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Cosmic Tuesday Drive

4pm - 7pm Tuesday with Hannah & Sunaina

Cosmic Tuesday Drive

Radio One's 'Drive' programme is the station's flagship, prime-time, magazine-style radio show hosted by the station's top presenters, DJs, and news readers. From 4 - 7pm, Monday through to Friday, tune in to the Drive show for news, reviews, interviews, prizes and giveaways alongside a premier sampling of Radio One's exemplary contemporary and alternative sound.

COSMIC Tuesday Drive: "I cry every time I watch WWYD." 😭

Try not to cry challenge, I DARE YOU Illiterate man is harassed by café cashier | WWYD 

Jay dubs & hudge (nz) - satori 
INF (NZ) - not yet 
Imugi (nz) - dizzy
astronauts -hider
babyshambles - delivery
girlboss (nz) - bully
bones garage - seasons break
vera blue- the way that you love me 
JD twitch - why go to war (william onyeaborcover)
asta rangu (dn) - skip on track one
carb on carb (nz) - annual leave
honey blood - (i'd rather be) anywhere but here 
jed parsons (nz) - everybody's stupid 
wild nothing - oscillation
flying lotus - coronus, the terminator
night lunch (dn) - maximum wage 
morgan zarate - sticks and stones ft. eska &ghostface killah
st vincent- teenage talk 
blood orange - dark & handsome  ft. Toro y Moi
the ettes -  you can't do that to me 
BANKS - drowning 
HTRK - give it up 
lontalius - make my dreams come true
the very best - hear me
anthonie tunnon (nz) - old image
ILJ (NZ) - paid to be a slave 
eru dangerspeil (nz) - sun again  ft anna coddington 
alt- j - deadcrush ft danny bowen 
ariel pink - stray here with you
rednose distrikt - plop ft. harco pront  
miles monaco - gravity 
bobandii, chaji - falcon
faime - promises   
atnight (nz) - pressure 
main attrakionz - vegetables 
oscar dowling (nz) - the life

Cosmic Tuesday Drive: "Lang Jai."

Madeira (nz) - let me down 
ammonation (nz) - forever 
goldlink - u say feat tyler the creator 
soulphiction -prison song  ft. marcin
rei (nz) - kia tau
sudan archives - nont for sale 
archi banal (nz) - u don't stop the beat
antwon - luv
DUAL (nz) - vidgame
a.c. freazy - only one 
bob moses - heaven only knows 
matthew young - panama city 
eyeliner (nz) - toy dog 
bailey wiley (nz) - sugar  ft- melowdownz
koushik - be with
resident good (nz ) -waiting for a train (an unforgettable journey)
grimes - genisis
astronauts - in my direction 
tyler the creator - gone gone thank you
othersun -never alone
ben woods (nz) - romancy 
conan mockasin (nz) - it's choad my dear
totems (nz) - overcast  ft. foxtrot  
these new puirtans - swords of truth 
dateline (nz) - if you want it
raiza baiza (nz) - stolen youth
the very best (nz) - hear me
aldous harding (nz) - i'm so sorry
joanna newsom - sapokanikan
dewie (nz) - silent killer

COSMIC Tuesday Drive: Reminding you to drink your water.

 go follow @drinkwaterslut for your soul to be quenched💦

SBTRKT- Wildfire ft Little dragon 
IDLES-  Mercedes Marxist 
Frankie Cosmos - Sand 
Soccer Practise (nz) - Kaua E mate wheke 1
Miss June - Enemies
the ruby suns - cranberry
a place to bury strangers - frustrated operator 
neil& liam finn (nz) - ghosts
resident good (nz) - waiting for a train (an unforgettable journey)
of montreal - gallery piece 
milpool (Dn) - yr side   
Osisima - sun of truth ft mei saraswati 
aldous harding (nz) - stop your tears
passion pit - the reeling 
elmore judd - we float 
del girl (nz) - between earth and the sky
(sandy) alex g - hope
grimes - oblivion
wild beasts - sweet spot
snail mail - thinning 
kendrick lamar - backseat free style
cydel (nz) - i love you 
ben woods (nz) - romancy 
randa (nz) - rock bottom 
homeshake - heat
anthony valadez - good looking
mermaidens (nz) - millenia 
samoyed - fawn 
bidiquette (dn) - in your dreams 
trentmoller - in the garden ft. lina tullgreen 
p.h.f (nz) - sometimes
isaac gracie - terrified 
connan mockasin (nz) - its choad my dear 
amamelia (nz) -drop it low 
man man - mister jung stuffed 
Frank Sinatra - fly me to the moon
shafiq husayn - its better for you
cusshe - tie 
leisure - man 
a$ap rocky - goldie


COSMIC Tuesday Drive: "Are they driving you crazy or forward?"

RYX - Deliverance
Sleater- Kinney - hurry on home
atlas sound -  terra incognita
LYTCN - Ride
dead little penny (nz) - honeycomb
amamelia (nz) -  drop it low
lionlimb - domino
Rich Brian - Yellow (feat. Bekon)
alt j - 3WW
Meer (nz) - WOAH ft Jess B
Repulsive Woman (NZ) - soft borders
B O K E H (nz) - i know you know
Nuage - best mistake
Astronuats, Etc - place with you 
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Le'ts make out
RF Shannon - Black Madonna so devine
Govrnmint (Dn) -  on screen
A. Dd+ -  can't come down
old loaves (nz) - hounds
Leno Lovecraft (nz) - universal harmony 
Boards of Canada - Reach for the dead
Thom Yorke - Dawn Chorus
Dabrye - game over  ft. jay dee & phat Kat (flying lotus rmx) 
Carlos nino & miguel atwood fergusson -  find a way
Faim - Rain 
Ren - waves
conan mockasin (nz) - it's choade my dear 
FKA Twigs - water me 
Mafalda- Hate me right 
vera blue - the way that you loved me 
shape of the broad minds - so much chaos ft lil Sci 
amon tobin - kitchen sink (clark rmx) 
florist- cool & refreshing 
MISS JUNE (nz) - enemies 
Grimes - oblivion
the hifi orchestra - tune in 
Mantle (nz) - razed hills

Cosmic Tuesday Drive: John Paul Jones

Angel Olsen - Shut up and kiss me
Dude York-  Should ve
Lizzo -Truth - Hurts
Matias Aguayo - Roller skate
Fuck Buttons - Rough steeze (White hot remix) 
finn andews - love what can i do 
creme jean (nz) - atrophy

Interview w/. Otago Malaysian Students Assocation (OMSA) for their upcoming cultural evening Malam Malaysia (2019) Di Mata Dunia (In the Eyes of the World) (Thx gals for coming thru Jean, Farisha, Dalina & Ain)

31st Aug 7-10pm @ the Teachers College of Education Auditorium 
Grab your tix ASAP and keep up to date w./ OMSA here. 

unknown mortal orchestra - first wold problem  
Pillow person - on your way 
fruit juice- cicadas 
jordan rakei -rolling into one 
disasterariod (nz) - no pulse

Atlas sound - terra incognito
real estate -stained glass
purple pilgrims-  love in lunacy (saturn return)
metromony - a thing for me (breakbot remix)
sarah mary chadwick (nz) - cool it
sampa the great - omg 
Dre dre- genocide ft Kendrick Lamar, Marsha Ambrosius & Candice Pillay
Blood Orange - it is what it is
Mr Gnome - light
Neil macleod (NZ) - come down  
Boards of canada -reach for the deep

I don't watch The Bachelorette US but when I do I watch the C.R.A.C.K.S 

PLAYED ON AIR: the man the myth the meme john paul jones (a.k.a YASS QUEEN). For the DL on BIG MIKE and ofcourse the Lukeness monster that is Luke P, these are for you:

 mike from the bachelorette being THAT b*tch for 7 minutes 

mike from the bachelorette being THAT b*tch for 7 minutes... part 2 

making mountains out of rose podiums: bachelorette crack 

christoph el truento (nz) - sunflower
jenny hval - ashes to ashes 
average rap band (nz) - what it is
floating points- nespole 
snial mail- thinning 
late of the pier - random firl 
mo kolours - tears, sand, thomas ft. jonWayne 
SJD (nz) - Lena 
Randa (NZ) - Rock Bottom   
Deptford goth - The Loop

The ruby suns (nz) -michi be mayoimashita

COSMIC Tuesday Drive: "You're not dumb, you're just panicking."

Alphabetahead (NZ) - Ghouls & Ghosts
Flying Lotus -  More (ft. Anderson Paak) 
Lucy Dacus - forever half mast 
Floating Points - Les Alpx 
LIPS &Kimbra (NZ) - Silent Treatment 
JessB (nz) - BUMP BUMP ft Church  
Adam Hattaway (NZ) -The Law
SuiZhen- No more words
Kendrick Lamar - i 
Holly Afoa (NZ) - Forget You ft DSCNDNT 
Jack Berry (Dn) - HOLLYWOOD 
Molly Devine (Dn) -Someone like you 
Dad Jokes (NZ) - Dogs Best Friend
Vampire Weekend - Sympathy 
Dateline (NZ) -  If you want it 
Randa (NZ) - Angel Boy
Pixels (NZ) - Low Batteries
The Ruby Suns (AKL) - In real life
Main Attrakionz - ain't no other way 
Esratz Savant (NZ) - Slow song 
Repulsive Woman (Dn) - Earn it twice 
Eden Burns (Dn) - BOM BOM
Soaked Oats (Dn)- Don't Chew
Cate Le bon - Sad Nudes
Lizzo - Truth Hurts
Death & The Maiden (Dn) - River Underground
Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You
Yessses (Dn) - Cynic
Koizilla (Dn) - I can't see anything 
Lontalius (NZ) - Make my dreams come true
JessB (NZ) - Mood 
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - How Much 
Flyspray (Dn) - Flyspray 
Ian Sweet - Hologrpahic 
alt J - In cold blood ft Pusha T  
Vegabond - Cold Apartment floors 
Emily Wells - pack of nobodies 
NAME UL (NZ)- Don't look down


COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Purple Pilgrims (NZ) - love in Lunacy (Saturn Returns)
Jenny Hval - Ashes to Ashes
him (NZ) - i eat
Floral Shirt (NZ) - Monday
Yves Tumor - Life time
Tehuhu (NZ) - Cruising around 
Secret Knives (NZ) - Snuff
Human Confusion (Dn)- Overwhelmed (HC RMX)
Julien Dyne (NZ) - Copernicus
Death And the Maiden (Dn) - River Underground
Half Waif- Lavendar Burning 
Dual (NZ) - Yellow 
Hellier (NZ) - Oskar Says
Astro Children (Dn) - Gaze 
Kool Aid (NZ) - Family Portrait Revisited 
Esratz Savant (NZ) - Slow song
NAME UL (NZ) - Don't Look Down
Jack Berry (Dn) - HOLLYWOOD
A.C freazy (DN) - the other side
flying lotus - more (ft anderson paak)
SUiZhen- perfect place 
Bediquette (Dn) -Anything Else 
Trent moller- in the garden 
Cub Sport - Bats 
Jamila Woods - ZORA 
Louis Baker (NZ) - So Lo
Lontalius (NZ) - Make my dreams come true
JessB (NZ) - Mood
Snail Mail - Thinning 
Ross from Friends - Pale Blue Dot 
LIPS & Kimbra (NZ) - Silent Treatment 
John White (Dn) - Batholemule Brixton 
Randa (NZ) - Rock Bottom  
Alphabetahead (NZ) - Ghouls & Ghosts
Repairs (NZ) - Eyes Closed
imugi (NZ) - I Am
Tiny Ruins -How much 
Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News
AURORA - Churchyard 


COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Remember Sports- Pull Through 
The Bluebook Project (NZ) - Hurricane 
Day Glo Rocks (NZ) - Sea Change
Leisure (NZ) - Too much of a good thing
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Astonishing Comet
Bespin (NZ) - East of Her   
Florence + The Machine - Big God
Iggy & The Stooges - I got a right
Cream Jean (NZ) - Atrophy
Repulsive Woman (Dn) - Earn it twice 
Hugo Jay (NZ) - It's Us 
Lontalius (NZ) - I wanted him 
Tim Wrath - Expert (NZ) 
Randa (NZ) - Rock Bottom 
Lucky Boy^ (NZ)- Turn off that light
The Beths (NZ) - Happy Unhappy 
Sarah Mary Chadwick (NZ) - Sugar still melts in the rain 
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) -  Solitary Guys
Nate Meceerau - Righteous Energy 
Taccat  - I hate the weekend 
Name UL (NZ) - Don't look down
Psychosis (Dn) - Hotel God Pigeon
So Below (NZ) - Visions
Zo (NZ) - Water Baby 
Ibeyi - Stranger/ Lover (Mark Ronson Rmx) 
Lontalius - Make My Dreams come true 
Jack Berry (Dn) - HOLLYWOOD
Coyote (Dn) - RAM 

SOHN - Nil 
Serpenwithfeet - cherubin 
Jaye Bartnell - Laundry Line
Vampire Weekend - Sympathy 
Big Theif - Century 
Polyester (NZ) - Different for a boy 
Busdriver - me vs me
WYZDM (NZ) - On my own ft. Low 
ASAP Ferg - East Coast ft Remy Ma (Clean)

Soaked Oats - Don't Chew 
Lake South (NZ)- South Coast
Maryland (Dn) - Seasong
Lontalius (NZ) - That includes you

COSMIC Tuesday Drive w./ Bonnie

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Grimes - Butterfly
Jack Berry - Hollywood (Dn)
Kaytranada - DYSFUCTIONAL (Ft. VanJess)
Ghost Wave - Heaven (Shayne P. Carter Rmx) (NZ)
Tune-Yards - SIGNS (Detroits theme)
Sophie - Faceshopping
Mongo Skato - Beautiful U R (NZ)
Venessa Worm - I Did The lava Dance (Dn)
A. G. Cook - Superstar
Lake South - South Coast (NZ)
Vampire Weekend - Sympathy
Lizzo - Truth Hurts
Yaeji - Raingurl
Ross From Friends - Pale Blue Dot
Sandboards - Look Blue (Dn)
Broodlings - Champagne
Aphex Twin - T96 Collapse
Tooth Shy - Affiliate (NZ)
Yoko Zuna - Voltron (NZ)
Radiohead - little By Little (Caribou Rmx)
Jess B - Bump Bump (Ft. Church) (NZ)
Goldlink - U Say (Ft. Tyler the Creator & Jay Prince)
Alt J - Deadcruch (Ft. Danny Brown)
Bobandii - Falcon (Ft. Chaii) (NZ)
James Blake - Where's the Catch (Ft. Andre 3000)
Karen O & Danger Mouse - Turn the Light
Tame Impala - Borderline
Estere - Tokoloshe (Ft. Riza Biza) (NZ)
Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Rmx)
Onono - The Gardener (NZ)
Soaked Oats - Dont Chew (NZ)
LCD Soundsystem - I Want Your Love (Chic cover)
Of Montreal - Lets Relate
Leisure - Too Much of a Good Thing (NZ)
Methyl Ethyl - Scream Whole 
High Hoops - Body (NZ)
Jamila Woods - BALDWIN (Ft. Nico Segal)
Faye Webster - Pigeon
Purple Pilgrims - Two Worlds Apart (NZ)
French Concession - Empress (NZ)
FKA Twigs - Cellophane

COSMIC Tuesday Drive w./ Christina

Lake South (NZ) - South Coast 
Mermaidens (NZ) - Cut it open 
Tyler the Creator - GONE GONE THANK YOU 
Sampa the Great - Final Form 
Sleater- Kenny - Hurry on Home 
Beachware - Leave it alone 
So Below (NZ) - close 
Weyes Blood-  Movies 
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Slothrust - Travel Bug
Monkey Safari - Walls 
Jens Lekman - what's that perfume 
Daughter- Numbers
Juniore -Christine
Young Tapz - Found Her ft. Mzwetwo
Aldous Harding (NZ) -  Zoo Eyes 
Lucy Hunter (Dn) - please just break my heart an dlet me go
Vannessa Worm - i did a lava dance
Tiny pieces of 8 (Dn) - Forty Paces 
Jack Berry (Dn) - HOLLYWOOD
Anderson Paak - make it better 
Vampire Weekend - Sympathy 
Cate Le Bon - Sad Nude 
Louis Baker (NZ) - The People 
Tami Neilson (NZ) - Stay outta my business 
Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News 
Men I trust - Tail whip 
Frankie Cosmos- Jesse 
Froth - Bleak
Connan Mockasin (NZ) - do i make you feel shy (Japanese version)
Brockalflowersaurus Rex & The Blueberry  Biscuits (WGTN)- Yams
Childish Gambino - Retro (Rough) 
Bonbandii (NZ) - Falcon Ft CHAJI 
Blush Juliet - Slide into View 
Scott Mannion (NZ) - Do it for you 
Repulsive Woman (Dn) - Rough around the edges ja
A.C Freazy (NZ) - The other side
Tame Impala - Bordeline 
Courtney Barnett - Everybody here  hates you 
She's so Rad (NZ) - You and I 

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Sandy Alex G - Gretel 
Interpol - The Weekend
Mermaidens - You Maintain the Stain (NZ)
Repulsive Woman - Rough Around the Edges (Dn)
Camp Cope - How to Socialise & Make Friends
Destroy Boys - I Threw Glass at My Friends Eyes & Now Im on Probation
Hex - Runes Ruins (NZ)
Milpool - Melodrama II (Dn)
Sleater -Kinney - Hurry on Home
Spawts - Blue Light Devil (NZ)
Bon Iver - Hey Ma
Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You
Pickle Darling - In Heaven (NZ)
Parquet Courts - Wide Awake (Danny Krivit Edit)
Clap Clap Riot - Tired of Getting Old (NZ)
Rinse & Repeat - Farewell
Soaked Oats - Coming Up (Dn) 
Tame Impala - Borderline

48hr Film Fest Interview

Imugi - Be Here Soon (NZ)
Little Dragon - Timothy
Lizzo - Truth Hurts
Marlon Williams - Party Boy (NZ)
Sex - Imaginary
UMO - Not In Love We're Just High (NZ)

Jack Berry Interview
Jack Berry - Saturday (Dn)

Lake South - South Coast (NZ)
Vanessa Worm - I Did The Lava Dance (Dn)
SandBoards - Look Blue (Dn)
Sophie - Face Shopping 

International Waters
Caterina Barbieri - Fantas 

FKA Twigs - Cellophane
Purple Pilgrims - Two Worlds Apart (NZ)
Serpentwithfeet - Bless Ur Heart
Bad Timing - Tui (NZ)
Mitski - Geyser
Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids
Anderson .Paak - Make it Better
Leisure - On My Mind (NZ)

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Fazed on a Pony - Gutter Moon (NZ)
Fka Twigs - Cellophane 
Bon Iver - U (Man Like)
Levi Patel - With Wings Falling (NZ)
American Football - Silhouettes
Purple Pilgrims - Two Worlds Apart (NZ)
Karen O x Danger Mouse - Turn the Light
Aldous Harding - Zoo Eyes (NZ)
Ben Woods - Romancy (NZ)
Soccer Mommy - Scorpio Rising
Yves Tumor - Lifetime
Milpool - Melodrama II (Dn)
Pup - Sibling Rivalry
Miss June - Best Girl (NZ)
Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen
Death and the Maiden - River Underground (Dn)
Mermaidens - Cut it open (NZ)
Weyes Blood - Movies
Witch Prophet - Elsabet
High Hoops - Body (NZ)
Anderson .Paak - Make it Better
Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic
Tyler, the Creator - Earfquake
Blood Orange - Charcoal Baby
Bailey Wiley - Zaddy (NZ)
Church & AP - Bank (NZ)

Bobandii interview
Bobandii - Falcon (Ft. Chaii) (NZ)

Leisure - On My Mind (NZ)
The Internet - Roll (Burbank Funk) 
Machine - There but For the Grace of God I Go
French Concession - Never Ever (NZ)
International Water
Death Cab For Cutie - Northern Lights (Alessandro Cortini Remix) 

Kaytranada - DYSFUNCTIONAL (Ft. VanJess)
Chelsea Jade - Perfect Stranger (NZ)
Vanessa Worm - I Did the Lava Dance (Dn)
Pussy Riot - Police State
Tune Yards - SIGNS (Detroits Theme)
Cowgirl Clue - Icebreaker
Sandboards - Look Blue (Dn)
LCD Soundsystem - I Want Your Love (Chic Cover)
Lake South - South Coast

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Wurld Series - Nap Gate (NZ)
Polaroids Of Polarbears - Brown Boxes (NZ)
Beatcomber - Double Visions (NZ)
Yukon Era - Knife Skies (NZ)
Thought Creature - The Hills (NZ)
Miss June - Twitch (NZ)

Milpool Live Set - "And all i did was enter my name 'Thrillhouse' "

The Rothmans - Woodstacker #3 (Dn)
Bad Timing - Tui (NZ)
The Stereo Bus - Shallow (NZ)
3/4 Marathon - Portrait Stare (Dn)
Bad Sav - Hens Teeth (Dn)
Lawrence Arabia - One Unique Creature (NZ)
Tom Young - Lost In Blue (NZ)
ABC - Water (Medly) (NZ)
Jess B - Bump Bump (Ft. Church) (NZ)
Lord Echo - Cosmic Echos (NZ)
Julien Dyne - Copernicus (NZ)
French Concession - Empress (NZ)
Bediquette - Duos (Dn)
Lucky Boy^ - Turn Off That Light (NZ)
Tiny Ruins - Holograms (NZ)
Emily Edrosa - Corner of the Party (NZ)
Aldous Harding - Zoo Eyes (NZ) 
UMO - Hunnybee (NZ)

In National Waters
Moana & the Tribe - ­­­Tū (NZ)

Soaked Oats - Coming Up (Dn)
Merk - Hang (NZ)
Onono - The Gardner (NZ)
Bailey Wiley - Zaddy (NZ)
Latinaotearoa - Under the Sun (Ft. Melodownz) (NZ)
­Imugi - I Am (NZ)
Chelsea Jade - Laugh it Off
Doprah - Borderline (NZ)
SILICON - Burning Sugar (Sug [Dn] re-up) (NZ)
Leisure - On My Mind (NZ)

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Clap Clap Riot - I Dont Want Your Baby (NZ)
Spawts - Heresy (NZ)
Earth Tounge - Microscopic God (NZ)
Flyspray - Flyspray (Dn)
Astro Children - Milk (Dn)
Dion Lunadon - Reduction Agent (NZ)
Kane Strang - Things are Never Simple (Dn)
P.H.F. - Tru (NZ)
French Concession - Never Ever (NZ)
Anthonie Tonnon - Old Images (NZ)
She/Her - Something/Everything (NZ)
Soaked Oats - Coming Up (Dn)
The Golden Awesome - Autum (NZ)
Connan Mockasin - Con Con Was impatient 
Pickle Darling - In Heaven (NZ)
Sarah Mary Chadwick -Sugar Still Melts in the Rain (NZ)
Lacuna - Creature (Dn)
Milpool - Ambulance Driver (Dn)
Maryland - Happiness if i Caused a Tiger (Dn)
Namesake - Kowhai (NZ)
Fazed on a Pony - Gutter Moon (Dn)
PRINCESS CHELSEA - I Love My Boyfriend (NZ)
Imugi - Be Here Soon (NZ)
UMO - Sb-06 (NZ)
Lucy Hunter - Please Just break My Heart and Let me Go (Dn)
Motte - Public Acess (NZ)
Lawrence Arabia - Meaningless Words (NZ)

In National Waters
Cave Cricles - A Leeeef (NZ)

Lake South - South Coast (NZ)
Bad Timing - Tui (NZ)
King rex - Never There (Dn) 
Marlon Williams - I Know a Jeweller (NZ)
Death And The Maiden - Oooh Baby in The Chorus (Dn)
Shukan - Blue (NZ)
Mermaidens - Cut it Open (NZ)
Earth to Zena - Crooked Mouths (NZ)
Indi - Demeter (NZ)

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

French Concession - Nver Ever (NZ)
LCD Soundsystem - I Want Your Love
Bailey Wiley -  Dos Fuegos (NZ) 
Karen O x Danger Mouse - Turn the Light
Imugi - Be Here Soon (NZ)
Flying Lotus - More (Ft. Anderson .Paak)
Kaytranada - DYSFUNCTIONAL (Ft. VanJess)
Vanessa Worm - I Did a Lava Dance (Dn)
FKA Twigs - Cellophane
Aldous Harding - The Barrel (NZ)
Repulsive Woman - Rough Around the Edges (Dn)
Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen
3/4 Marathon - Portrait Stare (Dn)
Emily Edrosa - Corner of the Party (NZ)
Parquet Courts - Wide Awake ( Danny Krivit Edit)
Mermaidens - Cut it Open (NZ)
Milpool - Ambulance Drive (Dn) 
Pup - Sibling Rivialry
Mitski - Nobody
October - Pure (NZ)
Fazed On A Pony - Gutter Moon (NZ)

International Waters
Peter Thomas - Opium

Fazerdaze - Friends (NZ)
Interpol - The Weekend
Yoko Zuna - January Sun (NZ)

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Injury Reserve - Korona & Lime
Dbldbl x Trapjaw Kelpie - Nurse Joy (NZ)
Miss Blanks - Tommy
Rico Nasty - Again
Anderson .Paak - Make it Better
Anthonie Tonnon - Two Free Hands (NZ)
Flyspray - Pay You On Monday (Dn)
King Krule - 1/2 Man 1/2 Shark
Pup - Sibling Rivalary
Astro Children - Staight For My Heart (Dn)
Show Me The Body - Camp Orchestra
Ian Sweet - Spit
3/4 Marathon - Portait Stare (Dn)
Interpol - The Weekend
King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard - Planet B
Blood Orange - Charcoal Baby
Aldous Harding - the Barrel (NZ)
Lucy Dacus - La Vie En Rose
P.H.F. - Boyish (NZ)
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Deadly Valentine 
Marlon Williams - Beautiful Dress (NZ)
Repulsive Woman - Rough Around The Edges (Dn)
American Football - Silhouettes 
Indi - Abyss (NZ)
Benny Sings - Everything I Know
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Continental Breakfast
The Beths - Future Hates Me (NZ) 
Camp Cope - How To Scoalise And Make Friends
Lips & Kimbra - Silent Treatment (NZ)

Tom Young - Lost In Blue (NZ)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Queen Who Stole The Sky (NZ)

International Water 
Hans Zimmer x Radiohead - Ocean Bloom

Serpentwithfeet - Bless Ur Heart
Death And the Maiden - River Ungerground (NZ)
Soccer Mommy - Scorpio Rising
KING REX - Never There (Dn)
Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight Tonight
Mitski - Geyser
Karen O & Danger Mouse - Turn The Light
Bad Timing - Tui (NZ)
Beach House - Drunk In LA 

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Robyn - Honey
Kaytranada - DYSFUNTIONAL (Ft. VanJess)
Hans Pucket - Comfort (NZ)
Slater - Katz
French Concession - Never Ever (NZ)
UMO - Hunnybee (NZ)
LCD Soundsystem - I want Your Love
Minnie Cordboy - Just Say the Word (NZ)
Julien Dyne - Copernicus (NZ)
Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen
Aldous Harding - Fixture Picture (NZ)
Solange - Down With The Clique
Blood Orange - Chewing Gum
Soaked Oats - Driftwood (NZ)
Bad Sav - Hens Teeth (Dn)
Karen O - YO! My Saint (Airhead Remix)
Purple Pilgrims - Drink the Juice (NZ)
Courtney Barnett - Everybody Hates You
Milpool - Mydrasis (Dn)
Snail Mail - Heat Wave
PUP - Sibling Rivalry
Lawrence Arabia - A Little Hate (NZ)
3/4 Marathon - Portait Stare (Dn)
Parquet Courts - Almost Had To Start A Fight/ In & Out Of Patience
Ben Woods - Romnacy (NZ) 
Bloc Party - Positve Tension
Bully - Kills To Be Resistant
Kane Strang - Not That Bad (Dn)
Weyes Blood - Movies
The Breeders - Spacewomen
Capital Punishment - Muzak Anonymous
Dion Lunadon - Eliminator (NZ)

International Waters
Carambolage - Tu Doch Nicht So 

Mermaidens - You Maintain The Stain (NZ)
Yves Tumor - Lifetime
Lord Echo - Just Do You (NZ)
Anderson .Paak - Make It Better
Earth To Zena - Crooked Mouths (NZ) 
American Football - Silhouettes
The Garden - Thy Mission (Ft. Mac Demarco)
Flyspray - Flyspray (Dn)
Ian Sweet Holographic Jesus

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

J.I.D. - Off Da Zoinkys
Chaii - Digebasse ( Enough) (NZ)
Brockhampton - Tape
Solange - Down With The Clique 
Meer - 1953 (Ft. Siobhan) (NZ)
Anderson .Paak - Make It Better (Ft. Smokey Robinson)
Dbldbl x Trapjaw Kelpie - Nurse Joy (NZ)
Soaked Oats - Shuggah Doom (Dn)
Weyes Blood - Movies
SZA - Normal Girl
Luniz - I Got 5 on it
Frank Ocean - Chanel
Karen O x Danger Mouse - Turn The Light
French Concession - Never Ever (NZ)
Gus Dapperton - Fill Me Up Anthem
Lawrence Arabia - One Unique Creature (NZ)
Parquet Courts - Mardi Gras Beads
Mermaidens - You maintain The Stain (NZ)
PUP - City
October - 1000 eyes (NZ)
Ben Woods - Romancy (NZ)
Ian Sweet - Spit
Fazed On A Pony - Blue Transporter (Dn)
Marlon Williams - I Know A Jewler (NZ)
LCD Soundsystem - I want Your Love
Pond - Paint Me Silver
Leon Bridges - You Dont Know
Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
Tiny Ruins - School Of Design (NZ)

International Waters
Der Moderne Man - Blaue Matrosen

Vanessa Worm - Rando M! (Dn)
Yaeji - Raingurl
French For Rabbits - It Will Be Okay
3/4 Marathon - Portait Stare (Dn)
Lips & Kimbra - Silent Treatment (NZ)
Toro Y Moi - Ordinary Pleasure
Little Dragon - Timothy
Anthonie Tonnon - Two Free Hands (NZ)
Japanese House - Maybe You're The Reason

COSMIC Tuesday Drive

Karen O & Danger Mouse - Turn The Light
St Vincent - Hang on Me
Bj(umlaut o)rk - Venus as a Boy
Little Dragon - Timothy
Aldous Harding - The Barrel
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
American Football - Silhouettes
Marlon Williams - Vampire Again
Mitski - Once More to See You
Julia Jacklin - Good Guy
Oneohtrix Point - The Pure and the Damned
Princess Chealsea - Respect the Labourers
P.H.F. - Boyish (Japanese Breakfast Cover)
Grimes - Weregild
Connan Mockasin - It's Choade My Dear
Camp Cope - How to Socialise and Make Friends
Ben Woods - ROMANCY
Hot Chocolate - Every1's a Winner
3/4 Marathon - Portait Stare
Mermaidens - Maintain the Stain
(Sandy) Alex G - Proud
Cherry Glazerr - I Told You I'd Be With The Guys
Milpool - Mydriasis
Miss June - Twitch

International Waters
Rammstein - Deutschland (remix)

Speedy Ortiz - Bigger Party
Fazed On A Pony - Blue Transporter
Yaeji - Raingirl
Die Antwoord - $copie
Dbldbl x Trapjaw Kelpie - Nurse Joy
CHAII - Digebasse (Enough)
Yoko Zuna - January Sun
Tame Impala - Patience
North Shore Pony Club - Overload Mode
Stef Animal - Ducks
Beatcomber - Melancauli