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Velvet Afternoons

2pm - 4pm Friday with Nico

Velvet Afternoons

Come chill with Nico as she lays down some groovy, chill tunes to guide you through those velvety afternoons! With tracks that range from classic Dunedin sound, smooth jazz to chill beats, you’re guaranteed to be swaying to the beat!

Velvet Afternoons

Lime Cordiale - Reality Check Please
St. Vincent - Pay your way in pain 
Phoebe Bridges - Chinese Satelite

Faye Webster - Cheers
Seth Africa (NZ) - Charging 
The Wax Birds (NZ) - Ma Vie, Mon Amore
The Bamboos - Nothing I wanna Know About 
These Sacred Souls - Can I call you rose? 

De Stevens (Dn) - Two-Headed
1995 (NZ) - Pan Op
Eli Superflyy (NZ) - Mondayy

Babe Rainbow - Ready For Tomorrow
Juliper SKy - Another Life
No Man's Land (NZ) - Boo Boo Baby 
Fazed On A Pony (Dn) - Mary Like Me

Blood Orange - Best To You
Mousey (NZ) - Extreme Highs
Jazime Mary (NZ) - Skeleton
Juno IS (Dn) - Ur Looking so Ideal 

BO and the Constrictors (Dn) - Woo-hoo
Courntey Barnett - Elavter Operator 


A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It
Esoligh (NZ) - Hikoi Wairua (ft. Homeboy Sandman) 
Park Rd (NZ) - Control 

Chasity Belt - Seattle Party 
Dale Kerrigan (Dn) - Grudge 
nicholas Franchise (NZ) - Just For Once Now


Velvet Afternoons

Boyboy (NZ) - Boy
Bad Hgrid (NZ) - Kowabunga d00d 
Mako Road (NZ) - Lady 


Hannah Jadagu - What's Going On? 
The Neighbourhood - Cherry Flavoured
Soccer Mommy - I think You're Alright 


Camile Jansen - Je ne Fais Que Rever 
Bat for Lashes - In God's Huse 
NANCY - 7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good BLues 
Faye Webster - Cheers 


Jam Henderson (Dn) - Long walk home 
Beach Fossils - Down the Line 
Marinero - Outerlands 


Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti -  Bright lit blue skies 
Richard Dada (NZ) - Sound All Around 


Noootropica (NZ) - Dead Head
Lontalius (NZ) - Someone Will be there for you 
Connan Mockasin - I'm the Man, That Will Find You 


Marsha (NZ) - Last Night
Bathysphere (Dn)- lay out 
Sons of Raphael - Yeah Yeah Yeah 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - (NZ)  - Multi-Love 
Marlon Williams (NZ) & Kacy + Claton - I wonde rWhy
Judah Kelley (Dn) - Dance the Part 
Fazerdaze (NZ) - Take It Slow 
Adam Hattaway and The Haunters - I Need Your Needs


Willow - Female Energy Part 2 
VALENTINA (NZ) - Figure You Out 
Mystery Waitress (NZ) - baby (Lake South Remix) 
King Krule - Easy Easy 


Velvet Afternoons!

Will Slugger (NZ) - Pram Gang 
Faye Webster - In a good way
Muguette - Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher 
Nicholas Franchise (NZ) - Going Places 
Hot Laps (NZ) - Friend 
Tom Rawstorn (Dn) - Spinning around 
Juno IS (Dn) - So Hazy 
T.Rex - Cosmic Dancer 
FLUX THE CYNIC (NZ) - sippin 
The Buoys - Bad Habbit
The Datsuns (NZ) - Dehumanise
Prefuse 73 - Aborted Hugs 
Dresser (NZ) - Bystand
Marlon Williams (NZ) - Can I call you?
Nico - The Fairest of the Seasons
Kane Strang (Dn) - Warping in the Sun
Scapegoat Mercy (NZ) - Sexual
Universal Authors (NZ) - Liquour Licencse
Sophie-Maude (NZ) - Insane 
Enzo Enzo - Juste quelqu'un de bien 
Strathcona Pl (Dn) - Seams
Marlon's Dreaming (Dn) - Alike
Doug Hream Blunt - Gentle Persuasion
Slowjoy - Seeker
Bediqueete (Dn) - Lovely
Lou Reed - Viscious 
There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Pinata Head 
Delivery - Floored 
The Beths (NZ) - Out of Sight 
Scott. (NZ) - A2 


Velvet Afternoons

Velvet Afternoons

Secret Knives (NZ) - Excess
Quivers - Hold You back
There's A Tuesday (NZ) - Amsterdam
Marlon Williams (NZ) - What's Chasing You
Eden Mulholland (NZ) - Nothing Stands In The Way
Goat Girl - Badibaba
Louisa Nicklin (NZ)  - There Will Be Times 
Billie Martin - Mice
Adult Books - Grecian Urn 
Marlin's Dreaming (Dn) - Alike 
Hans. (NZ) - Borders 
BO and the Constrictors (Dn) - Woo-hoo 
Faye Webster - Cheers 
Mako Road (NZ) - When The Sun Comes Up
1995 (NZ) - Pan Op 
The Growlers - When You Were Made 
Chet Faker - Whatever Tomorrow 
Madly (NZ)  - Cloud Nine
Hemi Hemingway (NZ) - It's So Hard to Say Goodbye 
Beach House - Space Song 
Lake South (NZ -  The Johnsonvile Line (I Know How to Dance) 
Henderwood (NZ) - Health and Safety 
Nina Simone - Baltimore
Jack Page (NZ) - Halfway
Juno Is (Dn) - Floating 
The Rhododendrons (Dn) - Parade 
Ranea (NZ) - Kuikui


Velvet Afternoons

Parallel Dance Ensemble (NZ) - weight watchers
Jack Page - Halfway
The Neighbourhood - Cherry Flavoured 
Big Scary - Wake 
Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute
Tuzeint - She Wanna Go
Faye Webster - Cheers
Marlin's Dreaming (NZ) - Sink or Swim 
King Krule - Easy Easy 
Mermaidens (NZ) - Soft Energy 
ABG (NZ) - Never forget a threat
Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids 
North Shore Pony club  (NZ) - Boiler Room 
MGMT - Electric Feel 
Juno Is (Dn) - It's No Groover
10:32 (NZ) - Seedlinhg (ft. Troy Kingi) 
Bear's Den  - Elysium 
Marlon Williams (NZ) - What's Chasing You 
Liam K. Swiggs (NZ) - Fresh Prince Of The Main North Road 
Finn Andrews (NZ) - Love, What Can I Do? 
Cigarettes After Sex - K
Alec (NZ) - For a Shine 
Parquet Courts - Wide Awake (Danny Krivit Edit)
Mystery Waitress (NZ)  - Baby (Lake South Remix) 
Hahko (NZ) - Loving you (HOld Me Back) 
Vampire Weekend - A Punk
Ladyhawke (NZ) - Paris is Burning 
Sidekicknick (NZ) - You Can Now, Fly


Velvet Afternoons