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Silly Wimin

7pm - 9pm Monday with Jacinta & Tallulah

Silly Wimin

The Silly Wimin Show - just two silly wimin playing silly indie songs, sharing silly opinions and discussing all manner of things silly ~

Silly Wimin

Anika - Finger Pies 
Matty - Mickeymouse
Brazilian Girls - St. Petersburg 
Holy Hive - Brooklyn Ferry 
Lime Garden - Pulp 
strongboi - honey thighs 
Chad VanGaalen - Peace on the Rise 
Methyl Ethel - Real Tight 
Daffodils (NZ) - House Across The Street 

Micachu & The Shapes - Suffering 
Mousey (NZ) - The Bench 
Horsey - Arms and Legs 

The Garden - U Want The Scoop 
Black Country, New Road - Chaos Space Marine 
goya (NZ) - Format 

Tanya Davis - Eulogy for You and Me 
Khruangbin - Time (You and I) 
Courtney Barnett - Take It Day By Day 

Courtney Barnett - Rae Street 


Silly Wimin

Molly and The Chromatics (NZ) - Let It Go ft. Dende the Sensi 
ONONO (NZ) - The Island 
Faye Webster - Cheers 

TOPS - Waiting 
Charles Watson - Now That I'm A River 
Hiatis Kaiyote - Canopic Jar 
Paper Thieves (NZ) - Both Hands
Pixx - Peanuts Grow Underground 
Nice Biscuit - Candle 

Jasmine Mary (NZ) - Move Me
Waterfalls (NZ) - Empty Arms Are Kinder 
Cate Le Bon - Running Away 

Lucy Dacus - I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore 
Wednesday - Birthday Song 
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Vampire Again 
Juno Is (Dn) - Zoom Zoom 
Porpoise (Dn) - Kudu 
Koizilla (Dn) - Sunburn and Ichy Bites 
Big Thief - Little Things 

Big Thief - Sparrow 


Silly Wimin

ARTHUR - Woof Woof 
Skilaa (NZ) - Bluffin' 
Luke Buda (NZ) - I'm A Bit Out Of Shape 

Lucy Dacus - Night Shift 
Reb Fountain (NZ) - Iris 
The Beths (NZ) - Jump Rope Gazers 

La Luz - Metal Man 
Porches - Swarovski 
The Shelves (NZ) - Atrocious (1971) 

The Wombles - Wellington Goes To Waterloo 
The Wombles - Non-Stop Wombling Summer Party 
The Wombles - Wombling In The Rain 

Bad Sav (Dn) - Labradoodle 
Fruit Juice Parade (NZ) - the more you don't know the less you know 
Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd - Sea, Swallow Me 

Avant Glass (NZ) - Bruised and Sweet 
Belle & Sebastian - Your Cover's Blown 
Vera Ellen (NZ) - Telegram 2 

Vera Ellen (NZ) - Crack the Whip 
Parquet Courts - He's Seeing Paths 
Ha the Unclear (Dn) - Battery Farm 


Silly Wimin

Kids of 88 (NZ) - Sugarpills 
of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit 
The Naked And Famous (NZ) - Young Blood 
nicholas Franchise (NZ) - Worry Bout

Glass Vaults - Boys on Boys 

Squid - G.S.K.
The All Seeing Hand (NZ) - Clot 
black midi - bmbmbm
IDLES - The Beachland Ballroom 
Angel Olsen - Eyes Without a Face 
Animal Collective - Man Of Oil 
Airiel, Stella Tran - Firefly 

Michael Cera, Sharon Van Etten - Best I Can 
Nana Grizol - Window 
Faye Webster - Both All The Time 

Faye Webster - I Know I'm Funny haha 
Alice Phoebe Lou - Dusk 
Sam Wave (NZ) - Yaya


Silly Wimin

Harlem - Friendly Ghost 
Porpoise (Dn) - Astronaut 

Hot Chip - Straight to the Morning 
Marlins Dreaming (Dn) - Cliffs 
Shannon & The Clams - I Will Miss the Jasmine 

Dead Ghosts - When It Comes To You 
Dinner - Cool as Ice 
J Fernandez - Read My Mind 
SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE - nail i couldn't bite 

Karen O, Danger Mouse - Woman 
The I.L.Y's - All She Does Is Kill Shit 
Pottery - Texas Drums Pt I & II 
Alex Cameron - Stepdad
Tanukichan - Hunned Bandz 
Soft Plastics (NZ) - Smokes Let's Go 
Dale Kerrigan (Dn) - whatever 
The Spectre Collective (NZ) - Bohemian Groove 
Tooms (NZ) - Dead Bird 
Pond - Rambo
Pond - Human Touch 
Die! Die! Die! (NZ) - How Ye 
Miss June (NZ) - Anomaly


Silly Wimin

Methyl Ethel -Twilight Driving 
Father John Misty - Hangout at the Gallows 
Skilaa (NZ) - Way of the World 

Marlon Williams (NZ) - Vampire Again 
The Chills (Dn) - Heavenly Pop Hit 
The Replacements - Swingin Party 

Dirty Projectors - Keep Your Name 
La Femme - Exorciseur 
The Felice Brothers - Jazz on the Autobahn 
Parquet Courts - Stoned and Starving 

Fazerdaze (NZ) - Little Uneasy 
Foster The People - Static Space Lover
Extreme Highs (NZ) - Mousey 
SOG (NZ) - Mom Bod 
Honey. - Can't Be On The Record 
Man's Man - Swimm 
Milpool (Dn) - Melodrama II 
SODA BOYZ (NZ) - Bad Friend
Joanna Sternberg - For You 
Joanna Sternberg - This is Not Who I Want to Be


Silly Wimin

Ouija Board (NZ) - French for Rabbits 
Sugarland (NZ) - Nic Brinkman
Femme Fatal - Sharon Van Etten
Lumia (Dn) - Marlin's Dreaming 
Peacetime Orders (Dn) - Anthonie Tonnon 
Sniffly Lady (NZ) - Revulva 

Oh Baby - Micachu & The Shapes 
Darlin' Please, Get out of that House (NZ) - Force Fields
Daddy Long Legs - Midnight Sister

Catching Smoke - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard 
Divorce - Alex Cameron 
Polvo - Mr Twin Sister 
I'm Easy (NZ) - Merk 

Crabwalk - Party in the Hills 
Heaven to Hell (Dn) - Vanessa Worm 
What's Inside a Girl - Daughters 

Her Hippo - Dry Cleaning 
Glue (NZ) - Wax Chattels 
Ladies Night (NZ) - Dick Move 

Freaks to the Front - Amyl and the Sniffers 
Repulsive Woman (Dn) - Happily (One Direction Cover)


Silly Wimin

Same Name Confusion (NZ) - My Smile Is Extinct 

Bad Sav (Dn) - Ruiners 
SUG (Dn) - Madness 
Moana and the Tribe (NZ) - Upokohue 
Lord Echo (NZ) - Bohemian Idol (DJ Day's Chair-Bro Rmx) 

Astro Children (Dn) - Jamie Konws
Lipsink (NZ) - Leitmotif 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - That Life 

Layaround (NZ) - Seconds 
MADEIRA (NZ) - Come On Thru (Brett Dance Rmx) 
Koizilla (Dn) - Lazy Hazy Dayzy 
Sulfate (NZ) - Crossing 

Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - The Beautiful Young Crew 
The Mint Chicks (NZ) - Crazy Yes Dumb No (Scratch 22 Rmx) 
Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener 
Lips (NZ) - Guilty Talk 

Kali Uchis - In My Dreams 
Winston Surfshirt - All of the Little Things ft Raminez 
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Leave Love Out Of This 

of Montreal - Aries is Good Trash 


Silly Wimin

Baby Zionov (NZ) - Bada Ooom. 
The Wax Birds (NZ) - Ma Vie, Mon Amore 
Layaround (NZ) - Seconds 
Reb Fountain (NZ) - Lacuna 

I.E. Crazy (NZ) - You're a Stranger (To Me Now) 
Electric Wire Hustle (NZ) - Brother Sun ft. Kimbra 
Marlin's Dreaming (Dn) - Lumia 

Lips (NZ) - Guilty Talk 
Khruangbin - Time (You and I) 
The Naked and Famous (NZ) - Young Blood 

Smurgy (NZ) - Shift 
Carb On Carb (NZ) - Be My Mirror
All The Colours (NZ) - Waste 
Delivery - Floored 
Trinity Roots (NZ) - Haiku 

Kids Of 88 (NZ) - Tucan ft. Alisa Xayalith
Shibumi - Gemini Love ft. Telana
Merk (NZ) - Ash & Sand 
Lucy Dacus - Hot & Heavy


Silly Wimin

Lawrence Arabia (NZ) - A Lake 
Lips (NZ) - Everything To Me 
Bic Runga (NZ) - Haere Mai Ra - Sway 
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Old Peel 

Milly Tabak & The Miltones (NZ) - Liven Up The Night 
SKILAA (NZ) - Travelling 
Louisa Nicklin (NZ) - Moving Slow 
School Fair (Dn) - Propped Up 
Mara TK (NZ) - Met at the River (ft. Xenia Menasseh)
Salt Water Criminals (Dn) - A Dream So Good 
Lucky Boy (NZ) - City Sounds 
Kane Strang (Dn) - Full Moon, Hungry Sun 
Dale Kerrigan (Dn) - Grudge 
Night Lunch (Dn) - Hot Cops 

Porpoise (Dn) - Kudu 
Adelaide Cara (Dn) - Paranoia! 
Blonde Redhead - 23 

Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Leave Love Out Of This 
Rei (NZ) - Harakoa (Good Mood) 
Vera Ellen (NZ) - YOU! 

Pocket Money (NZ) - Feijoa 

Princess Chelsea (NZ) - No Church On Sunday 
Kimbra (NZ) - Sweet Relief 
Broods (NZ) - Peach (Bad Sounds Remix) 
Origin Roots Aotearoa (NZ) - Home Ukaipo 
Sora Shima (NZ) - Fill Spectre

French for Rabbits (NZ) - The Dark Arts 
Sachi (NZ) - Coral Way 
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Two Free Hands 

LILSTIFFY (NZ) - Promise 
Dictaphone Blues (NZ) - Lantern 
Swallow the Rat (NZ) - Bird of III
Mad Cow (NZ) - Alone 

Lionlimb - Turnstile 
10:32 (NZ) - Seedling (ft. Troy Kingi) 
Maddy PC (Dn) - Why Am I So Sad All The Time 

nic and reuben (NZ) - STUFF 
Rochelle Jordan - Got Em 
Wild Bill Ricketts (NZ) - Mangi Mangi 
MARSHA (NZ) - Breville 

Margot - Featherweight - Orlove Session 
Craig Elliott (NZ) - The Hole In The Wall Gang 

Dry Cleaning - Scratchcard Lanyard

Silly Wimin

Princess Chelsea (NZ) - No Church On Sunday 
Kimbra (NZ) - Sweet Relief 
Broods (NZ) - Peach (Bad Sounds Remix) 
Origin Roots Aotearoa (NZ) - Home Ukaipo 
Sora Shima (NZ) - Fill Spectre

French for Rabbits (NZ) - The Dark Arts 
Sachi (NZ) - Coral Way 
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Two Free Hands 

LILSTIFFY (NZ) - Promise 
Dictaphone Blues (NZ) - Lantern 
Swallow the Rat (NZ) - Bird of III
Mad Cow (NZ) - Alone 

Lionlimb - Turnstile 
10:32 (NZ) - Seedling (ft. Troy Kingi) 
Maddy PC (Dn) - Why Am I So Sad All The Time 

nic and reuben (NZ) - STUFF 
Rochelle Jordan - Got Em 
Wild Bill Ricketts (NZ) - Mangi Mangi 
MARSHA (NZ) - Breville 

Margot - Featherweight - Orlove Session 
Craig Elliott (NZ) - The Hole In The Wall Gang 

Dry Cleaning - Scratchcard Lanyard


Silly Wimin

Recloose (NZ) - Catch A Leaf ft. Rachel Frasier

The Strowlini Orchestra (NZ) - Tinglin' ft. Edie 
Surf City (NZ) - It's A Common Life 
Wiri Donna (NZ) - You Should Be Smiling 

Molly & The Chromatics (NZ) - Hold Tight 
shannengeorgiapeterson (NZ) - Home Again 4 
Rongomai TaiapaAporo (NZ) - Punga Werewere 
HUMMUCIDE (NZ) - Exothermic 
SPAWTS (NZ) - Headroom 
Late to Chelsea (NZ) - Money and Me 
Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen - Like I Used To 

Porridge Radio - Wet Road (Scout Niblett Cover) 
Church & AP (NZ) - Dandelion 
Horsey, King Krule - Seahorse 

Julien Baker - Favor 
Flamingo Pier (NZ) - Last Call 
Gareth Thomas (NZ) - My Dog 
Julia Jacklin & RVG - Army Of Me (Bjork Cover) 

Juno Is (Dn) - So Hazy 
Ladyhawke (NZ) - Mixed Emotions 
Sam Fender - Hold Out 
Reb Fountain (NZ) - Don't You Know Who I Am


Silly Wimin

James Duncan (NZ) - A Obvious 
Valkyrie (NZ) - Minamina (ft.Pere)
SoccerPractise (NZ) - Kaua E Mate Wheke 
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Comfort 
Kool Aid (NZ) - Rave Smack Talk (Liam K. Swiggs remix)

Kraus (NZ) - An Arrow in the Haunch 
Te Huhu (NZ) - Pokarekare Ana 
Chaos In The CBD (NZ) - Constraints of Time Travel 

Merk (NZ) - GOD 
Clicks (NZ) - White Mail 
DOONS (NZ) - Faultlines 
Sheep, Dog and Wolf (NZ) - Fine 
Nadia Reid (Dn) - Get The Devil Out 
Koizilla (Dn) - Boogie Board 
Birdfeeder (NZ) - The Long Haul 
milk (NZ) - CRIT+ 
tSullivan (NZ) - Half Arse 
FABLE (NZ) - Karakia 
A Blunt Jester (NZ) - Breeze 

Bad Hagrid (NZ) - Kowabunga d00d 
Sandboards (Dn) - Nothing But a Freak


Silly Wimin

October (NZ) - Switchblade 
Dead Mass (NZ) - Void 
Vanessa Worm (Dn) - To Be Conintued 
Porpoise (Dn) - Kudu 

Taylor-Rose Terekia (NZ) - Starry Night (Mamamoo Cover) 
Phoebe Rings (NZ) - Cheshire 
Milk (NZ) - CRIT+
Cosmic Rays of Death (NZ) - SOS 
Sam Charlesworth (NZ) - Girl In The Wind 
Dad Jokes (NZ) - Bad Friend 
De Stevens (Dn) - Two-Headed 

Kon - Everybody ft. Amy Douglas (Caserta's Dub) 
Aroha (NZ) - L2K (Luke Alessi Remix) 
Kenny Sterling (NZ) - Lady Red 
Merk (NZ) - GOD 
Ha the Unclear (NZ) - Battery Farm 
Princess Nokia - Its Not My Fault 
Jungle - Time (Joe Goddard Rmx) 

TOPS - I Feel Alive
The Controversial New Skinny Pill - no path forward


Silly Wimin

Silly Wimin

Trust punks (NZ) - Mother's Veil
Mild Orange (NZ) - Getting Warmer
Bathysphere (Dn) - lay out 
Cheaper Sleeper (NZ) - Messy Minds
Soccer Mommy - circle the drain (Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ))
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Revival (Deerhunter Cover)
Haven (NZ) - The Right Way 
Vanessa Worm (Dn) - To Be Continued 
Adam Hattaway and the Haunters (NZ) - Sympathy 
Dale Kerrigan (Dn) - Dale Kerrigan 
POND - Pink Lunettes
Opensouls (NZ) - Telephone Song 
Salt Water Criminals (Dn) - A Dream So Good 
Groove Lagoon (NZ) - Chain reaction 
easy life - skeletons

Nuance (NZ) - Kauri Groove
Glass Candy - Miss Broadway 
Biig Piig - Cuenta Lo 
Ian Sweet - #23


Silly Wimin

The Shifting Sands (Dn) - Coming Back 
Porridge Radio - Let's Not Fight !
Vanessa Worm (Dn) - Bones and Blood 
Surly (NZ) - Serious 

Ha The Unclear (Dn) - Kosmonavt
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) - Look Me In The Eyes
Princess Chelsea (NZ) - I Love My Boyfriend 
Sometime Winner (Dn) - Dancing Here Alone 
Silicon (NZ) - Burning Sugar
Marsha (NZ) - Last Night 

Connan Mockasin (NZ) - Having a Baby ft. Liam Finn & Lawrence Arabia 
Sandboards (Dn) - Visa (Shinra Rmx) 
Henderwood (NZ) - Health and Safety 
shame - Water In The Well 
Brandon De La Cruz - Tiresias
Soaked Oats (Dn) - Shuggah Doom
lau.ra - Don't Waste My Time 
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) - Entertainment 
Aldous Harding (NZ) - Revival
Batrider (NZ) - Womble 

WAI (NZ) - Hine Te Ihorangi 
Robbie Miller - Catch Me


Silly Wimin

Maala (NZ) - Touch
OddJive (NZ) - FunkUglySwingThing
Swallow The Rat (NZ) - Don't 
Vanessa Worm (Dn) - Bones and Blood
Eastern Bloc (NZ) - Pinky
Miles Calder (NZ) - Autopilot Life
Esoligh (NZ) - Hikoi Wairua (ft. Homeboy Sandman) 
The Beths (NZ) - Out of Sight
Soft Plastics (NZ) - Loozer
Wet Specimen (Dn) - Heaven's Gate 
Bad Sav (Dn) - Stallone 
Doprah (NZ) - Lucid Visions
Eli Superflyy (NZ) - PLZ TAKE ME BACK
Merk (NZ) - Deep DIve 

Mousey (NZ) - Extreme Highs 
Alvvays - Plimsoll Punks 
Caroline Chung and Citizens Jazz - Understand Me Now 
Sharon Van Etten - Staring at a Mountain 
Carb on Carb (NZ) - Nicole's Express 
Brittany Howard - Goat Head (Earthgang Remix)
Estere (NZ) - Nomads 

WheelUP - Good Love (ft. Afronaut, Brint Story & Destiny Will)
Ria May (NZ) - The Secrets Out


Silly Wimin

JANG (NZ) - All My Friends Are Cops 
Merk (NZ) - Deep Dive 
Barnaby Greebles (NZ) - A Death
Bandicoot (NZ) - Emotional and Dirty 
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Lucky Girl
The May Project (NZ) - The Last Waltz of Summer
Ryan Fisherman (NZ) - Observation
Jonathan Bree (NZ) - Waiting on the Moment
Night Lunch (Dn) - Hot Cops
Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me 
Salt Water Criminals (Dn) - A Dream So Good 
Myele Manzanza (NZ) - Portobello Superhero 
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Kyoto Train (Jyeah Remix) 
Transistor (NZ) - Contextualise
2XM and Caramel Smooth Heaven (NZ) - Fall 
Mt Wolf (NZ) - Tayrona
Milpool (NZ) - Melodrama II 
Major Murphy - Real 
Mara TK (NZ) - Highly Medicated 
Opposite Sex (Dn) - Supermarket
Avant Glass (NZ) - Two More 
Peach Lane - Rolling 
Electric Wire Hustle (NZ) - They Don't Want 
San Holo - bb u ok?


Silly Wimin

The Beths (NZ) - I'm Not Getting Excited
Tenderness - Parquet Courts
Eli Superfly (NZ) - PLZ TAKE ME BACK
Scody Banks (NZ) - Sick
October and The Eyes - Playing God
Vanessa Worm (NZ) - In Heaven We Are
The Mint Chicks (NZ) - I Can't Stop Being Foolish
Kotiro (NZ) - Puti's Maunga
Flyspray (DN) - Dream
The Shifting Sands (NZ) - The Kitchen Sink 
Peace Point (NZ) - Welcome 
Dick Move (NZ) - Ladies Night
Follower (NZ) - Oh Speedy Speedy
October (NZ) - Switchblade
Shunkan - Sideway Sleepers
Micachu & The Shapes - Oh Baby 
The Midimaster (NZ) - Rapaki Electric
Lance Saturday (NZ) - Sunshine Girl 
Middle Kids - Stacking Chairs 
Deva Mahal (NZ) - Sister (ft. Zoe Moon) 
Mermaidens (NZ) - Fade 
Made Kuti - Your Enemy
nicholas Franchise (NZ) - Just For Once Now 
Merk (NZ) - Hang 
SoccerPractise (NZ) - Te Po 
Daffodils (NZ) - Boys 
The Lazy Eyes - Where's My Brain???