Pew Pew Pew
Little Dragon - Twice
Ratatat - Mirando
(DN) Strathcona Pl - Seams
Run The Jewels - Talk to me
(NZ) Oscar Dowling - The Life
(NZ) Levi Patel - As She Passes
(NZ) Nadia Reid - Preservation
(NZ) Lorde - Green Light
(NZ) Fred Dagg - Exams
Run The Jewels - A Christmas F_cking Miracle
Swim Team - Current State
Kingdom - Nothi Ft. Syd
Rick & Morty - Get Schwifty (Andromulus Rmx)
(NZ) John Clarke - We Don't Know How Lucky We Are
(DN) Julian Temple Band - Guitara
(NZ) Fred Dagg - Solar Energy
Run The Jewels - Talk To Me
Run The Jewels - Legend Has It
Run The Jewels - A Report to the Shareholders/Kill Your Masters
(NZ) Fred Dagg - Further Helpful Hints
Ali Barter - Cigarette
Seth Hanson & the Additional six - The Ghosts are Here
(DN) Gulls - In The Snow
(NZ) Chaos in the CBD - Distorted Fields
Syd - All About Me
Portishead - The Rip

Not Dead Yet

03-04-2017 Monday Drive w. the Chris
(NZ) Ladi6 - Dark Brown
Pantogram - Mouthful of Diamonds
(NZ) Ashes Holland - Existential Crises
Weval - Gimme Some
(NZ) Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet
Santogold - Unstoppable
(NZ) B O K E H - I Know You Know
(NZ) Black Science - Let's Drive
(NZ) Ives - 172
(NZ) Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl
Adna - Overthinking
Soulwax - Missing Wires
Jorja Smith - Beautiful Little Fools
Violents and Monica Martin
(NZ) Sopft Hair - Lying Has to Stop
(NZ) Polyester - Lucky Me
SOHN - Signal
ANOHNI - Jesus Will Kill You
Sad13 - Devil In U
EL VY - SLeepin' Light
(NZ) Ngaroma - Dawn
(NZ) Lake South - Binge Drinking & D H Lawrence
Mister Woo - Black Eyes
Mitski - Happy
(NZ) Orchestra of Spheres - Fingerweg
Warpaint - Disco//Very
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
(NZ) Sets - Peter Kevin
(NZ) Hotel Silk - Step
(NZ) Fran - Same Name
(NZ) Oscar Downling - The Life
(NZ) Mr Amish - Breathe
WALL - Wounded at War
Methyl Ethel - L'heure des Sorcieres
Vagabon - Cold Apartment
Joe Goddard - Home
(NZ) Yuna Lesca - Stamina
(NZ) Gloria Vale
(NZ) Merk - Manchuria

Monday Drive

27/3/17 Monday Drive w/ the Chris
Vritra - TWLVWKS
(NZ) Doprah - Borderline
Mt. Si - Oh
Kutiman - Shine Again ft. Adam Scheflan
Baaba Maal - Gilli Men
Frankie Cosmos - Sand
Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor
Matais Aguayo - Rollerskate
(NZ) Cut Off Your Hands - Higher Lows and Lower Highs
(DN) Fazed on a Pony - DYou
(NZ) Lorde - Green Light
Childish Gambino - California
Seth Hanson & the Additional Six - The Ghosts Are Here
(DN) Terrified - Bad Luck
Jorja Smith - Beautiful Little Fools
(NZ) Polyester - Lucky me
(NZ) Openside - Push Back
Alexandra Savior - M.T.M.E
(NZ) Wurld Series - Rip KF
Tall Black Guy - I will Never Know Ft. Moonchild
(NZ) Merk - Manchuria
(NZ) Camikaze - Thousands Ft. Maya Payne
ANOHNI - Crisis
(NZ) Elan Vital - Hologram
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Dynamism of a Getaway Car
Glass Animals - Life Itself
Joy Again - Looking Out For You
Austra - Forgive Me
Warpaint - Disco//Very
Hercules & Love Affair - Blind Ft. Anthony
(NZ) The Mint Chicks - I Can't Stop Being Foolish
(NZ) Maple Syrup - All Seeing
(DN) GRIMM SELFIE - Goneburger
(DN) Repulsive Women - Perfect (One Direction Cover)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Fact 67
(NZ) Surly - Serious
(NZ) Dbldbl - I Did My Best
Of Montreal - Gratuitous Abysses
Grandaddy - A Lost Machine

Monday Drive w./ Jon

Pick a Piper - Further and Further
Sylvan Esso - Die Young
Elan Vital - Dreams
Regina Spektor - Don't Leave Me
Vampire Weekend - Step
Sherpa - Beach
Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love
B O K E H - Don't Leave The Fire
MADEIRA - Manipulator
Gold Panda - Metal Bird
French For Rabbits - Time Did Not
Bjork - Moon
Lake South - Radiate
New Dawn - The Dying Light
Lusine - Just A Cloud ft. Vilja Larjosto
Ives. - 172
Methyl Ethel - Ubu
Little Dragon - Test
Weird Together - Going Back To Trinidad
Real Estate - Darling
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Fact 67
The Bats - Antlers
Amlak Redsquare - Judge
The Japanese House - Face Like Thunder
Safia - Bye Bye
Trentemoller - Complicated ft. Jenny Beth
Shenandoah Davis - The Future
Sur Back - Trophy Daughter
Paquin - Get Here

JBJ 4 prez!!!1!

Notorious BIG - Hypnotise
(NZ) Homebrew - Good god
Nirvana - Breed
The White Stripes - Icky Thump
Tyler the Creator - She (Ft. Frank Ocean)
Cool Company - When did we get so high
Glass Animals - Pork Soda
Soren Juul - Greenpoint
Sad13 - Less Than Two
(NZ) Soccer Practise - Haere Mai E Tama
Gobby - Mysterioso
Bats for Lahes - In God's House
(NZ) Chelsea Jade - Visions
Bloc Party - Mercury
Laura Marling - Soothing
Portishead - Machine Gun
(NZ) Abigail Knudson - Missy
(NZ) Lord Echo - Just do you Ft. Mara
(NZ) Kane Strang - Oh so You're Off I see
(NZ) The Veils - Swimming with the Crocodiles
Run The Jewels - Talk to Me
Seth Hanson & the Additional Six - The Ghosts are Here
Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You
Wiley - Can't Go Wrong
Arcade Fire - I GIve You Power Ft. Mavis Staples
Public Service Broadcasting - Go!
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love
(NZ) Merk - Manchuria
SAGE - August In Paris
(NZ) Terrified - Bad Luck
John Carpenter - Distant Dream
(NZ) B O K E H - Don't Leave teh Fire
Bon Iver - 33God
Fat White Family - Hits Hits Hits
The XX - On Hold

Snappy Sounding Title

(NZ) LEISURE - All Over You
(NZ) Groeni - Hedre
Navvi - Close
Sahara Beck - Here it Comes
Purity Ring - Bodyache
(NZ) Young Lyre - Both Burn Blue
(NZ) Brazilbeat Soundsystem - Bonito
(NZ) Knives at noon - Violins & Violence
(NZ) Graveyard Love - Dynamism of a Getaway Car
(NZ) GRIMM SELFIE - Goneburger
(NZ) The Veils - Swimming with the Crocodiles
(NZ) Dad Jokes - Waster
The Flaming Lips - We A Family
Soundgarden - Flower
Methyl Ethel - L'Heure des Sorcieres
(NZ) Maya Payne - If Only
(NZ) Ives - Callin' Ur Phone
Grandaddy - Way We Won't
The Moonlight - Icy Fire
Cloud Nothings - Internal World
Porches - Black Dress
Nick Murphy - Stop Me
(NZ) Space Above - This Is It
Darkstar - Stoke the Fire
Destroyer - Time Square
Run tthe Jewels - Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)
Stealing Sheep - Not Real
(NZ) Tom Lark - Baby Give Up
(NZ) The Mint Chicks - I Can't Stop Being Foolish
(NZ) Look Blue Go Purple - I Don't Want You Anyway
Hercules & Love Affair - Blind Feat. Anthony
Roots Manuva - Witness
(NZ) Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing - Widdershins
(NZ) Vera Ellen - Sand in my Tobacco
(NZ) Recloose & Son of Sound - Spirit Knows Ft. Mara TK
(NZ) Abigail Knudson - Missy


Attention Grabbing Headline!

STRKR - Satellite
The Map Room - Other Animal
Conor Oberst - Tachycardia
Kilo - Walls to Build
(NZ) Doprah - Zi
(NZ) UNMAP - Etude No. 3
Tigers Jaw - Hum
Django Django - Hail Bop
Pulp - After You
(NZ) Bachelorette - Her Rotating Head
(NZ) I.E Crazy - The Ape (Plastic Surgery Song)
(NZ) Coyote - 50 Dollar Feet ft. Milk
(NZ) The Veils - Swimming with the Crocodiles
(NZ) Nadia Reid - Richard
Methyl Ethel - Ubu
(NZ) HEX - Witches of the Hex
Father John Misty - Ballad of the Dying Man
Pissed Jeans - Waiting for my Horrible Warning
Grouplove - Good Morning
Goldlink - Rough Soul Ft. April
Run the Jewels - Talk to Me
Japandroids - The House that Heaven Build
Bill Hicks - Just a Ride
(NZ) Dracula Factory - Yukia
Good Good Blood - I'm So Ugly
Kingswood - Golden
Bellows - Orange Juice
Jens Lekman - Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death
(NZ) Lunavela - Burn for You
Pantha Du Prince - Frau Im Mond, Sterne Laufen
(NZ) Opposite Sex - Vicarious Life
Little Dragon - Paris
All We Are - Keep Me Alive
Sun Araw - Deep Cover
Bloc Party - Mercury
(NZ) Mzwetwo - Young Stunna
(NZ) Purple Pilgrims - Drink the juice


Something Snappy

Anna of the North - Us
The XX - On Hold
Fat White Family - Hits Hits Hits
(NZ) Panther Claw - Someting in the Water
Sur Back - Occam's Razor
Roisin Murphy - Ten Miles High
(NZ) Hex - The Moon
Grimes - Oblivion
(NZ) Opposite Sex - Supermarket
(NZ)T.C Wedde - 68
Washed Out - You and I (Ft. Caroline Polachek)
(NZ) The Nudge - The Balance Change
Pick a Piper - Goegraphically Opposed
(NZ) Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl
(NZ)Space Above - Let it Still
Mac Demarco - My Old Man
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
Father John Misty - Ballad of the Dying man
(NZ) Vera Ellen - 21
(NZ) Courtney Hate - This is not ironic, watch me while I cry
(NZ) Hugo Jay - Break
Metronomy - Night Owl
Safia - Bye Bye
The Hold Steady - Constructive Summer
The Horrors - Still Life
Lee Perry - Roast Fish & Cornbread
Run the Jewels - Pew Pew Pew
School of Seven Bells - Wired for Light
Micachu - Dare you ft. Tirzah
Devo - (I can't get no) Satisfction
(NZ) Pesk - Tyranny
Japandroids - the Nights of Wine & Roses
Bon Iver - 22 (Over Soon)
Curtis Mayfield - Superfly
(NZ) Lontalius - Glow

Insert Clever Title Here

(NZ) Anna Coddington - Lantern
(NZ) MADEIRA - Come on Thru
Harts - Deeper The Hole
Metronomy - Night Owl
Vessels - Had A Love
(NZ) Barker - Haunted House
RYX - Deliverance
Lionlimb - Domino
Caribou - Second Chance
Radiator Hospital - Blue Gown
Public Servie Broadcasting - Go!
Ratatat - Party With Childen
RJD2 - Have Mercy
(NZ) SPace Above - Let it Still
(NZ) Kitty Taylor - Daddy
(NZ) Soccer Practise - I was Screaming
DJ Kush Boogie - Club Tool 2
Sampha - No One Knows me like the piano
Marika Hackman - Open WIde
J. Cole - Vile Mentality
(NZ) The Nudge - Dark Arts
Rosehip Teahouse - No Gloom
Sur Back - Pastel
(NZ) LEISURE - Nobody
(NZ) Montell2099 - Space
(NZ) Nadia Reid - Richard
Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love
The Shacks - Orchids
Modern Baseball - Hiding
(NZ) Scuba Diva - Marimba
Seoul - Haunt/ A Light
Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
(NZ) Princess Chelsea - Monkeys Eat Bananas
(NZ) Death & the Maiden - Flowers for the blind
(NZ) Yumi Zouma - Right, Off the Bridge
Ballet School - Lux

Monday Drive

The Wytches - C-Side
Jim James - Same Old Lie
Jenny Hval - Female Vampire
(NZ) Boyboy - Boy
Mt. Si - Oh
(NZ) Scuba Diva - What's The Point
(NZ) Sola Rosa - Can We Get It Together ft. Noah Slee
Lizzo - Batches & Cookies ft. Sophie Eris
Solange - Bad Girls (Verdine Version)
Foxygen - Cosmic Vibrations
(NZ) LEISURE - Nobody ft. Goldlink
(NZ) Average Rap Band - Fly Casual
Angel Haze - Werkin' Girls
(NZ) MEEr - Mango
Erykah Badu - Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY)
Goldlink - Rough Soul ft. April George
Frank Ocean - Ivy
(NZ) Flowz - Keep Runnin
(NZ) Blaze the Emperor - Vibrant
A Tribe Called Quest - Ego
Foxygen - America
(NZ) MayaVanya - Diving Board ft. Chelsea Jade
Erica Eso - One Hundred Years
(NZ) Little Bark - Hmmm
(DN) Bediquette - Wine
Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart
(NZ) DJ Kush Boogie - Club Tool 2
(NZ) Diaz Grimm - Sinse 7
(NZ) Aldous Harding - Horizon
Rosehip Teahouse - No Gloom
And The Kids - Kick Rocks
Xiu Xiu - Wondering
(NZ) The Beths - Whatever
Animal Collective - Mountain Game
Death's Dynamic Shroud - Bow and Arrow
Guerilla Toss - Grass Shack
(NZ) P.H.F. - Soft
Ariel Pink - Put Your Number In My Phone
Gazelle Twin - Anti Body