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NZ on Air's
The Local

2pm - 4pm Thursday with Ashley, Adelaide, & Tom

NZ on Air's<br />The Local

NZ On Air is better than pizza!

Queen Meanie Puss (NZ) - Contracts
Randa (NZ) - Rock Bottom 
Molly Devine (Dn) - Someone Like You 
Koizilla (Dn) - I Can't See Anything 
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Lady 
Tiny Pieces of 8 (Dn) - Forty Paces 
Ersatz Savant (NZ) - Slow Song
Bediquette (Dn) - In Your Dreams 
The Beths (NZ) - Idea Intent
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Straight To My Heart 
The Verlaines (Dn) - Pyromaniac
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead cover) 
JessB (NZ) - Mood 
Alphabethead (NZ) - Ghouls and Ghosts 
Kane Strang (Dn) - See Thru 
Nadia Reid (Dn) - Preservation
Sal Valentine (NZ) - Just Another Lover 
Milpool (Dn) - Yr Side 
MOSES (NZ) - Drive Back Into Wellington
The Hot Grits (NZ) - Headlights 
Dbldbl (NZ) - Jerk
Repulsive Woman (Dn) - Earn It Twice
Missy (Dn) - Hate Me 
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Portable Shrine


The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 32)

Made with help from NZ on Air ๐Ÿ˜˜

Repulsive Woman (Dn) - Earn It Twice
BEASTWARS (NZ) - Raise The Sword
Miss June (NZ) - Best Girl
Purple Pilgrims (NZ) - Two Worlds Apart
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - Hologram
Flyspray (Dn) - Flyspray
Thought Creature (Dn) - One Day I Turned Into a Spider
Space Above (NZ) - Shades
The Beths (NZ) - Happy Unhappy
The Leers (NZ) - I Can't Cope
Ed & Sparrow (NZ) - Little hands
Bediquette (Dn) - Anything Else
Rousseau (NZ) - Sugar Plum
SILICON (NZ) - Little Dancing Baby
Lumm (NZ) - Hot Beach
Interview: Julie Dunn (trace/untrace records showcase)
asta rangu (Dn) - skip on trak one
Bye Bye Fishies (Dn) - Doubt
Community Noticeboard
The Rothmans (Dn) - Wavelength
LEISURE (NZ) - On My Mind
Kane Strang (Dn) - Oh So You're Off I See

Adelaide Dunn, on Radio One!

Bad Timing (NZ) - Tui 
Beastwars (NZ) - Raise The Sword
Lord Echo (NZ) - Woah! There's No Limit
Repulsive Woman (NZ) - Earn It Twice
Gin Wigmore (NZ) - Girl Gang 
Tiny Pieces of 8 (Dn) - Forty Pieces

Tips for Improving Mental Health (that aren't the usual) 

French For Rabbits (NZ) - It Will Be Okay
Holly Arrowsmith (NZ) - Desert Owl
Motte (NZ) - Public Access
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - Me at the Museum, You At the Wintergardens
Koizilla (Dn) - I Can't See Anything
The Spectre Collective (NZ) - The Pandemonium Manifesto
Space Bats, Attack! (Dn) - Mizar
Death and the Maiden (Dn) - Flowers For The Blind
Mermaidens (NZ) - I Might Disappear
Leisure (NZ) - Too Much of a Good Thing


Moana and the Tribe (NZ) - Tu
Alien Weaponry (NZ) - Raupatu
Marlin's Dreaming (Dn) - Funeral Service
Milpool (Dn) - Melodrama II
Repulsive Woman (Dn) - Rough Around The Edges

Thanks to NZ on Air xx

The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 31)

Made with help from NZ on Air ๐Ÿ˜˜

Gaytime (NZ) - Free Yourself From Emotional Eating
Embedded Figures (NZ) - Paradise Lost [MUZAI Records]
Whyfisucks (NZ) - Ethereal City Rydah [The Grow Room]
Geyser (NZ) - Malt [The Grown Room]
Patea Maori Club (NZ) - E Papa Waiara
Nikolai (NZ) - Rico
Bromelain/Manzanza (NZ) - Nocturnes (Afrobeat Mix)
Church & AP (NZ) - Bank
Polyester (NZ) - Different For a Boy
Skymning (NZ) - Hell is Other People
Secret Knives (NZ) - My Arpeggio (The Mint Chicks cover)
SACHI (NZ) - Shelter (Feat. Nika)
Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Water (Medley)
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Blend
French for Rabbits (NZ) - It Will Be Okay
The Naked & Famous (NZ) - Punching In a Dream
Home Brew (NZ) - Thursday [YGB]
The Echo Ohs (NZ) - The Cooler [1:12 Records]
Lake South (NZ) - Renters 
Repulsive Woman (NZ) - Rough Around The Edges
Community Noticeboard
A.C. Freazy (NZ) - The Other Side
Mongo Skato x Borrowed cs (NZ) - Maccona
Kilmog (NZ) - Tiny Pieces
Mermaidens (NZ) - Seed


Tiny Pieces of Eight (Dn) - Forty Paces
I.E. Crazy (NZ) - Country Justice
girlboss (NZ) - Summer Goth
Lake South (NZ) - South Coast 
Koizilla (Dn) - I Can't See Anything 
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Astonishing Comet 
The Spectre Collective (NZ) - Bean Countess 
Lucy Hunter (Dn) - Please Just Break My Heart and Let Me Go 
Idiot Prayer (Dn) - 100 Ducks 
Mr Biscuits (Dn) - New Song 
Him (Dn) - I Eat 
Being (NZ) - Fold Into The Sea 
Randa (NZ) - Rock Bottom
October (NZ) - Cherry Cola
The Rothmans (Dn) - Woodstacker
Purple Pilgrims (NZ) - Two Worlds Apart
Leisure (NZ) - Too Much Of A Good Thing
Estere (NZ) - Nomads
Milk (NZ) - Sugar Glider
Queen Neptune (NZ) - The Queen's Speech
Mermaidens (NZ) - Under The Mountain II
Average Rap Band (NZ) - Mother Mary 

The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 30)

Made with help from NZ on Air ๐Ÿ˜˜

DBLDBL (NZ) - Death by Exposure
Pickle Darling (NZ) - In Heaven (demo)
Bediquette (Dn) - Duos
Sidekicknick (NZ) - You Can Fly, Now
Bobandii (NZ) - Falcon (Feat. CHAII)
Levi Patel (NZ) - With wings falling
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Beast
Sheep, Dog & Wolf (NZ) - Ablutophobia
asta rangu (Dn) - asta rangu
Junica (NZ) - Looking Out (Produced by Kody Nielson)
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Alena (RACE BANYON Remix)
Grayson Gilmour (NZ) - Blow Back
LEISURE (NZ) - On My Mind
Julien Dyne (NZ) - December (Feat. Parks)
Scuba Diva (NZ) - Marimba
Opensouls (NZ) - Latin Joint
Sorceress fka Funkommunity (NZ) - Northwest & 4th
The Nextmen - Highs & Lows (Feat. Joe Dukie (NZ))
Ladi6 (NZ) - Diamonds (Oddisee Remix)
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Shoulders
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Eczema
Early Sans (NZ) - Easy Love

It's Adelaide Dunn on the One (and Ashley!!!!!!)

Yoko Zuna (NZ) - Introspective ft. Spycc & David Dallas
Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarassing (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix) 
Reb Fountain (NZ) - Faster
Levi Patel (NZ) - With Wings Falling 
Tiny Pieces of Eight (Dn) - Forty Paces
Milpool (Dn) - Melodrama II 
Fazed On a Pony (Dn) - Gutter Moon 
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Zoo Eyes 
A.C. Freazy (NZ) - The Other Side 
Purple Pilgrims (NZ) - Two Worlds Apart
ONONO (NZ) - The Gardener 
Francisca Griffin (NZ) - Falling Light 
Koizilla - Welcome To My House 
Street Chant - Secrets and Lies (Cover)
Anika Moa (NZ) - Jealous
Ruby Phantoms (Dn) - Box of Horrors
Die!Die!Die! (NZ) - Ashtray Ashtray
Salmonella Dub (NZ) - Funky Unky Meets Kill Bill
Goldenhorse (NZ) - The Last Train
The Mint Chicks (NZ) - She's A Mod
The Golden Awesome (NZ) - Astronomy
The Eastern (NZ) - Gone
The Dance Asthmatics (NZ) - Oedipus

Adelaide is back!

Silicon (NZ) - Cellphone (UMO Rework) 
Lontalius (NZ) - Sleep Thru Ur Alarms 
Raiza Biza & Remi - Jiggy ft. Sampa The Great 
Church & AP (NZ) - Loud As Hell
Gold! Medal! Famous! (Dn) - Gold! Medal! Famous! 
SWIDT (NZ) - Ric Flair 
Earthtongue (NZ) - Microscopic God
Wax Chattels (NZ) - Concrete  
Ghost Wave (NZ) - Julia Knows 
Strathcona Pl (Dn) - Seams  
Merk (NZ) - Manchuria 
Motte (Dn) - Public Access 
Nadia Reid (Dn) - Seasons Change 
I.E. Crazy (NZ) - The Ape 
Alphabet Head (NZ) - Eyes of Nothing 
Psychosis (Dn) - Hotel Got Pigeon
Zo (NZ) - Water Baby 
Alien Weaponry (NZ) - Ru Ana Te Whenua 
Finn Johansson (NZ) - Love Bomb 
Soccer Practise (NZ) - Amene 
Latinaotearoa (NZ) - Under The Sun ft. Melodownz 
Bic Runga (NZ) - Drive (Silicon Remix) 
Anthonie Tonnon (Dn) - Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton

The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 29)

Made with help from NZ on Air ๐Ÿ˜˜

micronism (NZ) - engaging causless mercy
Cut off Your Hands (NZ) - Higher Lows and Lower Highs
Brain Slaves fka The Coshercot Honeys (NZ) - Mr Dangerous [article]
Doprah (NZ) - Lucid Visions
Thought Creatures (NZ) - Talk In Tongues
The 3Ds (NZ) - Outer Space
Arthur Ahbez (NZ) - The Fundamentals
Polaroids of Polarbears (NZ) - We Choose To Sink Happily
ChoiceVaughan (NZ) - Eat People (Feat. Tom Scott & Tyna Keelan)
The Rothmans (NZ) - Wavelength
Side Steps Quintet (NZ) - Day One
Roy Irwin (NZ) - King of Pop
Seth Frightening (NZ) - Rain In April
Garageland (NZ) - Fingerpops
Golden Axe (NZ) - Telephone
Electric Wire Hustle (NZ) - Look in the Sky (Seven Davis Jr Remix)
Goodshirt (NZ) - Blowing Dirt
PNC (NZ) - Under The Influence
New Gum Sarn (NZ) - Bad Soy
LEISURE (NZ) - On My Mind
WEIRD TOGETHER (NZ)  - No Compromise

Solo Ashley! <3

TRIUMPHS (Dn) - Solid Bones 
Beastwars (NZ) - Raise The Sword 
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Microscopic God 
Coyote (Dn) - I See Past Illusions 
Vanessa Worm (Dn) - I Did A Lava Dance 
Bediquette (Dn) - Duos 
Tourettes (NZ) - The New New Zealands 
Pearl Hotel (Dn) - In Your Car Under The Moonlight
Boycrush (NZ) - Holy Water ft. Chelsea Jade 
Little Fang (NZ) - Golden Bullet 
Mermaidens (NZ) - Cut It Open
Milpool (Dn) - Ambulance Driver 
HEX (NZ) - Runes Ruines
$noregazZzm (Dn) - Weekend ESC 
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Straight To My Heart
The Verlaines (Dn) - 
Maryland (Dn) - Other Rooms 
French Concession (NZ) - Never Ever  
Leisure (NZ) - On My Mind 
Nadia Reid (Dn) - The Arrow and the Aim
Meer (NZ) - FATOUSH 
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Zaddy 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hanoi 6
Flip Grater (NZ) - Dors Mon Bebe 
mmoonbeams (NZ) - Sometimes ft. Bella 

The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 28)

Made with help from NZ on Air ๐Ÿ˜˜

k2k (NZ) - sus
Long Distance Runner (NZ) - Eulogy
Kruff Kurtis (NZ) - It Was Unbelievable
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Zaddy
Church & AP (NZ) - Bank
SWIDT (NZ) - No Emotions In The Wild
Kamandi (NZ) - Dnt Cry
Imugi ์ด๋ฌด๊ธฐ (NZ) - Be Here Soon [A Label Called Success]
Soaked Oats (NZ) - Shuggah Doom
Moonpup (NZ) - Rot
COOL TAN fka HEAVY (NZ) - Speak
So Below (NZ)  - Far
Team Dynamite (NZ) - Shepard's Delight (SPELL SPELL SPELL Remix)
Koizilla (NZ) - Quasimofo
Kloe - Teenage Craze (SACHI (NZ) Remix)
Lorde (NZ) - Green Light (Montell2099 & SACHI Remix)
Dummybog (NZ) - Fright Night
MADEIRA (NZ) - Manipulator (RACE BANYON Remix)
Pickledarling (NZ) - Mouthful
Pixels (NZ) - Low Batteries
The Mint Chicks (NZ) - Life Will Get Better Some Day
Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Pocket Lint
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Eczema

Wow live on the radio!

Shifting Sands (NZ) - Run
Mermaidens (NZ) - You Maintain The Stain
P.H.F. (NZ) - Boyish (Japanese Breakfast Cover) 
Name UL (NZ) - Only Sixteen 
Elan Vital (Dn) - Dreams 
Dudley Benson (Dn) - Cook Beleaguered (Death and the Maiden Remix) 
Meer (NZ) - WOAH ft. JessB
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Make Way For Love ft. The Pou Tiriao
Tom-Lee Richards (NZ) - Out Of The Oddness 
Lucy Hunter (Dn) - Flu 
Ben Woods (NZ) - Romancy 
Imugi (NZ) - Dizzy 
Soccer Practise (NZ) - Amene 
Villette (NZ) - Yen ft. Melodownz
Raiza Biza (NZ) - Get By ft Bianca Paulus (prod by Crime Heat) 
Repulsive Woman (Dn) - Relief
I.E. Crazy (NZ) - Country Justice 
Kane Strang (Dn) - My Smile Is Extinct 
Nadia Reid (Dn) - Preservation
Devine (Dn) - Novel 
Spinster (Dn) - Brain (In A Jar) 
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Hemisphere 
Lorde (NZ) - Green Light (Chromeo Remix)


Excited for Mermaidens gig this weekend!

Racing (NZ) - Misbehaving
Nadia Reid (Dn) - Preservation
King REX (Dn) - Never There
ONONO (NZ) - Slo Burn
Zero Cool (NZ) - Perry
Blaek (NZ) - Stay The Night
girlboss (NZ) - Body Con
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Hine E Hine ft. Anika Moa
Motte (NZ) - Give It To Me
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Horizon
The Veils (NZ) - Jesus For The Jugular 
Koizilla (Dn) - Yes 
Koizilla (Dn) - Interlude: Connor Says Hi 
Mermaidens (NZ) - You Maintain The Stain
Ben Woods (NZ) - Lozenge 
Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Water (Medley) 
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Sugar ft. Melowdownz 
I.E. Crazy (NZ) - Praying Mantis 
Grayson Gilmour (NZ) - Blow back
Negative Nancies (Dn) - I Wish 

Third Time's The Charm!

Fazerdaze (NZ) - Friends

Soccer Practise (NZ) - Amene 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Can't Keep Checking My Phone (Silicon Re-Work) 
CHAII (NZ) - Digebasse (Enough) 
Aldous Harding (Dn) - The Barrel
King REX (Dn) - Never There 
Mermaidens (NZ) - You Maintain The Stain 
Abigail Knudson (NZ) - Missy 
BoyBoy (NZ) - Alright Tho
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Make Way For Love ft. The Pou Tiriao
New Gum Sarn (NZ) - Money Talks
The Well of Pristine Order (NZ) - Earth Tongue
Sugar - Left or Right (Dn)
Stardust - Francisca Griffen (Dn)
The Chateau - Bathsalts (NZ)
Day Job - Bad Timing (NZ)
Drink The Juice - Purple Pilgrims (NZ)
Seasons Change - Nadia Reid (NZ)
1000 Eyes (ONONO Rmx) - October (NZ)
Melancauli - Beatcomber (NZ)
Bone - So Below (NZ)
Portrait Stare - Three Quarter Marathon (Dn)

Some 2011 - 2014 Dunedin Nostalgia

Ounce (NZ) - Electric Eye 
Raiza Biza (NZ) - Get By ft Bianca Paulus (prod by Crime Heat)
A.C. Freazy (NZ) - Alien
Mermaidens (NZ) - Maintain The Stain 
Finn Johansson (NZ) - Love Bomb
Spinster (Dn) - Brains (In a Jar) 
Groeni (NZ) - I Don't Hold Knives 
Two Cartoons (Dn) - Tiny Terrors 
Anthonie Tonnon (Dn) - Marion Bates Realty
Males (Dn) - Marion Bates Thievery 
Space Bat's Attack (Dn) - Mizar 
Hermann Doose (Dn) - Skin
Astro Children (Dn) - Gaze
Nubigen (Dn) - Idiomatique 
Imugi (NZ) - I Am
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - Dream Wave
A Distant City (Dn) - ... And So The People Danced In The Streets (Live)
Alizarin Lizard (Dn) - Hipster
The Violet Ohs (Dn) - Vent
Idiot Prayer (Dn) - 100 Ducks 
Trick Mammoth (Dn) - Delphine (With A Purpose)

Another lone Ashley show x

Milpool (Dn) - Mydriasis
Mermaidens (NZ) - Smothering Possesion
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Deep Sea Mystery
Aldous Harding (NZ) - The Barrel
Randa (NZ) - Rangers
Yoko-Zuna (NZ) - Energy ft. JessB & Bobandii
CHAII (NZ) - Digebasse
HEX (NZ) - Sight Beyond The Line 
Koizilla (Dn) - Hang 'em High
Look Blue Go Purple (NZ) - I Don't Want You Anyway 
Motte (NZ) - Public Access
Blaek (NZ) - Stay The Night 
Wax Chattels (NZ) - Career
Francisca Griffin (Dn) - Stardust 
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - Olympic Girls
Princess Chelsea (NZ) - I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Laney Blue (Dn) - Dreaming
Vera Ellen (NZ) - The Language of Flowers
So Below (NZ) - Hard (Memoryy Remix)
Estere (NZ) - Grandmother 
October (NZ) - 1000 Eyes (Onono Remix)
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Laugh It Off
Ounce (NZ) - Crocodile 
Miss June (NZ) - I Don't Wanna Be Your Dog
Doprah (NZ) - Will I Be A Figure Eight 
The Beths (NZ) - Happy Unhappy 


Koizilla (Dn) - Yes 
Estere (NZ) - Nomads 
Milpool (Dn) - From Beyond 
imugi (NZ) - I Am 
Unkown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hanoi 6 
Aldous Harding (NZ) - The Barrel 
Salmonella Dub (NZ) - Cycle 
Ladi6 (NZ) - Diagonals 
Randa (NZ) - Fashion
The Beths (NZ) - Idea Intent 
Fanfickk (NZ) - Cotton Candy 
The Shifting Sands (Dn) - Run 
Earth Tongue (NZ) - The Well Of Pristine Order 
Diving Board (NZ) - MayaVanya (ft Chelsea Jade)
Space Bats, Attack! (Dn) - Mizar 
Negative Nancies (Dn) - I Wish
Death and the Maiden (Dn) - Oooh Baby In The Chorus 
Soaked Oats (Dn) - Shuggah Doom 

The Local w./ Addy D and Tommy T (Episode 27)

Made with help from NZ on Air ๐Ÿ˜˜

Embedded Figures (NZ) - Inferno
Astro Children (NZ) - Milk
Earth Tongue (NZ) - The Well of Pristine Order
girlboss (NZ) - Summer Goth
Imugi ์ด๋ฌด๊ธฐ (NZ) - I Am
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Railway Lines (Electronic Version)
Ha The Unclear (NZ) - (All of our Friends Have Moved To) Australia
A.C. (NZ) - Losing You
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Beautiful Dress
Sheep, Dog & Wolf (NZ) - Breathe
Lontalius (NZ) - Messing You Up
Miss June (NZ) - I Don't Wanna Be Your Dog
Lord Julien (NZ) - Shades
Zen Mantra (NZ) - In The Labryrinth (Shocking Pinks cover)
Maryland (NZ) - Happiness If I Cause a Tiger
Being. (NZ) - Except You
Mermaidens (NZ) - Under The Mountain II

The Vapourium presents The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 26)

Space Bats, Attack! (NZ) - Mizar
Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Water (Medley)
Bokeh (NZ) - Don't Leave the Fire
OCTOBER (NZ) - Body of Desire
Earth Tongue (NZ) - The Well of Pristine Order
A Band Called Success (NZ) - Bring It Together
Taste Nasa (NZ) - Ordinary Touch
A Girl Named Mo (NZ) - Who They Say You Are
Soaked Oats (NZ) - Dance Yrself Clean (LCD Soundsystem Cover)
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Can We Get It Together (Feat. Noah Slee)
Milpool. (NZ) - From Beyond
Arthur Ahbez (NZ) - Wine Store Woman
Mermaidens (NZ) - Seed
Kimbra (NZ) - Miracle (She's So Rad Remix)
Merk (NZ) - Hang
OUSA x Radio One Community Noticeboard
Jordan Rakei (NZ) - Wildfire
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Sugar (Feat. MELODOWNZ)
Kip McGrath (NZ) - Out of Control
Soaked Oats (NZ) - Shuggah Doom


The Vapourium presents The Local w./ Tommy T (Episode 25)

Made with help from NZ on Air ๐Ÿ˜˜

Painted Blind (Dn) - Lovers and Fools
Home Brew (NZ) - State of Mind
Lorde (NZ) - Liability
Kane Strang (Dn) - Summertime In Your Lounge
Space Bats, Attack! (Dn) - Mizar
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Shoulders
Milpool (Dn) - From Beyond
The Beths (NZ) - Whatever
Maxine Funke (Dn) - Right Scene Well
MEER (NZ) - 1953 (Feat. Siobhan Leilani)
BEATCOMBER (NZ) - Psych '75
Mavis Gary (Dn) - Judy Phantasm
Polyester (NZ) - Maybe
french_concession (NZ) - In the Park
affsid kidhagiffy (NZ) - A3: Mafia Don
Coyote (NZ) - Tripping Up the Crystal Way
Being. (NZ) - Count Me In I've Been Dragging Life Less
DBLDBL x Trapjaw Kelpie (NZ) - Bumpy (Feat. Piki Tanguru)
Pixels (NZ) - Low Battery
Yumi Zuma (NZ) - Alena
Leonard Charles (NZ) - Breaking Over You (Feat. Guilty Simpson)
Malt (NZ) - Geyser
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Life of the Party
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ) - Pull the Catch
Ladyhawke (NZ) - Paris is Screaming
North Shore Pony Club (NZ) - Sex, Drugs, & Drum Machines
Ladi6 (NZ) - Shine On
Fruit Juice Parade (NZ) - Cicadas
Earth Tongue (NZ) - The Well of Pristine Order