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The Whole Shebang

2pm - 4pm with Louis G

The Whole Shebang

The Whole Shebang VIII: I'm back babyyyyy

Roland Tings, HIGH HØØPS - One Hundred

Sam Wave (NZ) - Escort (HARD Dance)

SoccerPractise (NZ) - Nightwing

ALTA - Figured Out

Noah Slee, MELODOWNZ (NZ) - Lips

Yumi Zouma (NZ) - Right Track / Wrong Man

KAYTRANADA, Tinashe - The Worst In Me

Power Nap (NZ) - Pizza Man

BEACHWARE (NZ) - Leave It Alone

Kakapo, Selena Moon (NZ) - Fluent Observer

Bacalao - The Robots (Kraftwerk Cover)

Winston Surfshirt - Need You

Mac Miller - I Can See

Home Brew (NZ) - Blowing Smoke

Eno x Dirty (NZ) - Seki

choicevaughan (NZ) - Kentucky Gold

Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Years Gone By

Sticky Fingers - Rum Rage

Purple Pilgrims (NZ) - Thru Evry Cell

Hybrid Rose (NZ) - No Vacancy

Fur Patrol - Lydia

Antony Jeffares (NZ) - We Carry On

Tiny Ruins (NZ) - Holograms

nic and reuben (Dn) - MIND/WAVE

HEAVY CHEST (NZ) - So It Seems

The Spectre Collective - Bean Countess

The Whole Shebang VII: !!!

Purple Pilgrims (NZ) - Thru Evry Cell

wax mustang, Jack Berry (Dn) - Sunrise

nic and reuben (Dn) - Windscreen Wiper

Antony Jeffares (NZ) - We Carry On

Alphabethead (NZ) - Eyes of Nothing

Ben Woods (NZ) - Lozenge

Medium Pace (NZ) - Sooner rather than later

David Dallas ft. Freddie Gibbs (NZ) - Caught In A Daze

Kill Murray (NZ) - Smoke Blowbacks

Bad Sav (Dn) - Hens Teeth

Jack Berry (Dn) - SATURDAY

Crumb - Ghostride

Mia Jay (Dn) - Familiar

Groeni (NZ) - Hedre

Scuba Diva (NZ) - What's The Point?

EL VY - Return To The Moon

A.C. Freazy (NZ) - The Other Side

Jeremy Redmore (NZ) - One Amongst 1000

KAYTRANADA ft. Estelle - Oh No

Frankie Cosmos - Windows

BENEE, Jack Berry (NZ) - Drifting

Tame Impala - Posthumous Forgiveness

Church & AP (NZ) - Bank

Leisure ft. GoldLink (NZ) - Nobody

The Whole Shebang VI: Last minute kinda job :)

Chambres (NZ) - Chase Me Too

Race Banyon ft. Ty Dolla Sign (NZ) - What Are We Doing

nicholas Franchise (Dn) - Sorry but I Think I'm in Love

Joe Ghatt (NZ) - While the Coffee Brews

Marlin's Dreaming (Dn) - Funeral Service

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead Cover)

Bad Sav (Dn) - Hens Teeth

girlboss (NZ) - Winter Blues

The Shifting Sands (NZ) - Feel

Crumb - Ghostride

HOMESHAKE - Midnight Snack

Mild Orange (Dn) - Down By The River

My Magical Glowing Lens - Portal

Juice WRLD - Let Me Know (I Wonder Why Freestyle)

Juice WRLD - She’s The One

Trippie Redd - Love Sick

MAALA (NZ) - Better Life

Robinson (NZ) - Don't Say

IPSY (NZ) - Summers Over

A.C. Freazy (NZ) - The Other Side

October (NZ) - Switchblade

Antony Jeffares (NZ) - We Carry On

Groeni (NZ) - Hedre

Hans Pucket (NZ) - Comfort

You On Television (NZ) - The Jazz Cabbage

BEACHWARE (NZ) - Take Away The Tree

Secret Knives (NZ) - Excess

Video Age - Hold On (I Was Wrong)

MELODOWNZ, Denzel Curry (NZ) - No Mercy

Jackaltheblackal (NZ) - LegsForSprite

The Whole Shebang V: Really quite nice actually

nic and reuben (Dn) - IntroDUCTORY song

nic and reuben (Dn) - MIND/WAVE

Jack Berry (Dn) - HOLLYWOOD

HEAVY CHEST (NZ) - Time on My Hands

Stef Animal (Dn) - Secret Tunnel

Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Zaddy

The Beths (NZ) - Future Me Hates Me

Leisure (NZ) - All Over You

Homegrown ft. Joe Dukie (NZ) - APSD

Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Years Gone By

Dera Meelan, deadforest (NZ) - Fire Sale

Soaked Oats (Dn) - Shuggah Doom

Lyllo. (NZ) - Insanity

BENEE, Gus Dapperton (NZ) - Supalonely

RIIKI (NZ) - High Heights

Ben Woods (NZ) - Lozenge

Salad Boys (NZ) - This Issue

Haunted Love (Dn) - Into The Night

Gizmo Varillas, Tony Allen - Saving Grace

Thornington (Dn) - Misery

Blush Juliet (NZ) - Below

Brian Tamaki and the Kool Aid Kids (NZ) - Tunnel Vision

Space Bats, Attack! (Dn) - Shifty Drifty

Rowland S. Howard (NZ) - Pop Crimes

Purple Pilgrims (NZ) - Thru Evry Cell

Sycco - Peacemaker

Dawn River - Warming To You

The Whole Shebang IV: Seriously tho... WHERE ARE MY KEYS???

Gromz (Dn) - Where Are My Keys Though?

Juno Is (NZ) - I Want to Be Gentle

Medium Pace (NZ) - Let You Know

LEISURE (NZ) - Got It Bad

Space Bats, Attack! (Dn) - Battle

Flyspray (Dn) - Astray

Ben Woods (NZ) - Good 2 Be Sleeping

Mousey (NZ) - With No You

Shag Rock - Sunbleached Girl

bathsalts (Dn) - The Chateau

blaktone - My Favourite Moon

7 Days Of Funk - Hit Da Pavement

DOPE LEMON - The Way You Do

Medium Pace (NZ) - Sooner Rather Than Later

Home Brew (NZ) - Wednesday

Trippie Redd - Love Sick

Denzel Curry - MAD I GOT IT | MAD 1 GOT 1T

Aldous Harding (NZ) - Titus Alone

O & the Mo (NZ) - Supermarket Kings

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts - Back To Manhattan

The Whole Shebang III: The Return of the RHYTHM

Church & AP - Hello Hello (NZ)

Spillage Village, JID, Quentin Miller - M.O.M

Vegyn, JPEGMAFIA - Nauseous / Devilish

Saba - LIFE

Saba, Jean Deaux - Photosynthesis

BENEE, Jack Berry - Drifting (NZ)

George - Never Had Love (NZ)

Wells* - Back To You (NZ)

Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

FKA twigs, Future - holy terrain

Winston Surfshirt - Need You

Fat Freddy's Drop - Kamo Kamo (NZ)

L.A.B. - Personify (NZ)

Bakers Eddy - On My Own (NZ)

Hockey Dad - I Wanna Be Everybody

Pals - Somewhere New

HEAVY CHEST - Required (Dn)

Soaked Oats - Festina Lente (Dn)

30/70 - The Strut

Isaiah Rashad - Nelly

Marlin's Dreaming - Outro (Dn)

The Whole Shebang II: The Two Vibers

Jack Berry - PSYCHO (Dn)

Tora - Morphine

LEISURE - Money (NZ)

Tame Impala - Borderline

Moon Boots, Fiora - I Want Your Attention

Frank Ocean - In My Room

Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE

Earl Sweatshirt, Liv.e - MTOMB (feat. Liv.E)

Danny Brown - Savage Nomad

Isaiah Rashad - Find a Topic (homies begged)

Marlin's Dreaming - Mellow (Dn)

Soaked Oats - Festina Lente (Dn)

Good Boy - Transparency (NZ)

BENEE - Soaked (NZ)

Mermaidens - Millennia (NZ)

Mia Jay - My Throne (Dn)

UFO - Space Child - 2007 Remaster

Steely Dan - Do It Again

Space Bats, Attack! - Battle (Dn)

The Rothmans - Sluicings (Dn)

Blam Blam Blam - There Is No Depression in New Zealand (NZ)

Straitjacket Fits - Burn It Up (Dn)

Hot Donnas - Oh so Wise (Dn)

Marlin's Dreaming - Sally and the Tyre (Dn)

Foley - Cola (NZ)

The Whole Shebang I: The Fellowship of the Groove

BENEE - Monsta (NZ)

LEISURE - Easy Way Out (NZ)

Jack Berry - LUV (Dn)

Soaked Oats - Don't Chew (Dn)

HEAVY CHEST - So It Seems (Dn)

Spooky Mansion - I'm the Moon

wax mustang - Bones (Dn)

Home Brew - Dedicated To (NZ)

Isaiah Rashad - 4r Da Squaw

Beast Coast, Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies - Distance

Denzel Curry, Twelve'len, GoldLink - BLACK BALLOONS


SACHI, Sam DeRosa - Worst Behaviour (NZ)

Mia Jay - Familiar (Dn)

Mia Jay - Drive (Dn)

Rex Orange County - Best Friend

Snail Mail - Speaking Terms

Marlin's Dreaming - Cheeky Kids (Dn)

Mako Road - All We Need (NZ)

The Shamblés - Far from the Tree (Dn)

Hot Donnas - Salt (Dn)

Gromz - Leavers and Grievers (Dn)

Fuzz - What's in My Head?

LOSER - Phase Me

HOMESHAKE - She Can’t Leave Me Here Alone Tonight

Mild High Club - Windowpane

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Work This Time

Travis Bretzer - Misty Morning

Matt Corby - Sooth Lady Wine