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Haunting the Studio

11pm - 1am Thursday with Dr Rot

Haunting the Studio

In the dead of night Dr Rot takes you down the pits of horror and metal on Haunting the Studio, every Thursday from 11pm - 1am.

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Haunting the Studio

Haunting the Studio w./ Dr Rot: Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth album dive

Descending into the neon-washed, synth-fueled hell of late-'80s slasher + glam metal nostalgia with Carpenter Brut's grissly concept album/homage to the rock 'n' roll horror films of the era about a disfigured nerd who become a murderous underground metal icon.

Humans Are Such Easy Prey - Perturbator
Scar - Dance With The Dead
Brain Zero One - Claudio Simonetti's Goblin
Everyday Is Like Halloween - Ministry
Invocation/Age of Fire - The Electric Hellfire Club
March to the Alter - Terrortron
(Daniel Deluxe remix) - M.A.D.E.S/Daniel Deluxe
Leather Teeth (full album) - Carpenter Brut
Creepy Green Light - Type O Negative
Mine's Full of Maggots - Alien Sex Fiend
Dark Streets - Xetrovoid

There isn't much available about Carpenter Brut/Franck Huesco either as a person or as a musical act, he's kept himself quite enigmatic in that respect. Nevertheless these interviews in GRIMM Gent, Decibel, and Vehlinggo were pretty useful. Also the films featured in the music video for Beware The Beast were Trick or Treat (1986), The Dungeonmaster (1984), Black Roses (1988), Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1987), and Shock 'Em Dead (1991). Can't speak to the others but Trick or Treat at least is a pretty fun ride.

Haunting the Studio w./ Dr Rot: Black Sabbath - Headless Cross album dive

Feeling the spirits of the damned in the air with Black Sabbath's forgotten cult-classic Headless Cross, from the oft. maligned or ignored Tony Martin era.

Killing Machine - Wolfsbane
Shadowcult - Possessed
Morbid Tales - Celtic Frost
Skeletons in the Closet - Alice Cooper
Pacific Coast Highway - Kavinsky
Burn in Hell - Twisted Sister

Headless Cross (full album) - Black Sabbath
Tormentor - WASP
Joan Crawford - Blue Oyster Cult