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Friendly Potential Radio

Friendly Potential: hedonistic dance-parties, and blissful radio shows. Each week the crew play music they love, and air sets from national and international friends. Tune in as they dance around the cosmos, one galaxy at a time.

You can find and download all the shows, as well as other mixes, over on SoundCloud, Spotify, on Apple Podcasts, or wherever else you source your episodic audio.



Friendly Potential Ep.20 - w/. Valesuchi [Chile; Discos Pegaos] Chilean Nostalgia Mix

Gaussian curve - Broken Clouds [Music From Memory]
*Valesuchi [Chile, Discos Pegaos] Chilean Nostalgia Mix*
IIOII - Blu O [I S L A]

Congregación - Ecliptica [Machitun] 
Los Prisioneros - Amiga Mia [EMI]
Javiera Mena - Esquemas Juveniles [Quemasucabeza]
Adrianigual - Las Niñas y Los Niños [Enciclopedia Color]
Vaskular - Fred [Discos Pegaos]
Valesuchi - Golosynth [Discos Pegaos]
The Holydrug Couple - It's Dawning [Sacred Bones Records]
Fakuta - La Intensidad [Quemasucabeza]
Ayeaye - WILA Mas QuE MoRAnDO [Discos Pegaos]
Los Días Contados - Tocaciones [Tuneless Records]
Guarjol - Acusete (Diegors remix) [Discos Pato Carlos]
Vicente Palma - El Ñaja [Discos Pato Carlos]
VNZO - Adentro [Raw Culture]
Nabucodonosor - Jangerbott [Diamante Records]
Daniel Klauser - Tuya [NEO VIOLENCE]
Aurelius98 - Un Mes Y Algo [Cazeria Cazador]
*Gus Mix*
Ennio Morricone - Amore Come Dolore (Needs Remix) [Compost Records]
Dorian Concept - Schadentrauer [Ninja Tune]
Jneiro Jarel - Viberian Skies [Label Who/ Viberian Experience]
Lil Ugly Mane - downwiththisclick [Self-Released]
SILK Rhodes - Pains [Stones Throw Records]
Mo Kolours - Don't Poison All The Water [One-Handed Music]
Redman - Whatever (Lapalux's Fuck About Cassete Tape Refix) [Self-Released]
Clams Casino - 1 Time Remix [Self-Released]
Mike Slott - Sun Tan [LuckyMe]

Friendly Potential Ep.19 - w/. John Chantler [Sweden/Australia; Room40] Mix

Convextion aka E.R.P. - New Horizon [a.r.t.less/Mojuba Records]
*John Chantler [Room40] Mix*
Ikue Mori & Steve Noble — Seismic Waves (from Prediction & Warning,Fataka)
Jim O'Rourke— Four Views of a Secret pt I (from Steamroom 10, self-released)
Morton Feldman — Projection 4 (from Complete Music for Violin & Piano, Mode)
Baikida E.J. Carroll — Orange Fish Tears (from Orange Fish Tears, Palm)
Bridget Hayden — Pale Skin (from An Indifferent Ocean, KRAAK)
Gnawa Musicians of Morocco — Al Mekkaoui Al Habib (from Gnawa Music Morocco, Gnawa Music in Kniza) 
Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang Music — Kidung (from The Face of The Earth, Ideologic Organ)
Graham Lambkin — Intro (from Salmon Run, Kye)
Marginal Consort — Untitled (from 08.09.13, Meenna)
*T. Margos Mix*
Seahawks - White Horses [Ocean Moon]
Peter Zummo - The Tape Is Chill [Optimo Music]
Nagamatzu - Shroud [Dark Entries Records]
Marshall Applewhite x The Friend - Axig [How To Kill Records]
Bill Converse - Riverbank [Dark Entries Records]
Baruka - Computed Emotion [Rush Hour Records]
MZKBX - Caresses Magnetiques [That Place]
The Pilotwings - Les Invasions Babar [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Obiman - On The Rocks [Accidental]
Domenique Dumont - Comme Ca [Antinote]
ASOK - 6800 [Creme Organization]
Ex-Terrestrial - Blue Smoke [1080p]

Friendly Potential Ep.18 - w/. Scraps [Australia; NNF/Moontown] Mix

*Simon Selection*
Cuthead - Real Estate [Uncanny Valley]
Golden Bug - Black Soul [La Belle Records]
Project Sandro - Blazer [SENTRALL Records]
Auntie Flo - Waiting For A (Woman) (The Revenge Rework) [Highlife]
Nikakoi - How Is She There In The Fog [Transfigured Time]
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Turn On [RICE IS NICE]
Peter Zummo - The Tape Is Chill [Optimo Music]
The Pool - Dance It Dub [Moment Productions/Dark Entries Records]
ngly - Strange Expression [LIES Records News]
S>c>r>a>p>s - Touch Blue [ Not Not Fun Records/Moontown Records]
Peter Zummo - Break Up The Pill [Optimo Music]
*S>c>r>a>p>s [Moontown/Not Not Fun] Mix*
The Harpy Choir - Wasted Face
Dwight Sykes - The Good Times 
Bobby Brown - Roni (Remixed)
James Ferraro - Raiden-Blue Lights
Brainbeau - Hawaiian Roll
DMX Crew - Dance To The Beat
The Slits - Newtown
Ceephax - City Collars
The Real McCoy - Another Night Another Dream
Toecutter - Best Party Ever
East 17 - Deep
Imagination - So Good So Right
John Maus - Times Is Weird
Kt spit - Come Thru
Madboots - Check Ya In Burleigh
Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now
Mr. President - Coco Jumbo 
Paula Abdul - Rush 
"this is basically full of cheese and crackers- a mix of tunes that I dig, including a bunch of tunes from my friends bands that are awesome!!! Brainbeau, Kt Spit, Madboots and The Harpy Choir (THC) which was a Brisbane band I played in briefly with Matt Kennedy of Kitchensfloor and Julia formerly of the original Bent. I wish I was friends with East 17, Bobby Brown, DMX and the rest of the crew! Maybe one day they will call me up and say, "oi, lets have a cheesy party bitch", and ill be "Yess, lets make the dancefloor into a lava fondue" Shit yess, imagine Imagination slow dancing with John Maus, the passion!! the flames!! Stacks on Thompson Twins coco-jumbo sandwich, fucking hold me now, no rush..." - Scraps

Friendly Potential Ep.17 - w/. Martyn Pepperell Playlist

Shy Layers - Stabilized Waves [Growing Bin Records]
*Martyn Pepperell Playlist*
Anri - Windy Summer [For Life]
Toshiki Kadomatsu - Pile Driver [Air Records]
Haruomi Hosono - Sportsman [Yen Records]
Hitomi Tohyama - Exotic Yokogao [Columbia]
Toshiki Kadomatsu - I Can't Stop The Night [Air Records]
Toshiki Kadomatsu - Step Into The Light [Air Records]
Hiroshi Satoh - Sailing Blaster [Alfa]
Yuji Toriyama - Donna [Agharta]
Momoko Kikuchi - Adventure [Vap]
Miharu Koshi - L'Amour Toujours [Yen Records]
Apogee & Perigee - Hope [Yen Records]
*Tom McG 'Grylukvaedi' Mix*
--No Tracklist--

Friendly Potential Ep.16 - w/. Levi Patel & Suren Unka Live [Marigold], & Fazerdaze Playlist

*Levi Patel Interview*
(GAS - Koenigsforst 6 [Kompakt Records])
*Levi Patel & Suren Unka - 5/8 EP Live [Marigold Music]*
(Maze & Frankie Beverly - Twilight [Capitol Records])
*Fazerdaze Playlist*
Air - Sing Sang Sung [Aircheology]
Alex Calder - Lola [Captured Tracks]
Spoon - Inside Out [Loma Vista Recordings]
Hot Chip - Huarache Lights [Domino Recording Company]
Micachu & The Shapes - Golden Phone [Rough Trade Records]
Toro y Moi - Empty Nesters [Carpark Records]
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Heart In Your Heartbreak [Slumberland Records]
The xx - VCR [Young Turks]
Waxahatchee - Blue pt. II [Wichita Recordings]
infinite bisous - The Past Tense [tasty morsels]
Zen Mantra - Second Skin [Flying Nun Records]
Cat Power - He War [Matador Records]
Alvvays - Archie, Marry Me [Polyvinyl Record Company]
Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon [Matador Records]
Silicon - Little Dancing Baby [Weird World]
King Krule - Baby Blue [XL Recordings]
Homeshake - He's Heating Up! [Sinderlyn]
Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan Rework) [Phantasy]
*Simon Selection*
Trentemøller - Redefine [In My Room
Pussy Mothers - Get From In Front Of Me [Optimo Music]
Baltra - Fade Away [Craigie Knowes]
Pete Dunaway - Supermercado [Som Livre]

Friendly Potential Ep.15 - w/. Purple Pilgrims [Not Not Fun] Guest Mix

The Smoke Clears - Slipstream [All City Records]
*Purple Pilgrims [Not Not Fun Records] Selection*
Doctor Wize - All Systems Go [Self-Released]
Martin Rev - I Made You Cry [ROIR]
Kate Bush - Mother Stands For Comfort [EMI]
Telepathe - Standing In Your Line [V2 Records]
Cocteau Twins - Pearly Dewdrops Drop [4AD]
Gary War - Silver Beams [Upset! The Rhythm]
Psychic TV - The Orchids [CBS]
Syd Barrett - Terrapin [Harvest]
Ariel Pink - Strange Fires [Paw Tracks]
Ash Ra Temple - Day Dream [Kosmische Musik]
Abner Jay - I’m So Depressed [Mississippi Records]
Nico - Chelsea Girls [Verve Records]
PEAKING LIGHTS - Birds Of Paradise Dub Version [Not Not Fun]
*Gus Mix*
MJ Guider - Former Future Beings [Kranky]
Lontalius - Light Shines Through Dust [Partisan Records]
Psapp - About Fun (Isan Pet Visor Mix) [Arable Records]
Nicolas Jaar - Colomb [Circus Company]
Shamebeko say Wah! - Catwalk [Eternal]
Jayda G - Dream State [Freakout Cult]
Francis Inferno Orchestra - Harmony [Superconscious]
DJ Slym Fas - Love Music [Intangible Records & Soundworks/Dekmantel]
Donald Byrd - Miss Kane [Blue Note]
Bill Withers - I Can’t Write Left Handed (Live) [Music On Vinyl, Sussex]
Fabulous Three - Answer Me Softly Part I [Psycho/Truth & Soul Records]

Friendly Potential Ep.14 - w/. Gianmarco Liguori [Sarang Bang] & Surly [Juke Bounce Werk] Guest Mixes

Seahawks – The Visitor [Ocean Moon]
*Gianmarco Liguori [Sarang Bang Records] Selection*
Pyrolator - Abendmahl [CAPTAIN TRIP RECORDS]
Recorded 1981, Germany.
Heldon – Baader-Meinhof Blues [Captain Trip]
Recorded 1975, France.
Hailu Mergia - Ambasel [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Recorded 1985, Ethiopia.
Squarepusher - Theme From Vertical Hold [Warp Records]
Recorded 1998. UK
Alice Coltrane - The Ankh of Amen-Ra [Impulse]
Recorded 1971. USA
Francis Bebey - Super Jungle [BORN BAD RECORDS]
Recorded 1982, Cameroon.
Alessandro Alessandroni - Dialogando [Grand Prix]
Recorded 1969, Italy.
Drexciya - Sighting in the Abyss [UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE]
Recorded 1995, USA.
Conrad Schnitzler - Untitled 11 [Captain Trip]
Recorded 1981, Germany.
Humcrush - Steam [rune grammofon]
Recorded 2008, Norway.
Milton Nascimento - Saidas e Bandeiras No. 1 [EMI]
Recorded 1972, Brazil.
Aktuala - Sarah' Ngwega [Bla Bla]
Recorded 1973, Italy.
Esplendor Geometrico - Rotor [Captain Trip]
Recorded 1988, Spain
*Simon Selection*
Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upward – Ay Carmela [Blackest Ever Black]
Suicide – Dream Baby Dream [Island Records]
Bambooman – Crushed [Accidental Records Jr]
*Surly [Juke Bounce Werk] Mix*
Arca - Open Letter [Self-Released]
Oliver Nelson & Eric Dolphy – images [Prestige]
Hiele – Moisturizer [Ekster]
RQ – Resonate [Auxiliary]
Francis Harris – Lostfound [Scissor and Thread]
Flanger - We Move [Ntone]
Jeremih Official - Hamburg ft. Smith & Wessun [Self-Released]
Paradox - Lotne Piorko (Drifting Feather) [Polskie Nagrania Muza]
 Jill Scott  - Honey Molasses [Hidden Beach Recordings]
Hiele - Gestures (DJ Paypal Rmx) [Self-Released]
Kush Jones – Twelve [Juke Bounce Werk]
Surly - Weekend At Surly's [Juke Bounce Werk]
Deejay Compton - Pussy Nigga [Juke Bounce Werk]

Friendly Potential Ep.13 - w/. Peach Milk Live Set

Machete Savane - Manticore (Jonny Nash Rmx) [Not An Animal Records]
*Peach Milk Live Set*
(All tracks written + performed live by Peach Milk)
Flight Instinct
Master Chief
Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter (Peach Milk Rmx)
*Gus Mix*
Route 8 - Cruising (Panoram Rmx) [Lobster Theremin]
Huerco S. - Untitled [Proibito Recs]
Hidden Fees- So What (Tiago's One Good Mistress Deserves Another Mix) [Beats In Space]
DJ Metatron - Spiral Worlds [Traumprinz]
Kode9 - Kingstown ft. The Spaceape [Hyperdub Records]
Scientist - Step It Up (Dan Donovan For Don Letts Dub Cartel Rmx) (Extended Version) [Select Cuts]
Moodymann - No [KDJ]
Golden Teacher - Rashomon [Golden Teacher/Optimo Music]
Shriekback - A Kind Of Fascination [Y America]
Autarkic - Ghosts [Golf Channel Recordings]
Artist Unknown - Domain (DJ Drone Mix) [Misfit Melodies]
Tiago - Roy Brooks [Interzona13]
Rune Lindbæk (official) - Isogaisa [Norsk Tripping]
Phil Manzanera - Listen Now (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Unlimited Financial Resources Rmx) []
Werner Williams - You've Got Style [Universal Cave]
P'Cock - Telephone [Leng Records]

Friendly Potential Ep.12 - w/. Bromelain Album and B.Lo [Strange Behaviour] Guest Mix

Brain Machine - Crystal Cloud [Emotional Response]
*Bromelain Album*
Bromelain - Untitled Track 1 - 8 [Unreleased]
*Simon Selection*
Karen Marks - Cold Cafe [Astor/EFFICIENT SPACE]
Chandra - Kate [Go Go Records]
Steven Julien (FunkinEven) - Chantel [Apron Records]
*B.Lo (Strange Behaviour) Mix*
Len Leise - Route To Reutov [International Feel Recordings]
Ptaki - Termy [People Must Jam]
D.K./45 ACP - Evening Shadows [Antinote]
A Vision Of Panorama - Reef [MUSIC FOR DREAMS]
RaBo & SnoB - Hilbeh [Disco Halal]
John F.M. - Motion [FXHE]
Gaussian Curve - Impossible Island [Music From Memory]
Baffopizza - Jolly Jams - Speeding Bullet [Jolly Jams]
Contours - GreenYellowBrown [Rhythm Section]
M5K - Rockaway Beach [Voyage]
Larry Heard aka MR Fingers - Caribbean Coast [Black Market International]
TOLOUSE LOW TRAX - Reserves To Talk [Themes For Great Cities]
Huerco S. - The Sacred Dance [Proibito Recs]
Les Halles - Hypochondria of the Heart [Not Not Fun Records]
The Pilotwings - Fight for your Brothers [Macadam Mambo]
A Vision of Panorama - Patches of Light (Jex Opolis Remix) [MUSIC FOR DREAMS]
Marvis Dee - Creepy Video Rental Shop [In My Dreams]

Friendly Potential Ep.11

***Simon Mix***
Tiny Ruins & David Lynch – Dream Wave [Bella Union]
Wolf Müller & Cass. – Miyazaki [International Feel Recordings]
Auntie Flo – Kampala Boda Boda Ride ft. Samuel Nalangira Music [Toy Tonics*]
Bolis Pupul – Moon Theme [DEEWEE]
Taste Nasa – Do What You Feel [Big Taste]
Flux – The Value Of Nothing [One Little Indian/On-U Sound Records]
Roommates music – Sativa [Word Up Records]
Autarkic – Rotation! Rotation! [Turbo Recordings*]
Save – Don't Be Mad [ Les disques de la mort]
Hidden Spheres – Well Well [Rhythm Section*]
Christian S. – Give It Up [Cómeme*]
Eddie Ness & Liem – Holy Grail [Lehult*]
Klyne – Don't Stop (Pearson Sound Rmx) [Because Music*]
***Gus Mix***
Tracklist to come.

Friendly Potential Ep.10 - w/. Coldwater [Food Music] Guest Mix

***Gus Mix***
Bibio - Floater [Self]
oOoOO - Break Yr Heartt [Tri Angle Records]
Drake - Girls Love Beyonce ft. James Fauntelroy [Self]
Sweatson Klank - Oblique [Project Mooncircle]
T.Williams -Heartbeat ft. Terri Walker [Local Action]
Moleskin - Burst [Keysound Recordings]
Yung Duke - Get It On Da Flo (Instr.) [Self]
Deadboy - Geek'd Up [Numbers]
Shlohmo - Bo Peep (Do U Right) ft. Jeremih [Wedidit]
Virgin Spirit - Bathed In White (Cough Cool Edit) [Мишка]
C V L T S - Time Debt (Huerco S. Strings of Life Mix) [Мишка]
Cassetteworks - 001 [Self] 
Ceephax Acid Crew - Voyage of Excellox [WeMe Records]
Aaliyah - Beats 4 Da Streets (Intro) [Atlantic]
Gossamer - Griot [The Melt]
Mount Kimbie - Made To Stray [Warp Records]
Robb Bank$ - Look Like Basquiat [SS Records]
Raffertie - Brevity [Ninja Tune]
Visionist - Control This [Signal Life]
Denzel Curry – Drop It On Yo Ass Fool [Self]
Dizzee Rascal! -Stop Dat (Instr.) [XL Recordings]
Harry Fraud - Mean (Instr.) [Scion Audio/Visual]
ESKMO - Cloudlight (Instr.) [Ninja Tune]
***Simon Mix***
Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate [Polydor]
Gigi Masin & Tempelhof - Corner Song [HELL YEAH recordings]
***Coldwater official Mix***
Q Project - Champion Sound (Boxia VIP) [Self]
Billy Kenny - Its Alive [Food Music]
MJ COLE - Alcatraz [Lobster Boy]
Ben Mono - You Know Its True [This Ain't Bristol]
Mella Dee - Helter Skelter [Digital Soundboy]
Coldwater - Nduja [Unreleased]
Gnork - Chord Tool [Quartet Series]
Harry Judda - Urchin [This Ain't Bristol]
Total Science - Guidance (Shadow Child Rmx) [Toolroom Records]
Mennie - Reels Rebel [Exploited Rec]
Leon Vynehall - Beau Sovereign [Running Back]
A1B - Hidden Agenda [Nofitstate
Jamie xx - Loud Places (Special Request Rmx) [Young Turks]

Friendly Potential Ep.09 - w/. The Michigan Measure/Poly Girl Guest Mix

***Simon Mix***
Cloud Michaels - Panel [Wonderful Noise]
Mr McDonald - East Dry River (Calypso Edit) [Fly By Night Music*] 
A&N - Nubian Village [La dame Noir records*]
In Aeternam Vale - Autour Du Signal [DEMENT3D]
Huerco S. - A Sea Of Love [Proibito Recs]
Space Dimension Controller - Multipass [Ninja Tune]
Joe Munday - As Free As She Sounds [Krankbrother*]
Trikk - General System [Optimo Music*]
OJPB - E-Lane 2 Troy [True Romance*]
Massimiliano Pagliara - Ukulele Groove [Uncanny Valley]
***The Michigan Measure/Poly Girl Mix***
--No Tracklist--

Friendly Potential Ep.08 - w/. Aniwaniwa's Zeitgeist Time Capsule Mix

***Gus Mix***
Deux Filles - Drinking at a Stream [Papier Mache/Dark Entries Records]
Apparat - Escape [Mute Records]
1000 names - First Postcard From Tokyo (33 rpm) [Svetlana Industries]
Unknown - Unknown [Unknown]
Broadcast - Arc Of A Journey [Warp Records]
War - The Seven Tin Soldiers [MCA]
Tony Allen & Afrobeat 2000 - Road Close (Dance Dub) [Mercury/Kindred Spirits]
Maxayn - Bail Out [Capricorn Records]
Time Wharp - Median [Astro Nautico]
Henri-Pierre Noel - Will Come A Day [Reveal/Wah Wah 45s]
'Thesda - Bongo Lumbo [Left Ear Records]
***Aniwaniwa's Zeitgeist Time Capsule Mix***
“Hello from the children of planet Earth” (English)
Encounter -­ Once You Understand [Laurie Records]
Conlon Nancarrow -­ Study for Player Piano No. 27 [1750 Arch Records]
Prince Far I Greeting
"Greetings to our friends in the stars. We wish that we will meet you someday." (Arabic)
Üzeyir Hacıbəyov -­ Xor from Leyli və Məcnun [??]
Haifa Wehbe -­ متكلمنيش (Ma Tkallemnish) [Mazzika]
Excerpt form Sterviatniki soundtrack by E.Sholpo and I.Boldirev, created with Variophone in 1941
Getatchew Mekurya - Track 1 [Unknown]
“Best wishes to you all”. (Wu)
Excerpt from the phonogram From the Rumor of a Sawmill, 32" 1916 (recreated by Miguel
Molina) from Dziga Vertov’s Laboratory Of Hearing
Chino Amobi -­ Mimesis as Threat [NON]
“Hello everybody” (French)
Joseph Racaille -­ Nous Sommes Des Animaux [Recommended Records]
Arseny Avraamov – The March Of The Worker's Funeral [ReR Megacorp]
Gucci Mane - My Chain (Aniwa Edit) [Unreleased]
The Clarke Sisters -­ Ha Ya [New Birth Records]
“Hello? How are you?” (Japanese)
The Beatniks -­ Ark Diamant [Statik]
Chino Amobi -­ LONDON (Airport Music for Black Folk) [NON]
J Dilla -­ Won’t Do [BBE]
“Hello to the residents of far skies” (Persian)
Maziar ­- Mano Shame (Rangarang)
Nikolai Foregger & His Orchestra Of Noises – Mechanical Dances (recreation) [ReR Megacorp]
Chino Amobi -­ BERLIN(Airport Music for Black Folk) [NON]
John Carpenter -­ La Cathedral Engloutie (Debussy) [Varèse Sarabande]

Friendly Potential Ep.07 - w/. Antoine [South Korea; Clique Records] Guest Mix

***Simon Mix***
Golden Bug - Un Paradis Artificiel ft. Julienne Dessagne [La Belle Records*]
Thomash (VOODOOHOP) - Calango Fumando Palha (Lunar Version) [Multi Culti]
Lucky Charmz - Latency Jam [Lehult*]
Nilufer Yanya - Hey (Pixies Cover) [DEEK Recordings]
DVA DAMAS - Into The Clear [Downwards Records]
Leo James - Salvation pt.1 [Body Language]
Deux Filles - The Draw In Room [Papier Maché/Dark Entries Records]
Fred und Luna - Geh Nie Zurück [Optimo Music*]
Ponty Mython - Lovin You Is A Pleasure [Quartet Series*]
neinzer - The Beacon [Yumé Records*]
Yula Kasp - Leisure (Rebolledo Rmx) [kill the dj]
Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train [Virgin]
***Antoine (Clique Records, South Korea) Mix***
Damon Eliza Palermo - Aquarius [1080p]
Wilson Tanner - Keith [Growing Bin Records]
Masaaki Ohmura - A Touch Of Temptation [SMS Records]
Unknown - Unknown [Unknown]
Imitation - Exotic Dance [Kitty Records]
Yon Seokwon - Komerican [Oasis Records]
Hiroshima - Another Place [Epic]
Lifetones - Decide [Tone Of Life/Light In The Attic Records]
Discophonia - A2 [Мелодия]
Suso Saiz - Una Gota De Asfalto [Grabaciones Accidentales/Music From Memory]
Workdub - Caravan [Dubit/Music From Memory]
Black Zone Myth Chant - Night Chicks [Editions Gravats]
Mori Ra & Asn Edits - Actual Flash [???]

Friendly Potential Ep.06 - NZ Music Special w./ Leo G Clark [Margins] Mix & Sandboards Interview - 29 May 2016

***Simon Mix***
Don Burrows - The Tasman Connection [Cherry Pie]
Fabulous (Lord Echo)/Arabia (Lawrence Arabia) - Perm [Jakarta Records]
Orchestra of Spheres - Anklung Song [Fire Records]
Élan vital - Janina [Unreleased]
signer - +Kicks And Kicks [Carpark Records]
Levi Patel & Suren Unka - Drift [Unreleased]
Andrew Thomas - Hazer [Kompakt Records
Dissolve - Strand [Kranky]
Pumice - Covered In Spiders [Soft Abuse]
Conrad Wedde - Cabby [Field Hymns]
Gianmarco Liguori - Indian Milk [Sarang Bang Records]
The shocking and stunning - Raves Fields [Unreleased]
***Sandboards Interview***
(Background music:
Sandboards - Miami97 [Unreleased]
Sandboards - 006 [Unreleased])
Sandboards - Nothing But A Freak [f/c Cold Tonic]
***Leo G Clark [MARGINS] Mix***
Sandboards - Japan [Self-Released]
MONGO SKATO - Perc [Margins]
Jon Sable - Colourless [Tief]
Borrowed cs x Mongo Skato - We Geddup [Self-Released]
FLY NIGHTS - Heady Topper [Margins]
k2k & Silkersoft - Syke [Self-Released]
Rein - Out Here On The Edge [Self-Released]
Chaos In The CBD - Constraints Of Time Travel [Church]
dj kush boogie - eBooks [Margins]
Jaded Nineties Raver - LAHLAWBC [Margins]
Leo G Clark - Steel Beams [Margins]
Keepsakes - Let Me See Your Teeth [Green Fetish Records]

Friendly Potential Ep.05 - w/. Manuel Darquart Guest Mix

***Tom McG Mix***
The Pilotwings - Congo Libre [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho - Visions of Rhythm [Klasse Recordings]
Beautiful Swimmers - The Zoo [LIES Records News]
Luca Lozano - Telekom [Optimo Music]
Damon Jee - Summer No Summer [Sprechen]
Cowboy Rhythmbox - The Natives Are Having Us For Dinner Tonight [Phantasy]
Tornado Wallace - Soft Light [ESP Institute]
Mark E - Emergency [ESP Institute]
Grammar of Movement - What He Said [Lobster Theremin]
J-Zbel - ZHF (Gale Mix) [Brothers From Different Mothers]
J-Zbel - ZHF (Poppers Mix) [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Grammar of Movement - Faint [Lobster Theremin]
ASOK - Lost Patrol [Creme Organization]
***Manuel Darquart Live Set***
::Gear-list: :
Juno 106
Yamaha DX7 
Roland SH32
MD - Intro [Unreleased]
MD - Cyber [Unreleased]
MD - Macho House [Unreleased]
MD - Werking [Unreleased]
MD - Pool Boy [Unreleased]
MD - Next Dance [A Label Called Success]
MD - Can't Fight The Feeling [Unreleased]
MD - Prince Of The Rinse [Self-Released]
MD - Pony [Unreleased]
MD - 1992 [Unreleased]

Friendly Potential Ep.04 - w/. Samuel Harmony Guest Mix

***Fussy Gussy Mix***
Goodie Mob - Free [LaFace Records]
Krakatau - Kuriere [Trouble In Mind Records]
Gino Soccio - So Lonely [Warner Bros.]
Isao Tomita - Baba Yaga [RCA]
PSYCHIC MIRRORS - Bells of St Christopher [Cosmic Chronic]
Sneak E. – Land Of Stuphph [Straight From The Coast/BBE Music]
GANG - K.K.K. [Recordbreaker]
Golden Teacher - Like A Hawk [Optimo Music]
Spoiled Drama – Black Drama [Nous]
Gloria Ann Taylor - World That’s Not Real [Selector Sound/Luv N Haight]
Zomby - Basquiat [4AD]
It's Not Over We Hustle Harder (Spencer Parker) - Brotherhood [Itsnotover]
DJ Slip - Queen Of Space [Tape]
Shackleton - Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix Part 1) [Skull Disco]
Mark E - Mingo [Merc]
***Samuel Harmony (Good Times) Mix***
Murray McNabb - Cosmic Protrusion [Sarang Bang]
Jon Regulus - Keep On [Self]
Hans Dulfer En Ritmo Natural - King Size Davy [Catfish]
Pigbag - Listen Listen [Y Records]
Dunkelziffer - This Is How You Came [FünfUndVierzig]
Cos/Mes - Brazilian Idol [Snaker]
Sivuca - Central Do Brazil [Copacabana]
Black Blood - A.I.E (A Mwana) [Ariola]
Aishat Mohammed - Land Of Music [Electromat]
Sugar Babe - 今日はなんだか [Niagara Records]
Soul Survivors - Mama Soul [ATCO]
Ronnie McNeir - Wendy Is Gone [Prodigal]
The Fords - You Can Count On Me [Tyscot]

Friendly Potential Ep.03 - w/. DJ Ground [Japan; Multi Culti] Guest Mix

***Tom McGuinness Mix***
Ex-Terrestrial - Dreams of Jupiter [1080p]
Zesknel - Untitled [Bokhari]
Ikpathua - Swamp & Thicket [Bokhari]
Unknown Loops - DDM [Bokhari]
Bonar Bradberry - MOD [Gottwax]
Lake People - The 1st Day [Permanent Vacation]
Kamikaze Space Programme - Cel [Trust]
Jaures - Buz Falatsher [shtum]
***DJ Ground [CHILL MOUNTAIN/Multi Culti // Japan] Mix***
No Tracklist


Friendly Potential Ep.02 - w./ Mannheim Rocket [Australia; 3BS] Guest Mix

***Simon Mix***
Prince - The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker [Paisley Park]
Red Axes - Boosha Gdola [Multi Culti*]
Heiko Laux - An Elephant In The Silver Box [Kanzleramt Music]
Chinaski - Lifetime [Uncanny Valley]
Escape From New York - Fire In my Heart [RKM/Isle Of Jura*]
DGF - Greife Meine Hand [House Is Ok*]
XOA - Aiye Le ft. Dele Sosimi [Shake*]
***Mannheim Rocket Mix [3BS Records]***
No Tracklist
***Simon Mix***
Andy Stott - Butterflies [Modern Love [Record Label]]
Nasrawi - Bump With You [Pampa Records]
Alejandro Molinari - StereoMatches [Blindetonation Records*]
Suzanne Kraft - DJ Safety Track [Kitjen]
Lilliam Wee - Turmoil In The Chaos System [Black Strap*]
Brassica - Get Down [Civil Music*]
Matteo Luis - Untitled [Retrograde*]
Kim Brown - Optionism [Just Another Beat]
Sau Poler - Jaffe House [Atomnation]

Friendly Potential Ep.01 - w/. Mantle Guest Mix

***Gus Mix***
RAH Band – Clouds Across The Moon [RCA Records]
Afrobot – Set On Fire [AM] 
Mango Tee – Into The Wild [Crumbs]
Move D – Lush Summer Rain [Shanti Records]
Kyle Hall – Skeeter! [Wild Oats Music]
Dj Octopus – The Player [Hotshit]
Maximilian Blanc – Cross Disco [KAT]
Rune Lindbæk (official) – Nomaden [Norsk Tripping]
Gerry Read – Samurai [Hoss'd]
Tiago - Reach Out And Touch Somebody [Interzona] 
Denis Sulta - A.A.L.A.S [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
***Mantle Guest Mix***
House In The Woods - Bucolica [Exotic Pylon]
Nine Inch Nails - 13 Ghosts II [Shock]
Loscil - Sea Island Murders [Kranky]
Mantle - Decaying Eon [The Attic Unreleased]
William Basinski - Cascade (excerpt) [2062]
Nils Frahm - Familiar [Erased Tapes Records]
Norman Westberg - 410 Stairs (excerpt) [Self-Released]
Stars of the Lid - The Evil That Never Arrived [Kranky]
Mantle - 5 [Self-Released -]
@peace - Nothing [Self-Released]
***Simon Mix***
Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend [Paisley Park]
Prince - Sign "☮" The Times [Paisley Park]
Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover [Warner Bros]
Prince - Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive) [Warner Bros.]
Prince & The New Power Generation - Nothing Compares 2 U [Paisley Park]