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Wednesday Breakfast &
Top 11

7am - 10am Wednesday with Jamie Green

Wednesday Breakfast & <br />Top 11

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 23-03-16


Car Seat Headrest - Vincent
Bilbo - Town & Country
Silicon(NZ) - Cellphone(UMO Rework)
Yumi Zouma(NZ) - Right, Off The Bridge
Tsörf(NZ) - Can I Be Close 2U
The Mint Chicks(NZ) - What A Way To Start The Day
The Phoenix Foundation(NZ) - Buffalo
Lionlimb - Domino
DIIV - Dopamine
Spycc(NZ) - Ain't A Phase
Santigold - Big Boss Big Time Business
COCO SOLID(NZ) - Slow Torture
I.E. CRAZY(NZ) - An Incident On The Edge Of Town
Street Chant(NZ) - Insides
Embedded Figures(DUN) - Paradise Lost
Idiot Prayer(DUN) - 100 Ducks
Race Banyon(NZ) - What Are We Doing
Kane Strang(DUN) - Full Moon, Hungry Sun
YACHT - War On Woman
SoccerPractise(NZ) - Haere Mai e Tama
Team Dynamite(NZ) - Get Better
Animal Collective - Golden Gal
Cat Power Sun- Song For Bobby
Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - Admititting The Endorphin Addiction
The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open
Alex G - Kicker

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 16-03-16

Massive Attack - Voodoo In My Blood
The Naenae Express(NZ) - Dream State
U.S. Girls - Sororal Feelings
Doldrums - Loops
TOM LARK(NZ) - Baby Give Up
LEISURE(NZ) - Take It To The Top
Shunkan - Sideway Sleepers
Unknown Mortal Orchestra(NZ) - Multi Love
Anderson .Paak - Am I Wrong
Strange_U - The Cake Is A Lie
Frankie Cosmos - On The Lips
SPAWTS(NZ) - Happy Monster
The Drones - Private Execution
The xx - Basic Space
Street Chant(NZ) - Philosophy
Strange Babes(NZ) - Come Back Around
Anna Coddington(NZ) - Release Me
i am donald - Sober
The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotise
Die! Die! Die!(NZ) - Listen To The Radio
Bullion - Never Is The Change
Karen O - Rapt
Mermaidens(NZ) - Undergrowth
FKA twigs - Good To Love
Buzzcocks - Something Gone Wrong Again
Eb & Sparrow(NZ) - Little Hands
She's So Rad(NZ) - Levels
Sheep, Dog & Wolf(NZ) - Breathe
Kero Kero Bonito - Flamingo
Lou Reed & John Cale - Smalltown

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 09-03-16

Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Silver & Gold
Father John Misty - Strange Encounter
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Jennifer
HEAVY(NZ) - Teen Age
Matthias Jordan(NZ) - The Sound of Asia
Hans Pucket(NZ) - Stranger
Aesop Rock - Rings
Embedded Figures(DUN) - Paradise Lost
COCO SOLID(NZ) - Architecture
Kendrick Lamar - Untitled 03
Kane Strang(DUN) - The Web
Santigold - Chasing Shadows
Anna Wise - Precious Possession
lnzndrf - Stars & Time - Monument
Olmecha Supreme(NZ) Like That
Nich Cunningham(NZ) - Of Nothing
Girl Band - In Plastic
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Trampoline
The Whitest Boy Alive - 1517
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Root Trees
Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push
Public Enemy - Don't Believe The Hype
EVIL KID(DUN) - Geoffrey
ghost wave(NZ) - Don't Ask Why
Bic Runga(NZ) - I Dreamed A Dream
Race Banyon(NZ) - What Are We Doing ft. Ty Dolla Sign
Polica - SomewayNow That's What I Call Break

Wednesday Breakfast

MAALA(NZ) - Touch
Roy Irwin(NZ) - Demons Cave
Julia Brown - You Can Always Hear Birds
The Roots - Don't Say Nuthin
Shunkan(NZ) - Our Names
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero
Quelle Chris - We Want It Alive
The Phoenix Foundation(NZ) - Give Up Your Dreams
Tame Impala - Lucidity
Jessy Lanza - It Means I Love You
Raiza Biza(NZ) - Stay Down
Tacocat - I Hate The Weekend
Opossom(NZ) - Blue Meanies
Run DMC - It's Tricky
Bressa Creating Cake(NZ) - Rocky Mountain
Holy Ghost! - Crime Cutz
The Doqument(NZ) - Glamour
Nadia Reid(DUN) - Seasons Change
Eerie Wanda - Hum
Florist - The Birds Outside Sang
Kane Strang(DUN) - It's Fine
Tazer x Tink - Wet Dollars
Vampire Weekend - Horchata
SoccerPractise(NZ) - Windfall
Cheats(NZ) - Heaven
Dimmer(NZ) - Cold Water
Daughter - How
Clap Clap Riot(NZ) - Don't Want Your Baby
Cleophus & Ashes Holland - Haho Guma
Micachu & The Shapes - Sad
Chelsea Wolfe - After The Fall


Wednesday Breakfast with Chris

Devo - Gates of Steel 
Public Service Broadcast - Go!
Savages - Adore
Portishead - Machine Gun
@Peace - No Stars in the City
(NZ) Shifting Sands - Should be Better
(NZ) Silicon - Little Dancing Baby
Deradoorian - Violet Minded
Pusha T - Lunch Money
(NZ) Terrified - Bad Luck
The Chemical Brother - Wide Open ft. Beck
Scratch 22 - Window Rattle
Shamir - In for the Kill
Jungle - Busy Earnin
Shafiq Husayn - Li'l Girl ft. Fatima
(NZ) Scuba Diva - Marimba
(NZ) Purple Pilgrims-  Thru Evry Cell
(NZ) Boyboy - Boy
(NZ) Lake South - Binge Drinking & D.H. Lawrence ft. Nadia Reid
(NZ) Mermaidens - Seed
(NZ) Die Die Die - Listen To The Radio
Faith No More - Be Agressive 
Foals - Birch Tree
(NZ) Racing - Misbehaving
Kevin Morby - I Have Been To The Mountain
(NZ) Steven John Marr - A Point In Every Direction
B0RNS - American Money
Beacon - Preserve

Wednesday Breakfast

Hinds - Warts
Panther Claw(NZ) - Something In The Water
Foreshadows(NZ) - Two Miles From Perfect(NZ)
Exgynoid(NZ) - We Are All The Same
Street Chant(NZ) - Pedestrian Support League
PNC(NZ) - Murderer
Madlib - Cue6
Grinderman - No Pussy Blues
APSD(NZ) - Homegrown
Eb & Sparrow(NZ) - Little Hands
Beyonce - Formation
Aaradhna(NZ) - Lorena Bobbitt
NxWorries - Link Up
Las Tetas(NZ) - Swallow The Key
Paquin(NZ) - Crushed By A Disco Ball
Chelsea Jade(NZ) - Free Throw
Okmalumkookat - Holy Oxygen(Petite Noir Rmx)
Kate Tempest - Circles
Paquin(NZ) - Get Here
Ghost Wave(NZ) - Blues Signal 79
Frankie Cosmos - Sand
Heavy(NZ) - Teen Age
Seu Jorge & Almaz - Everybody Loves The Sunshine(Roy Ayers Cover)
Man Made Mountain - Cachaca ft. Tom Scott(NZ)
Foals - Birch Tree
Polo(NZ) - Caught Out There
MAALA(NZ) - Touch(Stack & Piece Rmx)
Girl Band - In Plastic
Carnivorous Plant Society(NZ) Riders Of The Last Sunset
The Cool Kids - Black Mags
Doprah(NZ) - Will I Be Figure Eight

Wednesday Breakfast

Jurassic 5 - Verbal Gunfight
Encouragement - Castle(NZ)
The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl
Battles - Leyendecker
Fat Freddy's Drop - Silver & Gold(NZ)
Kanye West - Welcome To Heartbreak
The Mint Chicks - Red, White Or Blue(NZ)
David Dallas - Take A Picture(NZ)
The Bengal Lights - Pony Prance(NZ)
First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar
The Specials - A Message To You Rudy
TV On The Radio - Happy Idiot
Frankie Kosmos - Korean Food
Savages - The Answer
The Biff Merchants - Omarama(DUN)
Kairi - PATH(DUN)
Warpaint - Beetles
Katy B, Four Tet & Floating Points - Calm Down
Kane Strang - The Web
Horsebeach - Let You Down
Bespin - Take Control(NZ)
Peach Kelli Pop - Plastic Love
Totems - Kuri(NZ)
Dugtrio - Game(NZ)
The Naenae Express - Dream State(NZ)
Skymachine - Land Of Black Gold(NZ)
HEAVY - Teen Age(NZ)
Doprah - Will I Be A Figure Eight(NZ)
Astro Children - While I Appreciate Your Concern(DUN)
She Devils - Come
HIGH HOOPS - Ultramood(NZ)

Dog With Two Tails Wednesday Breakfast

Secret Knives - Cage(NZ)
Avoid Avoid - Baseline Rd(NZ)
Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeros - Hot Coals
Real Estate - Easy
First Aid Kit - Cross Oceans
Raiza Biza - New Kings(NZ)
Aporia - First Nail In The Coffin(NZ)
Prince Rama - Bahia
Ha The Unclear - Growing Mould(DUN)
Polica - Lime Habit
Bunnies On Ponies - Straight Up Jerks(NZ)
Orchestra Of Spheres - 2000,000 Years(NZ)
Lilith Ai - Hang Tough 
A Tribe Called Quest - Luck Of Lucien
Songhoy - Should I Stay Or Should I Go(The Clash Cover)
Marlon Williams - Dark Child(NZ)
Space Above - This Is It(NZ)
Encouragement - Castle(NZ)
Sherpa - Dawn Glass Morn(NZ)
Curtis Harding - Keep On Shining
Wavves - Leave
Bullion - Loop The Loop
Goat - It's Time For Fun
Elan Vital - Albtraum(DUN)
Rizzla - Iron Cages 
Cut Off Your Hands - Still Fond(NZ)
The Raw Nerves - Life Has Dulled My Senses(NZ)
Purity Ring - Begin Again(HEALTH Rmx)
Connan & The Mockasins - Childish Blues(NZ)
Miami Horror - Who Is Gonna Save Us
Mara Tk - Run(NZ)

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 27-01-15


Miloux - Pocket(NZ)
So Laid Back Country China - Grounded(NZ)
Ásgeir - Kings & Cross
Frank Ocean - Pyramids
Silicon - Burning Sugar(NZ)
Prinzhorn Dance School - Crackerjack Docker
Males - Go!(DUN)
Yoko-Zuna - Introspective(NZ)
Farah Holly - Dancing Girls
Earthworm - Have You Seen This Boy(NZ)
Katy BFour Tet (Official) & Floating Points - Calm Down
Bespin - Waking Dream(NZ)
Prince Rama - Bahia
Trust Punks - Mothers Veil
Mermaidens - Under The Mountain II(NZ)
Wormstar - Somethings Don't Even Matter(NZ)
Repulsive Woman - I Would(One Direction Cover)
Polica - Lime Habit
Foreshadows - Space(NZ)
U.S. Girls - Window Shades
Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker The Berry
Die! Die! Die! - Get Hit(NZ)
Tijuana Panthers - Front Window Down
Mac Miller - 100 Grandkids
1995 - Love Your Ghost(NZ)
Arcade Fire - Keep There Car Running
Tops - Way To Be Loved
Blistex 5000 - Carpet Head(NZ)
She's So Rad - Levels(Kutcorners Rmx)(NZ)
RaizaBiza - House Party(NZ)
Bachelorette - Polarity Party(NZ)
Team Dynamite - Marvin(NZ)
Pacific Heights - Airbourne(NZ)

Dog With Two Tails Wednesday Breakfast

Kane Strang - The Web(DUN)
Superhumanoids - Anxious In Venice
Miya Folick - I Got Drunk
Sola Rosa - Promise(Tall Black Guy Rmx)(NZ)
Raekwon - Wu Ooh
The Ruby Suns - In Real Life(NZ)
Mos Def - Quiet Dog
Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better
Steven John Marr - A Point In Every Direction(DUN)
Stevie Wonder - Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing
A Girl Named Mo - Who They Say You Are(NZ)
Pavement - Father To A Sister Of Thought
Chelsea Jade - Low Brow(NZ)
Joy Division - Dead Souls
Tongueflower - Bony Eyes(DUN)
No Broadcast - Jist(NZ)
Paul Cathro - Ostracised Yourself(DUN)
Yeasayer - I Am Chemistry
Matthew Young - Panama City(NZ)
Repulsive Woman - I Would(One Direction Cover)(DUN)
Lou Barlow - Goodnight Unknown
Little May - Oh My My
Run The Jewels - Pew Pew Pew
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Necessary Evil(NZ)
Anika Moa - Jealous(NZ)
The Knife - Let's Talk About Gender baby(Planningtorock Rmx)
Busta Rhymes - Thank You
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor
Yellow Power - Hai Samurai(Pilooski Edit)
Astro Children - While I Appreciate Your Concern(DUN)
Coco Solid - Slow Torture ft. Disasteradio(NZ)
Doprah - Lucid Visions(NZ)
Dum Dum Girls - Rimbaud Eyes
Shunkan - The Pink Noise

Dog With Two Tails Wednesday Breakfast

Courtney Barnett - Dead Fox
Perfume Genius - Fool
Street Chant - Pedestrian Support league(NZ)
Zen Mantra - In The Labyrinth(Shocking Pinks Cover)(NZ)
Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy(NZ)
Grimes - Kill V. Maim
James Pants - We're Through
APSD - Homegrown ft. Joe Dukie(NZ)
Trust Punks - Mother's Veil(NZ)
Neon Indian - Slumlord
Cleophus & Ashes Holland - Haho Guma(NZ)
Groeni - Hedre(NZ)
The Phoenix Foundation - Give Up Your Dreams(NZ)
Chance The Rapper - Angels
Peach Kelli Pop - Plastic Love
Die! Die! Die! - Twitching Sunshine(DUN)
Gossip - Listen Up!
David Dallas - Don't Rate That(NZ)
Lontalius - Kick In The Head(NZ)
Jenny Hval - That Battle Is Over
Stealing Sheep - Appartion
Prince Rama - Bahia
Nadia Reid - Seasons Change(DUN)
Royce Wood Junior - Honeydipper 
Public Service Broadcast - Valentina
PNC - That Kinda Guy(NZ)
James Hunter Six - If Only I Knew
Earthworm - Have You Seen This Boy(NZ)
Leonard Charles - Can We Go Back(NZ)
Jonathan Bree - Blur(NZ)
Kiara - Gold

Wednesday Breakfast with Tommy T

October (NZ) - I Wanna Be Adored (The Stone Roses cover)
Public Service Broadcasting - Spitfire
East India Youth - Turn Away
Tony Allen & Theo Parrish - Days Like This (Feat. Andrew Ashong)
Pulp - After You
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Thundercat - Lotus & The Jondy
The BPA - He's Frank (Feat. Iggy Pop)
Jonothan Bree (NZ) - Blur
Earthworm (NZ) - Have You Seen This Boy
Kane Strang (NZ) - When My Dandelion Mind Was Blown
Scuba Diva (NZ) - Marimba
Junica (NZ) - Looking Out
Peaches - Talk To Me
Rosie Lowe - Water Came Down
Jenny Hval - That Battle Is Over
Kelis - Jerk Ribs
Desert Sessions - Crawl Home (Feat. PJ Harvey)
Jono Das (NZ) - SPooky 2011
Janelle Monae - Dance or Die (Feat. Saul Williams)
Jungle - Time
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Railway Lines
Grimes - Kill V. Maim
Le1f - Umami/Water
LIPS (NZ) - Traces of Teddy
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Hey Joe
Olmecha Supreme (NZ) - Space Belongs To Us (Feat. Zoe Moon & Estere Dalton)
Fiona Apple - Every Single Night
Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots
Boards of Canda - Constants are Changing
Dan Deacon - Feel The Lightening
The Hidden Fees - So What
Blonde Redhead - Dripping
The History of Apple Pie - Tame
LoneLady - Mortar Remembers You


Wednesday Breakfast with Tommy T

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Pish
EL VY - Paul Is Alive
MADEIRA (NZ) - Let Me Down
k2k (NZ) - sus
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Alena (Race Banyon Remix)
LA Priest - Oino
Jungle - Pllatoon (SpectraSoul Remix)
Brockaflower (NZ) - Conversations
Glass Vaults (NZ) - Life Is The Show
Justice - D.A.N.C.E
Yppah - Occasional Magic
The Growlers - Average Man
The Specials - Gangsters
Jimmy Chambers - You Can't Fight It (Riccio Rerub)
Side Steps Quintent (NZ) - Follow
TaLa & Banks - Wolfpack
The New Pornographers - Moves
Yesses (NZ) - Short Love
So Laid Back Country China (NZ) - Grounded (Lips)
Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing (NZ) - Rainbow Islands
Zen Mantra (NZ) - In The Labyrinth (Shocking Pinks cover)
Of Montreal - Jimmy
Wu Tang-Clan - Ruckus In B Minor
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ) - 10 Feet Tall
Slower Motion (NZ) - Highlight Reel
Allie Goertz - Dance Bitch
Rick & Morty - Goodbye Moonmen (Feat. Jemaine Clement)
Goat - It's Time For Fun
Groove Armada - But I Feel Good
Toro Y Moi - Saturday Love
Average Rap Band (NZ) - Good Bad Police
Photay - Reconstruct (Feat. Seafloor)


Wednesday Breakfast with Tommy T

Beach House - Levitation
Christoph El Truento (NZ) - Sunflower
Nina Simone - Backlash Blues
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - Departure
Christian Scott - The Eraser
Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit
The Postal Service - This Place Is A Prison
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Root Trees
The Pharcyde - Runnin' (Jay Dee Extended Remix)
Bibio - Petals
The Leers (NZ) - I Can't Hope
Femme En Fourrure - Blossom
Aron Ottignon (NZ) - Kingfish (Rodi Kirk (NZ) Remix)
Jamie xx - Loud Places (Feat. Romy)
Purity Ring - Push Pull
Eyedea & Abilities - Sky Diver
Vampire Weekend - Cousins
DIIV - Bent (Roi's song)
Toro Y Moi - Say That
Dick Diver - Tearing The Posters Down
Nadia Reid (NZ) - Reaching Through
Leisure (NZ) - All Over You
Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour (NZ) - Little Did I Know
Silicon - God Emoji
Courtney Barnett - Depreston
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Man On Fire
Cool Rainbows (NZ) - Reality and a Clue
Ladi6 (NZ) - Diamonds (Oddisee Remix)
Liam Finn & Eliza Jane (NZ) - Long Way To Go
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Pish
The Castaways - Liar Liar
Surf Friends (NZ) - Holiday
Indi (NZ) - There Are Two
Kane Strang (NZ) - Full Moon, Hungry Sun
Astro Children (NZ) - Play It As It Lays
Mermaidens (NZ) - Seed
Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
The History of Apple Pie - Tame


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 16-12-15

Hot Chip - Dancing In The Dark
Leisure - Hot Love(NZ)
Homeshake - Heat
Tazer x Tink - Wet Dollars(Redlight Rmx)
Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color
Spycc - Other Lover ft. HIGH HØØPS(NZ)
Chelsea Jade - Low Brow(NZ)
Shunkan - Our Names(DUN)
xxxy - Last Dance
Exgynoid - We Are All The Same(NZ)
Astronauts - Skydive
Juniore - Christine
Sebadoh - On Fire
The Holiday Girls - My Boyfriends Name Is Jello(NZ)
J-Live - The Upgrade
Bella Kololo - The Road Ahead(NZ)
Crystal Skulls - Airport Motels
Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy(NZ)
Opensouls - Hold You Close(NZ)
J Dilla - Lightworking ft. Q Tip & Talib Kweli
INF - Not Yet(NZ)
Rackets - Hypocrite(NZ)
Miloux - Pocket(NZ)
MayaVanya - Diiving Board ft. Chelsea Jade(NZ)
Clarian - Space Noir
WAVVES - Way Too Much
ghost wave - Blues Signal 79(NZ)
Repulsive Woman - I Would(One Direction Cover)(DUN)
Doprah - Lucid Visions(NZ)
Daughter - Doing The Right Thing
SJD - Helenville(NZ)
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Crushin'

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 09-12-15


Best Coast - California Nights
Trinity Roots - Haiku(NZ)
Boycrush - Flirt(NZ)
WAVVES - Way Too Much
Belle and Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane
French for Rabbits - Feathers & Dreams(NZ)
Weird Together - No Compromise(NZ)
Dream Koala - Dimension Sleeper
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Her Hands
Miloux - Pocket(NZ)
Kamandi & Azizi Gibson - Backward Books(NZ)
Die! Die! Die! - Listen To The Radio(DUN)
Mac DeMarco - Salad Days
Alt-J - Breezeblocks
Street Chant - Never(NZ)
Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy(NZ)
Mermaidens - Seed(NZ)
Males - Going Heavy(DUN)
David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights - Coming On(DUN)
NxWorries - Link Up
The Blueness - Lady Blue(DUN)
Circuit des Yeux - Fantasise The Scene
Shocking Pinks - Us Against The City(NZ)
Chance The Rapper - Angels
So Below - Drift(NZ)
Little Simz - Don't Ruin It
Bespin - Take Control(NZ)
The Doqument - Glamour(NZ)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Paper Maxhe Dream Balloon
Wild Nothing - To Know You
Erykah Badu - Hello ft. André 3000

Dog With Two Tails Wednesday Breakfast

Jennylee - Never
Fat Freddy's Drop - 10 Feet Tall(NZ)
Colleen Green - I Want To Grow Up
Bespin - Take Control(NZ)
Animal Collective - FloriDada
Lawrence Arabia - Travelling Shoes(NZ)
Girls Names - Reticence
Street Chant - Pedestrian Support League(NZ)
LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls
Rackets - Colgate Kid(NZ)
Tiger Tones - Be Your Star(NZ)
Emily Edrosa - The Corner Of The Party(NZ)
Little May - Oh My My
The Coolies - Ghostbaby(NZ)
PINS - Young Girls
Tirzah - Make It Up
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good At Being In Trouble(NZ)
Handsome Boys Modelling School - Rock 'n Rolll
Shocking Pinks - What's Up With That Girls(NZ)
Ha The Unclear - Secret Lives Of Furniture(DUN)
Ducktails - Surreal Exposure
Bressa Creating Cake - Rocky Mountain(NZ)
Some Other Creature - Familiar Strangers(DUN)
The Reduction Agents - 80s Celebration(NZ)
Belle & Sebastian - The Party Line
Azealia Banks - 212
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
Lontalius - Kick In The Head(NZ)
Doprah - Lucid Visions(NZ)
Best Coast - California Nights
Earthworm - Have You Seen This Boy(NZ)
UNMAP - Luv Songs(NZ)
Xan Young - Passion

Dog With Two Tails Wednesday Breakfast

The Prophet Hens - Pretty(DUN)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Can't Keep Checking My Phone(NZ)
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Bright Lit / Blue Skies
Males - Heavy Going(DUN)
Connan Mockasin - Feelin' Lovely Ft. Dev Hynes(NZ)
Joanna Newsom - Leaving The City
Mbongwana Star - Shegue
Tala & Banks - Wolfpack
Yumi Zouma - Song For Zoe & Gwen(NZ)
Nick Wales & Sarah Basko - Pain Is A Number
Miloux - Pocket(NZ)
Terrible Truths - Don Juan
CHVRCHES - Bela Lugosi's Dead
The Roots - Get Busy
Mermaidens - Seed(NZ)
Missy Elliott - WTF
Doprah - Lucid Visions(NZ)
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can't Wait
Full Moon Fiasco - Sunset Strip(NZ)
The Violet-Ohs - Battlephant(DUN)
Jennylee - Never
French for Rabbits - Feathers & Dreams(NZ)
Yesses - Short Love(DUN)
Purity Ring - Begin Again(HEALTH Rmx)
Isaac Aesili - Chemistry(NZ)
Future Islands - Seasons(BADBADNOTGOOD Rmx)
Bella Kololo - The Road Ahead
Tongueflower - Bony Eyes(DUN)
Wormstar - Some Things Don't Even Matter(NZ)
No Broadcast - Jist(NZ)
Hinds - Garden

Dog With Two Tails Wednesday Breakfast

WTF - Missy Elliott Ft Pharrell
Tiny Ruins - Hurtling Through Ft Hamish Kilgour(NZ)
Jennylee - Never
Hinds - Garden
A Band Called Success - Start A Feeling(NZ)
Pacific Heights - Airbourne(NZ)
Kendrick Lamar - These Walls
Grimes - Flesh Without Blood
Haawaaiii - Dream Daze Hello(NZ)
Totally Mild - When I'm Tired
Beatcomber - Twins(NZ)
Chambers - Chase Me Too(NZ)
Catz & Dogz - Get It Right
Floating Island - Pine(DUN)
Idiot Prayer - 100 Ducks(DUN)
Princess Chelsea - Monkeys Eat Bananas(NZ)
Hermann Doose - Beach Bride(DUN)
GZA - The Mexican
Lana Del Rey - High By The Beach
Purity Ring - Begin Again
Fazerdaze - Reel(NZ)
The Drab Doo Riffs - Trouble(NZ)
US Girls - Window Shades
MayaVanya - Divving Board(NZ)
Shunkan - Sideway Sleepers
Leonard Charles - Can We Go Back(NZ)
The Violet Ohs - Battlephant(DUN)
Doprah - Lucid Visions(NZ)
Alvvays - Atop A Cake
Banks - Fall Over(Soul Clap Rmx)
00Genesis - Cheddar Puff Dreams

Dog With Two Tails Wednesday Breakfast

(NZ) Connan Mockasin - Feeling Lovely
(NZ) Haan808 - Utterance
(NZ) A Band Called Success - Start A Feeling
Dawn Golden - All I want
Porches - Hour
Protomartyr - Dope Cloud
(NZ) UNMAP - Luv Songs
(NZ) Doprah - Lucid Visions
Grimes - FLesh WIthout Blood
(NZ) Marlon Williams - The Lonely Side of Her
(NZ) The Raw Nerves - Let Me Listen To Your Problems
Mild Hight Club - The Chat
The Goon Sax - Sometimes Accidentally
(NZ) Kip McGrath - Boy Candy 
Tobias Jesso Jr - Without You
Wavves - Heavy Metal Detox
(DN) Badsav - Labradoodle
Wall of Death - Loveland
Public Service Broadcasting - Go!
(NZ) Introverted Dancefloor - Giving up on Summer
(DN) Robbie Motion - Sounds of Home (The Night)
(NZ) Kiss Me - Window Pains
The Green Door All-Stars - Come With Me
Kendrick Lamar - These Walls ft. Blal, Anna Wise & Thundercat
COMA - The Wind
(NZ) Thee Rum Coves - Simple Little Lie
(NZ) Foreshadows - Space
(NZ) Orchestra of Spheres - Fingerweg
Battles - FF Bada
(DN) The Violet-Ohs - Vent
(NZ) The Chills - Warm Waveform
(NZ) Bandicoot - Emotional and Dirty
(NZ) Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing - Rainbow Islands