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Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

PRESENTED BY the Otago Museum

7am - 10am Monday with Jamie Green

Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Automaton - Antipodeans (NZ)
E Taku Huia Kaimanawa - TE KAAHU (NZ)
New Metal - P.H.F (NZ)
Renegade Breakdown - Marie Davidson, L'oeil Nu
You Can Get It - BUMPER
I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore - Lucy Dacus
Move Yourself Away - Thorington (NZ)
Slip Away - Perfume Genius
I Know ft. Fiona Apple - King Princess
Little Uneasy - Fazerdaze (NZ)
Johnny Woop - Eggy
Frequency - Sylvan Esso
Familiar Ways - ALASKALASKA
Garden Song - Phoebe Bridgers
If You Really Loved Me - Mousey (NZ)
I'm Not Getting Excited - The Beths (NZ)
Baby Bedside - Reuben Hudson (NZ)
Night Garden (ft. Kenny Beats & Bakar) - BENEE (NZ)
Cherry Flavoured - The Neighbourhood
Camilla, I'm at Home - Peach Pit
Start To Reveal - black sad (NZ)
Realiti (Grimes Cover) - Marika Hackman
California - Grimes
Finelines - VIKAE (NZ)
She's Running - Mermaidens (NZ)
Wanderer - Molly Devine (NZ)
No Friend - Paramore
Susie Save Your Love - Allie X ft. Mitski
Television - No Romance
Sweet - Porridge Radio
Cheshire - Phoebe Rings (NZ)
my future - Billie Eilish
Happy - Mitski
Laugh It Off - Chelsea Jade (NZ)


Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Totems (NZ) - Working Wit
Antipodeans (NZ) - Automaton
Sam Cullen (NZ) - 1000x
Milk (NZ) - Benzo
Repairs (NZ) - Pop Song
Contours & Yadava - Udu
Monday Mash Up: DJ Poulpi - Toxie Change (Britney Spears vs Deftones
WAI (NZ) - Hine Te Ihorangi
Yosh (NZ) - Skin
Villette (NZ) - Curious
O & The Mo (NZ)  - Pistachio
Kirsten Te Rito (NZ) - Na Wai Te Wai I Takoha Mai
Fable (NZ) - Money
Randa (NZ) - Frankenstein (Prod. By Totems)
Ferdishenko (NZ) - Deep Love
NO ZU - Talking To A Stranger
Jed Parsons (NZ) - She's The One
The Beths (NZ) - I'm Not Getting Excited
AKCEPT (NZ) - Moonlight
Brothers Bukowski - Butterside Down
P.H.F.(NZ) - Queen ft. Clairo
King Krule - Cellular
Plastic - Baby Steps
Dead Famous People (NZ) - Goddess of Chill
Hummucide (NZ) - 8 Mullups
Maisey Rika & Tama Waipara (NZ) - Haumanu
Caroles (NZ) - Bed Head
H4LF CAST (NZ) - Rusty Fan
LAPIS (NZ) - Blue in Orange
Lipsink (NZ) - Leitmotif
Micra - Under My Skin
Whirimako Black (NZ) - Misty
Totems (NZ) - Stunt 151
Soft Plastics (NZ) - My World/Your Girl
Roidz (NZ) - Bad @ Sex


Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Toots and the Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number
Hummucide(NZ) - 8 Mullups
Shannon Matthew Vanya(NZ) - Stuck
Mark de Clive Lowe(NZ) - Ghaziya
The Neighbourhood - Cherry Flavoured
ruth sparrow(NZ) Ruth/Soarrow
Chelsea Jade(NZ) - Super Fan
Arjuna Oakes(NZ) - Cautionary Tale
Jean Fraser Hoult(NZ) - ur Hard On Me
TE KAAHU(NZ) - E Taku Juia Kaimanawa
Shiraz & LSJ(NZ) - Risky
Toots and The Maytals - Pressure Drop
Repairs(NZ) - Pop Song
Riton - Too High
Summer Thieves(NZ) - Ocean Baby
Dick Move(NZ) - Chop!
TEEKS(NZ) - Without You
UMI - Mother
Easy Star All Stars - Let Down Ft. Toots and The Maytals
Son Little - Never Give Up
Sola Rosa(NZ) - Something Good
M0ppy x Randa(NZ) - Bed jelly
Doons(NZ) 2 Sides


Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

2XM (NZ) - Apollo Jazz ft. Jess Aspinwall
Ferdishenko (NZ) - Deep Love
Shark vs Lion (NZ) - Hold Me Now
Church & AP (NZ) - Laxit
070 Shake - Guilty Conscience (Tame Impala Remix)
Theia (NZ) - Kitty Kat (Gurldoll remix)
Suren unka (NZ) - Waxing Gibbous
Kenny Sterling - Seismic Commotion
Leonard Powell (NZ) - Hold on (ft. James Findlay)
Orville Peck - Summertime
Eyeliner (NZ) - Los Angeles
L. Hotel (DN) - Sit Around
Sojourn (NZ) - Stand Up
Frank ocean - Cayendo
Sonic Space Lab (DN) - There's No Gravity
TEEKS (NZ) - Without You
Rubi Du (NZ) - Highest of the High
The Homesick - Male Bonding
The Avalances - If I was a Folkstar


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 31-08-20


Baby Zionov(NZ) - Sudoko Class
The Neighbourhood - Cherry Flavoured
Late Night Lounge(NZ) - Lakeside
Mac Miller - Floating
Hospital Sports(NZ) - The Silence is Deafening
Pelorus(NZ) - Kind of Love
Monday Mash Up: James Brown & The Notorious B.I.G.. B.I.G. Poppa's Got a Brand New Bag
Skinny Wolf - Fever
Bright Music(NZ) - Soul Saver (Orange Mix)
East of Queen(NZ) - Crickets
Raiza Biza(NZ) - Tonight
Milly Tabak & The Miltones(NZ) - Liven Up The Night
Race Banyon(NZ) - We Need It
Reuben Hudson(NZ) - Baby Backside
Spencer - Maybe
Lance Saturday(NZ) - Sunshine Girl
Charli XCX - Claws
Riki Gooch & Alistair Fraser(NZ) - I Te Ra Ki Te Po
Alice Skye - Grand Ideas
The Tacks(NZ) - Rat
CHAII(NZ) - Lightswitch
Aalok Bala - Moon Juice
Fis(NZ) - Patupaiarehe
Shiraz & LSJ(NZ) - Risky
Diggy Dupe(NZ) - That's Team
Liam K. Swiggs(NZ) - Heartland V.I.P.
Sam Cullen(NZ) - Love Lies
Bad Hagrid(NZ) - The Liger and the Fisherman
Nick Tipa(DUN) - Drown Me
PAIGE(NZ) - Waves
Destroy All False Metal(NZ) - Susan Hutt Rat
K M T P(NZ) - Acting Out
King Krule - Draag On
Cass McCombs
Angel Olsen - Whole New Mess

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 24-08-20

L.A.B.(NZ) - In The Air
Chelsea Jade(NZ) - Super Fan
Nadia Reid(DUN) - Get The Devil Out
Ali Adriano - My Hand
Phodiso(NZ) - Running Lines
The Lazy Eyes - Tangerine
Coco Soild(NZ) - Slow Torture
Sam Fender - Hold Out
Mali Mali(NZ) - Harleguin Bay Rushers
i.e. crazy(NZ) - As It Stands
Manuel Bundy(NZ) - Higher
CEL(NZ) - Lure
BENEE - Glitter
Angel Olsen - Whole New Mess
Glass Vaults(NZ) - Flat White Boy
Julia Stone - Break
Shannon Matthew Vanya(NZ) - Stuck
Bicep - Atlas
Kairi(NZ) - Could Be Worse
ARCA - Mequetrefe
Reb Fountain(NZ) - Don't You Know Who I Am
Bambin(NZ) - forgive me for hiding
Lime Cordiale - Screw Loose
Follower(NZ) - Matuku
Villette(NZ) - Curious
Soda Boyz(NZ) - Bad Friend
VIKAE(DUN) - Finelines
Name UL(NZ) - Red Eye
K M T P(NZ) - Home
Kahika(NZ) - Mutual Gathering
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Some of Us
Dead Famous People(NZ) - Dead Bird's Eye
Liam K Swiggs(NZ) - heartland V.I.P.
Mazbou Q(NZ) - Blacklight ft Mo Muse & Phodiso
Imugi - Someone Else
Theophilus London & Tame Impala - Only You
Rina Sawayama - Comme Des Garcons
Troy Kingi(NZ) - Mighty Invader

Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 10-08-20


Anthonie Tonnon(NZ) - Water Underground(Live)
Ghost College - Apartment
CLUB Panther CLAW(NZ) - All The Shirley Temple Drinks
The Mulls - Hoo Hoo
Emily Edrosa(NZ) - Drinking During The Day
Tamara and the Dreams - Funny
SOAP(NZ) - Let's Go To Work
Howler - Say It Again
Dead Famous People(NZ) - Dead Bird's Eye
Greer - Bye Bye Baby
JANG(NZ) - Angel Eyes
Same Name Confusion(NZ) - ESP
Soft Plastics(NZ) - My World/Your Girl
dera meelan(NZ) - Shrapnel
Paige(NZ) - Waves
Juno Is(DUN) - Ur Looking So Ideal
Menahan Street Band - Queens Highway
Haszari(DUN) - Eggs for Tea
Marco Baker(NZ) - her
Milly Tabak & The Miltones(NZ) - Liven Up The Night
Tom Verberne(NZ) - What's That Sound
Nic and reuben(NZ) - Stuff
Devendra Banhart - Scenescof
Oscar Lang - Flowers
Cosuma - Loving Something, It Helps
The Beths(NZ) - Uptown Girl
Lake South(NZ) - History Present
Bambin(NZ) - Forgive Me for Hiding
Yellow Days - Love is Everywhere
Fletcher Valentine(NZ) - Blue Divide
Jany Green - Little
King Sweeties(NZ) - Let's Just Stay In Bed
Phoebe James Music(DUN) - Sink
Komaine(NZ) - Don't Follow
Destroy All False Metal(NZ) - Susan Hutt Rat
ChromiXx - Dela Move
RAKTA - Flor de Pele
JessB(NZ) - Shut Up!
Wing Defence - Relocate

Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Zero Plussed(NZ) - Sunk
King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard - Honey
Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever - Cars In Space
Bad Hagrid(NZ) - The Liger and the Fisherman
Khruangbin - Time
Shiraz & LSJ(NZ) - Lean & Rock
Remi Wolf - Hello Hello Hello
Nick Tipa(DUN) - Drown Me
K M T P(NZ) - Acting Out
Young Gho$t(NZ) - Leaky Nose
Mali Mali(NZ) - Harlequin Bay Rushes
The Beths(NZ) - Out of Sight
DARTZ(NZ) - 1 Outs Captain Cook
The Mutes (from mars)(NZ) - Under The Sea
Boy Pablo - Hey Girl
Saint Blace(NZ) - Sun Strokes
HAIM - I Know Alone
Billie Eilish - my future
cral(NZ) - bip bip
KennyHoopla - Plastic Door
Oscar Jane Doorne(NZ) - Swimsuit
George Clanton & Nick Hexum - Out of the Blue
Emily Edrosa(NZ) - The Corner of the Party
Mini Simmons(NZ) - Traveling Show
Leonard Powell(NZ) - Hold On
Same Name Confusion(NZ) - ESP
Follower(NZ0 - Whakakahu
Troy Kingi & The Clutch(NZ) - All Your Ships have Sailed
Covid Collab(NZ) - The Phone Call
IDLES - Grounds
Space Above(NZ) - Movements
Hots laps(NZ) - Friends
Komaine(NZ) - Don't Follow
DROOR(NZ) - Photosynthesizer
Kahika(NZ) - Mutual Gathering
Belladonna(NZ) - Perfectly Good


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 27-07-20


Diggy Dupe(NZ) - CT&T
Sofia Machray(NZ) - Handstands
Baby Zionov(NZ) - Clubbing in the Time of Cholera
Julia Stone - Break
T. G. Shand (NZ) - The Town Cards
JessB(NZ) - Pon It
Tom Broome Engineer/Producer(NZ) - Never Sleeping Repeating
Adele vs. Daft Punk - Something About The Fire (Carlos Serrano Mix)
Gentle Method(NZ) - Fire Time
Lévyne(NZ) - Pause
Thundercat - Fair Chnace
Lime Cordiale - Screw Loose
CHAII(NZ) - Lightswitch
CEL(NZ) - Lure
Eyeliner (Disasteradio & Eyeliner fun fan zone)(NZ) - Drop Shadow
Rei(NZ) - Rapeti
Devendra Banhart - Let's See
Race Banyon(NZ) - We Need It
MAALA(NZ) - Water Overhead
Car Seat Headrest - Can't Cool Me Down
Jonathan Bree(NZ) - Heavenly Vision
Given Names(NZ) - Let Me Tell U
Wiri Donna(NZ) - Wandering Willies
Tom Waits - Romeo Is Bleeding
Oscar Lang - Flowers
Lady Bonestripper(NZ) - Slime Monster
Aidan Fine(NZ) - Deadroses
Molly Ferguson(NZ) - Niche
And$um X Liam K. Swiggs(NZ) - Every Other Day
Dion Lunadon - When Will I Hold You Again
n1ghtmar3cat(NZ) - Don't lie
Wishdasher(NZ) - Moonlight
Out of Sorts(NZ) - Bongo Porn
Komaine(NZ) - Don't Follow
Stupid rich kid(NZ) - It's Alight
HAIM - I Know Alone

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 20-07-20


Jonathan Bree(NZ) - Heavenly Vision
Shopping - For Your Pleasure
Dawn Diver(NZ) - Rosemary
Remi Wolf - Hello Hello Hello
Leon Bridges - Sweeter
TOMCD(NZ) - Nothing To Lose
Bad Hagrid(NZ) - The Baker
The Impossibility of Retreat(NZ) - Highways
Sit Down In Front(NZ) - Rain
Womb(NZ) - Used to Be
Fable(NZ) - Safe
TheStreets & Tame Impala - Call My Phone
Marlon Williams(NZ) - Party Boy
Three Quarter Marathon (DUN) - ??????
Mirrors - Half Mirror
Belladonna(NZ) - Perfectly Good
Jorja Smith - Rose Rouge
Stupid rich kid(NZ) - It's Alright
The Lazy Eyes - Cheesy Love Song
Inters(NZ) - Mac User
Darion Harris - Asthma
SOAP(NZ) - Let's Go To Work
Gajuar(NZ) - Waste
Kevin Posey & Mazbou Q(NZ) - Your Shine
Fletcher Valentine(NZ) - Blue Divide
East of Queen(NZ) - Crickets
The Beths(NZ) - Jump Rope Gazers
jade imagine - Heavy Machines
Mt. Wolf(NZ)- Tayrona
HOT LAPS(NZ) - Friends
JessB(NZ) - SHut Up
Juno Is(DUN) - It's No Groover
King Krule - Cellular
Tine Nymann - Into The Daylight
Flume - The Difference (Jon Hopkins Rmx)

Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Ladi6(NZ) - Ikarus
Fontains D.C. - Televised Mind
Belladonna(NZ) - Perfectly Good
Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison
Hummucide(NZ) - Reacher
The Avalanches - We Will Always Love You
Jonathan Bree(NZ) - Heavenly Vision
Monday Mash Up: Kylie Minogue and New Order - Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head
Caribou - Second Chance
Lilly Carron(NZ) - Talk To Me
Big Thief - Century
Lady Bonestripper(NZ) - Slime Monster
HEALTH - L.A. Looks
Theia(NZ) - Kitty Kat (Gurldoll Rmx)
Criminal Palace(NZ) - Zig Zags
Bicep - Atlas
Baby Zionov(NZ) - Suduko Class
Jamie xx - Idontknow
BLKCITY(NZ) - Flying
Benny Walker - All Ya Gotta Do Is Call
Leonard Powell(NZ) - Hold On
Marsha(NZ) - Last Night
Repairs(NZ) - Last Chance
Pixies - Bone Machine
Terrible Truths - Lift Weights
Chubby Fly(NZ) -Find us
Space Above(NZ) - Movements
Kahika(NZ) - Rainbeat
Your Indigo(NZ) - Water Sky
Methyl Ethel - Honest
Chelsea Jade(NZ) - Super Fan
DROOR(NZ) - Photosynthesizer
Great Gable - All My Friends
ZExii(DUN) - Trust Issues
Lime Cordiale - Addicted To Sunshine
Young Gho$t(NZ) - Leakt Nose
Banks - Brain


Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Trouble - CHAII (NZ)
Sad and Lonely (ft. Junny) - Amamalia (NZ)
Need A Friend feat. Kevin Posey - SIZZORHANDS (NZ)
Shook - Tkay Maidza
Space Cadet - The Technicolors
Fire Time - Gentle Method (NZ)
Rosemary - Dawn Driver (NZ)
Queen ft. Clairo - P.H.F. (NZ)
Dinner & Diatribes - Hozier
We Will Always Love You (ft. Blood Orange) - The Avalanches
In This State - Hockey Dad
Grand Ideas - Alice Skye
Bastards - Mermaidens
Handstands - Sofia Machray (NZ)
Cool - Soccer Mommy
Geyser - Mitski
Shifter - Arlo Mac (NZ)
Staring at a Mountain - Sharon Van Etten
I Know Alone - HAIM
forward - Ghost Circles (NZ)
Here I Am - Tom Odell
Try To Change - Mother Mother
Wii Turn Up (Wii Menu Remix) - Murcy
Caamilla, I'm at home - Peach Pit
Strangers - Reb Fountain (NZ)
Super Fan - Chelsea Jade (NZ)
Broken Boy (feat. Iggy Pop) - Cage The Elephant
Sugar On The Rim - Hayley Williams
Kill v. Maim - Grimes
I'm Not Getting Excited - The Beths (NZ)
Space And Time - Wolf Alice
Treading Lightly - Fazerdaze (NZ)


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 29-06-20


Yosh(NZ) - Skin
Donny Benet - Girl of My Dreams
Bad Hagrid(NZ) - The Liger and The Fisherman
Doprah(NZ) - Borderline
Christian Lee Hutson - Get The Band Back Together
Monday Mashup: Bob Marley & Billy Idol - With a Rebel Yell, She Cried Don't Give Up The Fight
Hockey Dad - In This State
Dick Move(NZ) - Chop!
SODA BOYZ(NZ) - Bad Friend
Molchat Doma - Heaven & Hell
Kita(NZ) - Try to Find a Way
ONONO(NZ) - Holographic Friend
Kevin Posey & Mazbou Q(NZ) - Your Shine
Alex Cameron - Before Too Long (Paul Kelly Cover)
Belladonna(NZ) - Perfectly Good
DUNE RATS - No Plans
Milly Tabak & The Miltones(NZ) - Innocence
Jany Green - Little
Stanley Pedigree(NZ) - Chant Down
Howler - Say It Again
Smokestack Slim(NZ) - Better Left Unsaid
Benjamin Shaw - Thanks for All the Biscuits
Music Sucks(NZ) - Wack Job
Nic & Reuben(NZ) - Stuff
Nuance(NZ) - Kauri Groove
Marlin's Dreaming(DUN) - Alike
Jack Panther(NZ) - This Dream
Mermaidens(NZ) - Seed
Dirty Pixels(NZ) - Holly Danger
Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様 - Mushi No Uta
Arlo Mac(NZ) - Shifter
Wynnm - Fire On The Moon
Team Dynamite(NZ) - Who?
Bruise Cruise - Bruise Cruise
Dead Famous People(NZ) - Dead Bird's Eye
Kate NV - Plans
Donald Glover - Algorhythm

Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Water Sky - Your Indigo (NZ)
Let Me Tell U - Given Names (NZ)
She's a WASP - Captain Saturated Planet (NZ)
A Ghost Called Ash - Barney Connolly (NZ)
Matrimony - Tennis
Dust Inside The Light - Florist
Heat Wave - Snail Mail
Green Eggs And Ham - Princess Nokia
Atlas - Bicep
Now That I'm Older - Sufjan Stevens
everything i wanted - Billie Eilish
If You Really Loved Me - Mousey (NZ)
forward - Ghost Circles (NZ)
What To Do? - Inside My Speech Bubble
Pure Love - Hayley Williams
Bitter Winter - ALASKALASKA
Laugh It Off - Chelsea Jade (NZ)
Fall Down - Crumb
Violence (i_o Club Mix) - Grimes
Dining Room 2001 - Chances Are (NZ)
Dying To Believe - The Beths (NZ)
Oom Sha La La - Haley Heyndrickx
Francis Forever - Mitski
Last Night - Marsha (NZ)
An Arrow in the Haunch - Kraus (NZ)
Perfectly Good - Belladonna (NZ)
Ashley Bloomfield - Maxwell Apse (NZ)
Keep Breathing - Alexa Casino (NZ)
claws - Charlie XCX
Double the Dream - Wasted Shirt, Ty Seagull, Black Puss
Someone - Gabriel Garzon-Montano
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Beyond The Rain Remix) - Laura Lee Lovely (NZ)
Meaningless Words - Lawrence Arabia
Hine Te Ihorangi - WAI (NZ)
Shoulders - Fazerdaze (NZ)
Dawn Chorus - Thom Yorke (NZ)


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 15-06-20


Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Slings & Arrows
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Cars In Space
Julian Dyne(NZ) - Who Are You
Bonobo - Samurai
Juno Is(DUN) - It's No Groover
Alex Cameron - Before Too Long
AKCEPT(NZ) - Exhaust
Day Wave - Deadbeat Girl
Raiza Biza(NZ) - Tonight
Little John - Discuss Dem Man
Alexa Casino(NZ) - lol bye
雄須華 oscar jane doorne � �(NZ) - Swimsuit
Jaga(NZ) - We Once Knew
Big Thief - Love In Mine
Liam K. Swiggs(NZ) - Grace & Glory VIP
Jess Kent - No One Else
Smoot(NZ) - Welcome To Nowhere (The Mint Chicks Cover)
Christine and the Queens - People, I've Been Sad
Skud & Serebii(NZ) - I Don't Need Your Time
Gossip - Heavy Cross
Smokestack Slim(NZ) - Better Left Unsaid
Justice - Rany
Kirsty(NZ) - Ruby Princess
Oh Pep! - Happenstance
A.C. Freazy(NZ) - Drip Dry Eyes (Yukihiro Takahashi Cover)
Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen
Sex With Bowie(DUN) - Take a Pill For It
Kevin Posey & Mazbou Q(NZ) - Your Shine
Kate NV - Plains
Max Pepsi(NZ) - Rainbows
Everything is Recorded - 10:15/The Night
ZANE 2000(NZ) - Time Just Is
UMI - Mother
Gentle Method(NZ) - Fire Time
Genesis Owusu - Don't Need You
Yumi Zouma(NZ) - Lonely After
Atmosphere - This Lonely Rose
Holly Afoa Music(NZ) - UDik
Snail Mail - Pristine
Synthetic Children(NZ) - Possess you

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 08-06-20


Big Scout(NZ) - Head Out The Window
Mk.gee - Isn't It So Convenient
Mermaidens(NZ) - Bastards
Car Seat Headrest - Martin
Louisa Nicklin(NZ) - The Same For You
CHAII(NZ) - Trouble
ZANE 2000(NZ) - Time Just Is
King Krule - Alone, Omen 3
Vikae(DUN) - Liar
Alayna(NZ) - Glowing
reb fountain(NZ) - Strangers
SideSister(NZ) - Heaven On Earth
The Leonard Simpson Duo(NZ) - Nobody
Lucky Boy(NZ) - Marie Te Po
Baby Zionov - Clubbing in the Time of Cholera
Leonard Powell(NZ) - Hold On
Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison
Donny Benet - Moving Up
cral(NZ) - Bip Bip
Hockey Dad - Itch
Isla(NZ) - Kids Like Me
Nesian Mystik(NZ) - Paradise
Spoon - Inside out
Title Pending(NZ) - How To Live
Hahko(NZ) - It's Pink
Jason Nolan(NZ) - Peach
Border Control(NZ) - Temptation
Sun Blood(NZ) - Nothing new
Sofia Machray(NZ) - Handstands
Iceage - Lockdown Blues
Given Names(NZ) - Let Me Tell U
Smooth Kiwi - Am I Asleep?
Bomb Dylan(NZ) - So Quiet
Hans(NZ) - Borders
Stef Animal(DUN) - Secret Tunnel
The Label Club(NZ) - Becky and the Birds
Neon Indian - Toyota Man
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Paper Mache Dream Balloon

Otago Museum Monday Breakfast

Manuel Bundy(NZ) - Higher
Leonard Charles(NZ) - Can We Go Back
Alizarin Lizard(NZ) - Back To Front
Ghost Circles(NZ) - Forward
Ladi6(NZ) - Walk Right Up
Tiny Ruins(NZ) - Straw Into Gold
May Project(NZ) - Lodestar
Dateline(NZ) - Love Hertz (Live)
Cornerstone Roots(NZ) - Home
Bad Timing(NZ) - Tui
Mulholland(NZ) - Cry If You want To
The Shades(NZ) - Liquid Situation
Rhombus(NZ) - Clav Dub
Able Tasmans(NZ) - What Was That Thing?
Koizilla(DUN) - Prooble
Shane(NZ) - The Town of Tuxley Toymaker
Silicon(NZ) - Cellphone
TOYOTA(NZ) - Ceiling Fan (Liam K. Swiggs 160 Vip)
T0ss3r(NZ) - Fleece
P.H.F.(NZ) - Sometimes
Matthew Young(NZ) - Hold tight
Che Fu(NZ) - The Mish (2)
DROOR(NZ) - Photosynthesizer
MantaPoint(NZ) - Relief
Bright Music(NZ) - Soul Saver (Orange Mix)
Look Blue Go Purple(DUN) - Circumspect Penelope
Murmur Tooth(DUN) - Memory
Stef Animal(DUN) - Secret Tunnel
The Venus Project(NZ) - Numb
The Hi Revving Tongues(NZ) - Tropic of Capricorn
A.C. Freazy(NZ) - Drip Dry Eyes
Nathan Haines(NZ) - Pick It Up
Jefferson Belt(NZ) - Gold Dust
All Of Us(NZ) - Sailing Away
The BPA & Connan Mocjasin(NZ) - Jump The Fence
Adam Hattaway and the Haunters(NZ) - Nothing Lasts
Nadia Reid(NZ) - Preservation


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 18-05-20


Tiny Ruins(NZ) - Me At The Museum, You At The Wintergarden
a race of angels - Just Begin
Sarah Mary Chadwick(NZ) - Please Daddy
John Wizards - Lusaka By Night
Murmur Tooth(DUN) - Weak Knees
Peach Pit - Camilla, I'm At Home
Kairi(DUN) - Uninspired
Oakley Grenell(NZ) - Happenin
Ladi6(NZ) - Bang Bang
Anna Tivel - Look Away
gg. Mothra(NZ) - Rosa Venus
Glass Animals - Hazey
Womb(NZ) - Lioness
1865 - Get Out
Quiet Darkly(NZ) - Dream Loosie
Takaro Techno Club(NZ) - One Quest
Mirrors - Half Mirror
Ryan Fisherman(NZ) - How Cool
Kali Uchis - Angel
Ria Hall(NZ) - Flow
Farandicus(NZ) - Shame On You
Team Dynamite(NZ) - Who?
Young Gho$t(NZ) - Leaky Nose
Shannon Matthew Vanya(NZ) - Where Are You
yana edwards(NZ) - 24/02
T0ss3R(NZ) - Cybernetic goose
Daily J(NZ) - Skylah
Koizilla(DUN) - In a Month or Two
Car Seat Headrest - Martin
Imperial April(NZ) - Peachy
Ghost Circles(NZ) - Forward
Morning Silk - Threads
Choicevaughan(NZ) - To Live or Die in AD
Inside My Speech Bubble(NZ) - What To Do
Tamara & the Dreams - Funny!
SAM V(NZ) - Shawty
Shellac - Prayer To God
Fela Kuti - Egbe Mi O (Frank Booker Edit)
Big Lumpy(NZ) - Dreaming
Petite Meller - Baby Love (Kiwi Rmx)

Now That's What I Call Breakfast In Bed Volume 11-05-20


Ghost Wave(NZ) - Reputation
Unknown Mortal Orchestra(NZ) - Amerivan Guilt
Little Richard - Tutti Frutti
Vermont - Elektron
The Tacks(NZ) - Rat
Animal Collective - What Would I Want? Sky
Liam K. Swiggs(NZ) - Grace & Glory
Boards Of Canada - Reach For The Dead
Audrey Mika - Y U Gotta B Like That
Air - Sing Sang Sung (Black Moth Super Rainbow Rmx)
Marika Hodgson(NZ) - Parallel Love
Rina Sawayama - Comme des Garcons
The Beths(NZ) - Dying To Believe
Little Richard - Lucille
Gizom Varillas - Saving Grace
Madeline Howard(NZ) - My Delirium
Orville Peck - Summertime
Marsha(NZ) - Last Night
Church & AP(NZ) - War Outside
VASILI(NZ) - Push Restart
SOUP(NZ) - Let's Go To Work
SideSister(NZ) - Heaven on Earth
Downbuzz(NZ) - Need You Now
Lannigan - Where Do We Go From Here?
Boy oh Boy(NZ) - My Witch
Dinosaur Club(NZ) - Stanford
Ripshit(NZ) - Plume on Europa
Great Gable - All My Friends
Little Richard - Jenny, Jenny
Chris William(NZ) - Don't Forget
Out of Sorts(NZ) - Bongo Porn
P.H.F(NZ) - Living is Easy
Glass Animals - Tokyo Drifting
Hot Laps(NZ) - Friend
Jazz Ingram - 2AM
Being.(NZ) - Count me In, I've Been Dragging Life
Marlon Williams(NZ) - Lost Without You
Little Richard - Long Tall Sally