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Monday Breakfast

7am - 10am Monday with Candice

Monday Breakfast

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 30-01-23

Weird Together (NZ) - Find Out (Kedu Carlo Rmx)
Jujulipps (NZ) - Hilary Banks
Half Hexagon (NZ) - Ism
Partiboi69 vs Choirboys - Run To Paradise
Jam Henderson (NZ) - Close To You
Column of Sond (NZ) - Bleeding Sky
Hans (NZ) - Candy ft imugi
JINZ (NZ) - Charlie Sheen
Earth Tongue (NZ) - Miraculous Death
Bleeding Star (NZ) - Feburary
Marinero - Outerlands
Maple Glider - Good Thing
Whitney - Real Love
Clamm - SomethingNew
Rewind Fields (NZ) - Shield & Crown
Leaping Tiger (NZ) - Miu Miu
Mirror Ritual (NZ) - Fear In All
Miakie (NZ) - Flicker
Ocean Alley - Home
The Mulls (NZ) - Apple
Mads Harrop (DUN) - Time
Monday Morning Mashup - Massive Attack vs Portishead - Teardrop on Roads
Soaked Oats (DUN) - The Way It Works
TE KAAHU (NZ) - Te Kaahu O Rangi
Samm Henshaw - Still Broke
Vera Ellen (NZ) - Homewreacker
Aloe Black - I Need a Dollar
April Baby (DUN) - Little Islands Stitting Out in The Ocean
Bored Housewives Club (NZ) - Smoking Weed/Kissing Dudes
King Tuff - A Meditation
King Tuff - A Portrait of God
King Tuff - Smalltown Stardust
Miss June (NZ) - I Don't Wanna Be Your Dog
The Wombats - I Think My Mind has Made Up It's Mind
The Wendys (NZ) - Lo Fi Lies
Theia (NZ) - Pray for Me
And$um (NZ) - Do It Like That
Wavves - TV Luv Song
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Coming Apart

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 16-01-23

Bub (NZ) - Dreams
Alvvays - In Undertone
Bully - Guess There
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ) - Special Edition
Anderson .Paak - King James
Buena Vista Social Club - Candela
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Break!
Mitski - Happy
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Honey
Kurt Vile - Walkin' On A Pretty Day
Sly & Robbie - Dub Boom
Joy Division - Disorder
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Laugh It off
Atmosphere - This Lovely Rose
Ripship (NZ) - Cloud Seeder
Wolf Alice - Smile
The Prophet Hens (DUN) - Popular People
Whitney - No Woman
Dale Kerrigan (DUN) - ripgirl101
Blood Orange - Call Me
Phoebe Rings (NZ) - LAzy Universe
Solange - Don't Touch My Hair
Shana Cleveland - Faces in the Firelight
Sola Rosa (NZ) - Turn Around
Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
TV GIrl - Taking What's Not Yours
She's So Rad - Levels
Polaroid of Polarbears (NZ) - Everybody Knows My Friend
Soaked Oats (DUN) - Something
Monday Morning Mashup - The Megatallica Sisters - "Master of the Neutron Dance of Destruction
King Kapisi (NZ) - Reverse Resistance
Juno Is (DUN) - Ur Looking So Ideal
Vera Ellen (NZ) - Homewrecker
Earth To Zena (NZ) - Crooked Mouths
Will Bill Ricketts (NZ) - Why Some of Them

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 09-01-23

Dear Time's Waste (NZ) - Room for Rent
Julia Jacklin - ove, Try Not To Let Go
Awon & Phoniks - Summer Madness
Mermaidens (NZ) - Soft Enegy
Tom Waits - Goin' Out West
Haim - Summer Girl
Soul Clap - Love Yourself
Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love
Hans Pucket (NZ) - No Drama
Beirut - In The Mausoleum
Bob Marley & The Wailers - War
Beach House - Drunk In LA
Future Islands - A Dream Of You and Me
Debby Friday - So Hard To Tell
Snail Mail - Valentine
Jungle - Heavy California
Ladi6 (NZ) - Diagonals
Lucy Dacus - Next of Kin
Jurassic 5 - If You Only Knew
Marlon Williams (NZ) - My Boy
Monday Morning Mash Up: Fela Kuti & De La Soul - Itsoweezee
Lana Del Ray - West Coast
The Beths (NZ) - Knees Deep
Deltron 3030 - 3030
Fugazi - Waiting Room
Mazbou Q (NZ) - Waves
The Linda Lindas - Growing Up
Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Friday Night @ The Liquor Store
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Tidal River
Coco Solid (NZ) - Graffiti Girls For Life
King Sweeties (NZ) - Tonight We Could Go Out Dancing
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - The Developed OWrld
Connon Mockasin (NZ) - It's Choade My Dear
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Give It Hell
Ollie Crooks (DUN) - Flesh & Bone
Soaked Oats (DUN) - The Way It Works
Khruangbin - Quantic - Pelota
Vera Ellen (NZ) - Homewrecker
Perfume Genius & Sharon Van Etten - To Lay Me Down

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 31-10-22

The Butlers (NZ) - I Ain't Running
Jim Nothing (NZ) - Fall Back Down
Morse Gang (NZ) - Datsus
Rezz - Sweet Dreams
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Put D'Angelo On
Samuel Gaskin (NZ) - RĀIN
Paige x Nihil young (NZ) - Spitfire
Ski Resort (NZ) - Marble
Julia Stone - Unreal
Baby Velvet - Atlanta
Gorillaz - New Gold
Little Sunday (DUN) - No Time To Die
Prins (NZ) - Hazardous
Fazed on a Pony (DUN) - Grim Judy
Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked
Motte (NZ) - Plateau
Monday Mash Up - Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg vs. Grease - You're The One That I Want In The Next Episode
Murmur Tooth (DUN) & Lars Moston - Antidote
Wu Lu - Scrambled Tricks
Georgia Lines (NZ) - Hine E Hine
Who Shot Scott (NZ) - Abandon The Pressure
Ayla (NZ) - Say To me
Mazbou Q (NZ) - Anybody
Sly Fi (NZ)- Bumblebee
Anxiety Club (NZ) - Lonely Dancing
Troy Kingi (NZ) - Paparazzo S.J.
King Ivy - Complicated
King Tuff - Smalltown Stardust
SJD (NZ) - I Wanna Be Foolish
Poneke Gin Club (NZ) - Will She
Asta Rangu (DUN) - LLPLZA
Girlpool - Faultline
Recloose (NZ) - Dust

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 10-10-22

Japanese Breakfast - Posing in Bondage
Who Shot Scott (NZ) - Loners Anthem
Lessless (NZ) - Mind & Matter
Hunny - Loser
Hollie Smith (NZ) - Kōrukutia
Frank on Tap (NZ) - Night after Night
No Man's Land (NZ) - West Coast
Hannah Everingham (NZ) - So Long Underground
Kirsten Te Rito (NZ) - Te Kaitiaki
The Beths (NZ) - Expert In A Dying Field
St. Vincent - Regret
Personal Igloo - All About You
Soft Bait - Plot Points
Emily Alice (DUN) - Fools Game
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - CEO
The Grogans - Inside My Mind
NRG Rising (NZ) - Tānerore
Tehran Don (NZ) - HAHA
Aro (NZ) - Kotare
Garageland (NZ) - Fingerpop
Louis Baker (NZ)- Love Levitates
Richard Dada (NZ) - Rose Quartz
Reuben Hudson (NZ) - Gasman
Daffodils (NZ) - Saty The Night
The National - Werid Goodbyes
Thorn Dells (NZ) - Dark Taste
Harper Finn (NZ) - Different Skies
Molly Lewis - Miracle Fruit
Sports Dreams (NZ) - DIY

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 29-08-22

Club Panther Claw (NZ) - Here Comes The Rain
Princess Chelsea (NZ) - The Forest
Pacey Jane - Hardlight
!! - AM/FM
Repair (NZ) - Spectrum
October & The Eyes (NZ) - Spiral
Paige x Nihil Young (NZ) - Spitfire
And$um (NZ) - On My Hands
Peach Kelli Pop - Plastic Love
LE REN - I Already Love You
Recitals (NZ) - Rock Dove
The A's - He Needs Me
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Best Behaviour
Mackenzy Mackay - Honeycomb
Mirror Ritual (NZ) - Fear In All
Monday Mash Up - Queen X Lizzo - Another Damn Time
TE KAAHU (NZ) - Waikato
The Linda Lindas - Tonite
Ripple Effect (NZ) - Shine
Tia ward (NZ) - Whats Wrong With Me
Pavement - TriggerCut/Wounded Kite at 17
Dateline (NZ) - Love Hertz
Hans Pucket (NZ) - My Brain Is a Vacant Space
Beach Fossils - Careless Dudley Benson (DUN) - It's Ō`tepoti's Fault
Jack Sage (NZ) - Whole
Mazbou Q (NZ) - Anybody
ShockOne x Lee Mvtthews (NZ) - Thinkin About
Dummy - Mono Retriever
Beach Bunny - Karaoke
Anna Coddington (NZ) - Mana Wā Hine
La Luz - Cicada
Haszari (DUN) - Foundation Slab
Angel Olsen - Through The Fires

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 22-08-22

Astro Children (DUN) - While I Apprecite Your Concern
N.T. Honey (NZ) - Road Rage
Lunavela (NZ) - You Know Who You Are, You Know How I Feel
Cellarr - Gold
Whirimako Black (NZ) - Te Arohanui
Silas Futura (NZ) - Snapper
Aidan Fine (NZ) - Something New
Pacific Heights (NZ) - Back To You
No Cigar (NZ) - Black Hole
Lorde (NZ) - Team
alt J - Hard Drive Gold
Angel Olsen - Ghost On
Haven (NZ) - Pictures of Her
Summer Vee (NZ) - Key To All Your Love
East of Queen (NZ) - Crickets
Violet French & The Horrible (NZ)- Been Too Busy Crying
I.E. Crazy (NZ) - Wetlands
Monday Mash Up: Frank Ocean & Tame Impala - The Less Ivy The Better
Lizzo - About Damn Time
Byllie Jean (NZ) - Heck
No Broadcast (NZ) - Away
TE KAAHU (NZ) - E Taku Huia Kaimanawa
Matthew Young (NZ) - Good Things
Jungle - Problemz
Pop Filter - Big Yellow Van
Hans Pucket (NZ) - My Brain Is a Vacant Space
Santigold - Nothing
Monan & The Tribe (NZ) - Tu
Larry D (NZ) - Power of Your Mind
Spoonicorn (DUN) - Ride The Rainbow

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 15-08-22

Wiri Donna (NZ) - Dream of Me
Mel Parsons (NZ) - Slow Burn
Wu Lu - Blame
Maimoa (NZ) - Te Korokoro o te Patara
Matthew Young (NZ) - Like Falling
SKILAA (NZ) - I Never Knew
The Butlers (NZ) - Hour Glass
Maaka Phat (NZ) - Kia Mau
N.T. Honey (NZ) - Road Rage
David Bowie - Where Are We Now
Big Thief - Certainty
Horsegirl - Option 8
Lips (NZ) - Heave Ho! (DJ Sweat Rmx)
Katchafire (NZ) - Karawhiua
Silas Futura (NZ) - Pressure
Prince - When Doves Cry
And$um - On My Hands
Salt Water Criminals (DUN) - GSH
The Linda Lindas - Tonite
Monday Mash Up: Susan in my arms - Whitney Houston VS Purple Disco Machine
Amba Holly (NZ) - Tukuna te Haa
Parabola West (NZ) - No One Can Get Me Here
Polica - Someway
Gnaris Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul
Wallace (NZ) - Arcade Queen
Vikae (NZ) - Love Games
Cellarr & LORA - Gold
Krispy & The Pooch (NZ) - Don't Play Yourself
Jungle - Good Times

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 08-08-22

Widowspeak - Girls
The Beths (NZ) - Expert In a Dying Field
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Bubbles
Girlpool - Dragging My Life Into a Dream
TE KAAHU (NZ) - E Hine Ē
`Miakie (NZ) - Infatuated
Aidan Fine (NZ) - Something New
Louis Baker (NZ) - Kapakapa ft. Kings
The Butlers (NZ) - Hour Glass
Kirsten Te Rito (NZ) - Aotearoa
Baby Velvet - Atlanta
Kiiara - Gold
Phobe Rings (NZ) - Spissky
Tehran Don (NZ)- HAHA
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Come Apart
Monday Morning Mashup: Sur Back - Promiscuous Stargirl: Stargirl Interlude - The Weekend ft Lana Del Ray - Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado  
Cold Gawd - Sweet Jesus Wept Shit
Maaka (NZ) - Ko Koe Rā
NO CIGAR (NZ) - Some Nights
Kathy Bates Motel (NZ) - Where Do U Go
Wiri Donna (NZ) - Being Alone
elemono Papaioea (NZ) - weed out
Teremoana Rapley (NZ) - Purerehua
Reb Fountain (NZ)- Heart
Pusha T - Diet Coke
Okay Kaya - Spinal Tap
Courtney Barnett - Just For You
Leaping Tiger (NZ) - New Psyche
Dateline (NZ) - Love Hertz
Jungle - Problemz
Maimoa & Puawai (NZ) - le Koko
Silas Futura (NZ) - Hopes
Prins (NZ) - Better Now
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Where The Light Used To Lay
Asta Rangu (DUN) - LLPLZA
Oceans Before Me (NZ) - We Want The Dawn 

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 25-07-22

HINA & BEXY (NZ) - Made This Way
SOHN - The Wheel
Poneke Gin Club (NZ) - Will She
SoccerPractise (NZ) - Te Pō
Mdou Moctar - Nakaneigh Dich
Ripple Effect (NZ) - Shine
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Where The Light  Used To Lay
Mazbou Q (NZ) - Go and Be Free
Goldsmith Baynes (NZ) - Tipina
Baby Zionov (NZ)- PJ Princess
Doprah (NZ) - San  Pedro
The Beths (NZ) - Silence Is Golden
Disciple Pati - Atma
Who Shot Scott (NZ) - LONERS ANTHEM
Horsegirl - Option 8
Theia (NZ) - Te Kaiwhakaora O Te Ao
Bored Housewives Club (NZ) - Bench Press You
Monday Mash Up - Jay Z & The Beatles - What More Can I Say / While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Lillian (DUN) - Cerulean
Cult Blonde (NZ)- Danger
Pacific Heights (NZ) - Back To You
Method Man & Red Man - Da Rockwilder
Architecture In Helsinki - Echo
F.A.I.R.Y. (NZ) - Scary = Ordinary
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - CEO
Hudson Mohawke - Bitscan
Swarles (DUN) - On The Floor
Bird Machine (NZ)- Our Kind
TE KAAHU (NZ) - Waikato
Asta Rungu (DUN) - VIC
Parquet Courts - Home Sapien

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 11-07-22

Anthonie Tonnon (DUN) - Leave Love Out Of This
Revulva (NZ) - Blood
Ayla (NZ) - Say To Me
NNAMDI - I Don't Wanna Be Famous
Kirsten Te Rito (NZ) - Me Tohu Ngā Tamariki
Josette (NZ) - Comfort Show
Julius Black (NZ) - Together We Go Down In The Dark
Marlon Williams (NZ) - My Boy
Huia Hamon (NZ) - E Awhi E
And$um (NZ) - On My Hands
Emily Edrosa (NZ) - Drinking During The Day
Snail Mail - Feeling Like I Do
Happy Mondays - Step On
Lontalius (NZ) - That Inculdes You
Lunavela (NZ) - you know who you are, you know how i feel
Monday Mash Up - Mindnight Dream - Notorious B.I.G - Juicy // M83 - Midnight City
Elliott Dawson (NZ) - Winter's Ghost
Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia
Te Reotakiwa Dunn (NZ) - Wairua Tapu
Sit Down In Front (NZ) - Person of Interest
Team Scary (NZ) - Miles Away
Asta Rungu (DUN) - LLPLZA
Pere Wihongi (NZ) - Mahuru
BENEE (NZ) - Never Ending
Iris Zhang (NZ) - Smaill Ache
Sofi Tukker - Kakee
CHAI - Hero Journey
All We Are - Stone
Mel Persons (NZ) - Slow Burn
Jungle - Good Times
Bill Evens Trio - All Of You
Wiri Donna (NZ) - Dream of Me
Thomas Ibister (NZ) - Black Sheep
Rei (NZ) - Urungi Autō
October & The Eyes (NZ) - Spiral
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Lawn

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 13-06-22

MELODOWNZ (NZ)  Pray For More
Roy Irwin (NZ) - Sleeping Is Easy
The Beths (NZ) - A Real Thing
Gang Of Youths - Tend The Garden
Birdcage (NZ) - All of the Time
Kirsten Te Rito (NZ) - Tamaiti Ngaro
Erny Belle (NZ) - Burning Heaven
Tarn PK (NZ) - Street Noise
Rei (NZ) - Auahi Ana
deepState (NZ) - Sunrise
Alex G - Kicker
Toro y Moi - Deja Vu
RY X - Your Love
Die! Die! Die! (NZ) - Losing Sight, Keep on Kicking
Deltron 3030 - Things You Can Do
Porpoise (NZ) - do what you want
Ryan Fisherman (NZ) - How Cool
Man Ray (NZ) - The Crew
N.T. Honey (NZ) - Road Rage
Back To Hunger - Florence + The Machine & Amy Winehouse (Mashup)
Beach Bunny - Fire Escape
Manea (NZ) - Tākina He Kawa
Silas Futura (NZ) - Hopes
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Optimist
Teddy Penrose (DUN) - Favour Love
Jaz Coleman (NZ) - Hautoa
Chump Chnage (DUN) - Caroline
Fletcher Valentine (NZ) - Blue Divide
Nightmare On Wax - Wonder
Belle and  Sebastian - A Bit of Previous
Lois Baker (NZ) - Te Utu o Te Aroha
Tehran Don (NZ) - HAHA
Lunavela (NZ) - People That You Know
The Linda Lindas - Growing Up
Taylor Rose Terekia (NZ) - Starry Night
Lilith (NZ) - Gardener
Matthew Young (NZ) - Like Falling
DARTZ (NZ) - Dominion Road (Dumpling House)
Ria Hall & Teeks (NZ) - Te Pou O Te Tangata
Imugi (NZ) - Bittersweet
Popstrangers (NZ) - Silhouette

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 30-05-22

Anthonie Tonnon (DUN) - Leave Love Out Of This
Adelaide Cara (DUN) - Paranoia
Jazmine Mary (NZ) - Dancer
Parn PK (NZ) - Cheap Ecstasy
Mild Orange (NZ) - Getting Warmer
Carb On Carb (NZ) - Here Comes The Best Bit
bbno$ (NZ) - Help Herself
Erin G (NZ) - Meridian
Marlin's Dreaming (DUN) - Lumia
Best Bets (NZ) - Crystal Mausoleum
Womb (NZ) - Mercury
Marsha (NZ) - Hollow
Bressa Creating Cake (NZ) - Rocky Mountain
Eli Superflyy (NZ) - Vicar
Wiri Donna (NZ) - Dream of Me
The Wendys (NZ)  Lo-fi Lies
Matthew Young (NZ) - Like Falling
SonshinesUnit (NZ) - Who The Hell Are You?
Tami Neilson (NZ) - Beyond The Stairs
Rezzy Crooks (DUN) - Stawberry Milk
Georgia Lines (NZ) - Leave Behind
Oh Sweet Nothings (NZ) - Shinbone
ZExii (DUN)  Indigo
Lips (NZ) - What The Hell
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Bubbles
Tehran Don (NZ) - HAHA
ERITH (NZ) - Bleach
PLUTO (NZ)  After Winter
The Chills (DUN) - Destiny
Fanfickk (NZ) - Feel Better
tooms (NZ) - bit part

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 23-05-22

Broods (NZ) - Like a Woman
Mousey (NZ) - My Hands Are Made of Glass
Nadia Reid (DUN) - Richard
Baby Zionov (NZ) - PJ Princess
HDU (DUN) - Man On The Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (3ds Cover)
OddJive (NZ) - Lighter
Monana & The Tribe (NZ) - Upokohue
Arahi (NZ) - The Best Thing I've Ever Seen
Judah Kelley (NZ) - Apathy
James & Te Whetu (NZ) - Ko Koe Ra
Young Hellions (NZ) - Sympathetic Magic
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Best Behaviour
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ) - Roady
Laira lee Lovely (NZ) - Allandale
Rezzy Crooks (DUN) - Cellophane
The Chills (DUN) - Destiny
Jack Berry (DUN)- Always
Phodiso (NZ) - Look
Monday Morning Mash Up: 30 MINDBLOWING Connections Between Your FAVOURITE New Zealand Songs
PLUTO (NZ) - After Winter
Gordons - Adults and Children
Brannigan Kaa (NZ) - Tupua Manatu
Phoebe James (NZ) - Seabirds
Lunavela (NZ) - People That You Know
Matthew Young (NZ) - Ziptied
Taylor Rose Terekia (NZ) - Starry Night
Asta Rangu (DUN) - Too Zooma
Rubi Du (NZ) - Back Up
Welcomer (NZ) - Cicadas 3
MĀ (NZ) - Hikoi
No Man's Land (NZ) - West Coast
Calla (DUN) - Ethereal (LIVE)
Calla (DUN) - Moment (LIVE)
Calla (DUN) - Helvegen (LIVE)
Calla (DUN) - Wonder (LIVE)
Pirincess Chelsea (NZ) - Everything Is Going To Be Alright

Monday Breakfast

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 09-05-22

Christian Lee Hutson - Get The Old Band Together
Baby Zionov (NZ) - PJ Princess
Marlon Williams (NZ) - My Boy
Rei (NZ) - Auahi Ana
Alisa Xayalith (NZ) - High Fidelity
The Black Seeds (NZ) - Game Over
Wikeepa Rewharewha (NZ) - Te Tau O Taku Ate
Raveena - Tweety
Big Thief
Mdou Moctar - Nakaneigh Dich
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - In The eyes of Our Love
Ruia (NZ) - Ko Te Tohu
MGMT - Weekend Wars
James & Te Whetu (NZ) - Ko Koe Ra
Wiri Donna (NZ) - Dream of Me
Talking Heads x Dua Lipa - Don't Start A Lifetime
There's a Tuesday (NZ) - baby Blue
dvr - Stupid
Tama Waipara (NZ) - Tangihia
Te Kaahu (NZ) - Waikato
No Romance -(NZ) - Assume
P.H.F. (NZ) - A Letter From Purest Hell
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Fever
Sharon Van Etten - MistakesSamm Henshaw - 8:16
Huia (NZ) - Kanikani
Kylie Price - Stay
Louis Baker (NZ) - Love Levitates
Sit Down In Front (NZ) - Person of Interest
ZExii (DUN) - Indigo

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 02-05-22

VIKAE (NZ) - Rust
RY X - Your Love
Rubi Du (NZ) - Back Up
Beach Bunny - Fire Escape
Sianne (NZ) - He Ao Hou
Popstrangers (NZ) - Are Pigeons Doves?
Emanuel (NZ) - Just Be Yourself
Anthonie Tonnon (DUN) - Lockheed Bomber
Imugi (NZ) - Bittersweet
Te Reotakiwa Dunn (NZ) - He Rangi Ataahua
Bakar - NW3
Doons (NZ) - Choose Your Poison
Sure Boy (NZ) - Lemon Lady
Monday Mash Up: Taylor Swift vs. The Strokes - We Are Never Ever Getting Harder to Explain
The Simps - Tesla
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Lawn
Blair Parkes (NZ) - far
Crystal Chen (NZ)- Purple Tears
Denzel Curry - Walkin
Girlpool - Nothing Gives Me Pleasure
Toro Y Moi - The Medium ft. Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ)
Phodiso (NZ) - Look
Tooms (NZ - Bit Part
Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia
Loose & Colourful (DUN) - One Day
Michael Cathro (DUN) - Adapt (Live)
Michael Cathro (DUN) - Cave Paintings (Live)
Michael Cathro (DUN) - Fish In Water (Live)
Arjuna Oakes (NZ) - As I Am
Miakie (NZ) - Infatuated
Ha The Unclear (DUN) - Mannequins

Monday Breakfast

Monday Breakfast

Monday Breakfast