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Thursday Breakfast

7am - 10am Thursday with Jamie Green

Thursday Breakfast

Thursday Breakfast

Astronauts - Skydive
Encouragement - East Moon Rising(NZ)
Memory Tapes - Go Play Outside
1995 - Pan Op(NZ)
Tom Lark - Go Get A Job
Miguel - DEAL
Gasp - YouKnow.(DUN)
Little Lapin - Winning Is Losing(NZ)
Ahoribuzz - Glitter In The Gutter(Rhombus Rmx)(NZ)
Jack J - Thirstin'
The Shifting Sands - Feel(DUN)
Youth Lagoon - The Knower
TV On The Radio - Careful You
Kelis - Jerk Ribs
Dinosaur Sanctuary - She Goes For Egos(DUN)
Trip Pony - Daze Ft. Jaykin(NZ)
Delgirl - Temptation(DUN)
Birdation - Ailson 3.0(DUN)
The Redution Agents - 80s Celebration(NZ)
Kane Strang - Full Monn, Hungry Sun(DUN)
Seven Davis Jr - Be A Man Ft. Flako
Nas - The Don
Mongo Skato - Turismoc(NZ)

Thursday Breakfast

Mos Def - Close Edge
Bully - Trying
Shunkan - Our Names(DUN)
Tazer x Tink - Wet Dollars
OPOSSOM - Cola Elixir(NZ)
Miguel - DEAL
PNC - That Kinda Guy(NZ)
Cat Power - Song For Bobby
Rackets - Fools Gold(NZ)
She's So Rad - Say The Word(NZ)
Astronauts, etc. - Eye To Eye
Colleen Green - Wild One
Sorceress - Teacups(NZ)
The Bats - Two Lines(NZ)
Jonathan Bree - Duckie's Lament(NZ)
AhoriBuzz - Providence(NZ) 
Kane Strang - The Web(DUN)
Neil Finn - Impressions(NZ)
A$AP Rocky - Fine Whine
Mermaidens - Wander(NZ)
Lord Julien - Shades(NZ)
Beach House - Sparks
The Clean - Wipe Me, I'm Lucky(DUN)
Golden Grrrls - Paste Tense
Polar Bear - Peepers
Chelsea Wolfe - Carrion Flower
Haawaaii - Dream Daze Hello(NZ)
SJD - Helensville(NZ)
Hail Mary Mallon - Kiln

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 09-07-15


Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck
Tycho - Hours
Glass Vaults - Sacred Heart(NZ)
Rackets - Fools Gold
Yoko-Zuna - Revival(NZ)
Beirut - No No No 
Kane Strang - The Web(DUN)
Bully - Trying
The Chemical Brothers- Under Neon Lights
Fazed on a Pony - Only One That Feels A Little Bit Bad(DUN)
Savages - Husbands
Laura Lee - Little Too Late(NZ)
Silicon - Burning Suger(NZ)
Big Boi - Royal Flush
Sunley Band - Days To Come(DUN)
Air France - It Feels Good To Be Around You
The Ettes - You Can't Do That To Me
She's So Rad - Say The Word(NZ)
French for Rabbits - Cold(DUN)
The Naked And Famous - Part 2(NZ)
The National - Afraid Of Everyone
Tiny Ruins - Straw Into Gold(NZ)
RaizaBiza - New Kings(NZ)
Snapper - Hang On(DUN)
The Phoenix Foundation - Mountain(NZ)
H D S P N S - Archipelago(NZ)

Thursday Breakfast

Warpaint - Keep It Healthy
Kelis - Jerk Ribs
Nadia Reid - Reaching Through(DUN)
Princess Chelsea - Too Many People(NZ)
Youth Lagoon - July
Fazerdaze - Zero(NZ)
DRINKS - Hermits On Holiday
PNC - If It Wasn't For Love(NZ)
Grayson Gilmour - Silence & Youth(NZ)
First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar
Girlpool - Chinatown
Ha The Unclear - Picking Out A Shirt For Work(DUN)
Taste Nasa - I'd Like To Be Your Girl(NZ)
SSELLF - Super(NZ)
Purity Ring - Push Pull
Talib Kweli - Gutter Rainbows
Electric Wire Hustle - Look In The Sky(NZ)
Prinzhorn Dance School - Regin
Boycrush - Flirt(NZ)
Anika Moa - Running(NZ)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi Love(NZ)
Kendrick Lamar - Alright
Tacocat - Crimson Wave
Perfume Genius - Fool
Deadly Rides - The Ride(NZ)
Mermaidens - Bones(NZ)
Homebrew - Benefit(NZ)

Thursday Breakfast

Grimes - Genesis
Esther Stephens & The Means - Heartbeat(NZ)
Banff - All Again
Fazed On A Pony - Spares(DUN)
The Beatles - Get Back
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
The Reduction Agents - 80s Celebration(NZ)
Rhain Sheehan - If I Gave You The Mic(NZ)
Space Above - This Is It(NZ)
Astronauts - Skydive
Parquet Courts - Black & White
Astro Children - Play It As It Lays(DUN)
SSELLF - Super(NZ)
Leon Bridges - Coming Home
Princess Chelsea - Too Many Peolpe(NZ)
Albert Hammond Jr - Born Slippy
Vince Staples - Senorita
Marlon Williams - Lost Without You(NZ)
Trip Pony - Daze Ft JayKin(NZ)
Anika Moa - Running(NZ)
Tiny Ruins - Carriages(NZ)
Wavves - Demon To Lean On
A Tribe Called Quest - Luck Of Lucien
Alizarin Lizard - Hipster(DUN)
Lawrence Arabia - His Parents Jeep(NZ)
Batrider - Homie Gnomie(NZ)
Doldrums - Loops
Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do
Tal National - Farila
Dead Riders - The Ride(NZ)
Perfume Genius - Queen
Strange Harvest - Colonies(DUN)
Peach Kelli Pop - Plastic Love

Thursday Brekfast

Little Dragon - Ritual Union
Disasteradio - Drop the Bomb(NZ)
La Luz - You Disappear
Kazy Lambist - Doing Yoga
Real Estate - It's Real
Lips - Freddy Bardot(NZ)
Lo Fang - When We're Fire
Die Die Die - Angel(DUN)
SSELLF - Super(NZ)
The Mint Chicks - Walking Of A Cliff Again(NZ)
Sami Sisters - How Did We Fall Apart(NZ)
Dum Dum Girls - Rimbaud Eyes
Thought Creature - Your Telepathy(NZ)
Lorde - Team(NZ)
Portugal, The Man - Evil Friends
Shamir - Vegas
The Clean - Are You Really On Drugs?(DUN)
Foxygen - On Blue Mountain
Opensouls - Telephone Song(NZ)
Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids
Robert Scott - Lazy Boy Ft Tiny ruins(DUN)
Strange Harvest - Colonies(DUN)
Coasting - Snoozefest
Taste Nasa - Time Goes By(NZ)
Colleen Green - Wild One
Electric Wire Hustle - Look In The Sky(NZ)
Perfume Genius - Queen
Yumi Zouma - It Feels Good To Be Around You(NZ)
Warpaint - Warpaint
Peach Kelli Pop - Plastic Love
Kane Strang - The Wed(DUN)
Sky Ferreira - You're Not The One
White Hex - Sisters

Thursday Breakfast

Pixies - Bone Machine
Strange Harvest - Colonies(DUN)
Nirvana - Molly's Lips
The Shifting Sands - Feel(DUN)
Future Islands - The Chase
Toy Love - Pull Down The Shades(DUN)
Shunkan - Our Names(NZ)
Dizz1 - Get 'Em Up
The Blue Onesies - Ride(NZ)
Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To?
The Shocking And Stunning - Breakdance, Motherfucker(NZ)
Rackets - Hypocrite
Roots Manuva - Witness
The Brunettes - Cotton Candy(NZ)
Yumi Zouma - The Brae(NZ)
The Unfaithful Ways - Katie My Darling(NZ)
HEAVY - Coming Out(NZ)
Jamie XX - I Know There's Gonna Be(Good Times)
Raiza Biza - New Kings(NZ)
Little Phnx - Pyrexia(NZ)
Clipping - Work Work
Gasp - YouKnow(DUN)
U.S. Girls - Damn That Valley
Connan Mockasin, Liam Finn & Lawrence Arabia - Having A Baby
Summer Camp - Drive Past My House
Run The Jewels - Oh My Darling Don't Cry
Caribou - Second Chance
Oddisee - That's Love
Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird(NZ)
The Moonlight - Across The Room(NZ)
Perfume Genius - Fool
Grimes - Oblivion

Thursday Breakfast

Space Above - This Is It(NZ)
Birdation - Hen's Teeth(DUN)
Fat Freddy's Drop - Silver & Gold(NZ)
Mermaidens - Bones(NZ)
Maala - Touch(NZ)
Dictaphone Blues - Her Heart Breaks Like A Wave(NZ)
PNC - 100 Cups(NZ)
Bad Sav - Buy Something New(DUN)
Pikachunes - Nervous(NZ)
Sheelah Roc - If I Gave You The Mic(NZ)
She's So Rad - Cool It(NZ)
Fazerdaze - Jennifer(NZ)
Nadia Reid - Track Of The Time(DUN)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ur Life One Night(NZ)
Connan Mockasin - I Wanna Roll With You(NZ)
Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Breathe(NZ)
Gasp - YouKnow(DUN)
Leno Lovecraft - Universal Harmony(NZ)
Randa - Rangers(NZ)
Kane Strang - Full Moon, Hungry Sun(DUN)
Yumi Zouma - Alena(NZ)
French For Rabbits - Tried So Hard(NZ)
Leisure - Got It Bad(NZ)
Chelsea Jade - Night Swimmer(NZ)
Fazed On A Pony - Leave(DUN)
Dear Time's Waste - Cleanestine(NZ)
Bachelorette - Her Rotating Head(NZ)

Thursday Breakfast

Yardbirds - For Your Love
Bat For Lashes - All Your Gold
OPOSSOM - Getaway Tonight(NZ)
P Money & Gappy Ranks - Baddest(NZ)
Paradise Bankok Molam International Band - Lam San Disco
Fazerdaze - Reel(NZ)
Spoon - You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Goldfrapp - Lovely 2 CU
Sorceress - The Light(NZ)
G.O.O.D. Music - Mercy
The Juan MacLean - A Simple Design
The Shifting Sands - All The Stars(DUN)(NZ)
Astro Children - Gaze(DUN)(NZ)
Tacocat - Crimson Wave
Shihad - Gimmie Gimmie(NZ)
City & Colour - Waiting...
Adele - Rolling In The Deep(Jamie XX Rmx)
Danny Brown - Monopoly
Aaradhna - Lorena Bobbit(NZ)
Home Brew - Benefit(NZ)
The Ruby Suns - Desert Of Pop(NZ)
Of Montreal - Gallery Piece
Angle Haze - Werkin' Girls
Tall Dwarfs - Crush(NZ)
Tom Lark - Something To Tell You(NZ)
Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle
Shunkan - Our Names(Happy Birthday Marina!)
Miami Horror - Sometimes
Lorde - Team(NZ)
Real Estate - It's Real 
The Kills - Last Day Of Magic
The Verlaines - Hanging By Strands(DUN)(NZ)
Little Dragon - Pretty Girls
Doprah - Love That I Need(NZ)

Thursday Breakfast

Public Service Broadcasting - Go!
Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
October - Voids(NZ)
Strange Babes - Come Back Around(NZ)
Kazy Lambist - Doing Yoga
Kaytranada - Drive Me Crazy
Robert Scott - Lights Are Low Ft Tiny Ruins(DUN)(NZ)
Jimmy Chambers- You Can't Fight
Nadia Reid - Call The Days(DUN)(NZ)
The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else(DUN)(NZ)
Ty Segall - Susie Thumb
Beach Pigs - Night Surfing(NZ)
Princess Chelsea - When The World Turns Grey(NZ)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anenome
We Are Temporary - Machine Love(NZ)
Die! Die! Die! - Auckland Is Burning(DUN)(NZ)
Alizarin Lizard - Billy Ray(DUN)(NZ)
Cat! Cat! Cat! - Crushed(NZ)
Savages - City's Full
Race Banyon - VVS(NZ)
Iva Lamkum - Kung Fu Grip(NZ)
Vivian Girls - When I'm Gone
Beach House - Walk In The Park
A$AP Rocky - Goldie
Clap Clap Riot - All About The Weather(NZ)
3ds - Hey Suess(DUN)(NZ)
Sonic Youth - Suger Kane

Thursday Breakfast

Hundred Water - Xtalk
Tiny Ruins - Straw Into Gold(NZ)
Alt J - Hunger Of The Pine
CSS - Believe Achieve
Sun & The Wolf - Crocodile(NZ)
Blood Orange - Is It All Over My Face(Loose Joints Cover)
Cocodiles - Sleeping With The Lord
Rackets - Machete(NZ)
Sola Rosa - Del Ray(NZ)
Little Bark - Arpreggiator(NZ)
People Under The Stairs - Jappy Jap
The Naked & Famous - Punching In A Dream(NZ)
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Cold Son
Bespin - Osiris(NZ)
UNMAP - Dead Daze(NZ)
Hiatus Kaaiyote - Laputa
Public Service Broadcasting - Go!
@peace - Hug Your Mum(NZ)
Young Hellions - Sympathetic Magic(NZ)
Shunkan - Sideway Sleepers(NZ)
Karen O - Day Go By
Indi - There Are Two(NZ)
Trinity Roots - Passion(NZ)
Shocking Pinks - Emily(NZ)
Tokyo Police Club - Your English Is Good

Shang Hai City Thursday Breakfast

Colleen Green - Wild One
TV On The Radio - Happy Idiot
She's So Rad - Disco Star(NZ)
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Trick Pony
Caroles - Bed Head(NZ)
Little Lapin - Magnet Eyes(NZ)
Sun Blood - Nothing New(NZ)
Princess Chelsea - Too Many People(NZ)
Kane Strang - When My Dandelion Mind Was Blown(DUN)(NZ)
Action Bronson - A Simple Man
Rackets - Colgate Kid(NZ)
Death & The Maiden - War Dance(DUN)(NZ)
Belle & Sebastian - The Party Line
A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It
Yumi Zouma - Alena(NZ)
SSELLF - Super(NZ)
Joey Badass - Teach Me
Grimes - Realiti
Strange Babes - Sun(NZ)
Ghost Wave - Hippy(NZ)
Dimmer - I Believe You Are A Star(NZ)
Peach Kelli Pop - Plastic Love
Future Islands - Seasons(BADBADNOTGOOD Rmx)
Liam Finn - Snug As Fuck(NZ)
Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op - The Life Aquatic S/T
Rosie Lowe - Water Came Down
Trust Punks - Through The Thicket(NZ)
Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979
Ego Ella May - How Far
J Dilla - The $
Mermaidens - Jenny Greenteeth(NZ)


Shang Hai City Thursday Breakfast

HDSPNS - 249(NZ)
Fazed On A Pony - Leave(DUN)(NZ)
Wolf Alice - Giant Peach
Peach Kelli Pop - Heart Eyes
Will Ricketts - Gil Valley Drum Dub(NZ)
Tyler, The Creator - DEATHCAMP
Males - Weakness(DUN)(NZ)
PNC - If It Was'nt For Love(NZ)
Fazerdaze - Jennifer(NZ)
TV On The Radio - Careful You
The Phoenix Foundation - The Captain(NZ)
The Black Keys - I Got Mine
She's So Rad - Breakout Rmx(NZ)
Kane Strang - Scarlet King Magnolia(DUN)(NZ)
Guantanamo Baywatch - Too Late
Lo Fang - #88
Marlon Williams - Lost Without You(NZ)
Speedy Oritz - Puffer
Roisin Muphy - Exploitation
Die! Die! Die! - Angel(NZ)
Summer Camp - House Party
Sleater Kinney - Bury Our Friends
Team Dynamite - Firma(NZ) 
Sky Ferreira - Everything Is Embarassing(UMO Rmx(NZ))
Sonic Youth - Cross The Breeze
Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp
Civil Union - My Father Below(NZ)
Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener

Shang Hai City Thursday Breakfast

James Blake-Retrograde
Miami Horror-Sometimes
The Phenomenal Handclap Band-15 To 20
SDJ-Little Pieces(NZ)
Emily Edrosa-The Corner of The Party(NZ)
Jamie XX-Loud Places
HEAVY-Coming Out(NZ)
Tono & The Finance Company-Tuesday Evening(NZ)
Miike Snow-Devil's Work
Yumi Zouma-Alena(NZ)
Jakob-Blind Them With Science(NZ)
Kendrick Lamar-How Much A Dollar Cost
Zen Mantra-La La La La La(NZ)
TV On The Radio-Careful You
Zero 7-Medcine Man
Electric Wire Hustle-Perception(NZ)
NWA-Express Yourself
Karen O-Day Go By
Grayson Gilmour-Loose Change(NZ)
Busta Rhymes-Thank You
The Smiths-What Difference Does It Make
Real Estate-Easy
Katchafire-Collie Herb Man(NZ)

Shang Hai City Thursday Breakfast

NehuvianDOOM-Great Things
Death & The Maiden-War Dance(DUN)(NZ)
Chores & Gasp-Mind Your Head(DUN)(NZ)
Tobias Jesso Jr-Without You
OPOSSOM-Cola Elixir(NZ)
Blood Orange-It Is What It Is
Curtis Harding-Keep On Shining
LCD Soundsystem-Someone Great
Karen O-Rapt
Courtney Barnett-Elevator Operator
Las Tetas-The Plains(NZ)
Hot Chip-Boy From School
Aldous Harding-Hunter(NZ)
TV On The Radio-Happy Idiot
Rosie Lowe-How'd You like It
Shunkan-Wash You Away(NZ)
Chelsea Jade-Soft Teeth(NZ)
Orkestrated-Melboure Bounce (Deorro Rmx)
Sky Ferreira-Everything Is Embarassing(UMO Rmx (NZ))
Ha The Unclear-Kosmonavt(DUN)(NZ)
Courtship Ritual-Six Foot Summer
Sorceress-Treat The Feel(NZ)
Connan & The Mockasins-Sneaky Sneaky Dog Friend(NZ)
Die Antwoord-Fish Paste

Thursday Breakfast

Childish Gambino-Sober
Parquet Court-Stoned & Starving
Strange Babes-Come Back Around(NZ)
She's So Rad-Cool It(NZ)
Leon Bridge-Better Man
The Mint Chicks-Hot On Your Heels(NZ)
Oddisee-That's Love
Temples-Sun Stuctures
Paul Cathro-Ostracised Yourself(DUN)(NZ)
Connan Mockasin-Do I Make You Feel Shy(Japanese Version)(NZ)
Dilated Peoples-The Release Party
New Order-Crystal
Vivian Girls-When I'm Gone
Julia Deans-Modern Fables(NZ)
NehruvainDOOM-Great Things
The Shifting Sands-Should Be Better(DUN)(NZ)
Fat Freddy's Drop-Silver & Gold(NZ)
Kendrick Lamar-King Kunta
Cool Rainbows-Universe(NZ)
The Juan Maclean-You Were A Runaway
FKA Twigs-2 Weeks
Marika Hodgson-Parallel Love Ft Noah Slee(NZ)
Liam Finn-Burn Up The Road(NZ)
Maribou State-Rituals

Thursday Breakfast

Run The Jewels-Oh My Darling Don't Cry
Little Dragon-Ritual Union
Hundred Waters-Cavity
Yumi Zouma-Song For Zoe & Gwen(NZ)
SJD-Little Pieces(NZ)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra-Muiti Love(NZ)
Modest Mouse-The Best Room
Oddisee-That's Love
LA Priest-Oino
Little Bark-Hmmm(NZ)
Taste Nasa-I'd Like To Be Your Girl(NZ)
Leno Lovecraft-Universal Harmony(NZ)
D Angelo & The Vanguard-Sugah Daddy
Vivian Girls-Where Do You Run To?
Speedy Ortiz-The Graduates
Vera Ellen-Modern Girls(NZ)
Shunkan-Our Names(NZ)
Shaggy-Oh Carolina
Carb On Carb-Eden Terror(NZ)
Maribou State-Rituals
Jonathan Bree-Weird Hardcore(NZ)
Popstrangers-Country Kills(NZ)
Sex With Bowie-Unprofessional(DUN)(NZ)
Ha The Unclear-Kosmonavt(DUN)(NZ)
Dorian Concept-The Fucking Formula

Thursday Breakfast

12-03-15 with Chris.
Lizzo - Batches & Cookies (feat. sophia eris)
Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension
Santogold - you'll find a way
[NZ] Maxx Mortimer - Feelings ft Stacey Gardiner
[NZ] Jellphonic - Jello-O-Phone
[NZ] Tourettes - John Keys Sons a DJ
[NZ] Anthonie Tonnon - Water Underground
NxWorries - Suede
LA Priest - Oino
Cuushe - Tie
Purity Ring - Bodyache
[NZ] Ernesto Anemone - Quietly cold (not cool)
[NZ] Leno Lovecraft - Paradise Planet
[NZ] Yumi Zouma - Alena
Ballet School - Lux
[NZ] Anthoie Tonnon - The Capital
King Missile Iv - Closet
Maja Vidal - Bones
[DUD] Ha the unclean - Secret lives of Furniture
[NZ] Shes so rad - Levels
WU LYF - Dirt
[NZ] Tami Neilson - Whiskey & Kisses
Parquay Courts - Dear Ramona
[NZ] Clap Clap Riot - Thief
Grouper - Heavy Water/ I'd rather be sleeping
Gold Fields - Hold me (Kamandi remix)
Disclosure - White Noise
[Nz] Opposite sex - Hamish & Chips
[NZ] Strange Harves - Amnesia
[DUD] Rocio - Hands on me
[NZ] Carb on Carb - Eden Terrors
[NZ] Xanadu - Speedingoo
ODESZA- All We Need Ft. Shy Girls
Evans the Death - Expect Delays
Pulp - Party Hard

Thursday Breakfast

Angel Haze-Deep Sea Diver
Yumi Zouma-Catastrophe(NZ)
LA Priest-Oino
Telepathe-Chromes On It
Bunnies On Ponies-Straight Up Jerk(NZ)
Laptop Speakers-Wana(NZ)
Future Brown-Room 302
The Drums-Let's Go Surfing
The Clean-E Motel(NZ)(DUN)
Estere-I Spy(NZ)
Doprah-Whatever You Want(NZ)
Kid Cudi-Going To The Ceremony
New Order-Blue Monday
Die Antwoord-Fish Paste
Electric Wire Hustle-Numbers & Steel(NZ)
Strange Babes-Come Back Around(NZ)
SJD-Little Pieces(NZ)
Purity Ring-Begin Again
DOOM-Gazillion Ear
Kaytranada-Drive Me Crazy
Onra-No Matter What
Rackets-Wash My Brain(NZ)
A Sides-Dreaming
She's So Rad-Cool It(NZ)
Dad Jokes-Bad Friend(NZ)
Future Islands-A Dream Of Me & You
Courtney Barnett-Pedestrian At Best
Sigma-Changing Ft Paloma Faith
The Fat White Family-I Am Mark E Smith
Deerhoof-Black Pitch
HEAVY-Coming Out(NZ)
Emily Edrosa-Animal(NZ)
Clap Clap Riot-All About The Weather(NZ)

Thursday Breakfast

Unknown Mortal Orchestra-I'll Come Back 4 You(NZ)
Team Catfood-Jarreau(NZ)
Matthew Young-Loveblind(NZ)
GZA-The Mexican Ft Ruban Nelson
Nas-The Don
Connan Mockasin-Megumi The Milkyway Above(NZ)
Opposite Sex-Supermarket(NZ)(DUN)
TV On The Radio-Careful You
Wavves-Demon To Lean On
PNC-If It Wasn't For Love(NZ)
Action Bronson-Easy Rider
Courtney Barnett-Avant Gadener
Lips-Freddy Bardot(NZ)
Silk Rhodes-The System
SBTRKT-Temporary View
Lawrence Arabia-Travelling Shoes(NZ)
Sachi-Coral Way(NZ)
Las Tetas-The Plains(NZ)
Shunkan-Wash You Away(NZ)
Floating Points-King Bromeliad
Al Green-You've Got The Love I Need