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Tuesday Breakfast

7am - 10am Tuesday with Jamie Green

Tuesday Breakfast

Tuesday Breakfast

Dear Time's Waste (NZ) - Blue and Gold
Amamelia (NZ) - Pure Choice
Little Simz - Woman
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Titia
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Trick Pony
The Rhododendrons (DUN) - The Cell Moon
Somebody Do Something (NZ) - Make Believe
Tomorrow People (NZ) - Oku Ra
Randolph's Leap - Moment Passed
Sons of Raphael - Yeah Yeah Yeah
Birdling Flat (NZ)- Holotype
Cheap Sleeper (NZ) - Running Wild
The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) - Beside Yourself
Clap Clap Riot (NZ) - It's Alright
Ari Arelius - Sny upp a timann
Moses (NZ) - No More Shall You Call
Stillwater Blackball (NZ) - Waterside
Muroki (NZ) - Wavy
Adelaide Cara (DUN) - Paranoia!
Alfa Mist - Fly Away
Glitterer - Didn't Want It
Angel Olsen - Whole New Mess
Cheekface - Calabasas
The Goon Sax - In The Stone
Te Reotakiwa Dunn (NZ) - Ki Nga Taitamariki
Louisa Nicklin (NZ) - Water Around Her
Sun Kin - Blue Light
Tarn PK (NZ) - Cheap Ecstasy


Tuesday Breakfast

Mullholland (NZ) - Cry If You Want To
Mazbou Q (NZ) - Beat Up, Bullied and Drunked On
Anthonie Tonnon (DUN) - Leave Love Out of This
Pond - America's Cup
Isaac Aesili (NZ) - Use Your Mind
SOHN - Artifice
Mini (NZ) - Tangerine Days
TE KAAHU (NZ) - E Taku Huia Kaimanawa
Rei (NZ) - Harakoa
Rojaz - Gravitating
Skullcrusher - Cloudy Shoes
Hahko (NZ) - Loving You
The Phoemix Foundation (NZ) - Mountain
Walla C (NZ) - Eva
Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
Jonathen Bree (NZ) - Murder
Beatcomber (NZ) - Malancauli
Ages & Ages - Light Goes out
Logic1000 - I Won't Forget
Hybrid Rose (NZ) - Mr Spaceman
Animal Collewctive - Golden Gal
Reb Fountain (NZ) - When Gods Lie
Delivery - Brickwork
Aldous Harding (NZ)- Old Peel
The Jungle Giants - Treat You Right
Pollyjill (NZ) - Chilly
Ethel Cain - Michelle Pfeiffer
Majic Paora (NZ) - Whiti Te Marama
Jazmine Mary (NZ) - Move Me
Herbs (NZ) - E Papa
And That (NZ) - At Capacity
Mara TK (NZ) - Bad Meditation
Miromiro (NZ)- Sandymount
Asta Rangu (DUN) - Nico
Erin G (NZ) - Golden Age
Still Woozy - Kenny


Tuesday Breakfast

Electic Wire Hustle (NZ) - Chaser
FABLE (NZ) - Karakia
Luke Buda (NZ) - Here Comes The Wind
Panic State - How Do We Know
Theia (NZ) - Te Kaiwhakaora O e Ao
Spoon - Written In Reverse
Grin G (NZ) - Meridian
Ronhmai Taiapa Aporo (NZ) - Punga Werewere
Manifest Kitsune (NZ) - Red Flag
Kita (NZ) - Try to Find a WayPolica - Someway
Mad Cow (NZ) - Alone
Rose Windows - Glory Glory
Oh Sweet Nothing (NZ) - Shinebone
Tyra Hammond (NZ) - Didn't I
The Rhododendrons (NZ) - Parade
The Staves - Outlaw
One Waka (NZ) - The Longest Ride
Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Heartbreak
Imugi (NZ) - Swimming
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - Adelphi Apartments
Telquist - Am I Right
BLKCITY (NZ) - Pogba
Tangled Shoelaces - Oceans Away
Iwi (NZ) - E Ara E
Dresser (NZ) - Bystand
fruit juice parade (NZ) - The More You Don't Know, The Less You Know


Tuesday Breakfast

Sampa the Great - Freedom
Bic Runga (NZ) - Haere Mai Ra/ Sway
PollyHill (NZ) - Sweepstake ft Church
Sharon Van Etten - Comeback Kid
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Look Me In The Eyes
Night Lunch (Dn) - Hot Cops
Bathysphere (Dn) - layout
Tom Misch, Yussef Days - What Kinda Music
Soaked Oats (NZ) - Driftworld
jack berry (Dn) - the middle
Soccer Practice (NZ) - Big Bad Wolf
FRITZ - Sweetie
Komang - Flex
HUMMICIDE (NZ) - Exothermic
Sampa the Great - Energy ft Nadeem Din-Gabisi
jam henderson (Dn) - long walk home
L. Hotel (Dn) - Astronaut
Mia Jay (Dn) - Show Me How
Hockey Dad - Good Eye
CHAII (NZ) - Oh Nah Yeah

ONONO Jono Nott i/v

ONONO (NZ) - Charms
Camp Cope - How To Socialise and Make Friends
BO and the Constrictors (Dn) - Woo-hoo
Lizzo - Juice
Ladyhawke (NZ) - Mixed Emotions
Asta Rangu (Dn) - Nico
Paul The Kid (NZ) - WYD
Lorde (NZ) - Solar Power
Mermaidens (NZ) - Soft Energy
Amamelia (NZ) - The F in FM Stands For Flute (Eyeliner Wonderland Mix)
Ruby Fields - Climate
Tami Neilson (NZ) - Big Boss Mama
Earth To Zena (NZ) - Poetaster
Mako Road (NZ) - Stranger Days
Chance the Rapper - Work Out
Das Racist - You Outta Know
Ladi6 (NZ) - Ikarus
Louis Baker (NZ) - Brighter Day
Rezzy Crooks (Dn) - Wasting My Time

Tuesday Breakfast

Wiri Donna (NZ) - Manuka Money
Rezzy Crooks (DUN) - Wasting My Time
Squirrel Flower - Flames & Flat Tires
Leaping Tiger (NZ) - Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House Cover)
Huia (NZ) - Kanikani
Waazoo & The Vibes (NZ) - Juice & Lemonade
Myshaan & Huia Shortland (NZ) - Whakamaru Te Reo
Orphic Decor (NZ) - Paint
The Butlers (NZ) - Time
Flock of Dimes - Two
Ghost Woman - Demons
Mini Simmons (NZ) - Push and Pull
SoccerPractise (NZ) - I Was Screaming
Mara TK (NZ) - Toroa The Albatross
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Something Good
Tamil Rogeon - House on Wheels
Santigold - Lights Out
deepState (NZ) - Fortune
Frankie Cosmos - Embody
Coco Solid (NZ) - Heavens Gate
Flying Lotus - RobertaFlack
The Doqumant (NZ) - Nothing Was The Same
Panther Claw
Cowboy Dan (NZ) -Stranger's Eyes
Father John Misty - Athem
House of Misfits (NZ) - Ta Te Manawa
Tony Joe White - Boot Money
Janie and Tim Shaw (DUN) - What Every Girl Wants
Anieszka - Presence
De Stevens (DUN) - Two Headed
Dr. Rehnaw (NZ) - Look Me In The Eyes
kubo & Lee (NZ) - Yesterday
Merk (NZ) - Deep Dive
Erin g (NZ) - Golden Age
And$um (NZ) - Do It Like That (Hahko Rmx)
Julia Jacklin & RVG - Army of Me (Bjork Cover )
Amamelia (NZ) - Operator PLZ (Imugi Rmx)
Charity Children (NZ) - We Loved


Tuesday Breakfast

Garbage - Wolves
Orthy - Listen to Her Heart
Fruit Juice Parade (NZ) - Draeyyke
Mazbou Q (NZ) - G.O.A.T. Problem
1814 (NZ) - Whakahonohono Mai
Chadley Biscuits (DUN) - Flight
Jack Berry (DUN) - The Middle
Te Reotakiwa Dunn (NZ) - He Rangi Ataahua
Bub (NZ) - King of Wands
Westerman - Blue Comanche
Roosevelt - Easy Way Out
Dope Lemon - Rose Pink Cadillac
Ben Woods (NZ) - Body Rhyme
Tom Vek - Sherman
Pompeii - Drift
The Flaming Bridges (NZ) - To Be Here Again
Dimmer (NZ) - Can't Cut Through
The Besths (NZ) - Out of Site
Real Estate - Crime
KIMONO (NZ) - Hazy
King Sweeties (NZ) - Lets Just Stay In Bed
Alfa Mist - Fly Awy
Jorja Smith - Rose Rouge
Reb Fountain (NZ) - Hawkes & Dove (Tali Rmx)
Sleater Kinney - High In The Grass
Levyne (NZ) - Pause
Mo Etc (NZ) - Stay Awake
Moses Gunn Collective - Back Into The Woods
ZO (NZ) - Origami
Hannah Jadagu - What Is Going On?
Cloudy (NZ) - I'll Stay
Temporex - Delayed
Hollie Smith & Teeks (NZ) - Wahaaria Mai
Yvios (NZ) - Muppet
Mara TK (NZ) - Bad Meditation
Pond - America's Cup
Cumbia Blazera (NZ) - Pedro
Natures Neighbor - Perch Privileges
Mild Orange (DUN) - First Taste
Count Basie - Squeeze Me
Biig Piig - Feels Right
The Sami Sisters (NZ) - Jump Start
Mr Scruff - Hold On


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 08-06-21

Connan Mockasin (NZ) - I'm The Man That Will Find you
Down Richard - Mornin
The Checks (NZ) - Ballroom Baby
King Sweeties (NZ) - Let's Just Stay In Bed
T.G. Shand (NZ) - Weak Odyessy
The Fuzzy Robes (NZ) - Kyrie Eleison
Riki Gooch & Alistair Frazer (NZ) - I Te Ra Ki Te Po
Ludus (NZ) - Next Throughts
Barker (NZ)  Haunted House
Becca Hatch - Please U
Cochemea - Buring Plain
Roy Irwin (NZ) - Awful
The Flaming Bridges (NZ) - To Be Here Again
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Cool For A Second
Vampire Weekend - A Punk
Allah Las - 501-415
The Strokes - At The Door
And That (NZ) - At Capacity
Neil Finn (NZ) - Impessions
FRAYED FLAG (NZ) - Waking Up
Brockaflower (NZ) - Yams
Peace Point (NZ - Welcome
Bullion - Never Is The Change
070 Shake - Guilty Conscience (Tame Impala Rmx)
Liam K Swiggs (NZ) - Heartland VIP
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Come On Back This Way
Blu De Tiger - Cotton Candy Lemonade
SPELLING - Little Deer
Paul The Kid (NZ) - WYD
Juan Wauters - Monsoon
Souldrop (NZ) - Jive
Shinya Asakura - Be Yourself
Emma Rankin (NZ) - Dirty Money
Te Reotakiwa Dunn (NZ) - Hokianga
A Blut Jester (NZ) - Breeze
Miss Cressida (NZ) - Shoebox Memories
Juno Is (DUN) - SO Hazy
First Aid Kit - Rebel Heart
Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi
Madlib - The Comeup
Perfume Genius - Queen
The Chemical Brothers - Go
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Someting good
The Juan MacLean - A Simple Design

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 01-06-21

Marlon Williams (NZ) - What's Chasing You
Jack Berry (DUN) - The Middle
N1ghtmar3cat (NZ) - High Hopes
Jules - Miami Breaks
SoccerPractise (NZ) - Te Po
She's So Rad (NZ) - Say The Word
Graeme James (NZ) - The Angel of St George
Uru Whetu (NZ) - Mana Tuauki
Emily C Browning (NZ) - I Wasn't Into You Anyway
Broncho - Boys Got To Go
Slowjoy - Seeker
Eli Smart - Hightschool Steady
Louisa Nicklin (NZ) - To Be Fine
Harbour City Electric (NZ) - Red Pepper
Asta Rangu(DUN) - I Dream
HUMMUCIDE (NZ) - Exothermic
Bang Bang Eche (NZ) - 4 To The Floor
Mermaidens (NZ) - Crying In The Office
Teasayer - Reagan's Skeleton
Snitch Jimmy (NZ) - Progress
Shitkid - Fat Mad N Gone
Ria Hall (NZ) - Owner
The Rhododendrons (DUN) - ParadeMuroki (NZ) - Light Me Up
Green Buzzard - Dream In Out
Richard Dada (NZ) - Sound All Around
Molly Burch - Control
Opposite Sex (DUN) - Combine Harvester
Spoon - Breakdown
Brannigan Kaa (NZ) - He Koingo
Dresser (NZ) - Bystand
Follower (NZ) - Matuku
PRINS (NZ) - Follow Me
N.T. Honey (NZ) - Suspicious Cat
DROOR (NZ) - Star To Finish
The Datsuns (NZ) - Brain to Brain

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 25-05-21

Adam Hattaway and the Haunters (NZ) - Nothing Lasts
Thomas Newtown (NZ) - Freak DOn't Pass
Soft Plastics (NZ) - Loozer
Soccerpractise (NZ) - Nga Whetu
Pacific Heights (NZ) - TK Funk
Wongli (NZ) - Calligraphy
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Revival
Mako Road (NZ) - Surfing On Mars
Ron Gallipoli (NZ )- Work Is An Amethyst
Merk (NZ )- GOD
Tom Verbene (NZ) - Tangled
Jack Page (NZ)- Halfway
Bic Runga (NZ) - No One Walks This Night Alone
King Kapisi (NZ)- Reverse Resistance
Salmonella Dub (NZ) - Conspiracy Dub
Concord Dawn (NZ) - Morning Light
Maimoa (NZ) - Retireti Mai
Ragaire (NZ) - Passing Grey
Hina (NZ) - Libertine
Samara Alofa (NZ) - 111
Andrigynous Lemon (NZ) - Cherry Maountain
Guardain Singles (NZ) - Can't Stop Moving
Michael Cathro (DUN) - Cave Paintings (Live)
Michael Cathro (DUN) - Rented Home (Live)
Michael Cathro (DUN) - 85 (Live)
Michael Cathro (DUN) - Corstorphine (live)
PRINS (NZ) - Follow Me
Ludus (NZ) - Next Thoughts
Poaroids of Polarbears (NZ) - The Secret To Treading Water, Take a Deep Breath
Neil and Liam Finn (NZ) - Ghosts
Church & AP (NZ) - Happy Song

Tuesday Breakfast

Tuesday Breakfast

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 04-05-21

Widowspeak - Girls
Roy Irwin (NZ) - The Comedian
OddJive (NZ) - FunkUglySwingThing
Canivourous Plant Society (NZ) - Car Dance
Herbs (NZ)  E Papa
Mad Cow (NZ) - Alone
No Joy - Everything New
Planet 1999 - Spell
Anchorsong - New World
A Blunt Jester (NZ)  Breeze
Flamingo Pier (NZ) - Honey
LVL UP - Hidden Drivier
Smokestack Jim (NZ) - Better Left Unsaid
The Rhododendrons (DUN) - Parade
Kristin Kontrol - X Communicate
Idiot Paryer (DUN) - Black Black Eyes
Tyra Hammond (NZ) - So Good at Being In Trouble
Dr Reknaw (NZ) - Sunrise Lulla
Femi Kuti = Pa Pa Pa
Junior Boys - Big Black Coat
Marlowe (NZ) - Nostalgic
Taylor Rose Terekia (NZ) - Starry Night
Tall Folk (DUN) - (T) Ruth (Live)
Tall Folk (DUN) - Dani (Live)
Tall Folk (DUN) - Harlem River Blues (Justin Townes Earle Cover) (Live)
Tall Folk (DUN) - Poster (Live)
Tall Folk (DUN) - Westward (Live)
Louisa Nicklin (NZ) - There Will Be Times
Kotiro (NZ) - Puti's Maunga
Luna Li - Cloud Castle
Mazbou Q (NZ) - G.O.A.T.
Rei (NZ) - Auahi Ana
Asta Rangu (DUN) - I Dream
Corduroy (NZ) - Spaceship
The Datsuns (NZ) - Dehumanise
The Butlers (NZ) - One Flew
And That (NZ) - At Capacity

Tuesday Breakfast

Estere (NZ) - Calculated Risk
Charity Children (NZ) - We Loved
BLKCITY (NZ) - Pogba
Crumb - Balloon
Fever Ray - Seven
Moana & the Tribe (NZ) - Upokohue
Kingfish (NZ) - 39 Days
Porpoise (DUN) - Kudu
Huia Hamon (NZ) - E Awhi E
UMI - Runnin'
Laure Briard - Eu Voo
Civic - Just a Fix
Bic Runga (NZ) - No One Walks This Night Alone
Sofia Machray
Ha The Unclear (DUN) - Battery Farm
iceage - Lockdown Blues
Mo Etc (NZ) - Stay Awake
Street Chant (NZ) - Sink
Brains (NZ) - Tall Poppies
JANG (NZ) - All My Friends Are Cops
Ripship (NZ) - Moore's Law
Kelis - Rumble
Juliper Sky - After Glow
Nilufer Yanya - Same Damn Luck
Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens - You Got To Move
Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison Betterslow (NZ) - Allegory of the Chalet
Man Made Mountain - Supernatural
Dallas Tamaira (NZ) - Spider
Fatboy Slim - Radioactivity
Gareth Thomas (NZ) - Cyber Star
John Grant - Boy From Michign
Miles Calder (NZ) - Bad for Me
The Watchmaker - Clover
Uru Whatu (NZ) - Mahuika
Merk (NZ) - Deep Dive
The May Project (NZ) - The Last Waltz of Summer
Bluey Green (NZ) - Morning Sunshine
The Datsuns (NZ) - Brain to Brain


Tuesday Breakfast

Charity Children (NZ) - We Loved
The Natval - Why Don't You Come Out Anymore
KIMONO (NZ) - Hazy
Gaadge - Twenty-Two
Mild Orange (NZ) - Getting Warmer
Doprah (NZ) - Whatever You Want
AP & Kamahumble (NZ) - Heka Horcy
Cowboy Dan (NZ) - Stranger's Eyes
Ethel Cain - Michelle Pfeiffer
Funky French League - Love Will Bring It
2XM & Caramel Smooth Heaven (NZ) - Fall
Jade Imagine - The News
Liam Finn (NZ) - Long Way To Go
Rubi Du (NZ) - LockUp
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - Dream Wave
Bloc Party - Mercury
Merk (NZ) - Laps Around The Sun
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Kyoto Train (Jyeah Rmx)
Miss Cressida (NZ) - Showbox Memories
The Controversial New Skinny Pill
Warm Swords (NZ) - Gadget Dog
KUCKA - No Good For Me
Brother Sister (NZ) -Stop
The Chills (DUN) - Monolith
William Wattets (NZ) - Paper View
Mystery Waitress (NZ) - Baby (Lake South Rmx)
Mogwai - I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
Oh Sweet Nothings (NZ) - Shinbone
Close Counters - Up & Down


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 13-04-21

Alizarin Lizard (DUN) - Back To Front
Merk (NZ) - Laps Around The Sun
Pocket Money (NZ) - Feijoa
Miir - Better Dayz
Troy Kingi (NZ) - Tama i Tukua
Stellarize (NZ) - Traveling On
Louisa Nicklin (NZ) - Water Around Her
Phantogram - Mouthful of Diamonds
Rita Joyce - Dancing Close
Sara Renberg - Thrid Adolescence
Rewind Fields (NZ) - Shield and Crown
Doprah (NZ) - San Pedro
Leonard Charles (NZ) - Airworks
Monika - Secret In The Dark
Sofia Machray (NZ) - Milky Ways
Pop Levi - Never Never love
Connan Mockasin (NZ) - I Wanna Roll With You
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - His Parents Jeep
Edward Castelow (NZ) - When Your Tears Have Dried
Benny Tones (NZ) - AeroSoul
Orville Peck - Smalltown Boy
BLKCITY (NZ) - Pogba
Bad Pharmer - 3 Sheets To The Wind
King Ketchup (NZ) - Points
Moga Erez - End of the Road
Te Mana O Mareikura (NZ) - Puao Te Wawata
Lontalius (NZ) - Carousel
Maddy PC (DUN) - Timothy
Mo Man's Land (NZ) - Boo Boo Baby
Hahko (NZ) - S99
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Look Me in The Eyes
Adult Mum Breathing
Snitch Jimmy (NZ) - Progress
Avec Spriale (DUN) - Patience
Squirrel Flower - Hurt A Fly
Chambres (NZ) - Chase Me Too
N.T. Honey (NZ)- Suspicious Cat

Tuesday Breakfast

The Biff Merchants (DUN) - The Fourth World
duendita - Open Eyes
Admiral Drowsy (NZ) - Hum Drum Noise From The Peddlers
Fanfickk (NZ) - Everything's On Fire
Genesis Owusu - Gold Chains
Childish Gambino - Sober
Aro (NZ) - Baby Beat
Te Reotakiwa Dunn (NZ)- Te Angitu
The Chills (DUN) - Destiny
Alt j - 3WW
Julian Baker - Favor
Stone Submarines - Forever Mine
Big Scout (NZ) - Bloke Schultz
D'Angelo & The Vanguard - Sugah Daddy
Frankie Cosmos - Sinister
William Wallets (NZ) - Paper View
Gonjasufi - Kobwebz
Bad Hagrid (NZ) - The Baker
James Pants - Ka$h
Dolphin Friendly (NZ) - Killing Silence
Gil Scott Heron - New York is Killing Me
Jaguar Jonze - Rising Sun
Ryan Fisherman (NZ) - How Cool
Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet
KUBO & LEE (NZ) - yesterday
Metronomy - Picking Up For You
Snitch Jimmy (NZ) - Progress
Yves Paquet - Flow
Maitreya (NZ) - Ki Te Po
Flyspray (NZ) - Dream
Maaka (NZ) - Ka Pioioi
nicholas Franchise (NZ) - Going Places
Booker Brooks (NZ) - Rollin Round
Alexa Casino (NZ) - Stars
Nocturnal Animals - Articuno Makes Waves
Brown Boy Magik (NZ) - Trust Me Darling
Seaside Sloths (NZ) - Balanced on a Branch
Anieszka - Presence
Swarles (DUN) - On The Floor
Hiatus Kaiyote - Get Sun


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 23-03-21

Mitski - Your Best American Girl
Lionlimb - Domino
Thomston (NZ) - JPA989
Caleb Isaacs & The Mighty Mighty (NZ) - Not Okay
Rhye - Helpless
Deva Mahal (NZ) - Sister
Ranea (NZ) - Rangiatea
BENEE (NZ) - Kua Kore He Kupu / Soaked
Grace Duncan (NZ) - Fire Within
Dominic Wolf - Perfect
Nocturnal Animals - Articuno Makes Waves
Raiza Biza (NZ) - Around The Way
nicholas Franchise (NZ) - Just For Once Now
Ezra Phoenix (NZ) - Love My Brain
Grimes - Genesis
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Low Brow
Te Huhu (NZ) - pokarekare ana
RJD@ - Peace of What
The Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra (NZ) - Sophie
Popstrangers (NZ) - Tonight
Benny's Video (NZ) - Lost Boys
The Butlers (NZ) - I An't Running
Lionel Boy - Flower Girl
Queens Cup (NZ) - Tongue
POOLCLVB - Love Track
Tami Neilson (NZ) - Roimata / Cry Myself To Sleep
The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) - Beside Yourself
Jaqualyn Taimana Williams (NZ) - Waiho Mai
Persimmon (NZ) - New Year
Blair Parkes (NZ) - Maybe You Heard
Tom Verbene (NZ) - Tangled
Alicia Clara - Hazemaze
Mia Jay (DUN) - Show Me How

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 16-03-21

Sola Rosa (NZ) - Promise
Smurgy (NZ) - Shift
Maddy PC (DUN) - Timothy
Crumb - Trophy
Ruby - Spell
Taylor-Rose Terekia (NZ) - Starry Night
Aro - Baby Beat
Maimoa (NZ) - Te Korokoro o te Patara
Estere (NZ) - I Spy
Caroline Polachek - Hey Big Eyes
Raveena - Tweety
Mystery Waitress (NZ) - baby (Lake South Rmx)
Wurld Series (NZ) - Supplication
The Mint Chicks (NZ) - bad Buzz
Androgynous Lemon (NZ) - Cherry Mountain
Janet Jackson - No Sleeep
Lucy Dacus - Forever Half Mast
Revulva (NZ) - Sniffy Lady
Elan Vital (NZ) - Janina
Pop Levi - Never Never love
Seaside Sloths (NZ) - Balanced on a Branch
Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarassing (UMO Rmx)
Ha The Unclear (DUN) - Kosmonavt
FABLE (NZ) - 298
Jean Fraser Hoult (NZ) - Ur Hard On Me
Ripship (NZ) - Moore's Law
Sun Kin - Blue Light
Guardian Singles (NZ) - Can't Stop Moving
Park Hye Jin 7 Nosaj Thing - CLOUDS
Tipene (NZ) - Turangawaewae
Pickle Darling (NZ) - A Deep Breath
Ahorangi (NZ) - Pounamu
Rita Joyce - Dacing Close
Ida Lune (NZ) - Apart
DDJMS (NZ) - Step That
Jim James - Same Old Lie

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 09-03-21

Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids
Partying at The Disco (NZ) - Puff Puff Pass
The Butlers (NZ) - One Flew
Wet Specimen (DUN) - Heaven's Gate
Lava La Rue - Angel
Haami (NZ) - He Aio
All We Are - Keep Me Alive
Whisper Dish (NZ) - What To Do For Free
Miles Calder (NZ) - Autopilot Life
Strathcona Pl (DUN) - Seams
DARTZ (NZ) - Sit This One out
Fatima - Do Better
Kip Mcgrath (NZ) - Out of Control
Cheaper Sleeper (NZ) - Messy Minds
Jacco Gardner - Another You
Soft Hair (NZ) - Relaxed Lizard
Sola Rosa - back To You
Shaun Malloch (NZ) - Both Feet
James Pants - Cosmic rapp
Car Seat Headrest - Can't Cool Me Down
Yuki (NZ) - Ok Baby
Iva Lamkum (NZ) - Kung Fu Grip
Muroki (NZ) - Wavy
The lazy Eyes - Where is my Brain???
The Chats - AC/DC CD
Porpoise (DUN) - Running Race
Farandicus (NZ) - Wings Made of Wax
Te Hamua Nikora & Phil Crown (NZ) - Aue Wairua
Maaka Phat (NZ) - Kia Mau
Ida Lune (NZ) - Apart
Otocan & Shadow Child (NZ) - Right Here
KAHU (NZ) - Not Afrid
Aro (NZ)  Baby Beat

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 02-03-21

Bleached - Wednesday Night Melody
Bathyshere (DUN) - Window
MAY A - Time I Love To Waste
Te Mana O Mareikura (NZ) - E Huri E Te Tapu
Kero Kero Bonito - Flamingo
T.G. Shand (NZ) - The Ease
Tuakoi - Manatu
Snitch Jimmy (NZ) - Progress
The National - Morning Dew
Aaron Fraser - Can't Leave It Alone
Anieszka - Presence
Sheep, Dog & Wolf (NZ) - Cyclical
The Datsuns (NZ) - Brain to Brain
Glass Vaults (NZ) - Sojourn
Dolphin Friendly (NZ) - Killing Silence
Guardain Singles (NZ) - CAn't Stop Moving
The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) - Asswipe
Bomb Dylan (NZ) - Flicker A
Astro Children (DUN) - Nora Flood
Disasteradio (NZ) - Awesome Feeling (Liam K Swiggs Rmx)
The XX - Shelter
JessB - Pon It
Roy Irwin (NZ - No Question
Modest Mouse - Dashboard
Summer Thieves (DUN) - Ocean baby
The Lazy Eyes - Where's My Brain
Wet Specimen (DUN) - Heavens Gate
Silicon(NZ) - Cellphone
Biig Piig - Cuenta Lo
Wongii (NZ) - Golde
Julia Stone - Dance
Maimoa & Rani (NZ) - Retireti Mai
Earth to Zena (NZ) - Poetaster
Ranea (NZ) - Ki Uta / Rangi Mamao
Thee Golden Geese (NZ) - Poltergoose
Hahko (NZ) - S99
French For rabbits (NZ) - The Dark Arts
Purple Pilgrims (NZ) - Is you Real
Terrible Sons (NZ)  What a Friend