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1pm - 3pm Saturday with Fraser / Spencer

NZ on Air's<br />The Local

Every Saturday from 1-2pm, join New Zealand music connoisseur Fraser for 'The Local'; two hours of nothing but the best releases from all around Aotearoa! Tune in for the freshest new tracks, fan favourites, and a few classics for good measure. It's as kiwi as Buzzy Bees and a steak and cheese!

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The Local w/ Sam and Richard

17/09/2015 w/ Sam and Richard

The Clean - At the Bottom 
Yumi Zouma - Right, Off The Bridge
Fazerdaze - Treading Lightly 
Chandeliers - Cassette 
Rackets - Wash My Brain 
Tom Lark - Christians Who Don't Do Shit
Kairi - Placid 
Death & the Maiden - Flowers For the Blind
t54 - Return of The Worm
Onanon - Bugged 
Tall Dwarfs - Box of Aroma 
Triumphs - Solid Bones 
Hans Pucket - Stranger 
Anthonie Tonnon - Railway Lines 
Clap Clap Riot - Everybody 
Trust Punks - Through the Thicket 
Hallelujah Picassos - The Whiskey Is Free And So Is The Hangover 
The Phoenix Foundation - Mountain
The Phoenix Foundation - Prawn 
The Phoenix Foundation - Give Up Your Dreams 
Doprah - Great Esteem 


Sewage Guestspot

Gabriel Griffin from local noise-merchants Sewage came along to give us a taste of solo-improvised-cathartic-free-jazz/spazz, temporarily pared down from a three piece to a solo act on synth-modulated-drum, and helped illuminate some local New Zealand musics.

King Loser- Centre of Things
Batrider- Vulture
Center Negative- Act Natural
Death & the Maiden- Bioluminescence
Astro Children- Play it as it Lays
Bad Sav- Labradoodle
Sewage- Live to Air in the Radfio One Studio
Opposite Sex- Complicity
Sewage- Celestial Mechanics_Ode to the Lightning
Sewage- Man Serpent Greartsword

The Local w/ Sam and Richard

03/09/2015 w/ Sam and Richard

Kane Strang - Winded
Cool Rainbows - Universe
David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - Comin' On
Phoenix Foundation - St Kevin
Lawrence Arabia - Apple Pie Bed
Dear Times Waste - These Words Stick Me to You
Wet Wings - Beavch Party
Watercolours - Soft Teeth
Death and the Maiden - Civilisation 
Ryan Hemsworth - Walk Me Home ft. Lontalius 
Pesk - Tyranny
3ds - Jewel 
Robert Scott - Harmonic Deluxe 
Nadia Reid - Call the Days 
Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love 
Leisure - Got it Bad 
Yumi Zouma - Alena (Race Banyon Rmx) 
Indi - Stay 
k2k - sus 
French for Rabbits - Spirits 
French For Rabbits - Cold
French For Rabbits - Goat 
Street Chant - Stoned Again 
Silicon - Burning Sugar 

Opposite Sex Guestspot

Fresh from the recent debut of their second album, Hamlet, Opposite Sex brought their gear along to the Radio One studio to perform live and shine a spotlight on some of the New Zealand music that inspired them.

Opposite Sex- Regicide
The Terminals- Mekong Delta Blues
The Dead C- Power
Strange Harvest- Gaudi
Strange Harvest- Stream Your Video
AJ Sharma- Lucky Dog Roll
Snapper- Eyes That Shine
Tiny Pieces of Eight- Hallowed
Opposite Sex- This Poor Life (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Opposite Sex- Tasman's Puke (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Opposite Sex- Shoots Me Like a Knife (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Opposite Sex- Vicarious Life (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Opposite Sex- Dick on a Throne (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Opposite Sex- Combine Harvester (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Double Happys- Anyone Else Would
The Jean-Paul Satre Experience- I Like Rain
Alastair Galbraith- Wrecked Wee Hymn
King Loser- Troubled Land
Emily Edrosa- Animal
Opposite Sex- Oh Ivy


The Local w/ Sam and Richard

UMO - Can't Keep Checking My Phone 
The Communist Rainbow Relationship - It's Only Tragic 
The Shifting Sands - The Kitchen Sink 
SoccerPractise - Windfall 
The Phoenix Foundation - GUYD 
Fur Patrol - Debt 
Fazerdaze - Treading Lightly 
The Verlaines - Heavy 33 
Opposite Sex - Oh Ivy 
Strange Harvest - Moths LOOOOOOOOOP
Skeptics - Sheen Of Gold 
Triumphs - Beekeepeer 
Straitjacket Fits - She Speeds
Sraitjacket Fits - Down in Splendour 
Straitjacket Fits - Bad Note For A Heart 
French For Rabbits - Cold 
Silicon - Burning Sugar 
Anthonie Tonnon - Railway Lines 
Glass Vaults - They Will Grow 
Strange Harvest - Astronaut 

Yesses Guestspot

Loud dreampop band Yesses joined us in the studio this week, or at least three-quarters of Yesses joined us, performing live in the studio on the back of their excellent recent EP and truncated live history.


Yesses- Cynic
God Bows to Math- Slow Decline
The Clean- Anything Could Happen
Males- All Up From Here
Skeptics- And We Bake
3Ds- Hey Seuss
Tall Dwarfs- Nothing's Going to Happen
Homebrew- Benefit
Mr Biscuits- Dead Brown Fox
Emily Edrosa- The Corner of the Party
Kane Strang- Things are Never Simple
Yesses- Short Love (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Yesses- Cynic (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Yesses- Sex in the USA/All Up From Here (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Fat Children- Apricot Pie
Astro Children- Eden
Brown- Our Love is Like a David Bain Jersey
Anthonie Tonnon- Sugar in the Petrol Tank
Kane Strang- Tambourine Sun
Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Thought Ballune
The Mint Chicks- Welcome to Nowhere
Darcy Clay- Jesus I Was Evil


The Local w/ Sam and Richard

Onanon - Squeejee Board 
SoccerPractise - Windfall 
Yumi Zuma  - Alena (Race Banyon Rmx) 
Leisure - Got It Bad 
Death and the Maiden - Civilisation 
Rackets - Fools Gold 
Silicon - God Emjoi 
k2k - sus
So So Modern - Berlin 
Secret Knives - The Wolves 
The Phoenix Foundation - Buffallo 
Ghost Wave - Hippy 
UMO - Multi Love
3Ds - Hey Seuss
Triumphs - Beekeeper 
Bic Runga - Darkness All Around Us 
Silicon - Burning Sugar 
The Chills - America Says Hello 
Broods - Bridges 
The Veils - More Heat Than Light 
Opposite Sex - Regicide 

Chris Matthews Guestspot

Chris Matthews may be best known for heading Childrens Hour and Headless Chickens through the eighties and nineties, but for the last thirteen years he has resided in Dunedin making the oocasional musical foray. He joined us tonight to play some unreleased stuff from Death By Silo (the band he currently plays guitar in), Jay Clarkson, Robot Monkey Orchestra (his solo moniker) and This Kind of Punishment.


The Fu King- Whatungarongaro Te Tangata Toitu Te Whenua
Kerretta- Kawea Ki Nga Hiwi
Das Skip- See Thru
Head Like a Hole- Spanish Goat Dancer
Head Like a Hole- Glory Glory
Triumphs- Beekeeper
Space Bats, Attack!- Battle
Brian Tamaki & the Kool Aid Kids- Eating Glue
God Bows to Math- High Strings
The Situations- Throwaway Society
Death By Silo- Reason
Jay Clarkson- Walking Boots
Robot Monkey Orchestra- Sugar Hit
Gordons- Coalminer's Song
Robot Monkey Orchestra- Spire Cranes
Jay Clarkson- The Gold House
Death By Silo- The Colour
This Kind of Punishment- Radio Silence
Headless Chickens- Gaskrankinstation

The Local w/ Richard

23/07/2015 w/ Richard

Voom - Beautiful Day
Lightning Tape Wolf - I Kill
Proton Beast - Data
Kane Strang - When My Dandelion Mind Was Blown
The Blueness - Glburry
Orchestra of Spheres - Fingerweg
Mink - Ride
Diving - Synthesesia
Thought Creature - Your Telepathy
Zen Mantra - Fossils
UMO - Little Blue House
Dance Asthmatics - Liquid Lunch
Salad Boys - Dream Date

Louis Smith Guestspot

Local semi-legend Louis Smith joined us this week, showcasing many of his previous musical monikers as well as his latest, Magic Beans.

Magic Beans- Disease of the Age
Chug- Viva
The Magick Heads- Truth
Magic Beans- Lazy Susan
Astro Children- Jamie Knows
Paul Cathro- Rat's Mask
Louis Smith-Riding Around and Shouting at Girls (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
The Plastic Limbs- Paper Boats
The Debtors- Entropy
Sex with Bowie- Unprofessional
Fat Children- Nostalgia
3Ds- Golden Grove
Magic Beans- A Bargain
Louis Smith-The Wonderland that is South Dunedin (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Kimo- Judy Garland
Trick Mammoth- Delphine (With a Purpose)
Magic Beans- Moving On
Louis Smith- Fresh Blood (Live to Air in the Radio One Studio)
Sunley Band- Not a Good Idea
Unmusic- Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Wasp
Brown- Liar
Magic Beans- Make an Offer
The Magick Heads- Standing at the Edge
Nargler- Brute Force
Thundercub- Cecil Turbine

The Local w/ Sam and Richard

9/7/2015 w/ Sam and Richard

New Gum Sarn - Money Talks 
Biff Merchants - Cosmosis 
Knives at Noon - Trust Trust 
k2k - sus 
HEAVY - Gold Pint 
The Doqument - Avant Garde ft. PNC
Mermaidens - Dive 
Yumi Zouma - Alena (Race Banyon Rmx) 
Kane Strang - Full Moon, Hungry Sun 
Jakob - Can We Come In
Two Cartoons - Dreams 
Carb on Carb - Eden Terrors
OPOSSOM - Blue Meanies 
Rackets - Swan Song
Rackets - TV Started Talking To Me
Rackets - King of the Dirt Pile 
Matthew Young - Panama City 
Silicon - God Emojii 
Seth Frightening - Bully

Darryl Baser Guestspot

Ahead of the vinyl release of his latest album, Raw Selfie, and behind the release of his last EP, Petite Selfie, Darryl Baser joined us to inform the wider public of the upcoming South Dunedin benefit concert and his favourite New Zealand music.

Darryl Baser- The Whiff of a Great Deed Lingers

Skeptics- If I Will I Can

The Renderers- It's Sad
The Chills- Wet Blanket
The 'Bones- Keep on Smiling
The Verlaines- Paratai Drive
Darryl Baser- Shake it Off [Taylor Swift] (Live in the Radio One Studio)
Darryl Baser- Still at Stage One (Live in the Radio One Studio)
Tall Dwarfs- Nothing's Going to Happen
Peter Gutteridge- Don't Catch Fire [The Enemy/Toy Love]
Chug- Evel Knievel
Jay Clarkson- Whiskey Priest
Darryl Baser- Raw Selfie (Live in the Radio One Studio)
Darryl Baser- Crystalline (And Sometimes Blue) (Live in the Radio One Studio)
Peter Jefferies- Electricity
Nadia Reid- No Good Talking Man
Darryl Baser- Don't Let Me Get Me [Pink]

The Local w/ Richard

25/6/2015 w/ Richard Ley-Hamilton

Zen Mantra - Soothsayer
Brains - Everybody Get Desperate
Sunken Seas - High Rise
The Clean - Safe in the Rain 
Dudley Benson - Muscles
Maala - Touch
Pesk - Tyranny
Yvnalesca - Misdemeanor
Nakey - Isolation
Fazerdaze - Reel
Ha the Unclear - Picking Out a Shirt For Work
Kody Neilson - Demons
Silicon - God Emoji
Computers Want Me Dead - Circles (Golden Axe Remix)
Suren Unka - Alice
Minuit - Except You
Minuit - Fuji
Minuit - Aotearoa
Goodshirt - Sophie
Popstrangers - Distress
3DS - Animal
Shifting Sands - All the Stars
Proton Beast - Data
Die! Die! Die! - We Built Our Own Oppressors
Bunnies on Ponies - Straight Up Jerk
Phoenix Foundation - Asswipe
Terror of the Deep - Uranus
Yumi Zouma - The Brae

The Local w./ Sam Valentine

Carb on Carb - Eden Terrors 
Ryan Hemsworth - Walk Me Home ft. Lontalius 
Perfect Hair Forever - My Dad Told Me 
Tono and the Finance Company -Timing 
HDU - Joyd 
Beach Pigs - 333
Astro Children - Play It As It Lays 
Street Chant - Salad Daze (UFO Mix by Scratch 22) 
The Doqument  - Avant Garde ft. PNC
Two Cartoons - Dreams 
New Gum Sarn - Money Talks 
HDSPNS - Archipelago 
Nakey - Isolation
Knives at Noon - Trust Trust 
Death and the Maiden - Civilization 
Lttle Phnx - Pyrexia 
Jakob - Blind Them With Science 
UMO - Can't Keep Checking My Phone 
Birdation - Allison 3.0 
Yumi Zouma - Alena (Race Banyon Remix) 
Fazed on a Pony - Only One Who Feels
Kane Strang - SKM 

The Local with Dave

The Fea Street Hustle- Where You Are
Into Orbit- Towers
Princess Chelsea- Too Many People
Dictaphone Blues- Her Heart Breaks Like a Wave
Emily Edrosa- Animal
Astro Children- Play it as it Lays
Sunley Band- Days to Come
Anthonie Tonnon- Water Underground
Roy Montgomery- E.N.D.
Roy Montgomery- Intertidal
Roy Montgomery- Boat on a Wave
Sewage- Your Shoes are Dissolving
Ha the Unclear- Kosmonavt
X Ray Fiends- Herpes
X Ray Fiends- Sweet Leaf
X Ray Fiends- Prozac
Nakey- Oh Yeah, Fuck Yeah
Ticket- Dream Chant
Doug Jerebine- Midnight Sun
Death and the Maiden- Civilization
Princess Chelsea- Digital Dream Girl
Bachelorette- My Electric Husband
The Stones- Something New


The Local with Dave, Sunley Band Guestspot

While the Sunley Band are dealing with losing their drummer, they are celebrating the release of their latest album, Days to Come, and main-crooner Evan dropped by to tell us some stories, listen to some music and extoll the virtues of drinking less but getting more drunk.


Sunley Band- Days to Come
The Prophet Hens- Pretty
Ha the Unclear- Secret Lives of Furniture
Alizarin Lizard- Forty
Eve- Cunt It
Thundercub- Falcor
For the Quail- Salt
Sunley Band- Laws
High Dependency Unit- Usurper
X Ray Fiends- Herpes
Alizarin Lizard- Hipster
X Ray Fiends- Sweet Leaf
X Ray Fiends- Prozac
Princess Chelsea- Too Many People

The Local w/ Sam and Richard

28/5/2015 w/ Sam and Richard

Full Moon Fiasco - Freedom Town 
Onanon - Bugged
The Tweeks - I'm Keen
Sifty Chris & the Gladeyes - Deadly Species 
Sex With Bowie - Take A Pill For It 
The Biff Merchants - The Fourth World 
Disasteradio - No Pulse
Totems - 94 Fuck Em
Goodshirt - Buck It Up 
Bored Games - Joe 90
King Kapsi - Screams From Da Old Plantation 
Misfits of Science - Fools Love
Son Lux ft. Lorde - Easy (Switch Screens) 
The Verlaines - Pyromaniac 
Knives at Noon - Violens and Violence
The Mint Chicks - Say Goodbye
F in Math - Attacked by A Squirrel on Crack 
The Mint Chicks - Welcome to Nowhere
The Mint Chicks - Walking Off A Cliff Again 
The Mint Chicks - Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No
3D's - Hellzapoppin 
The Bats - In the Subway
Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo
Che Fu feat. P-Money and Savage - Chain Reloaded
Connan Mockasin - Please Turn Me Into A Snat
Mermaidens - Dive

The Local with Dave

3Ds- Beautiful Things
High Dependency Unit- Dune
Bailterspace- Skin
Blam Blam Blam- There is No Depression in New Zealand
Thought Creature- Your Telepathy
T54- Julie K
The Bats- North by North
Look Blue Go Purple- Circumspect Penelope
The Puddle- Southern Man
Onanon- Bugged
Gordons- Machine Song
Beastwars- Dune
The Clean- Tally Ho
The Chills- I Love My Leather Jacket
The Stones- Something New
Sneaky Feelings- Someone Else's Eyes
The Double Happys- I Don't Wanna See You Again
Headless Chickens- Magnet
Human Instinct- Stoned Guitar
JPS Experience- Breathe
Avotor- The Day the Great Wind Came
The Bluestars- Social End Product
Proud Scum- I am Rabbit


The Local with Dave

Fazerdaze- Zero
The Violet-Ohs- Vent
Anthonie Tonnon- Bird Brain
Terror of the Deep- Fallen Down Tree
Princess Chelsea- Too Many People
Ha the Unclear- 85
The Renderers- Unforgiven
Six Impossible Things- Moderation
The Situations- Postcard From Egypt
Kane Strang- Full Moon, Hungry Sun
Bad Sav- Stallone
Head Like a Hole- The Great Wall
Shihad- You Again
Spook the Horses- Saboteur
The Fu King- Whatngarongaro Te Tangata Toitu Te Whenua
Into Orbit- Set Adrift
The Stones- Fad World (Live at the Punakiki Festival)
Ticket- Dream Chant
Shunkan- Our Names
Proud Scum- I am a Rabbit
God Bows to Math- High Strings

The Local with Dave

The Violet-Ohs- Vent
Paul Cathro- Hold Your Dress Down
Louis Smith- (I Don't Wanna Be) a Sniffer Bee
Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies- Randolph's Going Home
Dimmer- Drop You Off
Terror of the Deep- Fallen Down Tree
God Bows to Math- High Strings
Thundercub- Falcor
Spook the Horses- Saboteur
Into Orbit- Set Adrift
Kane Strang- Scarlet King Magnolia
Sneaky Feelings- Someone Else's Eyes
Larry's Rebels- I Feel Good
Shunkan- Our Names
Death & the Maiden- War Dance
Princess Chelsea- Too Many People
Human Instinct- Rainbow World
Head Like a Hole- Faster Hooves
Head Like a Hole- A Crying Shame
Head Like a Hole- Spanish Goat Dancer
Head Like a Hole- Beatnik [The Clean]
The Cleves- Work Out
Strange Harvest- Colonies
Caroles- Bed Head