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The Local

1pm - 3pm Saturday with Fraser / Spencer

NZ on Air's<br />The Local

Every Saturday from 1-2pm, join New Zealand music connoisseur Fraser for 'The Local'; two hours of nothing but the best releases from all around Aotearoa! Tune in for the freshest new tracks, fan favourites, and a few classics for good measure. It's as kiwi as Buzzy Bees and a steak and cheese!

Made possible with the love and support from NZ on Air 🖤

The Local w/ Tom and Richard

10/03/2016 w/ Tom and Richard 
Strange Harvest - Astronaut
Orchestra of Spheres - We All Rotate
Watercolours - Last NIght
Victor Dimisch Band - Native Water
MOSES - No More Shall You Call
Leonard Charles - Airworks (Forever) ft. Georgia Anna Muldrow
Team Dynamite - Marvin (Beam Me Up) ft Laughton Kora
BIrdation - Sprains
Connan and the Mockasins - Sneaky Sneaky Dogfriend
Bunnies on Ponies - Destination Newtown Park Flats
Not From Space - Lenses
Lord Echo - Molten Lava
Parallel Dance Ensemble - Possessions
Julien Dyne - Who are you? ft. Ladi6 and Parks
Career Girls - Dance Away
ROCIO - Hands On Me
Headless Chickens - Donka
High Dependency Unit - Schallblute
Bad Sav - Buy Something New
Moron Says What? - Nathalie, Touch Me There Again
Voom - Gonna Be Free If It KIlls Me
Ghost Wave - Here She Comes
Die Die Die - Blue Skies
Full Moon Fiasco - Sunset Strip
Paquin - Go to Her


The Local w/ Sam and Richard

03/03/2016 w/ Sam and Richard 

Lontalius - Kick In the Head 
Kitsunegari - War of The Worlds
The Chandeliers - Robot World 
Silicon - Little Dancin' Baby
Fazerdaze - Reel
Las Tetas - The Plains 
Chandeliers - Cassette 
Evil Kid - Geoffrey 
Coolies - Phony 
Mermaidens - Under the Mountain II 
Racing - Misbeahving 
Salad Boys - Dream Date 
Yukon Era - Leash 
Yukon Era - Ur Worst Nightmare 
Yukon Era - Vietnam Man 
Yesses - Cynic
Bandicoot - Bessie 
TFF - Take It Out Tonight
These Dancing Wolves - Chief, King, Sir 
Nevernudes - Grade F Meat
Nevernudes - Knulp 
Introverted Dancefloor - Take It High 
Two Cartoons - Dreams
Eb and Sparrow - Quietly We Tread

The Local with Dave

Shunkan- Peter
Bad Sav- Buy Something New
Opposite Sex- Oh Ivy
Street Chant- Never
Die! Die! Die!- (I Love How You) Listen to the Radio
Triumphs- Solid Bones
Emily Edrosa- Animal
Darryl Baser- The Whiff of a Good Deed Lingers
Avec Spirale- Every Casino Has a Chapel
Death & the Maiden- Civilisation
No Broadcast- Jist
Into Orbit- Dark Matter
Echo Beach- Dark Matter
Average Rap Band- Good Dudes
LarzRanda- Lifeguard
Orchestra of Spheres- 2,000,000 Years
Astro Children- While I Appreciate Your Concern
Old Psychiatrists Club- Save the Babes
Hermann Doose- Guitar Hero
Nadia Reid- Seasons Change
Males- Go!
Yesses- Short Love
The Violet-Ohs- Battlephant
Space Bats, Attack!- Battle

The Local w/ Sam and Richard

18/02/2016 w/ Sam and Richard 

Street Chant - Never 
LarzRanda - Lifeguard
Average Rap Band - What It Is 
Silicon - Burning Sugar 
Orchestra of Spheres - 2,000,000 Years
Riki Gooch - Emocean 
Silicon - Little Dancing Baby
Die! Die! Die! - (I Love How You) Listen To The Radio 
No Doz - Topo 
No Why - Anxious
Popstrangers - What Else Could They Do?
Wormstar - Better Reasons
Glass Vaults - Life is the Show
Veils - The Stars Came Out Once the Lights Went Out
Golden Awesome - Autumn
Parents - Wounded 
Watercolours - Soft Teeth 
Yumi Zouma - The Brae 
Leisure - Hot Love
The Drab Doo Riffs - I'm Depressed 
Triumphs - Solid Bones 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Can't Keep Checking My Phone (Silicon Rework) 

The Local with Dave

Lost Rockets- Used to be in a Cult
No Broadcast- Jist
Cyan Mentality- Forms of Disrespect
Embedded Figures- Eve
Echo Beach- Dark Matter
Opposite Sex- Vicarious Life
Astro Children- While I Appreciate Your Concern
Males- Go!
Into Orbit- Dark Matter
Carb on Carb- The War on Men
Violet French- Rhind at Home
Osmium- Phoenix Rises
Robert Scott- Vertigo
The Clean- Dunes
The Bats- North by North
Salad Boys- Eighteen Forty Four
Salad Boys- Devotion
Salad Boys- Best Kept Secret
Salad Boys- My Uniform
Superette- Sakatchewan
Alastair Galbraith- Milky Milo Man
A Handful of Dust- The Lonesome Death of Albert Ayler
Peter Jefferies- Lassitude
Olla- Dead Fish
The Renderers- I Hear the Devil Calling Me
Dead C.- 5.12.90
Gate- Never
Cyclops- Uneasy Trail
Dadamah- Replicant Emotions
David Mitchell- The Blind Fish
Queen Meanie Puss- The Meanie Theme
Stephen Kilroy- F*U*A*F*S
The Conjurors- When She Falls


04/01/2016 CHRISTCHURCH SPECIAL w/ Sam and Richard 

Salad Boys - Dream Date 
Steven John Marr - A Point In Every Direction 
The Situations - Hamburg 
Yvnalesca - Misdemeanor 
No Broadcast - Realise/Release 
Indi - Stay 
t54 - Singer in Mouth 
X-Ray Charles - Supersoaker 
Delaney Davidson - In The Pines 
Bailterspace - X 
The Dance Asthmatics - Oedipus 
Scribe - Dreamin' 
Loves Ugly Children - Six Pack 
The Eastern - Gone 
Shocking Pinks - Not Gambling
Gordons - Coalminers Song 
Bang! Bang! Eche! - 4 to the Floor
Teen Fortress - Leaving 
Ipswich - Oxymoron 
JPS Experience - Bleeding Star 
Wet Wings - Beach Party
The Bats - Free All The Monsters 
The Reduction Agents - Eighties Celebration
The Transistors - Real Kids
Scribe - Not Many Remix 

High Dependency Unit Special

Reformed for the Laneway Festival and playing a couple of sideshows beforehand, Dunedin's sonic Pioneers High Dependency Unit get a two hour showcase on the show tonight.


High Dependency Unit- Visionson
High Dependency Unit- A Tagging Decision
High Dependency Unit- Fauxtekra
High Dependency Unit- Glory
High Dependency Unit- Amino
High Dependency Unit- Schallblute
High Dependency Unit- Overtortures
High Dependency Unit- A Copy of Yourself (Instrumental)
High Dependency Unit- Space Blues
High Dependency Unit- Delicacy
High Dependency Unit- Abstinence (Disturbed by IMD Compilation Version)
High Dependency Unit- Holomovement
High Dependency Unit- Stupormodel
High Dependency Unit- Tunguska
High Dependency Unit- El True East
High Dependency Unit- Dune
High Dependency Unit- Salamander
High Dependency Unit- The 3 Second Rule
High Dependency Unit- Lull

The Local w/ Dave, Sam and Richard

17/12/2015 w/ Dave, Sam and Richard

Mermaidens - Seed 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Can't Keep Checking My Phone 
The Shifting Sands - Waiting for the Sun 
Death & the Maiden - Flowers For the Blind 
New Gum Sarn - Money Talks 
Echo Beach - Dark Matter 
Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy 
God Bows to Math - High Strings 
Climate Change - Jet Fuel Can't Melt These Riffs 
Kairi - Quiet Eyes 
Chaos in the CBD - Midnight in Peckham 
Yumi Zouma - Alena (RB Remix) 
Hermann Doose - Guitar Hero 
Rackets - TV Started Talking To Me 
Yesses - Cynic
Astro Children - Play It As It Lays 
The Dance Asthmatics- PG
Opposite Sex - Vicarious Life 
The Phoenix Foundation  - Mountain 
Triumphs - Beekeeper
Nadia Reid - Call the Days 
The Violet Ohs - Battlephant 

The Local w/ Sam

10/12/2015 w Sam 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - I'll Come Back For You 
The River Jones - Steady Vision 
Zen Mantra - Fossils
Betchadupa - My Army Of Birds And Gulls 
Die! Die! Die! - Dark Arrow 
Mermaidens - Wander 
Wilberforces - Haunted
Terrified - Bad Luck 
Connan Mockasin - Feelin' Lovely ft. Dev Hynes 
Intorverted Dancefloor - Take It High
Scuba Diva - What's the Point 
Bachlorette - Blanket 
Ipswich - Haze (Today) 
Chaos in the CBD - Midnight In Peckham 
A Band Called Success - Start A Feeling
Dinosaur Sanctuary - She Goes For Egos 
Shifting Sands - Coming Back 
Julian Temple Band - Sink Or Swim
Thundercub - WTF (Live at the Robbie) 
Nadia Reid - Call The Days 
The Violet Ohs - Battlephant
Triumphs - Beekeeper 
Carb on Carb - Eden Terrors 

The Local with Dave

The Violet-Ohs- Battlephant
Hermann Doose- Guitar Hero
Gold Medal Famous- Telephone Number
Operation Rolling Thunder- Set of All
Dimmer- If I Were You (Live at the Grey Lynn Bowling Club)
Alpaca Brothers- Hey Man
Triumphs- Solid Bones
Cash Guitar ft. Peter Gutteridge- Look at What We Do to Ourselves
Princess Chelsea- No Church on Sundays
Opposite Sex- Vicarious Life
Echo Beach- Dark Matter
No Broadcast- Jist
Death and the Maiden- Bioluminesence
Sewage- Man Serpent Greatsword
The Dance Asthmatics- PG
The Shifting Sands- Waiting for the Sun
Sunley Band- Not a Good Idea
God Bows to Math- Ardent Pedestrian
The Chills- Molten Gold
Heka- Cachet
The Demi Whores- Good Angel Bad Angel
King Loser- Flippin' the Bird
3Ds- Sing Song
Astro Children- Play it as it Lays

The Local with Richard

26/11/2015 with Richard
Leisure - Take It To the Top
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - LIttle Blu House
Barb - Alcoholic Darling
David Kilgour - Sun of God
Shifting Sands - Waiting For the Sun
Tom Lark - Go Get A Job
Emily Edrosa - Animal
Look Blue Go Purple - I Don't Want You Anymore
Onanon - Your Days Are Numbered
Panther and the Zoo - Wake Up
Ruby Suns - Sun Lake Rinsed
Thought Creature - Shake About
Popstrangers - Happy Accidents
Blue Onesies - Dust
Paper Planes - Paper Planes
Hermann Doose - SKin
Tongueflower - Bony Eyes
Liam Finn - This Place is KIlling Me
Liam Finn - Second Chance
Liam Finn - To the Chapel
Veils - Train WIth No Name
Tiny Pieces of Eight - Xmas God ft. Swampy
Full Moon Fiasco - Sunset Strip
The Canals - Desperado
Die! Die! Die! - Dark Arrow
Voom - Beautiful Day
Bats - Free All the Monsters
Sherpa - Samsong
Two Cartoons - Better Coast

The Local with Sam and Richard

19/11/2015 with Sam and Richard

Great North - Up In Smoke
Veils - Advice for Young Mothers to Be
Moppy - Drop the Charade Siobhan
Kody Neilson - Demons
Chills - Warm Waveform
Leonard Charles - Can We Go Back ft. Ruby
Trinity Roots - El Kaptain
Christoph El Truento - Sunflower
Violet Ohs - Howard Moonwalker
Chambres - Kevin Spacey
Foreshadows - Space
Chaos in the CBD - MIdnight in Peckham
Shunkan - Paleontologist
Shifting Sands - All the Stars
Tweeks - Harder it Gets
Artisan Guns - Swim
Average Rap Band - The Way It Is
Pumpkinhead - Be Sure
Eversons - Could it Ever Get Better?
Fazerdaze - Jennifer
Salad Boys - Dream Date
Salad Boys - Daytime Television
Salad Boys - No Taste Bomber
Clean - Getting Older
Datsuns - Harmonic Generator (Live at Radio One)
Leisure - Take It To the Top

The Local w/ Dave

The Violet-Ohs- Vent
Males- Heavy Going
Astro Children- Play it as it Lays
The Transistors- On Cashel Street
Center Negative- (Secretly He's a Racist)
The Shifting Sands- Waiting for the Sun
Death and the Maiden- War Dance
Opposite Sex- She Said
Toungeflower- Bony Eyes
Shunkan- The Pink Noise
Hermann Doose- Guitar Hero
Triumphs- Everest was the First Pyramid
No Broadcast- Jist
Echo Beach- Dark Matter
High Dependency Unit- Dune
King Loser- Centre of Things
Chug- Catbag
Superette- I Got it Clean
Snapper- Eyes That Shine
The Shrugs- Your Criminal Past
Straitjacket Fits- APS (Live at Te Wireless, Triple J)
Space Bats, Attack!- Battle
Das Skip- See Thru
Skeptics- Sheen of Gold


The Local w/ Dave

Salad Boys- No Taste Bomber
The Dance Asthmatics- PG
Tongueflower- Bony Eyes
Males- Heavy Going
Shunkan- Paleontologist
Louis Smith- (I Don't Wanna Be) A Sniffer Bee
Triumphs- Everest Was the First Pyramid
Bailterspace- Wammo
Space Bats, Attack!- Battle
The Shifting Sands- Waiting for the Sun
Astro Children- Gaze
Trick Mammoth- Pinker Sea
Strange Harvest- Astronaut
Opposite Sex- Supermarket
Kindy- So Tired
Yesses- Short Love
Chug- Strangle Knot
Hermann Doose- Skin
Dimmer- Analogue Real to Real
The Dead C- Sky
The Verlaines- Lying in State
Gate- Freak
The Chills- Lost in Space
The Chills- Double Summer
The Chills- Wet Blanket
The Chills- Big Dark Day
Das Skip- See Thru
The Chills- America Says Hello

The Local with Sam and Richard

29/10/2015 with Sam and Richard

Kane Strang - Full Moon, Hungry Sun
Alphabethead - Smart Bucket 
Zen Mantra - Soothsayer
Die! Die! Die! - Oblivious Oblivion
Dear Times Waste - And So I Was Returning 
The Chills - Warm Wave
LBGP - Cactus Cat
Beastwars - Red God
Bailterspace - X
Avoid Avoid - Achiveied Not Achiveied 
Doprah - Greet Esteem 
Dangerpin - Stealing Oranges [SURPRISE STACK]
Kairi - Quiet Eyes
Fazerdaze - Jennifer
Homebrew - Datura 
Homebrew - Good God 
Homebrew - Basketball Court 
Soccerpractise - Windfall 
Lontalius - All I Wanna Say

The Local w/ Dave

Shunkan- The Pink Noise
Bad Sav- Stallone
Astro Children- Gaze
Echo Beach- Dark Matter
Fazerdaze- Treading Lightly
Arcee- Pepsi
Opposite Sex- She Said
Strange Harvest- Astronaut
The Dance Asthmatics- PG
The Transistors- Confidence Man
Salad Boys- New Taste Bomber
Das Skip- See Thru
Gold Medal Famous- Telephone Number
Otautahi Death Worm- Watch the Big Bang on Your Telly
Sunley Band- Not a Good Idea
Sunken Seas- Clear
Triumphs- Solid Bones
Herman Doose- Skin
Alizarin Lizard- Billy Ray
The Jean-Paul Satre Experience- Kickback
The Jean-Paul Satre Experience- Flex
No Broadcast- Moment

The Local with Sam and Richard

15/10/2015 with Sam and Richard

Mint Chicks - Dont Sell Your Brain Out Baby
Sherpa - Love Film
Yesses - Glove (Ich liebe dich)
Cheats - Heaven
Chills - Warm Waveform
Arthur Ahbez - Wine Store Woman
Blueness - Galaxy II
The Transistors - Caving In 
Silicon - Little Dancing Baby 
Montezuma Review - Metric System
Neil Finn - Impresssions
Glass Vaults - Gold Star
UMO - Monki
Popstrangers - Rats in the Palm Trees
Team Dynamite - Big Richard
Oakley Grenell - 23 Days feat. Roslen Langton & Ohmega Watts
Prophet Hens - All Over the World
Prophet Hens - Pretty
Prophet Hens - Green Blades of Grass
Lips - Traces of Teddy
Ha the Unclear - Picking Out a Shirt for Work
Racing - Carnivalize
Goodshirt - Buck It Up
Dictaphone Blues - Cliche


Jean-Paul Satre Experience Special with Natasha Griffiths

On the back of the recent career spanning box set I Like Rain: The Story of The Jean-Paul Satre Experience, Dave was joined by Natasha Griffiths (industry insider, prevous Radio One NZ music show host and JPSE fan) to highlight some favourites and interview Dave Yetton.


The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Ray of Shine
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Flex
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Shadows
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- I Like Rain
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Kickback
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Elemental
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Thrills
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Loving Grapevine
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Block [Breathe B Side Version]

Dave Yetton Interview

The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Fatness

Dave Yetton Interview Contd.

The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Cut Out
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Mothers
The Jean- Paul Satre Experience- Bleeding Star

The Local with Sam and Richard

01/10/2015 with Sam and Richard

Jakob - Warmth 
The Phoenix Foundation - Mountain 
Leisure - Hot Love
Indi - There Are Two
Terror of the Deep - Uranus
Fatangryman - Phyllis
Govrmint - On Screen
Left or Right - Gary's Nuggety Neighbour 
Salad Boys - Dream Date 
Dear Times Waste - Heavy/High
Glass Vaults - They Will Grow
Bye Bye Fishies - Falafel 
3ds - Beautiful Things
Anthonie Tonnon - Mt. Cargill 
Inside My Speech Bubble - Sound of Ballons 
Cut off Your Hands - Still Fond 
Shocking Pinks - Us Against the City 
Joe Blossom - Scene Star **Surprise Stack** 
The Shifting Sands - Should Be Better 
Shunkan - The Pink Noise 
Leon Screen - Wayb4 
Trust Punks - Goridon Knot 
Avoid Avoid - Achieved Not Achieved 
Flight of the Concords - Think About It

The Local with Dave

Echo Beach- Kowhai
The Dance Asthmatics- PG
The Transistors- Confidence Man
The Situations- Throwaway Society
Sewage- Fundamental Algorithms
God Bows to Math- High Strings
Fat Freddy's Drop- Razor
Left or Right- Gary's Nuggety Neighbour
Opposite Sex- Long Dead Night
Salad Boys- No Taste Bomber
Brian Tamaki and the Kool Aid Kids- Eating Glue
The Chills- America Says Hello
The Undercurrents- Oceans Wide
T54- Return of the Worm
Space Bats, Attack!- Battle
Triumphs- Bastardknocker
Beastwars- Dune
Jakob- Blind them with Science
No Broadcast- Singe
Bad Sav- Stallone
Carb on Carb- Phenomenal Ladies
Princess Chelsea- Too Many People