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NZ on Air's
The Local

2pm - 4pm Thursday with Ashley, Adelaide, & Tom

NZ on Air's<br />The Local

Every week from 2 - 4pm on Thursday, join our rotating panel of New Zealand music connoisseurs Ashley, Adelaide, and Tom for 'The Local', two hours of nothing but the best releases from all around Aotearoa! Tune in for the freshest new tracks, fan favourites, and a few classics for good measure. It's as kiwi as Buzzy Bees and a steak and cheese!

Made possible with the love and support from NZ on Air 🖤

Vapourium presents The Local

Synesthesia Special w Adelaide Dunn!

Nadia Reid (Dn) - Call The Days As They Were Known Apricot  
Aldous Harding (Dn) - Living The Classing Mint 
Merk (NZ) - Manchuria Plum
Holly Arrowsmith (NZ) - Love Together Blue 
Ha The Unclear (Dn) - Growing Mould Gold 
Anthonie Tonnon (Dn) - Two Free Hands Orange 
Males (Dn) - So High Teal 
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Make Way For Love Red
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - Me At The Museum, You At The Wintergardens Silver 
Julian Temple Band (Dn) - Cayucos Green
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Laugh It Off Yellow 
Astro Children (Dn) - Jamie Knows Opal
Live To Air (at the time) - Laney Blue
Groeni (NZ) - The Oak 
So Below (NZ) - HARD (Memoryy Remix) 
Grayson Gilmour (NZ) - Blow Back 
Koizilla (Dn) - Yes 
Imugi (NZ) - I Am 

The Vapourium presents The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 15)

Made with help from NZ on Air 😘

Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Laught It Off
DBLDBL (NZ) - Death by Exposure
Scott Mannion (NZ) - Your Kinda Love
Ladi6 (NZ) - Diamonds (Oddissee Remix)
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Still On My Mind (S.O.M.M.)
JessB (NZ) - Set It Off
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Promise (Feat. Olivier Daysoul) (Tall Black Guy Remix)
Solephonic (NZ) - Higher
Run Rabbit (NZ) - Gold Star
So Below (NZ) - Luna
Skux (NZ) - On Her Way
Dinosaur Sanctuary (Dn) - She Goes For Egos
Kane Strang (Dn) - My Smile Is Extinct
Kilo (Dn) - F.U.C.K. (The Bloodhound Gang cover)
Thought Creature - Radio One 91FM Live to air
Depressed House Cat (NZ) - House Abyss
Encouragement (NZ) - Castle
Pickle Darling (NZ) - Mouthful
MADEIRA (NZ) - Let Me Down
Kill Murray (NZ) - Smoke Blowbacks
Tommy Ill (NZ) - Treading Water
Cloud Michaels (NZ) - Bingo Club 

The day before Ashley's Birthday!

The Beths (NZ) - Happy Unhappy 
Blair Parkes (NZ) - Heavy Lifting 
Eno x Dirty (NZ) - Shampoo and Conditioner 
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Pentagram On The Moon 
Death And The Maiden (Dn) - River Underground 
Operation Rolling Thunder (Dn) - Behaviour In The Presence Of Strangers
Groeni (NZ) - I Don't Hold Knives 
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Laugh It Off 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hunnybee 
Ron Gallipoli (NZ) - Prison Architect 
Princess Chelsea (NZ) - I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis Cover)
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Horizon 
Vanessa Worm (Dn) - Come Here 
Live To Air (at the time) - ONONO (NZ) 
Wurld Series (NZ) - Slow Going 
Horn (NZ) - Greedy Bitch 
The Chills (Dn) - Complex 
Kane Strang (Dn) - See Thru 
Pearl Hotel (Dn) - In Your Car Under The Moonlight 
Boycrush (NZ) - Face Melt Ft. Madeira 

The Vapourium presents The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 14)

Made with help from NZ on Air 😘

Thought Creature (Dn) - Paradise
UMO (NZ) - From The Sun
Fur Patrol (NZ) - Debt
HORN (NZ) - Greedy Bitch
Secrets (NZ) - We Are Doomed
AC Freazy (NZ) - Only One
Transistor (NZ) - The Sun
Polyester (NZ) - Different For a Boy
Power Nap (NZ) - Just Do It
bad friend (NZ) - panic attack
Prizegiving (NZ) - Vailima
Starblazers (NZ) - Danger Zone (Kon  Edit)
Pumice (NZ) - Eyebath
Surf Friends (NZ) - You're On My Mind
Drop Dead Redhead (NZ) - Warm Peach Fuzz
Randa (NZ) - Rangers
Affsid Kidjjhagiffy (NZ) - Missing Socks
Punches (NZ) - Four Feet
Ladi6 (NZ) - Shine On
Males (Dn) - Dead Aware
Strathcona Pl (Dn) - Death Means
Asta Rangu (Dn) - skip on trak one
Coolies (NZ) - Shoot this gun
Doubleu (NZ) - Steam
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Straight To My Heart
Astro Children (Dn) - Straight For My Heart

Hey the sun was out today!

Coyote (Dn) - I See Past Illusions
Indi (NZ) - Precipice
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Laugh It Off 
Seva Hifi (NZ) - Somebody 
Groeni (NZ) - The Oak 
October (NZ) - 1000 Eyes (ONONO Remix) 
Die! Die! Die! (NZ) - S I N I S T E R 
Wax Chattels (NZ) - Career 
The Rothmans (Dn) - Wavelength 
She's So Rad (NZ) - You And I 
Hermann Doose (Dn) - Skin
Live To Air (at the time) - Koizilla (Dn) 
Randa (NZ) - Angel Boy 
Yoko-Zuna (NZ) - Voltron
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Dos Fuegos 
Hopetoun Brown (NZ) - Put It Down
Death And The Maiden (Dn) - Oooh Baby In The Chorus
Mamazita (Dn) - Hey Jazz 
The Adults (NZ) - Bloodlines ft. Estere & JessB
Beverly Drangus (Dn) - Fade In 
Repulsive Woman (Dn) - Relief 
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Two Free Hands 
Diggy Dupe (NZ) - Midnight Cruise 

Grey Day today <3

Marlon Williams (NZ) - What's Chasing You 
So Below (NZ) - Close 
Mermaidens (NZ) - Fade 
Death And The Maiden (Dn) - Ooooh Baby in the Chorus 
Laney Blue (Dn) - Dreaming 
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - Solitary Guys 
Wax Chattels (NZ) - It 
BoyBoy (NZ) - Alrite Tho 
October (NZ) - 1000 Eyes
ONONO (NZ) - Pickup Point
The Beths (NZ) - Happy Unhappy 
Grayson Gilmour (NZ) - Blowback 
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Laught It Off 
Live To Air (at the time) - Fran/Bar Group 
Sheep (Dn) - The Government Can't Take My Benny 
Bespin (NZ) - East Of Her 
High Hoops (NZ) - Burn It Up 
Males (Dn) - Heavy Going
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hunnybee 
Boycrush (NZ) - Face Melt ft. Madeira  

Vapourium presents The Local w./ JBJ

JessB - Set It Off
Pick A Piper - Geographically Opposed ft. Introverted Dancefloor
Womb - When the Night Breaks Up
Satin Sheets - Sleep
The Ruby Suns - Our Jukebox Run Is Over (Reduction Agents Cover)
Terrified - Heart Attack (One Direction Cover)
The Terminals - Uncoffined
UNMAP - Etude #3
Chelsea Jade - Free Throw
Hopetoun Brown - Put It Down
A.C. Freazy - Only One
Hans Pucket - Straight To My Heart
The Beths - Future Me Hates Me
Tami Neilson - Stay Outta My Business
SWIDT - Rick Flair
Grawlixes - Been In Bed
HEX - Runes/Ruins
mmoonbeams - Sometimes ft. bella
Cleophus & Ashes Holland - Haha Guma ft. Fathe
Chaos In The CBD - Constraints Of Time Travel
Tourettes - No Losers @ WINZ
Julie Byrne - Follow My Voice
Bromelain - Sipping Dust
The Coolies - DIY
Anji Sami - Don't Hide Your Love Away
b-lush - Floor
Spinster - Brains (in a jar)
The Rothmans - Sluicings
Dudley Benson - (Glad I'm) Not a Kennedy
New Dawn - The Dying Light

The Local w Ashley <3

Big Ups to The Vapourium + NZ On Air <3


Stef Animal (Dn) - Owl (Roland MT-32) 
Sheep (NZ) - The Government Can't Take My Benny 
Wax Chattels (NZ) - Concrete 
Koizilla (Dn) - Haze 
Bediquette (Dn) - In Your Dreams
Painted Blind (Dn) - Lovers and Fools 
SWIDT (NZ) - Boogie ft. High Hoops
Ghost Wave (NZ) - Blues Signal 79
Boycush (NZ) - Demi-Pointes 
Blaek (NZ) - But You Won't 
Womb (NZ) - Airplane #1 
Mermaidens (NZ) - Sunstone (ONONO Remix)
The Beths (NZ) - Idea/Intent 
Live To Air (at the time) - Soccer Practise 
Randa (NZ) - Fashion 
Snapper (Dn) - Dry Spot 
Birdation (Dn) - Bird for the Face 
Yoko Zuna (NZ) - Yes ft. Heavy x LarzRanda 
Estere (NZ) - Grandmother 
Laney Blue (Dn) - Dreaming 
So Below (NZ) - Visions 
Emily Edrosa (NZ) - Corner of the Party 
Fran (NZ) - Never Tell 

The Vapourium presents The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 13)

Made with help from NZ on Air 😘

A.C. Freazy (NZ) - Only One
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)
Indi (NZ) - Woman
Carb on Carb (NZ) - Nicole's Express
DBLDBL (NZ) - Gold Series
Interview: Tom talks to Early Sans about his new single, 'Easy Love'
Early Sans (NZ) - Easy Love
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Eczema
Polyester (NZ) - Different For a Boy
Interview: Jesse Mulligan talks to Robert Webb about 'How Not To Be a Boy'
Live to air performance: Soaked Oats (Dn)


Aotearoa music month!

Hans Pucket (NZ) - Straight To My Heart 
I.E. Crazy (NZ) - Praying Mantis 
Bediquette (Dn) - Anything Else 
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Pentagram On The Moon 
Stef Animal (Dn) - Owl (Roland MT -32)
Sheep, Dog, & Wolf (MZ) - Breathe 
Kody Neilson (NZ) - Bic's Birthday 
The Beths (NZ) - Future Me Hates Me 
Zen Mantra (NZ) - Second Skin 
ONONO (NZ) - Inner Tree 
Spinster (Dn) - Brains (In a Jar) 
The Tweeks (Dn) - I'm Keen
King Loser (NZ) - Flippin' The Bird 
Asta Rangu - Live To Air (at the time)
Grayson Gilmour (NZ) - Blow Back 
Street Chant (NZ) - Never 
Zero Cool (NZ) - Perry 
A.C. Freazy (NZ) - Only One 
Mermaidens (NZ) - Fade 
Moody. V. and the Menstrual Cycle (NZ) - Pleaser 
Males (Dn) - Dead Aware 
Fazed On A Pony (Dn) - DYou 
Hotel Silk (NZ) - Ocean View 

The show where ONONO played woo!

Jaggers x Lines (Dn) - Problem Drinking
Koizilla (Dn) - Sloth 
Death and the Maiden (Dn) - Wisteria 
The Venus Project (NZ) - Numb 
Delaney Davidson (NZ) - Strange I Know 
girlboss (NZ) - Body Con 
Wax Chattels (NZ) - It 
Astro Children (Dn) - Nora Flood 
The Bads (NZ) - Shelter Love 
October (NZ) - Pure 
Disasteradio (NZ) - Sweatshop 
Heavy (NZ) - Teen Age  
Randa (NZ) - Fashion 
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Pentagram On The Moon 
The Beths (NZ) - Idea Intent 
HEX (NZ) - Sight Beyond The Line 
ONONO Live To Air 
Imugi 이무기 (NZ) - I Am 
Jonathan Bree (NZ) - Once It Was Nice 
Painted Blind (Dn) - Lovers and Fools 
Introverted Dancefloor (NZ) - When I'm Lonely 


The Vapourium presents The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 12)

Echo Ohs (NZ) - Hot Pockets
SoccerPractise (NZ) - Windfall
RANDA (NZ) - Angel Boy
9-5ers (NZ) - Same Sky (Feat. Siavani)
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Fuck My Life
HIGH HØØPS (NZ) - Heatwave
Interview: Jordan Arts (HIGH HØØPS)
ONONO (NZ) - Slo Burn
Sherpa (NZ) - Quit Time
Early Sans (NZ) - Easy Love
Madeira (NZ) - Crave You (Flight Facilities cover)
Madeira (NZ) - Manipulator (Race Banyon Remix)
Dummybog (Dn) - Fright Night
Jaggers x Lines (Dn) - Slipstream
Polyester (NZ) - Maybe
The Ruby Suns (NZ) - Desert of Pop
Surly (NZ) - Burn
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - His Parents' Jeep
The Side Steps Quintet (NZ) - Follow


Vapourium presents The Local

BOYBOY (NZ) - Alrite Tho 
Jet Jaguar (NZ) - Call 
Jaggers x Lines (Dn) - Problem Drinking 
Koizilla (Dn) - Under The Sea 
Wax Chattels (NZ) - Career 
Death And The Maiden (Dn) - Oooh Baby In The Chorus 
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Fuck My Life 
Strathcona Pl (Dn) - Sadder Endings 
Carb On Carb (NZ) - Nicole's Express 
Grayson Gilmour (NZ) - Blow Back 
UMO (NZ) - Hunnybee 
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Riquelme 
Madly (NZ) - Cloud Nine 
Kane Strang (Dn) - See Thru 
HEX (NZ) - Runes Ruins 
HEAVY (NZ) - Teen Age 
Brockaflower (NZ) - Where Are You From 
So Below (NZ) - Visions 
Space Above (NZ) - Leave Home 
The Venus Project (NZ) - Numb 
Jonathan Bree (NZ) -You're So Cool 

The Vapourium presents The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 11)

Chaos In The CBD (NZ) - Subterranean Storm
GROMz (Dn) - Mixed Up & Confused
Rizvan (NZ) - Bill$
Scarfe (Dn) - You Never Know (Feat. NAS)
Coco Solid (NZ) - Crop That Back (Prod. by Yumgod)
Ladi6 (NZ) - Shine On
Average Rap Band (NZ) - Fly Casual
APSD (NZ) - Homegrown (Feat. Joe Dukie)
Bic Runga (NZ) - Wolves (Kanye West cover)
Lontalius (NZ) - I Was More Than
BEATCOMBER (NZ) - Sick Breeze
Fazeraze (NZ) - Treading Lightly
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Fuck My Life
ONONO (NZ) - Pickup Point
Mermaidens (NZ) - Lizard
Kane Strang (NZ) - My Smile Is Extinct
Kloe - Teenage Craze (SACHI Remix)
Maxx Mortimer (NZ) - Moody Town
tSullivan (NZ) - Sloshed
Males (Dn) - Chartreuse
Scuba Diva (NZ) - Marimba
Juinca (NZ) - Looking Out
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - American Guilt
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - From The Sun
Superorganism (NZ) - Something For Your M.I.N.D.

The Vapourium presents The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 10)

PNC (NZ) - 100 Cups
Haan808 (NZ) - Utterence
JessB (NZ) - Take It Down (Feat. Rubi Du)
Manuel Darquart (NZ) - Dream Sequence
P-Money & Dan Aux (NZ) - Kinda Lovin
Yukon Era (NZ) - Tongue
Grayson Gilmour (NZ) - Artery (SILICON Remix)Pixels (NZ) - Sleep Talk
Kairi (Dn) - MSN
Lawrence Arabia (NZ)  - Everything's Minimal (Feat. Tiny Ruins)
Sarah Mary Chadwick (NZ) - Sugar Still Melts In The Rain
INSTANT FANTASY (NZ) - I Don't See An Honest Man (Boycrush Remix)
The Venus Project (NZ) - Numb
Stella* (NZ) - Every Girl
Alien Weaponry (NZ) - Holding My Breath
Womb (NZ) - Here We Grow (to Smell the Dirt)
Doprah (NZ) - Love That I Need
The Coshercot Honeys (NZ) - Mr Dangerous
Astro Children (Dn) - Beneath The Visible Surface
BOYBOY (NZ) - Alrite Tho
Tooth Shy (Dn) - Sore
Sherpa (NZ) - I'm Happy Just To Lie
The Veils (NZ) - Train With No Name


Vapourium presents The Local

SnoregazZzm (NZ) - Something's Wrong 
Estere (NZ) - Pro Bono Techno Zone (Introverted Dancefloor Remix) 
Wax Chattels (NZ) - In My Mouth 
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Horizon 
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Friends 
Grayson Gilmour (NZ) - Blow Back 
Kane Strang (Dn) - See Thru 
Mermaidens (NZ) - Satsuma 
Nadia Reid (Dn) - Richard 
Teeks (NZ) - If Only 
The Bads (NZ) - Shelter Love 

Motte (NZ) - Live To Air (at the time)

Bediquette (Dn) - (You Should Be) Ghostly 
Jet Jaguar (NZ) - Footstools 
BOYBOY (NZ) - Alrite Tho 
Space Above (NZ) - Leave Home 
mmoonbeams (NZ) - Sometimes ft. bella 
So Below (NZ) - Visions

The Local w./ Ashley Heydon

Coyote (NZ) - Ram 
Tom Lee-Richards (NZ) - Out Of The Oddness 
Indi (NZ) - Demeter 
Kody Neilson (NZ) -  Ruban's Birthday
Big Flip The Massive (NZ) - Gunge Me All In Your Legs 
So Below (NZ) - Close 
Dominic Hoey, Gemma Syme, Nick Harte (NZ) - Hotel Room 
SWIDT (NZ) - Boogie ft. High Hoops 
Eb & Sparrow (NZ) - Working 
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Strange Things 
Transistor (NZ) - Soft Burning Silver 
Boycrush (NZ) - Holy Water ft. Chelsea Jade 
Bediquette (Dn) - Lovely 
Laney Blue (Dn) - Dreaming 

The All Seeing Hand (NZ) - Live To Air (at the time) 

The Golden Awesome (NZ) - A Thousand Nights and A Night 
Yukon Era (NZ) - Feel 
Koizilla (Dn) - Under The Sea 
Womb (NZ) - Like Splitting The Head / From The Body
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Fuck My Life 
Mermaidens (NZ) - Satsuma 
Baynk (NZ) - Want 2

The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 9)

Idiot Lantern (Dn) - Gleam
MADEIRA (NZ) - Manipulator
Womb (NZ) - When Te Night Breaks Up
Cut Off Your Hands (NZ) - Hate Somebody
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - December
Leonard Charles (NZ) - Breaking Over You (Feat. Guilty Simpson)
Julien Dyne (NZ) - December (Feat. Parks)
Ladi6 (NZ) - Diamonds (Oddisee Remix)
Bromelian/Manzanza (NZ) - Nocturnes (Afrobeat Mix)
Mongo Skato x Borrowed cs (NZ) - maccona
Clicks (NZ) - Resolution [Anna Coddington & Dick Johnson]
Sandboards (Dn) - Duneboys Theme (K2K Remix)
Weird Together (NZ) - Going Back To Trinidad
Laura Lee (NZ) - Dreamers
Boycrush (NZ) - Holy Water (Feat. Chelsea Jade)
OCTOBER (NZ) - 1000 Eyes
Jordan Rakei (NZ) - Eye To Eye (Dan Kye Remix)
Coco Solid (NZ) - Just One Kiss (Prod. by Jizmatron)
SWIDT (NZ) - Boogie (Feat. HIGH HOOPS)
Yoko-Zuna (NZ) - Day Job (Feat. SWIDT)
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Can I Call You
Merk (NZ) - Lucky Dilemma
Home Brew (NZ) - Thursday
Home Brew (NZ) - Good God (Feat. Hollie Smith & Tyna Keelan)
State Of Mind (NZ) - Sun King

The Local w./ Ashley Heydon

Earth Tongue - Pentagram On The Moon 
Disasteradio - Oh Yeah 
Stef Animal - Owl (Roland MT-32) 
Aldous Harding - Horizon 
HEX - Sight Beyond The Line
Indi - Demeter 
Anthonie Tonnon - The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton 
SoccerPractise - Big Bad Wolf 
The All Seeing Hand - Swarm 
Koizilla - Yes 
Fran - Never Tell 
Hans Pucket - Fuck My Life 
Dimmer - Sad Guy 
Yoko-Zuna - Voltron 
SWIDT - Ric Flair 
Randa - Fashion 
Mermaidens - Sunstone (ONONO Remix) 
Astro Children - Straight For My Heart 
Marlon Williams - Vampire Again 
Salad Boys - Exaltation 
Water - Cans 
Church Of Goya - Full Rotation 
The Rothmans - Omakau 
Asta Rangu - Skip On Trak One 
Bediquette - Lovely