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Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

PRESENTED BY the Otago Museum

7am - 10am Monday with Jamie Green

Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Harraways Oat Singles Monday Breakfast

Randa(NZ) - Fashion
So Below(NZ) - Ruin
Jono Das(NZ) - Off The Wall
Eyes No Eyes(NZ) - St Gillotine
Frank Ocean - Chanel
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend
Ladi6(NZ) - Guru (10A Rmx)
Smerz - Oh My My
The Courtneys - Virgo
Antony & The Johnsons - Thank You For Your Love
Dirty Projectors - Winner Take Nothing
Fazed On a Pony(DUN) - Mary Like Me
Laura Lee(NZ) - Dreamers
Kirin J. Callnan - Living Each Day ft Connan Mockasin
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Friends
Grayson Gilmour(NZ) - Blow Back
Scott Mannion(NZ) - Your Kinda Love
Yoko Zuna(NZ) - Yes ft Heavy x Randa
Alt J - Deadcrush
Knives at Noon(NZ) - Little Vicious
Jungle - Time
Jaggers X Lines(DUN) - Come To Rest
The Chap - Carlos Walter Wndy Standley
Matthew Young(NZ) - Collect
Protomatyr - A Private Understanding
Headless Chickens(NZ) - Gaskrankinstation
Lorde(NZ) - Team
Disasteradio(NZ) - Oh Yeah

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 10-07-17


Beck - Debra
Yoko-Zuna(NZ) - January Sun
Red Axes - Into Your Arms
Pearl Hotel(DUN) - In Your Car Under The Moon Light
Broken Social Scene - Halfway Home
Clap Clap Riot(NZ) - All About The Weather
The Courtneys - Virgo
Kane Strang(DUN) - Not Quite
Gang Gang Dance - Blue Nile
PJ Harvey - When Under Ether
indi(NZ) - Tablelands
Die! Die! Die!(NZ) - (NZ) - How Soon is Too Soon
MO - Nights With You
Arcade Fire - Everything Now
Physical(NZ) - Islands
Alexandra Savior - M.T.M.E.
Toro y Moi - Girl Like You
The Bachelorette(NZ) - My Electric Husband
MOSES(NZ) - Drive Back To Wellington
Bonobo - Samutrai
TOBACCO - Pool City, McKnight Road
Samiyam - Mr Wonderful
Skux(NZ) - On Her Way (French Rebellion Rmx)
TV On The Radio - Happy Idiot
Solephonic(NZ) - Higher
Kendrick Lamar - DNA
Aldous Harding(NZ) - Imagining My Man
Craig Elliott(NZ) - No Work All Play
Washed Out - Get Lost
Frank Ocean - Chanel
AmmoNation(NZ) - Forever
The xx - I Dare You
Unknown Mortal Orchestra(NZ) - Little Blu House
The Coathangers - Perfume
PNC(NZ) - That Kinda Guy

Miss America's Monday Takeover

James Blake - I Need A Fores Fire
PHF (NZ) - Loneliness Is Lame
Date Night (NZ) - Txts
Angus & Julia Stone - Snow
Sweat - Keep Tight
Lost Balloons - Paint
A Girl Named Mo (NZ) - Who They Say You Are
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Ur Life One Night
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend
Pacific Heights (NZ) - Buried By The Burden ft. Louis Baker
Tennis - 10 Minutes 10 Years
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nuclear Fusion
Chet Faker - To Me
Teeks (NZ) - If Only
Mac Demarco - For The First Time
Pearl Hotel (NZ) - Darling, Grin & Bear It
Kane Strang (NZ) - My Smile Is Extinct
Roman GianArthur - ALL:NEED
Mr Jukes - Angels / Your Love ft BJ the Chicago KId
Soaked Oats (DN) - Stoned Fruit
Melting Faces (NZ) - Far King Oats
Smokestank Girls (NZ) - Old Crow
NAO - Bad Blood
Gareth Thomas (NZ) - Weird Fever
tUnE - yArDs - Lions
Vanilla - Footsteps
Ladi6 (NZ) - Guru
Knox Brown - The People
Justin Timberlake - Pusher Love Girl
Scott Mannion (NZ) - Your Kinda Love
HIGH HOOPS (NZ) - Burn It Up
Cornelius - If You're Here
Raiza Biza (NZ) - Strong Women ft Remi Rmx
Little Dragon - High
Jungle - Busy Earnin'
The Ruby Suns (NZ) - In Real Life


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 26-06-17


Bon Iver - Blood Bank
Grayson Gilmour(NZ) - Blow Back
Koizilla(DUN) - Yes
Arcade Fire - Everything Now
Raw Collective(NZ) - Smash The Grips
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend
SoccerPractise(NZ) - Amene
Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE
Mermaidens(NZ) - Satsuma
Bic Runga(NZ) - I Dreamed a Dream
merk(NZ) - Ash & Sand
Tacocat - I Hate The Weekend
Iron & Wine - Call It Dreaming
Lorde(NZ) - Perfect Places
Bailey Wiley(NZ) - Still On My Mind
Fran/Bar Group(NZ) - Same Name
Kanye West - FML
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Come On Back This Way
Aldous Harding(NZ) - Blend
Disasteradio(NZ) -Oh Yeah
Destroyer - Dream Lover
Kane Strang(DUN) - Things are Never Simple
DJ Shadow x NAS - Systematic
The Jungle Giants - On Your Way Down
Solange - Don't Touch My Hair
Connan MockasinLiam Finn & Lawrence Arabia(NZ) - Having a Baby
Marlon Williams(NZ) - Dark Child
The Rothmans(DUN) - Wavelength

Harraways Oat Singles Monday Breakfast

Beatcomber(NZ) - Twins
Mitski - Happy
Big Beach Ocean Surf King(NZ) - Post Wave
The Juan MacLean - A Simple Design
Princess Chelsea(NZ) - Too Many People
MGMT - Time To Pretend
Cat Cat Cat(NZ) - Crushed
Erykah Badu - Honey
Ladi6(NZ) - Royal Blue
Embedded Figures(DUN) - Teen Vamp
Lontalius(NZ) - Kick in the Head
Billie Eilish - Bellyache (Marian Hill Rmx)
SODA BOYZ(NZ) - San Pallegino
Fleet Foxes - Fool's Errand
Radiohead - Morning Mr Magpie
SoccerPractise(NZ) - Haere Mai e Tama
Toro Y Moi - Girl Like You
Mermaidens(NZ) - Satsuma
Cat Power - Song for Bobby
Dad Jokes(NZ) - Waster
Danny Brown - Pneumonia
Males(DUN) - Dead Aware
Repulsive Woman(DUN) - Perfect (One Direction Cover)
Dummybog(DUN) - Days of Disco
Little Dragon - Sweet
Feist - I'm Not Running Away
LEISURE(NZ) - Let's Take It To The Top
Mikey Dam - Over
Dear Time's Waste(NZ) - Room For Rent
Sigur Ros - Hljomalind
DblDbl(NZ) - Non Stop Home & Away Omnibus
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend
Washed Out - Get Lost
Mr Jukes - Angels/Your Love ft BJ The Chicago Kid
K Flay - Champagne

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 12-06-17

Doprah(NZ) - Borderline
Holy Wave - You Should Lie
CLAVVS - Serpentine
Fela Kuti - Egbe Mi O (Frank Booker (NZ) Edit)
Mermaidens(NZ) - Satsuma
Dean Blunt - 100
Ladi6(NZ) - Royal Blue
So Below(NZ) - Ruin
capletonmusic - Prophet Rise Again
Fleet Foxes - Thrid of May Odaigahara
Melting Faces(NZ) - Far King Oats
CHELSEA JADE(NZ) - Life of the Party
Lord Echo(NZ) - Just Do You ft Mara TK
Oscar Dowling(NZ) - Sally Free & Easy
Jonathan Bree(NZ) - Blur
Lord Echo(NZ) - Makossa No.3
Junior Boys - Big Black Coat
Sherpa(NZ) - Dawn Glass Morn
Neko Case - Prison Girls
Yoko-Zuna(NZ) - January Sun
Illphonics - Hights
Yuck - Daughter
Estère(NZ) - Flash Light
Tanika Charles - Endless Chain
The Brunettes(NZ) - Red Rollerskates
The Shins - Heartworms
Sleep over - Outer Limits
Kakapo(NZ) - Me Ghana
Abigail Knudson(DUN) - Ever Since

Harraways Oat Singles Monday Breakfast

Alex Napping - Fault
Leisure(NZ) - Nobody
Little Simz - Backseat
Oscar Dowling(NZ) - Ease My Passing
Ralph - Teasing
Leno Lovecraft(NZ) - Space Fighter
Cigarettes After Sex - Apocalypse
k2k(NZ) - Let It
Dummybog(DUN) - Days of Disco
Angel Olsen - Sister
Aldous Harding(NZ) - Imagining My Man
The Situations(NZ) - Pcy's Everlasting Journey
Re:Gretabull(NZ) - Strangers
Phoenix - J Boy
Rackets(NZ) - Hypocrite
Everything Is Recorded - Close But Not Quite
Anna Coddington(NZ) - Lantern
Best Coast - The Only Place
Cloud Nothings - Internal World
K. Flay - High Enough
So Below(NZ) - Luna
Eastern Bloc(NZ) - Pinky
Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck
Harlem - Friendly Ghost
Prizegiving(NZ) - Vailima
Coco Davis(NZ) - My Girlish Days
Trentmoller - Redefine

Now That's What I Call a Kiwi Breakfast Volume 22-05-17

Ladi6(NZ) - Guru
Big Beach Ocean Surf King(NZ) - Post Wave
TEETH(NZ) - Succubus
Sal Valentine(NZ) - Just Another Lover
Kane Strang(DUN) - My Smile is Extinct
RaizaBiza(NZ) - Get By
Bic Runga(NZ) - Wolves
Koizilla(DUN) - Krill
RACKETS(NZ) - Machete
Clap Clap Riot(NZ) - Help Me
Nich Cunningham(NZ) - Of Nothing
The Sami Sisters(NZ) - August Song
Yumi Zouma(NZ) - Alena (Race Banyon Rmx)
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Jennifer
SJD(NZ) - I Wanna Be Foolish
Die! Die! Die!(DUN) - Blinging
Pearl Hotel(DUN) - In Your Car Under The Moonlight
Yoko-Zuna(NZ) - January Sun
Spawts(NZ) - Weatherbomb
Repulsive Woman(DUN) - Perfect (One Direction Cover)
Satin Sheets(NZ) - Sleep
Lord Echo(NZ) - Bohemian Idol (DJ Day Rmx)
Same Name Confusion(NZ) - Where Do We Go From Here
ENO x DIRTY(NZ) - How My Day Goes
Princess Chelsea(NZ) - Is It All Ok?
Queen Meanis Puss(NZ) - Contracts
Idiot Prayer(NZ) - 100 Ducks
Élan vital(DUN) - Hologram
Baton De Cul de Sac(NZ) - Something
Glass Vaults(NZ) - Bleached Blonde
Surly(NZ) - Serious
HEX(NZ) - The Moon
Grimm Selfie - Magik is Afoot

Harraways Oat Singles Monday Breakfast

And The Kids - Kick Rocks
Shakes(NZ) - Strange Tides
Kraak & Smaak - Alone With You
Space Bats' Attack!(DUN) - Shifty Drifty
BNQT - Mind of a Man
Satain Sheets(NZ) - Sleep
Fresh Snow - Proper Burial
The Veils(NZ) - Axolotl
Broken Bells - After The Disco
Diaz Grimm(NZ) - Sinse
Yoko Zuna(NZ) - January Sun
Ha The Unclear(DUN) - Secret Lives of Furniture
Alabama Shakes - Hold On
Glass Vaults(NZ) - Bleached Blonde
Sarah Mary Chadwick(NZ) - Cool It
Mr Scruff - Hold On
J Dilla - Trucks
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Take it Slow
Ghostface Killah - Baby
Rackets (NZ) - Colgate Kid
Sun Blood(NZ) - Nothing New
HEX(NZ) - Albatross
Hovvdy - Problem
Unknown Mortal Orchestra(NZ) - Swim & Sleep 
Elliot Moss - 99
Mzwetwo(NZ) - Young Stunna
Feist - I'm Not Running Away
Coyote(DUN) - Life is Grey
Mac DeMarco - On The Level
Kip Mcgrath(NZ) - Out of Control

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 08-05-17

Unknown Mortal Orchestra(NZ) - Ra Ako St (Lindstrom Cover)
Race Banyon(NZ) - Surface
Willis Earl Beal - Coming Through
Ha the Unclear(NZ) - Big City
Madlib the Beat Konducta - Yo Yo Affair
The Strokes - All The Time
Kakapo(NZ) - Dreaming
Lord Echo(NZ) - Woah! There's No Limit
Strathcona Pl(DUN) - Seams
Hovvdy - Problem
Feist - I'm Not Running Away
Kane Strang(DUN) - My Smile is Extinct
Perfume Genius - Go Ahead
Waxahatchee - Silver
CHELSEA JADE(NZ) - Life of the Party
Mitski - Your Best American Girl
RaizaBiza(NZ) - New Kings
Beenie Man - Who am I
Yukon Era(NZ) - Tongue
The Tweeks(DUN) - I'm Keen
Cold Cut x On-U Sound - Divide & Rule
Grimes - Genesis
Ladi6(NZ) - Walk Right Up
Julie Byrne(NZ) - Follow my Voice
The xx - Crystalised
Maple Syrup(NZ) - All Seeing
A Tribe Called Quest - Ego
HEX(NZ) - Page of Pentacles
DJ Shadow x NAS - Systematic
merk(NZ) - I'm Easy

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 01-05-17


Ladi6(NZ) - Beffy
Tiny Ruins(NZ) - Dream Wave
Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
Chadbix(DUN) - Envy
Dog Orchestra - Club Fragil
Christoph El Truento(NZ) - 9
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - 10 Feet Tall
CHEATAHS - Muraski
Isaac Aesili(NZ) - With You In My Bed
Dummybog(DUN) - Days of Disco
Shamir - If It Was'nt True
Aldous Harding(NZ) - Imagining My Man
Mac DeMarco - On The Level
k2k(NZ) - Let It
Kate Tempest - Breakfast
Future Islands - Ran
David Mitchell(DUN) - Dead Dog in Port Chalmers
Tennis Music - 10 Minutes 10 Years
Jack Garratt - Worry ft. Anderson .Paak
Paquin(NZ) - In Your Head
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - How Long Do I Have To Wait For You (Ticklah Rmx)
Bad Sav(DUN) - Buy Something New
Protomartyr - Scum, Rise!
Marlon Williams(NZ) - Lonely Side of Her
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Take it Slow
Vampire Weekend - Horchata
Wurld Series(NZ) - Rip KF
Pickle Darling(NZ) - Mouthful
ANOHNI - Paradise
Avoid Avoid(NZ) - Meteor
Run The Jewels - Talk To Me
The Peacekeepers(NZ) - Gunz
Q-Tip - Gettin' Up

Harraways Oat Singles Monday Breakfast

Courtney Barnett - Pedestrain at Best
Repulsive Woman(DUN) - Perfect (One Direction Cover)
Les Savy Fav - Patty Lee
Ha The Unclear(DUN) - Big City
Raiza Biza(NZ) - Strong Woman ft. Remi (Rmx)
Sleeping States - September, Maybe
Sola Rosa(NZ) - Back To You
Frank Ocean - Biking
Elan Vital(DUN) - Hologram
The Atomic Bomb Band - Fantastic (William Onyeabor Cover)
Fat Freddy Drop(NZ) - Fish in The Sea
Peace - Money
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Where The Wild Roses Grow ft. Kylie Minogue
Aporia(NZ) - Jupiter's Goldcoast
Infinity Crush - Everything Being Still
Blondie - Long Time
Esther Stephens & The Means(NZ) - Perfect
The Go! Team - Grip Like Vice
Strathcona PI(DUN) - Seams
Nadia Reid(DUN) - Preservation
Sylvan Esso - Die Young
Coldcut x On U Sound - Divide & Rule
Horse Jumper of Love - Spaceman
Dad Joke(NZ) - Party Goblin

Harraways Oat Singles Monday Breakfast

Secret Knives(NZ) - Sojourn (Glass Valuts Cover)
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Fish In The Sea
Courtney Barnett - Dead Fox
Jen Gloeckner - Row With The Flow
PALS(NZ) - Pipes
Gold Panda - Metal Bird
Raiza Biza(NZ) - Strong Woman ft. Remi (Rmx)
James Duncan(NZ) - My New Flumes
The Pharcyde - 4 Better or 4 Worse
Merk(NZ) - No Better Reason
Hazel English - Fix
Purple Pilgrims(NZ) - Drink The Juice
Father John Misty - Ballad of The Dying Man
Common - Red Wine
Lorde(NZ) - Green Light
EZTV - Temporary Gold
Estere(NZ) - I Spy (Paddy Fred Rmx)
Peaches - Light In Places
Mel Parsons(NZ) - It's Been Good
The Flaming Lips - Convinced of The Hex
Fran(NZ) - Same Name
Minuit(NZ) - 25 Bux
Asia Lynn - Bite My Swag
Teeth(NZ) - Succubus
Aldous Harding(NZ) - Imagining My Man
Alt J - 3WW
Dirty Projectors - Winner Takes Nothing
Chelsea Jade(NZ) - Sliders
Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (Audion Rmx)
Unity Pacific(NZ) - Praising Rastafari

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 03-04-17

The DoubleHappys (DUN) - Needles & Plastic
B O K E H (NZ) - I Know You Know
Swim Team - Current State
Jorja Smith - Beautiful Little Fools 
Garageland (NZ) - Beeline To Heaven
Perfume Genius - Slip Away
Paul Cathro (DUN) - Telescope
Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me
SSELLF (NZ) - Super
Deerhoof - Life is Suffering
AmmoNation (NZ) - Forever
Animal Collective - Jimmy Mack
Bespin (NZ) - Waking Dream
White Lung - Face Down
Real Estate - Stained Glass
The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) - Modern Rock
Recloose & Son Of Sound (NZ) - Spirit Knows ft. Mara TK
Earthworm (NZ) - Have You Seen This Boy
Lo-Fang - #88
Hot Chip - Shake a Fist
Iva Lamkum (NZ) - Kung Fu Grip
BEATCOMBER (NZ) - Sick Breeze
METHYL ETHEL - L'Heure des Sorcieres
Junus Orca (NZ) - Red Glow
Nadia Reid (DUN) - The Arrow & The Aim
Crooked Man - Happiness
Sampha - Blood On Me
Terrible Truths - The Coast Is Clear
Salmonella Dub official (NZ) - Conspiracy Dub
Tiddabadés (NZ) - Colours
Aaradhna (NZ) - Welcome To The Jungle
Ralph - Tease
Seth Hanson and the Additional Six -The Ghosts are Here
Hazel English - Fix

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 27-03 -17

Arcade Fire - We Exist
BANG BANG ECHE(NZ) - Time Mismanagement
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Lucky Girl
The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La
Anika Moa(NZ) - Jealous
prizegiving(NZ) - Sarah
Jurassic 5 - Verbal Gunfight
Battles - Tonto (Four Tet Rmx)
French for Rabbits(NZ) - One & Only
TEETH(NZ) - Succubus
Black Science(NZ) - Lets Drive
Father John Misty - Ballad of The Dying Man
Soulwax - Missing Wires
Little Dragon - High
Snapper(DUN) - Hang On
Ali Baxter - Cigarette
Body corporate(NZ) - Bubblegum
The BPA - Toe Jam
The Shifting Sands(DUN) - Pixies
TV On The Radio - Careful You
Run The Jewels - Get It
Kitty Taylor(NZ) - Daddy
Bored Games(DUN) - Joe 90
Estère(NZ) - Ambiton
Space Bats, Attack!(DUN) - Mouldy Peaches
Nick Monaco - Physical Therapy (Soul Clap Rmx)
Lontalius(NZ) - Mooncatch
Bachelorette(NZ) - Long Time Gone
Tacocat - Bridge to Hawaii

Monday Breakfast

Jorja Smith- Beautiful Little Fools
Genghar- She's A Witch
Bibio- Town & Country
Nadia Reid (DN)- Preservation
BadBadNotGood- In Your Eyes Ft. Charlotte Day Wilson)
Gareth Thomas (NZ)- Weird Fever
BONOMO- Redshifted
Jungle- Time
Molly + The Chromatics (NZ)- Laughing At You
Soft Hair (NZ)- Relaxed Lizard
LEISURE (NZ)- Got It Bad
Tennis- 10 minutes 10 years
Temples- Sun Structures
Elan Vital- Janina
Blended Babies & Lorine Chia- Moment
Dummybog (NZ)- Days of Disco
Glass Vaults (NZ)- Brookyln
Emily King- Distance
Gayngs- Gaudy Side of Town
Mark Ronson- Daffodils ft. Kevin Parker
GROMz (DN)- Mixed Up And Confused
The Shins- Know Your Onion
Real Estate- Stained Glass
Papooz- Ann Wants To Dance
Twin Peaks- You Don't

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 13-03-17

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 13-03-17

Katie Dey - Fear O The Light
LEISURE(NZ) - All Over You (Montell2099 Rmx)
Girlboss(NZ) - Mrs Doubtfire
Allgood.(NZ) - Remedy
Whitney - No Matter Where We Go
Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked
The Knife - Let's Talk About Gender Baby (Planningtorock Rmx)
Grayson Gilmour(NZ) - I Am A Light
French for Rabbits(NZ) - One & Only
Draghound - Golden God
Mr Amish(NZ) - Breathe
Sylvan Esso - Die Young
Spawts(NZ) - Best Night
Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No) - Sheet Music
SODA BOYZ(NZ) - Team Rocket
Dazion - Dancing In The Future

Gareth Thomas(NZ) - Weird Fever
Fazed on a Pony(DUN) - D'You
Sur Back - Kitsch
Phantogram - Fall In Love
LIPS(NZ) - Freddy Bardot 
Eva Prowse(NZ) - The Wannabe
Missy Elliott - Im Better 
Space Dimension Controller - The Love Quadrant
Quiet Village - Pacific Rhythm
Dummybog(DUN) - Nighthawks
Space Above(NZ) - Let It Still
Coyote(DUN) - Platypus
The Smoking Trees - High Horse
The Phoenix Foundation(NZ) - 40 Years

Monday Breakfast

Monday Breakfast

Alpine - Foolish
Collapsing Cities(NZ) - Tazers
Run The Jewels - Talk To Me
Aeroc - Idiom
B O K E N(NZ) - I Know You Know
AmmoNation(NZ) - Forever
Kitty Taylor(NZ) - Daddy
Animal Collective - Kinda Bonkers
Dad Jokes(NZ) - Waster
Elan Vital(DUN) - Dreams
The Staves - Tired As
Little Dragon - High
Purity Ring - Begin Again
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nuclear Fusion
New Dawn(NZ) - The Dying Light
Kamandi(NZ) - Burn Them Down
Neko Case - Prision Girls
King Loser(DUN) - '76 Comeback
Dimmer(NZ) - I Believe You Are A Star
Mitski - Happy
Look Blue Go Purple(DUN) - I Don't Want You Anyway
Neil Young - Like A Hurricane 
Laura Lee Lovely(NZ) - Dreamers
Childish Gambino - California
Le Tigre - TKO (Peaches Knock Out mix)
k2k(NZ) - Let It
Sleater Kinney - What's On Your Mind
Pacific Heights(NZ) - Realms
Metronomy - Night Owl
Womb(NZ) - Feeling Like Helium
Name UL(NZ) - No FOMO
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Lucky Girl

Monday Breakfast w./ Tommy T

Taste Nasa (NZ) - Do What You Feel
Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (Feat. Irfane)
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Can We Get It Together (Feat. Noah Slee)
The Meters - Handclapping Song
Lorde (NZ) - Team
Caribou - After Hours
Scuba Diva (NZ) - What's The Point (Prod. Kody Neilson)
Junica (NZ) - Looking Out (Prod. Kody Neilson)
Sherpa (NZ) - So Hard (Prod. Kody Neilson)
Friendly Fires - Paris (Au Revoir Simone Remix)
Juniore - Christine
Shitgeto - Tide Pools
News Headlines w. Mikayla!
Scratch 22 (NZ) - Window Rattle
Nic Armstrong - Down Home Girl
News and Weather w. Mikayla!
Jungle - Time
Nakey (NZ) - No Job
Feature Album: Space Above (NZ) - Still
Space Above (NZ) - Shades
Open Mike Eagle - Dark COmedy Morning Show
Mzewetwo (NZ) - God Said (Feat. KVKA, Taste Nasa, & Roman Schwedtfeger)
Interview: Mzewetwo!
Mzewetwo - Young Stunna
News Headlines w. Mikayla!
Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Glare
Nick Monaco - Freak Flag
News and Weather w. Mikayla!
Jurassic 5 - Thin Line (Feat. Nelly Furtado)
The Veils (NZ) - Swimming With The Crocodiles
Kip McGrath / Polyester (NZ) - Out of Control
Justice - Civilisation
void clothing Playtime Report
Kane Strang (Dn) - Oh So You're Off I See
Yukon Era (NZ) - Tongue
Real Estate - Darling
Cut Off Your Hands (NZ) - Hate Somebody
Eskimeaux - Year of the Rabbit
Ernesto Anemone (NZ) - Obtusism
EXD (Dn) - Hindsight (Feat. VK)