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Ben 10 Into the Indieverse

10am - 12pm Thursday with Ben

Ben 10 Into the Indieverse

Ben 10 Into the Indieverse

The Venus Project (NZ) - Numb
Connan Mockasin (NZ) - I'm The MAn, That Will Find You
Bo and the Constrictors (NZ) - Woo - hoo
2XM (NZ) - Apollo Jazz (ft. Jess Aspinwall)
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Sunrise Lullaby
Late Night Lounge (NZ) - Lakeside
L. Hotel (Dn) - Astronaut
Kita (NZ) - Private Lives
New Gum Sarn (NZ) - New Mountain Gold
Heavy Chest (NZ) - Just You
O & The Mo (NZ) - Pistachio Moon
Nadia Reid (Dn) - Get the Devil Out
Space Above (NZ) - This Is It
Flamingo Pier (NZ) - Honey
Hummicide (NZ) - I'm Just a Bag of Bones
Unkown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hunnybee
Mako Road (NZ) - Surfing on Mars
Sofia Machary (NZ) - Milky Ways
Lawerence Arabia (NZ) - Sweet Dissatisfaction
There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Pinata Head
Mild Orange (Dn) - Getting Warmer (ft. B)
Mini Simmons (NZ) - Silver Cigarette Case
jam henderson (Dn) - long walk home
Eli Superfly (NZ) - Stuck Like Glue
Marlin's Dreaming (Dn) - Funeral Service
Andre Smith (NZ) - Existance 
Mermaidens (NZ) - I Might Disapper


Ben 10 Into the Indieverse

Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Water Underground
Mild Orange (Dn) - Getting Warmer (ft. B)
Choas In the CBD (NZ) - Constraints of Time Travel
jam henderon (Dn) - long walk home
Unkown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hunnybee
beabadoobee - She Plays Bass
Skegss - Wake Up
Late Night Lougne (NZ) - Lakeside
Salt Water Criminals (NZ) - A Dream So Good
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Look Into My Eyes
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ) - Blackbird
Marlin's Dreaming (NZ) - Alike
Heavy Chest (NZ) - Just You
Imugi (NZ) - Memories
Flamingo Peir (NZ) - Hold It
High Hoops (NZ) - Burn It Up
L. Hotel (Dn) - Astronat
Roy Irwin (NZ) - The Comedian
Dope Lemon - Everyday is a Holiday (ft.Winston Surfshirt) 
Molly Paton (NZ) - No One Else
Wiri Donna (NZ) - Manuka Honey
Juila Stone - Dance
Current Joys - Money Making Machine
Muroki (NZ) - Light Me Up
Palace - Kiloran
Miss Cressida (NZ) - Shorebox Memories
nic and rebean (NZ) - BIG wow
New Gum Sarn (NZ) - New Gold Mountain


Ben 10 Into the Indieverse

New Gum Sarn (NZ) - Money Talks
Chaos In The CBD (NZ) - Midnight in Peckham
Radiohead - Daydreaming
Hummucide (NZ) - Reacher
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Kereru
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ) - Slings and Arrows
Andre Smith (NZ) - Existance
Mia Jay (Dn) - Show me how
jack berry (Dn) - the middle
jame henderwson (Dn) - long walk home
beabadoobee - She plays bass
Wiri Donna (NZ) - Wandering Willies
Mild Orange (NZ) - Getting Warmer (ft. B) 
Babe Rainbow - Your Imagination (ft. Jaden)
Palace - Kiloran
Unkown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hunnybee
Rita May (NZ) - The Secret's Out
Unkown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hunnybee
No Cigar (NZ) - Tickets to Space
Sam Wave ft. Viana (NZ) - Moves that Speak
Muroki (NZ) - Wavy
Eli Superfly (NZ) - Mondayy
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Earthly Delights
King Krule - Celluar
Skegss - Wake Up
Homebrew (NZ) - Benefit
The Wiggles - Elephant (Tame Impala Cover)
nic and rubean (NZ) - STUFF


Thursday Morning Spectrum

Arlo Parks - Hope
Hummicide (NZ) - Im just a Bag of Bones
Latenight Lounge (NZ) - Lakeside
Flamingo Pier (NZ)- Ethernal
Unkown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hunnybee
Neko (NZ) - Serious
Mild Orange (NZ) - Getting Warmer (ft. B)
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Earthly Delights
Dope Lemon - Every Day is a Holiday (ft. Winston Surfshirt)
Baebadoobee - She Plays Bass
Men I Trust - Say, can you hear
Miss Cressida (NZ) - Wasting your Time
Jonny Kosmo - Firefly
Emily Edrosa (NZ) - Animal
Soft Plastics (NZ) - Loozer
nic and rubean (NZ) - BIG wow
Marlins Dreaming (Dn) - Sink or Swim
Nicholas Franchise (NZ) - Going Places
Leonard Powell (NZ) - Hold On (ft. James Finlay)
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Water Underground
Hot Donnas (Dn) - Beach
Hockey Dad - I Wanna Be
High Hoops (NZ) - Heatwave
Home Brew (NZ) - Benifit
Leaping tiger (ft. Church and Ap) (NZ) - Screw Face
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Look into my eyes
Eli Superfly (NZ) - Please take me back
Skeggs - Fantasising


Thursday Morning Spectrum

Lane - If You KNew What I Know
Arlo Parks - Hope
Mild Orange (NZ) - Getting Warmer (ft. B)
Palace - Kiloran
Leisure (NZ) - Too Much of A Good Thing
Andre Smith (NZ) - Existence
There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Sound of the Stars
Sam Wave (NZ) - Yaya
Doons (NZ) - Faultlines
Late Night Lounge (NZ) - Lakeside
Joe Ghatt (NZ) - Boy Dreams
Juno Is (NZ) - So Hazy
Babe Rainbow - Your Imagination (ft. Jaden)
Men I Trust -  Say, Can You Hear
Eli Superfly (NZ) - Plz Take Me Back
Marlins Dreaming (NZ) - Funeral Service
Nadia Reid (NZ) - Call The Days
Mermaidens (NZ) - Soft Energy
The Wiggles - Elephant (Tame Imparla Cover for Triple j Like A Version)
Lee F. Blower (NZ) - I Saw A Tiger (Joe Exotic Cover)
Ladyhawke (NZ) - Guilty Love (ft Broods)
jam henderson (NZ) - thrid time this morning
Dope Lemon - Every Day Is a Holiday (ft. Winston Surfshirt)
Imugi (NZ) - Somebody Else
Hockey Dad - I Wanna Be Everbody
Skegss - Valhalla
Hot Donnas (NZ) - Beach
Church & Ap (NZ) YEANAH
Flume, Toro y moi - The Differacne
Spacy Jane - Head Cold
Peach Pit - Camilla, I'm at Home


Thursday Morning Spectrum

Thursday Morning Spectrum

Thursday Morning Spectrum

Thursday Morning Spectrum

Thursday Morning Spectrum

Mandroid Spectrum : 7/5/20

The Knife - Got 2 Let U
Gold Lip - Breakfast Song
Monika - Secret in the Dark
Richard Swift - Broken Finger Blues
Pantene - Don't Touch Me I'm Dancing
Is Tropical - Crawl
Sebastian Tellier - Domestic Tasks
Lower Dens - Brains (Trentmoller Remix)
Teleman - Strange Combinations
Interview : Tony Allen
Fela Kuti & the Africa '70 - Igbe
Mile Me Deaf - Brando
Abbey Lincoln & Max Roach - All Africa
Fusion Groove Orchestra - If Only I Could (Boston Bun Remix)
XL Middleton & Ghost - Forgot About Each Other
Rigopolar - Golden Mask
La Mverte - A Game Called Tarot
Fun in the Sun & Ivan Pavletsov - Hey You
Paula Tape - Panamerica
Nicola Cruz - Marea
Jiony & Ana Karen - Plexo Lunar (Pigmaliao Remix)
Burning Peacocks - Tears of Lava
Black Bananas - TV Trouble
We Have Band - You Came Out


Mandroid Spectrum : 23/4/20

Peter Power - Jungle Voodoo
A N O R A A K - Gang ft. Sarah Maison
Clarian - Ma Shiva
Thomash - Clango Fumando Palha
James Pants - Clouds Over the Pacific
DJ Raff - Movimiento
Tornado Wallace - Today ft. Sui Zhen
ADULT. - Tonight, We Fall
Wajatta - Tonight
Fort Romeau - I Need U
Foxygen - Oh Yeah
Kerriem Riggins - Bahia Dreamin'
YACHT - (Downtown) Dancing
Elles x Violet - A Life Lived in Fear is Like a Life Half Lived
Vanessa Worm - In Heaven We Are
Sworn Virgins - Lazer Beam
Hanni El Khatib - Moonlight
Dombrance - Raffarin
Bartellow - Sala Sensi
Jacques Agoria - Visit
Wolfram - Automatic ft. Peaches
Thundercat - Innerstellar Love
Ouai Stephane - Coulthard

Mandroid Spectrum : 9/4/20

Ebony Steel Band - Computer Love (Kraftwerk cover)
Zackey Force Funk - Funky Gangster
Broadcast - Come On Let's Go
Devendra Banhart - Sea Horse
Silicon - Submarine
Siriusmo - Dur Zu Moll
Can - Bel Air
Mandroid's 20 Cent Old School Game Review: Satan's Hollow
Mr. Oizo - The Church
The Bug - Skeng
Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton - Heron Song
Bruce Haack - Electric To Me Turn
Nicolas Jaar - Agosto
Busy P - John
Kill The Noise, Feed Me - I Do Coke
Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras - Memory Fails Me
Dudley Benson - Tui
Buttechno - J Become
Mandroid's Bad Colab: Celine Dion & Anastasia - You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC cover)
Aphrodite's Child - Babylon
High Tides - Coastal Cruise '86
Leno Lovecraft - Paradise Planet
Shadowax - Nikolai Reptile
Daniel Avery Water Jump

The Great NZ film round up

The Winter Hymn - Pantha Du Prince ft Queens
Water Foundation - Tune Yards
Middle Kids - Mistake
Ruby Fields - Climate
First Aid Kit - Rebel Heart
Shagrock - Sunbleached Girl
Mako Road - The Green Superintendent
Frank Ocean - Nights
Overtime - Slint
Paquin  - In your head
The Staves - Outlaw
Lana del Ray - How to Dissapear
The Kills - Future Starts Slow
Lime Cordiale - Walk over everything I do
Mild Orange - Some feeling
Sandy (Alex G) - Gretel
Drinks - Hermits on Holiday
Fazed on a Pony - Gutter Moon
Finn Johansson - All of the time/ Not at all
Sports Dream - Drive
Death Grips - Flies
Andrew Keoghan - Something going on

thursday yawnday

Sorry I can't stop yawning. Give me strength


The Chats - Identity Theft
Chaii (NZ) - Digebasse
Syclops - Wheres Jasons K
Mallrat - Sunglasses
Asta Rangu - Skip on Trak One
Sidesister - Start out tall
Laurel - Crave
London Grammar - Rooting for you
Koizilla - I can't see anything
The Delta Riggs - Baddest MOFO in the Beehive
Benee - Wishful thinking
Birdation - Alison 3.0
slowthai, Mura Masa - Doorman
The War on Drugs - Beunos Aires Beach
Daniel Hayle - Hey Love, yeah
Ross From Friends - Pale Blue Dot
So Below - Clear
Lizzo - Juice
Fruitman - I knew it was your baby
Princess Chelsea - Respect the Labourers
The Pink Tiles - Have you heard
Repulsive Woman - Earn it twice

I got a boyfriend!!!!!

Astronaut - Civil Engineers
Sui Zhen - Perfect Place
Benee - Wishful thinking
Julia Jacklin - Pressure to Party
Ruby Fields - Climate
Childish Gambino - 3005
The Delta Riggs - baddest MOHO in the beehive
Mallrat - Uninvited
Baynk - Could you
Lime Cordiale - Inappropriate Behaviour
Daniel Hayles - Hey love, yeah
Chambres - Chase me too
Ezra Vine - Celeste 
Echo Ohs - Fool
Homebay Sandman - Seam by Seam ft Until the ribbon breaks
Soccer Practise - Posture
Haim - Summer girl
The War on Drugs - Red Eyes
Hockey Dad - I wanna be everybody
The Kills - Doing it till death
Billie Eilish - When the partys over
Alt-J - In cold blood ft Pusha T
Vampire Weekend - Sympathy
Tones and I - Dance Monkey
Bediquette - Easy
Popstrangers - Heaven
Jim Nothing - Only Life

Meet the parents

Heavy (NZ) - Shrink
Lizzo - Truth Hurts
Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone
Murmur Tooth - Memory
Eden Burns - BOMBOM
BENEE - Wishful Thinking
Ruby Fields - Libbys Pink Car
First Aid Kit - Rebel Heart
Hockey Dad - I wanna be everybody
Grayson Gilmour - Chromosomes
Hamish Kilgour - Under the moon
Sandy Alex G - Hope
P.H.F - I Hate Myself
Florists - the birds outside song
Gold link - U say ft Tyler the Creator
Pickle Darling - Rinse Spin Cycle Nicholas Cage
Flyspray - Flyspray
Haim - Summer girl
Julia Jacklin - Good Guy
Jordan Rakei - Rolling into one
Oscar Dowling - Ease my passing
The War on Drugs - An ocean between waves
Lawerence Arabia - A Lake

Wow its gonna be Agnew

Vampire Weekend - Sympathy
Whirimako Black - Dindi (E Taku Tau)
Chelsea Jade - Perfect Stranger
Kool Aid (NZ) - Family Portrait Revisted 
Beach House - Myth
Thin Lips - Chosen Family
SWIDT - Praise
Childish Gambino - This is America
Busy Earnin - Jungle
Angel Olsen - All mirrors
London Grammer - Big Picture
MO - Slow Love
Sachi - Coral Way
Boycrush - Face Melt ft Madeira 
Benee - Wishful Thinking
Tame Impala - Eventually
Clutchy Hopkins - Melody ft MF Doom
Blood Orange - Dark & Handsome ft Toro Y Moi
Young Lyre - Both Burn Blue
Luc - Restart
Dope Lemon - Marinade
Tove Lo - Habbits
Soaked Oats - Shaggah Doom
Bon Iver - Blood Bank
Repulsive Women - Earn it Twice

Tinder and Date #2

My Morning Jacket - Compound Fracture
Trentemoller - In the Garden
Wet Wings - Willow Peak
Drake - Best I ever had
Clutchy Hopkins - Love of a woman
Death and the Maiden - ooooh baby in the chorus
Blair Parkes - our eyes
Ocean Alley - Knees
Lime Cordiale - Is he your man
Snail Mail - Thinning
Benee - Wishful thinking
Beyonce - Don't hurt yourself - ft Jack White
Flight of the Concords - Business Time
Lizzo - Truth Hurts
Sachi - No More ft Zoe & SYSI
Soaked Oats - Shuggah Doom
Tam Impala - The less I know the better
Mild Orange - Mysight
The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo
The Avalanches - Frank Sinatra ft Danny Brown & MF Doom
The Black Keys - Gold on the ceiling
Albi and The Wolves - One Eye Open
Soccer Practise - Posture
Molly Devine - Somone Like you
Frank Ocean - Thinking About you

Tomato Soup for Breakfast

Secret Knives - Snuff
Benee - Wishful Thinking
Tiny Pieces of 8 - Forty Paces
Soaked Oats - Don't Chew
Mild Orange - Some Feeling
Anderson Paak - Make it better 
Jack Berry - HOLLYWOOD
First Aid Kit - Rebel Heart
Patience - Tame Impala
Fruit Juice Paradise - Cicadas
Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics - State of all things
Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen
Kakapo - Dreaming
Billie Eilish - Bitches Broken Hearts
The Avalances - Frank Sinatra ft Danny Brown & MF Doom
Sachi - Coral Way
Molly Devine - Someone Like you
Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic
Cosmos MIdnight - Get to it ft Winston Surfshirt
Cold War Kids - Love is Mystical 
Grouplove - Tongue Tied
Koizilla - I can't see anything
Eden Burns - BOMBOM