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Thursday Breakfast

7am - 10am Thursday with Jamie Green

Thursday Breakfast

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 21-10-21

Jazmine Mary (NZ) - Dancer
Kings (NZ) - Pohewatia
Disciple Pati (NZ) - Serious
Jungle - All The Time
Skinny&Soft (NZ) - Empty Shelves
Kirsten Te Rito (NZ) - Tamaiti Ngaro
Molly and the Chromatics (NZ) - Mad People
Toni Huata (NZ) - Tipuranga
Samuel Caskin (NZ) - Reckoning
Micra - Uder My Skin
Shinya Asakura - Be Yourself
Parquet Courts - Walking At a Downtown Pace
Lips (NZ) - Your Deodorant Doesn't Work
Coshercot Honeys (NZ) - We're All Lions
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - His Parent's Jeep
Ollie Crooks (DUN) - Taxman
shannengeorgiapeterson (NZ) - Home Again 4
Old Loaves (NZ)- Hounds
Na Noise (NZ) - Waiting For You
The Black Seeds (NZ) - Let The Sunshine Through
Street Chant (NZ) - Sink
Kubo and Lee (NZ) - Something Beautiful
Covid Collab (NZ) - the Phone Call
There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Bus Stop
Ngaiire - Him
Synthetic Children (NZ)- Every Dream Is a Nightmare
Sons of Rapheal - Yeah Yeah Yeah
Phoebe Rings (NZ) - Lazy Universe
IA (NZ) - Weherua
Jay Electronica - Eternal Sunshine
Sam Wave (NZ) - You Again
SoccerPractise (NZ) - Nga wWhetu
Ov Pain (DUN) - Daytripping
SJD (NZ) - Paracetamol
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ)- That Life

Thursday Breakfast

Thursday Breakfast

Thursday Breakfast

Thursday Breakfast

J Mascis - I've Been Thinking
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - That Life
Eleven7Four (NZ) - Girlfriends Girlfriend
Bleached - Wedsday Night Melody
WAI (NZ) - E Pa
bbno$ & BENEE (NZ) - Help Herself
Haami (NZ) - He Aio
No Comply (NZ) - Eyes Shut I See
Nilufer Yanya - Same Damn LuckMiir - Better Dayz
Deuce - Skyscraper
Walla C (NZ) - Evea
Adam Hattaway (NZ) - The Law
Hollie Smith (NZ) - What About
Doubleu (NZ) - Yr An Angle
The Butlers (NZ) - I Ain't Running
Porpoise (DUN) - Astronaut
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - The Undesirables
HTRK - Fast Forward
End Boss (NZ) - Feral
Vera Ellen (NZ) - Crack The Whip
Julia Jacklin & RVG - Army of me
Louisa Nicklin (NZ) - Moving Slow
Parquet Courts - walking at a Downtown Pace
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Star to Star ft. Troy Kingi
Aro (NZ) - Kotare
Diggy Dupe (NZ) - WEON
Kahu Waitoa (NZ) - Lia Ngaro
Arjana Oakes & Serebii (NZ) - Satellites
The Ramblings (NZ) - And the Devil
Keira Wallace (DUN) - Celestial Lovers
T.G. Shand (NZ) - Weak Odyessy
The Situations (NZ) - Family Ties
Lips (NZ) - I C U Wanna Know


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 09-09-21

The Lazy Eyes - Nobody Taught Me
Adeladie Cara (DUN) - Paranoia!
Lips (NZ) - I C U Wanna Know
Remi Wolf - rumpy Old Man
Iwi (NZ) - E Ara E
ZO (NZ) - Origami
VooDoo Bloo (NZ) - MMA
Paddy Free (NZ) - Whai Atu
Lake South (NZ) - New Bourgeoizealand
10:32 (NZ) - Seedling
Current Joys - Amateur
Samm Henshaw - Still Broke
Zen Mantra (NZ) - Fossils
Metronomy - Night Owl
Clap Clap Riot (NZ) - It's Alright
Gossip - Heavy Cross
Fable (NZ) - Money
Beirut - Nates
Smurgy (NZ) - Down
Mayer Hawthorne - Rare Changes
Neisian Mystik (NZ) - Paradise
Benjamin Shaw - Thanks for All the Biscuits
Hannil El Khatib - Moonlight
Dewie (NZ) - Lo & Behold
Bakar - The Mission
La Coco - Gone
Digitalism - Pogo
Park Hye Jin - Let's Sing Let's Dance
Little Boots - Better in the morning
Garbage - Wolves
No Broadcast (NZ) - Lie in Orbit
Mogwai - Ceiling Granny
Jaz Coleman - Kihikihi
Elecen7Four (NZ) - Girlfriends Girlfriend
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Something Good (High Hoops Flip)
Reb Fountain (NZ) - Lacuna 
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ) - Shady


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 02-09-21

Dr Reknaw (NZ) - Sunrise Lullaby
Salt Rock (NZ)- Six Appeal
Yves Tumor - Jackie
Mild Orange (NZ) - Getting Warmer
Te Mana O Mareikura (NZ) - E Huri E Te Tapu
Mako Road (NZ) - Stranger Days
Kahu Waitoa (NZ) - Kia Ngare
Modniy (NZ) - Unconditional Love
Ladyhawke (NZ) - Mixed Emotions 
Big Red Machine - Mimi
DZ Deathrays - Golden Retrieve
Space bats, Attack (DUN) - Schrodingus
Bluey Green (NZ) - Morning Sunshine
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Leave Love Out of This
BENEE (NZ) - Kua Kore He Kupu / Soaked
Subsonic Eye - Fruitcake
Tasha Hohaia (NZ) - Manu
Jungle - Time
Joao Donato, Adrian Younga & Ali Shaheed Muhammed - Forever More
Pocket Money (NZ)- Start Again
Japan, Man - Stop Staring
Baby Zionov (NZ)- Suduko Class
Sky Ferreira - Omanko
Purity Ring - Stardew
Samm Henshaw
BAYNK (NZ) - Esther
One Waka (NZ)- Where Does The River Flow
Jodi - Hawks
Thomas Newtown (NZ) - Freak Don't Pass
Slowjoy - Seeker
Manea (NZ) - Takina He Kawa
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ)- Shady
WAI (NZ) - Te Tokomauri Manawa
The Upbeats (NZ) - Not Forever
DARTZ (NZ) - Rolly Quit His Job
The Mentalist Collective (DUN) - Pieces of Home

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 26-08-21

Baynk (NZ)- Esther
Dr Reknaw (NZ)- Sunrise Lullaby
Disciple Pati (NZ) - Serious
Panic State - Slush Puppy
Jamey Ferguson (NZ) - He Kakano Ahau
Reb Fountain - Heart
Balu Brigada (NZ)- How It Would End
Moana & The Tribe (NZ)- Tu
Lake South (NZ)- New Bourgeoizealand
Mild Orange (NZ)- Getting Warmer
Ibeyi - Recurring Dream
DZ Deathrays - Golden Retriever
Diggy Dupe (NZ) - WEON
Flamingo Pier (NZ)- Last Call
Yumi Zouma (NZ)- Powder Blue Cascine Park
Does This Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars
Tall Folk (DUN) - (T)Ruth
Subsonic Eye - Fruitcake
Emily Edrosa (NZ) - Animal
Jungle - Time
Mara TK (NZ) - Colours
Joao Donato - Forever More
Baby Zionov (NZ) - Suduko Class
Purity Ring - Stardew
Sky Ferreira - Omanko
Kane Strang (DUN) - Stand Still
Parquet Courts - Walking at a downtown Pace
Clap Clap Riot (NZ) - It's Alright
Freanch for Rabbits (NZ) - Ouija Board
Pond - America's Cup
CHAII (NZ) - Oh Nah Yeah
Palms - Summertime
Kirsten Te Rito - Tamaiti Ngaro
Viices (NZ) - Breath
Maimoa (NZ) - Ie Koko
Unsanitary Napkin (NZ) - Speak Up For Woman, You Don't Speck For Me
 Steve Gunn - Other you
10:32 (NZ) - Seedling
Stillwater Blackball (NZ) - Waterslide

Now That's What I Call Breakfast 19-08-21

Warpaint - Warpaint
Wliezer (NZ) - Nervous
Park Hye Jin - Let's Dance, Let's Sing
Te Mana O Mareikura (NZ) - Toku Mauri
Vanessa Stacey (NZ) - Stood Still
Lake South (NZ) - New Bourgeoizealand
IHI (NZ)- Mana Whenua
One Waka (NZ) - Where Does The River Flow
Westerman - Blue Comanche
Lionel Boy - I'm Not Afraid
Hawa - Wake Up
Opensouls (NZ)- Telephone
Glass Animals - Gooey
Fat Frddy's Drop (NZ)- Shady
Sneaky Bones - Outlaw
Blair Parkes (NZ) - maybe you heard
Brian Tamaki and the Kool Aid Kids - Tunnel Vision
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Something Good (High Hoops Flip)
Jones - Deep
Dick Move (NZ) - Chop!
Polaroids of Polarbears (NZ) - Paper Tigers Roar at Paper Plains
Leisure (NZ)- Too Much of a Good Thing
Mystery Waitress (NZ) - Best in Class
Koreless - White Picket Fence
Porpoise (DUN) - Astronaut
Liyah Knight - Moon Baby
Keira Wallace (DUN) - Celestial Lovers
Sons of Raphael - Revolution
Riki Gooch & Alistair Fraser )NZ) - I Te Ra Ki Te Po
Diggy Dupe (NZ) - WEON
Melodownz (NZ) - Pai/Fine
Chvrches - How Not To Drown
Park RD (NZ) - Under These Lights
Waazoo and the Vibes (NZ) - Juice & Lemonade 


Thursday Breakfast

Reb Fountain (NZ) - Beastie
Something They Call Myth (NZ) - Cobwebs
Michael Llewellyn (NZ) - Whangamata
Wolf Alice - How Can I Make It Ok?
Te Reotakiwa Dunn (NZ) - Wairua Tapu
Phoebe Rings (NZ) - Spissky
Wai (NZ) - Maranga Ake Ai
Hummucide (NZ) - Park
Sulfate (NZ) - Crossing
Blue Canopy - Motovun
quickly quickly - I am Close to the River
Popstrangers (NZ) - Heaven
Blood Orange - It Is What IT Is
Samuel Gaskin (NZ) - RECKONING
Thundercat - For Love i Come
Yukon Era (NZ) - Knife Skies
Jackie Hayes - headache
Mara TK (NZ) - Colours
Dimmer (NZ) - Degrees of Existence
Con Truise - Compress Fuse
Julia Holter - In The Same Room
Adrianne Lenker - anything
DROOR (NZ) - Photosynthesizer
Larsen - Trampoline
Vera Ellen (NZ) - YOU!
Death and the Maiden (DUN) - Waratah
Koreless - White Picket Fence
Lucy Dacus - Hot & Heavy
Tuakoi (NZ) - Manatu
Porpoise (DUN) - Astronaut
Flamingo Pier (NZ) - Eternal
Mad Cow (NZ) - Alone 
Bo & The Constrictors (DUN) - Woo-Hoo
Crystal Chen (NZ) - where will they go?
Clap Clap Riot (NZ) - It's Alright
Durand Jones & The Indications - The Way That I Do
Grecco Romank (NZ) - Get To Work
Frawlixes (NZ) - City Across The Bay
Polish Club - No Heaven


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 05-08-21

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Weekend Run
St. Vincent - Pay Yourway In Pain
Adelaide Cara (DUN) - Radiant
Dope Lemon - Rose Pink Cadillac
Christopher El Truento x Avantdale Bowling zClub (NZ) - Burning Sensation
Tauira (NZ) - Ko Tepo
Waterfalls (NZ)- Balconies and Cherry Trees
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ) - Shady
Dead Mass (NZ)- Void
And That (NZ) - At Capacity
Grace Duncan (NZ) - Fire Within
Wuld Series (NZ) - Supplication
Bad Hagrid (NZ) - The Baker
A Girl Named Mo (NZ) - Who They Say You Are
DROOR (NZ) - Photosynthesizer
Yvios (NZ) - Muppet
Jazz Ingram - 2AM
Church & AP (NZ) - YEAHNAN
Repulsive Woman (DUN) - Julia Knows Beauty
Lips (NZ) - I C U Wanna Know
Winston Surfshirt - All of the Little Things
The Flaming Bridges (NZ) - To Be Here Again
Mug - Brace Yourself
Maaka (NZ) - Ko Koe Rā
Porpoise (DUN) - Astronaut
P.H.F. (NZ) - Lack of Interest
Follower (NZ) - You're So Angry
jam henderson - long walk home
Tall Folk (NZ) - (T)Ruth
Vanessa Worm (DUN) - To Be Continued

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 29-07-21

Pixels (NZ) - Sleep Talk
Adelaide Cara (DUN) - Radiant
Protains of Magic (NZ) - One More Thing
Big Red Machine - Latter Days
Bic Runga (NZ) - Kaore He Wa
Dear Times Waste (NZ) - Blue and Gold
Repulsive Woman (DUN) - Julia Knows Beauty
Myshaan & Huia Shortland (NZ) - Whakamaru Te Reo
ONONO (NZ) - The Island
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Trick Pony
Liyah Knight - Moon Baby
L.A.B. (NZ) - My Brother
Womb (NZ) - Mercury
nicholas Franchise (NZ) - Going Places
BRNN Blue River Baby (NZ)- Pay
Cheap Sleeper (NZ) - Running Wild
Grecco Romank (NZ) - Get To Work
Bathysphere (DUN) - Lay out
PRINS (NZ) - Follow Me
Grecco Romank (NZ)- Get To Work
Mini Simmons (NZ) - Silver Cigarette Case
Muroki (NZ) - Wavy
Glass Vaults (NZ) - Flat White Boy
Molly Burch - Control
Flamingo Pier (NZ) - Last Call
Durand Jones & The Indications - The Way That I Do
Mako Road (NZ) - Surfing On Mars
Sun Kin - Blue Light
Brannigan Kaa (NZ) - He Koingo
Death and the Maiden (DUN) - Waratah
Pocket Money (NZ) - feijoa
Rita may (NZ) - The Secret's Out
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Enterainment
Once You Know (NZ)- Voices
Erin G (NZ) - Meridian
Yves Tumor - Jackie
Tooms (NZ) - Dead Bird
The Ramblings (NZ)- And The Devil
Emerson Snowe - You're My Boy, Baby!
David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights (DUN)- Diamond Mine

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 22-07-21

The Specials - A Message To You Rudy
Alae (NZ) - Lucy
BRBB Blue River Baby (NZ) - Pay
Sam Wave (NZ) - Ocean Low
Khruangbin - Quantic - Pelota
Samm Henshaw - Still Broke
James & Te Whetu (NZ) - Whakarongo Mai E Te Iwi E
Harris (NZ) - Nicotine
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Kahu
Reb Fountain (NZ) - Beastie
Lontalius (NZ) - Sleep Thru Ur Alarms
India Jordan - And Groove
Navy - One Shot
Frannkkey (NZ) - Uber for One To Johnsonville
TV On The Radio - Happy Idiot
The Natvral - Why Don't You Come Out Anymore?
birdling flat (NZ) - Holotype
Jonathan Bree (NZ) - Murder
Cosmic Rays of Death (NZ) - SOS
Spoon - Do You
Follower (NZ) - You're So Angry
Mallrat - inside Voices
Antipodeans (NZ) - Automation
Borneo - Eating Animals
Ha The Unclear (DUN) - Strangers
St. Vincent - Down
LIPS (NZ) - Your Deodorant Doesn't Work
Dirty Projectors - Lose Your Love
The Rhododendrons (DUN)- The Cell Moon
Flight Facilities - Lights Up
Fruit Juice Parade (NZ) - Draeyyke
Biig Piig - Cuenta Lo
Nez Swann (NZ)- Don't Call
Maaka Phat (NZ) - Kia Mau
Che Fu (NZ) - E Kore E Motu
Harry Parsons (NZ) - Anything
Ludus (NZ) - Next Thoughts
Shapeshifer (NZ) - Found In You

Thursday Breakfast

Echo Ohs (NZ) - Up The River
Beatcomber (NZ) - Twins
Hex (NZ) - Albatross
Grumbling Fur - The Ballad of Roy Batty
Na Noise (NZ) - Dance With Me
Something They Call Myth (NZ) - Cowebs
Yvios (NZ) - Muppet
Liyah Knight
IHI (NZ) - Mana Whenua 
Merk (NZ) - Hang
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Huakirangi
Huia (NZ) - Kanikani
Vagabon - Cold Apartmant
Troy Kingi (NZ) - Call My Name
The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) - The Captain
The Flaming Bridgers (NZ) - To Be Here Again
Leisure (NZ) - Got It Bad
North Shore Pony Club (NZ) - Boilder Room
Fabulous Arabia (NZ) - Up To My Neck In Shit
Bub (NZ) - King of Wands
Mads Harrop (DUN) - Lying In Circles
The Shifting Sands (NZ) - Feel
Ukiyo - Friends
Morrison Reed - HNY
dave the band - Where Are You
Proteins of Magic (NZ) - One More Thing
Wolf Alice - Smile
Kita (NZ) - Private Lives
Shaking Chains - Joy of Living
Maaka (NZ) - Karanga
PT (NZ) - Find a Way
Wikeepa Rewharewha (NZ) - Te Tau O Taku Ate
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Look Me In The Eyes
Hina (NZ) - Back Home
Phoebe Rings - Spissky
VALENTNIA (NZ) - Figure you Out
Hahko (NZ) - Loving You
Amazmelia (NZ) - The F in FM Stands For Flute (Eyeliner Wonderland Mix)


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 08-07-21

Benny Tones (NZ) - Odyssey
Graeme James (NZ) - The Angel of St. George
Siiimba (NZ) - Day Ones
Sleater Kinney - High In The Grass
Fable (NZ) - Safe
Huia (NZ) - Kanikani
Follower (NZ) - You're So Angry
Kaaterama (NZ) - Paiheretia
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Old Peel
Perfume Genius - To Lay Me Down
Noga Erez - End of The Road
Matthew Dear - Hikers Y
Levyne (NZ) - Pause
thin Lips - Chosen Family
Gorillaz - Rockit
Anthonie Tonnon (DUN) - Leave Love Out of This
The Stepkids - Legend In My Own Mind
French For Rabbits (NZ) - Middle of The House
Lucy Dacus - Hot & Heavy
N.T. Honey (NZ) - Suspicious Cat
The Middle East - Blood
Jed Parsons (NZ) - Sad Together
JW Francis - New York
Pickle Darling (NZ) - Achieve Lift
Ghost Woman - Demons
Arminda K - It's A Good thing
IA (NZ) - Kokorangi
ONONO (NZ) - Charms
Wai (NZ) - E Pa
Rita May (NZ) - The Secrets Out
Thomston (NZ) - JPA989
PollyHill (NZ) - Sweepstake
Shannengeorgiapeterson (NZ) - Home Again 4
Lionel Boy - I'm Not Afraid
Jam Henderson (DUN) - Long Walk Home
Kingfish (NZ) - 39 Days
Blonde Otter - ...But Craig!
Baby Zionov (NZ) - Suduko Class
Steve Gunn - Other You

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 01-07-21

Jack Sage (NZ) - Whole
Lorde (NZ) - Solar Power
Dallas Tamaira (NZ) - No Flowers
Flamingo Pier (NZ) - Last Call
Melodownz (NZ) - Pai / Fime
Durand Jones - Witchoo
Funkommunity (NZ) - That Light
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Kahu
Revulva (NZ) - Tuning Out
Jazmine Mary (NZ) - Dancer
Ratatat - Mumtaz Khan
Late To Chelsea (NZ)  Money and Me
The Fuzzy Robes (NZ) - Kyrie Eleison
The Bees - Listening Man
CHAII (NZ) - Oh Nah Yeah
L. Hotel (DUN) - Sit Around
Madeira (NZ) - Let Me Down
NO COMPLY (NZ) - Tic Tac Toe
Ryan Chin (NZ) - Down
Womb (NZ) - Mercury
Karen O & The Kids - All Is Love
Dope Lemon - Everyday Is A Holiday
Le Femme - Antitaxi
Robert Scott (NZ) - Lazy Boy
Beirut - My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille
Mara TK (NZ) - Colours
Jodi _ Hawks
Aidan Fine (NZ) - CLV
Adult Mom - Breathing
Aro (NZ) - Ruru
Zo (NZ) - Origami
Charity Children (NZ) - We Loved
The Chills (DUN)- Destiny
Mo ETC (NZ) - Saty Awake
FABLE (NZ) - Karakia
T.G. Shand (NZ) - Weak Odyessy
Water From Your Eyes - When You're Around
Thomstom (NZ) - JPA989
Lionel Boy - I'm Not Afraid
Marsha (NZ) - Last Night

Thursday Breakfast

Daily J (NZ) - Keep On
Daily J (NZ) - Sunshine Hides
Park RD (NZ) - Under These Lights
Jack Sage (NZ) - Whole
Kipp Stone - Get Myself Together
Kirsten Te Rito (NZ)- Me Tohu Nga Tamariki
Library Voices - Oh Donna
PollyHill (NZ) - Chilly
Caution - Buy My Life
John Lawrie & The Welcome Strangers - Sober
JULES - Miami
Bad Hagrid (NZ) - Kowabunga dOOd
Meg Theron (NZ) - Anyone
The Mulls (NZ) - Hoo Hoo
Beyonce - Formation
Hot Chip - Shake a Fist
Repulsive Woman (DUN) - Soft Borders
Anieszka - Presence
Les Sins - Why
Remo Drive - Easy as That
bediquette (DUN) - Intention
The Raconteurs - These Stones Will Shout
Sneaky Feelings - Stardust Magical
Quivers - you're Not Always On My Mind
Scuba Diva (NZ) - What's The Point?
Pond - America's Cup
Thew Minimaster (NZ) - Rapaki - Electric
Natalie Bergman - Home At Last
Maitreya (NZ) - Ki Ti Po
Richard Dada (NZ) - Sound All Round
Cowboy Dan (NZ) - Stranger's Eyes
Oh Sweet Nothings (NZ) - Shinbone
Anothonie Tonnon (DUN) - Leave Love Out Of This
Siiimba (NZ) - Day Ones
Miles Calder (NZ) - Autopilot Life
Merk (NZ) - Deep Dive 
Ross Ingram - Sell The Tape Machine
Snail Mail - Pristine


Thursday Breakfast w./ Dave Borrie

Scott. (NZ) - A2
n1ghtmar3cat (NZ) - High Hopes
Yvios (NZ) - Muppet
Bleachers - Stop Making This Hurt
Jaz Coleman, Hinewhi Mohi, Oceania (NZ) - Hautoa (Warrior)
shannengeorgiapeterson (NZ) - Home Again 4
Marsha (NZ) - Last Night
Camp Cope - How To Socialise and Make Friends
Jurassic 5 - What's Golden
Persimmon (NZ) - New Year
Bathyspere (Dn) - layout
Mallrat - Texas
CHAII (NZ) - Oh Yeah Nah
Phoebe Bridgers - Kyoto
imugi (NZ) - Memories
Spacey Jane - Head Cold
nicholas Franchise (NZ) - Going Places
Troy Kingi (NZ) - Call My Name
Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From
Louis Baker (NZ) - Brighter Day
Violent Soho - Lying On The Floor
Yoko-Zuna (NZ) - Day Job ft SWIDT
LAKES (NZ) - Not Sorry
Molly and the Chromatics (NZ) - Hold Tight
Mac Miller - Floating
Janelle Monae - Pynk ft Grimes
Lizzo - Juice
Julia Jacklin - Pressure to Party

James Stutely (Carb On Carb) Interview

Carb On Carb (NZ) - Here Comes The Best Bit
Skegss - Up In The Clouds
Lorde (NZ) - Solar Power
Benee (NZ) - Kua Kore He Kupu
jack berry (Dn) - the middle
Astro Children (Dn) - Milk
NO COMPLY (NZ) - Amsterdam
L. Hotel (Dn) - Sit Around

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 10-06-21

Terrible Sons (NZ) - What a Friend
Paul The Kid (NZ) - WYD
And That (NZ) - At Capacity
Huia Hamon (NZ) - Kanohi Ki Te Kanohi
Adam Hattaway & The The Haunters (NZ) - Nothing Lasts
Bathysphere (DUN) - Lay Out
Bub (NZ) - King of Wands
Judah Kelley (DUN) - Dance the Part
Milly - Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
Good Morning - Mollyduker
Miromiro (NZ) - Sandymount
FABLE (NZ) - Karakia
Solange - Bad Girls
Brown Boy Magik (NZ) - Trust Me Darling
Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens - You Got To Move
The National - DemonsHaunted Love (DUN)  Alonso Phillipe
Spawts (NZ) - Itch
Imugi (NZ) - Swimming
Mads Harrop (DUN) - Time
Kip Mcgrath (NZ) - Out of Control
Tarn PK (NZ) - Serenity
Ezra Phoenix (NZ) - Love My Brain
Bad Hagrid (NZ) - The Liger and The Fisherman
Ross Ingram - Sell The Tape Machine
Eli Superflyy (NZ) - PLZ TAKE ME BAK
Kool Moe Dee (NZ) - How You Like Me Npow (Liam K Swiggs 160BPM Edit (NZ))
Los Retros - It's Got To Ve You
Surf Friends (NZ) - Good Thing
Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet
Maaka (NZ) - Ko Koe Ra
BO and the Constrictors (DUN) - Woo Hoo
Wai (NZ) - Hone Taipapa
BLKCITY (NZ) - Pogba


Thursday Breakfast

Ha The Unclear (DUN) - Apostate
Mad Cow (NZ) - Alone
Vanessa Worm (DUN) - To Be Continued
Mustafa - The Hearse
Cass McCombs - The Wine of Lebanon
Maimoa - Te Korokoro o te Patara
Park Rd (NZ) - Under These Lights
Kaaterama (NZ) - Paiheretia
Dad Joke (NZ) - Living The Dream
Sun Kil Moon - Ben's My Friend
Subsonic Eye - Fruitcake
Waterfalls (NZ) - Impressionistic
Orange Pew - Songs In My Head
Noga Erez - Story
Eyedress - Jealous
Bic Runga (NZ) - There Is No Time
Brother Sister (NZ) - Stop
Parallel Dance Ensemble (NZ) - Shopping Cart
Velvet Sunset - Blue
Androgynous Lemon (NZ)- Cherry Mountain
Kane Strang (DUN) - Goneski
Gareth Thomas (NZ)- CYBER STAR
Flume & Toro y Moi - the Difference
Tom Verberne (NZ) - My Heart and my Mind Teamed Up
Sometimes Winner (DUN) - Dancing Here Alone
Juno Is (DUN) - I Want To be Gentle
Waazoo and the vibes (NZ) - Juice and Lemonade
Marinero - Outerlands
Vasili (NZ) - Automagiclly
Angel Olsen - In Every Season
Chaii (NZ) - Oh NAh Yeah
P.H.F. (NZ) - Ballerina
Troy Kingi (NZ) - Tama i Tukua
Polaroids of Polarbears (NZ) - The Secret of Treading Water, Take a Deep Breath
Mara TK (NZ) - Colours
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