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Thursday Breakfast

7am - 10am Thursday with Candice

Thursday Breakfast

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 26-01-22

Church & AP (NZ) - Happy Song
Soaked Oats (DUN) - Something
Cat Power - Ruin
Bic Runga (NZ) - Close Your Eyes
Wendy Walker - Baby I'm For Real
October and the Eyes (NZ) - All My Love
Connan Mockasin (NZ) - Please Turn Me Into The Snat
Full Moon Fiasco (NZ) - Freedom Town
Tacocat - Bridge to Hawaii
Hot Chip - Need You Now
High Hoops (NZ) - Heatwave
Discovery - Osaka Loop Line
Recitals (NZ) - Gradient
Bub (NZ) - Bored
Eden Mullholland (NZ) -= Lego Ships
Office Dog (DUN) - Tightropes
LA Priest - Oino
Phoebe Rings (NZ) - Lazy Universe
Beach House - Gila
Frankie Cosmos - Floated In
Sex With Bowie (DUN) - Take a Pill For It
Shana Cleveland  - Faces In The Firelight
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Luckty Girl
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - The Developed World
Vampire Weekend - Diane Young
Little John - All Who Gone
Boycrush (NZ) - Caprice
So Below (NZ) - Luna
L'Orange & Kool Keith - The Wanderer
frog power (DUN) - tears in the night
Tropical Fuck Strom - Ann (Stooges Cover)
Beatcomber (NZ) - Double Visions
Real Estate - Standed Glass
Roy Irwin (NZ) - Clover
Q Tip - Gettin' Up
Cult Blonde (NZ) - Danger
Julia Jacklin - Love, Try Not To Let Go
Nitty Gritty - Sweet Reggae Music
Cloud Nothings - Modern Act
Clipping - Nothing Is Safe

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 27-10-22

The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) - Buffalo
Eden Mulholland (NZ) - Utopia
Rubi Du (NZ) Brown Skin
Sly Withers - Passing Through
Cammy (NZ) - Band Aid
Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston (NZ) - My Body Is a Cage
Morse Gang (NZ) - Datsus
The Beths (NZ) - Expert In a Dying Field
Emma Donovan & The Putbacks - Love Without Limits
Oliver Tree - Cowboys Don't Cry
King Ivy - Complicated
KAthy Bates Motel (NZ) - Where Do U Go
Soaked Oats - Headline Opinion
Motte (NZ) - Plateau
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - Winters Ghost
Goodspace (NZ) - SIT DOWN
Mirror Ritual (NZ) - Fear in All
Kane Strang (DUN) - Warped In The Sun
Ollie Crooks (DUN) - $3 a Liter (Live)
Ollie Crooks (DUN) - Sunertime
Brannigan Kaa (NZ) - Tupua Manatu
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Come Apart
Hahko (NZ) - S99
Revulva (NZ) - Blood
Daffodils (NZ) - Stay The Night
Mountain Goast - Wage Wars, Get Rich, Die Handsome
Porpoise (DUN) - Do What You Want
SOFI TUKKER - Summer in New York
And$um (NZ) - Got Me Leaning
SoccerPractise (NZ) - Te Pō
Baby Zionov (NZ) - Maybe Someday
T.G. Snad (NZ) - Little Sieve
Mo ETC. (NZ) - Underwater
Lunavela (NZ) - People That You Know
Weird Together - Find OUT ft. LIPS
Salmonella Dub (NZ) - Finding My Way Home

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 29-09-22

Joanna Newsom - Sapokanikan
N.T. Honey (NZ) - Road Rage
Wellington Sea Shanty Society (NZ) - A Sailor Needs a Boat
Crooked Colours - Holiday
lHl (NZ) - Mana Whenua
Gramsci (NZ)- Ourselves
Haven (NZ) - Pictures of Her
WHAMMY (NZ) - Wet Roads and Poor Recording
Half Hexagon (NZ) - Ism
TEEKS (NZ) - Without You
Helado Negro - La Naranja
Anna Coddington (NZ) - Golden Light
Soaked Oats (DUN) - Something
Mads Harrop (DUN) - i Want Chemicals
SODA BOYZ (NZ) - Untitled #2
Sunflower Scent (NZ) - Straight Line
Flamingo Pier (NZ)- Honey
Te Reotakiwa Dunn (NZ) - Wairua Tapu
And$um (NZ) - Got Me Learning
Mel Parsons (NZ) - Tired of Being You
Bret McKenzie (NZ) - Dave's Place
blue mt lumber (NZ) - Sun Revenger
Tim Finn (NZ) - Ono Marama Takerehaia Ngawiri
TE KAAHU (NZ) - Waikato
Fontaines D.C. - Roman Holiday
Bored Housewives Club (NZ) - Bench Impress You
Flume - Palaces
KIKO (NZ) - Ka Puta
Mokotron (NZ) - Tawhito
The Beths (NZ) - I Told You That I Was Afraid
Sex With Bowie (DUN) - Take a Pill For It
Peter Gabriel - My Body Is a Cage
Popstrangers (NZ) - In Spirit
Soccer Mommy - Shot Gun

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 22-09-22

Silk Sonic - Leave The Door Open
Cult Blonde (NZ)- Danger
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Maiea
Autumn Tortoise (NZ) - You Should Have Been There
Che Fu (NZ) - He Kotahi
Parabola West (NZ) - No One Can Get Me Here
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - Winter's Ghost
Herbs (NZ) - E Papa
Polaroids of Polarbears (NZ) - Woahsie Dohsie
The Staves - Outlaw
Alter Boy - I Repent
Eden Burns (DUN) - BOMBOM
Day Wave - Loner
ZExii x Mikeyy (DUN) - Tired
Dog Power (NZ) - Idvor Girls
Heavy Chest (NZ) - Sunday926
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Where The Light Used To Lay
Mousey (NZ) - One Dollar Wednesday
and$um (NZ) - Got Me Leaning
Long Distance Runner (NZ) - Saints
Space Bat's Attack! (DUN) - 90s
Jamey Ferguson - He Kakano Ahau
Louisa Nicklin (NZ) - There Will Be Times
Tim Finn (NZ) - Ono Marama Tekerehaia-Ngawiri
Alizarin Lizard (NZ) - Strong Enough
Bret McKenzie (NZ) - Dave's Place
Aldous Harding (NZ)- Bubbles
EM (NZ) - The Love and The Fight
Mdou Moctar - Nakaneigh Dich
Baby Zionov (NZ)- PJ Princess
KG SYD (NZ) - Spirit Mic Touch
Dimmer (NZ) - All The Way To Her
Proteins of Magic (NZ)- One More Thing
The Beths (NZ) - Expert In a Dying Field
Dimmer (NZ)- I Believe You Are A Star

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 15-09-22

Mermaidens (NZ) - Wander
Anxiety Club (NZ) - Lonely Dancing
Crooked Colours - Holiday
Matthew Youg (NZ) - Boneheaded
Katchafire (NZ) - Karawhiua
distance (NZ) - stonemouth
Recitals (NZ) - Arrow
Sports Dreams (NZ) - DIY
Lykki Li - So Sad So Sexy
Bad Neighbour - low Way
Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Aquamarine
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Break!
Ski Resort (NZ) - Marble
Princess Chelsea (NZ) - Everything Is Going to Be Alright
Arjuna Oakes (NZ) - The Teacher
The Butlers (NZ) - Why Are We Always Waiting
Muroki (NZ) - Wavy
Baecorp (NZ)- Pak N Gap
Soaked Oaks (DUN) - The Way It Works
Follower (NZ) - Mātuku
Wallace (NZ) - Ae Fond Kiss
Sunknig - Uncle Kane
Jim Nothing (NZ) - Fall Back Down
Imugi (NZ) - Bittersweet
Hollie Cook - Full Moon Baby
Ruia (NZ)- Ko Te Tohu
The Glass Picture (NZ)- Stairwell
Maisy Rika (NZ) - Pomarie
Thorn Dells (NZ) - Dark Taste
SJD (NZ) - You are The Movement
Fin Rah Zel (NZ) -Human Nature
Man Ray (DUN) - Sought for Fun

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 08-09-22

Ladyhawke (NZ) - Time Flies
TE KAAHU (NZ) - Pai Maarire
Amamelia (NZ) - Gap Selection
Sharon Van Etten - Headspce
Dr. Reknaw (NZ)- Kereru
Welcomer (NZ) - Cicadas 3
Clear Path Ensemble (NZ) - Absolvo
Mel Parsons (NZ) - Tired of Being You
Tahini Bikini (NZ) - Drive Slow
Kathy Bates Motel (NZ) - Where do u go
IDLES - The Beachland Ballroom
Cults - Poodles Dancing
Hans Pucket (NZ) - No Dramas
Bats For Lashes - prescilla
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - Bald Spot
Popstrangers (NZ) - Are Pigeons Doves?
Real Estate - Talking Backwards
Stephen Malkmus & The Jinks - Cold Son
David Bowie - Where Are We Now
Lunavela (NZ) - you know who you are you know how i feel
The Beths (NZ) - Silence Is Golden
Krispy & the Pooch (NZ) - Don't Play Yourself
Jungle - Problemz
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Best Behaviour
KG SYD (NZ) - Spirit Mic Touch
Fly My Pritties (NZ)- Mud & Stardust
The Grogans - No Thanks
Fool's Lagoon (NZ) - Run

Now That's What I Call Breakfast 01-09-22

There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Girl at Night
Ka Hao & Rob Ruha (NZ) - 35
Tami Neilson (NZ) - Beyond The Stars
The Nudge vs Troy Kingi (NZ) - He Ōrite
Marlon Williams (NZ) - My Boy
Grumbling Fur - The Ballad of Roy Batty
Rita Mae (NZ) - Candy's House
The Butlers (NZ) - Hour Glass
Snail Mail - Feeling Like I Do
Tomorrow People (NZ) - Kua tō te rā
Seaside Sloths (NZ) - Do It Big
MIDAS MIND (NZ) - Hourglass
Bad Religion - Infected
Big Thief - Tie Escaping
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - Winter's Ghost
LOVETA (NZ) - More Then Fun
The Dead Weather - I Feel Love
Tourettes (NZ) - No Losers @ WINZ
Mild Orange (NZ0- Oh Yeah
Still Woozy & Remi Wolf - Pool
Eli Superflyy (NZ)- Vicar
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Get Your Move Gone
Violent Soho - Kamikaze
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Break!
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Spitting On The Edge of The World
Marlon Williams (NZ) - My Boy
Oliver Tree - Life Goes On
Mel Parsons (NZ) - Tired of Being You
BIRDCAGE (NZ) - All of the Time
Goodspace (NZ) - Sit Down
DARTZ (NZ) - Dominion Road
Juno Is (NZ) - I'm Situated In The Sun
Recitals (NZ) - Arrow
The Beths (NZ) - Silence Is Goden
Sampa The Great - Never Forget
Lunavela (NZ) - People That You Know
Cults - Poodles Dancing

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 25-08-22

Erykah Badu - Honey
Te Kaahu (NZ) - Waikato
Marsha (NZ) - Wide Eyed & Dumb
Nyxen - Fantasies
Follower (NZ) - Whakakahu
Lunavela (NZ) - Next of Kin
BROODS (NZ) - I keep
Daffodils (NZ) - Stay The Night
1814 (NZ) - Whakahonohono Mai
Mirror Ritual (NZ) - Fear In All
Telepathe - I Can't Stand It
Lesibu Grand - Hot Glue Gun
Bret McKenzie (NZ) - Dave's Place
Big Sima (NZ) - Truth
No Broadcast (NZ) - Waste
Lorde (NZ) - Mood Ring
Molly Burch - Control
Salt Water Criminals (DUN) - GSH
Tongueflower (NZ) - VCR Head
Danger Mouse & Black Thought - No Gold Teeth
Henderwood (NZ) - Health & Safety
Soaked Oats (DUN) - The Way It Works
Aaron Fraser - Can't Leave It Alone
Motte (NZ) - Plateau
The National - Weird Goodbyes ft. Bon Iver
Paul Cathro (DUN) - My Beautful World
Marci - Terminal
Haper Finn (NZ) - Different Skies
Mitski - Love Me More
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - (NZ) - CEO
Asta Rangu (DUN) - VIC
VIKAE (NZ) - Rust
Ezra Phoenix (NZ) - Storm
Bird Machine (NZ) - Our Kind
Juno Is (NZ) - Im Situated In The Sun

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 18-08-22

Dbldbl (NZ) - Gold Series
Violet French & The Horrible (NZ - I WantThe Sky To Be Crying
TE KAAHU (NZ) - Pai Maarire
Parquet Courts - Plant Life
Imugi (NZ) - Bittersweet
FABLE (NZ) - Easier
Bird Machine (NZ)- Our Kind
Louis Baker (NZ) - Te Utu O Te Aroha
Paige x Nihil Young (NZ)- Spitfire
Reuben Hudson (NZ) - Baby Bedside
Jungle - All of the Time
sophie Meirers - Things will Change
Silas Futura (NZ) - Snapper
Violent Femmes - Kiss Off
Soft Bait (NZ) - Big
Lips (NZ) - What The Hell (Spacemaude Rmx)
Alizarin Lizard (DUN) - No One Could Tell
Vanessa Worm (DUN) - SLASH
Planet 1999 - Spell
Flying Lotus - Black Gold
Tamara & The Dreams - Funny
Clear Path Ensemble (NZ)- Absolvo
Saun & Starr - Hot Shot
Molly Lewis - Cabana De Mel
Asta Rungu (NZ)- LLPLZA
No Broadcast (NZ) - Away
Dune Rats - Melted Into Two
Te Mana o Mareikura (NZ) - Ko Toku Manawa
Hans Pucket (NZ) - My Brain Is A Vacant Space
Coast Arcade (NZ) - Tattoo
Baecorp (NZ) - Pak N Gap
There's A Tuesday (NZ)- Sound of the Stars
Carb on Carb (NZ) - Be My Mirror


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 11-08-22

Waterfalls (NZ) - Impressionistic
No Romance (NZ) - No Glitters
There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Baby Blue
EM (NZ) - The Love and The Fight
Lil Silva - Backwards
Goldsmith Baynes (NZ) - Tipuna
And$um (NZ) - On My Hands
Whirimako Black (NZ) -Misty
Cult Blonde (NZ) - Danger
Blonds - Time
Mitski - Stay Soft
CSS - Rat Is Dead
Jack Berry (DUN) - Always
Arahi (NZ) - The Best Thing I've Ever Seen
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Burning
Park Rd (NZ)- Under These Lights
Fela Kuti - Egbe Mi O (Frank Booker Edit)
Killergrams (NZ) - Back Door Blues
Little May - Oh My My
Ladyhawke (NZ) - Time Flies
Fur Patrol (NZ) - Andrew
Leaping Tiger (NZ) - New Psyche
Fortaines D.C. - Skinty Fia
Mozie (NZ) - Not Dne Loving
BYLJA - Another State of Matter
Lunavela (NZ) - Next of Kin
Man Ray (DUN) - Sought for Fun

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 04-08-22

Aldous Harding (NZ) - Revival
Wiri Donna (NZ) - Being Alone
Who Shot Scott (NZ) - Loners Anthem
Rezz - Sweet Dreams
Jim Nothing (NZ) - Yellow House
Uru Whetu (NZ) - Mahuika
Salt Water Criminals (DUN) - Walk
Ayla (NZ) - Say To Me
Hina & Bexy (NZ) - Made This Way
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Huakirangi
Matthew Dear - Hikers Y
The Shang - All For Show
PORRIDGE RADIO - Back To The Radio
TARN PK (NZ) - Street Noice
Phodiso (NZ)- Goat Curry
Two Cartoons (DUN) - Dreams
Mazbou Q (NZ) - Go and Be Free
Elemono Papaioea (NZ) - Weed Out
Mountain Goats - Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome
Cuck (DUN) - Worship The Uniform
Band Of Horses - Casual Party
Mousey (NZ) - One Dollar Wednessdays
Jessy Lanza - You Never Show Your ove
Purity Ring - InoveinChelsea Jade (NZ) - Best Behaviour
Great Gable - Hazy
Ha The Unclear (DUN) - Mannequins
Die Die Die (DUN) - Vanish
Sofi tukker - Original Sin
Te Mana O Mareikura (NZ) - Waimarie
aridni orca (NZ)- The Palace
Birdcage (NZ) - All of the Time
Matiu Te Huki (NZ) - Me Maranga

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 30-06-22

Sharon Van Etten - Just Like Blood
ShockOne x Lee Mvtthews (NZ) - Thinkin About
Flazzies (NZ) - Lot 61
The Grogans - Inside My Head
Asta Rungu (DUN) - LLPLZA
ZExii (DUN) - Done
TEEKS - E Kore Rawa E Wehe
Miakie (NZ) - Resonating
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Tū
Skinnyandsoft (NZ) - Ice Cream
Dallas Tamaira (NZ) - Spider
Violent Soho - Vacation Forever
Wolf Alice - Delicious Things
Belle & Sebastian - Like Dylan in the Movies
Tamara & The Dreams - Funny
Matthew Young (NZ) - Ziptied
Phoebe James (NZ) - Seabird
Luke Buda (NZ) - Here Comes The Wind
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Take It Slow
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Kyoto Train (Jyeah Rmx)
Humman Syndrome (NZ) - Giddy Up
Broods (NZ) - Like a Woman
Metronomy - I'm Aquarius
Big Thief - Simulation Swarm
Porpoise (DUN) - Astronaut
The Butlers (NZ) - Hour Glass
Horsegirl - World of Pots and Pans
Larry D (NZ) - Power of Your Mind
Snail Mail - Feeling Like I Do
Soak - Purgatory
Follower (NZ) - Mātuku
Layaround (NZ) - Ballast
Popstrangers (NZ) - In Spirit
Koizilla (DUN) - Grouchland
Night Lunch (DUN) - Dads House
Mermaidens (NZ) - Fade

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 16-06-22

Doprah (NZ) - San Pedro
Hina & Bexy (NZ) - Made This Way
Rubi Du (NZ) - Back Up
Telenova - Why Do I Keep You
Ria Hall (NZ) - Ko Au Ko Ia
The Black Seeds (NZ) - Bring The Sun
Frank On Tap (NZ) - Wire Talk
Louis Baker (NZ) - Kapakapa
Follower (NZ) - Mātuku
Skinnyandsoft (NZ) - Ice Cream
Julia Jacklin - Cry
Jungle - All of the Time
Isaac Aesili (NZ) - With You In My Bed
Proteins of Magic (NZ) - Willow
Descendents - Subutban Home
P.H.F. (NZ) - A Letter from Purest Hell
Leonard Charles (NZ) - Airworks
Merk (NZ) - Manchuria
Eden Mulholand (NZ) - Utopia
The Butlers (NZ) - Why Are We Always Waiting
Adult Mom - Breathinh
Kate Bollinger - Who Am I But Someone
Blue River Baby (NZ) - Pay
Skody Banks (NZ) - sick
Lunavela (NZ) - ou know who you are you know how i feel
Die! Die! Die! - Vanish
Dry Cleaning - Don't Press Me
Salt Water Criminals (DUN) - GSH
Mdou Moctar - Nakaneigh Dich
SWIDT (NZ) - Kelz Garage
Black Country, New Road - Good Will Hunting
Toni Huata (NZ) - Whirlwind
DOONS (NZ) - Choose Your Poison
Uru Whetu & Aroha Crown (NZ) - Hinemoa
Aro (NZ) - Kia Mau
Vase (NZ) - Ache
Ed & The Shadow Boys (DUN) - Electronic Love (Colectivo Mix)
Pusha T - Diet Coke

Thursday Breakfast with HANNAH AND SUNAINA (you can say that again)

alt-j - Hard Drive Gold
Boyboy (NZ) - boy
ZeXII (Dn) - Done
Man Ray (Dn) - The Crew
Rezzy Crooks (Dn) - Cellophane
Bluey Green - Morning Sunshine
CHAII (NZ) - Lightswitch
Asta Rangu (Dn) - LLPLZA
ROLE MODEL - neverletyougo
Teddy Penrose (Dn) - Favour Love
Rex Orange County - KEEP IT UP
Beach Bunny - Fire Escape
There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Girl at Night
Seasick Steve - Roy's Gang
BENEE (NZ) - Never Ending
Dbldbl (NZ) - Peach Tea
imugi (NZ) - y u always actin like a fool (ft. Church & AP)
Dudley Benson (Dn) - It's Otepoti Fault (Totems Remix)
AMamelia (NZ) - The F in FM Stands For Flute
Laura Lee Lovely (NZ) - Allandale
Robert Scott (NZ) - Lava ft. Tiny Ruins
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Mataura Paper Mill
Mazbou Q (NZ) - Go and Be Free
Youth Lagoon - The Knower
Neive Strang (Dn) - Paradigm
tooms (NZ) - big part
Gang of Youths - Magnolia
Pacific Heights (NZ) - Back To You ft. Louis Baker
BEXY (NZ) - Not The One
ladiesmile, Byemilo (NZ) - CATSCAN
Lime Cordiale - Apple Crumble ft. Idris Elba
Arlo Parks - Green Eyes 

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 26-05-22

Bad Friend (NZ) - Panic Attack
Neko (NZ) - Serious
Bachelorette (NZ) - Mind Warp
King Loser (NZ) - Jungle Beat
ZExii (DUN) - Indigo
Frank on Tap (NZ) - Wire Talk
Lontalius (NZ) - Sleep Thru Ur Alarms
Crystal Chen (NZ) - Purple Tears
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Bubbles
Skeletoncrew (NZ) - Stay
Jack Berry (DUN) - Always
Sex With Bowie (DUN) - Take a Pill For It
Tali (NZ) - My Remedy
Trick Mammoth (DUN) - Pinker Sea
Black Sale House (DUN) - Place I Want To Be
Hollie Smith (NZ) - Kōrukutia / Bathe in the River
Meg Theron (NZ) - Stargazing
Mermaidens (NZ) - Under The Mountain ll
Leaping Tiger (NZ) - New Psyche
Man Ray (DUN)  Bitter Times
Long Distance Runner (NZ) - Nothing
Mild Orange (NZ0 - Oh Yeah
Emily C. Browning (NZ) - I Wasn't Into You Anyway
SoccerPractise (NZ) - Ngā Whetu
Unmap (NZ) - Somativa
Shona Laing - Soviet Snow
Waazoo and the Vibes (NZ) - Juice & Lemonade
Stephen Malkmus - Death & The Maiden (The Verlaines (NZ) Cover)
Kathy Bates Motel (NZ) - Where Do You Go
Power Nap (NZ) - Out of the Pit
Flamingo Pier (NZ) - Eternal

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 19-05-22

Mara TK (NZ) - Met at the River
SODA BOYZ (NZ) - Untitled #2
Autumn Tortoise (NZ) - You HSould Have Been There
Parquet Courts - Plant Life
WAI (NZ)- Matauranga
Fanfickk (NZ) - Feel Better
Summer Thieves (NZ) - Paper Tiger
Rezzy Crooks (DUN) - Strawberry Milk
Tehran Don (NZ) - HAHA
DeepState (NZ) - Sunrise
Phodiso (NZ) - Look
Julien Temple (DUN) - Empty House (LIVE)
Julien Temple (DUN) - Son of the Water (LIVE)
Julien Temple (DUN) - Wishing Well (LIVE)
Dry Cleaning - Strong Feeling
Rubi Du (NZ) - LockUp
TEEKS (NZ) - First Time
Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
Silas Futura (NZ) - Hopes
Dalvanius & The Fascinations (NZ) - Voodoo Lady
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Put D'Angelo On
P.H.F. (NZ) - A Letter From Purest Hell
DVR - Stupid
Horsegirl - Dirtbag Transformation
FABLE (NZ) - Easier
Mazy - Intersetella
Sam Manzanza (NZ) - Makaba (LIVE)
Sam Manzanza (NZ) - Beya Got Soul (LIVE)

Thursday Breakfast

Thursday Drive

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 28-04-22

Welcomer (NZ) - Cicadas 3
Edward Caselow (NZ) - Down By The Riverside
Sure Boy (NZ) - Lemon Lady
Spoon - My Babe
Murmur Tooth (DUN) - My Body Is A Cage
Te Hamua Nikora (NZ) - Aue Wairua
TiMMY the First (DUN) - Throne
Belladonna (NZ) - Love Like This
Molly & The Chromatics (NZ) - Mad People
Tom Lee Richards (NZ) - Human
TV On The Radio - Careful You
Juno Is (DUN) - I Want To Be Gentle
Curtis Harding - If Words Were Flowers
Broken Bells - Holding On for Life
Louis Baker (NZ) - Kapakapa
Summer Thieves (NZ) - Paper Tiger
Earthworm (NZ) - Have You Seen This Boy
Sam Bambery (NZ) -  Songs About Sailors
Andy Shauf - The Magician
Talking Animals - Cool Must Die (Psyrok (NZ) - Rmx)
Skymachine (NZ) - Tangier
Jonathan Bree (NZ) - You Are The Man
deepState (NZ) - Sunrise (Dbldbl Sunset Refrest)
Pyschedelic Porn Crumpets  - Bubblegum Infinity
OddJive (NZ) - Lighter
Dune Rats - What A Memorable Night
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Tū
Heavy Chest (NZ) - Essence
Dirty Pixels (NZ) - Reading My Lips
Smashing  Pumpkins - Cherub Rock
Lunavela (NZ) - People That You Know
Arjuna Oakes (NZ) - As i Am
Social Sport (NZ) - In Vitro
Parquet Courts - Plant Life

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 21-04-22

Adam Hattaway & The Haunters (NZ) -Nothing Lasts
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Put D'Angelo On
Autumn Tortoise (NZ) - You Should Have Been There
Los Bitchos - Good To Go!
Maaka (NZ) - Karanga
Timmy the First (DUN) - Throne
Chump Chnage (DUN) - Caroline
Manea (NZ) - Tāku Tamaiti
Mild Orange (NZ) - What's Your Fire?
Little Dragon - Pretty Girls
Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground
Thundercat - Black Qualls
Phodiso (NZ) - Look
Julien Dyne (NZ)  Your Life
Cosmic Rays of Death (NZ) - SOS
Princess Chelsea (NZ) - Too Many People
Introverted Dancefloor (NZ) - Giving Up The Summer
Spacey Jane - It's Been a Long Day
BAYNK (NZ) - Touch me
Mo' Horizons - Southern Fried Funky Lovesong
ZO (NZ) - Ego
Hot Chip - Down
Parquet Courts - Plant Life
Tarn PK (NZ) - Street Noise
alt J - Hard Drive Gold
Samson Live (NZ) -Down
Sofi Tukker - Kakee
Teremoana Rapley (NZ) - Purerehua
HEAVY CHEST (NZ) - Essence
BEXY (NZ) - I'm Upset
Pickle Darling (NZ) - Torn
Mads Harrop (DUN) - Hiding In Colour
Wolf Alice - Delicious Things