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Friday Breakfast

7am - 10am Friday with Jamie Green

Friday Breakfast

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 08-05-20


Ha the Unclear(DUN) - Bacterium
Mike Skinner and The Streets & Tame Impala
Womb(NZ) - Used To Be
Empress Of - U Give It Up
Mt. Wolf(NZ) - Tayrona
The Jungle Giants - Sending Me Ur Loving
Unknown Mortal Orchestra(NZ) - Everyone Acts Crazy Nowdays
Okay Kaya - Ascend and Try Again
Faya Webster - In A Good Way
Juana Kino(NZ) - Lush
SOAP(NZ) - Let's Go To Work
Christoph el' Truento(NZ) - Nov
Church & AP(NZ) - War Outside
dharmarat - The Barge
7 Days of Funk - Hit Da Pavement
Tyra Hammond(NZ) - So Good at Being In Trouble
Blackalicious - Ashes to Ashes
Connan Mockasin(NZ) - Please Turn Me Into The Snat
Hot Chip - Need You Now
No Broadcast(NZ) - Jist
Būda(DUN) - Day's of Colour
The Bamboos - Avenger
The Doqument(NZ) - Glamour
TV On The Radio - Dancing Choose
merk(NZ) - H.N.Y.B.
Jah Shaka Official - Conquering Dub
Marlin's Dreaming(NZ) - Sink or Swim
Yasiin Bey - Life In Marvelous Times
Smoot(NZ) - Welcome To Nowhere (The Mint Chicks Cover)
James Blake - Retrograde
French for Rabbits(NZ) - The Tunnel
Talking Heads (official) - Psycho Killer
Dick Move(NZ) - Chop!
Ria Hall(NZ) - Flow
Pinchers - I'm a Done
Warpaint - Disco/Very
JessB(NZ) - Pon It
Iron Maiden - The Number of The Beast

Now That's What I Call Breakfast In Bed Volume 01-05-20


Koizilla(DUN) - Prooble
Saint Blace(NZ) - Sun Stroke
Nadia Reid(NZ) - Best Thing
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallan In Love
Doprah(NZ) - Lucid Visions
Q-Tip - Move
Disasteradio & Eyeliner fun fan zone(NZ) - Digital Pop
The Phoenix Foundation(NZ) - 40 Years
Soccer Mommy - Circle The Drain
The Juan MacLean - Happy House
Anika Moa(NZ) - Wise Man Says
Frank Ocean - DHL
Batrider(NZ) - Home Gnomie
Real Estate - Easy
L.A.B(NZ)- In The Air
Murmur Tooth(NZ) - Weak Knees
Laura Lee Lovely - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
So So Modern(NZ) - Synthgasm
reb fountain(NZ) - Samson
Grimes - Violence
julia deans(NZ) - Modern Fables
Boy Oh Boy(NZ) - My Witch
OFFICIAL J DILLA - Light Working
Randa(NZ) - Heatwave
Jah Shaka Official - Eyes of the Liopn
Tami Neilson(NZ) - You Were Mine
Aldous Harding(NZ) - The Barrel
Flying Lotus - GNG BNG
Fly My Pretties(NZ) - All The Goodness
Queen Neptune(NZ) - The Queens Speech
The Beths(NZ) - Dying To Believe

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
Mitski - Happy
Nadia Reid(DUN) - Get The Devil Out
Q Tip - Gettin' Up
Mild Orange(DUN) - Freak In Me
Roots Manuva - Let The Spirit
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Siliver and Gold
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
SWIDT(NZ) - Preacher Man
Damian Marley & Nas - As We Enter
Coyote(DUN) - Life IS Gray
Faith No More - The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Courtney Barnett - Elevator Operaor
Wilma Archer & MF DOOM - Last Sniff
Haz & Miloux(NZ) - All Night
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig Lazarus, Dig!!!
French For Rabbits(NZ) - Middle of The House
Tika(NZ) - Ghost
Tacocat - Men Explain It To Me
Leno Lovecraft(NZ) - Paradise Planet
The Drums - Magic Mountain
Tobias Jesso Jr - Without You
Dirt(NZ) - Dreams and happiness
End Boss(NZ) - Feral
Real Estate & Sylvan Esso - Paper Cup
Sandboards and 2XM(NZ) - Equinox Riddem
Salad Boys(NZ) - This Issue
Pavement - Harness Your Hopes
Shunkan - Our Names
Kody Nielson(NZ) - Ruban's Birthday
People Under The Stairs - The Hang Loose
The Clean(DN) - Anything Could Happen
Ronel Hunter(NZ) - Me
Paul Cathro(DUN) - Solid Ground
Tyra Hammond(NZ) - So Good at Being in Trouble (UMO Cover)
Jungle - Beat 54
Choicevaughan(NZ) - Beyond


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 13-03-20


LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls
Alphabethead(NZ) Eyes of Nothing
The Chemical Brothers - Go ft Q-Tip
Portugal. The Man - Modern Jesus
Baby Zionov(NZ) - Extract From Truth
Theophilus London & Tame Impala - Only You
Lontalius(NZ) - Weight
A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It
Jetson(NZ) - Temporary
Lykke Li - So Sad So Sexy
Beach Fossils - Careless
DOG Power(NZ) - Low Down (Live)
Matthew Young(NZ) - Panama City
Perfume Genius - Queen
Mild Orange(DUN) - Freak In Me
Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News
Cage The Elephant - Broken Boy ft. Iggy Pop
Kakapo(NZ) - Fluent Observer
Rubita(NZ) - Cold South
The 03 Joint(NZ) - Relax Your Mind
O & The Mo(NZ) - Supermaket Kings
Jason Nolan(NZ) - Peach
Stanley Pedigree(NZ) - Moving
Astro Children(DUN) - Milk
Tika(NZ) - Ghost
Makeshift Parachutes(NZ) - union Co.
Medium Pace(NZ) - Sooner rather Then Later
CRAP DATE(NZ) - 600 Abs
DARTZ(NZ) - Smoke That Cigarette
Sam Fender - Hold out
Crocodiles (Band) - I Wanna Kill
Dimmer(NZ) - Degrees of Existence
Anthonie Tonnon(NZ) - Submarine Bells
Thomas Isbister(NZ) - Happy In The Dark
Sarah Mary Chadwick(NZ) - Please Daddy

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Tami Neilson(NZ) - Stay Outta My Business
French Concession(NZ) - End of Time
No Cigar(NZ) - Tickets To Space
Big Scout(NZ) - Flung
The 1975 - Me and You Together Song
Benee(NZ) - Kua Kore He Kupu
Maisey Rika & Tama Waipara(NZ) - Haumanu
Lucy Hunter(DUN) - Love Has a Terrible Way
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Kamo Kamo
Molly Devine(DUN) - Call Me Up
Computers Want Me Dead(NZ0 - Below Detection
Sam Fender - All Is One My Side
Little Dragon - Hold on
Yumi Zouma(NZ) - Cool For a Second
Mild Orange(NZ) - Freak In Me
CRYSTAL(NZ) - The Chase
Dictaphone Blues(NZ) - In Your Sleep
PGX(NZ) - Mopeds
Sam Wave(NZ) - Same Same
Baby Zionov(NZ) - Extract From Truth
Blu Fish(NZ) - Up/Down
Disasteradio(NZ) - Princess Bride
Slow Rage(NZ) - Small World
PAPLOCO(NZ) - Never Been a Sellout
Comf(NZ) - Spiraling
Rubita(NZ) - Cold South
Adelaide Cara & Repulsive Woman(NZ) - Mary, I Think You Should Know
Milpool(DUN) - Melodrama II
Stephen Mulkmus & The Jicks - Cold Son
Paul Cathro(DUN) - Telescope
Nadia Reid(DUN) - Best Thing


Now That's What I Call Breakfast 28-02-10


The National - Never Tear Us Apart (INXS Cover)
Ha the Unclear(DUN) - Julius Caesar
Sharon Van Etten - Beaten Down
Little Sunday(NZ) - Eggshells
Sam Fender - All Is On My Side
Dick Move(NZ) - Jerk
Choicevaughan(NZ) - Beyond
CATSICK(NZ) - Psychic Levitation
Archi Banal(NZ) - U Don't Stop The Beat
Oh Sweet Nothings(NZ) - F#1
AMyn - Best Heard In Shadows
Moses Sumney - Me In 20 Years
Gringodevil(DUN) - Man In The World
JessB(NZ) - So Low
Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様 - Mushi No Uta
Lawrence Arabia - Malade
KEANU RAVES & Sport Social(NZ) - HYDRO
Column of Sand(NZ) - Bleeding Sky
Ryan Fishman(NZ) - The Price
Die! Die! Die!(DUN) - Like Everyone Else
Vikae(DUN) - Liar
Water(NZ) - Limousine
Adelaide Cara & Repulsive Woman(NZ) - Mary, I Think You Should Know
CRAP DATE(NZ) - 660 Abs
Mali Mali(NZ) - Two Truths and a Lie
Giantess(NZ) - The News
Wolf Parade - Julia Take Your Man Home
OverTime(NZ) - Slint
French for Rabbits(NZ) - Middle Of The House
Jonathan Bree(NZ) - Kiss My Lips
Zealed Contender(NZ) - Aquapuppy
Yake(NZ) - Vacancy
Silicon(NZ) - Burning Suar (Sug Re Up)
Komaine(NZ) - Fall Veil
Hamish Kilgour(DUN) - Under The Moon
Yacht - See a Penny(Pick it Up)

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Wishful Thinking - BENEE (NZ)
Like They Do On The TV - Kimbra (NZ)
Need A Little Time - Courtney Barnett
Archie, Marry Me - Alvvays
Thinning - Snail Mail
Oom Sha La La - Hayley Heyndrickx
Bunched Up - Kiidotcom. (NZ)
I Knew That I'd Regret It But I Did It Anyway - Victory Lap(NZ)
San Pedro - Doprah (NZ)
Julius Caesar - Ha The Unclear (NZ)
Patricia - Flourence + The Machine
You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse
Pressure To Party - Julia Jacklin
Can't Run But - Paul Simon
Call The Days As They Were Known - Nadia Reid (NZ)
Perfect Stranger - Chelsea Jade (NZ)
Samson - Reb Fountain (NZ)
Dreams - Japanese Breakfast
Mykonos - Fleet Foxes
Ohio - King Princess
oh well - frog power (NZ)
Get The Devil Out - Nadia Reid (NZ)
Extreme Heights - Mousey (NZ)
Lazy Hazy Dayzy - Koizilla (NZ)
When Will Death Come - Sarah Mary Chadwick (NZ)
Yard Sale - Cindy (NZ)

 - Phoebe James Live Performance -
Walk Each Other Home - Pheobe James (NZ)
Rivers - Pheobe James (NZ)

My Outside - Alice Pheobe Lou
Your Best American Girl - Mitski

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Oakley Grennell (NZ) - Serious Time Ft. RayJah45
Dick Move (NZ) - Jerk
Hot Laps (NZ) - Askew
Wynnm - Fire on The Moon
WAI (NZ) - Ki A Korua
Cindy (NZ) - Yard Sale
Laume  (NZ) - Spells (Oedipusi)
Leaping Tiger ft. Maxwell Young (NZ)
Spoon - Can I Sit Next To You
Sampa The Great - OMG
Georgia - Started Out
Messe Julligan (NZ) - LIquid
Church & AP (NZ) - Aston Martin
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hunnybee
Maisey Rika (NZ) - Tangaroa Whakamutai
Coffin Club (NZ) - Seashells
Poolside (ft Panama) - Kinda Lovely
Harris (NZ) - It takes Excess to Watch the World Undress (Live)
Foolish Soto (NZ) - Who am I to forget?
NAWR (NZ) - Dream
frog power (dn) - oh well
Sports Dreams (NZ) - Sports Dreams
jam henderson (Dn) - rainbow
Round Buddah (NZ) - Lose My Way
Haz & Miloux (NZ) - Enough
courduroy (NZ) - bread and wine
Macho Macho (NZ) - Blu Peopl
choicevaughan (NZ) - To Live and Die in AD ft. Tom Scott & Melodownz
Noah Slee (NZ) - America
Joe Kori (NZ) - Tink Three Six / Drowning
Melting Mallows - Ya Ya Ya Ya
Arjuna Oakes (NZ) - Old School Heart
Montell2099 (NZ) - STARS
Comf (NZ) - Spiralling
Leaping Tiger (NZ) - Surefire


Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 02-07-20


Weezer - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
imbi the girl & Super Go - I Used To
sidekicknick(NZ) - The Red Planet Plan I Planned For Us
Green Day - Burnout
Buddy Holly - Everyday
Kamasi Washington - The Space Travers Lullaby
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Satisfy My Soul
Julian Dyne(NZ) - Copernicus
Foxygen - On Blue Mountain
Lips & Kimbra(NZ) - Silent Treatment
Jurassic 5 - What's Golden
Guardian Singles(NZ) - Tea Lights Exploding
Jungle - Heavy California
Sandboards(DUN) - Look Blue
Grimes - Oblivion
st. Bart(NZ) - No Man is a Failure Who Has Friends
Victory Lap - I Knew That I'd Regret It But I Did It Anyway
SOG(NZ) - Nangxiey
Dick Move(NZ) - Jerk
The Beths(NZ) - Happy Unhappy
ECHO OHs(NZ) - Dog Bone
A Band Called Success(NZ) - Bring It Together
Dead Little Penny(NZ) - Honeycomb
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
Weezer - My Name Is Jonas
Three Quarter Marathon(DUN) - Caught
mura masa - No Hope Generation
Spawts(NZ) - Brain Cells
courtney barnett - So Long Marianne(Live)(Leonard Cohen Cover)
Flyspray(DUN) - Astray
Doc Daneeka - Global Luv
Green Day - Welcome To Paradise

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Trickle Down
The Echo Ohs(NZ) - Anna Ant
First Move(NZ) - Keeps Up
U.S. Girls - Overtime
Tiny Ruins(NZ) - School of Design
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sunset Curses
The Tacks(NZ) - One Last Goodbye
UV Race - Tread On Me
Dharmarat(NZ) - Chokin' Up
Wolf Parade - Julia Take Your Man Home
Tennis Champ(NZ) - WINZ
Overtime(NZ) - Slint
Danica Bryant(NZ) - Sugarbones
Daniel Hayles(NZ) - Hey Love, Yeah
Pitch Black(NZ) - One Ton Skank
Childish Gambino - Me and Your Mama
Ria Hall(NZ) - Owner
The Chemical Brothers - Do It Again
MYNN(NZ) - Kill Me
Paul Bosauder(NZ) - La Nina Del Velero (Guajira)
French Concession(NZ) - Empress
Morning Silk - Threads
Ha The Unclear(NZ) - Wallace Lines
HIGH HOOPS(NZ) - Heatwave
Michael Kiwanuka - Love and Hate
Belladonna(NZ) - Hands
Polyester(NZ) - Strange Emotion
Lafayette Hudson(NZ) - Fried Fish
MR 0600(NZ) - Fearless
April's Fool(NZ) - Over The Edge
Gordie Tentress - Craft Beards and Man Buns
Miss June(NZ) - Twitch
Masks(NZ) - Our Weekend Starts Tomorrow


Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

The Dunedin City Jazz Orchestra(DUN) - Moaning
Yumi Zouma(NZ) - Right Track / Wrong Man
Matt Beringer & Phoebe Bridgers - Walking on a String
MR 0600(NZ) - Fearless
Strict Face - Freezeframe
First Move(NZ) - Keeps Up
The Pharcyde - Drop
Spoon - Inside Out
Kate Owen(NZ) - Lover
Donny Benet - Girl of my Dreams
Dbldbl x Trapdoor Kelpie(NZ) - Bumpy
Kakapo & Selena Moon(NZ) - Fluent Observer
Komanie(NZ) - Shadow Animal
Nadia Reid(DUN) - Get The Devil Out
Three Quarter Marathon(DUN) - Wonderment
Andy Shauf - Living Room
Pitch Black(NZ) - Artificial Intolerance
Earth Tongue(NZ) - The Well of Pristine Order
Lontalius & Singular Balance(NZ) - Alive
Lucy Hunter(DUN) - Love Has a Terrible Way
Corduroy(NZ) - Good Intentions
Silicon(NZ) - Burning Sugar (Sug Re-Up)
Hex(NZ) - Slight Beyond The Line
Clutchy Hopkins - Melody ft. MF Doom
Lauren(NZ) - Hilfigure Dreams
Clipping - Air Em Out
Cloud Nothings
Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La
Amelia and Maddy(NZ) - Hot Chrismas


Otago Museum Friday Breakfast w./ Bonnie

Anthonie Tonnon – Mt Cargill
Antony Jeffares – We Carry On
Harry Hodgman – Cappuccini Carvonella
MantaPoint – Relief
Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
Joshua Moriarty – Virgin Girl
Ranea – Toku Wairua Tuturu Nei
Juno Is – I Want To Be Gentle
Sidesister – Heaven on Earth
Leisure – Too Much of a Good Thing
Fabulous Arabia – Henry
Yumi Zouma – Right Track/Wrong Man
Drahla – Gilded Cloud
Sarah Mary Chadwick – Please Daddy
The Beths – Future Me Hates Me
The Beths – Uptown Girl
Disciple Pati – The Boy Who Cried Woman
Anthonie Tonnon – Submarine Bells
Catcall – One Desire
Lilith – Beach Mum
The Midimaster – Horse Patter
Daniel hayes – Hey Love, Yeah
Lucy Hunter – Love Has a Terrible Way
Missy - Hate Me
Edie – Be Who You Are
Kakapo, Selena Moon – Fluent Observer
Dillastrate – Night Lights
Ben Woods – Good to be Sleeping
Earth Tongue – Astonishing Comet
Prof Tahi – Pot of Gold
Kali Uchis – Solita
Green Grove – Silently
Danica Bryant – Sugarbones
Roy Irwin – No Question
Gorillaz – Stylo
Guardian Singles – Tea Lights Exploding
PHF – I Hate Myself
Tami Neilson – Stay Outta My Business
Electric Currant – RUST
MELODOWNZ – No Mercy ft Denzel Curry
Lawrence Arabia – A Little Hate
Chelsea Jade – Laugh It Off
Sam Wave – Wakeup Sunny
Orville Peck – Dead of Night

Now That's What I Call Breakfast Volume 10-01-20


Janelle Monáe - Make Me Feel
Julien dyne(NZ) - Copernicus
Mitski - Happy
Pacific Heights(NZ) - Peace
Shellac - Riding Bikes
She's So Rad(NZ) - Levels
The Mint Chicks(NZ) - Hot On Your Heels
Television - Marquee Moon
Weird Together(NZ) - Going Back To Trinidad
The Leonard Simpson Duo(NZ) - Nobody
Wayne Smith - Under Mi Sleng Teng
black midi - 7 Eleven
The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For My Man
L.A.B.(NZ) - In The Air
Tkay Maidza - IDC if u Be DED
Jaggers x Lines(DUN) - Let Me Let You In
Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Back In The Corner
pickle darling(NZ) - Rinse Spin Cycle Nicolas Cage
Medium Pace(NZ) - Let You Know
BO And the Constrictors(DUN) - Imaginary Lover
Na Noise - Bad Drive
Round Buddah(NZ) - Lose My Way
P.H.F.(NZ) - Glue
Tame Impala - Posthumous Forgiveness
Dawn Diver(NZ) - Warming To You
Flyspray(DUN) - No Junk Male
Butthole Surfers - Pepper
DLT(NZ) - Chains Ft. Che-Fu The Musician
Lucy Hunter(DUN) - Replace It With Batter
DJ Shadow x NAS - Systematic
Emily Edrosa(NZ) - Animal
DRINKS - Hermits On Holiday
HIGH HØØPS(NZ) - Can I Get Love
Future Islands - A Dream of You And Me
Avantdale Bowling Club - Years Gone By
Leisure(NZ) - Nobody

Now That's What I Call Breakfast 2k19, Nothing But The Hits Now Featuring Radio One 91FM Staff Picks of The Year


BENEE(NZ) - Kua Kore He Kupu / Soaked
ECHO OHs(NZ) - Anna Ant
Adelaide Cara & Repulsive Woman(DUN) - Mary, I Think You Should Know
Anthonie Tonnon(NZ) - Submarine Bells (The Chills Cover)
Holly Afoa(NZ) - Forget You
Kool Aid(NZ) - Family Portrait Revisited
FKA twigs - Home With You
Koizilla(DUN) - I Can't See Anything
Anderson .Paak - King James
LCD Soundsystem - I Want Your Love
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Special Edition
The Free Nationals - Eternal Light
SoccerPractise(NZ) - Posture
Little Dragon - Timothy
Emily Fairlight(NZ) - Lips Lasso
Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen
beabadoobee - I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus
Queen Neptune(NZ) - Edge of the Programmed World
Alpabethead(NZ) - Eyes of Nothing
Tame Impala - Patience
BEATCOMBER(NZ) - Melancauli
Moana and the Tribe(NZ) - Tu
sidekicknick(NZ) - The Red Planet Plan I Planned For You
Randa(NZ) - Rock Bottom
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Such a Remarkable Day
Dick Move(NZ) - Dick Move
David Hasselhofff - Head On
Repulsive Woman(DUN) - Rough Around The Edges

2k19 Staff Picks
Tommy T: Promotions and Program Manager
Kiwi: Soaked Oats(DUN) - Shuggah Doom
International: Lizzo - Juice

Bonnie Harrison: Incoming News Manager
Kiwi: Tiny Pieces of Eight - Forty Paces
International: Julia Jacklin - Pressure To Party

Henessey Griffiths: Music Director
Kiwi: Ryan Hendriks(NZ) - Sold Out (Soul Doubt)
International: Kraak & Smaak - Sommeron ft. Imugi 이무기(NZ)

Voodoo Gangster: Station Manager
Kiwi: Power Nap(NZ) - Pizza Man
International: Shadowax - Nikolai Reptile

Jon Bakos: Tech Guru
Kiwi: Miss June(NZ) - Best Girl
International: Kedr livanskiy - Ivan Kupala (New Day) (Иван купала)

Cornelius Incognito: Lovable Rogue
Kiwi: Aldous Harding(NZ) - Fixture Picture
International: Anderson .Paak - Make It Better ft. Smokey Robinson

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Ha The Unclear(DUN) - Bacterium (Look at your Motor Go)
The Echo Ohs(NZ) - Dog Bone
FERLA - Desire Machine
Hamish Kilgour(DUN) - Under The Moon
Flamingo Pier(NZ) - Indigo
slowthai - Doorman
ADULT - They're Just Words
Pick Matter - Soul Fruit
Makeshift Parachutes(NZ) - Union Co.
Fanau Spa(NZ) - Set Things Clear
Manea(NZ) - Taku Tamaiti
Dawn Diver(NZ) - Warming To You
Baker Boy & JessB - Meditjin
Repairs(NZ) - eyes Closed
Na Noise(NZ) - Bad Drive
Sam Fender - All Is On My Side
Anthoine Tonnon(NZ) - Old Images
Sports Dreams(NZ) - Passenger Train
Dillastrate(NZ) - Night Lights
Groove Lagoon(NZ) - Time and Spce
Theia(NZ) - Te Kaiwhakaora O Te Ao
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Kamo Kamo
Kidotcom.(NZ) - Bunched Up
Estere(NZ) - Tokoloshe
The Beths(NZ) - Uptown Girl
Raiza Biza(NZ) - Stolen Youth
Alpha Stael - Daybreak
B.A.D.S.(NZ) - How Deep The River Runs

Otago Museum Friday Breakfast

Vapour & Shape(NZ) - Catchpool
Mat Zo - Soul Food
Fat Freddy's Drop(NZ) - Special Edition
Metronomy - Heartbreaker
Ryan Hendricks(NZ) - Sold Out
Fruit Juice Parade(NZ) - Legislation
Die Die Die(NZ) - Casualties of Decades
Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot
Baker Boy & JessB(NZ) - Meditjin
Kim Gordon - Air BnB
Tweed Boy(NZ) - Hello There
Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls - 10%
The Echo Ohs(NZ) - Wild Weeds
Nervous Jerk - Strong Man
Frannkkey - You People
Sudan Archives - Not For Sale
Air Hockey(NZ) - 22yo
Weyes Blood - Everyday
Canopy Layer(NZ) - Branches
Sports Dreans(NZ)_ - Drive
Rei(NZ) - Tumeke
PAPLOCO(NZ) - You No Soul
Androgynous Lemon(NZ) - Teenage Cringe
Meer(NZ) - Middle East
Josie Moon(NZ) - Victor Hotel
David Hasselfoff - Head On
Carb on Carb(NZ) - Annual Leave
Bored Housewives Club(NZ) - Zooey Deschanel
MZWETWO(NZ) - God Said
Bediquette(DUN) - I Think In TwoTISM - (He'll Never Ben An) Ol' Man River
Dbldbl x Trapdoor Kelpie(NZ) - Bumpy
Your Indigo(NZ) - Glass Cloud
So Below(NZ) - Clear
The Rothmans(DUN) - Seymour
Lawnbird(DUN) - Suna
Church & AP(NZ) - Hello Hello
Koizilla(DUN) - Boogie Board
Missy(NZ) - Hate Me
Dick Move(NZ) - Dick Move