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Three Chord Revolution

11pm - 1am Friday with Nath

Three Chord Revolution

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 9/8/2018 Vans Warped Tour Special

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Face To Face-Disconnected 
Face To Face-I Won't Lie Down 
Face To Face-A-OK 
Face To Face-Blind 
Sublime-Same In The End 
Descendents-I'm The One 
H2O-Thicker Than Water 
Lagwagon-Alien 8 
The Bouncing Souls-Say Anything 
Less Than Jake-The Rest Of My Life 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-The Impression That I Get 
Social Distortion-Don't Take Me For Granted 
The Vandals-My Girlfriend's Dead 
Rancid-Time Bomb 
Rancid-Side Kick 
Rancid-Old Friend 
The Suicide Machines-New Girl 
Flogging Molly-Drunken Lullabies 
Strung Out-Exhumation Of Virginia Madison 
Save Ferris-Come on Eileen 
The Living End-West End Riot 
Frenzal Rhomb-5000 Cigarettes 
Anti-Flag-This Is the End (For You My Friend) 
Dropkick Murphys-Barroom Hero 
Hot Water Music-Remedy 
Reel Big Fish-Beer 
New Found Glory-My Friends Over You 
NOFX-Wore Out The Soles Of My Party Boots 
Pennywise-Fuck Authority 
Pennywise-Bro Hymn 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath and special Guest Mike Chewie Bennett 2/8/18

The Bennies - Trip Report
The Flatliners-Moves Too Quickly 
Swingin' Utters-Human Potential 
The Holy Mess-Within the Range of a Raven 
Harley Poe-Persevere 
Freddy Fudd Pucker-Good Times 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Green Bay, Wisconsin 
Swingin Utters-Pills & Smoke
Mischief Brew-Thanks, Bastards! 
Mad Caddies-2RAK005 
Mad Caddies-Take Me Home (Piss off)
Alkaline Trio-Blackbird 
Street Dogs-Working Class Heroes 
Street Dogs-Never Above You, Never Below You Street Dogs
War On Women-Lone Wolves 
The Interrupters-Be Gone 
The Decline-Showertime In The Slammer 
Modern Life Is War-Feels Like End Times 
Beastwars-Damn the Sky 
Millencolin-Auto Pilot Mode
Propagandhi- Victory Lap

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 26/7/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Alkaline Trio-Blackbird 
Alkaline Trio-This Addiction (Live) 
Alkaline Trio-Private Eye (Live) 
Alkaline Trio-Calling All Skeletons (Live) 
Irish Handcuffs-Breathe Sleep
Late Bloomer-January 
Alarmsignal-Fertig (Mit euch und eurer Welt) 
Hospital Job-Mount Rushmore 
Fat by the Gallon-Calm Down 
Living With Lions-Tidal Wave 
No Better-Still 
The Prosecution-Overrun 
Heaven's Basement-I Am Electric 
Trash Boat-Nothing New 
Trash Boat-Don't Open Your Eyes Trash Boat
Trash Boat-Shade Trash Boat
Trash Boat-Controlled Burn Trash Boat
Red City Radio-If You Want Blood (Be My Guest) 
Iron Chic-Let's. Get. Dangerous. 
Direct Hit!-Forced to Sleep 
Teenage Bottlerocket-They Call Me Steve 
The Bombpops-Be Sweet 
PEARS-Green Star 
Off With Their Heads-Nightlife 
The Methadones-Self Destruct 
Banner Pilot-Alchemy 
MxPx-Teenage Politics 
Goldfinger-If Only 
The Bouncing Souls-Coin Toss Girl 
Joyce Manor-Million Dollars To Kill Me 
Joyce Manor-Angel In The Snow 
Joyce Manor-In the Army Now 
Joyce Manor-Leather Jacket 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 19/7/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Nerdlinger-Sunny Days 
Nerdlinger-The Ballad of Rod Lightning 
Nerdlinger-Song of the Damned 
12 Step Rebels-Hunt of the Unnamed 
The Decline-A Crash Course in Emotional English 
Hightime-Tear us Apart 
Hack The Mainframe-Coriander 
Outta Luck-Crappy 
Dividers-Open Doors 
7 Shot Screamers-Kickin Myself 
The Stunned-Almost Everyone Is A Little Bisexual 
Straight Line-Not Afraid 
Rainy Day Ollie-Suck At Life 
Three Bad Jacks-Crazy In The Head 
Swingin' Utters-Human Potential 
Swingin' Utters-Five Lessons Learned 
Swingin' Utters-Pills & Smoke 
Swingin' Utters-Brand New Lungs 
A Chase Worthwhile-A Days End 
Thee Flanders-On Your Way 
Consumed-What Would Cliff Burton Do? 
Between You & Me-Twice Shy 
Local Resident Failure-Old Skool 
O'Holy Ghost-Tio 
Dollar Signs-Sadderday 
Phantom Rockers-Baby Blue Eyes 
Dead Soft-Kill Me 
Homebound-Change of Heart 
Mom Jeans.-you cant eat cats Kevin 
The Arkhams-She's Lost Control 
Trophy Eyes-You Can Count On Me 
The Palatines-Take It Back 
The Palatines-Demons Whispering 
The Palatines-Take a Left at Fullerton 
The Palatines-Grave Misfortune 


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 12/7/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Point North-Conditions 
Point North-Blameless 
Point North-Everybody Fades 
Point North-Dearly Departed 
A Story Told-All of You 
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die-Heartbeat in the Brain 
Moose Blood-Just Outside 
Have Mercy-Coexist 
Can't Swim-Even In Death 
Balance And Composure-Reflection 
The Story So Far-Things I Can't Change 
The Last Gang-Sing for Your Supper 
Antiseen-The Mysterious Green Mist 
Antiseen-From Parts Unknown 
Supersuckers-Pretty Fucked Up 
Transplants-Come Around 
Obey The Brave-Raise Your Voice 
He Is Legend-The Seduction 
Half Hearted Hero-Periphery 
The Almighty Trigger Happy-Tango 
Bedtime For Charlie-It Ain't About The Music 
Lipona-The Citadel 
Sunsgrind-No solution 
Bokassa-Hellbilly Handfishin' 
Living With Lions-Tidal Wave 
Homebound-Change of Heart 
Joyce Manor-Make Me Dumb 
Joyce Manor-Heart Tattoo 
Joyce Manor-Catalina Fight Song 
Joyce Manor-Fake I.D. 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 5/7/2018

The Revolution Starts Now The Mahones
Adolescents-Sunspot Screams 
Adolescents-L.A. Girl 
Adolescents-Queen of Denial 
Sin 34-Say We Suck 
Swingin' Utters-Five Lessons Learned 
CKY-96 Quite Bitter Beings 
 U.S. Bombs-Yer Country
We The Kings-Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby Run) 
Mission Of Burma-That's When I Reach For My Revolver 
Flamethrower-I Want It All 
Paint It Black-Womb Envy 
Fabulous Disaster-Gia 
Midnight Evils-Loaded And Lonely 
The Explosion-No Revolution 
Taking Back Sunday-MakeDamnSure 
The Interrupters-Got Each Other 
The Interrupters-Be Gone 
The Interrupters-Room With a View 
The Interrupters-Outrage 
GBH-Crush 'Em 
Jelly Beans-Rebel Yell Assorted 
The Browns-American Werewolf in Calgary 
Hot Water Music-Freightliner 
Fastbacks-In the Summer 
Andy Black-Stay Alive 
Minor Threat-Filler 
Rubber City Rebels-(I Wanna) Pierce My Brain 
Rocket From The Crypt-Straight American Slave 
Hüsker Dü-Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely 
The Vandals-Don't Stop Me Now 
MONGOL800-Love Song 
Brain Failure-Coming Down To Beijing 
Hi-STANDARD-Teenagers Are All Assholes 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 28/6/2018 Ska Special

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now
Reel Big Fish-Sell Out 
Reel Big Fish-Don't Start A Band 
Reel Big Fish-You Don't Know Reel 
Reel Big Fish-Another F.U. Song
Streetlight Manifesto-Keasbey Nights 
The Planet Smashers-Surfin' in Tofino 
Accidental President-Friday 
Buck-O-Nine-My Town 
Ballyhoo!-I Don't Wanna Go 
Mustard Plug-Beer (Song) 
Two Tone Club-I'm Not Safe with Your Love 
No Sports-The Way of the Dragon 
Authority Zero-Revolution Riot 
The Interrupters-She's Kerosene 
The Interrupters-Babylon 
The Interrupters-She Got Arrested 
The Interrupters-A Friend Like Me 
Bumpin Uglies-Sorry I'm Not Sorry 
The Hippos-Wasting My Life 
The Valkyrians-Val Kilmer 
Jaya The Cat-Sweet Eurotrash 
Madness-One Step Beyond 
Random Hand-Play Some Ska 
Rx Bandits-Stargazer 
Skankin' Pickle-Turning Japanese 
The Specials-Call Me Names 
Starfish-Worst Nite Klub 
The Suicide Machines-New Girl 
The Toasters-Night Train to Moscow 
Sublime-Same In The End 
Operation Ivy-Sound System 
Less Than Jake-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads 
Less Than Jake-She's Gonna Break Soon 
Less Than Jake-Gainesville Rock City 
Less Than Jake-Danny Says 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 21/6/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Bad Religion-The Kids Are Alt-Right 
Bad Religion-Land of Endless Greed
Bad Religion-New Dark Ages 
Bad Religion-New America 
State Champs-Mine Is Gold 
Adolescents-Queen of Denial 
The Bar Stool Preachers-8.6 Days (all the Broken Hearts) 
The Motorleague-Everyone Is Digital 
Teen Agers-Never Let Me Down 
Muncie Girls-Picture of Health 
The Darts (U.S.)-Revolution 
Forus-War's Not over, I've Just Found the Flag 
The Almighty Trigger Happy-Tango
Heartsounds-Constant Crossroads 
Face To Face-Keep Your Chin Up 
Face To Face-Disconnected 
Face To Face-Say What You Want 
Face To Face-You've Done Nothing 
Local Resident Failure-The Opener 
Jet Market-15 Hundred Miles For A 15 People Show 
Symphony Of Distraction-I Wish I Wasn't 
One Light Out-She Almost Turned You Emo 
Fast Motion-Watch It Burn 
Shadows of Defeat-Straight to Hell in All Its Glory 
Never Been Famous-Try to Be 
She Likes Todd-Storybook Endings 
Lustra-Scotty Doesn't Know 
The F-Ups-Lazy Generation 
Autopilot Off-Indebted 
SR-71-Right Now 
Go Betty Go-C'mon 
Mad Caddies-Alien 8 
Mad Caddies-Sorrow 
Mad Caddies-Sink, Florida, Sink 
Mad Caddies-Sleep Long 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 14/6/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Get Up Kids-I'm Sorry 
The Get Up Kids-My Own Reflection 
The Get Up Kids-Maybe
The Get Up Kids-Better This Way
The New Amsterdams-Hover Near Fame 
WSTR-Bad To The Bone 
Sleep On It-Unspoken 
A Place in Time-You Know the Type 
Unclean-Sleep Forever 
Dance Gavin Dance-Suspended In This Disaster 
Modern Life Is War-Lonesome Valley Ammunitions 
Trophy Eyes-You Can Count On Me 
Wearing Thin-Hidden In The Framework 
Bad Religion-American Jesus 
Frank Turner-Song For Josh 
Against Me!-Because of the Shame 
blink-182-Adam's Song 
Descendents-Jean Is Dead 
Billy Bragg-Waiting for the Great Leap Forward 
AFI-The Leaving Song Pt. II 
Anti-Flag-1 Trillion Dollar$ 
Bad Cop, Bad Cop-Sugarcane 
No Better-My Love Says Always 
The Bouncing Souls-Coin Toss Girl 
Brand New-The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows 
Chumped-Anywhere But Here 
Andrew W.K.-Ready To Die 
Alkaline Trio-Warbrain 
Alkaline Trio-Midnight Blue 
Alkaline Trio-This Addiction
Alkaline Trio-Burn


Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath and special Guest Mike Chewie Bennett 7/6/18

H2o - Journey to the End of the East Bay
Iron Chic-To Shreds, You Say 
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Before We Go Out Drinking
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Glory Days
PUP - Old Wounds
The Hard Aches - Glad that You're gone
The Holy Mess  - Speak uneasy
Gaslight Anthem - 1930
Bouncing Souls - Lean on Sheena
Avail - Simple Song
Reckless Ones - Dead and Gone
The Interupters - She's Kerosene
Street Dogs - Stand for Something or Die for Nothing 
Direct Hit  - The World is Ending(No One Cares)
This Is a Standoff - See You at The Bottom
Crazy Arm - Bandalito
Heartsounds - Internal Eyes
Dead to Me - The World has gone Mad
Youth Decay - Short Fuse
Teenage Bottlerocket - Skate or Die
The Interupters - Title Holder
Dead Kennedys - California Uber Allies
Freddy Fudd Pucker - A River Rising

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 31/5/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Rise Against-House On Fire  
Rise Against-Everchanging
Rise Against-People Live Here 
Rise Against-Swing Life Away 
The Crimson Ghosts-Rebirth 
The -Cryptkeeper Five-Little Girl 
You Know The Drill-Homesick 
Dangerkids-Inside Out 
For Pete's Sake-North Atlantic 
Clear Focus-Never Ending Pain 
Columbus-Cut It Out 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Wonderful Day for the Race 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-She Just Happened 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-The Rascal King 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Someday I Suppose 
The Brokedowns-Trauma Czars 
Chinese Telephones-I Can't Be Right 
The Arrivals-Simple Pleasures in America 
Dan Padilla-Never Learned Algebra 
Tenement-Dull Joy 
Future Virgins-No Echo 
The Ergs!-Kind of Like Smitten 
Moose Blood-You Left In The Worst Way 
Dead Cross-Skin of a Redneck 
Obnox-I Hate Everything 
Monster Squad-Desolation 
Lucy and the Rats-Lose My Mind 
Total Bummer-Melancholy 
Sharp Shock-I Don't Want a Nuclear Family 
The Explosion-Here I Am 
Maladroit-You Are My Han Solo 
Nerf Herder-Mr. Spock 
blink-182-A New Hope 
Screeching Weasel-Phasers On Kill 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 100% Kiwi Music Show 24/5/2018

Supergroove - Scorpio Girls
Supergroove - If I Had My Way
Supergroove - Can't Get Enough
Supergroove - Next Time
Proud Scum - I Am A Rabbit
The Primmers - Lone Night
Riot 111 - 1981!
Flesh D-Vice - Friday Nights
The Rabble - The Coast Song
The Gordons - machine song
Armatrak - Do Something
Suburban Reptiles - Coup D'Etat
kitsch - stay right here
PCP Eagles - PCP Anthem
PCP Eagles - Nature Boy
PCP Eagles - I Hear Static
PCP Eagles - Taumarunui Fucks The Kids
Bilge Rats - Lady Alcohol
Basura Blanca - Tag And Release
The Bleeders - A Bleeding Heart
Blistering Tongues - Mexican Crombie
Chazz Valentine - The Brightest Star
Boltcutter - Rampage
The Bones - Geskapo
Brubeck - Two Bettys
Cobra Khan - Helgorithms
Compos Mentis - Chase Corpse
Streetwise Scarlet - In The City Where The Devil Sleeps
Conniption - Hearts Bleeds Black
Defiance - Women Of Your Dreams
Freddy Fudd Pucker - The Sorrow Finds It's Song
The Managers - My Mistake
Sommerset - Faded
Sommerset - Say What You Want
Sommerset - Clutter
Sommerset - Streets Don't Close

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 17/5/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Strung Out-Black out the Sky 
Strung Out-Town of Corazon 
Strung Out-Requiem 
Strung Out-Unkoil 
The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches-So Let's Go Nowhere 
Belvedere-Subhuman Nature 
Forus-The Unlucky Number 
Rebuke-History Doesn't Repeat Itself... We Repeat History 
PMX-Pull the Trigger 
Steve And The Alcoholics-Hi! I'm Steve 
Bedtime For Charlie-It Ain't About The Music 
One Light Out-She Almost Turned You Emo 
1000 degrees-Orso Grigen 
New Years Day-Kill or Be Killed 
Streetlight Manifesto-Keasbey Nights 
Lagwagon-May 16 
Lagwagon-Alien 8
Lagwagon-After You My Friend 
The Aquabats!-Martian Girl! 
Sunsgrind-Piece of last one 
Big Wig-Still 
Agent 51-She's My Heroine 
The Fullblast-Redemption 
Tonight Alive-Temple 
Hey Monday-How You Love Me Now 
The Summer Set-Chelsea 
The Suicide Machines-The Vans Song 
TISM - (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River
Nothington-Where I Can't Be Found 
Nothington-In the End 
Nothington-The Hard Way
Nothington-Captive Audience 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 10/5/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Interrupters-She's Kerosene 
The Interrupters-A Friend Like Me 
The Interrupters-Jenny Drinks 
The Interrupters-She Got Arrested 
Elway-Hold On 
The Holy Mess-The Weight 
Leaves Arms Aloft-I Want to Be 
Wire-Outdoor Miner
Timeshares-Sarah, Send Your Driver 
Banquets-Just Me And My Canseco Rookie Card 
Mission Of Burma-That's When I Reach For My Revolver 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-So Sad To Say 
Nightmares For A Week-Dead Men 
Spraynard-Applebee's Bar 
Escape From The Zoo-Don't Blink 
Victims of Circumstance-I Want You To Want Me 
Popes Of Chillitown-Upside Down 
Popes Of Chillitown-Get Off / Get On 
Popes Of Chillitown-Lego Prisoners 
Popes Of Chillitown-No Manners in Ireland 
Hard-Ons-Don't Wanna See You Cry 
Signals Midwest-Should Have Been A Painter 
Slingshot Dakota-Doreen 
Operation Ivy-Sound System 
Hockey Dad-A Night Out With 
Reel Big Fish-I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore 
Hüsker Dü-Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely 
Frank Turner-21st Century Survival Blues 
Frank Turner-Going Nowhere 
Frank Turner-Brave Face 
Frank Turner-Little Changes 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 3/5/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Street Dogs-Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing 
Street Dogs-GOP 
Street Dogs-Not Without a Purpose 
Street Dogs-Sell Your Lies 
The Aquabats!-Super Rad! 
The Briggs-Not Alone 
The Ducky Boys-I'll Rise Up 
Roger Miret & The Disasters-Stand Up And Fight 
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards-Little Rude Girl 
U.S. Bombs-Yer Country 
Time Again-Outcast 
Bomb the Music Industry!-I Don't Love You Anymore 
Flatfoot 56-I'll Fly Away 
The Unseen-You Can Never Go Home 
The Mahones-Paint The Town Red
FIDLAR-No Waves 
FIDLAR-Cheap Beer 
Vitamin X-Flip the Switch 
Dillinger Four-It's A Fine LIne Between The Monkey And The Robot 
Life In Vacuum-Bully 
American Steel-Tear the Place Apart 
Banner Pilot-Greenwood 
Iron Chic-Let's. Get. Dangerous. 
Accidental President-Friday 
RVIVR-Wrong Way/One Way 
Red City Radio-If You Want Blood (Be My Guest) 
Mad Caddies-She 
Mad Caddies-State of Mind 
Mad Caddies-Silence
Mad Caddies-All American Badass

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 26/4/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Pennywise-American Lies 
Pennywise-Won't Give Up The Fight 
Pennywise-We Set Fire 
Pennywise-Can't Be Ignored 
Slang-Apocalypse Now 
D.R.I.-Violent Pacification 
Ignite-Let it Burn 
Venerea-Calling Card 
Deviates-I Hate (Teen Angst) 
The Ataris-San Dimas High School Football Rules 
I Against I-Ordinary Fight 
Hüsker Dü-Something I Learned Today 
Bodyjar-Not The Same 
Choke-In Reach 
Pridebowl-The Soft Song 
Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?)
State Champs-Dead and Gone 
State Champs-Elevated 
State Champs-Slow Burn 
State Champs-Losing Myself 
The Longshot-Kill Your Friends 
Minutemen-Viet Nam 
Home Wrecked-Back on the Grid 
Hit Bargain-Hell Is Real 
Bad Waitress-Let's Get Fucked Up 
Fugazi-Waiting Room 
We Set Signals-Miles & Miles 
THE FEVER 333-Made An America 
The Velvet Underground-I'm Waiting For The Man
Cancer Bats-Bed Of Nails 
Cancer BatsBrightest Days 
Cancer Bats-Can't Sleep 
Cancer Bats-Fear Will Kill Us All 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 19/4/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
No Fun At All-Spirit 
No Fun At All-Suitable Victim 
No Fun At All-Runner's High 
No Fun At All-Fortunate Smile 
The Mopes-Circle K 
The Dickies-Banana Splits (The Tra La La Song) 
Happy.-Winona Ryder 
GutterLIFE-Hoods Up 
Dance Gavin Dance-Midnight Crusade 
The Fall of Troy-F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. 
Fear Before The March Of Flames-On The Brightside, She Could Choke 
Heavy Things-Missing Out 
The Lawrence Arms-The YMCA Down The Street From The Clinic 
Bigwig-Girl In The Green Jacket 
Millencolin-True Brew 
Pour Habit-Tomahawk 
Mad Caddies-Road Rash 
Tsunami Bomb-Take The Reigns 
The Queers-Fuck the World 
Everybodies Girl Dwarves
Sloppy Seconds-The Horror Of Party Beach 
Riverdales-Riverdale Stomp 
Huntingtons-I Wanna Be A Ramone 
The Bouncing Souls-True Believers 
The Jukebox Romantics-Breaking Rad 
American Pinup-Storm Chaser 
Descendents-I'm The One 
Nerf Herder-At the Con 
Nerf Herder-Mr. Spock 
Nerf Herder-Doctor Who 
Nerf Herder-I'm the Droid You're Looking for 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 12/4/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
The Wonder Years-Raining in Kyoto 
The Wonder Years-Sister Cities 
The Wonder Years-Pyramids of Salt 
The Wonder Years-Flowers Where Your Face Should Be 
Hub City Stompers-Johnny Date Rape 
MC5-Kick Out The Jams (Original Uncensored Version) 
The Penske File-Kamikaze Kids 
The Slackers-Wasted Days 
Action/Adventure-I've Got A Monster In My Pocket 
Deal's Gone Bad-Messin' Around 
Kill Lincoln-Good Riddance to Good Advice 
Anchors to Anchors-Keep Your Friends Close 
Reel Big Fish-Beer 
Frank Turner-Make America Great Again 
Frank Turner-Blackout 
Frank Turner-Be More Kind 
Frank Turner-1933 
Street Dogs-Punk Rock And Roll 
Underoath-Hold Your Breath 
Lars -Frederiksen and the BastardsDead Americans 
Nothing Planned-Anchors Away, Angels! 
The Rabble-With a Rose in My Hand 
Mustard Plug-You 
Goldfinger-Here In Your Bedroom 
Legend of You-Redemption 
The Bombpops-Dear Beer 
The Bombpops-Polluted Skies 
The Bombpops-Turn up the Thermostat 
The Bombpops-I Call Bullshit 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 5/4/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Rollercoaster X-For You 
Rollercoaster X-Heat 
Rollercoaster X-She 
Rollercoaster X-Only Friend 
Adversity-Hidden Demons 
88 Fingers Louie-Advice Column 
blink-182-Parking Lot 
Melvins-Embrace the Rub 
The Weekend Classic-Room to Grow 
Hawthorne Heights-Just Another Ghost 
Divided Minds-Take My Hand 
Slaves-Let This Haunt You 
Undeclinable-7 Years 
Polar Bear Club-Convinced I'm Wrong 
The Riptides-Couldn't Care Less 
The Riptides-Goodbye Hawaii 
The Riptides-Spies Like Us 
The Riptides-Fast Girls 
Travoltas-One For The Road 
The Vindictives-Alarm Clocks 
Boris the Sprinkler-((Do You Wanna)) Grilled Cheese 
The Guts-Tunnel of Love 
Zatopeks-The Romance of a Bus Stop 
Retarded-Gambling on Rock 
Mcrackins-Nerdcore Rising 
The Establishment-Running on Empty 
The 20 Belows-Message 
Antillectual-I Wrote This Song 
Archie and the Bunkers-She's A Rocking Machine 
The Varsity Weirdos-Look at the Stars 
Call It Off-Abandoned 
The Prozacs-I Don't Care Anymore 
Dead Giveaway-This Aggression Will Not Stand 
Dead Giveaway-Hit & Run 
Dead Giveaway-Something You Never Did 
Dead Giveaway-School's Out 

Three Chord Revolution:The Radio One Punk Rock Show with Nath 22/3/2018

The Mahones-The Revolution Starts Now 
Pennywise-Never Gonna Die 
Pennywise-Noise Pollution 
Pennywise-Something To Live For 
Pennywise-Knocked Down 
The Hold Steady-Eureka 
Aimless Again-Shredder 
Cousin Boneless-Pretty Cemetery 
Ankle Grease-Cops 
The Shell Corporation-Rooftops 
This Obsession-Yo... I'm No Good 
Sincere Engineer-Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7 
Odd Robot-Knife and a Cigarette 
Decent Criminal-Deviant 
The Siknotes-Dave the Fan 
Suicidal TendenciesGet United 
Suicidal Tendencies-Possessed To Skate 
Suicidal Tendencies-You Can't Bring Me Down 
Suicidal Tendencies-War Inside My Head 
Minor Threat-Straight Edge 
Beneath The Wheel D.R.I.
Against All Authority-War Machine Breakdown 
Star Fucking Hipsters-Ana Ng 
Mute-Bates Motel 
The Disgracefuls-Long Live the Underground 
Charlie Bit My Finger-The Girl Next Door 
Blindspot-The Right Swipe 
The Decline-A Crash Course in Emotional English 
7 Seconds-Satyagraha 
7 Seconds-All Came Undone
7 Seconds-Escape And Run
7 Seconds-Slogan On A Shirt