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Monday Night Psych

9pm - 11pm Monday with Elliot

Monday Night Psych

Hey it’s Elliot here! I love the phattest psych tunes and I want to share them with you! Monday Night Psych showcases an explosive range of psych and garage rock. Each week I will be exploring a specific Artist or Album, looking at its history and impact in a segment called “Deep Dive”.

Monday Night Psych

Songs to Cure Post-Exam Blues 

Mike Krol - Power Chords
T. Rex - 20th Century Boy
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Mundungus
Koizilla (Dn) - Yes
Die! Die! Die! (NZ) - Sideways Here We Come
Darcy Clay (NZ) - Jesus I Was Evil
SODA BOYZ (NZ) - San Pellegrino
So Laid Back Country China (NZ) - With Knees Of Honey
Doprah (NZ) - Lucid Visions
The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind

------- Deep Dive - The Move ------------
Night of Fear
Flowers in the Rain
Blackberry Way
Do Ya
Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited

Jeff Buckley - So Real
Kane Strang (Dn) - See Thru
The Clash - Lost in the Supermarket
Voodoo Gangster (Dn) - Space Hotel
Encouragement (NZ) - Castle

Monday Night Psych

Summer Study Slam 2k19

Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home A Heartache
Kikagaku Moyo - Nazo Nazo
Echo Ohs (NZ) - Wild Weeds
Pipe-eye - Best Friend
levitation room - Strangers of Our Time
Traffik Island - 17
Avoid! Avoid! (NZ) - Baseline Rd
Zen Mantra (NZ) - Second Skin
Hex (NZ) - Ignoring the Problem
The Chats - Pub Feed
The Beatles - Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and Monkey

-------- Deep Dive - King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard -----
Head On/Pill
I'm Not a Man Unless I Have A Woman
God Is Calling Me Back Home
Mystery Jack
Pop In My Step
Let Me Mend The Past

Doprah (NZ) - Lucid Visions
Flyspray (Dn) - Flyspray
Mermaidens (NZ) - I Might Disappear
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - When In Rome
Moses Gunn Collective - Hole In The Wall
Trick Mammoth (Dn) - Candy Darling

How Get (NZ) - Tanned Christ

Monday Night Psych


The One Where I say "Bop" Too Much

Cream - Toad
Soaked Oats (Dn) - Don't Chew
Devo - Girl U Want
Hans Pucket (NZ) - Fuck My Life
Bespin (NZ) - Waking Dream
The Renderers (NZ) - Sea Worthy
David Bowie - Fashion
The Murlocs - Jukebox

------------- Deep Dive -  The Zombies -------------
Care of Cell 44
A Rose for Emily
Maybe After He's Gone
I Want Her She Wants Me
Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)
Hung Up On a Dream
Friends of Mine
Beechwood Park
Time of the Season

Mike Krol - What's the Rhythm 
Flyspray (Dn) - Pay You On Monday
Mermaidens (NZ) - Millenia
Echo Ohs (NZ) - Anna Ant
T.Rex - Rip Off
Space Bats, Attack! (Dn) - Battle
The Pyramid Scheme (NZ) - Ghosts of the Sphinx

Monday Night Psych

Hans Pucket (NZ) - Fuck My Life

Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us

Parquet Courts - Before the Water Gets Too High

Kirin J Callinan - Living Each Day

The Move - Blackberry Way

Kane Strang (Dn) - Two Hearts and No Brain

Tape Man (NZ) - Killer Centaurian

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Pish

Bespin (NZ) - Waking Dream 

No Doz (NZ) - Bern

----------- DEEP DIVE - Tropical Fuck Storm ----------

You Let My Tyres Down

Antimatter Animals

Chameleon Paint

The Future of History

Two Afternoons

Soft Power


Love - Andmoreagain

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Stressin'

The Move - Curly

The Mint Chicks (NZ) - She's a Mod

Soaked Oats (Dn) - Coming Up

Koizilla (Dn) - Yes


Monday Night Psych

The 47th Avenue

Goodbye, Biscuit Pie. I Effing Love You, Radio One. 

Kendrick Lamar - For Free? (Interlude) 
The Alan Parsons Project - Some Other Time 
Frank Ocean - Nights 
Milo - Rabblerouse 
The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows 
Sean Leon - Matthew In The Middle (ft. Daniel Caesar) 
Mac Miller - Inside Outside 
Brockhampton - MILK 
Syd Barrett - Effervescing Elephant 

Background Music: 

Chadley Biscuits - Academia Demiso 
Chadley Biscuits - She Goes 
Chadley Biscuits - Who's To Blame? 

Vinyl of the ∞

Pink Floyd - The Wall 

The 47th Avenue

Penultimate Biscuit 

Gochi Hendrix (NZ) - Dear Scott (ft. Chadley Biscuits) 
Simon Stokes and the Nighthawks - Which Way 
Yusef Lateef - Like It Is 
Parcels - IknowhowIfeel
Hiroshi Suzuki - Romance 
Gruppo Sound - Disco Speed 
Elujay - Little Thangs 
Alice Coltrane - Triya And Ramakrishna 
Alfa Mist - 7th October (Epilogue) 
MF Doom - Doomsday 
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Tomorrow
King Crimson - Epitaph 

Vinyl of the Week: 

A-ha - Hunting High and Low 

The 47th Avenue

Yes Dude!

Nic & Reuben (Dn) - Spog (with Jack Berry)
BADBADNOTGOOD - Can't Leave The Night 
The Smiths - I Know It's Over
Nick Drake - Parasite 
The Yardbirds - White Summer 
Chadley Biscuits (Dn) - In My Head (unreleased) 
The Babe Rainbow - Charms Travel 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - Hanoi 6 
Brockhampton - Quiver 
Sylvan LaCue - 5:55

Vinyl of the Week: 

Yes - Close to the Edge 


Chadbix - Blue/MonolithArithmatic/Dim Ension

The 47th Avenue

Before and After Biscuits 

Jack Martini - Floating 
Lil Wayne - Mona Lisa (ft. Kendrick Lamar) 
BADBADNOTGOOD - Tried (ft. Little Dragon) 
Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Old Dogs 
Puma Blue - Midnight Blue 
Claude Larson - Murrumbidgee River 
Yellow Days - How Can I Love You 
Sean Leon - Gone (ft. Adria Kain) 
Alt-J - Last Year (Terrance Martin Version) ft. Goldlink 
Tierra Whack - Pet Cemetary/Fuck Off/Silly Sam/Fruit Salad 
Nick Dorian - Reflex 
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - I'm Glad 
Jaden Smith - The Passion 
Bad Sounds - Milk It (ft. Ardyn) 
Serge Bulot - Euryale 
The Beatles - Doctor Robert 

Vinyl of the Week: 

Brian Eno - Before and After Science


Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

The 47th Avenue

On My Way To The Bank

Hobo Johnson - Peach Scone 
Quelle Chris - Popeye (ft. I, Ced & Mndsgn) 
Raleigh Ritchie - Time in a Tree 
Milo - Galahad in Goosedown 
Yussef Dayes & Alfa Mist - Love is the Message 
Jungle - House in L.A 
Air - La Femme d'Argent 
$uicideboys - 122 Days 
Connan Mockasin - Charlotte's Thong
NoName - Regal 
The Beatles - Love You To 
Earthgang - Stuck (ft. Arin Ray) 

Vinyl of the Week: 

Pink Floyd - Saucerful of Secrets 

Background Music: 

Milo - Magician (Structure
        - Sorcerer 
        - Napping Under The Echo Tree 
        - Zen Scientist 

The 47th Avenue

R.I.P Easy Mac With The Cheesy Raps 


Gochi Hendrix (NZ) - One Flew (ft. Chadley Biscuits) 

Paul & Linda McCartney - Too Many People 
Big Red Machine - Deep Green 
Parcels - Lightenup 
Rubba - Way Star 
Milo - Stet 
Thom Yorke - Suspirium 
P. Lewis - Patterns 
Mac Miller - Perfect Circle/God Speed 
Phony Ppl - Way Too Far 
Itsuroh Shimoda - Everybody Anyone 
Joomanji - Spread Too Thin 
Sam Hollis - Don't Think About It, Space Cowboy 
Mac Miller - We (ft. CeeLo Green) 
Joe Armon-Jones - Almost Went Too Far \
Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman 
Mac Miller - Funeral 

Vinyl of the Week: 

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Just For Love 

Background Music: 

Brian Bennett - Nuplex

The 47th Avenue

Psychedelia Domine 

The Moody Blues - Departure/Ride My See-Saw 
Satchy - Comfort 
Coop (Dn) - Bane 
6680 Lexington - Sara Lee 
Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Water (Medley)
Tame Impala - Past Life 
Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam 
Bad Sounds - Milk It (ft. Ardyn) 
Mac Miller - Self Care (Remix) 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - May This Be Love 
Xperience - Gumbo 
Blood Orange - Out of Your League (ft. Steve Lacy) 
The Lemon Twigs - Small Victories 
Sunni Colone -  Mornin Dew 
Mark Whalen - Happen Twice 

Vinyl of the Week: 

David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. 

Background Music: 

The Meters - Cissy Strut 
Brian Bennett - Solstice 
Ray Davies Orchestra - Theme from Kiss of Blood.

The 47th Avenue

Black Milk - Everyday Was 
Jerkcurb- Somerton Beach 
Kojey Radical - If Only 
Choker - El Dorado 
Fruit Salad - Tierra Whack 


Gochi Hendrix (NZ) - NASA Dreaming (ft. Chadley Biscuits)

Wild Nothing - Shallow Waters
The Cure - Secrets 
Jungle - Cherry 
Zach Berro - Needs (ft. Mac Ayre) 
Bas, A$AP Ferg - Boca Raton 
The Mary Onettes - Wait Out A Ghost 
Charles Bradley - Changes 
Rome Fortune & Toro Y Moi - 1000MPH 
Curtis Mayfield - When Seasons Change 
Mac Miller - What's The Use? 

Vinyl Flavour of the Week:

The Babe Rainbow - Double Rainbow 

Background Music: 

GVFF - Creep 
GVFF - Slide 
GVFF - Trapped 

The 47th Avenue

Appleby - Lady Sunshine 
Choker - Drift 
Nick Dorian - 25 
Travis Scott - Stop Trying To Be God 
Gus Dapperton - Prune, You Talk Funny 
Kojey Radical - Water (ft. Mahalia Swindle) 
SOPHIE - It's Okay To Cry 
The Blackbyrds - Dreaming About You 
Mac Miller - Perfecto
Bruce Take Nap - Summer Sex 
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur - Don't You Forget About Me 
Alt-J - Deadcrush (Remix ft. Danny Brown) 
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard / Mild High Club - The Book 
Jay Rock - OSOM (ft. SiR & J. Cole) 
Nostrum Grocers - Where'ing Those Flowers 
Nev Cottee - Tired of Love 
Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) - Years Gone By

Vinyl Flavour of the Week: 

The Moody Blues - On The Threshold of a Dream 


Yung Gud - Bon Iver 'Perth' Remix
David Bowie - Subterraneans 
Chadley Biscuits - Michigan 

The 47th Avenue

Natty Reeves - Orbit 
Enjoy - Small Car Big Wheels 
Oscar Jerome - Do You Really
The Internet - La Di Da
Puma Blue - Moon Undah Water 
Childish Gambino - U Don't Have To Call 
The Lemon Twigs - Small Victories 
Jonwayne - Geen Light (ft. Anderson Paak) 
Justin Vernon - Star Mouth 
Tonetta - A Little At A Time 
Coop (Dn) - Go Go 
The Babe Rainbow - Eureka/Alan Chadwick's Garden 
Biig Piig - Perdida 
Matt Quentin - Morning Dew 
Slow Hollows - Selling Flowers 

Vinyl Flavour of the Week: 

Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy 

Background Tracks: 

ViolentNights - Illfiger ft. Chadley Biscuits 
Madhouse - Gochi ft. Chadley Biscuits 
Trapped - Guff. Chadley Biscuits 

The 47th Avenue

Kendrick Lamar - For Free? (Interlude) 
Brockhampton - 1999 Wildfire 
KIDS SEE GHOSTS - Cudi Montage
Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer
Kendrick Lamar - GOD / The Heart Pt. 4
Allan Kingdom - Don't Wait 
New Order - Age of Consent 
Kendrick Lamar - U 
Jaden Smith - ICON? (Electric Remix) 
Ameer Vann - High Tolerance 
Kendrick Lamar - Chapter Six 
Kendrick Lamar - How Much A Dollar Cost? 
Hundredth - Youth 
Tierra Whack - Hungry Hippo / Pet Cemetary / Fuck Off 
Kendrick Lamar - Pride 
Tyler, The Creator - GELATO 
Mndsgn - 1st Nite 
Kendrick Lamar - Kush & Corinthians 

Vinyl Flavour of the Week: 

Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid M.A.A.D City

Background Music: 

Chadbix - Dim Em
Chadbix - Moonlight 
Chadbix - Rolling 
HOME - Resonance 

The 47th Avenue


Chadley Biscuits (NZ) - Man or Mouse?
Chadley Biscuits (NZ) - You'd Find Me  

ASM (A State of Mind) - Masking (ft. MF DOOM) 
Omar Apollo - Ignorin' 
Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill 
Jungle - Happy Man
Parcels - Tieduprightnow
Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$ - Lose Control 
Met Gala - She's My Sweet 
Boogie - Self Destruction
MorMor - Whatever Comes To Mind 
Clairo - Hello (ft. Rejjie Snow) 
Gus Dapperton - Of Lacking Spectacle 
Kool Keith & Dan The Automator - It's Over Now 
Lil Peep - Star Shopping (Chopped & Slopped) 
Ardency - The Ones That Miss Me 
Boogie - Self Destruction 
Matty - Clear 

Background Music: 

Guffy - Slap 
Chadbix - Hmm
Mac DeMarco - Rick's New Haircut #1

The 47th Avenue

The Raconteurs - Blue Veins 
Turk - City Kid 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) - We're Not In Love We're Just High 
Gorillaz - November Has Come 
Corbin - ICE BOY 
Mac De Marco - Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes 
Jungle - Platoon 
Average Rap Band (NZ) - El Eh 
Ariel Pink - Another Weekend 
The Underachievers - Chaising Faith 
Roger Waters - Sexual Revolution 
Brockhampton - CASH 
Black Milk - Could It Be 
The Clash - Death or Glory 
Pro Era - Resurrection of Real 

Vinyl of the Week: 

The Who - Who's Next

The 47th Avenue


Chadley Biscuits - Anymore (prod. Guff) 

Jack White - Abulia & Akrasia  
Raury - Accidents
Childish Gambino - This Is America 
Still Corners - Strange Pleasures 
Barclay Crenshaw - Artifacts (ft. The Underachievers) 
After Hours - I Don't Wanna Cry 
Role Model - Not A Fan 
Duckwrth - BOY 
Bonnie Banane - Muscles 
J. Cole - ATM 
Floyd Fuji - Drama 
Retrospect - Beyond The Dreams 
After Hours - I Don't Wanna Cry 
Joey Bada$$ - Pull Up (ft. Powers Pleasant & A$AP Ferg) 
Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer (ft. Brian Wilson!!!) 
Khalid - OTW (ft. 6LACK & Ty Dolla $ign) 
Johnny Utah - Folding Like Honey 
Video Age - Lover Surreal 
King Krule - Forever Dolphin Love (Cover) 
SiR - D'Evils 
Wonder - Launder
OMAR APOLLO - Beauty Boy 
Mild Orange (Dn) - Some Feeling 
Carole King - It's Too Late 
Sugar Candy Mountain - Quiet Place 
Stevan - The Chorus 
SZA - Love Galore (ft. Travis Scott) - Slowed. 
Triple One - The Autumn Collection 
Yellow Days - The Way Things Change 
Jack White - Humoresque

Background Music: 

Ibrahim Malouf - Surprises 
Cha Le - Volume 4 
Radiohead/Ramin Djawadi - Fake Plastic Trees 
Gitkin - Tail Chaser 

The 47th Avenue


Chadley Biscuits - The Kicks

The Blackbyrds - Dreaming of You 
Tom Misch & Goldlink - Lost in Paris 
ODIE - Little Lies 
10cc - I'm Mandy Fly Me 
Sonder - Feel 
Video Age - Hold On (I Was Wrong) 
Ariel Pink - Dreamdate Narcissist 
Flatbush Zombies - U&I (feat. Dia) 
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Small Package 
The Cure - In Your House 
Dr. Dog - Buzzing in the Light 
Brian Eno - Spider and I 
King Crimson - The Court of the Crimson King 

Vinyl of the Week:

Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery