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Friday Breakfast

7am - 10am Friday with Jamie Green

Friday Breakfast

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 10-01-20


Janelle Monáe - Make Me Feel
Julien dyne(NZ) - Copernicus
Mitski - Happy
Pacific Heights(NZ) - Peace
Shellac - Riding Bikes
She's So Rad(NZ) - Levels
The Mint Chicks(NZ) - Hot On Your Heels
Television - Marquee Moon
Weird Together(NZ) - Going Back To Trinidad
The Leonard Simpson Duo(NZ) - Nobody
Wayne Smith - Under Mi Sleng Teng
black midi - 7 Eleven
The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For My Man
L.A.B.(NZ) - In The Air
Tkay Maidza - IDC if u Be DED
Jaggers x Lines(DUN) - Let Me Let You In
Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Back In The Corner
pickle darling(NZ) - Rinse Spin Cycle Nicolas Cage
Medium Pace(NZ) - Let You Know
BO And the Constrictors(DUN) - Imaginary Lover
Na Noise - Bad Drive
Round Buddah(NZ) - Lose My Way
P.H.F.(NZ) - Glue
Tame Impala - Posthumous Forgiveness
Dawn Diver(NZ) - Warming To You
Flyspray(DUN) - No Junk Male
Butthole Surfers - Pepper
DLT(NZ) - Chains Ft. Che-Fu The Musician
Lucy Hunter(DUN) - Replace It With Batter
DJ Shadow x NAS - Systematic
Emily Edrosa(NZ) - Animal
DRINKS - Hermits On Holiday
HIGH HØØPS(NZ) - Can I Get Love
Future Islands - A Dream of You And Me
Avantdale Bowling Club - Years Gone By
Leisure(NZ) - Nobody

Now That's What I Call Breakfast 2k19, Nothing But The Hits Now Featuring Radio One 91FM Staff Picks of The Year


BENEE(NZ) - Kua Kore He Kupu / Soaked
ECHO OHs(NZ) - Anna Ant
Adelaide Cara & Repulsive Woman(DUN) - Mary, I Think You Should Know
Anthonie Tonnon(NZ) - Submarine Bells (The Chills Cover)
Holly Afoa(NZ) - Forget You
Kool Aid(NZ) - Family Portrait Revisited
FKA twigs - Home With You
Koizilla(DUN) - I Can't See Anything
Anderson .Paak - King James
LCD Soundsystem - I Want Your Love
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Special Edition
The Free Nationals - Eternal Light
SoccerPractise(NZ) - Posture
Little Dragon - Timothy
Emily Fairlight(NZ) - Lips Lasso
Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen
beabadoobee - I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus
Queen Neptune(NZ) - Edge of the Programmed World
Alpabethead(NZ) - Eyes of Nothing
Tame Impala - Patience
BEATCOMBER(NZ) - Melancauli
Moana and the Tribe(NZ) - Tu
sidekicknick(NZ) - The Red Planet Plan I Planned For You
Randa(NZ) - Rock Bottom
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Such a Remarkable Day
Dick Move(NZ) - Dick Move
David Hasselhofff - Head On
Repulsive Woman(DUN) - Rough Around The Edges

2k19 Staff Picks
Tommy T: Promotions and Program Manager
Kiwi: Soaked Oats(DUN) - Shuggah Doom
International: Lizzo - Juice

Bonnie Harrison: Incoming News Manager
Kiwi: Tiny Pieces of Eight - Forty Paces
International: Julia Jacklin - Pressure To Party

Henessey Griffiths: Music Director
Kiwi: Ryan Hendriks(NZ) - Sold Out (Soul Doubt)
International: Kraak & Smaak - Sommeron ft. Imugi 이무기(NZ)

Voodoo Gangster: Station Manager
Kiwi: Power Nap(NZ) - Pizza Man
International: Shadowax - Nikolai Reptile

Jon Bakos: Tech Guru
Kiwi: Miss June(NZ) - Best Girl
International: Kedr livanskiy - Ivan Kupala (New Day) (Иван купала)

Cornelius Incognito: Lovable Rogue
Kiwi: Aldous Harding(NZ) - Fixture Picture
International: Anderson .Paak - Make It Better ft. Smokey Robinson

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Ha The Unclear(DUN) - Bacterium (Look at your Motor Go)
The Echo Ohs(NZ) - Dog Bone
FERLA - Desire Machine
Hamish Kilgour(DUN) - Under The Moon
Flamingo Pier(NZ) - Indigo
slowthai - Doorman
ADULT - They're Just Words
Pick Matter - Soul Fruit
Makeshift Parachutes(NZ) - Union Co.
Fanau Spa(NZ) - Set Things Clear
Manea(NZ) - Taku Tamaiti
Dawn Diver(NZ) - Warming To You
Baker Boy & JessB - Meditjin
Repairs(NZ) - eyes Closed
Na Noise(NZ) - Bad Drive
Sam Fender - All Is On My Side
Anthoine Tonnon(NZ) - Old Images
Sports Dreams(NZ) - Passenger Train
Dillastrate(NZ) - Night Lights
Groove Lagoon(NZ) - Time and Spce
Theia(NZ) - Te Kaiwhakaora O Te Ao
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Kamo Kamo
Kidotcom.(NZ) - Bunched Up
Estere(NZ) - Tokoloshe
The Beths(NZ) - Uptown Girl
Raiza Biza(NZ) - Stolen Youth
Alpha Stael - Daybreak
B.A.D.S.(NZ) - How Deep The River Runs

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Vapour & Shape(NZ) - Catchpool
Mat Zo - Soul Food
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Special Edition
Metronomy - Heartbreaker
Ryan Hendricks(NZ) - Sold Out
Fruit Juice Parade(NZ) - Legislation
Die Die Die(NZ) - Casualties of Decades
Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot
Baker Boy & JessB(NZ) - Meditjin
Kim Gordon - Air BnB
Tweed Boy(NZ) - Hello There
Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls - 10%
The Echo Ohs(NZ) - Wild Weeds
Nervous Jerk - Strong Man
Frannkkey - You People
Sudan Archives - Not For Sale
Air Hockey(NZ) - 22yo
Weyes Blood - Everyday
Canopy Layer(NZ) - Branches
Sports Dreans(NZ)_ - Drive
Rei(NZ) - Tumeke
PAPLOCO(NZ) - You No Soul
Androgynous Lemon(NZ) - Teenage Cringe
Meer(NZ) - Middle East
Josie Moon(NZ) - Victor Hotel
David Hasselfoff - Head On
Carb on Carb(NZ) - Annual Leave
Bored Housewives Club(NZ) - Zooey Deschanel
MZWETWO(NZ) - God Said
Bediquette(DUN) - I Think In TwoTISM - (He'll Never Ben An) Ol' Man River
Dbldbl x Trapdoor Kelpie(NZ) - Bumpy
Your Indigo(NZ) - Glass Cloud
So Below(NZ) - Clear
The Rothmans(DUN) - Seymour
Lawnbird(DUN) - Suna
Church & AP(NZ) - Hello Hello
Koizilla(DUN) - Boogie Board
Missy(NZ) - Hate Me
Dick Move(NZ) - Dick Move

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi
Androgynous Lemon(NZ) - Teenage Cringe
Angel Olsen - New Love Cassette
Solomon Crook(NZ) - The Day I Though About Dying
Haim - Summer Girl
Jon Lemmon(NZ) - Here We Begin
The Echo Oh's(NZ) - Anna Ant
Miss June(NZ) - Best Girl

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 22-11-19


MGMT - Little Dark Age
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Kamo Kamo
Haz & Miloux(NZ) - All Night
Edie(NZ) - Be Who You Are
Israeli Chicks - Leisure
King Krule - Biscuit Town
Tiny Ruins(NZ) - My Love Leda
Jack Ladder - Susan
Thomas Isbister
Frank Ocean - In My Room
Junus Orca(NZ) - Syrinx
Jack Berry(DUN) - PSYCHO
Vorn(NZ) - Mental Health Issues In Newtown, Pt2
Contenders(NZ) - The Heat
Da Break - Burning
Astro Children(DUN) - Milk
Harris(NZ) - Divide By Zreo
Hybrid Rose(NZ) - No Vacancy
Josie Moon(NZ) - Victor Hotel
Death and the Maiden(DUN) - River Underground
Salad Boys(NZ) - This Lssue
Bathsalts(NZ) - The Chateau
Manea - Takina He Kawa
Bad Night For Disco(NZ) - The Bull
Gengahr - Everything and More
NKU(NZ) - Freak
Bad Sav(DUN) - Hens Teeth
Avantdale Bowling Club(NZ) - Water (Medley)
Viices(NZ) - Heresy
DROOR(NZ) - The Plight
Paul Williams(NZ) - Clouston Bridge

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast w./ Raf

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 08-11-19

Astronauts(NZ) - Skydive

Bacchus(NZ) - Shadowplay

Frank Ocean - In My Room

Dead Famous People(NZ) - Looking at Girls

SOG(NZ) - Nangxiety

Billie Eilish - When The Parties Over

A Tribe Called Quest - The Space Program

Tami Neilson(NZ) - Hey, Bus Driver

Babe Rainbow - Funky I Like

CHAII(NZ) - South

Backward Yard(NZ) - Rose Tinted Speed Dealers

Yeremy(NZ) - Swam Until I

David Hasselhoff - Head On

The Beths(NZ) - Idea / Intent

Fleet Foxes - Fool's Errand

Lilith(NZ) - Beach Mum

Miike Snow - Devil's Work

Crap Date(NZ) - Ephemera

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Cold Son

Superette(NZ) - Pretty Picture

Hahko(NZ) - HOTEL B


Jonathan Bree(NZ) - Waiting On The Moment

Stef Animal(DUN) - Secret Tunnel

Bediquette(DUN) - Easy

Pacific Heights(NZ) - The Greystone

Omar Apollo - Kickback

The Rothmans(DUN) - Seymour

Das Racist - Who's That? Brown

Miss June(NZ) - Anomaly

Alphabethead(NZ) - Love Si The Reason

Julia Jacklin - Pressure To Party

Moody V and The Menstrual Cycle(NZ) - Pleaser

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Emily Fairlight(NZ) - Lips Lasso

October(NZ) - 1000 Eyes (ONONO Rmx)

MYNN(NZ) - Kill Me

Sulfate(NZ) - Cyclone, Pt 2


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 01-11-19


Dead Little Penny - Dead Together
NehruvianDOOM - Mean The Most
Speedy Ortiz - Villain
Blu Fish(NZ) - Up/Down
Mermaidens(NZ) - She's Running
Ben Woods(NZ) - Indulge
Blush Juliet(NZ) - Slide Into View
Carly Rae Jepsen - Don't Speak
Goodspace(NZ) - Before
Thom Yorke - Dawn Chorus
Deaf(NZ) - Truancy
Daniel Hayles(NZ) - Hey Love, Yeah
Crocodiles - I Wanna Kill
Andrew Keoghan(NZ) - Something Going On
Pikachunes(NZ) - Submission
gardens & villa - Domino
King Komodo(NZ) - Troublesome
Future Islands - A Dream of You and Me
Jaggers x Lines(DUN) - Soft Little Lights
Q-Tip - Move
KOMAINE(NZ) - Fail Veil
The Roots - Rising up
B O K E N(NZ) - Don't Leave The Fire
Bailey Wiley(NZ) - Sugar
Randa(NZ) - Toughen Up
Sola Rosa(NZ) - Leave A Light On
Ha the Unclear(DUN) - Wallace Line
October(NZ) - 1000 Eyes (ONONO Rmx)
Girlboss(NZ) - Bully
Vanessa Worm(DUN) - SLASH
Die! Die! Die!(NZ) - Like Everyone Else
Avantdale Bowling Club - Water

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 25-10-19


Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights
Real Estate - Stained Glass
Clap Clap Riot(NZ) - All About The Weather
Blush Juliet - Slide Into View
Christoph El Truento(NZ) - new jack
TOOMS(NZ) - Greatest Hits
Dead Little Penny(NZ) - Honeycomb
Adult Karate - So Low
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Lucky Girl
Empress Of - Woman is a Word
Kane Strang(DUN) - Things are Nver Simple
Ladi6(NZ) - Beffy
Aldous Harding(NZ) - The Barrel
La Luz - TV Dreams
P.H.F.(NZ) - Good Girl
The Drums - Forever & Ever Amen
'AhoriBuzz'(NZ) - Providence
Orchestra of Spheres(NZ) - Fingerweg
NehruvianDOOM - Mean The Most
Fly My Pretties(NZ) - Singing In My Soul
Ms. Lauryn Hill - Adam Lives In Theory
Terrible Truths - Lift Weights
Father John Misty - The Ideal Husband
Ha the Unclear(NZ) - The Secret Life of Furniture
Sampa The Great - Freedom
ECHO OHs(NZ) - Dog Bone
The Horrors - Still Life
mild high club - The Chat
The Biff Merchants(DUN) - The Fourth World
Vivian Girls - Something To Do

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Frankie Cosmos - Sand
The Echo Ohs (NZ) - Anna Ant
Metronomy - Walking In The Dark

Daffodils (NZ) - Boys
Estère(NZ) - Flash Light ft. Oddisee

Anna Of The North - Us
Daniel Hayes (NZ) - Hey Love, Yeah
Smoove & Turrell - I Feel Alive

Eerie Wanda - Hum
Midnight Gallery (NZ) - Memory

BENEE (NZ) - Kua Kore He Kupu / Soaked

Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Sugar ft. Melodownz
French For Rabbits (NZ) - Tried So Hard

Fatima - Do Better
Overtime (NZ) - Slint
Purity Ring - Bodyache

Lana Del Rey - How to disappear
Haunted Love (Dn) - Into The Night
Shooglenifty - Da Eye Wifey

Slowthai, Mura Masa - Doorman
Beach Pigs (NZ) - 333

Jaill - Get Away
Shoddy (NZ) - Hiding Like Hades
Emile Haynie - Come Find Me ft. Lykke Li & Romy

Thee Oh Sees - Poisoned Stones
Same Name Confusion (NZ) - Must Be Lucky

Wild Bill Ricketts (NZ) - Mangi Mangi
Empress Of - Standard
Collapsing Cities (NZ) - Tazers

Deadly Rides (NZ) - The Ride
@Peace (NZ) - Hug Your Mum
Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Keep It Close to Me
St. Vincent - Now, Now

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

French For Rabbits(NZ) - Tried So Hard
Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers
Name Ul - Don't Look Down
Frankie Cosmos  - Duet
Christoph El' Truento - New Jack
A.C. Frenzy(NZ)- Only One
Heavy(NZ) - Gold Print
M.I.A. - Swords
Benny Tones(NZ) - Odyssey
The Brunettes(NZ) - The Crime Machine
Alex Napping - Trembles, pt 1
Shanron Jones & The Dap Kings - How Long Do I Have To Wait For You?
Opossom(NZ) - Cola Elixir
Mr Scruff - Kalimba
Sheep, Dog and Wolf(NZ) - Glare
Blackalicious - On Fire Tonight
The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Space Above(NZ) - Stolen Days
Ghost Wave(NZ) - Don't Ask Why
Juniore - Marabout
The Clean(DUN) - Anything Could Happen
Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi
The Sweet Vandals - Too Much
Sea Mouse(NZ) - Ratherfords
Jungle - Time
Tim Guy(NZ) - You Bring The Gold
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Gamma Knife
Sex With Bowie(DUN) - Take a Pill For It
Beatcomber(NZ) - Twins
Hot Chip - Nigh and Day
Grayson Gilmour(NZ) - Chromosomes
Metronomy - Walking In The Dark
Haunted Love(DUN) - Into The Night
Blonde Redhead - Here Sometimes
Fimo(NZ) - Falling For You
Mel Parsons(NZ) - Just 'Cause You Don't Want me
CSS - Rat Is Dead
The Tweeks(DUN) - I'm Keen
Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast w./ Raf

Beirut - In The Mausoleum
El-Vy - Paul Is Alive 
Dartz - Sit This One Out (NZ)
SideKickNick - The Red Planet Plan I Planned For You (NZ)
Vampire Weekend - Diane Young 
Lawnbird - suna (Dn)
Mark de Clive Lowe - I Can't Help It ft. Lady Alma (NZ)
These Dancing Wolves - Chief, King, Sir (NZ)
bLAck pARty - Dancing 
Liam K. Swiggs - Belfast Bottlestore Bandit (NZ)
Blood Orange - Charcoal Baby 
Water - Limousine (NZ)
Long Distance Runner - Eulogy (NZ)
Pixies - Bone Machine 
The Echo Ohs - Wild Weeds (NZ)
Race Banyon - What Are We Doing ft. Ty Dolla Sign (NZ)
The Deadly Deaths - Bury It (NZ)
walks - Still Young; Getting Older (NZ)
Space Above - This Is It (NZ)

Interview w/ Eliana Gray about the Young Writers' Festival! ON NOW!

Bon Iver - Calgary 
BADBADNOTGOOD - In Your Eyes ft. Charlotte Day-Wilson
Frankie Cosmos - Art School
CHVRCHES - Bela Lugosi's Dead 
Little Bark - Hmmm (NZ)
Courtney Barnett - No One Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party 
Luke Buda - My Imminent Demise (NZ)
Thought Creature - Swamp Babe (NZ)
David Hasselhoff - Head On 
The Arcs - Lake Superior 
Mousey - If You Really Loved Me (NZ)

Interview w/ Sarena Close a.k.a. Mousey, new ablum 'Lemon Law' out now!

Mousey - Extreme Highs (NZ)
Vera Blue - Hold 
The Pheonix Foundation - Skeleton (NZ)
Joy Again - Looking Out For You 

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Alphabethead(NZ) - Eyes of Nothing
The xx - Angels
Moses(NZ) - Keep Your Heart Beating
Father John Misty - Ballard of a Dying Man
Taste Nasa(NZ) - Do What You Feel
Young Fathers - In My View
Murmur Tooth(DUN) - Memory
Run The Jewels - Pew Pew Pew
Ladi6 - Royal Blue
Youth Lagoon - The Knower
Cut Off Your Hands(NZ) - Hate Somebody
Waxahatchee - La Loose
Gil Scott-Heron - New York is Killing Me
Bang Bang Eche(NZ) - You're A Jerk
Mayer Hawthorne - Henny & Gingerale
Ben Woods(NZ) - Lozenge

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Spoon - You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Ladi6(NZ) - Give Me The Night
Dude York - Should've
Amber Maya(NZ) - Visitor
Lykke Li - Little Bit
Connan Mockasin(NZ) - It's Choade My Dear
Gil Scott Heron - New York Is Killing Me
Bic Runga(NZ) - This Girls Prepared For War
The Feeling of Love - Dissolve Me
Cool Cult(NZ) - Ayuveda
AURORA - Churchyard
Bachelorette + Hamerkop(NZ) - Intergalactic Solitude
Gonjasufi - Duet
DLT(NZ) - Chains ft. Che-Fu The Musician
The National - Anyone's Ghost
Disasteradio & Eyeliner fun fan zone(NZ) - Sweatshop
Girl Friday(NZ) - Velvet
ECHO OHs(NZ) - Dog Bone
Thee Oh Sees - Poisoned Stones
The Beths(NZ) - Happy Unhappy
And The Kids - Picture
Trick Mammoth(DUN) - Candy Darling
WAVVES x Cloud Nothings - Come Down
Power Nap(NZ) - Pizza Man
Tiger Tones(NZ) - I Love To Hate You
Ariel Pink - Stray Here With You
Sherpa(NZ) - Samsong
Mayer Hawthorne - Henny & Gingerale
SOAK - Sea Creature
LIPS(NZ) - Guilty Talk
Red - I Should Tell Ya Momma On You
Thomston(NZ) - Window Seat
St. Vincent - Jesus Saves, I Spend
The Brunettes(NZ) - The Crime Machine
Car Seat Headrest - Destroyed by Hippy Powers
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Hopscotch Willie
Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 13-09-19


Bunnies On Ponies(NZ) - Destination Newtown Parks Flats
Cate Le Bon - Sad Nudes
Race Banyon(NZ) - What Are We Doing
Andrew Bird - Capsized
SideSister(NZ) - Start Out Tall
Little Dragon - Twice
Hybrid Rose(NZ) - No Vacancy
SoccerPractise(NZ) - Posture
BENEE(NZ) - Kua Kore He Kupu
Waxahatchee - Bonfire
Terror Of The Deep(NZ) - To Your Health (Stef Animal Rmx)
Keanu Raves - High Stakes
Sleater-Kinney - Bury Our Friends
Resident Good(NZ) - Waiting for a Train
Sui Zhen - Perfect Place
Team Dynamite(NZ) - Do It Slow
Queen Neptune(NZ) - The Queen's Speech
WAVVES - Weed Demon
CHELSEA JADE(NZ) - Laugh it Off
Daniel Johnson - True Love Will Find You In The End
SKATERS - I Wanna Dance
CHEATS(NZ) - It's a Rundown
IDLES - Mercedes Marxist
Tono and the Finance Company(DUN) - Barry Smith of Hamilton (Pikachunes Rmx)
Club cheval - Discipline (Ryan Hemworth Rmx)
Males(DUN) - Weakness
Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News
Death and the Maiden(DUN) - Flowers for the Blind
courtney barnett - Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party
Miss June(NZ) - Anomaly
Kurt Vile - Air Bud
So Below(NZ) - Far
Gorillaz - Rockit

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Alec(NZ) - Your Essay
Busdriver - Much
Green Grove(NZ) - Silently
Flying Lotus - More
Floating Island(DUN) - Pine
Partynextdoor - Come and See
Julien Dyne(NZ) - Maddingos
Chromatics - Just Like You
Creme Jean(NZ) - Atrophy
Lianne La Havas - Green and Gold
Esther Stephens & The Means(NZ) - Mondern Marvel
Floating Points - LesAlpx
Communist Rainbow Relationship(NZ) - Two Horse Pony
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Root Trees
Raiza Biza(NZ) - Stolen Youth
Die Die Die(NZ) - Casualties of Decades
Water(NZ) - Turn Out The Light
Youth Lagoon - The Knower
People Under The Stairs - San Francisco Knights
Cut Off Your Hands(NZ) - On Blue
The Arcs - Lake Superior
Thought Creature(NZ) - Swamp Babe
Blood Orange - Dark and handsome
Night Lunch(DUN) - Maximum Wage
Little Jackie - 28 Butts
Anna Burch - Asking 4 a Friend
Tourettes(NZ) - This Is Almost A Love Song
Vera Blue - The Way That You Love Me
Eden Burns(DUN) - BOMBOM
Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - Senator
The Go! Team - Buy Nothing Day

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Xanadu(NZ) - Speeding
Caribou - Second Chnace
Pacific Heights(NZ) - TK Funk
Action Bronson - It's Me
The Dodos - Two Medicines
Terror of the Deep(NZ) - To Your Health (Stef Animal Rmx)
Chaka Khan - Like Sugar
Avoid Avoid(NZ) - Black Money
Deradoorian - A Beautiful Woman
Ernesto Anemone(NZ) - Ex-introversion
Esther Stephens & The Means(NZ) - Get Out Alive (Mel Parsons Cover)
Foals - Balloons
Liam Finn(NZ) - Better To be
The Vaccines - Handsome
TSORF(NZ) - Can I Be Close 2U?
MGMT - Weekend Wars
Carb on Carb(NZ) - Annual Leave
Snail Mail - Thinning
Salad Boys(NZ) - Dream Date
Wu Tang Clan - Triumph
Earth to Zena(NZ) - I'll Never Know
The Lumineers - Ho Hey
Knives at Noon(DUN) - Violins & Violence
La Femme - Antitaxi
Girls Names - Reticence
Batrider(NZ) - Womble
Gizzly Bear - While You Wait For The Others
Surf City(NZ) - Kudos
David Byrne - Light Bath
Fear of Mean - Waterfall
Bat for Lashes - All Your gold
Seinabo Sey - Younger (Kygo Rmx)
Vera Blue - The Way That You love Me

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 23-08-19

Sylvan Esso - Coffee
Sola Rosa(NZ) - Back To You
Talib Kweli - Say Something
Repulsive Woman(DUN) - Earn It Twice
DRINKS - Hermits On Holiday
Tono and the Finance Company(DUN) - Barry Smith of Hamilton
Barns Courtney - Glitter & Gold
Raiza Biza(NZ) - Stolen Youth
Christoph El' Truento(NZ) - Clouds
Silicon(NZ) - Little Dancing Baby
Little Dargon - Pretty Girls
Evil Kid(DUN) - Geoffrey
Club Kuru - All The Days
Dimmer(NZ) - Degrees of Existence
Lianne La Havas - Green & Gold
Bauchamp - Afroskank
Secret Knives(NZ) - Snuff
Thurston Moore - Benediction
Opossom(NZ) - Cola Elixir
Tacocat - Bridge To Hawaii
Alizarin Lizard(DUN) - No One Could Tell
Esther Stephens and The Means(NZ) - Perfect
Sui Zhen - Perfect Place
Harbour City Electic(NZ) - Red Pepper
Sugercoated Bullets(DUN) The Adventures of Banana Boy and The Quest For Herion(LIVE)
Sugercoated Bullets(DUN) - Snowflake(LIVE)
Sugercoated Bullets(DUN) - I Demand Attention(LIVE)
Sugercoated Bullets(DUN) - Barbed Wire(LIVE)
Sugercoated Bullets(DUN) - Summer(LIVE)
Yo La Tengo - Periodically Double or Triple
Trip Pony(NZ) - If I Gave You My Heart
Males(DUN) - Go

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Jungle Brothers - Do'in Our Own Dang
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Roady
The 1975 - Chocolate
Recloose(NZ) - Dust
Pixies - Where Is My Mind?
Chelsea Jade(NZ) - Laugh It Off
Digable Planets - Rebirth of Slick
Kimbra(NZ) - Human
Jonathan Bree(NZ) - Roller Disco
Young Fathers - In My View
Fazerdaze(NZ) - Little Uneasy
MGMT - Little Dark Age
Garageland(NZ) - Fingerpop
Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen
Beastwars(NZ) - Raise The Sword
A Tribe Called Quest - Check the Rhime 
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Middle America
Boycrush(NZ) - Holy Water ft. Chelsea Jade
La Luz - Cicada
Girlboss(NZ) - Summer goth
SZA - The Weekend
Ladi6(NZ) - Walk Right Up
Snail Mail - Pristine
SoccerPractise(NZ) - Haere Mai E Tama
Silicon(NZ) - God Emoji
The Phoenix Foundation(NZ) - Buffalo
Big Daddy Kane - Warm It Up, Kane
Vivan Girls - Something To Do
Fugazi - I'm So Tired
Chastity Belt - Black Sail
Dead Little Penny(NZ) - HoneyComb
Miss June(NZ) - Twitch
Matthew Young(NZ) - Fix Me Up
Screaming Females - Glass House
Look Blue Go Purple(DUN) - Cactus Cat
Parquet Courts - Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of patience
Che Fu(NZ) - Misty Frequencies