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7pm - 9pm Wednesday with EXD

Experimental Design Radio

Locked away in their cave by the beach in the remote setting of New Zealand’s South Island, Kristin and Peter realised their creations were becoming civilised enough to emerge into the modern world. 

Experiments with vintage breaks, analog hardware, and meditations on subsonic frequencies started a reaction that reached equilibrium with EXD.

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Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

Experimental Design Radio

TBC w./ Simon & Woosh (Simon's Final Show)

Radio One 91FM presents TBC ::06/04/16::
***Simon's (Final) Half***
Mantle - 4 [Self-Released]
Tim Hecker - Black Phase [4AD]
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Wetlands [Western Vinyl]
Eugene Tambourine - Blue Lagoon ft. Theresa Varela (Laurie AndersonCover) [Tummy Touch]
Silvestre - Ride [Diskotopia*]
T_A_M - Esthar [Local Action*]
Vin Sol - Zone [Club Lonely*]
Sandboards - ID [Unreleased]
Nick Murray & Kris Baha - Say Something [Multi Culti*]
Keita Sano - Bypass Motion [Sheik 'n' Beik*]
Dude Energy/Suzanne Kraft - Renee Running [Animals Dancing]
Crackazat - Lindop Circles [Quartet Series*]
Cristina - Is That All There Is? [ZE Records Official]
***Woosh's Half***
Tokyo Prose Mix - No Tracklist

TBC w./ Simon

Orchestra Of Spheres - Reel World [Fire Records*]
Dexter Story - Lalibela [Soundway Records]
Bibio - Feeling [Warp Records]
Ash Koosha - Eluded [Ninja Tune*]
Samo DJ & Tzusing - Hollabackboi [Public Possession]
Jascha Hagen - Pan That Shit Out Of Your Brain [Mana All Nite]
Dreems - Sine O The Tymes [Multi Culti*]
Gary Gritness - Working Girls [Hypercolour/ Glass Table*]
Mark Pritchard - Beautiful People ft. Thom Yorke [Warp Records]
Aldous Harding - I'm So Sorry [Unreleased]
Julianna Barwick - Nebula [Dead Oceans]
Anno Stamm - Fine [All City Records*]
Snuffo - Bonfire On A Beach [In The Dark Again*]
Project Pablo - Warm Priority [Magicwire*] 
Ron Basejam & Neil Diablo - Tears [Futureboogie Recordings*]
Martin Heimann - Salto (Jex Opolis Rmx) [Carry On*]
Batu - Bleeper Feed [Livity Sound]
Aggborough - Traces [OTB records*]
Jens Tozzberg - Brewe [Fachwerk Records*]
Bwana - 50% Maximum Power [Aus Music*]
Harald Bjork - Vocal House [Kranglan Broadcast*]
NOO - Rainbow Road [Optimo Music]
O'Flynn - Spyglass [Blip Discs]
Lontalius - Light Shines Through Dust [Partisan Records]
A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got) [Jive]

TBC w./ Simon

Nico Motte - Tacotac [Antinote]
KZA - Untitled [Endless Flight]
Yuji Toriyama - Maze [Agharta/Light Sounds Dark]
Deux - Paris Orly [André Records/Minimal Wave]
Dollkraut - Fire [Permanent Vacation]
Broadcast - Black Cat [Warp Records]
NOT WAVING - Believe [Diagonal]
Lena Platonos - Liqueur Ruby (Red Axes Rmx) [Dark Entries Records]
Appleblim - Phosphene [Gottwax*]
O'Flynn - Oberyn [Blip Discs*]
Gaspard de La Montagne - Canines [Creaked Records*]
DC Salas - When You Left (Inkswel Rmx) [Biologic Records*]
Dj Tennis - Divisions (Roman Flügel Rmx) [Life and Death*]
Rui Maia - Everything Is Changing [Belong Records*]
A. Avenue - Golden Queen (inst.) [Discover/OPILEC MUSIC*]
Gary Gritness - Preachin' Some Tight Game [Hypercolour/ Glass Table*]
Munro - Lilo Times (32 Lives) [XVI Records*]
Irene Grant - Jolivette [Roze Balletten*]
Martin Heimann - Salto (Moon B Bubblin' Mix) [Carry On*]
Autechre - Nine [Warp Records]
DMX Krew - Good Ol Daze [Rephlex/Fundamental]
Gui Boratto & Renato Ratier - Tesla [Kompakt Records*]
Danny Daze - Pop (Dub) [OMNIDISC]
Chambray - Makin Me [Unknown To The Unknown*]

TBC w./ Simon & Woosh

***Simon's Half***
Élan vital - Possession (Rough Mix) [Unreleased]
Solar Bears - Age Atomic [forthcoming Sunday Best]
Lerosa - Il Nostro Tempo [Slow Motion]
Mark Pritchard - Sad Alron [Warp Records]
Purple Pilgrims - Perpetual Prelude [Not Not Fun Records]
Alex Smoke - Star At The Summit [R&S Records]
Kuniyuki Takahashi - Shout (12" Version) [mule musiq]
Moderna y Theus Mago - Dog Is Calling You [forthcoming kill the dj]
Sandboards - Look Blue Go Purple [Unreleased]
Sage Caswell - What Starts To Happen [forthcoming No Idea's Original]
Red Axes - Sun My Sweet Sun [Permanent Vacation]
Echaskech - Equal Eye [forthcoming Echaskech]
Oni Ayhun - OAR 003-B [White/Reveller Records]
Sad Lovers & Giants - Colourless Dream [Last Movement/forthcoming Dark Entries Records]
***Kristin's Half***
Reflect React - Alloy
Loxy & Resound - Heritage 
DBridge - Average Echo
Kid Drama ft. Hands Like Crime - Mumble
Commix - Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Remix)
Commix - City Section 
José James - Warrior (Rockwell Remix)
Alix Perez & Ivy Lab - No One Else
Tokyo Prose - See Through Love
Commix ft. Steve Spacek - How You Gonna Feel
Lenzman - Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix Instrumental)
Vanadis - The Angel's Share
Tokyo Prose - Tell Me
Commix - Breaking Through
Caribou / Voices - 'Back Home' (The Upbeats Bootleg)
Commix, Icicle - Ultra Clean 
Fracture & Deft - I Just
Commix ft. The Nextmen - Change

TBC w./ Simon & Woosh

***Simon's Half***
catz n dogz - Good Touch ft. Eglė Sirvydytė (Maurice Fulton Rmx) [forthcoming Pets Recordings]
Manfredas - Glasswalk [forthcoming Multi Culti]
Leo James - Disconnect Connect pt1 [forthcoming Body Language]
Photay - Zeitgebers [forthcoming Astro Nautico]
***Embedded Figures & Strange Harvest in studio***
((background music: Karin Dreijer - Lives Worth Greiving [forthcomingReveller Records]//Mary Lattimore - Harpist - Otis Walks Into The Woods [forthcoming Ghostly International]))
Gel Set - Double Vision [Moniker Records]
Crash Course in Science - Near Marineland [Schematic]
Embedded Figures - Paradise Lost (KILO Rmx) [Self Released]
*** *** 
Alex Under - Olas De Quila Quina [forthcoming Kompakt Records]
Adra - Project Mogul [forthcoming D.A.T.]
Cray76 - NYNYNY [forthcoming Crowdspacer]
Hector Couto - Parental Advisory [forthcoming Roush Records]
Brett Johnson & CPEN - You Got Me Going Crazy (Berlin Dub) [forthcomingHOLIC TRAX]
Mella Dee - Deep Soul [forthcoming DEXT Recordings]

***Woosh's Half***
Lenzman – Just Can't Take (DBridge Remix Instrumental)
Erykah Badu – Bag Lady (Dune bootleg)
FUTURE CUT – Whiplash (Alix Perez bootleg)
Breakage – Roller 
Skeptical – Loophole
SSxUB - Solitaire (Ulterior Motive Remix)
Noisia, & Xtrah - Gravitas
Icicle ft SP:MC - Dreadnaught (Phace Remix)
EneiKasra Critical - Greed
Mefjus - Blame U ft Zoe Klinck (Ivy Lab Remix)
Emperor - Into Black
OptivBTK - Dive Bomb
Mefjus - Blitz
Noisia, Mefjus, Hybris - Reptilians
PHACECulprate - Logic Bomb
Ulterior Motive - Keep it Moving
Enei - Hot Plate
Stray - Dropping Bombs
Fixate- Throwback Therapy
Fracture - Makin' Hype tracks
Shades - Unholy
Sam Binga ft. Redders - AYO (Ivy Lab Remix)
Ivy Lab - Cherokee
I Am Legion - Jelly Fish (Eprom Remix)
Ivy Lab - Click Clack
Pusha T - Trouble On My Mind ft Tyler (Rustie Remix)
Sabre - Yoga (Alix Perez Warped Mix)
Rockwell - Dizzle
SpectraSoul ft Echo Park - S.O.U.R. (Rockwell Remix)

TBC w./ Simon & Woosh

***Simon's Half***
Essaie pas - Retox [DFA RECORDS
Africaine 808 - Rhythm Is All You Can Dance (Wolf Muller Rmx) [Golf Channel Recordings]
Ponzu Island - Super Koto (András Fox Extended Mix) [forthcomingApersonal Music]
Panthera Krause - Umami [Uncanny Valley]
Avalon Emerson - 2000 Species of Cacti [forthcoming Whities]
Luna - Breathe ft. Alejandro Paz [Huntleys + Palmers]
Lockyear - Store Street [OTB records]
COMA - Borderline (Moscoman Rmx) [Kompakt Records]
Amelie Lens - Exhale [Lyase Recordings]
Abstraxion - Resonance (Matrixxman Rmx) [forthcoming Biologic Records]
Architectural - 7.2 [forthcoming Architectural]
Introverted Dancefloor - Even If You Try (Bromelain Rmx) [Unreleased]
***Woosh [SBK]'s Half***
Tracklist to come.

TBC w./ Simon & Woosh

***Simon's Half***
LanceNeptune - Golden Inferno [forthcoming Magicwire]
Golden Bug - L'Horloge [Les disques de la mort
Obas Nenor / Nenorion Music - Tonight [forthcoming Nenorion]
Rekid - Wave [forthcoming Pyramids Of Mars/Rekids (Official)]
Matthew Herbert - Smart (Matias Aguayo Rmx) [Accidental Records]
Maghreban - Dynamite [Zoot Records]
TB Arthur - Acid Artifacts A1 [forthcoming TB Arthur]
DJ Vague - Freakout (DJ Leo Rmx) [forthcoming Anarchostar]
Mia Dora & DRUMS OF DEATH - Cache Money [forthcoming Posterboy Records]
Feathericci - Sza Geow [forthcoming Mesa Recordings]
Fabrizio Rat - Pinky [Optimo Music]
Jayson Wynters - Unfamiliar Territories [forthcoming Phoenix G/Mr. G]
Kedr livanskiy - Razrushitelniy Krug (Destructive Cycle) [forthcoming 2MR]
*** Kristin's Half***
Dizz1 feat. Frank Nitt - Higher (DJ MANNY Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
Sam Binga & Om Unit – Reclaim [Critical Music]
Sam Binga ft. Redders & Rider Shafique – Believe [Critical]
Machinedrum - Dont 1 2 Lose U (MORESOUNDS Remix) [ Ninja Tune]
Break - Late Exclusive [Symmetry]
Om Unit - Timelines [Metalheadz]
DJ MADD - SPCL RQST [Cosmic Bridge]
Moresounds - Gwan Fire [31 Records]
Fixate - Throwback Therapy [Exit Records UK]
Mad Cobra - Shot A Talk (Danny Scrilla Remix) [Pseudogeddon]
Fracture - Overload [Exit]
Moresounds - Pure Niceness [Astrophonica]
Hyroglifics - Cloud Cover [Critical]
Skeptical - Parallax [Exit]
Digital - Deadline (Dub Phizix Remix) [Function]
One87 - Clearance (Dub Phizix Remix) [Nemesis]
Ivy Lab - Cherokee [20/20 LDN]
Hyroglifics - No Drama [Critical]
Alix Perez & EPROM - The Serpent [ Alpha Pup Records]
I Am Legion - Jelly Fish (Eprom Remix) [Division]
TRUTH - The Fact [Firepower]
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix) [31 Records]
Danny Scrilla - Singularity [Not On Label]
Fre4knc feat. Mongoose - This Misery [Critical]

TBC w./ Simon, ft. Race Banyon Guest Mix

Jenny Hval - Why This? [Sacred Bones Records]
Pye Corner Audio - After Dark [More Than Human]
Tapan - Volumes [Crimes of the future]
Kiss Me Again - Caprice [forthcoming Apersonal Music]
Borusiade - Jeopardy [forthcoming Cómeme]
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Neue Tanz [Alfa]
Mbongwana Star - Mulakayi ft. Konono n°1 [World Circuit Records]
Moscoman - Dévoué (Manfredas Rmx) [Renate Schallplatten]
Mariah - Shinzo No Tobira [Shan-Shan/Palto Flats]
*** Race Banyon Mix***
Dorisburg - Sinai Hypnosis [Aniara Recordings]
Terranova - Labrador [Kompakt Records]
Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous ft. Timbaland [Geffen Records]
Four Tet (Official) - Lion (Jamie xx Rmx) [Text]
Sufjan Stevens - The Owl & The Tanager [Asthmatic Kitty Records]
Floating Points - Sparkling Controversy [Eglo Recs]
Phoenix - Entertainment (Hot Natured remix) [Glassnote Records]
Chambray - Rub [ULTRAMAJIC]
Boddika & Joy Orbison - In Here [Sunklo]
Daft Punk - Alive [Virgin Records]
Daphni - Ye Ye [Text]
Rafeeki - Wreckage [???]
Burial & Thom Yorke - Mirror [Text]
Jon Convex - Fade [Convex Industries]
Donor - Counter (Kangding Ray Rmx) [forthcoming Prosthetic Pressings]
Monoak - Resolute [Freerotation]
ANDREA - Outlines [Ilian Tape]
Underspreche - Naked [forthcoming Optimo Music]
Beacon - Preserve (Kim Ann Foxman Rmx) [Ghostly International]
Uchuu Saru - Nobody... [El Otro Mundo]
FIT Sound / EST. 83 - Carmine [FIT Siegel]

TBC w./ Simon, ft. Shuedet Guest Mix

Odetta - Bald Headed Woman [Vanguard]
Samoyed - 1Q84 [forthcoming Flask Recordings]
Kangding Ray - Acto [raster-noton]
2200 aka Dan White - Killed By Deaf [forthcoming Cult Trip]
Bit-Tuner - Low Church [forthcoming -OUS]
COLOR WAR - Shapeshifting (Slow Porn Rmx) [forthcoming My Favorite Robot]
Shanti Celeste - Strung Up [FUTURE TIMES]
Convextion aka E.R.P. - El Camino [Bleep43]
Mabrak - Roots Talk [Dug Out]
Daniël Jacques - Lost Count [forthcoming Jadac]
*** Shuedet Guest Mix ***
Radiohead - kid a hidden track (vinyl)
Nils Frahm - peter (vinyl)
shuedet - untitled (live)
shuedet - fireworks (lathe cut)
shuedet - fireworks (bin vocal version) (live)
Djrum - plantain (vinyl)
Asusu - serra (vinyl)
shuedet - ossls (lathe cut)
Martyn - vancouver (head high mix) (vinyl)
Groeni - hinde (digi)
Fis - frost pocket (vinyl)
Panda Bear - search for delicious (vinyl)
shuedet - tides (live)
SYNKRO - guidance (indigo vinyl)
shuedet - somewhere new (digi)
The Beatles - the end (vinyl)
Paranoid London - Lovin U (Ahh Shit) w/ DJ Genesis [Paranoid London]
Clarian - Space Noir [Kompakt Records]
COEO - Back In The Days [forthcoming Toy Tonics]
Doc Daneeka - Global Luv [forthcoming Ten Thousand Yen]
I-ROBOTS - Come To Harm (Kuniyuki Takahashi Double Organ Dub Rmx) [forthcoming OPILEC MUSIC]
Architectural aka Reeko - Il Mare [Wolfskuil Records]
Bambi Davidson - Brunswick [Claremont 56]

TBC w./ Woosh

Christian Prommer's Drumlesson - Elle

Nuyorican Soul- Nautilus (Mawtilus)

Julien Dyne feat. Parks- Fallin’ Down

Glenn Astro- (Forgotten Intro) 4 My Peeps

Wayne Snow - Drunk (produced by Max Graef)

Pyxis-  Dilla

YSE Saint Laur'ant_-Freeze_Frame

Redtenbacher's Funkestra- Funktionality

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings-This Land Is Our Land

Unknown Mortal Orchestra-  Necessary Evil

Michna- She Exists In My Mind

J Dilla- Garage Band (Over Re-Edit)-

Electric Wire Hustle-  Chaser

Joey Bada$$-  Piece of Mind

Obsesión-  Me Lastimas

Ana Tijoux-Oulala

Hiatus Kaiyote- Swamp Thing

Saun & Starr- Look Closer (Can't You See The Signs)

DJ Spinna- Surely

D'Angelo- Left and Right

Dizz1-  What You Want (Instrumental)

Hyroglifics-No Drama

Shades-  The Serpent

dBridge- Fire Fall You

Module Eight-Severed

Sam KDC-  Servant

The Binary Collective- Binary Theme

Mikarma- Intake

Om Unit- The Lake

The Black Dog-  Neither/Neither

TBC w./ Simon, ft. Introverted Dancefloor Playlist

James Ferraro - Pollution [Break World Records]
Isolation Ward - Lamina Christus [LTM Recordings]
2200 aka Dan White - Outlaw [forthcoming Cult Trip]
*** - *** [forthcoming ***]
Seb Wildblood - Submarine (Project Pablo Rmx) [SW]
POPULETTE - Another One [Golf Channel Recordings]
Iñigo Vontier & Lokier - Hard To Be [forthcoming Rock To The Beat Records]
Thomass Jackson - One Of Them People [forthcoming La dame Noir records]
Introverted Dancefloor Playlist
Signer - Added End Thing 2002
Boycrush - I Don't Want U (Introverted Dancefloor Lonely Man Rmx)
Encouragement - Oh Continuous Present
Glass Vaults - Ancient Gates (Bev Dub)
Introverted Dancefloor - Feeling Unsound (Deconstructed)
Thought Creature - Smoke Machine (Extended)
Deadbeat Music - I Get Low [forthcoming BLKRTZ]
Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie - Bengan [forthcoming Karlovak]
Spencer Parker - Yogoto [Rekids]
Mumbai Science - Black Hole (Robert Hood/Floorplan Rmx) [Lektroluv Records]
SONNS - Best [forthcoming Kompakt Records]
Rhode & Brown - Whistleblower [forthcoming Toy Tonics]
Chaos In The CBD (NZ) - Phantom Melodies [forthcoming Church]
Auntie Flo - So In Love ft. Shingai [Huntleys + Palmers]

TBC w./ Woosh

St Germaine - Forget Me Not
Electric Hustle - Aoens

Tokyo Prose – Vanishing Point
Danny Scrilla – Rigel7
Commix – Life We Live
Mikarma – Intake
CMX & dBridge – Tesserae
Tokyo Prose – All Things
Alix Perez – Revolve Her
Alix Perez – Losing You
Need For Mirrors – Sacred Heart
Mos Def, Pharoah Monch & Nate Dog – Oh No (John B Smooth remix)
Stray – Queen
Tokyo Prose – Dawn Chorus
Mark System – Fruit & Water
Tokyo Prose - Windtalkers
Nightshade – Where To Begin

James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Lynx remix)
Jubei – Congo
Soul Intent – Funk Lick
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit remix)

Fracture feat Dawn Day Night – Sick Wid It
Fracture – Overload
Alix Perez & Stray – Rip & Dip

Rockwell - *)* [808]
Danny Scrilla - X (VIP)
Sam Binga – I Tol U
Moresounds – Pure Niceness

Fre4knc feat Mongoose – The Misery
J:Kenzo – One Drop
Fixate – Percussive Aggressive
Ulterior Motive feat Meyhem & Brotherman  - Chapters
Adam F – Metropolis
Inta Warriors – Inta (Special Forces remix)
Om Unit – Timelines
>>>  The Baby Namboos – Ancoats To Zambia (Dillinja remix)
Die & Break Vs Mad Hed City -  40 Hurts (Sam Binga Bludgeoned In The Basement Remix)

Addison Groove & Sam Binga - Ol Man EK

Mala - Left Leg Out (Legend4ry put his foot in it mix)
DJ Spinn – All Mt Teklife
DJ Rashad, feat Spinn & Taso - Pass That Shit
Kelis - Runnin' (Machinedrum Remix)

Alix Perez & Eprom – Into Light
Danny Scrilla feat Om Unit - Free Flight

TBC w./ Woosh

The Binary Collective - Apocryphal

Pearson Sound - Glass Eye

Erik Luebs -  Eyes Closed

worriedaboutsatan - The Woods (Kommune1 Remix)

Kito Jempere -  Monday

Abdulla Rashim - Red Uprise

Graze - Gneiss

Akkord -  Typeface

Manni Dee -  Loop84

Le Dom -  RUB UP

Walter Ego -  Smoke Bomb

The Black Dog - MK Ultrabrite

Jon Hopkins -  We Disappear

AAnbreken -  Arcane Rites

Cassini -  Proximity

Dario Zenker -  27 Northwest 

Cosmin TRG -  Sever

Voidloss -  Cumulative Mental Trauma

Answer Code Request - Zenith

Shed -  I Come By Night

Tale Of Us & Mind - Against Astral

dBRm We Are No-One You Know 

John Tejada - Two 0 One

Graze-  Circadia

Trikk - Deviation 33

Andre Bratten - Trommer Og Bass

Ten Walls - Nochnoy Dozor 

Microburst Hawks - Church

Autechre - Montreal

Young Magic - Foxglove

TBC w./ Simon, ft. Simon

Tlaotlon - Virtu [Dream Disc]
worriedaboutsatan - Blood (The Head Technician/Pye Corner Audio Rmx) [forthcoming This Is It Forever]
Club Bizzare - Supernova [forthcoming Blindetonation Records]
Mr. TC - Soundtrack for Strangers [forthcoming Optimo Music]
IMYRMIND - Upturn [forthcoming TARTELET RECORDS]
Nebraska - Emotional Rescue [Mister Saturday Night]
Kask - Untitled (Ajukaja Rmx) [forthcoming X-Kalay]
Soul Of Hex - Sleep Mistakes (Glenn Astro Dub Mistake) [forthcoming Cobra Voyage]
Kapote - Fuck Music (SESSION VICTIM Rmx) [forthcoming Toy Tonics]
Rework - Too Forward (BALD Rmx) [Meant Records]
ADMX-71 - My Theme Song [forthcoming LIES Records News]
Leo James - You're Not A Machine pt1 [Body Language]
BLOND:ISH - Moonvalley [forthcoming Kompakt Records]
Jasper James - ZTRK1 (JD Twitch Rmx) [forthcoming Leftroom Records]
Zomby - Acid Surf [XL Recordings]
Daze - Tool [forthcoming Lobster Theremin]
Francisco Allendes - Agility Queen ft. DJ DMC [forthcoming Desolat Music Group]
Jonas Rathsman - New Generation [forthcoming KX/Kompakt Recordings]
Paul C & Paolo Martini - Deluxe [forthcoming Gruuv]
Mallone. & Arne Spremberg - Minos [forthcoming Schakal]
Bxentric - Patch Valley [forthcoming Nanda Records]
The Isley Brothers - Love The One You're With [Atlantic Records]

TBC w./ Simon, ft. Sandboards Guest Mix

Stevie R & Matt Hardinge - Measuring The Universe (namito's Beginning Of Time Rmx) [InsideOut Records]
The Binary Collective - Binary Theme [forthcoming Exit Records UK]
Visionist - Let Me In [forthcoming Pan Records]
Heathered Pearls - Perfume Catalogue (Lord RAJA's Monarch Rmx) [forthcoming Ghostly International]
ADMX-71 - Phenomenalist [forthcoming LIES Records News]
Tropic of Cancer - When The Dog Bites [forthcoming Blackest Ever Black]
***Sandboards Mix***
Coni - Bunker's Groove [SWAMP81]
Ajukaja & Andrevski - Rare Birds [Levels]
French Fries - Traxx ft. Chaos In The CBD (NZ) [CLEKCLEKBOOM]
Alex Smoke - LSD [R&S Records]
New York Transit Authority - Dinner & Corsica [Lobster Boy]
Coni - The Opposite [ClekClekBoom]
BAMBOUNOU - Brawl [ClekClekBoom]
Bongo Lovers - Power Of Music [***]
MK - The Rains (S&M Hardcore Mix) [KMS Records]
Groove Committee - You Need Someone [Vinyl Solution]
Revisionaries - Keep It Together (Joey Negro Club Mix) [Z Records]
Caslau - Error [ClekClekBoom]
Jori Hulkkonen - Something Left To Learn (Daniel Wang & JEEP Rmx) [forthcoming Fly By Night Music]
Hammer x General Ludd - Controller [forthcoming Craigie Knowes]
Inxec - Morrow [forthcoming Half Seas Over]
Moscoman - Akachi [ESP Institute]
Modini - Ghost Seducer [Optimo Music]
Amato - Physique [Cititrax/Minimal Wave]
Lord Of The Isles - DYFM [forthcoming Permanent Vacation]
Aboutface - The Hazy Path To Misunderstanding (TIN MAN Rmx) [forthcoming DARK MATTERS]
Broadcast - Where Youth And Laughter Go [Warp Records]

TBC w./ Simon, ft. Ben Aus Guest Mix

Imre Kiss - Stolen Moment [Farbwechsel/forthcoming Lobster Theremin]

King Midas Sound x Christian Fennesz - On My Mind [Ninja Tune]
James Booth - Fundamentlly Inconsiderate [forthcoming Farbwechsel]
Lord Of The Isles - Grafta [forthcoming Craigie Knowes]
Visionist - You Stayed [forthcoming PAN]
Bantu Clan x Sarabi - Africa Ni Leo (Behr Rmx) [Huntleys + Palmers]
*** Ben Aus Mix ***
Thomas Schumacher - Hush (catz n dogz 2013 Rmx) [Pets Recordings]
Lo Shea - Got Swagger [Seaghdha]
Huxley - Diesel [Moda Black]
Mia Dora - You In The Future [MadTech Records]
Marco Bernardi - Motorways [Futureboogie Recordings]
Lil Mark - 1994 [Leftroom Records]
Kill Frenzy & Nick Monaco - Black Girls White Girls [Dirtybird]
Citizen - So Submissive [MadTech]
Citizen - Stronger Than You [MadTech]
Joey Negro presents Akabu - Searchin (Motor City Drum Ensemble Rmx) [Z Records]
Chevel - Flippant Remark [forthcoming Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Kuba Sojka aka Psi-Acoustic - No Return [forthcoming Dogmatik Records]
Tom Trago - Brutal Romance [Dekmantel]
Pezzner - Power Rockin 97x [forthcoming Toy Tonics]
The Golden Filter - Start Over [forthcoming Optimo Music]
Jas Shaw - Love Doubled [forthcoming Delicacies]
Tropic of Cancer - Stop Suffering [forthcoming Blackest Ever Black]
Nina Simone - Who Knows Where The Time Goes [RCA Victor/LateNightTales]

TBC w./ Simon, ft. Keepsakes Guest Mix

Sixtus Preiss - Lololo (Band Version) [forthcoming Affine Records]
Floating Points - Silhouettes (I, II, & III) [Pluto]
Thomas Ragsdale - Who Holds The Devil, Hold Him Well [This Is It Forever]
ART DEPARTMENT - The Agent (Mathew Jonson Rmx) [forthcoming No.19 Music]
***Keepsakes Mix***
Perth Drug Legend - B [West End Communications]
Jorge Velez - Curves [LIES Records News]
Plukkk. - Hunting [Sombra]
Vapauteen - Basilisk [LIES]
Keepsakes - Crawler [Variance]
Whirling Hall Of Knives - Comminute (Ancient Methods Remix) [Earwiggle]
Shocking Pinks - Us Against The City (Keepsakes Rmx) [Unreleased]
Perth Drug Legend - Tweet Tweet Mill Street Fleet [Resin]
Keepsakes - Chups [Unreleased]
Keepsakes - Drip Drip Cold [Variance]
Positive Centre - Figure Is The Form [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Talker - Meniscus (feat. Samuel Kerridge) [Downwards Records]
Ontario Hospital - Perfect Skin [Opal Tapes]
Tzusing - 4 Floors Of Whores [LIES]
Bintus - Looking In Your Fridge [Power Vacuum]
Dance Company - Berzerkerz (Hardcore Young Team) [Turbo Recordings]
SAN2 - Impartial Perspective (Frits Wentink Rmx) [forthcoming Bobby Donny]
Trikk - Abstract Language [forthcoming Man Make Music]
Hand Of God - Jeremy's Playhouse [GODMODE]
Zeké Africa - Ghost [forthcoming Moda Black]
Cowboy Rhythmbox - Fantasma [Phantasy]
Deadstock 33s (justin robertson) - I Am Automatic ft. Daniel Avery[forthcoming Skint Records]
Feel my Bicep - Untitled [forthcoming Craigie Knowes]
A1 Bassline - Interval at the Blue Note [Food Music]
P.H.F - Soft [Danger Collective Records/]

TBC w./ Simon, ft. Borrowed CS Guest Mix

SK Kakraba - Lubile Prai [forthcoming Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Avalon Emerson - Sword And Rose Forever [forthcoming shtum]
Javi Redondo - Somewhere [Correspondant]
Boof - Birgit Boogie [Running Back]
***Interview with Borrowed cs/Cory Champion***
(Background: Black Point - Give Up [Out To Lunch])
***Borrowed CS Mix***
Babe People - untitled 2_26 [white label]
Fis - Homologous 01 [Void Coms]
Groeni - Spine and Wick [Project Mooncircle]
Burial - Raver [Hyperdub Records]
Actress - Skyline [Werkdiscs/Ninjatune]
Floating Points - Shark Chase [Eglo Records]
Shocking Pinks - Us Against The City [forthcoming A LOW HUM]
Percussions - Sext [Text Records]
Kyle Hall - Dances With A Sun Godess [Wild Oats Music]
Borrowed cs - Stranger Things [bootleg] [white label]
Jay Daniel - Change 4 Me [Wild Oats]
Matrix - Take Me Up [Sugarscoop]
MONGO SKATO - Turismoc [1080p]
Max Roach - Equipoise [Atlantic]
Hunee - Rare Happiness [Rush Hour]
Psychemagik - Mink & Shoes (Lokier Rmx) [forthcoming Psychemagik]
Adesse Versions - Ghosts [Adesse Versions]
STL - Mind Puzzlin [forthcoming Our Mutual Friend]
rein - 29.2 [Unreleased]
Wasserman - Eisen Mein Herz [forthcoming Kompakt Records]
Tirzah - Make It Up (Club Mix) [Greco-Roman]
ASHWORTH - Puma [forthcoming Needwant]
Lo Shea - Root Causes (Kowton Rmx) [forthcoming Transit]

TBC w./ Simon, ft. k2k Guest Mix

Noah - Sivutie [flau]
Kuedo – Event Tracking Across Populated Terrain ft. Roly Porter [Knives]
Appleblim – Auburn Blaze [forthcoming Rinse FM]
Koreless – Love [Young Turks]
Offshore – Off Peak [forthcoming Big Dada]
Not Waving – Ability To Gain Access (Pye Corner Audio Rmx) [Emotional Response]
Regis – Blinding Horses (Stableboy Version) [forthcoming Blackest Ever Black]
POV – R-Type III [Crowdspacer]
Marc Piñol x John Talabot – Zulu Edit [Hivern Discs] (sorry about the skips)
Fatherhood – Loleatta On Acid [forthcoming Clubwerks/Origami Sound]
***k2k Guest Mix***
Shinichiro Yokota – Shake Yours [Far East Recordings/Rush Hour]
Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never ft. ETML [Atlantic Jaxx]
Ariana Grande – Baby I (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Director’s Cut [Republic Records]
William "Bootsy" Collins – Play With Bootsy [EastWest]
Project Pablo – Blender [Hybridity Music]
Viers – I Feel It [Hokkaido Dance Club]
Tom Demac – RIP Vogel [Aus Music]
Huerco S. - Untitled [Wicked Bass Records]
Jack J – Looking Forward To You [Mood Hut]
Glyn - Kevin Lomax [777 Recordings]
Omar s detroit - Set It Out [FXHE Records]
Heathered Pearls – Perfume Catalogue [forthcoming Ghostly International]
Monokle – Backwash [forthcoming Ki Records]
Sage Caswell – Paper USB [forthcoming Spring Theory]
Nuage - Nulla [forthcoming Project Mooncircle]
Sandboards - Japan [free download -]
Hidden Spheres - Upsn Downs [Distant Hawaii]
Chaos In The CBD (NZ) - Midnight In Peckham [forthcoming Rhythm Section]

TBC w/ Simon, ft. Bodyjack (UK) Guest Mix

***Homage to Dieter Moebius***

Cluster & Eno - Fur Luise [Sky Records]
Eno, Moebius, & Roedelius - Oil [Sky Records]
Cluster - Umleitung [Sky Records]
Cluster - Hollywood [Brain]
Moebius & Plank - News [Sky Records]
Liliental - Nachsaison [Brain]
Harmonia & Eno - When Shade Was Born [Gronland Records]

Tropic of Cancer - Plant Lilies At My Head (Alt. Version) [forthcomingBlackest Ever Black]
The Sonic Emporium - What Do You Think You Saw (Heretic Monotype Rmx) [forthcoming Blindetonation Records]
Docteur Satan - The Operator [I'M A CLICHE]

***Bodyjack Guest Mix***
dubspeeka - Floorshow (Bodyjack's DEXT VIP) [DEXT]
Chambray - Untitled (Bodyjack Remix) [ULTRAMAJIC]
Bodyjack - Thats's What She Said [Unknown To The Unknown]
Bodyjack - BodyTrax 5 [BodyTrax]
Bodyjack - BodyTrax 1 [BodyTrax]
TEED, Eats Everything & Gerd Janson - Lion (Bodyjack Edit) [Unreleased]
Bodyjack - Milwaukee's Crew [Unreleased]
Bodyjack - BodyTrax 2 [BodyTrax]
Bodyjack - BodyTrax 4 [BodyTrax]
Bodyjack – All Werk & No Play [Bodyjack]
Bodyjack - Shake That Ass (Vocal Mix) [Bodyjack]
Soundbwoy Killah – The Bounce [Bodyjack]
Bodyjack – I Wanna be [Bodyjack]
Bodyjack – Get Raw [Bodyjack]
Bodyjack – The Widowmaker [Hypercolour]
Bodyjack – Brock Out [Unknown To The Unknown]
Bodyjack - BodyTrax 3 [BodyTrax]
Montel – Got To Be Down (Bodyjack Remix) [ALiVE Recordings]
Bodyjack - BodyTrax 6 [BodyTrax]
Bodyjack – The Throwdown [Bodyjack]
Nachtbraker - Who's Your Dede [forthcoming Vicario Musique Recordings]
Partok - Nai Nai [forthcoming Kompakt Records]
Dusky - Parakeet Feet [forthcoming 17 Steps]
Fx Mchn - Dunn (Roman Flügel Rmx) [forthcoming Transit]
Rita Furstenhof - Hadron Collider [forthcoming Optimo]

TBC w/ Simon, ft. Rein Guest Mix

Various - NG 9098 2006 [Firecracker Recordings]
Micachu and the Shapes - Oh Baby [Rough Trade Records]
Chiwoniso - Zvichapera [NYAMI NYAMI records]
k2k - bles [Unreleased]
Kornél Kovács - Pantalon
Kartei (Voiski x Crysta Patterson) - Sunset [Field Records]
Harvey Sutherland - Bermuda [FACES Records and MCDE]
rein - 07 [Unreleased]
rein - 13 [Unreleased]
Taelue - Pineal Gland [Rough House Rosie]
Tissu - Ground Loop [Mörk]
Route 8 - I Can’t [Lobster Theremin]
wilma - Kickit [Potion Records]
L/F/D/M - Heavy Clouds [CGI Records]
I.B.M (JAMAL MOSS AKA HIEROGLYPHIC BEING) - Manichaeanism [Interdimensional Transmissions]
Life’s Track - Kicks Invasion [Black Opal Tapes]
Shed - Up The Hill [The Final Experiment]
nthng - Moving On [Mörk]
rein - 22 [Unreleased]
??? - Field Dub [Forthcoming Untzz Rec.]
rein - 29.2 [Unreleased]
M.E.S.H. - Azov Seepage [forthcoming PAN
Hi & Saberhägen - Lonely Friends [Huntleys + Palmers]
North Lake - Sun Gun [forthcoming Origami Sound]
LEFTWING & KODY - Fixation (Mark Jenkyns Rmx) [Lost]
xxxy - Over Peover [forthcoming Rinse FM]
L.F.T. - Janus Head [Woodwork]
Petar Dundov - Holiday In Singularity [Music Man Records]
Rroxymore/Oni Ayhun/PLANNINGTOROCK/Paula Temple - DR1/4 [Noise Manifesto]
HNNY - Cheer Up, My Brother [OMENA]

TBC w/ Simon, ft. Soyawi Guest Mix

Holly Herndon - Lonely At The Top 
Domenique Dumont - La Battaile Du Neige
Prince Far I - Nuclear Weapon
Paul Martin - Le Troublant Témoignage de Paul Martin (Introduction Parlée)
The Pagan Rites - Every Mauser & Browning
Nancy Sesay & The Melodaires - C'est Fab
The Junto Club - Freedom From The Known
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Neue Tanz
Dasha Rush - Sail Away To Her
***In Search Of Other Voices - A Mix by Sophie Yana Wilson***
Elysia Crampton - Lake 
Leonard Nimoy speaks, from "In Search Of..."
Sega Snatcher - Silence Creeper
JP TVC soundtrack - Serge Lutens directed Shiseido "Inoui" Perfume
Yasuaki Shimizu - TVC soundtracks for Tachikawa, Seiko, Shiseido, & Honda
SND - Palo Alto
Miharu Koshi - Paralellisme (prod. Hosono)
Minor Science - Hapless
Lena Platonos / Λένα Πλάτωνος - 'Ερωτες Το Καλοκαίρι
Techno Twins - Donald & Julie Go Boating
Sandii & the Sunsetz - Zoot Kook
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Live 1970
Koharu Kisaragi & Ryuichi Sakamoto 坂本龍一 - Neo-Plant
Miraya Takeuchi - Plastic Love
Moizna - Just Another Day 
KO The God - Do You Like To Smoke 
LiL JaBBA - Tea
Zdeněk Liška - Soundtrack to Ikarie XB1 Ballroom Scene
Pye Corner Audio & Belbury Poly - Pathways
Carisma - Vertigo
Jichael Mackson ( ping of kop ) - Foxdevilswild
Luca Cazal - Afromance I (Discomix)
Fort Romeau - Saku II
Ben Aus - Circus
Rhymos - Mummas Cumquat
Ray Kandinski - I Can Count On You

TBC w/ Woosh.

The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Strange Games & Things
The Bar Keys - You Can't Run Away
James Mason - Funny Girl
Linda Williams - Elevate Your Mind
The Futures - Ain't No Time For Nothing
Jean Knight - Mr Big Stuff
Roy Ayers - Boogie Back
The Commodores - Girl I Think The World About Ya
Beats International - Just Be Good To Me
Brand New Heavies - Back To Love
Stevie Wonder - Too High
Soul II Soul - Fairplay
Bill Withers - Lovely Day (7" Sunshine Mix)
Prince Charles & The City Beat Band - Don't Fake The Funk
Talking Heads - Burning Down The House
The Meters - Same Lo' Thing
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady

LSB -Walking Blues
A-Sides & MAKOTO
Haliogenix - Beyond The Bounds
Lynx & Marcus Intalex - Ghost Train
Stray - Queen
SpectraSoul - Always
Mark System - Don't You Remember
Sinistarr - Time To Think
Die & Break V Mad Hed City - 40 Hurts (Sam Binga remix)


TBC w/ Simon, ft. Gaspard de La Montagne (Switzerland) Guest Mix

Dasha Rush - Sleep Ballade [raster-noton]
Bromelain - Simo Dub Excl [Unreleased]
Gimmix & Zorro - Oveile [Audiolith Records]
Bufiman - Kalvier [Versatile]
Lokier - Hel's Reaction [Have A Killer Time]
Steve Cobby & Trudie Dawn Smith - We Start Over (Apiento & LX Rmx) [International Feel Recordings]
Apiento & Co - Esp (Lexx Escape From The Island Rmx) [Golf Channel Recordings]
Maalem Mahmoud Gania, Floating Points, & James Holden - Mimoun Marhaba [Border Community]
***Gaspard de La Montagne [Creaked Records] Mix***
Efdemin - Parallaxis (The Borderland State Remix) [DIAL RECORDS]
Julien Aubert - Feelmar (Gaspard de La Montagne remix) [Creaked]
Ital & Halal - Phase 2 [Lover's Rock]
Percussions - Bird Song [Text]
Gaspard de La Montagne - Stallion [Creaked]
Shlomo & AWB - Twelve Fortresses [Taapion Records]
Mod7 - Shipping Space (Saturday Version) [Fox Trax]
Gaspard de La Montagne - Steam [Creaked]
DVS1 - Balance [HUSH]
Efdemin - Transducer [Dial]
Teersom - Waves - (Felix K reinterpretation) [Basement Grey]
Simoncino - Abele Dance [LIES Records News]
Donato Dozzy - Fazah [Mental Groove]
JOHN ROBERTS - Paloma [Dial]
Dodi Palese - M109 [Engrave Ltd.]
General Ludd - Molycorp Mountain Pass [Ten Thousand Yen]
Rekord 61 - Vremya (Rolando Rmx) [Konstruktiv]
ASC - Dark Matter [Samurai Music]
HTRK - Poison [Ghostly International]

TBC w/ Simon, NZ Music Special

Connan Mockasin - I Wanna Roll With You
Boycrush - Caprice
Jellphonic - Smack
Keepsakes - Crawler
SSELLF - Consume
Wild bill ricketts - Face Limb
Bromelain - Keshava
Fis - Happy Alone
Danse Macabra - Ambassador
Pesk - Tyranny
Leonard Charles - Together
Conrad Wedde - Islands
Paperghost - The Once Great City Now Cannibalising Its Smaller Buildings
Lontalius - Grown Woman
Chelsea Jade - You Da One (Maximus Hush Rmx)
Wywy Brix - Freak Me ft. Xiao Feng
Rein - 11
Chaos In The CBD (NZ) - Rolling 84s
Micronism - Steps To Recovery
Son.sine - Upekah
Aron Ottignon - Kingfish (Rodi Kirk Rmx)
Race Banyon x Eskimo Eyes - The Way That I Do
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Necessary Evil
She's So Rad - Sewn Up Sunrise
Skeptics - Mamouth

TBC w/ Simon, ft. Danny Brady Guest Mix

Kara-Lis Coverdale - IMGS /R
Cankun - Words
She's So Rad - Say The Word ft. David Dallas
Nils Frahm - Them
DOLLSKA - So Long For A Small Storm 
Warpaint - Disco//very (Richard Norris Rmx)
MUGWUMP - Until You're Worth It (Andrew Weatherall Rmx)
DJ CAM - Crockett's Theme
Smurphy - Missing2MyBB
Kamera - Cold Land
***Danny Brady (Death and the Maiden//Thought Creature) Mix***
Carlos Perón - Nothing Is True
Grackle - Disco (musiccargo Rmx)
Margot - Magical Disco
Move D - Jus House 
Superpitcher - Joanna
Electric Wire Hustle - ITATLD (Eliphino Rmx)
signer - Happiness Is Such A Mess
Pépé Bradock - Deep Burnt
Kölsch - DerDieDas
Anton Zap - Freefall
Boot & Tax - Sublime
Jay Haze & ESB - Refine To Deepness (Cottam Club Dub)
Ital - The Citadel (Gang Of Ducks Rmx)
Lurka - Partials
Nicolas Jaar - No One Is Looking At U

TBC w./ Simon, ft. Danza Macabra (Ger) Guest Mix

Drew Lustman (aka FaltyDL) - Onyx ft. Le1f
Dizz1 - Get 'Em Up ft. Frank Nitt (Danny Breaks Rmx)
Stephan Bodzin - Singularity
Bob Moses - Too Close For Comfort
Wywy Brix - Polydactyl
Maxx Mortimer - Soulfood
Lauer - Alright with Ela
Danza Macabra Mix - No Tracklist
Tapes meets the Drums of Wareika Hill Sounds - Datura Mystic
Glenn Astro - A Bit Warmer
Klienfeld - ALT
Keita Sano - Happiness
Red Axes - Pil Sagol
Dany F - Magia
Kito Jempere - Amended Wonders
Prinzhorn Dance School - Reign
Rheingold - Dreiklangdimensionen

TBC w./ Woosh

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Later That Night
The Levels feat dBridge - We Could Be
Alix Perez - Acid Jam
Fixate - Sueno
Beat Spacek -Modern Streets
Om Unit & Sam Binga - Wei
Fracture & Chimpo - Hard Food
Mercedes - Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive remix)
MachineDrum - Gunshotta (Om Unit's Rollers VIP)
DRS feat Die & Addison Groove - Concrete Blocks
Stray - Bounce That
Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique - She Want It Ruff
Mark System - Pursuit
Dub Phizix - Bounce
Icicle feat Skittles - Problem
Moresounds feat Fracture - Dead & Bury
Stephen Marley - Mind Control
Fat Freddy's Drop - Slings & Arrows
Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Rankin'
Jo Mersa - Bad So
Lauren Hill - Turn Your Lights Down Low
Horace Andy - Skylarking Dub
Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse
Alborosie feat The Abyssinians - Give Thanks
Katchafire - Frisk Me Down
Leo Hall - Let's Dub It Up

TBC w./ Simon, ft. BYT Guest Mix

submerse - trip
Fixate - Percussive Agressive
Busy Signal - Tamara (Swing Ting Smooth Mix)
Ralph Cumbers aka Bass Clef - Where I Keep My Heat
Shine Grooves - Sky Blue
**** BYT Mix ****
Round Five - Na Fe Throw It
Bromelain – Form Evacuated
Deepchord – Sub-marine
DJ Sprinkles – Brenda’s $20 Dilemma
Neddy Smith – Liberated Woman
Skye – Ain’t No Need
Michel Chion – Requiem_Dies Irae
Ron Trent – Altered States
Infiniti – Skyway
Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Transition
M5 – Celestial Highway
Pink Industry – What I Wouldn’t Give
Perfume Genius – Grid
Skeptics - Mamouth
HVOB - Cool Melt
Shadow Movement - Whales pt.1
Maxime & Remain - Lost It (Kasper Bjørke Rmx)
Alex Smoke - Divination
Roman Flügel - Wilkie
Lauer - Esc with Jasnau
Local Artist - Feelings (Digital Dub)
Circle - Gone Too Deep ft. Rise 8 (King Britt Scuba Rmx)
Time Wharp - Rag
Jane Weaver - I Need A Connection