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Wednesday Breakfast &
Top 11

7am - 10am Wednesday with Jamie Green

Wednesday Breakfast & <br />Top 11

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 02-11-16

Pantha Du Prince - Frau Im Mond
Frankie Cosmos - Floated In
Earthworm(NZ) - Have You Seen This Boy
Sherpa(NZ) - Quit Time
Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me
Rousseau(NZ) - Sugar Plum
Doubleu(NZ) - Quit
The National - Mistaken For Strangers
LEISURE(NZ) - Moonbeam
Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids
Fazed on a Pony(DUN) - Mary Like Me
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Hopetoun Brown(NZ) - Long Time Ago
Nadia Reid(NZ) - No Good Man
Kamandi(NZ) - Shorty Loves Me
So Below(NZ) - Hard
Bic Runga(NZ) - Close Your Eyes
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Girl In Amber
Doprah(NZ) - Will I Be A Figure Eight
Hermann Doose(DUN) - Beach Wolf
Meow The Jewels - Oh My Darling Don't Meow (Just Blaze Rmx)
Jack Grace - Hills
Teeth(NZ) - Something Has Gone Wrong With My Brain
GoldLink - Fall In Love
Anna Coddington(NZ) - Lantern
Deerhoof - Life Is Suffering 
Strfkr - Never Ever
Nich Cunningham(NZ) - Of Nothing
Toy TripTech(NZ) - Rydo
Nirvana - Sliver

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 26-10-16


Lionlimb - Domino
Bluevibe Studio(NZ) - High Times
Awon & Phoniks - Summer Madness
Silicon(NZ) - Burning Sugar
Beastie Boys - Sure Shot
Lawrence Arabia(NZ) - A Lake
Tame Impala - Eventually
Paul Cathro(DUN) - Ostracised Yourself
Busta Rhymes - Fire
Surf Friends(NZ) - Holiday
BEATCOMBER(NZ) - Sick Breeze
LEISURE(NZ) - Take It To The Top
!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
Bic Runga(NZ) - Close Your Eyes
The Naked And Famous(NZ) - The Runners
Beck - Girl
Tracing Spheres(NZ) - Wander
Solange - Don't Touch My Hair
RaizaBiza(NZ) - Chuck Daly ft. PNC
Canyon Spree - Blood Moon
SCUBA DIVA(NZ) - Marimba
PJ Harvey - The Ministry Of Defence
The Sami Sisters(NZ) - How Did We Fall Apart
Kelela - Rewind
Terrible Truths - The Coast Is Clear
Anna Coddington(NZ) - Falling Fast
Trip Pony(NZ) - If I Gave You My Heart
Dinosaur Sanctuary(DUN) - She Goes For Egos

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 19-10-16


Warpaint - New Song (Jagwar Ma Rmx)
Girlboss(NZ) - Kind Face
Japanese Breakfast - The Woman That Loves You
The Veils(NZ) - Iodine & Iron
Dr Dre - The Next Episode
Poor You Poor Me(NZ) - The Bell Song
Q-Tip - Feelin'
Blaenavon - Let's Pray
Anthonie Tonnon(NZ) - Mt. Cargill
Hot Chip - Night & Day
Eden Mulholland - Music(NZ) - Utopia
So So Modern(NZ) - Synthgasm
Real Estate - Easy
Frankie Cosmos - Floated In 
Electric Wire Hustle(NZ) - Go Slow
TV On The Radio - Careful You
TEETH(NZ) - Gangrene
Bic Runga(NZ) - Close Your Eyes
HEX(NZ) - The Moon
Terrible Truths - The Coast Is Clear
Israel Starr(NZ) - Do For Love
Laura Lee Lovely(NZ) - Dreamers
East India Youth - Turn Away
Depressed House Cat(NZ) - House Abyss
James Blake - Timeless
Waterfalls(NZ) - Empty Arms Are Kinder
Mermaidens(NZ) - Under The Mountain ll
Space Bats, Attack!(DUN) - Mouldy Peaches
METRONOMY - The Upsetter
M83 - Go!
Bad Sav(NZ) - Stallone
Miike Snow - Devil's Work
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Treading Lightly

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 12-10-16


Parquet Courts - Berlin Got Blurry
Outkast - My Favourite Things
Parallel Dance Ensemble(NZ) - Possessions
Kip McGrath(NZ) - Boy Crush
Moses Gunn Collective - Hole In The Wall
L V J(NZ) - Crushing Hard
Mac DeMarco - Salad Days
CHVRCHES - Bela Lugosi's Dead
HEX(NZ) - The Moon
Anji Sami(NZ) - Don't Hide Your Love Away
Kane Strang(DUN) - The Web
Wormstar(NZ) - Something's Don't Even Matter
death & the maiden(DUN) - Civillzation
The National - Morning Dew
Koizilla(DUN) - Krill
Terrible Truths - Don Juan
Shakes(NZ) - Hole In Your Pocket
Barns Courtney - Glitter & Gold
Che-Fu The Musician(NZ) - Catch One
Karen O - Day Go By
The Stone Roses - Going Down
Opensouls(NZ) -Turn It Up!
Soccer96 - Megadrive Lamborghini
Chic - Everybody Dance
Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie(NZ) - Seconds
Girlboss(NZ) - Kind Face
Soft Hair(NZ) - In Love
HEX(NZ) - The Moon
Solange - Don't Touch My Hair
Wilberforces(NZ) - Tidalwaves
Kim Gordon - Murdered Out

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 05-10-16


SODA BOYZ(NZ) - Team Rocket
The Biscuits(NZ) - Something To Fix
NOT WAVING - Believe
Spring King - Who Are You
Boys Age - New Apocalypse
MOSES(NZ) - Keep You Heart Beating
James Blake - Retrograde
Hopetoun Brown(NZ) - Hate That I Don't Love You
RACKETS(NZ) - Hypocrite
Maya Payne(NZ) - If Only
Aporia(NZ) - Jupiter's Goldcoast
Oval Office(NZ) - Sweet Sixteenths
Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Hardest Years
Bon Iver - 22 Over SooN
The Horrors - Sea Within A Sea
Yukon Era(NZ) - High Handed
Solange - Don't Touch My Hair
BEATCOMBER(NZ) - Sick Breeze
THE SUZAN - Come Come
Electric Wire Hustle(NZ) - They Don't Want
Whitney - No Woman
Eastern Bloc(NZ) - Sex You remix
Radiohead - Weird Fishes
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Slings & Arrows
vhs dream - Come Around
Aaradhna(NZ) - Lorena Bobbitt
Bela Khan(DUN) - Snipers Lens
Bela Khan(DUN) - Champion
The Drab Doo-Riffs(NZ) - Grey Matter
Doc Daneeka - What's It Gonna Be (Andes Rmx)

Wednesday Breakfast

Kate Tempest - Circles
Merk(NZ) - I'm Easy
The Reduction Agents(NZ) - 80s Celebration
Sharon Van Etten - Not Myself
Young Hellions(NZ) - Sympathetic Magic
MEZKO - Trust
She's So Rad(NZ) - Disco Star
PJ Harvey - Shaker Aamer
John White(DUN) - Batholemule Brixton
Tkay Maidza - Carry On ft. Killer Mike
Lawrence Arabia(NZ) - A Lake
Dent May - Face Down In The Gutter Of Love
The Coathangers - Watch You Back
Safia - Embracing Me
Fortunes(NZ) - Bomber
Kip Mcgrath(NZ) - Clock Hands
Hex(NZ) - The Moon
Dirty Projectors - Keep Your Name
Beatcomber(NZ) - Sick Breeze
The Kills - Doing It To Death
Wiki - God Bless Me
Run The Jewels - Pew Pew Pew
Introverted Dancefloor(NZ) Take It High
$noregazZzm(DUN) - Weekend ESC
Anthonie Tonnon(NZ) - Water Underground
Marcus Marr & Chet Faker - Birthday Card
Villainy - No Future
Funkommunity(NZ) - What You Give
Banks - Drowning
Vibrasics(DUN) - Mass Transmit
Hallelujah Picassos(NZ) - Salvadore

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 21-09-16

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
LEISURE(NZ) - Take It To The Top
Day Wave - Stuck
Emily Edrosa(NZ) - Animal
BRONCHO - Class Historian
Dear Time's Waste(NZ) - Clandestine
The Wicks(NZ) - Oh Maria
Hopetoun Brown(NZ) - Hate I Don't Love you
Sea Views(NZ) - Into The Night
Dum Dum Girls - Rimbard Eyes
De La Soul - Drawn
Bediquette(DUN) - Lovely Lonely Getaway
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
Trentemøller - Complicated ft Jehny Beth
Vera Ellen(NZ) - Modern Girls
Lana Del Rey - Brooklyn Baby
Bespin(NZ) - Osiris
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Baltimore
Frankie Cosmos - Sand
The Communist Rainbow Relationship(DUN) - It's Only Tragic
Yumi Zouma(NZ) - The Brae
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Jennifer
LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yourself Clean
St. Vincent - Now Now
First Aid Kit (SE) OFFICIAL - Cross Oceans
Kill Murray(NZ) - Smoke Blowbacks
BEATCOMBER(NZ) - Sick Breeze
Remi. ft. Sampa The Great - For Good
Soft Hair(NZ) - Lying Has To Stop
A Tribe Called Quest - Luck Of Lucien 
Best Coast - California Nights

Wednesday Breakfast

Maderia(NZ) - Come On Through
Hermann Doose(DUN) - Southerners
Sahara Beck - Tapping On The Roof
PHF(NZ) _ Loneliness Is Lame
Miloux(NZ) - Pocket
k2k(NZ) - Let It
Bat For Lashes - If I Knew
Chelsea Jade(NZ) - Colour Sum
Petit Biscuit - Sunset Lover
Valere(NZ) - Skin & Bone
Night Moves - Carl Sagan
Kane Strang(DUN) - The Web
Scott & Charlene's Wedding - End Of The Story
Verse Two(NZ) - Gold
King Kapisi(NZ) - Reverse Resistance
Doldrums - Loops
Tommy Ill(NZ) - Come Home Mr Ill
Echo Ohs(NZ) - You Don't Mind
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing(NZ) - The Great Disappointment
Taylor Payne - The Jungle Talks
Whitney - Golden Days
Desiigner - Timmy Turner
Pacific Heights(NZ) - Drained
Sylvan Esso - Radio
Tkay Maidza - Carry On ft. Killer Mike

Wednesday Breakfast

Yumi Zouma(NZ) - Right, Off The Bridge
Foals - Birch Tree
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Do The Get Down
Montell2099(NZ) - Bae Bae
Repilsive Woman(DUN) - I Would(One Direction Cover)
Maya Payne(NZ) - If Only
Mali Mali(NZ) - Nice But No Soul
Case/Lang/Veir - Honey & Smoke
Julia Holter - In The Same Room
Little Bushman(NZ) - Mary
Tape man(NZ) - Thing From Venus
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady
Thee Oh Sees - I Need Seed
Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me
Poncho San Pedro(NZ) - Mambozo
Vampire Weekend - Cousins
The Beths(NZ) - Lying In The Sun
Dent My - Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love
Garden Burger(NZ) - Pink Stars
Little Dragon - Paris
Juiceroof(NZ) - Show You What I Mean
POLO(NZ) - Imp
Lianne La Havas - Green & Gold
Little May - Bones
Kanye West - FML
Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour(NZ) - Hurtling Through
Santigold - Can't Get Enough Of Myself
Kane Strang(DUN) - Things Are Never Simple
The Kills - Cheap & Cheerful
Sylvan Esso - Radio
Soft Hair(NZ) - Lying Has To Stop
Merk(NZ) - I'm Easy
Bediquette(DUN) - My Nightmares
Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked
Echo Ohs(NZ) - You Don't Mind
De La Soul - Drawn

Wednesday Breakfast

Frank Ocean - Ivy
Yukon Era(NZ) - Vietnam Man
Treantemoller - Redefine
Aaradhna(NZ) - Welcome To The Jungle
The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Kool Keith - Super Hero ft MF Doom
Summer Flake - Shoot & Score
Goodshirt(NZ) - Sophie
Kane Strang(DUN) - Full Moon Hungry Sun
Race Banyon(NZ) - What Are We Doing
Dumbo Gets Mad - Thank You Neil
Iggy & The Stooges - Seach & Destroy
Scott Walker - 30 Century Man
The Clean(DUN) - Whatever I Do Is Right
Of Montreal - Innocence Reaches
Remi - Lose Sleep
Santogold - Lights Out
Sharon Van Etten - Not Myself
Merk(NZ) - I'm Easy
Ives(NZ) - Callin' Ur Phone
Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op
Jeff Beck - Live In The Dark
ENO x Dirty(NZ) - What
Space Bats, Attack!(NZ) - Mouldy Peaches
MayaVanya(NZ) - Diving Board ft. Chelsea Jade
Peaches - Close Up ft Kim Gordon
Dizzee Rascal - Nutcrackerz
Kairi(DUN) - Dropped
Log Horn Breed(NZ) - Interesting Times
Grimes - Medieval Warfare
PJ Harvey - The Community Of Hope
Warpaint - New Song
Coco Solid(NZ) - Slow Torture

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 24-08-16


St. Vincent - Rattlesnake
Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
Maya Payne(NZ) - If Only
The Julie Ruin - Hit Reset
Nadia Reid(DUN) - Seasons Change
Frankie Knight - White Lies
Kairi(DUN) - Dropped
Frankie Cosmos - Korean Food
Glass Animals - Youth
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Zero
Micachu and the Shapes - Sad
Miloux(NZ) - Pocket
Blood Orange - Sandra's Smile
LarzRanda(NZ) - Lifeguard
Blaenavon - Let's Pray
LEISURE(NZ) - Nobody
Empress Of - How Do You Do
RAT BOY - Get Over It
Othersun(NZ) - Never Alone
PIXIES - Caribou 
CHVRCHES - Strong Hand
The Eversons(NZ) - Could It Even Get Better?
Battles - Tonto(Four Tet Rmx)
Die! Die! Die!(NZ) - We Built Our Own Oppressors
Space Ventura(NZ) - Pins & Needles
The Coathangers - Nosebleed Weekend
Headless Chickens(NZ) - Donka
Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp

Wednesday Breakfast

Goat - It's Time For Fun
Clap Clap Riot(NZ) - Help Me
Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour(NZ) - Hurtling Through
Coco Davis(NZ) - See, See Rider
Wild Nothing - Reichpop
Sola Rosa(NZ) - Del Ray
The BPA - Toe Jam
Amy Winehouse - Half Time
Bachelorette(NZ) - Mind Warp
The Brunettes(NZ) - Polyester Meets Acetate
Young Fathers - Soon Come Soon
The Breeders - Cannonball
MAALA(NZ) Feels So Right
Mermaidens(NZ) - Dive
The Beatles - She Said She Said
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Midnight Marauders(Live)
Ahoribuzz(NZ) - Suger
Lana Del Rey - West Coast
Badd Energy(NZ) - Thrid Eye
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
Janina & The Mixtape(NZ) - Dark Mind
Alabama Shakes - Future People
The Eversons(NZ) - Stuck In New Zealand
Metronomy - The Upsetter
Bunnies On Ponyies(NZ) - Castle Van Halen
Roots Manuva - Again & Again
Strange Harvest(NZ) - Colonies

Wednesday Breakfast

Vince Staples - Norf Norf
Moses(NZ) - Keep Your Heart Beating
Abe Vigoda - Don't Lie
Merk(NZ) - Manchuria
The Julie Ruin - Hit Reset
Frankie Cosmos - Art School
Bat For Lashes - Sunday Love
UNMAP(NZ) - Luv Song
Garden Burger(NZ) - Pink Stars
Kip Mcgrath(NZ) - Clock Hands
Pell - Vanilla Sky
Speedy Ortiz - Death Note
Bediquette(NZ) - My Nightmares
Jones - Hoops
SODA BOYZ(NZ) - Team Rocket
Cat Power - Ruin
The Horrors - Who Can Say
Grimes - Medeval Warfare
Skux(NZ) - On Her Way
Maderia(NZ) - Manipulator
Pacific Heights(NZ) - Drained
Lips(NZ) - Freddy Bardot
Orchestra Of Spheres(NZ) - 2,000,000 Years
Warpaint - New Song

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 03-07-16

Tiny Ruins(NZ) - Dream Wave
Surly(NZ) - Serious
Crystal Castles - Char
ENO x DIRTY(NZ) - What
HEX(NZ) - Ignoring The Problem
HOLY BALM - Fashion
Spawts(NZ) - Best Night
Frankie Cosmos - Art School
Diet Cig - Sleep Talk
The Leers(NZ) - Fool
Kane Strang(DUN) - Full Moon, Hungry Sun
sere(NZ) - Hazy
Pacific Heights(NZ) - Dained
Purple Pilgrims(NZ) - Into Night
Daddy Issues - Drop Out
3ds(NZ) - Outer Space
Aaradhna(NZ) - Welcome To The Jungle
The Smoking Trees - High Horse
King Kapisi(NZ) - U Can't Resist Us Ft. Che-Fu The Musician
Real Estate - Talking Backwards
Air France Music - Beach Party
L'Orange & Official: Kool Keith - The Wanderer
SODA BOYZ(NZ) - San Pallegrino
Aaradhna(NZ) - Welcome To The Jungle
MADEIRA(NZ) - Manipulator
Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle
Die! Die! Die!(NZ) - Get Hit
Eru Dangerspiel(NZ) - Coq Au Vin
Astro Children(NZ) - When You Lose

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 27-07-16

Monika - Secret In The Dark
Opossom(NZ) - Girl
Marissa Nadler - Divers Of The Dust
TOM LARK(NZ) - Give You All My Lovin
Boycrush(NZ) - Flirt
Purity Ring - Begin Again(HEALTH Rmx)
MayaVanya - Diiving Board
BALAM ACAB - Andiwilltellu
J Mascis - I've Been Thinking
Bella Kololo(NZ) - The Road Ahead
Vampire Weekend - A Punk
Kelis - Millionaire ft. Andre 3000
Kairi(DUN) - Uninspired
METRONOMY - I'm Aquarius
Pusha T - Drug Dealers Anonymous
Dinosaur Jr - Tiny
Street Chant(NZ) - Pedestrian Support League
The Phoenix Foundation(NZ) - Give Up Your Dream
LEISURE(NZ) - All Over You
David Dallas(NZ) - Don't Rate That
The Sami Sisters(NZ) - August Song
Yukon Era(NZ) - Vietnam Man
ECHO OHs(NZ) - You Don't Mind
Paul Cathro(DUN) - Telescope
Lawrence Arabia(NZ) - A Lake
Parquet Courts - Belin Got Blurry
SoccerPractise(NZ) - Haere Mai e Tama
Dum Dum Girls - Lost Boys & Girls

Wednesday Breakfast w./ Oska

Jurassic 5 - In The House
De La Soul ft. Snoop Dogg - Pain
Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It
Anika Moa (NZ) - Wise Man Say
Grimm Selfie (Dn) - Neck It
Eden Mulholland - Music (NZ) - Four To The Floor
Gareth Thomas (NZ)- Way Too Hot
Lee Scratch Perry (official) - Zion Blood
Gareth Thomas (NZ) - So Unbelievable
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - Sweet Dissatisfaction
Tracey Thorn & Jens Lekman - Yeah! Oh, Yeah! (Magnetic Fields Cover)
Jack River - Talk Like That
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Hemisphere
Sarah Mary Chadwick (NZ) - Cool It
Sam Gellaitry - The Gateway
MØ - Slow Love
Maya Payne (NZ) - If Only
Sahara Beck - Don't Hold Your Breath
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - Dream Wave
ScHoolboyQ - Groovy Tony
MeloDownz ft. Rizván (NZ) - Lucid Dream
Third3ye (NZ) - Feet 5
Manuel Darquart (NZ) - Prince of The Rinse
Kraak & Smaak - My Mind's Made Up
YACHT - Where Does This Disco?
CAPSUL (NZ) - Helen Clark
Body Language - The Fall
Blood Orange ft. Empress Of - Best To You
Jack Garratt - Lonesome Valley
Bediquette (Dn) - My Nightmares
Tourettes aka Dominic Hoey (NZ) - No Losers @ WINZ
Tourettes aka Dominic Hoey (NZ) - New York City
TV Girl - Taking What's Not Yours
Skepta ft. Novelist - Lyrics
Coldcut ft. Roots Manuva - True Skool

Wednesday Breakfast

Chelsea Jade(NZ) - Colour Sum
Sora Shima(NZ) - Fil Spectre
The Dead Weather - Hang You From The Heavens
Street Chant(NZ) - Sink
Harts - Peculiar
Kendrick Lamar - Untitled 03
MOSES(NZ) - No More Shall You Call
Grimes California
Nadia Reid(NZ) - Seasons Change
SAGE - August In Paris
BAYNK(NZ) - Sundae
Roidz(NZ) - B Ur Boy
Alvvays - Atop A Cake
Wayvee(NZ) - Shadows
Yesses(DUN) - Moving Along
Arthur Ahbez(NZ) - The Fundamentals
Tame Impala - Music To Walk Home By
God Bows To Math(NZ) - High Strings
Paul Cathro(NZ) - Telescope
Talib Kweli - Right About Now
Astronauts - Skydive
K2K(NZ) - Let It
Tacocat - I Hate The Weekens
Miloux(NZ) - Pocket(Jono Das Stolen Cadillac Rmx)
Blood Orange - Best Of You
Kauf - A Ruin

Wednesday Breakfast

On & On - I Can't Escape It
Communist Rainbow Relationship(DUN) - Two Horse Pony
Radiohead - Burn The Witch
Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle
Surly(NZ) - Burn
Beach Baby - U R
Janina & The Mixtape(NZ) - Cark Mind
Trust Punks(NZ) - Throught The Thicket
Kelis - Jerk Ribs
Tiny Ruins(NZ) - You've Got The Kind Of Nerve I Like
Yoko Zuna(NZ) - Orchard St
Frankie Cosmos - Floated In
Goldlink - Spectrum
Lips(NZ) - Freddy Bardot
Car Seat Headrest - Time To Die
Jono Das(DUN) - Bad Planet ft. Raiza Biza
Miloux(NZ) - Pocket
Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate
Ha The Unclear(DUN) - Picking Out A Shirt For Work
Anthonie Tonnon(NZ) - Water Underground
Bully - Trying
Mr & Mrs Freddy Fudd Pucker(NZ) - You Brought A Date To My Funeral
MO -Pilgrim
Poor You Poor Me(NZ) - The Bell Song
Mitski - Happy
Spycc(NZ) - Other Lover ft. High Hoops
Action Bronson - A Simple Man
Terry - Chitter Chatter
Trentmoller - River In Me Ft. Jehnny Beth
Yesses(DUN) - She's

Wednesday Breakfast

Peaches - Light In Places(Kim Anh Stargasm Rmx)
Leisure(NZ) - Nobody
Paul Cathro(NZ) - Telescope
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
Hex(NZ) - Albatross
Pollyn - Too Late To Change Plan
Orchestra Of Spheres(NZ) - Mind Over Night
Nadia Reid(NZ) - Track Of The Time
Montell2099(NZ) - Space
Tegan & Sara - That Girl
Trust Punks(NZ) - Riding It Out
Frankie Cosmos - Floated In
Unknown Mortal Orchestra(NZ) - Shakedown Street
Miss June(NZ) - Anxiety On Repeat
Astro Children(DUN) - When You Lose
Miloux(NZ) - Me & Mine
Liam Finn(NZ) - Snug As Fuck
US Girls - New Age Thriller
Metronomy - Old Skool
Alec(NZ) - Your Essay
Mermaidens(NZ) - Under The Mountain ll
Deerhoof - Learning To Apologize Effectively
Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is The Move
Vivain Girls - My Baby Wants Me Dead
Fraser Ross(NZ) - I Got
Street Chant(NZ) - Sink
Collapsing Cities(NZ) - Regret
Mitski - Your Best American Girl

Wednesday Breakfast

Coco Solid(NZ) - Slow Torture Ft. Disasteradio
Rackets(NZ) - Getaway
Your Friend - Come Back From It
She's So Rad(NZ) - Disco Star
Com Truise - Sunspot
Miike Snow - Heart Is Full
First Aid Kit - Cross Oceans
Garageland(NZ) - Beelines To Heaven
Thought Creature(NZ) - Your Telepathy
Charlie Hilton - Something For Us
Toy Love(DUN) - Pull Down The Shades
Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me
Unknown Mortal Orchestra(NZ) - Swim & Sleep
The Winebox Inquiry(NZ) - I Am A Cliche
Mitski - Happy
Gardens & Villa - Domino
Milk(NZ) - This Pain Is Ruining Me
Prizegiving(NZ) - Sarah(Snow)
Elan Vital(DUN) - Janina
Flying Lotus - Light a Dub 2 This
Tono & The Finance Company(DUN) - Tuesday Evening
Missy Elliot - Bad Man
Street Chant(NZ) - Sink
Team Catfood(NZ) - Jarreau
Foxygen - Cosmic Vibrations
Yumi Zouma(NZ) - Alena
BORNS - American Money
Ladi6(NZ) - Beffy
Alex G - Memory
Caroles(NZ) - Bed Head
Liam Finn & Eliza Jane(NZ) - Long Way To Go