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JB's Dream Land

2pm - 4pm with Jon

JB's Dream Land

JB's Dream Land

The Naked and Famous - Punching In A Dream
Lips - Traces of Teddy
Miloux - Pocket
Merk - Manchuria
Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses
The Flaming Lips - There Should Be Unicorns
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend
Lawrence Arabia - I Waste My Time
Deerhoof - I Will Spite Survive (ft. Jenn Wasner)
Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound
Bunnies On Ponies - Destination Newtown Park Flats
Kirin J Callinan - S.A.D.

Side B w./ JB ::: Jonathan Bree - A Little Night Music
Jonathan Bree - Murder
Jonathan Bree - Weird Hardcore
Jonathan Bree - Prelude
Jonathan Bree - Tear Your Face Off
Jonathan Bree - There Is Sadness

Disasteradio - You Win
Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot
Ghost Wave - Arkestra
Cigarettes After Sex - Apocalypse
Doprah - San Pedro
Fraser Ross - Kitchen Blues

JB's Dream Land

John White - Morning Dream
Stars - You Keep Coming Up
The Chemical Brothers - Under Neon Lights ft. St. Vincent
Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man
Lake South - Radiate
Introverted Dancefloor - When I'm Lonely
Bic Runga - Drive (Silicon Remix)
Anthonie Tonnon - Two Free Hands
GRIMM SELFIE - Fake Out (three)
Kedr Livansky - Ariadna
Womb - Lioness

Side B w./ JB ::: Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile - Lotta Sea Lice
Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile - Continental Breakfast
Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile - On Script
Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile - Blue Cheese
Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile - Peepin' Tom
Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile - Untogether

Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener
Warpaint - Whiteout
Flight Facilities - Arty Boy ft. Emma Louise
Madeira - Crave You (Flight Facilities cover)
Jenny Hval - Female Vampire
Grimes - Venus Fly ft. Janelle Monae

JB's Dream Land

Kurt Vile - Wakin On A Pretty Day
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anenome
Jens Jekman - The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love
Little Lapin - Californian Sun
Irma Thomas - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is
BADBADNOTGOOD - Confessions (pt. 3) ft. Colin Stetson
Lord Echo - The Sweetest Meditation ft. Mara TK (Julien Dyne Remix)
Tycho - Send And Recieve (Chachi Jones Remix)
Alphabethead - Smart Bucket
alt-J - Deadcrush

Side B w./ JB ::: Anthonie Tonnon- Successor
Anthonie Tonnon - Water Underground
Anthonie Tonnon - A Friend From Argentina
Anthonie Tonnon - Mr. Cargill
Anthonie Tonnon - The Capital
Anthonie Tonnon - Dumpster Diving

Soft Hair - Lying Has To Stop
Matt Umland - Magnet
Esther Stephens & The Means - French Kiss
Alvvays - Plimsoll Punks
Eyes No Eyes - St Guillotine
Wolf Alice - Beautifully Unconventional
Mary Lou Williams - The Pussy's In The Well

JB's Dream Land

Electric Guest - American Daydream
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Over Everything
Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile
The Flaming Lips - Worm Mountain ft. MGMT
Sixtoo - Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man pt. 1-3
Foals - Balloons
Danny Drive Thru - Ante Up
Lana Del Rey - West Coast
Amiria Grenell - Peace Flower
Side B w./ JB ::: The Clean - Odditties
The Clean - Yellow Man
The Clean - End Of My Dream
The Clean - Platypus
The Clean - This Guy
The Clean - David Bowie
The Clean - Mudchucker Blues
Astro Children, Lucy Hunter, and Billy TK - Getting Older (The Clean cover)
Death & The Maiden - Flowers For The Blind
Nadia Reid - Richard
Mzwetwo - God Said ft. KVKA, Tasta Nasa, and Roman Schwerdtfeger
Aldous Harding - Horizon
Tiny Ruins - Me At The Museum, You At The Wintergardens
Chelsea Jade - Life Of The Party
Bic Runga - Close Your Eyes
Ron Gallipoli - Work Is An Amethyst
Lorde - Green Light

JB's Dream Land

French For Rabbits - Feathers And Dreams
Sur Back - Kitsch
Lanu - Dragon Sun ft. Megan Washington
Lake South - Radiate
LEISURE - All Over You (Montel2099 Remix)
Astro Children - Straight For My Heart
Mermaidens - Smothering Posession
Coyote - Life Is Grey
Marlon Williams - Vampire Again
Alt-J - Deadcrush
Princess Chelsea - Monkey Eats Bananas
Toto - Africa (but with the Donkey Kong Country Soundfont.mid)
Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - Africa 

Side B w./ JB ::: Lawrence Arabia - Absolute Truth
Lawrence Arabia - O Heathcote
Lawrence Arabia - Another Century
Lawrence Arabia - The Palest Of Them All
Lawrence Arabia - Mask Of Maturity
Lawrence Arabia - What Became Of That Angry Young Man?

Fabulous/Arabia - You Won't Remember This Feeling At All
Balam Acab - Andiwilltellu
Bezier - Stranger ft. Nicole Ginelli & Doc Sleep
Julio Bashmore - Troglodytes
Justice - Randy
Disasteradio - Sweatshop

JB's Dream Land

ODESZA - Higher Ground ft. Naomi Wild
B O K E H - Don't Leave The Fire
Youth Lagoon - Daydream (Noah Hyde Remix)
London Grammar - Hell To The Liars (Kolsch Remix)
Kedr Livanskiy - Ariadna
October - Pure
Eru Dangerspiel - Coq Au Vin
Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes - Get Gone
Thundercat - Them Changes
Lord Julien - Shades

Side B w./ JB ::: Sherpa - Blues & Oranges
Sherpa - Eclipse The Night Away
Sherpa - Cube
Sherpa - Die Jung
Sherpa - Dawn Glass Morn
Sherpa - Miyunhey
Sherpa - Not Today
Sherpa - Sunrise

RACING - Misbehaving
Mating Ritual - Drunk
Phoenix - Rome (Neighbours With Devendra Banhart)
Regina Spektor - All The Row Boats
indi - Woman
Merk - Manchuria
Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man That Will Find You

JB's Dream Land

The Clean - In The Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Over Everything
Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses
Bad Sav - Buy Something New
Racing - If Only
Phoebe Bridgers - Motion Sickness
The All Seeing Hand - Lizard Brain
Space Bats, Attack! - Battle
Swidt - Alfred & Church
Iamforest - Structures (Iamforest Remix)
Shocking Pinks - Cutout (Expanding Head Band Version)

Side B w./ JB ::: The Dandy Warhols - Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
The Dandy Warhols - Get Off
The Dandy Warhols - Sleep
The Dandy Warhols - Cool Scene
The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
The Dandy Warhols - Shakin'
The Dandy Warhols - Big Indian
The Dandy Warhols - The Gospel

Lawrence Arabia - The Palest Of Them All
Kane Strang - Silence Overgrown
Koizilla - Yes
Goodshirt - Place To Be

JB's Dream Land

Alvvays - Dreams Tonite
Little Bark - Arpeggiator
Crystal Castles - Char
Grimes - Kill V. Maim
City Oh Sigh - Blow My Mind
Grayson Gilmour - Blow Back
French For Rabbits - Hollow Bodied Friends
Basement Jaxx - Sneakin' Toronto (The Martinez Brothers Remix)
Justice - Pleasure
TOBACCO - Slaughtered by the Amway Guy
Roger Waters - Smell The Roses
Sherpa - Lunar Bats
Ha The Unclear - Big City

Side B w./ JB ::: Disasteradio - Charisma
Disasteradio - Gravy Rainbow
Disasteradio - No Pulse
Disasteradio - Cat
Disasteradio - Virtual Sunrise
Disasteradio - Hello World
Disasteradio - Charisma

Trans Am - North East Rising Sun
Frase + Bri - 8 Hr Crush
Busy P - Genie ft. Mayer Hawthorne
Deltron 3030 - Positive Contact
Elan Vital - Hologram
APE - Holy Water ft. Tomer Yosef
Brother Ali - We Got This ft. Sa-Roc
KRS-One - MCs Act Like They Don't Know
Electric Guest - Bait (Shlohmo Remix)

JB's Dream Land

Laney Blue - Dreaming
Blonde Redhead - 23
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend
Popstrangers - Heaven
Roy Irwin - Demons Cave
The Shocking Pinks - Us Against The City
Fabulous / Arabia - Up To My Neck In Shit
Lord Echo - Bohemian Idol (DJ Day Remix)
Katchafire - I and I
Frankie Cosmos - Embody
John White - Henry Green
Maple Syrup - Wannabe (Spice Girls cover)

Side B w./ JB ::: Weezer - Pinkerton
Weezer - The Good Life
Weezer - El Scorcho
Weezer - Pink Triangle
Weezer - Falling For You
Weezer - Butterfly

Red Steers - Night Hawkes
Karlmarx - Leaning Shadows
Lolawolf - House Key
Lindstrom - Ra-ako-st
Speedy Ortiz - Screen Gem
Rilo Kiley - Portions For Foxes
Wolf Alice - Giant Peach

JB's Dream Land

The Naked And Famous - Punching In A Dream
Mura Masa - Blu ft. Damon Albarn
Moderat - Therapy
Daughter - Amsterdam
Sharon Van Etten - Taking Chances
indi. - Lakes + Wait
MO - Nights with You
Kamasi Washington - Truth
KRS-One - What Kinda World
BADBADNOTGOOD - In Your Eyes (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Side B w./ JB ::: The Shins - Oh, Inverted World
The Shins - New Slang
The Shins - The Celibate Life
The Shins - Girl On The Wing
The Shins - Your Algebra
The Shins - Pressed in a Book
The Shins - The Past and Pending

Jon Lemmon - Wonder
Siriusmo - Wow (Modselektor Remix)
Warpaint - New Song (Jagwar Ma Remix)
Daniel Maloso - Body Music
Daphni - Yes I Know
Levi Patel - Since Last Letters
Merk - Ash & Sand
Asgeir - Stardust

JB's Dream Land

Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener
The Beths - Whatever
Grimes - California
Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses
Radiohead - Video Tapez ft. Del the Funky Homosapien (Amplive Remix)
Deltron 3030 - Memory Loss
Prince Rama - Welcome To The Now Age
Eyes No Eyes - St Guillotine
Red Alder - Circles
Levi Patel & Suren Unka - You
Pick a Piper - Geographically Opposed ft. Introverted Dancefloor

Side B w./ JB ::: Opposite Sex - Hamlet
Opposite Sex - Regicide
Opposite Sex - Vicarious Life
Opposite Sex - Tasman's Puke
Opposite Sex - Long Dead Night

Embedded Figures - Melancholia
Emily Reo - Wind
Frankie Cosmos - I'm 20
Alt J - 3WW
Scott Manion - Your Kinda Love
Matt Umland - Magnet
GRIMM SELFIE - Fake Out (Two)
Bonobo - Samurai
Kamandi - Manawa
Lorde - Green Light (Chromeo Remix)

JB's Dream Land

Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM
French For Rabbits - Hollow Bodied Friends
Foxygen - Shuggie
Tennis - 10 Minutes 10 Years
The Coathangers - Perfume
Speedy Ortiz - Screen Gem
Deerhunter - Helicopter
The National - The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness
Planetarium - Venus
Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People (Classic Rock Mix)
Disasteradio - Oh Yeah
Phelps & Munro - Live At The K.A.
The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home

Side B w./ JB ::: Grayson Gilmour - Otherness
Grayson Gilmour - Otherness
Grayson Gilmour - Sundowning
Grayson Gilmour - Slow Hope
Grayson Gilmour - Artery
Grayson Gilmour - Don't Let It Get You!

The Postal Service - This Place Is A Prison
The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 8
HEAVY - Coming Out
The Weeknd - House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
Gold Panda - In My Car
Purity Ring - Asido
Kirin J. Callinan - S.A.D. (Song About Drugs)

JB's Dream Land

Alt-J - Deadcrush
Dictaphone Blues - Bully
Asta Rangu - Skip On Trak One
Fazed On A Pony - Mary Like Me
Kirin J Callinan - Living Each Day ft. Connan Mockasin
Chelsea Jade - Life of the Party
Purple Pilgrims - Thru Evry Cell
Leisure - Got It Bad
Ladi6 - Guru (10A Remix)
She's So Rad - Levels (Kutcorners Remix)
Edie - Helix
indi. - Stay
Grawlixes - Set Free
Bic Runga - Wolves
Nakey - No Job

Side B w./ JB ::: Kane Strang - Two Hearts And No Brain
Kane Strang - Summertime In Your Lounge
Kane Strang - My Smile Is Extinct
Kane Strang - Two Hearts And No Brain
Kane Strang - It's Not That Bad
Kane Strang - Don't Follow Me (I'm Lost)
Kane Strang - Good Guy

Levi Patel - Since Last Letters
Youth Lagoon - The Knower
Yuna Lesca - 383
Golden Axe - Got To Be Startin' Somethin'
Yoko Zuna - Yes ft. Heavy x LarzRanda
St. Vincent - New York
Wet Wings - Beach Party
Chad VanGaalen - Peace On The Rise

JB's Dream Land

Death & the Maiden - Dear _____
LEISURE - Take It To The Top
Boycrush - Flirt ft. Yumi Zouma & Madeira
Madeira - Let Me Down
Soft Hair - In Love
The Ruby Suns - There Are Birds
Space Bats, Attack! - Shifty Drifty
Jakob - Blind Them With Science
The Golden Awesome - Autumn
Bad Sav - Buy Something New

Side B w./ JB ::: Fazerdaze - Morningside
Fazerdaze - Take It Slow
Fazerdaze - Shoulders
Fazerdaze - Friends
Fazerdaze - Half-Figured
Fazerdaze - Bedroom Talks

Bailey Wiley - Love & Trepidation
Little Dragon - Test
Erykah Badu- Hello ft. Andre 3000
APE - Holy Water ft. Tomer Yosef
Koizilla - Yes
Kane Strang - Not Quite
Grawlixes - Good Shadow
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend
Laurel Halo - Jelly
Grimes - Genesis


JB's Dream Land

The Strokes - Under The Cover of Darkness
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anenome
Parquet Courts - Stoned and Starving
The Black Keys - Wicked Messenger
Q-Tip - Feelin
Kendrick Lamar - DNA.
TV On The Radio - Careful You
Dan Deacon - Feel The Lightning
Dan the Automator & Heiroglyphics - Don't Hate The Player
Santigold - Brooklyn (Go Hard) ft. Jay-Z
Janelle Monae - Tightrope ft. Big Boi
Sur Back - Pastel

Side B w./ JB ::: Glass Vaults - The New Happy
Glass Vaults - Rewind
Glass Vaults - The New Happy
Glass Vaults - Bleached Blonde
Glass Vaults - Halaah Ha!

Telepathe - Drown Around Me
Gang Gang Dance - Glass Jar
Sun Araw - Deep Cover
Porches - Be Apart
The Evens - Dinner With The President

JB's Dream Land

Of Montral - No Conclusion
Panda Bear - Bros
Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone (Metronomy Remix)
Sherpa - Dawn Glass Morn
Tame Impala - Let It Happen (Soulwax Remix)
The Naked and Famous - All Of This (James Duncan Remix)
Bic Runga - This Girl's Prepared For War
Kane Strang - Winded
Robert Scott - Lazy Boy (ft. Tiny Ruins)
Tiny Ruins - Carriages
Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy
(Falling In Love - Alan Watts)
indi. - Tablelands
The National - Morning Dew
Koizilla - Yes
The Dandy Warhols - Everyone Is Totally Insane
The Clean - Are You Really On Drugs?
The Shins - Phantom Limbs
Jenny Lewis - The Next Messiah
The Shifting Sands - Coming Back
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend
Courtney Hate - This Is Not Ironic, Watch Me While I Cry
Devendra Banhart - Seahorse

JB's Dream Land

Alt-J - Hunger of the Pine
Temples - Golden Throne (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation)
New Dawn - Organza
Radiohead - Daydreaming
Atoms For Peace - Default
David Bowie - Love Is Lost (James Murphy Remix)
Grayson Gilmour - Tunnel Visions
Grimes - Go ft. Blood Diamonds
Christoph El Truento - MoOon Birds
Air - Once Upon A Time
(How To Remove Anxiety - Alan Watts)
Matt Umland - Magnet
Lord Echo - Woah! There's No Limit
The Nudge - The Balance Change
Metro Zu - Softwork Hardhead
A.Dd+ - Can't Come Down
Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe (ft. Dr. Dre)
Parallel Dance Ensemble - Weight Watchers
Mayer Hawthorne - Henny & Gingerale

JB's Dream Land

HEAVY - Shrink
@peace - Gravity (Totems Remix)
Tourettes - The New New Zealand
Trillion - Cinders on the Dancefloor
Secret Knives - Every1 (Shocking Pinks cover)
Sherpa - Quit Time
Phantogram - Fall In Love
Signer - Languidly Toot
Pick a Piper - Geographically Opposed ft. Introverted Dancefloor
Glass Vaults - Ancient Gates
PJ Harvey - The Community Of Hope
Esben and the Witch - Sylvan
(Choice - Alan Watts)
Jakob - Emergent
Chelsea Jade - Life of the Party
Arcade Fire - Everything Now
Urban Tramper - For A 30 Hr Working Week
Wolf Alice - Giant Peach
Wild Bill Ricketts - Siamese Dream ft. Connan Mockasin
Cat Power - Ruin
Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM
Agent Ewok - Bob's Place Blues
Parquet Courts - Black and White
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Seven Kinds Of Wonderful
Pixies - Gigantic
Prince Rama - Rest In Peace

JB's Dream Land

The All Seeing Hand - Swarm
Alphabethead - Croaker
Shocking Pinks - Double Vision Version
Lo-Fang - #88
Caribou - Bees
Sur Back - Trophy Daughter
Santigold - Chasing Shadows
Bon Iver - 22 (OVER SooN)
Fazerdaze - Jennifer
Beach House - PPP
Purity Ring - Obedear

A New Zealand Music Month Toast to... The Mint Chicks
The Mint Chicks - Blue Team Go!
The Mint Chicks - Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No?
The Mint Chicks - Red, White Or Blue
The Mint Chicks - I Can't Stop Being Foolish
The Mint Chicks - Say Goodbye

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Thought Ballune
Bic Runga - Devil On Tambourine
Silicon - Burning Sugar
Lord Echo - Woah! There's No Limit
Trinity Roots - This Road
Hotel Silk - Step
SoccerPractice - I Was Screaming

JB's Dream Land

Bachelorette - Down In The Street
Voodoo Gangster - Summer Of Voodoo
Orchestra of Spheres - We All Rotate
Golden Axe - Moon Of Peaceful Planet
Module - Manga Power
Purple Pilgrims - Thru Evry Cell
Abigail Knudson - Missy
indi. - Precipice
Grayson Gilmour - Lockjaw Language (Race Banyon Remix)
Groeni - The Oak
French For Rabbits - Woke Up To A Storm
Merk - Ash & Sand

A New Zealand Music Month Toast to... The Reduction Agents and Lawrence Arabia
The Reduction Agents - The Pool
The Reduction Agents - Urban Yard
The Reduction Agents - Waiting For Your Love
Lawrence Arabia - Talk About The Good Times
Lawrence Arabia - Look Like A Fool
Lawrence Arabia - Sweet Dissatisfaction

Princess Chelsea - Cold Glass Tube (The Reduction Agents cover)
Depressed Housecat - House Abyss
Dictaphone Blues - 365 ft. Emily Edrosa
The Beths - Whatever
Left Or Right - Hitchy
Che Fu - The Mish (2)