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Cosmic Wednesday Drive

4pm - 7pm Wednesday with Raf

Cosmic Wednesday Drive

Radio One's 'Drive' programme is the station's flagship, prime-time, magazine-style radio show hosted by the station's top presenters, DJs, and news readers. From 4 - 7pm, Monday through to Friday, tune in to the Drive show for news, reviews, interviews, prizes and giveaways alongside a premier sampling of Radio One's exemplary contemporary and alternative sound.

Wednesday On The Rag - A Period Piece

Destination Newtown Park Flats - Bunnies On Ponies (NZ)
Feelin' - Connan Mockasin (NZ)
Down in Splendour - Straightjacket Fits (NZ)
These Roses - Gin Wigmore (NZ)
A Little Hate - Lawrence Arabia (NZ)
Crop That Back - Coco Solid (NZ)
What's Chasing You - Marlon Williams (NZ)
Me at the Museum, You In The Wintergarden (NZ)
The Ballad of Minnie Dean - Delaney Davidson (NZ)
Blend - Aldous Harding (NZ)
It's been a rough year - Carb on Carb (NZ)
Party Boy - Marlon Williams (NZ)
Crystal - Scruffy (NZ)
Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! - The Mint Chicks (NZ)
You Know I Know ft. Sophie Burberry - Hopetoun Brown (NZ)
Take it Down ft. Rubi Du - JessB (NZ)
Dad Of The Year - Dbldbl (NZ)
Birds - Bic Runga (NZ)
Royal Blue - Ladi6 (NZ)
Jellyfish Stings - Estere (NZ)
Cat Through a Vocoder - Jet Jaguar (NZ)
La Rat - Opposite Sex (NZ)
Stay Outta My Business - Tami Neilson (NZ)
A World Alone - Lorde (NZ)
Hunnybee - Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ)

The one where we debate asmr and wave wins

Let it Still – Space Above (NZ)
Honeycomb – Dead Little Penny (NZ)
Apple Pie – Destiny 
Pleaser  –  Moody.v and the Menstrual Cycle (NZ)
Rooftops in Spain – The Presidents Of The United States Of America
Under a Spell – The Kumpnee (NZ)
Sadness Takes The Gold – Vera Ellen (NZ) 
Your Eyes Are Bleeding – Princess Nokia 
Marina was a Dreamer – Richard Dada (NZ)
Yuika – Dracula Factory (NZ)
Fashion – Randa (NZ)
Odyssey featuring LP – Benny Tones (NZ)
Nomads – Estère (NZ)
Body of Desire – October (NZ)
I Got You (Splitz Enz) – Cover Version – Ha the Unclear (NZ)
Royal Blue – Ladi6 (NZ) 
Sweatshop –  Disasteradio (NZ)
Diana By My Side – The Olympians (NZ)
Two Free Hands – Anthonie Tonnon (NZ)
This Is America – Childish Gambino 
Cheif, King, Sir – These Dancing Wolves (NZ)

DEBONED Presented by BONES Magazine ft. Eliana Gray

Problem Drinking – Jaggers x Lines (NZ)
The Hold – Consequence (NZ)


Tunnel Vision

Maybe - Polyester (NZ)
Do the Astral Plane - Flying Lotus
All Of This - The Naked and Famous (NZ)
Terrible Love (alternate version) - The National 
Pynk - Janelle Monae ft. Grimes
Valentine - Jonathan Bree (NZ)
Moodna Once with grace - Gus Dapperton
Stay Outta My Business - Tami Neilson (NZ)
Jellyfish Stings - Estere (NZ)
This is America - Childish Gambino
Lazarus - David Bowie
Burn the Witch - Radiohead
Chase Me (Single Version) - Danger Mouse and Run the Jewels
Beautiful Dress - Marlon Williams (NZ)
Everything's minimal - Laurence Arabia ft. Tiny Ruins (NZ)
Bloodflood - alt-J 
Lazy Boy - Franz Ferdinand
Cold Castles - Scalper (NZ)
Shame - Young Fathers
Sticks and Stones - Jamie T
Unsquare Dance - Dave Brubeck

Sensing Amandrive

MSN - Kairi 
Strange I Know - Delaney Davidson
Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran 
I Wanna be Everyone - Hockey Dad
Orange Blossom - Destiny
Human - The Killers
Don't Cry - Run the Jewels 
Rattlesnake - St Vincent
Don't Fucking Tell  me  What to do (the  mekanism  mix) - Robyn 
Rent - Estere 
Jessie - Frankie Cosmos 
Blockbuster Night pt.1 - Run the Jewels
Look at what the Light did now - Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White
Private Idaho - B52s
Superfast Jellyfish - Gorillaz
Tamale - Tyler the Creator 
Life's a Bitch - Naz, AZ and Olu Dara 
Fade - Mermaidens

DEBONED presented by BONES Magazine ft. Lisa Blakie

i - Kendrick Lamar
Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones
Talk to me - Run the Jewels
Heaven knows I'm Miserable now - The Smith's

Wafe and Rave Hilliams

Post Animal - Ralphie 
Scorpio Rising - Soccer Mummy
Ziggy Starfish (Anxiety Raps) - Open Mike Eagle 
Whales - Carseat Headrest
Long Gone Lonesome Blues - Hank Williams
Dog Milk - Palm
Beautiful U R - Mongo Skato (NZ)
E-pro - Beck
Crop that Back - Coco Solid (NZ)
Chum - Earl Sweatshirt
40 Winks - Jon Wayne 
Eczema - Hans Pucket (NZ)
Dying Day - Gin Wigmore (NZ)
I try - Macy Gray
Turn to Stone - ELO
Te Rawhiti - Kirsten Te Rito (NZ)
In My View - Young Fathers
Green Light - Jon Wayne ft. Anderson Paak


aveneyru and afaelclar join onono

Stylo f. Mos Def & Bobby Womack - Gorillaz 
Fingertips - Savannah (NZ)
My Boy - Car Seat Headrest
Everything's Minimal ft. Tiny Ruins - Lawrence Arabia (NZ)
Drama - Over The Atlantic (NZ)

Interview w/ Jono Nott (ONONO)

The Gardener - ONONO (NZ)
Stay Disappointed - Wax Chattels (NZ)
School - Dirty Fingers 
Stay Outta My Business - Tami Neilson (NZ) 
Big Bad Wolf - SoccerPractise (NZ) 
Nervous Mary - The Breeders 
Life Under The Big Top - Best Bets (NZ)
SGL (Now, Now Cover) - So Below (NZ)
Real Eyes - Taipei Teahouse (NZ) 
Blissful Myth - Unsanitary Napkin (NZ)

DEBONED presented by BONES Magazine ft. Erin Broughton (Editor)

Lights Camera Action - Sellassie 
Valentine's Day Is Over - Billy Bragg 

Interview w/ Maple Goh (The Tūī Quartet)

Numbers - Daughter 

Wednesday Wallbanger:
Wednesday's Song - John Frusciante

Idea of Order at Kyson Point - Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno

all we do is drive

Crop That Back (Prod. Yumgod) - Coco Solid (NZ)
Nervous Mary - The Breeders 
School - Dirty Fingers 
Problem Drinking - Jaggers x Lines (Dn) 
I Don't Hold Knives - Groeni (NZ)

Interview w/ James Paul (Groeni)

Forests - Pesk (Dn)
Feet Don't Fail Me - Queens Of The Stone Age
Carry - Fran (NZ) 
Bathoelemule Brixton - John White (Dn)
Space Oddity - The Flaming Lips 
I Can't Cope - The Leers (NZ) 
Set it Off - JessB (NZ)
Addictions - Lucy Dacus
Ralphie - Post Animal
Everything's Minimal ft. Tiny Ruins - Lawrence Arabia (NZ) 
Out Worn - Soccer Mommy 

DEBONED Presented by BONES Magazine ft. John Hosie-Kora 

Fantastic Explosion Of Time - Pond 
Not For Me - Forth Wanderers

Interview w/ Gussie Larkin (Mermaidens)

Lean In When I Suffer - Speedy Ortiz

Wednesday Wallbanger:
Wednesday Morning Atonement - Curtis Harding 

All She Does Is Stare - October (NZ)

kicked from the T2 lane

DoubleVisionVersion - Shocking Pinks (NZ)
Amnesia - Strange Harvest (Dn)
Chromosomes - Grayson Gilmour (NZ) 
The Underdog - Spoon 
Dream Sequence - Manuel Darquart (NZ)

Interview w/ Dorothée Basel (Director of the Alliance Français Film Festival)

No Avail - Glass Owls (NZ) 
Sore - Tooth Shy (Dn)
On Ice - Dirty Pixels. (NZ) 
Caballero - Shamir 
Clap Clap - Miss Blanks 
Blend - Aldous Harding (NZ) 
Amene - Soccer Practise (NZ)
Lizard Brain - The All Seeing Hand (NZ) 
Nameless, Faceless - Courtney Barnett
Can I Get The Real Stuff - Guerilla Toss
Alone ft. Connie Constance - Blue Daisy 
Busted (Glenn Astro's Deeply Busted Mix) - Claude
(I Love How You) Listen To The Radio - Die! Die! Die! (NZ)
Crop That Back (Prod. Yumgod) - Coco Solid (NZ)
Bermuda - Harvey Sutherland
In Real Life - The Ruby Suns (NZ)
(How Could Anybody) Feel at Home - Open Mike Eagle


wdnsdy drv

Demeter – indi (NZ)
Raingirl – yaeji
Half life – Smerz
Crop That Back (Prod Yumgod) – Coco Solid (NZ)
Pure – October (NZ)
Manawa – Kamandi (NZ)

Interview w/ Unlimited XL (Hugh Ozumba)

Pass It On – Unlimited XL (NZ)
Angels ft. Saba – Chance The Rapper
Special – Angel Olsen
Team – Lorde (NZ)
MDR – Petite Noir
YO! MY SAINT Ft. Michael Kiwanuka – Karen O
Northern Hospitality – Thomas Blondet
Glitter in the Gutter (Rhombus Rmx) – Ahoribuzz (NZ)
Willow Peak – Wet Wings (NZ)
Macho Italian Boys – Tiger Tones (NZ)

Interview w/ Jet Jaguar (Michael Upton)

Ottomans – Jet Jaguar (NZ)
Problem Drinking – Jaggers X Lines (Dn)
No Reptiles – Everything Everything
Shriek –  Wye Oak
Knife Edge – Matt Corby
Hold You Close – Opensouls (NZ)
Halfway House – Bonaparte
Clap Clap – Miss Blanks

Wednesday Wallbanger:

Wednesday Morning – Macklemore

On Ice – Dirty Pixels. (NZ)
Caress Your Soul – Sticky Fingers


l-l-l-l-l-l-l-live from the drive show

Ziggy Stardust (Anti-Anxiety Raps) – Open Mike Eagle
No Stars In The City - @peace (NZ)
Painful Like – Austra
Clap Clap – Miss Blanks
Red Pepper – Harbour City Electric (NZ)
My Opinion ft. Bishop Lamont & Fat Freddy’s Drop – DJ Babu

Jaggers X Lines Interview

Problem Drinking – Jaggers X Lines (Dn)
Boogie ft. HIGH HOOPS – SWIDT (NZ)
Sore – Tooth Shy (Dn)
Feel The Sun – Cinema 90 (NZ)
School – Dirty Fingers
Seasong – Maryland (Dn)
Stay Dissapointed – Wax Chattels (NZ)
Fingertips – Savannah (NZ)
Cicada – La Luz
Nervous Mary – The Breeders
Day Job ft. SWIDT – Yoko-Zuna (NZ)
Sloth – Koizilla (Dn)
Backburning – Hair Die
I Took Your picture – Cults
Just A Cloud – Lusine
Känner mig sa lag – Red Martian

DEBONED presented by BONES Magazine

Pins and Needles – Space Ventura (NZ)
Morning Mr Magpie – Radiohead

Wednesday Wallbanger:

It’s Only Wednesday – Crash Kings

Typical Ft. Jordan Rakei (NZ) – Nightmares On Wax 


Rāmere Taraiwa

Don’t Talk About You – Geowulf
On Screen – Govmint (Dn)
Show – Lxury & LA Priest
Brain – BANKS

Interview w/ Ally Baharoon

The Rink – Theo Parrish
Macho Italian Boys – Tiger Tones (NZ)
Solitary Guys – Lawrence Arabia (NZ)
I Don’t Hold Knives – Groeni (NZ)
Rose Quartz – Richard Dada (NZ)
Half life – Smerz
My Boy – Car Seat Headrest
Me and Michael – MGMT
Afterthought – Screw-Jack (NZ)
UFO ft. Allday – Mallrat
Metagoth – The Breeders
Hey – Matthew Young (NZ)
Crawfish – Elvis Presley
Dear Life – Beck
Tom Tom – Holy Fuck Same Sky ft. Siavani – 9-5ers (NZ)

Stephen Hawking (1942 - 2018) 

Me And Stephen Hawking – Manic Street Preachers

If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead – James Blake
Half Man Half Shark – King Krule
Blockbuster Night Pt. 1 – Run The Jewels
Limestone – Kauf
Stuck with Me – The Neighbourhood
Giving Up On Summer – Introverted Dancefloor (NZ)

Wednesday Wallbanger:

Wednesday – Good Morning

MICHUUL. – Duckwrth
Highway – Frankkey (NZ) 


Wednesday Drive but funny this time

Hive (ft. Vince Staples) – Earl Sweatshirt
Pray For Me – The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar

Interview w/ Frickin Dangerous Bro

Prison Song ft. Marchin Oz – Soulphiction
When I’m Lonely – Introverted Dancefloor (NZ)
Sometimes ft. bella – mmoonbeams (NZ)
What is Right ft. Nile Rogers & Abigail Wyles – Chase & Status
Bloodshot Red Eyes – Everything Is Recorded
YO! MY SAINT Ft. Michael Kiwanuka – Karen O
She Devil – Scraps
Cicada – La Luz

Interview w/ Sunday Morning Gothic

Fingertips – Savannah (NZ)
Landfall – Tweed (NZ)
Heave Away – The Fables
Half Man Half Shark – King Krule
Blue Train Lines – Mount Kimbie
Anything – Arlo (NZ)

Interview w/ Georgia Nott (The Venus Project)

Need A Man – The Venus Project (NZ)

Wednesday Wallbanger:

Wednesday Night Melody – Bleached 


Pray for Me – The Weekend & Kendrick Lamar
Confessions (Pt. III) ft. Colin Stetson – BADBADNOTGOOD
No More Words – SuiZhen
Jesse – Frankie Cosmos

Interview w/ Dan Brader

I Call the Shots ft. JME – Wiley
Lady – Bailey Wiley (NZ)

My Morning Jacket – Wordless Chorus (as requested by Dan Brader)

Diana By My Side – The Olympians (NZ)
Crickets – Ora Cogan
Train – Starcrawler
On Her Way (French Rebellion Rmx)- Skux (NZ)
Honey – Kehlani
Blissful Myth – Unsanitary Napkin (NZ)
Give It To Me – Motte (NZ)
Stuck – Day Wave
Breaking – AKSK
Nightlight – Little Dragon
A Man And A Woman – Consequence (NZ)
Seasong – Maryland (Dn)
Party Boy – Marlon Williams (NZ)
1000 Eyes – October (NZ)
Lazy Boy – Franz Ferdinand
Demeter – Indi (NZ)
BOOGIE – Brockhampton
It Can Be Done But Only They Can Do It – Tlaotlon (NZ)

Wednesday Wallbanger:

Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. – Simon & Garfunkel

Do the Astral Plane – Flying Lotus 

Wednesday Drive w./ Wave

Wednesday Drive w./ Henessey

New Order - Restless (Andrew Weatherall remix)
Beach House - Myth 
Princess Chelsea (NZ) - No Church On Sunday
Mongo Skato (NZ) - Fela 
Lets Go ft. MF DOOM - Shape Of Broad Minds 
Estere (NZ) - Pro Bono Techno Zone 
Angel Olsen - Special 
Flip Grater (NZ) - Dors Mon Bebe 
Frank Ocean - Pyramids 


October (NZ) - All She Does Is Stare 
Grimes - Oblivion 
Wolf Alice - Space & Time
Karen O - YO! MY SAINT ft. Michael Kiwanuka 
Will Saunders (NZ) - Another Deity Away 
Eyes No Eyes (NZ) - St Guillotine 
TRIUMPHS (DN) - Computer Man 
Connan Mockasin (NZ) - It's Choade, My Dear 
Dido - Thank You
Sufjan Stevens - The Only Thing
Father John Misty - When You're Smiling And Astride Me 
The National - This Is The Last Time 
Mac DeMarco - Let My Baby Stay 
Solange - Don't Touch My Hair 
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Take It Slow
Car Seat Headrest - War Is Coming (If You Want It)
Tame Impala - 'Cause I'm A Man

Wednesday Drive w./ ChelleShockk

Balkan Beat Box - Give It A Tone
Bjork - I Miss You
Jessie Cassin (NZ) - Slow
Christian Loffler - Nordkap
Kanye West, Jay Z & Big Sean - Clique
Gorillaz - Garage Palace ft. Little Simz
Outkast - Speedballin
Kimbra (NZ) - Top Of The World
Queens of the Stone Age - The Evil Has Landed
Randa (NZ) - Fashion
Cyndi Lauper - Early In The Mornin'
Little Dragon - Peace of Mind ft. Faith Evans
Koizilla (Dn) - Sloth
SZA - Anything
Trillion (NZ) - Cinders On The Dancefloor
Beyonce - Formation
Charlotte Gainsburg - Deadly Valentine
Roy Irwin (NZ) - King of Pop
Misfits - Dream Lover
Calvin Harris - Slide ft. Frank Ocean & Migos
Disasteradio (NZ) - Sweatshop
RJD2 - The Sheboygan Left
Ibeyi - I Wanna be Like You
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore feat. Aldous Harding
Bonobo - Samurai
The Fur Coats (NZ) - Why You Out There In The Rain
Goodshirt - Buck It Up
Kendrick Lamar - DUCKWORTH
Matthew Young (NZ) - Hey
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Over Everything
Soaked Oats (Dn) - Flies On The Wall
Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap
Julia Jacklin - Cold Caller
Lou Phelps - What Time Is It ft. Innanet James
The Beths (NZ) - Great No One
Jay-Z - 444
Seva Hifi (NZ) - Somebody
Dizzee Rascal - Space
Florist - If Blue Could Be Happiness
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Other People
Filthy Friends - Despierta
Cool Mediation (NZ) - Make It Rain

Wednesday Drive w./ Nicole

Soft Hair (NZ) - Lying Has To Stop
Lemon - N.E.R.D ft. Rihanna
G-Eazy - Waspy
The Tied - 1963
Phoenix - 1901
Dictaphone Blues (NZ) - Lance's Tape
Black Boy Peaches (DN) - Diamonds
Disasteradio (NZ) - Oh Yeah
Generationals - Durga II
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Other People
Roy Irwin (NZ) - King of Pop
Pixx - Baboo
Jol Mulholland (NZ) - Asleep In The Nowhere
Everything Is Recorded - Close But Not Quite ft. Sampha
Lost Beach - Famous For Foolin
KONGOS - Hey I Don't Know
Painted Blind (DN) - Leave It On The Edge Honey
Little Lapin (NZ) - Magnet Eyes
Childish Gambino - Sober
Crying - Wool In The Wash
Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma
LeRoyce - Sunny Nights
Terrible Sons (CHCH) - White Ribbon
Polyester (NZ) - Different For A Boy
Class Actress - Let Me Take You Out
Warpaint - Whiteout
Alice Merton - No Roots
Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked
Plush - Fixes
Angus & Julia Stone - Snow
The Situations (NZ) - King David
Soft Hair (NZ) - Relaxed Lizard 
Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5
The Killers - Losing Touch
The Checks (NZ) - Ballroom Baby
Gordi (NZ) - All The Light We Cannot See
The Jungle Giants - On Your Way Down
SZA - Normal Girl
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - December 
Porches - Country
Kane Strang (DN) - My Smile Is Extinct
Trick Mammoth (DN) - Baltimore

Evas last show

Nobody- @peace (NZ)
Yes Ft Heavy x LarzRanda - YokoZuna (NZ)
Lady - Baliey Wiley (NZ)
Royal Blue - Ladi6 (NZ)
Jazzy Samba - Latinaotearoa (NZ)
BRIXHEAD - Hot Donnas (NZ)
Houdini - Soaked Oats (NZ)
Fiji Baby - Goodshirt (NZ)
Every Broken Piece - Cheifs collective (NZ)
Screems From Da Old Plantation - King Kapisi (NZ)
Burn it down - Katchafire (NZ)
Sunday Morning Shade - Jimmy Baker (NZ) 
Son Of A Queen - Melodowns (NZ)
Shampoo and Conditioner - Eno x dirty (NZ)
All gived up - Alae (NZ)
Del Ray - Sola Rosa (NZ)
Thinking of you -Lord Echo (NZ)
For the Love of it - Salmonella dub (NZ)
Moonshine - Savage ft Akon (NZ)
Push - Savage, Far East Movement (NZ)
Miami 97 - Sandboards (NZ)
Are you ready for this - Weird Together (NZ)
Chuck Daily - Raiza Biza (NZ) 
Space - Homebrew (NZ)
Dos Fuegos - Bailey wiley (NZ)
Flashback - Fat Freddys Drop (NZ)
Do it slow - Team Dynamite (NZ)
Brizilian summer - Soulchef (NZ) 
1,2,3,4 - Coolio 
For better or for worse - Pharcyde 
I left my wallet in el segundo - ATCQ
Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty by nature 
Night gowns - Tom Misch 


Va by herself

Lady -Baliey Wiley (NZ)
Wil Smith - Lakes (NZ)
Guru (10A) remix - Ladi6 (NZ)
Introspective - Yoko Zuna (NZ)
Back to you - Sola Rosa (NZ)
444 - jay z 
Ric Flair - SWIDT (NZ)
Green light (Montell2099 Remix) (NZ)
Fly Casual - Average Rap Band (NZ)
Better days - The Black Seeds (NZ)
Da Booty - ATCQ
Jazzy zumba - Latinateoroa (NZ)
Don't let it go to your head - Brand Nubian 
Players ball - Outkast 
DRIVE CD   - Lotta sea lice
The Anthem - Melodownz (NZ)
Street Talking - Slick Rick 
4 better of for worse - ATCQ
Wreckonize - Smif n wesson
Im better - missy elliot 
Get ur Freak On - Missy elliot
Go Hard - Q tip 
Hold it down - Das EFX
X gon' give it to ya - DMX
Atliens - OutKast 
Lose yourself to Dance - Daft punk 
Praise you like i should - Fat boy slim 
Rock the house - Gorillaz 
If you must - Del the Funky homosapien 
1-2-3-4 - Coolio
Nothing but a freak - Sandboards (NZ)
Mother Mary - Average Rap band (NZ)
Stop - j-dilla
House Party - Raiza Biza (NZ)

Jesses last show Aka to chilling to write his set list

Evas set, from about halfway ish

Jazzy Samba - Latinaotearoa (NZ)
Redeemer - Sola Rosa (NZ)
Dos Fuegos - Baliey Wiley (NZ)
Set it off - JessB (NZ)
Ric Flair - SWIDT (NZ)
Sitting inside my Head - Supergroove (NZ)
Sophie - Goodshirt (NZ)
Verona - Elemono p (NZ)
Salt - Hot Donnaz (NZ)
Cool me down - Black Seeds (NZ)
Listen to us - Homebrew (NZ)
$on of a Queen - Melodownz (NZ)
Love Letter - Katchafire (NZ)
45- 56 is my number - Toots and the Maytals
Nobody - @peace (NZ)