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Three Chord Revolution

11pm - 1am Friday with Nath

Three Chord Revolution

Three Chord Revolution

Three Chord Revolution

Pulley - Golden Life
Pulley - Working Class Whore
Pulley - Hooray For Me
Pulley - Cashed In
Raised Fist - Different But The Same
Colorsfade - Open Book
Beyond the Lamplight - Drink it on Down
Tiger Army - Temptation
Union 13 - Never Connected
Harold's Last Chance - Late That Night
I Against I - Maybe Tomorrow
Stone Leek - Silly Things
Division Of Laura Lee - Black City
Devil Despize - Twisted Power
Death By Stereo - Lookin' Out For #1
Mobina Galore - Whiskey Water
Gone Stereo - Somewhere On Fullerton
Northern19 - MEMENTO MORI
Northern19 - SURVIVE
Northern19 - CALL ME
Northern19 - DUMB
Handheld - The Log Driver's Waltz
Holly Would Surrender - Doing Fine
Pennywise - Holiday In The Sun
Capoccia - My Revenge
Scooped Up! - Best Days
RKL - We're Back We're Pissed
Tear Them Down - Wasting
Red Aunts - Poison Steak
Cruel Intentions - Bedroom Floor
Back In Town - Dangerous Citizen
Refused - Coup d'Etat
Flying Raccoon Suit - Hive Mind
Straight Faced - Let's Do This
Vision - Close Minded
Kelsey Badgrammer - Fleeting Magic
Sunset Radio - Melody
The Decline - Verge Collection
A Wilhelm Scream - ...And Big Nasty Was Its Name-O
A Wilhelm Scream - Apocalypse Porn
A Wilhelm Scream - Be One To No One


Three Chord Revolution

The Interrupters - In The Mirror
The Interrupters - She's Kerosene
The Interrupters - She Got Arrested
The Interrupters - Liberty
Anti-Flag - For What It's Worth
Otoboke Beaver - YAKITORI
Cancer Bats - Radiate
Lamonta - Idiots Are Taking Over
Chief State - Burning Out
The Regrettes - Don't Stop Me Now
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Drinking in the Park
Boston Manor - Heathens
The Linda Lindas - Why
All Doomed - You Thought You've Seen It All
Madina Lake - Loser
LOLA - What's The Point
Moose Blood - I Don't Love You
Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia
Moonraker - Crickets
Living in Fiction - Your Love
Upper Downer - Responsibility
Fire Sale - Long Overdue
I Call Fives - How's It Gonna Be
The Little Rock - No Humanity
WSTR - Gives You Hell
Super Beef - Is This What You Wanted
The Dirty Nil - Surrender
One Hidden Frame - Exploding Head Syndrome
Locket - Morning Glory
Middle Disaster - It’s OK
Vinyl-State - Order & Frustration
Nomy - Los Angeles is burning
Joey Ramone - What a Wonderful World
Marky Ramone & the Intruders - Don't Blame Me
CJ Ramone - Stand Up
Richie Ramone - Enjoy the Silence


Three Chord Revolution: Good Friday=Bad Religion Special

Bad Religion - Bad Religion
Bad Religion - Fuck Armageddon...This Is Hell
Bad Religion - Voice of God Is Government
Bad Religion - You Are (The Government)
Bad Religion - Suffer
Bad Religion - Give You Nothing
Bad Religion - Do What You Want
Bad Religion - I Want to Conquer the World
Bad Religion - You
Bad Religion - Anxiety
Bad Religion - 21st Century (Digital Boy)
Bad Religion - Turn On the Light
Bad Religion - Generator
Bad Religion - Heaven Is Falling
Bad Religion - American Jesus
Bad Religion - Kerosene
Bad Religion - My Poor Friend Me
Bad Religion - Don't Pray On Me
Bad Religion - Infected
Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction
Bad Religion - Television
Bad Religion - A Walk
Bad Religion - Punk Rock Song
Bad Religion - The Streets Of America
Bad Religion - Raise Your Voice!
Bad Religion - No Substance
Bad Religion - New America
Bad Religion - It's A Long Way To The Promise Land
Bad Religion - Sorrow
Bad Religion - Supersonic
Bad Religion - Broken
Bad Religion - Sinister Rouge
Bad Religion - Los Angeles Is Burning
Bad Religion - Let Them Eat War
Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First
Bad Religion - New Dark Ages
Bad Religion - Before You Die
Bad Religion - The Day That the Earth Stalled
Bad Religion - Wrong Way Kids
Bad Religion - Cyanide
Bad Religion - True North
Bad Religion - Land of Endless Greed
Bad Religion - Do The Paranoid Style
Bad Religion - Chaos From Within
Bad Religion - The Kids Are Alt-Right


Three Chord Revolution

Walled City - Bleach Cult
Walled City - Broken Windows
Walled City - Buggy
Walled City - Our Bodies
You Monster You - Luck
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster
Stay the Course - Booing and Hissing Aren't Part of The Show
Failing Up - Pick Your Poison
Hüsker Dü - Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely
Misfits - Where Eagles Dare
Koyo - Straight North
Outer Worlds - Occam's Razor
Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles
Surrounded - Mirrors
Sense of Justice - Days Like This
Minutemen - Corona
Head Smashed - Blood Red Rain
Head Smashed - He's My Demon
Head Smashed - Inflame the Light
Head Smashed - Rain Is Falling Down
November Forever - Brown Eyed Girl
Tree River - Crossroading
Bloods - I Like You
Chase Long Beach - We've Got Pockets Like Nobody's Business
Richie Ramone - Cry Little Sister
Blue Meanies - It Doesn't Matter
Far From Finished - Heroes and Ghosts
Swallow's Rose - Downfall
Free the Witness - Papercuts
Love Forty Down - German Angst
Rumatera - Made in Veneto
The Stooges - No Fun - 2019 Remaster
Bite Me Bambi - Video Games
Bite Me Bambi - Hot Lava
Bite Me Bambi - Like That
Bite Me Bambi - Crazy


Three Chord Revolution

Wanted Noise - Get After It
Wanted Noise - Zero-Sum Philosophy
Wanted Noise - Burritos
Wanted Noise - The Resurgence
Ocean Criminals - Family:Enemy (Two Sides Of The Same Coin)
Nights Like Thieves - These Days
Hey Thanks! - This Small Space
Puppy Feet - Forgive Me
Carve A Path - Outrun
Lenseye - Optical Tango Is a Dance for Two
With Confidence - Voldemort
Jaguero - Mild Safari
Bad Planning - Throw
Scram - Gone For Good
city dog - The Tide
Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman
Fucked Up - What Would You Do
Fucked Up - What They Didn't Know
Fucked Up - The Truest Road
Fucked Up - Into The Light
Shakeout - See Ya Never
Cheer Up Dusty - Everybody Hates Me
WAYS - Flight
The Great Lie - Love and Brutality
Ignite - The Butcher in Me
Telltale - Pessimist
Stone Leek - But I Think Hope's Inside
No Take Backs - Grey
The Regular - Scum
Merit Maker - Higher Hopes
Never Ender - Less Talk, More Shots
Skull-Kid - Skateparks and Broken Hearts
Alex Hellcat - Misfit Of Society
88 Fingers Louie - Advice Column
The Real McKenzies - Best Day Until Tomorrow
The Replicators - Serenity Now!
The Replicators - Ass(istant) Man[ager]
The Replicators - I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
The Replicators - Seven


Three Chord Revolution

No Matter - It's Boring
No Matter - How Low
No Matter - Migraine
No Matter - Bohemian Scandal
Triple Sundae - Everything's Cool
Aerial Salad - Alone Forever
Bare Teeth - Parted Ways
The Murderburgers - Feeling Strangely Fucked
Spoke Too Soon - Yesterday (Would You Mind)
American Television - Awkward Universe
St. Plaster - Run to Your Shelters
Flirting With Disaster - Panic Attack
Bold - Nailed to the X
Have Nots - Louisville Slugger
Earth Crisis - Firestorm
Penny Fountain - Dammit
Less Than Jake - The Rest of My Life
Fat Timmy - Crispy Chris
Fat Timmy - B.S. Artist
Fat Timmy - Revenge
Fat Timmy - Full Blown Ska
Scarboro - Fight to Live
Worthington's Law - Son of a Teacher
Infamous Stiffs - Freak Parade
Suburban Legends - Bright Spring Morning
Embrace Today - Bullets Over Boston
Bane - F**k What You Heard
Seneca Burns - What The Hell Do I Have Left To Give?
Cold Wrecks - Therapy
Have Heart - Armed With A Mind
The Chandelier Swing - No Great Shakes
The Hippos - Wasting My Life
Something Something Explosion - Motor Mouth
7-10 Split - The Battle Of Shiloh
Goldfinger - Question
The Aquabats! - The Shark Fighter!
Bedtime For Charlie - It Ain't About The Music
blink-182 - Not Another Christmas Song
The Decline - Kenneth
The Decline - Almost Never Met You
The Decline - Verge Collection
The Decline - I Killed The Trend Scene


Three Chord Revolution

Dick Move - Ladies Night
Dick Move - Stag Dudes
Dick Move - Dick Move
Dick Move - Femoids Attack
Two Phase Commit - Callback Man
Dead Bundy - Stupid State of Mind
NeptuneFlyer - I Don't Like Me Either
The Abruptors - To Have and to Have Not
Backyard Superheroes - Last Chance
Wounded Touch - Condolences and Autumn Nights
We The Riot - Footprints
The Ghostwood Murder - Graveyard
Tongues of Fire - Lethargy
State Champs - Everybody But You
Scary Hours - Western Thirst
The Pink Socks - One of Us
Wetlands - You Left Your Empty Drink In My Car
Simple Plan - Ruin My Life (feat. Deryck Whibley)
Against Me! - Baby, I'm an Anarchist!
Against Me! - Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
Against Me! - We Laugh at Danger (And Break All the Rules)
Against Me! - Walking is Still Honest
Donots - So Long
Last Hounds - Extraordinary
Straightaway - Had Your Chance
Anchors For Arms - C'mon Lets Go Break Their Arms
Main Line 10 - Satellites
She Likes Todd - An Interruption in Non-existence
Actionmen - Music Sucks
Bash Brothers - The Easy Way Out
Abandin All Hope - Uh Oh
dustbox - Riot
Brian Fallon - A Wonderful Life
Froggy - Jimmy's Song
Breaklights - When You Talk
Flogging Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Nerdlinger - Hollywood Ritz
Nerdlinger - Six String Demon
Nerdlinger - Dear Therapist
Nerdlinger - Prognosis


Three Chord Revolution

Nerf Herder - Born Weird (Dr. D Intro)
Nerf Herder - Mr. Spock
Nerf Herder - My Bologna
Nerf Herder - 5000 Ways To Die
Facing Allodox - Good Life
Midnight Kids - Drop Dead
Heathcliff - They won't get us down
Who Saves the Hero? - Give It Everything
The Losers Club - She's From Chicago
Myylo - Being Born Kinda Sucks
Bruce Lee Band - Division in the Heartland
An Assfull Of Love - Celebrate Your Life
Ford the River - Depression Quest
ChumHuffer - Blood In The Water
Phantom Bay - No One Likes
Staplegun - Corpse Bride
Field of Flames - Constructing a War Against You
Ann Beretta - Better Medicine
Ann Beretta - The Sound of Revolution
Ann Beretta - The Real America (S.O.S.)
Ann Beretta - Get Up, Let's Go!
Dune Rats - What A Memorable Night
Real Friends - Tell Me You're Sorry
The Rumjacks - Kicking Soles
Whole Wheat Bread - Eye For An Eye (Revenge)
Totally Slow - The Lost Art of Shutting Up
Still Insane - Thank You
8 Kalacas - Terror
The Roughneck Riot - Stay Awake
Wanted Noise - Change Slow
Andy B & the World - Got Your Back
Cleveland Avenue - Lucy
Wishful Thinking - Sweet Revenge
Sir Reg - The Kings Of Sweet Feck All
College Radio - Pathetic
Symphony Of Distraction - Pull the Plug
Symphony Of Distraction - Guilt
Symphony Of Distraction - Everything Must Go
Symphony Of Distraction - Bad Dudes


Three Chord Revolution

Wes Hoffman - What's Left of Me
Wes Hoffman - Something to Live For
Wes Hoffman - Far From Yesterday
Wes Hoffman - For What It's Worth
Triple Deke - Open Net
Sunday Posers - A Friend That Used To Be
Fear the Lions - Bury The Undertones
Yesterday's News - Status Quo Denial
Ventura La Muerte - Al Final
They Become Martyrs - Besides The Lack Of Calls
No Time To Waste - Gonna Be Ok
Wasei Hey! Go! - Far Away
Lost Issue - Talk About It
The Carolyn - Snake vs Rat
Scotty Saints and the True Believers - Common Enemy
One Reason To Rise - Random
Protagonist - Vampires Only Come out at Midnight
Making Friends - Goodbye Forever
Making Friends - Hooked on a Feeling
Making Friends - Whatever happened to my Enthusiasm?
Making Friends - Early Grave
The Usuals - No Disguise
Years Down - Backbreaker
Supermodel Taxidermy - Better Humans
Let's Go! - Last Waltz Of The Red Shirts
The Boxers - Step No
PantyChrist - Never Love Anything
Stay Awake - Brave New Normal - Monolith mix
Tears of a fallen hero - Come Closer
20 Days Dull - Best Friend
A Bogus Journey - I'm Glad I'm Dead
Be Fair - Veins and Capillaries
Circus Rhapsody - Invader Zim
Red Atlanta - Better Days
Red Atlanta - Gone
Red Atlanta - Claire Danes Poster
Red Atlanta - Don't Close Your Eyes


Three Chord Revolution

Frank Turner - Punches
Frank Turner - My Bad
Frank Turner - Perfect Score
Frank Turner - The Work
At Both Ends - Jump Ship
Sicayda - K-Y-G
Bigwyn - Auto-Wah, Canada
DUMMY - Suddenly
Alla Spina - Slipping Away
Ten Eighty Trees - Pathfinder
The Best of the Worst - Habits Live Hard
Crazy & the Brains - Punk Rocker
Excuses Excuses - Far From Perfect
Freedumb - Sudden Deaf
Kerosene Heights - tired of me
The Bets - Rock This City!
Cancer Bats - Psychic Jailbreak
Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer
Cancer Bats - Sabotage
Cancer Bats - Through & Through & Through
Free Kick - How Do You Fuck That Up?
La Armada - Checkmate Humanity
Life Lessons - Gravy Boats
Faintest Idea - Stomp Them Down
Doc Rotten - Psych Ward 103
Small Town Sindrome - To Nothing At All
U.K. Subs - Sensei
Twin Pigs - Elon Musk As The Crucified Christ
Eugene Levy - Crossed the Line
Taking on Water - Waste Another Day
Old Currents - No Signs of Life
Hans Gruber and the Die Hards - You're Being Watched
Dissidente - A Nation of Wolves
No Advisory - Seems so Overrated
Goldfinger - Here In Your Bedroom
Goldfinger - King For A Day
Goldfinger - Mable
Goldfinger - Miles Away


Three Chord Revolution

Escape From The Zoo - Wasted Years
Escape From The Zoo - 12 Rounds
Escape From The Zoo - To Kill a Sunrise
Escape From The Zoo - Crackpipe
Live Wire - Klondike Girl
Van Full of Nuns - Is Heaven Worth This Hell I'm Living
Nervous Light - Bury What's Left Of My Heart In Your Backyard
Crazy Deer Productions - Anesthetics
Mickey Leigh's Mutated Music - Standing in the Dark
The Dry Retch - Hate the Young
Crossing i's Dotting t's - Regret Stained Memories
The Odd Advantage - Give 'Em A Break
North Alone - Sk8
Fiddler's Green - The Galway Girl
Bodyjar - Get Out Of My Head
Bodyjar - Rain
Bodyjar - Surrender
Bodyjar - Be The One
Seneca Burns - It's Not The End, Not Even Close
Free Parking! - ES2
The Fizzgigs - Destiny
Cold Years - Kicking and Screaming
TITLE HOLDER - It Doesn't Matter
Stand Up Stacy - They Won't Get Us Down
Radkey - Games (Tonight)
Civil War Rust - Heart of Gold
Lost In Society - I Want to Know
carolesdaughter - Creep
The Moore Family Band - Tired of Being Tired
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards - Army Of Zombies
...Whatever That Means - More Than Ordinary
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Wonderful Day for the Race
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Someday I Suppose
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - She Just Happened
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get


Three Chord Revolution

RATH & The Wise Guys - Melt My Brain
RATH & The Wise Guys - Stiffed
RATH & The Wise Guys - If I Started Killing People...
RATH & The Wise Guys - Land of the Free
Fidget and the Twitchers - Big Man
Yard Act - Quarantine The Sticks
After the Fall - Degradation
Comeback Kid - Face the Fire
Russian Girlfriends - House Fire
Hike The Peak - Curtain Call
Insignificant Other - un mensaje
Honeybadger - Breathe In
Captain Asshole - Good News, Everyone
Dan Andriano & The Bygones - Narcissus, Amateur Classic Narcissist
Forever Unclean - Dream
Forever Unclean - Crowds
Forever Unclean - Woods
Forever Unclean - Smile
Thousand Oaks - The Spiral Of Our Own Absurdity
Number One Sons - I'd Be So Much Cooler If I Was a Dick
The Ergs! - Ultimate Falsetto Book
The Dollyrots - Cloud Ten
Anxious - More Than A Letter
Dead Neck - Cooking With Nunchucks
Fullcount - Thin and Loud
Left Handed Knives - Dumpster Fire
Vibes - It Only Takes Once
The Stained Daisies - Individuality (is fine as long as we do it together)
Fast Blood - Pulling Teeth
Mules - Clapping For Carers
Original Son - Parasite
MakeWar - I'm Sure My Little Brother Never Listened to Lagwagon
Audio Karate - Lovely Residence
Protect Your Heart - Last To Love You
All Fall Down - Take Me Back
Shady Fat Kats - Shivers Down Your Spine
Joyce Manor - Constant Headache
Joyce Manor - Heart Tattoo
Joyce Manor - Think I'm Still In Love With You
Joyce Manor - Make Me Dumb


Three Chord Revolution

PUP - Robot Writes A Love Song
PUP - Waiting
PUP - Kill Something
PUP - You Don't Get Me High Anymore - triple j Like A Version
Public Body - Reset My Password
zebrahead - Homesick for Hope
Bob Vylan - GDP
Drug Church - Million Miles of Fun
Point Blank NYHC - Make A Difference
Audio Drones - The Beacon
Dead Petey Society - Nothing
Astronuts - Junk leaving orbit
Too Bad Eugene - Back To Life
Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness
Alkaline Trio - We've Had Enough
Alkaline Trio - Blue in the Face
Alkaline Trio - Every Thug Needs a Lady
Alkaline Trio - This Could Be Love
Gametime - Out of the Dark
FasterForward - Fitting In The Outburst
Bowling For Soup - Killin' 'Em with Kindness
Hate It Too - Don't Even Bother
Our Souls - Ferryman
Swallow's Rose - Live For Today
All Fall Down - Kill The Human Race
Lot Lizards - Anxiety
Yesterday's News - Break Free
The Cascadian Divide - Power in Numbers
Talk Show Host - Warmest Condolences
RedHook - Low Budget Horror
We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby Run)
A Day To Remember - Re-Entry (feat. Mark Hoppus)
A Day To Remember - All Signs Point To Lauderdale
A Day To Remember - I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?
A Day To Remember - Since U Been Gone


Three Chord Revolution

Heart & Lung - Watch You Suffer
Heart & Lung - Never Come Home
Heart & Lung - Headache
Heart & Lung - Drunk and Right
PETEXZEN - It's My Life So Suck It
Basement Gary - This Ain't a Like Song
Innocent Tyler - Delete Each Other Again
Pretty Low - Chair of Nails
Death Strider - Icebreaker
Call in Dead - Lemmy Is God
Blue Collar Punks - What is wrong with me?!
Live Another Day - I Find You
Russ Rankin - Abolish The Senate
Bombs Blast - Here I Go Again
Stay Out - Caught in the Moment
The Smith Street Band - Young Drunk
Spose - Alternative Radio
One Hidden Frame - Information Blackout
One Hidden Frame - Exploding Head Syndrome
One Hidden Frame - This Is Not The End
One Hidden Frame - Harmful Content
Taken by Vultures - Grandpa Joe Is a Dirty Freeloader
Taking on Water - Wait, What Was I Supposed to do With My Life Again?
VonErichs - Runnin' Wild
Capgun Heroes - That Girl
Night Gaunts - Post Party Depression
Covert Flops - Agent 99
The Renfields - Machete a Go Go
College Radio - Survival Guide
Local Resident Failure - Around The World
Next Attempt - You're Wrong & I'm Drunk
Days N Daze - Damaged Goods
Sunrise Skater Kids - Rylo Ken - Easycore Remix
Rancid - Antennas
Frank Turner - A Wave Across A Bay
Frank Turner - Haven't Been Doing So Well
Frank Turner - Non Serviam
Frank Turner - Miranda


3CR 17-12-21 2021 Best Album Award

Voodoo Glow Skulls - The Karen Song
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Livin' the Apocalypse
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Suburban Zombies
Authority Zero - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free
Authority Zero - The Good Fight
Authority Zero - Don't Tear Me Down
IDLES - When the Lights Come On
IDLES - The Wheel
IDLES - Stockholm Syndrome
Dropkick Murphys - Middle Finger
Dropkick Murphys - Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding
Dropkick Murphys - Turn Up That Dial
Face To Face - No Way out but Through
Face To Face - Blanked Out
Face To Face - Ruination Here We Come
The Muslims - Fuck These Fuckin Fascists
The Muslims - Crotch Pop A Cop
The Muslims - Illegals
The Muslims - IDGAF
Jeff Rosenstock - NO TIME TO SKANK
Jeff Rosenstock - S K A D R E A M
Jeff Rosenstock - Leave It In The Ska
Jeff Rosenstock - Old SKrAp
NOFX - Linewleum (feat. Avenged Sevenfold)
NOFX - I Love You More Than I Hate Me
NOFX - Fuck Euphemism
NOFX - Birmingham
Teenage Bottlerocket - You're Never Going out of Style
Teenage Bottlerocket - Ghost Story
Teenage Bottlerocket - Statistic
Teenage Bottlerocket - Strung out on Stress
Rise Against - Nowhere Generation
Rise Against - The Numbers
Rise Against - Sudden Urge
Rise Against - Broken Dreams, Inc.


Three Chord Revolution

The Linda Lindas - Nino
The Linda Lindas - Rebel Girl
The Linda Lindas - Oh!
The Linda Lindas - Big Mouth
Settle Your Scores - Keep Your Chin up and Your Expectations Down
Nothing Special - Lavender
Fluorescents - Best Years
SorryPark - Leave Me Where I Lie
Loft and Lillow - Ethan
Feelbacks - The Plan
When the Sun Sets - fun(eral)
Bob Vylan - GDP
Fugazi - Waiting Room
The Social Cost - Calm it down
Side Out - Decline
Zero Cost - Moving Up
Sugar - If I Can't Change Your Mind
The Hard Aches - I Get Like This
Knuckle Puck - Levitate
Knuckle Puck - No Good
Knuckle Puck - Disdain
Knuckle Puck - Breathe (feat. Derek Sanders)
Meet Me @ The Altar - Hit Like A Girl
Kill Your Idols - Simple, Short, & Fast
Mission Of Burma - That's When I Reach For My Revolver
Local Resident Failure - A Friend Named Hope
Negro Terror - Voice of Memphis
Rise Against - Give It All
One Hidden Frame - Information Blackout
Have Nots - Louisville Slugger
Alkaline Trio - Blue in the Face
Something To Do - This Year's Been a Kick in the Nuts
Fifteen - Survivor
The Ramshackle Army - Highflyer
The Ramshackle Army - Rise and Fall
The Ramshackle Army - The Also Rans
The Ramshackle Army - Old Weapons


Three Chord Revolution

The Options - Take The Blame
The Options - MLL
The Options - Neverending Story (In My Head)
The Options - Kings & Queens
Hoods - Act of War
Craig's Brother - All The Way
Bury My Heart - Incremental
Lemon Daze - Sunshine Red Wine
Stereo Ghosts - Know I Will
Wes Hoffman - For What It's Worth
Rammen - Spirit Of Waste
Weatherworn - Headbanger's Ball
The Autocratics - Brainwashed Friends
The Desperate Mind - All Walls Will Fall
The Desperate Mind - Spit In Their Faces
The Desperate Mind - The Great Delusion
The Desperate Mind - Down With The State
The Potato Pirates - Fuck the Radio
American Thrills - Discount Casket
Piebald - American Hearts
Youth Fountain - My Mental Health
Tarakany! - Naked King
Dave Strong - I Would
The Filthy Radicals - The Baby Boomer Show
Canavar - Sacrilege
Between You & Me - Go To Hell (feat. Yours Truly)
Billy No Mates - If These Streets Could Talk
Modern Baseball - Your Graduation
Joyce Manor - Constant Headache
SLOWTRIP - Misinformation Age
The Get Up Kids - Holiday
Them Bloody Kids - System Corrupted
The Smith Street Band - I Still Dream About You (triple j Live At The Wireless)
Mike & the Nerve - How It's Supposed to Be
Mike & the Nerve - Same Place, Different Face
Mike & the Nerve - Bad News
Mike & the Nerve - Like Seasons


Three Chord Revolution

Bilk - Brand New Day
Bilk - Bad News
Bilk - Billy Big Bollocks
Bilk - I Got Knocked out the Same Night England Did
I Fight Dragons - Chain Wallet Rock
State Champs - Chicago is so Two Years Ago
FasterForward - Poison
Fatal Wound - Master's Voice
Sucker Punch - Hope Like Hell
Cat and the Underdogs - Positive ID
All Better - The Laughing Stock Of Me
Mooshy Face - Alcoholic
Heart A Tact - Nerve
Nate Cooper - zombie.
Ebolagoldfish - Idol Thoughts
AJJ - Survival Song
Angry Youth Elite - Say Anything - Skate-Aid Charity
Loki - New Day (Bouncing Souls Cover)
Kill Lincoln - That Song
The Bouncing Souls - Lean On Sheena
Fishbone - Unyielding Conditioning
A Residual Affinity - That's My Hearse...I Don't Know You
North Alone - Sk8
Admiral Ackbar's Dishonourable Discharge - I Like You Better When You're Not Around
The ProblemAddictsfl - Overdue
Death By Horse - Straight Edge
The Lippies - Fuck the Customer
The Sensitives - Old Fashioned Fuck Off
Bombs Blast - Here I Go Again
Belmont - Bowser's Castle
Slackrr - We Are
Hightime - The Next Move
Summer Years - What You're Made Of
The Aquabats! - The Shark Fighter!
IDLES - The Wheel
IDLES - Car Crash
IDLES - The Beachland Ballroom
IDLES - Crawl!


Three Chord Revolution

La Armada - Checkmate Humanity
La Armada - All We Know
La Armada - White Jesus
La Armada - Death on Replay
Rotten Mind - Serpent Eyes
Fists of Time - Still killing the dream
Bury My Heart - The Ripper
The Getaway - If Voting Changed Anything
Russ Rankin - Babel
Ignite - Anti-Complicity Anthem
Judo CHOP! - Miles
No Breakfast Goodbye - The Losers Club
SECTION H8 - Streetsweeper
The Rival Mob - Hardcore for Hardcore
Ford the River - DUI Charity Golf Tournament
Lost In Society - Awake
Jim Lindberg - The Palm of Your Hand
Never Ender - If I Said I Was OK, I'd Be Lying
Never Ender - A Ticket to the Peanut Gallery
Never Ender - Here's to Hoping
Never Ender - Downfall
Ways Away - And for a Moment I Don't Wanna Die
Regal Foul - Succubus
Comeback Kid - Heavy Steps
carolesdaughter - My Mother Wants Me Dead
The Crease Rule - NEW KID
Fading Signal - Internalized
Hot Water Music - Killing Time
PUP - Waiting
Sunrise Skater Kids - Homeless Millennial
Skinny Lister - Like It's the First Time
Dan Andriano & The Bygones - Sea Level
Rehasher - And Your Bird Can Sing
Cruising - Woman
Cerebral Ballzy - Don't Tell Me What to Do
Sly Withers - Selfish
Lars Frederiksen - Army of Zombies
Lars Frederiksen - God and Guns
Lars Frederiksen - Skunx
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards - Little Rude Girl