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Monday Night Shift

11pm - 1am with Chamomile

Monday Night Shift

The Yeet Down: Cardi B Edition Okurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Bodak Yellow - Cardi B
Motor Sport ft. Cardi B & Nicki Minaj - MIGOS
I Like It- Cardi B
Finnese ft. Cardi B - Bruno Mars
Washpoppin - Cardi B
Lit Thot - Cardi B 
Foreva - Cardi B
Lick ft. Offset - Cardi B 

Bartier Cardier ft. 21 Savage - Cardi B
What a Girl Likes - Cardi B 
Who Want the Smoke - Cardi B, Lil Yachty, Offset
Money Bag - Cardi B
She Bad - Cardi B
Get Up 10 - Cardi B 

Ring ft. Kehlani - Cardi B
I Do ft. SZA - Cardi B
Thru Your Phone - Cardi B
Bickenhead - Cardi B
Drip ft. Migos - Cardi B
Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX - Rita Ora 

Ozuna - La Modelo ft. Cardi B
No Limit - G Eazy ft. Cardi B, A$AP Rocky 
Be Careful - Cardi B  
Best Life ft. Chance the Rapper - Cardi B 

The Yeet Down

The Sad but Rad Postgrad

The Sad but Rad Postgrad

Only You - Cymbol 303 ( Nz )
White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes 
Fade - Mermaidens ( Nz )
Water Underground - Anthonie Tonnon ( Nz )
Thru Evry Cell - Purple Pilgrims ( Nz )
Marion Beats Realty - Tono & The Finance Company ( Nz )
Talk Show Host - Radiohead 

The Cigarette Duet - Princess Chelsea ( Nz )
The Primrose Path - Jonathan Bree  ( Nz )
Disco//Very - Warpaint 
Time of the Season - The Zombies 
Whatever You Want - Doprah ( Nz )
Take It All Back - Sui Zhen 
Bang Bang (Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra 

Why Don't You Do Right - Sugarpie And The Candymen 
The Panic - Julia Deans ( Nz )
Lonely Side of Her - Marlon Williams ( Nz )
Fold Into the Sea - Being ( Nz )
Nuclear Bomb - Cherry Glazer 
Ocean City - Kurt Vile 
Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters - MGMT 

A Mess - Yule ( Nz )
Loving - Seth Frightening ( Nz ) 

The Sad but Rad Postgrad

Lonely Side of Her - Marlon Williams ( Nz )
The Highest Tree - Elroy ( N Z )
Dead Aware - Males ( Dn )
Body of Desire - OCtober ( Nz )
Running Up That Hill - Matthew Young ( Nz )
Skin and Bone - Valere ( Nz ) 
Warm Peach Fuzz - Drop Dead Redhead ( Nz )

Poi E - Patea MAori Club ( Nz )
Valentine - Jonothan Bree ( Nz )
In Your Dreams - Bediquette ( Dn )
Amene - Soccer Practice ( Nz )
B C I - Ov Pain ( Dn )
Body - HIGH HOPPS ( Nz )
Say You Love Me To - Jonothan Bree ( Nz )

Twenty Three - Anthony Tonnon ( Nz )
No Good Man - Nadia Reid ( Nz )
Racer - Civilian ( Nz )
The Beautiful Young Crew - Lawrence Arabia ( Nz )
Snug As Fuck - Liam Finn ( Nz )
Nomads - Estere ( Nz )
Seed - Mermaidens ( Nz )

Full Moon, Hungry Sun - Kane Strang ( Dn )
Youth Large Size Small - Scarp ( Nz )
Here We Bend (to Smell the Dirt) - Womb ( Nz )
Us Against the City - Shocking Pinks ( Nz )
Albtraum - Elan Vital ( Dn ) 

The Sad but Rad Postgrad

Pynk ft. Grimes - Janelle Monae 
Bicycle - Unknown Mortal Orchestra ( Nz )
Brains (In A Jar) - Spinster ( Dn )
Take It To The Top - Leisure ( Nz )
Deceptacon - DFA Remix - Le Tigre 
Swamp Babe - Thought Creature ( Nz )
San Pedro - Doprah ( Chch )

Love Is Gonna Save Us - Benny Benassi 
Turn MY Heart To Stone - MO
Just Sayin/I Tried - The Intenet 
Company - Tinashe 
I Need To Meet Richard Dryfus - Gabriel Gundacker 
Money - Leikeli47 
Believe - Cher 

Raingurl - Yaeji 
Gallery Piece - Of Montreal 
Shake A Fist - Hot Chip
HDA - Las Bistecs
Straight Outta Vagina ft. Desi Mo & Leikeli47 - Pussy Riot 
Witch Wimin - $noregazZzm ( Nz )
Ringtone - YACHT

The Big Big Beat - Azelia Banks 
HOuse Abyss - Depressed House Cat
Theme For Young Losers - Disasteradio ( Nz )
Tailwhip - Men I Trust

The Sad but Rad Postgrad

Yo! My Saint ft. Michael Kiwanuka - Karen O 
Air - Nation ( Nz )
To Follow and Lead - Kaitlyn Aureila Smith 
Religion - Abigail Knudson ( Dn ) 
All She Does Is Stare - October ( Nz )
Rent - Esteere ( Nz )

Just Sayin/I Tried - The Internet 
Passionfruit - Yaeji
Running - Nictoine's Famous Honey
Mr Watson - Cruel Youth 
I'm Sorry ft. Shiloh - Swell 
Tyrant - Kali Uchis & Jorja Smith 
Jesse - Frankie Cosmos

&Burn ft. Vince Staples - Billie Englsih 
About You (Dream Koala Remix) - XXYYXX
I Fink U Freaky - Die Antwoord 
Keep It Close to Me - Youmi Zuma ( Nz )
Bad Blood - NAO
Plague - Crystal Castles
That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings 

Money - LEAF
Say You Will (Boogie T Remix) - Boyfriend
Dirty Daddy - Great Dane 
Kill V. Maim - Grimes 
Drowning (Dave Glass Animals Remix) - BANKS
It's Time for Fun - GOAT

My Very Last Tracklist

It has been an absolute pleasure, Radio One.

Farewell from your favourite American Princess.


Lorde (NZ) - Team
Ladi6 (NZ) - Guru (10A Rmx)
Mr Jukes - Angels / Your Love ft Bj The Chicago Kid
Soft Hair (NZ) - Lying Has To Stop
Dope Lemon - Marinade
Vulfpeck- Back Pocket
High Hoops (NZ) - Burn It Up
Rayland Baxter (Nashville) - Memories of Old Hickory
Hiatus Kaiyote - Borderline with My Atoms
Shakey Graves - Family and Genus
Ives (NZ) - Callin Ur Phone
Soaked Oats (DN) - I'm A Peach
BOYO - Mantra
The Internet - Special Affair
Pearl Hotel (DN) - Under The Moonlight
Emily King - Distance
OnlyReal - Cadillac Girl
Little Dragon - High
Kane Strang (NZ) - See Thru
Frank Ocean - Pink Matter ft Andre 3000
Bombay Bicycle Club - Eyes Off You
Summer Salt - Going Native
Sufjan Stevens - Futile Devices
HOMESHAKE - Move This Body
Gromz (DN) - White Water

Stay Toasty with Tuesday Tunes

Melting Faces (NZ) - Far King Oats
Bus Vipers - CSIRO Weeds
Slow Dancer - It Goes On
Bailey Wiley (NZ) - Dos Fuegos
Nick Hakim - Miss Chew ft Jesse & Forever
Richard In Your Mind - Shooting Star 
Tame Impala - Mind Mischief
The Black Seeds (NZ) - Freakin'
NAO - Girlfriend
Matthew Young (NZ) - Collect
A Girl Named Mo (NZ) - Who They Say You Are (Haz Beats Rmx)
A Band Called Success (NZ) - How We Do
Chance The Rapper - Brain Cells
SZA - The Weekend
Anderson .Paak - Heart Don't Stand A Chance
Soaked Oats (DN) - Cherry Brother
Kane Strang (DN) - Two Hearts and No Brain
Hot Donnas (DN) - Sunday ft Bexy Shingleton
Albion Place (DN) - Easier
Hiatus Kaiyote - Laputa
Summer Salt - Revvin MY Cj7
808s & Greatest Hits - Goodbye
Jordan Rakei - The Light
Chaos in the CBD (NZ) - Midnight In Peckham

Tuesday Morning Spectrum

Tuesday Morning *TuNeZ*

Ives. (NZ) – 172

BARO – Pretty

Kevin Morby – City Music

Ladi6 (NZ) – Guru

Ariel Pink – Another Weekend


Erith (NZ) – Weak

Big Thief – Shark Smile

Nick Hakim – Roller Skates

Mr Jukes – Grant Green ft Charles Bradley

Ferla – Breakups Are Hard For Everyone


LCD Soundsystem – You Wanted A Hit

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) – Multi Love

Jono Das (NZ) – Off The Wall ft Raiza Biza

Melting Faces (NZ) – Far King Oats


Steve Lacy – Dark Red

Babeheaven – Your Love ft Deem Spencer

Summer Salt – Going Native

Richard In Your Mind – Shooting Star


Azure (NZ) – See You Thru

Vanessa Elisha & XXYYXX – Dark & Lonely

Mr Scruff – Where Am I?

Juiceroof (NZ) – Working On My Heart


Silicon (NZ) – God Emoji

Everything Is Recorded – Close But Not Quite ft Sampha

Soccer Mommy (Nashville) – Out Worn

Tracklisting Golden Ticket

The Weeknd - House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls

808s & Greatest Hits – Goodbye

Pearl Hotel (NZ) - In Your Car Under The Moonlight

beatboxbandit. (NZ) – Don’t Fight The Feeling

Washed Out – Get Lost


Mr Jukes – Grant Green ft. Charles Bradley

Yellow Days – Gap In The Clouds

Mermaidenz (NZ) – Lizard

Rolls Bayce – Mutate

Teeks (NZ) – If Only


Nick Hakim – Miss Chew ft. Jesse & Forever

PHOX – Slow Motion

Louis Baker (NZ) – Addict

Vulfpeck – Back Pocket

A Band Called Success (NZ) – Start A Feeling


Boyo – Mantra

Rayland Baxter (Nashville) – Memories of Old Hickory

Same Name Confusion (NZ) – Between You and Me


Fly My Pretties (NZ) – Closer


Mark Ronson – Daffodils ft. Kevin Parker

MOSES (NZ) – Whareama

Soaked Oats (DN) – Flies On The Wall

Yoko-Zuna (NZ) – January Sun

OJR (Nashville) – I’m In Love With a Bowler

Tuesday Morning Spectrum

Pickle Darling (NZ) – Mouthful

Juiceroof (NZ) – Working On My Heart

Frank Ocean – Nikes

The Cactus Channel – Do It For Nothing


Lord Echo (NZ) – Just Do You ft. Mara TK

Nick Hakim – Roller Skates

NxWorries – Suede

Glass Vaults (NZ) – Beached Blonde


Pinegrove – Old Friends

Blended Babies – Smoke It If You Got One

Shiraz & LSJ – High

October (NZ) – Cherry Cola

Soaked Oats (DN) – I’m A Peach


Manilla Ice – Eyedress

NAO – In The Morning

Jordan Rakei – Blame It On The Youth

Emily King – Distance


Ha The Unclear – Big City

Cool Company – Slice of Paradise

Fazerdaze (NZ) – Lucky Girl


Katie Pruitt (Nashville) – Beautiful Day

Cults – Bad Things

Knox Brown – The People

Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 - JBS

All my Nz Tunes for an all Nz Show

Physical (NZ) – Islands

Date Night (NZ) - Txts

Yesses (DN) – Short Love

Pick A Piper (NZ) – Geographically Opposed ft. Introverted Dancefloor


The Shambles (DN) – Nobody Loves…

Silicon (NZ) – Love Peace

Esther Stephens & The Means (NZ) – Heartbeat ft. Hone Be Good

LEISURE (NZ) – Got It Bad


Ives. (NZ) – Callin’ Ur Phone

Kane Strang (NZ) – She’s Appealing

Melting Faces (NZ) – Far King Oats

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) – Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty


New Gum Sarn (NZ) – Bad Soy

Connan And The Mockasins (NZ) – Hey Chocolate

Pearl Hotel (DN) – Darling, Grin, & Bear It

GROMz (DN) – White Water


Soaked Oats (DN) – I’m A Peach

Fly My Pretties (NZ) – Closer

Molly & The Chromatics (NZ) – Laughing At You

K2K (NZ) – Hey Deejay

Jewels (NZ) – Empty Embrace


Lord Echo (NZ) – Thinking of You

Taste Nasa (NZ) – Do What You Feel

Are you ready for these songs?!

Ha The Unclear (NZ) – Big City

Meting Faces (NZ) – Far King Oats

Elliot Moss – 99

Blockhead – The Strain

HOT Donnas (DN) – Brixhead


Perfume Genius – Go Ahead

Niki & The Dove – So Much It Hurts

Sun Seeker (Nashville) – Georgia Dust

LOVING – The Not Real Lake


Tame Impala – Past Life

Fly My Pretties (NZ) – Closer

Diamond Rugs (Nashville) – Voodoo Doll

Smokestank Girls (NZ) – You Always Brought Me Water

Everything is Recorded – Close But Not Quite ft. Sampha


Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas – Run Too Far

Vok – Figure

Sunset Rollercoaster – My Jinji

Lord Echo (NZ) - The Sweetest Meditation ft. Mara TK

(Sandy) Alex G – Bobby


Sad Penny (Nashville) – Addison

Date Night (NZ) – Txts

Soaked Oats (DN) – Stoned Fruit

A Tracklist Sent From The Gods

Michael Beharie – Drugs

Pearl Hotel (DN) – In Your Car Under The Moonlight

Ives. (NZ) – Callin’ Your Phone

Baro – Pretty

GROMz (DN) – Mixed Up and Confused


Temples – Sun Structures

The Roofer’s Union – Melt

Abhi/Dijon – Twelve

Tash Sultana – Murder To The Mind


James Blake – Limit To Your Love

Drugdealer – Were You Saying Something?

Vanilla – Footsteps

Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 – JBS


KAYTRANADA – Glowed Up ft. Anderson Paak

Connan Mockasin (NZ) – I’m The Man, That Will Find You

H.E.R. – Say It Again

Kane Strang – In Thailand


Cende – What I Want

Moses Gun Collective – Hole In The Wall

Swear And Shake – Tear Us Apart

New Gum Sarn (NZ) – Money Talks


LCD Soundsystem – American Dream

Childhood – Falls Away

Jaggers X Lines – I Tried

Gorillaz – Let Me Out Ft. Mavis Staples & Pusha T

Niia – Hurt You First

Listen to Soaked Oats! Support Dunedin Music!

Tame Impala- The Moment

Beatboxbandit (NZ)- Don’t Fight The Feeling

Bombay Bicycle Club- Home By Now


Kendrick Lamar- FEAR.

Vanilla- Footsteps

Blended Babies & Lorine Chia- Moment

Yesses (DN)- Short Love

Blockhead- The Strain


Yoko Zuna (NZ)- Introspective ft. Spyce & David Dallas

SWEAT- Number One

Emma Louise- Underflow (Little Dragon Remix)


Mac Demarco- One More Love Song

Szymon- Runaway

Yellow Days- Gap In The Clouds


Electric Light Orchestra- Mr. Blue Sky

Twin Peaks- Walk To The One You Love

Side Car (Nashville)- Lonely Lately

Tash Sultana- Gemini

People Under The Stairs- Acid Raindrops


Music Band (Nashville)- Fortune Guns

The Cactus Channel- Do It For Nothing

Die Antwood- Alien

Soaked Oats (DN)- Flies On The Wall


Bibio- Town & Country

Nashville to New Zealand- Rock N' Roll Baby

This was one of my favorite bands out of Nashville at the time that I departed for New Zealand. I was going to their shows weekly, no shame. The groupie life is real.

Up All Night- Kid Freud

Another Week, Another Track List - 11/4

Oh Wonder- Ultralife

Bon Iver- 33 GOD

Pekoe Cat- Us


Lakes & The Magic Band (NZ)- Not Sorry

Kurt Vile- Never Run Away

The Internet- Special Affairs

Erykah Badu- Hello Ft. Andre 3000


LCD Soundsystem- All My Friends

New Gum Sarn- Bad Soy

Curtis Mayfield- Pusherman


The Shambles (DN)- Sweet Sayonara

Whitney- Golden Days

Noname- Diddy Bop (ft. Raury & Cam O’bi)

Rex Orange Country- Sunflower


Father John Misty- Total Entertainment Forever

Rolls Bayce- Inside Out

NAO- Bad Blood


AmmoNation- Forever

LA Priest- Oino

Chance The Rapper- No Better Blue


Kid Freud (Nashville)- Boston

Niki & The Dove- Coconut Kiss

Raiza Biza (NZ)- Strong Women ft. Remi Rmx


Lord Echo (NZ)- Woah! There’s No Limit

Nashville to New Zealand

Nashville's very own Fly Golden Eagle. Rock n Roll right to the core.