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NZ on Air's
The Local

1pm - 3pm Saturday with Spencer

NZ on Air's<br />The Local

Every Saturday from 1-2pm, join renowed New Zealand music connoisseur Spencer for 'The Local'; two hours of nothing but the best releases from all around Aotearoa! Tune in for the freshest new tracks, fan favourites, and a few classics for good measure. It's as kiwi as Buzzy Bees and a steak and cheese!

Made possible with the love and support from NZ on Air 🖤

NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

NZ Surf Special

The Tape Men - Diamond Planet
Dobermen - Crude Dudes with Attitude
King Loser - Surf Lost
Piha Rescue - Do The Bumblebee Twist!
The Clean - At The Bottom
Opawa 45s - The Dance of the Great Bungholio
Sharkbait - Serial Heartbreak Kid
The Side Effects - Papatuanuku
Hawaiian Maiden - I'll Fight You in the Carpark
Ritchie Venus - Sunrise
The Damned Evangelist - Laa Maldicion Del Lobo
The Wendys - Dero Dave
Boss Christ - Swamp Wolf
Hollow Grinders - Piha Death Rip
Max Merritt and the Meteors - Soft Surfie
Pro Drag - Ghost of the Woodville Straights
Echo Ohs - The Gnarl
Bozo - Swim Down
Ray Columbus and the Invaders - Ku Pow
The Bob Paris Combo - Dragstrip
Gray Bartlett - Surf Rider
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill - Rumble in the Jungle
The Burgers - Puto Diablo
Celia Mancini - Caps Torpedo
The Drab Doo-Riffs - Superpotencia Mi
Surfing USSR - Wipe Out
Na Noise - Bad Dreams
The Users - Arsefull Of Fist
October and the Eyes - Ramble
Don Kings - Jack The Ripper
Pro Drag - Hot Dog
The Admiral - Hangin' Around
The Shakin' Evil Hay Ride - Mary Lu
Gaytime - I'm Only 28 but I've Got Lots of Problems
Tigers of the Sea - From The Sky
Crude - Dinner and a Movie
Ounce - Electric Eye

NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Sheep Dog and Wolf - Glare

Sam Wave - Ocean Low
Connan Mockasin - Flipping Poles
Silicon - Buring Sugar
Hollie Smit ft. Raiza Biza - What About
Fanfickk - Feel Better
Carb on Carb - Be My Mirror
The Beths - Whatever
Repulsive Woman - Soft Borders
Indi - Demeter
Pesk - When The Heavies Come
The Golden Awesome - High Life
Fetus Productions - What's Going On?
Miss Leading - Woke
Casper Thomson - Doctrine
Princess Chelsea - Respect the Labourers
Girlboss - Body Con
I.E. Crazy - As It Stands
A.C. Freazy - Freemason Song
P.H.F ft. Emily Edrosa - I Was A Kid
Jonathan Bree - 69
Adelaide Cara - Radiant
The Clean - Platypus (live)
The Terminals - Uncoffined
Look Blue Go Purple - Circumspect Penelope
Mestar - Love Song
3Ds - Mamma Mia (Abba Cover)
Best Bets - It Happens Every Day
David Mitchell and Denise Roughan

NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

"Darkspace: A Fundraiser to Help Fill the Void" Special

Get the compilation here:

DVD Kings - You Wouldn't Steal a Quarry
Joe Sampson and Friends - Now We Are Nothing
Bad Sav - Stallone
Hex Waves - The Wait
Opawa 45s - The Dance of the Great Bungholio
Dark Matter - The Darkroom
Interview with Violet French
Kool Aid - Lumbo Run
Shaft - Downhill Racer (live)
King Loser - New Age Power
The Dark Beaks - In A Coalmine
TV2 - What Now
Polyester - Honey
Lucy Hunter - Tolouse (demo)
Tiny Pieces of Eight - Dreaming of Pluto
Tacoma Mould - Hobo
Minisnap - Hedge
Ryan Fisherman - Unsure
Shaun Malloch - Curiosity
The Waltham Home Organ Society - Rain
Bediquette - That's All
No Broadcast - No Broadcast
Martin Sagadin - November
Laura Lee Lovely - All The Time In The World
Delaney Davidson - You'll Never Walk Alone

NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Song of a Young Country - NZ Folksongs Special

Neil Colquhoun - John Smith A.B
Tommy Wood - Soon May the Wellerman Come
Tamburlaine - Blood Red Roses
Barbie Colquhoun - Little Tommy Pinkerton
Barbie and Neil Colquhoun - Altered Days
Bruce Hall - Black Velvet Band
Barbie and Neil Colquhoun - Rise Out Your Bed
Phil Garland - Banks of the Waikato
Bill Taylor - Dugout in the True
Bill Taylor - The Mill
Jonathan and David Flaws - Song of the Digger
Dave Calder - Black Swans
Dave Skinner - As the Black Billy Boils
Dave Calder - Tuapeka Gold
Tamburlaine - Wakamarina
Tamburlaine - Murderers Rock
Rudy Sunde - McKenzie and his Dog
Barbie, Neil Megan and Simon - Te Kooti E Ha
Tommy and Margaret Wood - Rerenga's Wool
Marilyn Bennett - My Man's Gone
Neil Colquhoun  - Talking Swag
Grawlixes - City Across The Bay
Barbie Colquhoun  - The Sweater
Bruce Hall - Run For Your Life
Phil Garland - The Day The Pub Burned Down
Driving Creek - Cargo Workers
Marilyn Bennett - Railway Bill
Barbie and Neil Colquhoun - Down In The Brunner Mine
Bill Taylor - Hundred and Fifty-One Days
Dave Calder - Gutboard Blues
Don McGlashen - Toy Factory Fire

NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Sulfate - There You Are!
Na Noise - Sun Stone Air
Scarlett Lashes - Culture and Wellbeing Committee
IE Crazy - Weird Weather
Amamelia - The F in FM stands for Flute (Eyeliner Remix)
DJ Oboe - School Hollandaise
Power Nap - Club Dinos
Borrowed CS - Jazz Clap
deepState - Verum MMXXI
N T Honey - High Tide
Dimmer - Case (acoustic)
Sin City - Things I Left Behind
Delaney Davidson - Movin On
Violet French - Flesh
Cowboy Machine - Tell Me Why
Connan Mockasin - Faking Jazz Together
TrinityRoots - The Dream
Breaks Co-Op - Question of Freedom
Milk - Sugar Glider
P.H.F - Saskatchewan
Shocking Pinks - Alice
Bang! Bang! Eche! - You're A Jerk
The Mint Chicks - Opium of the People
The Subliminals - Uh-Oh
Thomas Isbister - Amazing Brains
Dateline - Dumb For My Age


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Connan Mockasin - Please Turn Me Into The Snat
Chris Knox & The Nothing - Those Great Big Puppy Eyes
The Gordons - Spik and Span
The Puddle - Southern Man
The Nudge vs. Troy Kingi - He Orite
Horn - Greedy Bitch
Alphabethead - Leather/Peddler
The Mint Chicks - The Perfect Machine
PHF - Sad and Blue
Ounce - Satan II
The Don Kings - Gypsy Grapple
The Hasselhoff Experiment - The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (Tall Dwarfs cover)
Snapper - Gentle Hour
Womb - Feeling Like Helium (demo)
Stef Animal - Owl (Fowland MT-32)
Disasteradio - Electric Blanket
Sulfate - Crossing
Shona Laing - Resurrection
Gloria Vale - It Is Your Destiny
Shocking Pinks - Alice
Lips - Your Deodorant Doesn’t Work
Adelaide Cara - Paranoia
The Great Unwashed - Neck of the Woods
The Garbage and the Flowers - Love Comes Slowly
Yesses - Short Love
Toy Love - Squeeze
Split Enz - Shark Attack
Space Bats, Attack! - 90s

NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Bressa Creeting Cake - Billy Two (Clean cover)
The Clean - Tally Ho
@Peace - Hug Your Mum
French For Rabbits - Ouija Board
Pesk - Tyranny
Tall Dwarfs - The Slide
Violet French - I Want The Sky To Be Crying
Ben Woods - Indulge
Thomas Isbister - Eggs
Joe Sampson - Neil Levene
Roy Irwin - The Comedian
Sheep Dog & Wolf - Perisephence
Carnivorous Plant Society - My Mum is Proud of Me
Rackets - Bed Sores
Chris Knox - Yesterday Was (Clean cover)
Psychosis - Hotel God Pigeon
Darcy Clay - And It Was Easy
Ed Gains - Shit Magnet
Mood Smiles - I Have You and You Have Me
Music Sucks - With Markel
Dan Madill - New England Drag (live)
The Nudge vs Troy Kingi - Ha Orite
Guardian Singles - Can't Stop Moving
Sheep - The Government Can't Take My Benny
Freddy Fudd Pucker - Black Honey
Phoebe Rings - Spissky
Grawlixes - City Across The Bay
Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man That Will Find You


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Silicon - Personal Computer
Wax Chattels - Shrinkage
Dale Kerrigan - Whatever
Gordons - Machine Song
PHF - Hella
Lips - Kyoto
Phoebe Bridgers - Kyoto
Adelaide Cara - Ships in the Night
Mint Chicks - Red White Or Blue
Skeptics - Affco
Karl Steven - Freedom Bells
New Dawn - The Dying Light
Box of Hammers - Maelstrom
Lisa Gerrard - Dissapointed
Stef Animal - In The Pines
$noregazZzm - There Is No Escape (You Will All Die)
Mongo Skato - Ocean & Earth
Christoph El Truento x Avantdale Bowling Club - Burning Sensation
@Peace - Hug Your Mum
Vera Ellen - I Want 2 B Boy
No Romance - Unfold
Synthetic Children - Every Dream is a Nightmare (Bass Ghost)
Montell 2099 - Space
TFF - If You Must Come Home To Your Refrigerators, Stay Home and Out of the Green
Sexxx Haus - Dingo Dango

NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Unsanitary Napkin - Terf War
PHF - I Hate Myself
Chris Knox - The Woman Inside of Me
Death and the Maiden - Wisteria
Ov Pain - Excess and Expenditure
Night Lunch - Scary Car
T54 - Return of the Worm
Stefanimal - Owl
Aldous Harding - Zoo Eyes
Salmonella Dub - Sprang It
The Terminals - Uncoffined
Ben Woods - Good 2 Be Sleeping
Jonathan Bree - Weird Harcore
Merk - HNYB
Fazerdaze - Take It Slow
Thomas Isbister - Eggs
Subliminals - Freedom Form
The Bats - Afternoon in Bed
Robert Scott - Harmonic Deluxe
Pin Group - Ambivalence
Look Blue Go Purple - I Don't Want You Anyway
Pickle Darling - Bicycle Weather
Bored Housewives Club - Personfriend
The Trendees - Motorcycle (Makes  Loud Noise)
King Loser - Surfarama
Tape Wolves - Taniwha
Connie Benson & Chris Heazelwood - Crazy Pan
Dobermen - Crude Dudes with Attitude
X-Ray Charles - One Lady Owner
Ben Dodd & His Organ - Heavy Fast (X-Ray Charles cover)
Trick Mammoth - Pinker Sea


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Iron Mammoth - Desire
Trick Mammoth - Baltimore
Look Blue Go Purple - Circumspect Penelope
Naked Spots Dance - The Dance
Dudley Benson - Asthma (live)
Adelaide Cara - Romantic Platonic
Chris Knox - Young Female Caucasian
Princess Chelsea - Yulia
IE Crazy - You're A Stranger
Indi - Demeter
Seth Frightening - Suicide Fun Time
Seth Frightening - Suicide Fun Time, pt 2
Seth Frightening - Shoulder Blade
The Clean - Indigo Blue
Sulfate - Crossing
The All Seeing Hand - Xiao Ma
Tiny Ruins - Priest With Balloons
Aldous Harding - Party
Grawlixes - Honey Bees
Dan Madill - Annabel's Wake
The Chills - Flamethrower
Tiny Pieces of Eight - Be Calmed (The Sea Has Stopped)
Pumice - Stink Moon
Jonathan Bree - Boxes
Shocking Pinks - Girls
Wax Chattels - Parallel Lines
Tall Dwarfs - Broccoli
MAMCO - Broccoli


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Princess Chelsea - I Miss My Man
The Bats - I Don't Want You Anyway
Shaft - Downhill Racer
Tom Thumb - I Need You
The Bluestars - Social End Product
The Challenge - The Crunch
Alec Bathgate  - Pet Hates
Lawrence Arabia - The Beautiful Young Crew
The Terminals - Cul-de-sac
Cassandra's Ears - Silver Sheen
Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat
Sombretones - Good Evening Listeners
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - One At A Time
Shocking Pinks - Us Against The City
Tall Dwarfs - Crush
Seth Africa - Dog Park
The Aesthetics - Reptilian Agenda
Fetus Productions - Desert Lands
Dudley Benson ft. Vashti Bunyan - Tui
Thin Red Line - Simplicity
Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man
@peace - Hug Your Mum
Snapper - Cause of You
The Golden Awesome - Autumn
The Gordons - Spik and Span
Opposite Sex - Tumble Down/Mikhail
The Old Psychiatrists Club - Save The Babes
Trasch - Absence of War


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Joe Sampson - I'm Under No Obligation To Enjoy Myself
Dale Kerrigan - ripgirl101
I.E Crazy - As It Stands
Womb - Holding a Flame
Ben Woods - Good 2 Be Sleeping
Shona Laing - Resurrection
Dog Power - Not Human
Fetus Productions - Desert Lands
The Subliminals - Uh Oh
Casper Thomson - Doctrine
Split Enz - Walking Down A Road
Thomas Isbister - Eggs
The Transistors - Good Years
Liam K. Swiggs - Expenses/Piss
Waterfalls - Balconies and Cherry Trees
Trinity Roots - Just Like You
Carniverous Plant Society ft Don McGlashen and Tiny Ruins
Goodshirt - Blowing Dirt
Mestar - Konked Out
Ade and Connan Mockasin - The Wolf
The 3Ds - Grimace
Deb5000 - Bad Guts
The Golden Awesome - Astronomy
Cassandra's Ears - Worker's Lament
Alpaca Brothers - It's No Joke
shannengeorgiapetersen - Home Again 4
Tall Dwarfs - Kidstuff
The Sundae Painters - Thin Air


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer and his dad Doug Hall

Mother Goose - Baked Beans
Split Enz - Shark Attack
The Swingers - Counting The Beat
Netherworld Dancing Toys - For Today
Dave Dobbyn and Herbs - Slice of Heaven
Dave McArtney and the Pink Flamingos - Virginia
Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat
The Chills - I Love My Leather Jacket
Blam Blam Blam - Don't Fight It Marsha, It's Bigger Than Both of Us
Bored Games - Joe 90
The Mutton Birds - A Thing Well Made
Kool Aid - Family Portrait Revisited
Goodshirt - Sophie
Womb - Intro/Mercury
Asta Rangu - Nico
Data Animal - Death Racer
Contenders - 122 Hours of Fear (Screamers cover)
Night Lunch - Scary Car
Darcy Clay - In The Middle
Ana Moser - To A Place
Princess Chelsea - No Church on Sunday
Charcoal Burner - Days Behind


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Necessary Evil
Breaks Co-Op - Question of Freedom
Dimmer - Backwards is Backwards
Aldous Harding - Old Peel
Tall Dwarfs - If I Were You (Straitjacket Fits cover)
Portatastic - Nostalgia's No Excuse (Chris Knox cover)
Don McGlashan - Inside Story (Chris Knox cover)
Shayne Carter - The Slide (Tall Dwarfs cover)
Graeme Downes - Same Old New World
Sarah Mary Chadwick - The Queen Who Stole The Sky
Roy Montgomery - Pranged
Alistair Galbraith - Lost The Cottage
Two Wolves - Scalphunters
Demi Whores - Title is Untitled
Voom - King Kong
Night Lunch - Scary Car
The Dance Asthmatics - Oedipus
Cowboy Machine - Talk With Your Body
Von Klap - Jailhouse
Seth Africa - Us Against the City (Shocking Pinks cover)
Stef Animal - Owl (Roland MT-32)
Laura Lee Lovely - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Beyond the Rain Remake)
Princess Chelsea - We're So Lost (Voom cover)
PHF - I Ran My Mouth
Asta Rangu - Nico
Cecil Turbine - Contraceptive Percussion
Mudgoose - No One Will Remember You When You're Gone


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Fetus Productions - What's Going On?
Cowboy Machine - How Did It Feel
Look Blue Go Purple - As Does The Sun
Bad Sav - Labradoodle
Cassandra's Ears - My Command
PHF - Queen ft Clairo
Girlboss - So Long
Womb - Here We Bend (To Smell the Dirt)
Princess Chelsea - Yulia
Vera Ellen - Yulia
T54 - Return of the Worm
The Terminals - Deadly Tango
Drab Doo Riffs - Trouble
Tomorrow's Love - 7 and 7 is
The Sundae Painters - Thin Air
Goblin Mix - Unusual Mix
The Clean - Gentle Hour (Snapper Cover)
Nocturnal Projections - Isn't That Strange?
Straitjacket Fits - Down in Splendour
Ben Woods - Good 2 Be Sleeping
Merk - H.N.Y.B
I. E Crazy and Seth Frightning - Nostalgia (Shocking Pinks cover)
The Fuzzy Robes - Kyrie Eleison
The Nudge - Come Home
Herman Doose - Rads
Dogfish - War Dunce (live)
Elan Vital - Dream


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

NZ Hardcore with Jorg

Meth Drinker - Combat Shock
Pulvinar - Shitstain
Arsehuffer - EP 2020
Bridge Burner - Chlorine Eyes
Easy Off - Facts/Feelings
Zhukov - Join The Brick Throwers' Union Today
Blame Thrower - You're a Cop
Unsanitary Napkin - Dildo Baggins
Dick Move - Dick Move
POP OD - Lobster Stomp
Rogernomix - Rich Americans
Stress Ghetto - Diminishing Returns
Long Distance Runner - No Value
Happy Valley - Among Friends
Wakhan Corridor - Diomedia
Hedgefund Trader - Introduction To No Birds/An Emptiness
Swallows Nest - A Subtle Knife For New Doors
Landlords - Bottom of the Pile
Human Resource - The Master's Hand
Piggery - Home in a Box
DAHTM -  Te Ārai I Te Pō
Dog Cock - Keep Drinking Attitude
No Brainers - Tropical Punch
Parents - Bound
Exit Fear - Deathnote
Shitripper - Short Song is a Good Song/Parasite
Unruly - Bleach Jesus
Feilding's Best Dancers - Feilding's Best Dancers vs Late Night Bongs
The Tacks - One Last Goodbye
Carradine Choke - Brain Tamaki
Tyrannasaurus Wreck - Pennies From My Eyes

NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

The Local live-to-airs with special guest Dave Ager

The Communist Rainbow Relationship - One Horse Pony (live on Radio One)
The Communist Rainbow Relationship - Two Horse Pony (live on Radio One)
The Communist Rainbow Relationship - Three Horse Pony (live on Radio One)
The Don Kings - Gypsy Grapple
Onanon - Fluffy White Clouds
The Gideons - Cry (live on Radio One)
TFF - Way To Go! (live on Radio One)
TFF - Fucksurf (live on Radio One)
Sewage - Unknown (live on Radio One)
Monkey Knife Fight - Walt Disney
Alizarin Lizard - Billy Ray (live on Radio One)
Shaft - Downhill Racer
Shark Bait - Black Bear Strut (live on Radio One)
Kahu - Unknown (live on Radio One)
Delgirl -  (live on Radio One)
Crude - This Town
Crude -  (live on Radio One)
The George Kaye Experience - Russian Post Office Coat
Your Face - Special Day

NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Breaks Co-Op - Question of Freedom
AHoriBuzz - Sugar
Opposite Sex - Panther Fight
The Nudge - Come Home
Connan Mockasin - Sneaky Sneaky Dog Friend
Whipping Cats - Lightning Savage Children
Bozo - Swim Down
Thomas Isbister - Happy in the Dark
Sulfate - Song for Ruth
Wax Chattels - Shrinkage (live)
Church of Goya - Machine Song (Gordons cover)
The Communist Rainbow Relationship - It's Only Tragic
Chris Knox - Whole Weird World (Chills cover)
Chris Knox - Yesterday Was (Great Unwashed cover)
The Great Unwashed - Boat With No Ocean
Alec Bathgate - Science of the Unitar
Pumice - Covered in Spiders
Trinity Roots - Egos
Troy Kingi - Call My Name
Cowboy Machine - Sand Dunes
PHF - White Cadillac
The Stones - Fad World
3Ds - Grimace
Mestar - Land of Dreams
Merk - HNYB


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

Na Noise - Dance With Me
Wax Chattels - Shrinkage
Bored Games - I Don't Get It
Echo Ohs - The Gnarl
The Clean - At The Bottom/Stars
Joe Sampson  - There's Happiness Outside These Walls
Cassandra's Ears - Worker's Lament
The Blue Stars - Social End Product
Ray Columbus and the Invaders - She's a Mod
Chants R&B - I Want Her
La De Da's - How Is The Air Up There
Cowboy Machine - To The Border
Pesk - Tyranny
Golden Awesome - Where To Begin
Operation Rolling Thunder - Standing Still, Still Standing
Suka - A Minory F
Womb - Here We Bend (To Smell the Dirt)
Aldous Harding - What If Birds Aren't Singing They're Screaming
Voom - We're So Lost
Seth Frightening - Lean and Sick (In the Head)
Jonathan Bree - Weird Hardcore
Sam Wave - The Best Irregular
David Kilgour - Today Is Gonna Be Mine
Silicon - God Emoji
Richard Dada - Sound All Around
Skeptics - Man 'O' War


NZ on Air's The Local w. Spencer

The Crocodiles - Tears
Breaks Co-Op - Question Of Freedom
Alec Bathgate - Love Love Love
Violet French - Pop Pop Pop
Pesk - Tyranny
The House Of Nimrod - Slightly Delic
The Gremlins - Kingsforth Hemmingseem
Hi Revving Tongues - You'll Find Me Anywhere
Barb - Alcoholic Darling
Die Musikband - E
Cloudboy - Daydream Land
Jonathan Bree and Clara Vinals - Say You Love Me Too
Die Musikband - Snow Train
Stefanimal - Owl
Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl
Tall Dwarfs - Burning Blue
Don McGlashen - Inside Story (Chris Knox cover)
Pickle Darling - Rinse Spin Cycle/Nicholas Cage
The Great Unwashed - Born In The Wrong Time
The Spunks - Win Some, Lose Some, ...Lose Some More
Space Waltz - Out on the Street
PHF - New Metal
Laughing Gas - Jamin With Lee