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Thursday (Late) Breakfast

8am - 11am Thursday with Zac Hoffman

Thursday (Late) Breakfast

Late Brekko w.Hofftrough 11.7.24

Marvin Gaye - I Want You
Joni Haastrup - Free My People
Diana Ross & The Supremes - Reflections
Eru Dangerspiel (NZ) - Coq Au Vin
Julien Dyne (NZ) - Maddingos
LCD Soundsystem - how do you sleep?
Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise If You Can See
The Mentalist Collective (Dn) - Realise With Me
David Kilgour and Sam Hunt (Dn) - River Plateau
Erny Belle (NZ) - Hell Hole
French for Rabbits (NZ) - The Dark Arts
Michael Giacchino - Married Life
Joe Hisaishi - Opening Song - Merry-Go Round of Life
Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice
Na Noise (NZ) - Swallow Tail
***Goodwill Interview***
Goodwill (NZ) - Goner
James Blake - Radio Silence
Yeule - Eva
Yaeji - Submerge FM
***Jennifer Rockwell Interview***
Molly Payton (NZ) - Asphalt
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Bubbles
Antônio Carlos Jobim - Brazil
***Voice of Lele Interview***
Voice of Lele - Island Proud
Mitch Tambo - Kalani-Bani
Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn
The Naked and Famous (NZ) - Pace
Kaaterama (NZ) - He Iti


Late Brekko w.Hofftrough 4.7.24

Prettayyy prettayyyy chill show! Played some bangers and had some mean yarns. First the absolute powerhouse that is JessB came through to talk about her new single Commando and her upcoming album Feels Like Home. Then Dunedins own Kane Strang pulled up to yarn about the band's US Tour fundraiser tour!! Nuff said.

Nujabes - reflection eternal
Lovage - To Catch a Thief
Parallel Dance Ensemble (NZ) - Juices
A Tribe Called Quest - Vibes and Stuff
Ludacris - Diamond In The Back
Black Star - Thieves In The Night
Kau, Nordz (NZ) - Streets
Carman - Who's In The House
Slower Motion (NZ) - Teardrips
Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane
Module (NZ) - What Makes The World Go Round
Summer Thieves (NZ) - Is It Really Over (Amamelia Remix)
deepState (NZ) - Watching The Sky (Liam K Swiggs Remix)
Against All Logic - Cityfade
Y.O.G.A - Interstellar (Ra Ta Ta) ft. Jimi the Kween
Louisa Nicklin (NZ) - Thick
Mermaidens (NZ) - You Maintain the Stain
Ha the Unclear (Dn) - aLCHEMY
***JessB Interview***
JessB (NZ) - Commando
sean zh - ¥ella
Diggy Dupé (NZ) - Hype
Augustus Pablo - Peace and Love Dub
Rubi Du (NZ) - Highest of the High
Christoph El Truento (NZ) - Moe Mai Rā
***Office Dog Interview***
Office Dog (Dn) - Tightropes
Slowdive - When the Sun Hits
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Zero
Electric Wizard - Weird Tales / Electric Frost / Golgatha / Altar of Melektaus
Te Kaahu and Delaney Davidson (NZ) - I Ngooku Moemoeaa

Late Brekko w.Hofftrough 27.6.24

Matariki hyppe!!! Done had Reuben from Fugue State come on to sharn their new single 5:45, then ol m8 Dom Sensitive dropped by for a talk about his debut single R&D!! Frolicking stuff :)


Mr. Bungle - Sweet Charity
Mike Patton - Deep Down 
Nouvelle Vague, Eloisia - Love Will Tear Us Apart
The Lettermen - Shangri-La
Scott Walker - The Big Hurt
Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazelwood - Some Velvet Morning
Madeleine Peyroux - La Javanaise
Te Huhu (NZ) - For Love
Marlon Williams (NZ) + Kacy & Clayton - Arahura
Emily Fairlight (Dn) - Water Water
Laney Blue (Dn) - Shame
Grawlixes (NZ) - Honey Bees
Joe Ghatt (NZ) - Orange October
Summer Vee (NZ) - Key To All Your Love
Kenny Sterling (NZ) - Roses, Sunshine & Honey
Lord Echo (NZ) - Wang East
***Fugue State Interview***
Fugue State (NZ) - 5:45
The Rapture - Heaven
shame - Water in the Well
Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever
Protomartyr - Pontiac 87
Night Lunch (Dn) - House Full of Shit
***Dom Sensitive Interview***
Dom Sensitive - R&D
Danger Mouse, Black Thought - Strangers (feat. A$AP Rocky and Run The Jewels)
Seaside Sloths (NZ) - Balanced on a Branch
Average Rap Band (NZ) - Pool Side
Amamelia (NZ) - Dancing MMMM
K2K (NZ) - Let It
Underworld - Shudder / King of Snake
Goldsmith Baynes (NZ) - Te Aranga o Matariki
Dudley Benson (Dn) - Matariki (Koyla remix [Dn])

Late Brekko w.Hofftrough 20.6.24

Show in three words - Silly, lowkey, bananas! Started off pre chill, then ol m8 band organiser Simon Vare from Bulletproof Convertible popped through to yarn about the band's history and sound. Then local multi-man Kade Reef popped through to discuss his new single Wave of Live + upcoming EP SPACE & BACK. + also had Vzynn join us for a lil laugh. 

Roberto Carlos - O Diamante Cor de Rosa
Riz Ortolani - I Giorni Dell'ira
Stelvio Cipriani - Anonimo Veneziano
Punch-Drunk Love - Punch Drunk Melody
Michael Giacchino - Ratatouille Main Theme
Renée Fleming - You'll Never Know
Mike Patton, Jean-Claude Vannier - Chansons D'Amour
King Krule - When Vanishing
Becca Caffyn (Dn) - Replacement Blonde 
Laney Blue (Dn) - Blanket Fort
Neive Strang (Dn) - Could I Reset
Bic Runga (NZ) - Wolves
Stanley Pedigree (NZ) - Continuum
Average Rap Band (NZ) - What It Is
Kendrick Lamar - You Ain't Gotta Lie (Momma Said)
Mazbou Q & Jessie Booth (NZ) - Like Deja Vu
Jay Dubs & Hudge (NZ) - Satrori 
SWIDT (NZ) - Boogie ft. HIGH HØØPS
Julien Dyne (NZ) - Who Are You
Bulletproof Convertible (Dn) - Devil In Me
Howlin' Wolf - Three Hundred Pounds of Joy
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Call On Me
George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag
Norma Tanega - You're Dead
Kade Reef (Dn) - Wave of Life
Frank Ocean - Provider
Nile Rodgers, The Reflex - Do What You Wanna Do (The Reflex Clubbed Up Revision 2021)
Justice - Phantom
Lips (NZ) - What The Hell (spacemaude remix)
La Coco (NZ)  - Follow Me
Troy Kingi (NZ) - Ka Tipu

Late Brekko w.Hofftrough 13.6.24

Had a fun fun fun time 2day!! V chill ramble yarn with DJ Bax about his djing, and usual banging choons :D

Marvin Gaye - Soon I'll Be Loving You Again
Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You
Labi Siffre - I Got The...
Frank Booker (NZ) - El Salvador
Havening (NZ) - blue albedo
Amamelia (NZ) - So Good
Chaos In The CBD, Lee Pearson Jr. Collective, K LaDawn, Joe Armon-Jones  (NZ) - It's up to Me
K2K (NZ) - Let It
Team Cat Food (NZ) - Mind
Shapeshifter (NZ) - Bring Change - Live
Underworld - Jumbo
Donna Summer - Sunset People
Lime Cordiale - Risky Love
Angel OIsen - Woman
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Singer
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Beautiful Dress

David Byrne - Strange Overtones
***DJ Bax Interview***
DJ Bax (Dn) - Super Freak
DJ Bax (Dn) - FREAK
Bacchus (NZ) - Shadowplay
2XM (NZ) - Mediate
Henderwood (NZ) - Health and Safety
Lord Echo (NZ) - Bohemian Idol (DJ Day's Chair-Bro Rmx)
Christoph El Truento (NZ) - Performer Dub
P.H.F. (NZ) - Queen ft.Clairo
Long Distance Runner (NZ) - Nothing
Voom (NZ) - Martin Phillipps

Late Brekko w.Hofftrough 6.6.24

To match the moody broody weather out there, we're starting off with some moody tracks! Choons aside, we've also got dos interviews - one with Memory Foam about they're revolution-fervourful single Pink Tide. Thennnn we had Park Rd come through to yarn about their latest album The Novel! Gr8 stuff gang.

Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ) - The Nod
João Gilberto - Estate
Mulatu Astatke - Tezeta (Nostalgia)
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Skating
Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks Theme - Instrumental
Baz Mantis (NZ) - Worlds Within Worlds
Kacy & Clayton, Marlon Williams (NZ) - Arahura
Randy Newman - I'll Be Home
Johnny Cash - In The Garden
The Walker Brothers - Marie 
Jon Hanlon (NZ) - Damn the Dam
Aldous Harding (NZ) - The Barrel
Jazmine Mary (NZ) - Skeleton
***Memory Foam Interview***
Memory Foam (NZ) - Pink Tides
Nirvana - Negative Creep
S.E.I.S.M.I.C. (NZ) - Sunn God
RIOT Gull! (Dn) - UMAMI
Die! Die! Die! (NZ) - Get Hit
***PARK RD Interview***
PARK RD (NZ) - Save The Planet
Fred Again.., Anderson .Paak, CHIKA - places to be
Jamie XX, Honey Dijon - Baddie On The Floor
Modjo - Lady - Hear Me Tonight
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
Daft Punk -  Voyager
Maeve (NZ) - Bound
Death and the Maiden (NZ) - Leanest Cut

Late Brekko w.Hofftrough 30.5.24

Yowser bowser don't forget my trousers! What a brilliant show. We had the lovely Samesi Maiai from DunneerMarlin's Dreaming on to yarn about the band's latest country-inspired tune Earnestly. In the very last leg of this breakkie we also had Chopper come through for a convo about his new tour, Not Here to F*ck Spiders which he is bringing to Dunedin! Gr8 stuff

Life Without Buildings - Sorrow
Smog - Dress Sexy At My Funeral
Baxter Dury - Other Men's Girls
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Jennifer
Stereolab - The Flower Called Nowhere
Christoph El Truento (NZ) - cloudy subtropical
Pitch Black (NZ) - It's The Future Knocking
Midnight Riders meets Naram Rhythym Section (NZ) - She's Gone Away
Land of the Loops - Multi-Family Garage Sale (Bargain-Bin Mix)
Buddy Ross - Running Around
HDU (Dn) - Grace
The Biff Merchants (Dn) - Hypnagogia
Salt Water Criminals (Dn) - My Greatest Achievement
Marlin's Dreaming (NZ) - Earnestly (feat. Erny Belle)
Leonard Cohen - Leaving the Table
Barbara Mandrell - Standing Room Only
Scott Walker - The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated To The Neo-Stalinist Regime)
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Zoo Eyes
elemeno papaioea -(NZ) - weed out
French For Rabbits (NZ) - Ouija Board
Grawlixes (NZ) - Honey Bees
Moodymann - Music People
Underworld - Surfboy
Eden Burns, Christopher Tubbs (NZ) - Bacchus Won't Stop
Vanessa Worm (NZ) - Devils Game
Night Lunch (Dn) - 1 MILLION PINES
Troy Kingi & The Clutch (NZ) - All Your Ships Have Sailed
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Bankrupt
***Chopper Interview***
Dane Rumble (NZ) - Cruel

Late Brekko w.Hofftrough 23.5.24

Continuing on with NZ music week, we've got plenty of taringa treats, a rant about the unipol court booking system, and a very lucky interview with Gussie Larkin from Earthtongue about the band's latest single Out of this Hell, how their European tour is going, and when we can expect them to come Ōtepoti-ways. We also roped R1 news producer Jamiema Lorimer in for a yarn about everything news. LESHHGOOOO!
Elan Vital (Dn) - Dreams
2XM, Quails (NZ) - Leave With You
deepState (NZ) - Now That You're Gone
Eastern Bloc (NZ) - Notorious Club Girls
**R1 Weather/Road Report**
Clap Clap Riot (NZ) - All About The Weather
Adelaide Cara (Dn) - Eden
Keira Wallace (Dn) - Your Surface Settles
Hystera (Dn) - Friendship/Combat
Neive Strang (Dn) - Could I Reset
Fairuza (Dn) - Dwight
**R1 Gig Guide**
Powder Chutes (NZ) - Moths To The Flame
Astro Children (Dn) - When You Lose
Dick Move (NZ) - Femoids Attack
Yukon Era (NZ) - Heavy Handed
Lips (NZ) - Freddy Bardot
F.A.I.R.Y (NZ) - Scary = Ordinary
Koizilla (Dn) - Yes
Space Bats, Attack! (Dn) - 90s
Flamingo Pier (NZ) - Remedy 
La Coco (NZ) - Follow Me
Ed and the Shadow Boys (Dn) - Electronic Love ( Colectivo Mix)
Te Vaka (NZ) - Pate Mo Tou Vae (Strange Remix)
**Earth Tongue Kōrero**
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Out of this Hell
S.E.I.S.M.I.C (NZ) - Abduction
Mermaidens (NZ) - Fade
High Dependency Unit (Dn) - Stupormodel
The Bats (Dn) - Afternoon in Bed
The Clean (Dn) - Franz Kafka at the Zoo
The Magick Heads (NZ) - Before We Go Under
Dateline (NZ) - If You Want It
John Hanlon (NZ) - Damn the Dam
Blam Blam Blam (NZ) - There Is No Depression in New Zealand
1814 (NZ) - Whahonohono Mai

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 26-01-22

Church & AP (NZ) - Happy Song
Soaked Oats (DUN) - Something
Cat Power - Ruin
Bic Runga (NZ) - Close Your Eyes
Wendy Walker - Baby I'm For Real
October and the Eyes (NZ) - All My Love
Connan Mockasin (NZ) - Please Turn Me Into The Snat
Full Moon Fiasco (NZ) - Freedom Town
Tacocat - Bridge to Hawaii
Hot Chip - Need You Now
High Hoops (NZ) - Heatwave
Discovery - Osaka Loop Line
Recitals (NZ) - Gradient
Bub (NZ) - Bored
Eden Mullholland (NZ) -= Lego Ships
Office Dog (DUN) - Tightropes
LA Priest - Oino
Phoebe Rings (NZ) - Lazy Universe
Beach House - Gila
Frankie Cosmos - Floated In
Sex With Bowie (DUN) - Take a Pill For It
Shana Cleveland  - Faces In The Firelight
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Luckty Girl
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - The Developed World
Vampire Weekend - Diane Young
Little John - All Who Gone
Boycrush (NZ) - Caprice
So Below (NZ) - Luna
L'Orange & Kool Keith - The Wanderer
frog power (DUN) - tears in the night
Tropical Fuck Strom - Ann (Stooges Cover)
Beatcomber (NZ) - Double Visions
Real Estate - Standed Glass
Roy Irwin (NZ) - Clover
Q Tip - Gettin' Up
Cult Blonde (NZ) - Danger
Julia Jacklin - Love, Try Not To Let Go
Nitty Gritty - Sweet Reggae Music
Cloud Nothings - Modern Act
Clipping - Nothing Is Safe

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 27-10-22

The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) - Buffalo
Eden Mulholland (NZ) - Utopia
Rubi Du (NZ) Brown Skin
Sly Withers - Passing Through
Cammy (NZ) - Band Aid
Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston (NZ) - My Body Is a Cage
Morse Gang (NZ) - Datsus
The Beths (NZ) - Expert In a Dying Field
Emma Donovan & The Putbacks - Love Without Limits
Oliver Tree - Cowboys Don't Cry
King Ivy - Complicated
KAthy Bates Motel (NZ) - Where Do U Go
Soaked Oats - Headline Opinion
Motte (NZ) - Plateau
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - Winters Ghost
Goodspace (NZ) - SIT DOWN
Mirror Ritual (NZ) - Fear in All
Kane Strang (DUN) - Warped In The Sun
Ollie Crooks (DUN) - $3 a Liter (Live)
Ollie Crooks (DUN) - Sunertime
Brannigan Kaa (NZ) - Tupua Manatu
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Come Apart
Hahko (NZ) - S99
Revulva (NZ) - Blood
Daffodils (NZ) - Stay The Night
Mountain Goast - Wage Wars, Get Rich, Die Handsome
Porpoise (DUN) - Do What You Want
SOFI TUKKER - Summer in New York
And$um (NZ) - Got Me Leaning
SoccerPractise (NZ) - Te Pō
Baby Zionov (NZ) - Maybe Someday
T.G. Snad (NZ) - Little Sieve
Mo ETC. (NZ) - Underwater
Lunavela (NZ) - People That You Know
Weird Together - Find OUT ft. LIPS
Salmonella Dub (NZ) - Finding My Way Home

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 29-09-22

Joanna Newsom - Sapokanikan
N.T. Honey (NZ) - Road Rage
Wellington Sea Shanty Society (NZ) - A Sailor Needs a Boat
Crooked Colours - Holiday
lHl (NZ) - Mana Whenua
Gramsci (NZ)- Ourselves
Haven (NZ) - Pictures of Her
WHAMMY (NZ) - Wet Roads and Poor Recording
Half Hexagon (NZ) - Ism
TEEKS (NZ) - Without You
Helado Negro - La Naranja
Anna Coddington (NZ) - Golden Light
Soaked Oats (DUN) - Something
Mads Harrop (DUN) - i Want Chemicals
SODA BOYZ (NZ) - Untitled #2
Sunflower Scent (NZ) - Straight Line
Flamingo Pier (NZ)- Honey
Te Reotakiwa Dunn (NZ) - Wairua Tapu
And$um (NZ) - Got Me Learning
Mel Parsons (NZ) - Tired of Being You
Bret McKenzie (NZ) - Dave's Place
blue mt lumber (NZ) - Sun Revenger
Tim Finn (NZ) - Ono Marama Takerehaia Ngawiri
TE KAAHU (NZ) - Waikato
Fontaines D.C. - Roman Holiday
Bored Housewives Club (NZ) - Bench Impress You
Flume - Palaces
KIKO (NZ) - Ka Puta
Mokotron (NZ) - Tawhito
The Beths (NZ) - I Told You That I Was Afraid
Sex With Bowie (DUN) - Take a Pill For It
Peter Gabriel - My Body Is a Cage
Popstrangers (NZ) - In Spirit
Soccer Mommy - Shot Gun

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 22-09-22

Silk Sonic - Leave The Door Open
Cult Blonde (NZ)- Danger
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Maiea
Autumn Tortoise (NZ) - You Should Have Been There
Che Fu (NZ) - He Kotahi
Parabola West (NZ) - No One Can Get Me Here
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - Winter's Ghost
Herbs (NZ) - E Papa
Polaroids of Polarbears (NZ) - Woahsie Dohsie
The Staves - Outlaw
Alter Boy - I Repent
Eden Burns (DUN) - BOMBOM
Day Wave - Loner
ZExii x Mikeyy (DUN) - Tired
Dog Power (NZ) - Idvor Girls
Heavy Chest (NZ) - Sunday926
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Where The Light Used To Lay
Mousey (NZ) - One Dollar Wednesday
and$um (NZ) - Got Me Leaning
Long Distance Runner (NZ) - Saints
Space Bat's Attack! (DUN) - 90s
Jamey Ferguson - He Kakano Ahau
Louisa Nicklin (NZ) - There Will Be Times
Tim Finn (NZ) - Ono Marama Tekerehaia-Ngawiri
Alizarin Lizard (NZ) - Strong Enough
Bret McKenzie (NZ) - Dave's Place
Aldous Harding (NZ)- Bubbles
EM (NZ) - The Love and The Fight
Mdou Moctar - Nakaneigh Dich
Baby Zionov (NZ)- PJ Princess
KG SYD (NZ) - Spirit Mic Touch
Dimmer (NZ) - All The Way To Her
Proteins of Magic (NZ)- One More Thing
The Beths (NZ) - Expert In a Dying Field
Dimmer (NZ)- I Believe You Are A Star

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 15-09-22

Mermaidens (NZ) - Wander
Anxiety Club (NZ) - Lonely Dancing
Crooked Colours - Holiday
Matthew Youg (NZ) - Boneheaded
Katchafire (NZ) - Karawhiua
distance (NZ) - stonemouth
Recitals (NZ) - Arrow
Sports Dreams (NZ) - DIY
Lykki Li - So Sad So Sexy
Bad Neighbour - low Way
Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Aquamarine
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Break!
Ski Resort (NZ) - Marble
Princess Chelsea (NZ) - Everything Is Going to Be Alright
Arjuna Oakes (NZ) - The Teacher
The Butlers (NZ) - Why Are We Always Waiting
Muroki (NZ) - Wavy
Baecorp (NZ)- Pak N Gap
Soaked Oaks (DUN) - The Way It Works
Follower (NZ) - Mātuku
Wallace (NZ) - Ae Fond Kiss
Sunknig - Uncle Kane
Jim Nothing (NZ) - Fall Back Down
Imugi (NZ) - Bittersweet
Hollie Cook - Full Moon Baby
Ruia (NZ)- Ko Te Tohu
The Glass Picture (NZ)- Stairwell
Maisy Rika (NZ) - Pomarie
Thorn Dells (NZ) - Dark Taste
SJD (NZ) - You are The Movement
Fin Rah Zel (NZ) -Human Nature
Man Ray (DUN) - Sought for Fun

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 08-09-22

Ladyhawke (NZ) - Time Flies
TE KAAHU (NZ) - Pai Maarire
Amamelia (NZ) - Gap Selection
Sharon Van Etten - Headspce
Dr. Reknaw (NZ)- Kereru
Welcomer (NZ) - Cicadas 3
Clear Path Ensemble (NZ) - Absolvo
Mel Parsons (NZ) - Tired of Being You
Tahini Bikini (NZ) - Drive Slow
Kathy Bates Motel (NZ) - Where do u go
IDLES - The Beachland Ballroom
Cults - Poodles Dancing
Hans Pucket (NZ) - No Dramas
Bats For Lashes - prescilla
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - Bald Spot
Popstrangers (NZ) - Are Pigeons Doves?
Real Estate - Talking Backwards
Stephen Malkmus & The Jinks - Cold Son
David Bowie - Where Are We Now
Lunavela (NZ) - you know who you are you know how i feel
The Beths (NZ) - Silence Is Golden
Krispy & the Pooch (NZ) - Don't Play Yourself
Jungle - Problemz
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Best Behaviour
KG SYD (NZ) - Spirit Mic Touch
Fly My Pritties (NZ)- Mud & Stardust
The Grogans - No Thanks
Fool's Lagoon (NZ) - Run

Now That's What I Call Breakfast 01-09-22

There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Girl at Night
Ka Hao & Rob Ruha (NZ) - 35
Tami Neilson (NZ) - Beyond The Stars
The Nudge vs Troy Kingi (NZ) - He Ōrite
Marlon Williams (NZ) - My Boy
Grumbling Fur - The Ballad of Roy Batty
Rita Mae (NZ) - Candy's House
The Butlers (NZ) - Hour Glass
Snail Mail - Feeling Like I Do
Tomorrow People (NZ) - Kua tō te rā
Seaside Sloths (NZ) - Do It Big
MIDAS MIND (NZ) - Hourglass
Bad Religion - Infected
Big Thief - Tie Escaping
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - Winter's Ghost
LOVETA (NZ) - More Then Fun
The Dead Weather - I Feel Love
Tourettes (NZ) - No Losers @ WINZ
Mild Orange (NZ0- Oh Yeah
Still Woozy & Remi Wolf - Pool
Eli Superflyy (NZ)- Vicar
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Get Your Move Gone
Violent Soho - Kamikaze
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Break!
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Spitting On The Edge of The World
Marlon Williams (NZ) - My Boy
Oliver Tree - Life Goes On
Mel Parsons (NZ) - Tired of Being You
BIRDCAGE (NZ) - All of the Time
Goodspace (NZ) - Sit Down
DARTZ (NZ) - Dominion Road
Juno Is (NZ) - I'm Situated In The Sun
Recitals (NZ) - Arrow
The Beths (NZ) - Silence Is Goden
Sampa The Great - Never Forget
Lunavela (NZ) - People That You Know
Cults - Poodles Dancing

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 25-08-22

Erykah Badu - Honey
Te Kaahu (NZ) - Waikato
Marsha (NZ) - Wide Eyed & Dumb
Nyxen - Fantasies
Follower (NZ) - Whakakahu
Lunavela (NZ) - Next of Kin
BROODS (NZ) - I keep
Daffodils (NZ) - Stay The Night
1814 (NZ) - Whakahonohono Mai
Mirror Ritual (NZ) - Fear In All
Telepathe - I Can't Stand It
Lesibu Grand - Hot Glue Gun
Bret McKenzie (NZ) - Dave's Place
Big Sima (NZ) - Truth
No Broadcast (NZ) - Waste
Lorde (NZ) - Mood Ring
Molly Burch - Control
Salt Water Criminals (DUN) - GSH
Tongueflower (NZ) - VCR Head
Danger Mouse & Black Thought - No Gold Teeth
Henderwood (NZ) - Health & Safety
Soaked Oats (DUN) - The Way It Works
Aaron Fraser - Can't Leave It Alone
Motte (NZ) - Plateau
The National - Weird Goodbyes ft. Bon Iver
Paul Cathro (DUN) - My Beautful World
Marci - Terminal
Haper Finn (NZ) - Different Skies
Mitski - Love Me More
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - (NZ) - CEO
Asta Rangu (DUN) - VIC
VIKAE (NZ) - Rust
Ezra Phoenix (NZ) - Storm
Bird Machine (NZ) - Our Kind
Juno Is (NZ) - Im Situated In The Sun

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 18-08-22

Dbldbl (NZ) - Gold Series
Violet French & The Horrible (NZ - I WantThe Sky To Be Crying
TE KAAHU (NZ) - Pai Maarire
Parquet Courts - Plant Life
Imugi (NZ) - Bittersweet
FABLE (NZ) - Easier
Bird Machine (NZ)- Our Kind
Louis Baker (NZ) - Te Utu O Te Aroha
Paige x Nihil Young (NZ)- Spitfire
Reuben Hudson (NZ) - Baby Bedside
Jungle - All of the Time
sophie Meirers - Things will Change
Silas Futura (NZ) - Snapper
Violent Femmes - Kiss Off
Soft Bait (NZ) - Big
Lips (NZ) - What The Hell (Spacemaude Rmx)
Alizarin Lizard (DUN) - No One Could Tell
Vanessa Worm (DUN) - SLASH
Planet 1999 - Spell
Flying Lotus - Black Gold
Tamara & The Dreams - Funny
Clear Path Ensemble (NZ)- Absolvo
Saun & Starr - Hot Shot
Molly Lewis - Cabana De Mel
Asta Rungu (NZ)- LLPLZA
No Broadcast (NZ) - Away
Dune Rats - Melted Into Two
Te Mana o Mareikura (NZ) - Ko Toku Manawa
Hans Pucket (NZ) - My Brain Is A Vacant Space
Coast Arcade (NZ) - Tattoo
Baecorp (NZ) - Pak N Gap
There's A Tuesday (NZ)- Sound of the Stars
Carb on Carb (NZ) - Be My Mirror


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 11-08-22

Waterfalls (NZ) - Impressionistic
No Romance (NZ) - No Glitters
There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Baby Blue
EM (NZ) - The Love and The Fight
Lil Silva - Backwards
Goldsmith Baynes (NZ) - Tipuna
And$um (NZ) - On My Hands
Whirimako Black (NZ) -Misty
Cult Blonde (NZ) - Danger
Blonds - Time
Mitski - Stay Soft
CSS - Rat Is Dead
Jack Berry (DUN) - Always
Arahi (NZ) - The Best Thing I've Ever Seen
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Burning
Park Rd (NZ)- Under These Lights
Fela Kuti - Egbe Mi O (Frank Booker Edit)
Killergrams (NZ) - Back Door Blues
Little May - Oh My My
Ladyhawke (NZ) - Time Flies
Fur Patrol (NZ) - Andrew
Leaping Tiger (NZ) - New Psyche
Fortaines D.C. - Skinty Fia
Mozie (NZ) - Not Dne Loving
BYLJA - Another State of Matter
Lunavela (NZ) - Next of Kin
Man Ray (DUN) - Sought for Fun

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 04-08-22

Aldous Harding (NZ) - Revival
Wiri Donna (NZ) - Being Alone
Who Shot Scott (NZ) - Loners Anthem
Rezz - Sweet Dreams
Jim Nothing (NZ) - Yellow House
Uru Whetu (NZ) - Mahuika
Salt Water Criminals (DUN) - Walk
Ayla (NZ) - Say To Me
Hina & Bexy (NZ) - Made This Way
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Huakirangi
Matthew Dear - Hikers Y
The Shang - All For Show
PORRIDGE RADIO - Back To The Radio
TARN PK (NZ) - Street Noice
Phodiso (NZ)- Goat Curry
Two Cartoons (DUN) - Dreams
Mazbou Q (NZ) - Go and Be Free
Elemono Papaioea (NZ) - Weed Out
Mountain Goats - Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome
Cuck (DUN) - Worship The Uniform
Band Of Horses - Casual Party
Mousey (NZ) - One Dollar Wednessdays
Jessy Lanza - You Never Show Your ove
Purity Ring - InoveinChelsea Jade (NZ) - Best Behaviour
Great Gable - Hazy
Ha The Unclear (DUN) - Mannequins
Die Die Die (DUN) - Vanish
Sofi tukker - Original Sin
Te Mana O Mareikura (NZ) - Waimarie
aridni orca (NZ)- The Palace
Birdcage (NZ) - All of the Time
Matiu Te Huki (NZ) - Me Maranga

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 30-06-22

Sharon Van Etten - Just Like Blood
ShockOne x Lee Mvtthews (NZ) - Thinkin About
Flazzies (NZ) - Lot 61
The Grogans - Inside My Head
Asta Rungu (DUN) - LLPLZA
ZExii (DUN) - Done
TEEKS - E Kore Rawa E Wehe
Miakie (NZ) - Resonating
Moana & The Tribe (NZ) - Tū
Skinnyandsoft (NZ) - Ice Cream
Dallas Tamaira (NZ) - Spider
Violent Soho - Vacation Forever
Wolf Alice - Delicious Things
Belle & Sebastian - Like Dylan in the Movies
Tamara & The Dreams - Funny
Matthew Young (NZ) - Ziptied
Phoebe James (NZ) - Seabird
Luke Buda (NZ) - Here Comes The Wind
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Take It Slow
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Kyoto Train (Jyeah Rmx)
Humman Syndrome (NZ) - Giddy Up
Broods (NZ) - Like a Woman
Metronomy - I'm Aquarius
Big Thief - Simulation Swarm
Porpoise (DUN) - Astronaut
The Butlers (NZ) - Hour Glass
Horsegirl - World of Pots and Pans
Larry D (NZ) - Power of Your Mind
Snail Mail - Feeling Like I Do
Soak - Purgatory
Follower (NZ) - Mātuku
Layaround (NZ) - Ballast
Popstrangers (NZ) - In Spirit
Koizilla (DUN) - Grouchland
Night Lunch (DUN) - Dads House
Mermaidens (NZ) - Fade