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Three Chord Revolution

11pm - 1am Friday with Nath

Three Chord Revolution

Three Chord Revolution

The Beatersband - Don't Worry Baby
The Beatersband - My Mother Plays Rock'n'Roll
The Beatersband - Be My Baby
The Bare Minimum - Swiss Chalet Christmas Dinner Alone
Fast Lane - Stay True
Headways - Evergreen
Chester Park - Sean Penn
Soul Stir - Dogs of War
Blake Cateris - Melrose & Venice Beach
Wide Awake Club - Anything
Anchors & Hearts - Deathlist
Jersey Calling - Gods & Cowboys
The Stinky Meatballs - My Own Pace
The Wolston Butchers - Mugged in Nambour
Losing Streak - Friendzone
CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings
Cold Wrecks - Feels Like Defeat
Cold Wrecks - Therapy
Cold Wrecks - Eager to Fail!
Trashed Again - Dead man
Bayline - Speaking in Tongues
Coastal Fire Dept. - Close to You
Kings&Hurricanes - Like A Drug
The Inevitables - Chemist
Knox - Girl On The Internet
Bush League - Variable Joy
Bitter Season - What We Had (Is Over)
Raging Clue - Ruin
Suntrace - Well Done
TRiOUT - Lifetime
Question Mark - Eat our brains
Full Throttle - Caffeine Hangover
The Hope Conspiracy - A Struggle for Power
Sonic Boom Six - Future Shock
Shooting Daggers - Not My Rival
Johnnie Carwash - I'm A Mess
The Gaslight Anthem - I'da Called You Woody, Joe
Apologies, i have none - Sat In Vicky Park
DARKO - What I Cannot Be
DARKO - Hiraeth
DARKO - Timepieces and Lock Shaped Hearts


Three Chord Revolution

Frank Turner - Miranda
Frank Turner - Four Simple Words
Frank Turner - Punches
PET NEEDS - Separation Anxiety
Calling Hours - Low End Theory
Incendiary Device - Accelerate
Four Year Strong - Dead End Friend
Odd Robot - Fake Warm Fuzzies are Still Warm Fuzzies
Sharp Eyes - Back To Back
Between You & Me - YEAH!
Modern Natives - Broken Mirror
The Young Rochelles - You Broke My Fucking Heart
Death Cassette - Get Gone
Trashed Again - Gang and the crew
Wasting Time - No One's Home
The Undertones - Teenage Kicks
Project Revise - Take the World
The Toy Dolls - She Goes to Finos
Saturday's Heroes - Scapegoat
Saturday's Heroes - By My Side
Saturday's Heroes - Afterparty
Two Eyes Open - It Begins Here
Bury Mia - From The Comfort Of My Kia Sorento
Two Trains Left - Comfort Zone
House Parties - Mid-Life Crisis
Shower Beers; SoSo - One More Shot
Chin Up- Kid - My Own Worst Enemy
Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas
Open Palms - Candystripers
Vantage Point - Slow To Fix A Feeling
Sam's the Hero - Chase the Daylight
The Maysides - Been There- Done That
According To Jack - Carry The Burden
The End of Everything; James Villa - Prepare For Armageddon
The Flatliners - Bury Me
Come Out Fighting - Too Many Bros at the Brodeo or A Retrospective of My Time in the Hardcore Scene
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards - Army Of Zombies
Grip-Tape - In My Head
Grip-Tape - Bailing Out
Grip-Tape - Not Getting Any Stronger

Three Chord Revolution

DeeCRACKS - Don't Rely On Me
DeeCRACKS - The Point Of Being Here
DeeCRACKS - Do What You Must
Bridges & Endings - Victim Of Society
Kemo For Emo - The Stranger
Friday Night Vampires - Nightmare
Ugly Hurons - Proud to Be Ugly
Shocktroopers - All I Wanna Do
Tripper - Pressed
Dale and the ZDubs; Ballyhoo! - Neighbors
Grade 2 - Nevada
Making Friends - Millionaires
Last Gasp - Short Term Pleasure- Long Term Hell
408 - Remember Her Like That
HEY-SMITH - Rest in Punk
Ok Robot - Fate
The Cides - WakeUp England
When the Sun Sets - Honest

Flamsteed - Lies!

Frank Turner Interview

Billy Liar; Frank Turner - Negroni
Donots; Frank Turner - So Long (feat. Frank Turner)
Wilswood Buoys; Frank Turner - A Place To Call My Own
The Deadly Gallows - Leave Me on the Shore
Mugshot - Within Stained Glass
Swan Prince - Full Moon
Stay the Course - Knife Fight
Tess & The Details - Mania
HOLYFANGS - Breathing Out
Thread the Lariat - Shots Fired
Virginity - Here's Your Letter
Starving Wolves - Mixed Blood
The Sure Thing - That Time of Year
Real Fake Doors - RUNAWAY
Real Fake Doors - Everything You Wanted
Real Fake Doors - It's Not Me- It's You


Three Chord Revolution

Bedlam Hour - RE: Generation
Bedlam Hour - My Mother Doesn't Know I'm a Punk Rocker
Bedlam Hour - $1 Billion
Shoplifters - Whenever I Need You
Ian BW - Cancel Out
The Seafloor Cinema - Geese Attack!!!
Rooftape - You're OK
Zypmouth - Wake Me Up
Marc Valentine - Skeleton Key
The 20 Belows - Momentum
This Pestilent Existence - figured out
Jaws the Shark - Lie to Me
The Hurricanes - St. Lawrence Night
Breaux! - Dying Dreams
Londynne's Falling - Can Anybody Hear Me?
PWRUP; Dissidente - President Evil 2
Calm. - Obsessive Compulsive
Heartsink - Fixed Point
Green Day - The American Dream Is Killing Me
Green Day - Minority
Green Day - The Grouch
ZEST - You Know How I Do Plans
Swigfoot - D's Got Gout
The Drowns - Blacked Out
Piffbreak Arcade - Drinkin' With You
Petty Thefts - Truth Decay
Fine Dining - Existence
Saint Didacus - winning enough
Half Built Homes - Andy
Grave Secrets - Drugs
Bad Assumption - I Found You
No Bueno! - Ck
Nocturnal Animals - Panic Attack
The Mendozaz - Let Me Go
Fight Back Mountain - Watership Down
H2O - What Happened?
The Gaslight Anthem - Spider Bites
The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten
The Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations


Three Chord Revolution

Alkaline Trio - Blood- Hair- And Eyeballs
Alkaline Trio - Metro
Alkaline Trio - Blue in the Face
The Iron Roses - Screaming for a Change
Bad Idols - Hatred
Lose to Win - This Pain
Tripper - Salt
Reconciler - Shots in the Dark
The Marx - Complex Geopolitics
Save Face; Heart Attack Man - Song the Bullets Sing
Teenage Halloween - Melodrama
Grave Secrets - Preacher's Nightmare
Fucked Up - Show Friends
Ken Yokoyama - My One Wish
blink-182 - ANTHEM PART 3
The Menzingers - Try
The Menzingers - After the Party
The Menzingers - Hope is a Dangerous Little Thing
Addalemon - Checkmate
Sucker Punch - Incognito Mode
Let's Go! - Our Song
No Fucking Idea - Loser
BACK LIFT - Brand new days
Slang Poor Kids - Never Be The Same
Pangolin - Post-Seasonal Depression
Joystick! - Boxes
Losing Streak - Agree to Disagree
New Ends - She's Scared
Lower Ground - Outgrown
ONE FALL - Rage/Quit
The Owen Guns - Stop making deadshits famous
Wasting Time - Coffee Break
Blind Adam & the Federal League; Jessica Ever - Before it Gets Better
TwoMinutesHate - Killing Me Softly With This Job
My Chemical Romance - Astro Zombies
Metallica - Last Caress/Green Hell
Misfits; Glenn Danzig - Where Eagles Dare


Three Chord Revolution

Dick Move - Minimum Living
Dick Move - Ladies Night
Dick Move - Women- Take The Streets
Very Visible - Anxiety Capsule
Flippin'Heck - Monkeys for the Monkeys
Three Minute Picture - Ordinary Days
Maggot House - Crypt Jerk
Burnt Tapes; Hannah Hermione Greenwood - Little Sister
Splitcast; Bryan Sherrill - Still She Waits
Dead Lips - Margarita
Death Cassette - Reflector
Plasmid - Fear City
Half Dizzy; Vic Ruggiero - The Faceless
Superdown - Away
Coastal Fire Dept. - Regret
The Jellyfish Method - Hollow
No Advisory - All Star
Cold Wrecks - Feels Like Defeat
The Dollyrots - I Just Wanna Play Dead
The Dollyrots - Because I'm Awesome
The Dollyrots - Hot Mom with the Skinny Pants On
Smoke Free Home - Run
No Comply - Full Send
Fast Lane - Outta Empathy- Full of Pride
Punk Rock Factory - Chemical
AIRFLIP - Orange Night
Bradley Riot - Restitutions
Neat Mentals - Authorities And Delusions Of Grandeur
HEY-SMITH - Say My Name
The Lowcocks - Doo Wap
Sunliner - First Against The Wall
OFF! - Johnny Can't Come Home
Eric Daino - Q Tone Ska
Territories - 10A Street
seven times driven; New Ends - Chameleon
Everyday Dogs - Five Venoms
The Sleeping Souls - Weathering The Storm
Morning Crush - Let It Rain
Morning Crush - Another Perfect Day
Morning Crush - Footprints

Three Chord Revolution

Against Me! - Because of the Shame
Against Me! - Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart
Against Me! - 333
Modus Fire - Falling Reason
Burntmill Ghosts - Maple Place
The Great Lie - Everything Ends
Burner State - Ticket Out
Eric Daino - Protection Spell
Knuckle Puck - Losing What We Love
Old Chase - Until the Bitter End
Debt Neglector - Go
Sadlands - After Tonight
Odd Robot; Poli Van Dam - Anti-Revolution
Clarkkent - Death After Life
Moonraker - Fireman
afewyearslater - XM
Bucket - Nuclear Summer
Teenage Halloween - Armageddon Now
The Sewer Rats - I Don't Wanna Go to the Dentist No More
Taking on Water - Intervention
Taking on Water - I Used To Be Me
Taking on Water - Heaven Or Hell
Youth Fountain - Roses In My Backpack
Anxious - Down- Down
March - Tell Your Kids We'll Be Alright
Nicotine - BLACK PEARL
Stringy! - P.M.H.C.
Shark Bait - No Place To Call Home
First One Sucks - To a Friend
Company Retreat - Perfect Vision
Skeetch - About Winners And Losers
Grail Guard - Our Streets
Protect Your Heart - Embers
Neat Mentals - War Goes On
The Yalla Yallas - Atomic Clock
Statues On Fire - Love Will Drive Us
Kye Smith; Michael Ferfoglia - Wise Up
Random Hand - Devil With a Microphone
Random Hand - Anger Management
Random Hand - The Cycle


Three Chord Revolution

Fabled Mind - Altered Reality
Fabled Mind - Project Paradise
Fabled Mind - Before the Slaughter
Alexisonfire - This Could Be Anywhere in the World
Territories - Superhero
Starving Wolves - Please Listen
The Monkeychunks - S.O.D. (Let's Skate!)
Superbloom - Velvet Hippo
Random Hand - Deadweight
The Get Up Kids - Holiday
Abraskadabra; Thiago Trosso - Why So Serious?
Save Face - Found Dead at the Crime Scene
Grave Secrets - Fuck Shit Up
Open City - Everything
Splitcast - West Broad
Motion City Soundtrack - The Future Freaks Me Out
Our Lives In Cinema - Selective History
Drastic Park - BRIGHTSIDE
Wheelchair Mosh Pit - Is Rock Bottom A Birthstone?
Divine Husky - Lies Like There's No Tomorrow
Divine Husky - Anything Is Alright
Divine Husky - End of the Century
Gone Stereo - Cool Kids
Mayday Parade - Jamie All Over
The Overjoyed - WHINER
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Farside Bathroom
The Jukebox Romantics - Heavy Boi
Mediaslaves - Don't Quit Your Day Job
Randells - She's
Angel Grove - Seventeen
Dial Drive - Falling Down
The Starting Line - The Best Of Me
America Part Two - Crest
Pizza Pool Party - Kick Me
Lost In Society - Lights Out
Kemo For Emo - Love & Decay
Jimmy Eat World - Big Casino
Rise Against - Injection
Rise Against - Ready To Fall
Rise Against - Worth Dying For

Three Chord Revolution

The Crash Mats - We're Not Going Back to the Pound Bakery Until They Back the Cajun Sausage Roll
The Crash Mats; Anna Boggen - Watchmen
The Crash Mats - There's a Grow on My Street
Xray Vez - Alkaline Trio Tattoo
The Gaslight Anthem - Little Fires
Control Objective - Take It You Can Have It
happydaze - Been and Gone
No Loves - Kids Want Action
Card Reader - Fortunes
Ricky Rochelle - Tucker Carlson Sucks
Youth Fountain - Fallen Short
Dial Denial - Paperwings
Pepper - Stay High
latewaves - Frog
Contour - Death of a Friend
bēd - Tear U Out
Relate. - Linger
Waiting For Summer - victim of your crime
Waiting For Summer - Summertime
Waiting For Summer - friends+x
Try Again - Off The Rails
Contra Code - Friday Junior
Saturday's Heroes - By My Side
Plasmid - Bloodbath
J. Regardless - One + One is Less Than Three
Outer Control - Apopolyptic Calamity
Ashton Holloway - Growing Up Sucks!
The Subjunctives - It's a Shame We Didn't Get More Time- Lance
Ford the River - Better Living Through Quiet Quitting
Cardboard Box Colony - Sink or Swim
Bodyjar - Not the Same
GUMX - Buds
The Damned - New Rose
Raygun Cowboys - We Want It All
Night Surf - Burn On
Safety Net - My Mom Met Mothman On
Cloud Seeker - What Am I Supposed To Do
Decade & A Day - False Promises
Primetime Failure - I Like What You've Done With The Place
Primetime Failure - Watch It Burn
Primetime Failure; Heart A Tact - Blueprint


Three Chord Revolution

NORMY - Post Love
NORMY - My Favorite Accident
NORMY - Right Place- Wrong Time
The Danger Men - Heterosexual Superstar
BAT BOY - Decoder Ring
This Regret - Someone You Can Count On
Around 7 - This Ain't Your Soundtrack
St. Thomas Boys Academy - Roman's Song
Superlove - Arguing With Thermometers
States of Nature - Wicked World
Lucky Hit - Waking Up
Structure Sounds - New Horizons
Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
With Honor - To the Mourning
Soul Glo - If I Speak (Shut The Fuck Up)
Free the Witness - Youth of Tomorrow
Reason To Leave - What Are You Fighting For?
The Owen Guns - Trans Rights are Human Rights
The Owen Guns - Expert in a Minor Threat Shirt
The Owen Guns - Pulling on the boots (Racist dickhead)
Katie MF - Set It Alight
The Young Hasselhoffs - You Belong To Me
As Friends Rust - See Us Now
Sgt. Scag - Everest
Homesafe - Stockholm Syndrome
Kings and Queens - Bye For Now
Top Cutters Union - Ready For The Mess
Waste The Days - Punkrock Anarchy
Paint It Black - Famine
The Zeros - Beat Your Heart Out
Mommy Long Legs - Assholes
Riot Grrrl Sessions - I Eat Boys Like You for Breakfast
Missing Since Monday - Homesick
Taking on Water - Heaven Or Hell
Decade & A Day - False Promises
The Bare Minimum - Con Air
Northpark - Turning left
Second Player Score - Divide And Conquer
Second Player Score - That Escalated Quickly
Second Player Score - Eye of the Needle


Three Chord Revolution

Nerdlinger - Semi Sorry
Nerdlinger - Contagious
Nerdlinger - Hostages
Tess & The Details - Canary
Chain Whip - Call Of The Knife
DONA LUZI - Fake Friends Anthem
The Cides - The Rebel
Rise Against - Give It All
Knuckle Puck - The Tower
Farewell Signs - We Bleed The Same
Reality Spill; Daniel Brooke - Make Waves
Alkaline Trio - Midnight Blue
Crime In Stereo - Hypernormalisation
The Fiendz - Bully
Atomic Treehouse - Rockin' Without You
Hellaphant - They
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
Taking Back Sunday - S’old
Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) - Remastered
Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure
Agent Orange - Seek And Destroy
Foreign Bier - The Good the Bad and the Dead
Kids on Fire - This is Family
Drunktank - Kindle The Flame
Manarovs - Anywhere For You
Call to the Faithful - FALLOUT
Chris Cresswell - You Don't Wanna Listen To Me
All Due Respect - Shutdown the Airwaves
Project Revise - Free Fall
Lagwagon - May 16
After Elmer - Flip a Coin (Overthinking)
The Wonder Years - Passing Through A Screen Door
Merit Maker - Faster Times
Crasher - Static
The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten
NOFX - Bath of Least Resistance
Chelsea Manor - Predator
Chelsea Manor - Round The Twist
Chelsea Manor - Breathe

Three Chord Revolution

MxPx - Cautious Optimistic
MxPx - Teenage Politics
MxPx - Ready To Rage
Outer Control - Apopolyptic Calamity
Fine Gents - Mad Circus
Slap of Reality - Never Far
Chlorine - Novocaine
Sleep Braids - Mental Health Day
Riskee & The Ridicule - Game Over
Nutty Skunk - Civil War
Radioactive Pineapple - Clown
Ninebanks - Interrupted
FACE FIRST NY - Deadweight
Gabe Woodrow - I Hate To See Her Go But I Love To Watch Her Leave
Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas
Try Again - Turn The Lights Off
Youth Fountain - Look What Happened
Don't Panic - El Dorado
Don't Panic - Fall of 99'
Don't Panic - Memories and Exits
Allister - Somewhere On Fullerton
College Elite - I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now
Fenix TX - Phoebe Cates
Mouth House - Today Is Not Going To Be The Day
The Vandals - Euro-Barge
Hanging Cloud - The Crazy Years
Space Monkey Mafia - Brighter Place
Bradley Riot - Port to Port
Half Past Two - You In A Suit
Rufio - Above Me
Another Face in the Crowd - Out Of Course (Low On Oxygen)
Free Throw - Spacer's Choice
Anti-Venöm; Public Serpents - Thermonuclear Wasteland
Anti-Venöm; From the Cradle to the Rave - Vampires (feat. from the Cradle to the Rave)
Anti-Venöm - Dorothy Gale

Three Chord Revolution

Box Car Racer - I Feel So
Transplants - Diamonds And Guns
Simple Creatures - One Little Lie
Against Me! - Fuckmylife666
Cold Sweat - Breathe
Nora Marks - Old Magick
Favor The Bold - Never Again
thoughtcrimes - Natural Imprudence
Occupants - Relaxer
The Prozacs - We Scream
Concrete Ties - The Strong
Faded Polaroids - Bigger Than Just Memories
Making Friends - Happy Fucking Whatever
Misplaced - Real World
Hellbound - False Glory
Screeching Weasel - I Hate Your Guts on Sunday
The Crash Mats - Terry Funk Forever
The Cheap Pops - My Wrestlemania XIV VHS Broke
The Cheap Pops - Brothers of Destruction
The Cheap Pops - Star Wars
Keep Flying - 198 Broadway
Broken Vow - 1.5
Swill - Poetic Essence
Contra Code - Put Some Flames On It
Pity Party - Suicide Handbook
American Thrills - Hungover In Church
Skizzyboys - Pokemon Legends
Rescue Bandit - Good Days
Worthington's Law - Near-Death Experience in Hell
The Little Rock - Shine
The Bare Minimum - National Treasure
Walking Wounded - Righteous Brutality
Bored With Fire - Understatement of the Year
K-Man & The 45s - Really Happy Music
Last Leg - Plastic Breath
Saturday Night Karaoke - Benevolence
Frank Dux - One... Probably Closer to Two
Koyo - Do You Still Hate Me?
Koyo - Moriches
Koyo - You're On The List (minus one)


Three Chord Revolution

The Decline; Jay Whalley - Hillsong of the Damned
The Decline - Verge Collection
The Decline - Almost Never Met You
Toxic Tito - Sylvia's Mother
Freedumb - Guilt Trip
The Agonizers - Hulkbuster
Player One - T.I.M.E.
Skamagotchi - F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Another Anthem - Brother of the Wind
Antiseen - Wreck Everything
Diamonds and Guns - So Long- Chicago
Less Than Jake; Sooza Brass Band - Come Dancing
Neck Deep - Take Me With You
Boardroom Heroes - Manhattan
Eat Defeat - Giving Up (On Giving Up)
Statues On Fire - REFUSE TO DIE
Knuckle Puck - Losing A Whole Year
Dan Andriano & The Bygones - Dry
Dan Andriano & The Bygones - Narcissus- Amateur Classic Narcissist
Dan Andriano & The Bygones - Sea Level
Listener - There's Money in the Walls
Out Of Love - Welcome To The Luv
Reason To Leave - Bloody Hands
Glass Generation - Holding Hope
Rob Bellusci - The Only One?
Brace Face - Black Hole
What Makes Sense - Casablanca
Heartsink - Resurrection
The Same As Always - Spinning
Bad Advice - Hard 2 Get
Resignation; Sparing - Back And To The Left
The Young Hearts - Take A Ride
War Fever - Nothing More to Say
Something Missing - 4:46AM
Kings&Hurricanes - It's Not A Phase
Kings&Hurricanes - Better Off
Kings&Hurricanes - Let It Go

Three Chord Revolution

Bearings - Live Forever Never Die
Bearings - Sway
Bearings - Slip
Quicksand - Dine Alone
CLIFFDIVER; Skatune Network - New Vegas Bomb
Dead Streets - Hello Catastrophe
The Story So Far - Big Blind
The Linda Lindas - Resolution/Revolution
Mom Jeans. - clown
Winona Fighter - Johnny's Dead
Making Friends - Damage Report
With Honor - Open Hands
Dreadwolf - Oh Brother
Cascade Riot - Judy Is a Punk
Ken's Soup - Divorced
History Of Life HC - Turbulence
Unidad 4 - Regresar
Wilmette - Out Of My Hands
Wilmette - Circa '99
Wilmette - I Don't Even Want To Be Around Anymore
Jerks! - This Is Fine
7 Years Bad Luck - Circles
Take Today - (Never) Say Goodbye
Gone Stereo - The Fist- the Finger- and the Heart
Kirkkovene - Mombasa
Growing Fires - Swirl
Tropical Tennis - On These Streets
Julius Sumner Miller - Debating the Right Answers
The Ape-Ettes - Hearing Protection
Weigh the Anchor - See Through
Miesha and the Spanks - GRLSROK
Nate Doyle - Welcome to My Breakdown
The Subjunctives - I Don't Have the Time
Britney's Diary - I'd Rather Die Than Suck Your Fascist Star Spangled C**k
Monkey Mind - Local Lass
Almost Made the Mixtape - Fake It (Till You Make It)
Almost Made the Mixtape - Here's To Getting Old
Almost Made the Mixtape - 23 and Disappointed

Three Chord Revolution

Bad Cop- Bad Cop - Shattered
Bad Cop- Bad Cop - Sugarcane
Bad Cop- Bad Cop - Womanarchist
The Ramonas - Imposter
Wasting Time - Losing My Mind
Lamonta - Braces v2.0
Billy Bragg - A New England
Curbrigen - Big mistake
City Windows - The Price to Pay
Nonlocals - Right on Time
Lunar Hijack - Favourite Disaster
Wrong Life - Stomach Full Of Self
Worriers - Trust Your Gut
Koyo; Daryl Palumbo - Message Like a Bomb
Chlorine - In The Dream
Diesel Boy - Lost Decade
Guttermouth - I'm Destroying The World
Ballyhoo! - 808's x Coffee
Mustard Plug - Fall Apart
Mustard Plug - Mr. Smiley
Mustard Plug - Roots Radicals
Crafting Lies - Losing Patience
2 Minute Minor - Second Chance
Judo CHOP! - Conquer
Burner State - The Great Forfeit
Open City - Return Your Stolen Property Is Theft
Breezy Supreme - Contact Me
March - Heart Undressed
Hawthorne Heights - The Storm
Honey Creek - Self Preservation
Marked Out - Distance
Tape It Shut - Deathtraps Waiting To Happen
Lawndale - Nothing but a Child
Captives; Ryo Kinoshita - Shadow Cat (feat. Ryo Kinoshita)
Southcott - Red Lights and Rooftops
Lie After Lie; Quinn Murphy - Tolerance (feat. Quinn Murphy)
Miss Vincent - Doctors & Churches
The Offspring - Kristy- Are You Doing Okay?
Hell & Back - Rat Race
Hell & Back - Rise & Grind
Hell & Back - I Put The "Pro" In Procrastination


Three Chord Revolution

White Zombie - Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/ Psychoholic Slag
Dick Move - Small Man- Big Tweet
Dick Move - Ladies Night
Dick Move - Dick Move
The Shake - Better
Jonathan Panetta - Hasn't Been The Same
Mount Nemo - Surfs Up
Swill - Delicate Subject
The Fly Downs - Fabric Of Humanity
7 Years Bad Luck - I'll Forget You
Making Friends - Heroes Die
Two Times Shy - Gone
Bad Friends - Just Tell Me
Alleys and Gangways - Slowpoke
Adelleda - Inheritance
Lucky Hit - Shoebox Memories
The Penske File - Bad Dreams
Fall Out Boy - Hum Hallelujah
Leaving Off - No Help
Leaving Off - Cut You Out
Leaving Off - Penned Up
Taken by Vultures - Zuul
Sparing - Static At The End
Don't Panic - The Long Way
What Makes Sense - Seven Twenty
American Television - Snakes
Bellwether - fallingshort
Death Smile - Roses Are Red
Shitty Halfpipe - No Comply
blink-182 - Don't Leave Me
The Bar Stool Preachers - Flatlined
Fit For Rivals - Damage
My Chemical Romance - The Kids from Yesterday
The Gaslight Anthem- History Books (feat. Bruce Springsteen)
The Gaslight Anthem - Stay Lucky
The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten

Three Chord Revolution

The Menzingers - There's No Place In This World For Me
The Menzingers - America (You're Freaking Me Out)
The Menzingers - Lookers
Skinny Lister - Company Of The Bar
Against Me! - Thrash Unreal
The Hawaiians - I Got Abducted by a Pizza UFO
Circus Rhapsody - Nameless
Hike The Peak; Acid Snot - Toxify
Pennywise - Society - 2005 Remaster
Dead Alright - Dust Falls
Without Love; Rikki Vanderpol - Worthless
Lagwagon - Sleep
The Deadbeats - Vultures
The Cool Trick - The Gordian Knot
The Vigilance Committee - Thunder
Grail Guard - Die On Mars
ASH DA HERO - One Two Three
Alkaline Trio - Every Thug Needs A Lady
Alkaline Trio - Smokestack
Alkaline Trio - Calling All Skeletons
Oi!l Change - Anthem
New Clear Future - Brand New Gasp
Nothing About Me - Faded
Fluorescents - Ramona
No Use For A Name - Dumb Reminders
Paperback Tragedy - Chasing the Wind
AJJ - People Ii: The Reckoning
Reason To Leave - Edge Of A Knife
Yellowcard - Lights And Sounds
18 Fevers - Never Fall
The Bouncing Souls - Joe Lies (When He Cries)
FigureItOut - Badfish
Gametime - Aspire (Create the Future)
Millencolin - True Brew
The Transcendents - Unwritten
McRackins - Wake the Fun Up!
Face To Face - Blind
Poindexter - Quirky
Poindexter - Body Like That
Poindexter - Purgatory


Three Chord Revolution

The Raging Nathans - Paradice
The Raging Nathans - Head in a Hole
The Raging Nathans - And You Know I Know
Sparking Blows - RatBoy
The Distillers - Drain the Blood
STiCKFiGS - Ghosts
Anti-Venöm; Public Serpents - Thermonuclear Wasteland
Teresa Banks - When This War Ends
Bury My Heart - Our Own Eyes
Sweet Gloom - Anxious
Jaws the Shark - Suff City
Iron Chic - My Best Friend (Is a Nihilist)
Social Breakdown - Orange the New Crack
Drastic Park - BACKDOWN
Call to the Faithful - LET ME DOWN
Mad Caddies - ... and We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea
Lost Planet Airmen - We Were Soldiers
Lost Planet Airmen - Peaked in High School
Lost Planet Airmen - Big Yellow Taxi
The Bloodstrings - Burning Hearts
ALL IN; Sass Williams - Fools Gold
Vacant Space - Bones
The Bottom Line - R.I.P
Antiseen - Wreck Everything
Streetlight Manifesto - Keasbey Nights
Goldfinger - Just Like Heaven
Red City Radio - If You Want Blood (Be My Guest)
SumNight 38 - My Own Decline
Dead To Me - I Wanna Die in Los Angeles
Microwave - Lighterless
Junior; Elijah - P.Y.D
Joyce Manor - Constant Headache
The Get Up Kids - I'm a Loner Dottie- a Rebel
Hot Mulligan - *Equip Sunglasses*
The Menzingers - I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
Your Heart Breaks; Kimya Dawson - Wesley Crusher
Sorority Noise - Mononokay
Sorority Noise - No Halo
Sorority Noise - Art School Wannabe


Three Chord Revolution

Don't Sleep - Time to Fight
Don't Sleep - We Remain
Don't Sleep - Harrisburg Graves
The Dead Krazukies - Captain Crust
Tightwire - One Foot in the Grave
The Dirty Basements - Lost With You
Rob Bellusci - Non Va
The High Curbs - Drift
Spider - Riptide
The Dead Milkmen - We Are (Clearly Not) the Master Race
Punky Tunes - Punky Family
First in Line - Two Sides of the Same Coin
Losing Streak - Stuck
Ballyhoo!; HIRIE - Drunk Texter
Diesel Boy - The Finnish Line
The Frst; Kellin Quinn; Bronnie; Sleeping With Sirens - Bruce Lee
Strike Twelve - Not a Phase
Fall Out Boy - We Didn’t Start The Fire
The Mustard - Free Falling
The Mustard - All You Need To Know
The Mustard - Scratches
Taking Back Sunday - The One
The Haermorrhoids - At The Earth's Core
Grimetime - Human Show
Treaties - Furiosa
Londynne's Falling - Romance
Mayday Parade - Got Me All Wrong
Space Monkey Mafia - Suspicions
Plastic Mars - I Don't Care
Bad Advice - Reminds Me Of You
McRackins - Back in the Day
Zypmouth - Let Down
Protect Your Heart - M.I.A.
Cheer Up Dusty - Personally
CLIFFDIVER; Stephen Egerton - Oh Bondage- Up Yours!
Broken Record - Blueprinting
Dead Anarchy - Kill the Master
Jeff Rosenstock - DOUBT
Jeff Rosenstock - LIKED U BETTER
Bomb the Music Industry! - I Don't Love You Anymore