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Study calls for increased support for young people experiencing homelessness: lead researcher Dr Brodie Fraser (University of Otago, Wellington)

Friday 1st July 2022 | Zac Hoffman | R1 News Reporter |

A new study from the University of Otago has found that young people experiencing homelessness need more income support. Led by Dr Brodie Fraser (University of Otago Wellington, Department of Public Health), the study followed 69 people experiencing homelessness in Aotearoa, examining a number of outcomes such as health, income and wellbeing whilst they were in housing. They were housed through the People Project, a social housing provider in Kirikiriroa which received assistance from the government's Housing First programme. Fraser says that although the programme is a success, Aotearoa needs systemic reform in housing, the economy, and numerous other aspects of society to prevent homelessness.