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Ewan Mackie (Treble Cone Ski Area Manager & Sustainability Lead) on sustainable skiing practices at Cardrona and Treble Cone.

Tuesday 21st June 2022 | Kaia Kahurangi Jamieson | R1 News Reporter |
Image: Cardrona Skifield/Cardrona

Ski resorts can have a significant environmental impact, a downside which is often overlooked. Over the past few years, Wānaka ski resorts Cardrona and Treble Cone have been working together to offset some of their environmental impacts. The mountains have recently launched a waste reduction initiative, removing all public-facing landfill bins, and a transport emissions reduction plan, providing free public shuttles to access the mountains. Ewan Mackie, Treble Cone Ski Area Manager & Sustainability Lead, joins to discuss sustainable skiing practices and how we can move toward a more environmentally friendly ski industry in Aotearoa.