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The Graveyard

11pm - 1am Thursday with Radio One Zombies

The Graveyard


episode 5 the next episode is the last episode

the rothmans - sluicings 


doubleu - steam 


goat girl - the man


cold castle - scalper 


courtney barnette & kurt vile - continental breakfast


hotel for strangers - work 


us girls - another color 


animal collective - guys eyes 


of montreal - events leading up to the collapse of detective dullight 


screaming felames - bird in space 


nail polish - selected comments 


spowder - health palm


sleater-kinney - no anthems 


gen pop - no identify 


flasher - skim milk 


downtown boys - i’m enough (i want more)


zorn - demo


mannequin pussy - romantic 


dude york - love is 


frankie cosmos - jesse 


alex lahey - let’s call it a day 


ariel pink - lipstick 


courtney barnett - need a little time


mitski - jobless monday 


deerhoof - your dystopic creation doesn’t fear you


rina sawayama - tunnel vision (feat. shamir)


azelia banks - used to being alone 


love you, 


ep 4(ish)

janelle monae - screwed


lsd - audio


wolfie - obi wan


beach house - black car 


visions - so below 


youth lagoon - mute 


bediquette - in your dreams 


ghost wave - heaven


garage palace ft. little sims - gorrilaz


smerz - because


blonde redhead - for the damaged coda 


florry - francie cool


ana frango eletrico - farelos


the spirit of the beehive - pleasure suck II


guerrilla toss - skull pop 


sexual jeremy - bowls of fruit 


rex - Isaac 


rapid tan - gravy baby


sophie’s song - old jaw 


cleft - gulch (bear makes ninja’s midi mix up)


gal gun - my life is exhausted 


mineral girls - happy heart broke you


camp cope - sagan-indiana


hala - love grows 


strong words - there is a river 


spinter - brains (in a jar)


october - body of desire 


tv girl - stupid actress


monster rally & RUMTUM - sun bay hotel


roman gianarthus - I-69 


mitski - liquid smooth




!! episode 3

marisco - morning

bright eyes - we are nowhere and it’s now 

jinnouchi power - jack is dead


adult mom - route ‘59


looks like mtns - home alone vhs


brittle brian/sundog - went down to the river/WYLIYTM 


krill - purity of heart


zorn -  star reacher


cool boobs - round trip


daephne - jump right into my nightmare, the water’s warm 


squelch wishbone - squelch


to bury someone - baby blue by to bury someone


karman voh - III loam


like author like daughter - midwife 


xiu xii - sycamore tree


david lynch - in heaven (lady in the radiator song)


palm - dog milk


gloom balloon - a sky that looks like a bruise


brazilian girls - impromptu


birthing hips - what am i today? 


baron - slowly searing stag (with Lane Shit Otayonii)


grouper - paradise valley


nat blonde af - nat blonde af


trigger fish - galactic cheese  


phoenix  - if i ever feel better 



love you, lyd

ep. 2 (!)

flavor basket - 1995

crywank - song for a guilty sadist

alex g - rules 

          - come back

katie dey - don't be scared

personality disorders - company 

john cage - williams mix 

pierre henry - le langage [fragments pour artaud/prismes]

grimes - skin

mehiliana - you can't go back now 

micronism - engaging causeless mercy

sunshine faces - do the husserl

mgmt - mystery disease 

cousin brian - promise 

arctic monkeys - humbug 

beware the dangers of a ghost scorpion! - terrifying master 

chastity belt - seattle party 

triptides - silent film (alt version)

the mad walls - somehwere anywhere 

oh rose - seven

best witches - heat moves 

morning effort - i heard you the first time, it just wasn't funny

frankie and the witch fingers - my love 

black beach - self-portrait 

summerbruise - well, at least i'm not vaping 

childbirth - more fertile than you

pony time - hex on you

slutever - so prone 

afterglow - car seat headrest 


with love again!!! lyd

ep. 1 !!!

delia derbyshire - sea

francie cool - sugar cutie

jaggers x lines - slipstream

lemon meringue die - shitty double kickflips

american cream band - daughter of elysium 

rick from pile - dogs

the voidz - qyurryus 

gracie - hood rich

men i trust - sad organ 

skinny bones - jamaica plain 

andy sim - inflicted 

michel chion - requiem: dies irae 

david bowie - warszawa 

julia brown - you can always hear the birds 

karman voh - if only apart

tv girl - song about me (ft. maddie acid)

trip dicks - a skeptic a cynic a UTI

true commando - brightest star 

of montreal - plateau phase/no careerism no corruption 

karen meat - i thot we were ok

glitter density - loverboi 

prior panic - no need to rush 

                  - hell's a place

                  - float

womb - like splitting the head from the body

lisa salvo - give me your love 


with love, lyd