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The Upper C-Side

Welcome, you've made it to The Upper C-Side.

Join Christina in the Upper C- Side 2-4pm - for a delectable mix of afternoon tracks and dabbling in all things in C's. Chats. Chunes and a occasional dose of Chinese culture. Come tingle your Friday-noon taste buds right here at the C side, stick around, I think you’ll like it here.

Final Show: We're Not Really Strangers w./ Anna

Burrbyee C side (wait.. huh.. you're leaving Crostini?!) No silly, you can still catch this bhad boi on the T u e s d a y  D r i v e 🚗.

So what better to cap off my final Friday show, than to bring in a special guest to play a game? We're Not Really Strangers is a purpose driven card game and movement all about empowering meaningful connections, developed by Instagram creative Koreen. Three carefully crafted levels of questions and wildcards that allow you to deepen your existing relationship and create new ones. My guest and I played a condensed version of this game. We laughed, struggled internally and realised the value of asking curious questions and searching for meaningful answers #wholesomereacts.  

need to actually invest my coin in this game, enjoy x

Tyler the creator – GONE GONE  THANK YOU
Soaked Oats (DN) – Don’t Chew 
Sleater – Kinney – Hurry on Home
YokoZuna (NZ) – Chunky Munky 
Tiny Ruins (NZ) – Hologram

Level 1: Perception (I said *Impression* i was incorrect)

JessB (NZ) – Mood

Snail Mail – Thinning 

Flying Lotus – More (ft Anderson Paak) 

Level 2: Connection 

Lontalius (NZ) - make my dreams come true 
Kamandi (NZ) -Manawa 

Level 3: Reflection

Le Duanle (NZ/CN) – Mirrors 
Tkay Maidza – Flexin  ft Duckwrth 
Hinds- Diego 
Randa (NZ) – Rock Bottom 
Crème Jean (NZ) – Atrophy 
The Japanese House – saw you in a dream 
Broods – never gonna change 

👏 R E J E C T I O N 👏

hey everyone! in today's show i mentioned about Alice Canton | Artist Talk for the final wrap up of her OTHER [ōtepoti chinese] exhibition, capping off at the Blue Oyster Art Project Space this Saturday 13th July 12-1:30pm. I touched on a rejection thing that i had to do for my entrepreneurship class. Finally i share about my love for the YouTube channel Our Grandfather Story and especially this video People With Down Syndrome | Can Ask Meh?  that is so worthy of a watch. 



Lucy Hunter (Dn)  – please just break my heart and let me go
Leah Kate – Left with a broken heart
Avandale Bowling Club (NZ) – Water (Medley)
Jordan Rakeri (NZ) – Wildfire 
NAME UL (NZ) -Don’t look down  
Trentmoller – In the Garden
I.E (NZ) – Country Justice 
keshi- onoffonoff
Miss June – I don’t wanna be your dog 
Leisure – Too much of a good thing 
Dad Jokes (NZ)- Dogs Best Friend
Disco Hue – Can’t Be Mine
Lizzo -Truth hurts
Jaden Smith-  E
Mallrat – Texas 
THAMA- Sing it
Molly Devine (Dn) – Someone Like You 
SuiZhen – Perfect Place 
LATRO – Seasons 
Flandiz (NZ) – Day 3  
Alizaran Lizard (Dn) – Back Front 


I talked about #myfirsttime using the Air BnB service. I stayed dirt cheap to save me some coin $$, so if you're looking for solo accommodation in Welly, the listing is here for your interest. The highlight of my trip was hanging with my fab FWEND, driving this chica everywhere to Mount Victoria Lookout, Te Ahumairangi Hill and then beached at Makara beach and Freyberg beach !! All in a night !! LEGIT #SOGRATEFUL. 

I spent some time at the WGTN City Gallery and the Semiconductor: The Technological Sublime was my fave exhibition/installation to ogle at. It’s loud. It crackles at me. I loved it. 

Final moans about Dine Dunedin yet again (because it all ends this SUNDAY 7TH JULY) so come thru if you wanna indulge in some good dealz! 

enjoy x

Lake South (NZ) - South Coast  
Monica Karina, Dipha Barus – Skin to Skin 
Eden Burns (Dn) – BOMBOM
Mermaidens (NZ) – I might disappear 
Lucy Hunter (Dn) – Please just break my heart and let me go 
Lontalius (NZ) – Make my dreams true 
Coolies (NZ) – shoot this gun 
Glove (NZ) – Tilt 
NIve – From: Me 
Missy (Dn) – Hate Me   
Julia Jacklin – Cold Caller 
King Krule – Biscuit Town
Vinida – 4U
Ian Sweet – Holograghic Jesus 
Beastwars (NZ) – Raise the Sword 
Jomalxne – 26 
Moana and the Tribe (NZ) – Tu 
Crème Jean (NZ) – Atrophy
Earth Tongue (NZ) – Astonishing  Comet 
keshi – the reaper 
Sampa the Great -Final form 
LATRO – Trapazine 
Cate Le Bon – Sad Nudes 
Finn Johansson (NZ) – Love Bomb 
Solange – Down with the clique 
Makeness – who am I to follow 
Lykke Li – So sad so sexy 

Sitting on a Durian

some dudes tryna flex their Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon knowledge in WHAT DO ASIANS LOVE THE MOST....? and if you wanna know who lost the game and sat their poor booty on a Durian...  well pls watch to the end of the video... i also came thru about the new Dine Dunedin experience, a celebration and culmination of the amazing DUD flavours there is to offer, kicking off on the 21st June- early July !! so much yumz !! 

anyways, i'm so hungus rn so pls enjoy x

Alphabetahead (NZ)-  Ghouls and Ghosts
Trias, Hopex, Callie Boom – Saying Yes (Remix)
Soaked Oates (DN) – Coming up 
Anderson Paak – Make it better  
Vampire Weekend – Sympathy 
Courtney Barnett – Everybody here hates you  
Ria Hall (NZ) – Love will lead us home 
Lila Yin – sugar 
Bad Friend (NZ) – Panic Attack 
I.E. Crazy (NZ) – Country justice 
The Japanese House -  Lilo 
Lucy Hunter – please just break my heart and let me go
Lorde (NZ) – Tennis court 
Mac Ayers – Easy 
Lontalius – I wanted him 
Leisure-  Too much of a good thing 
She’s So Rad – You and I 
Lake South (NZ) -  South Coast 
Sampa The Great – Final Form 
Lucy Dacus – My Mother and I
keshi - I swear I’ll never leave again
LATRO – Kaiju
Pup – Sibling Rivalry 
Interpol – The Weekend
Matthew Young (NZ) – Fix Me Up 
Bobandii (NZ) – Falcon Ft CHAJI

slow show bro, but the extradition thing is an important boi

extradition and some meme things for your friday. 

as talked on the show, this is a very good and informative bbc article that covers the bases about all that's unfolding, and as played on air, some thoughts shared by canto pop artist/activist Denise Ho in an interview with CNN about the protests.

supports for u HK and to all others, keep goin x

Church & AP (NZ) - Dandelion 
Paul Blanco – Last
Lake South (NZ) – South Coast 
Francisca Girffin (Dn) – Stardust  
Son Lux -Dream State 
Kendrick Lamar – DUCKWORTH 
Blush Juliet (NZ) – Slide into view  
Aldous Harding (NZ) – Zoo Eyes 
Purple Pilgrims (NZ) – Two worlds apart 
Anderson Paak – Make it better 
Alice Kristiansen- Easy 
keshi - just friends
Kimbra (NZ) – Top of the world 
The Venus Project (NZ) – Numb
Hotel God Pigeon (Dn) – Psychosis 
Yuna – Forevermore  
Leisure (NZ) – Too much of a good thing 
Lucky Boy^ - turn of that light 
SWIDT (NZ) – Praise
Mermaidens (NZ) – Smothering Possession 
A.C Freazy (NZ) – The Other Side  
Bobandii (NZ) – Falcon Ft. CHAJI
LATRO – Tatted
Billie Eilish – Bitches Broken Hearts 

TFW you lowkey adult..👶

3 WEEKS OF NO CHRISTINA?! Y'ALL BETTER HAVE MISSED ME. (tbh phat sorry & pls forgive me xo) 

In today's show I talked about how I low key parented/ did thee most quintessential adulthood thing this week. 


I talked about a v cool art exhibition a.k.a OTHER [ōtepoti chinese], that I was/ am super proud/ elated and mega stoked, to be part of. The opening for it is free and welcome to the public, FRIDAY 14 JUNE at the Blue Oyster Art Project Space!! Here's the FB event page Alice Canton | OTHER [ōtepoti chinese] for all you need to know, if you wanna come thru and support !!!

As mentioned on the show, for more info here's a R1 Interview w/ Alice Canton (on 'OTHER [ōtepoti chinese]') Interview - Jamie Green Friday 3rd May 2019 (just do some scrollin til you find, easy find)

it's been fun, enjoy x

Lapsley – Operator (DJ Koze Mix) 
SJD (NZ) – Paracetamol
Alphabethead (NZ) – Eyes of Nothing 
BEACHWARE (NZ) - Leave It Alone 
Maple Syrup (NZ) -  Wannabe (Spice Girls Cover)
Gordi (NZ) -  All the Light We cannot see 
Cherry Coke – Wash
Car seat headrest – My boy 
Merk – Ash and Sand 
Tooth Shy (Dn) – Affiliate 
Purple Pilgrims (NZ)- Two World Apart
Miss June (NZ) – Best Girl 
Min.a – by(e)
Tiny Pieces of 8 (Dn)- Forty Paces  
Tune-Yards- SIGNS (Detrioit’s Theme) 
Tame Impala-  Bordeline
Courtney Barnett- Everybody Here Hates You 
Junus Orca (NZ) – Syrinx 
Keshi – 2 soon 
Io, Becksuses - Worth it 
Thin Lips – A song for those that miss you 

“You changed your username…Thought you got married.”

Karaoke pizzazz, dude with Kylie Jenner lips, I said “open the lights” and was fully rekt for it. That time I got 495 likes and felt super validated on Peter & Bethany Secretly Share Both Sides Of Their Love Story's video, which I played a little on air; being all sorts of cute and making me feel far too many feels #unrelatablereaccs.

p.s try find me in the comments x

as always enjoy.

Lucky Boy - Turn of that light 
Levi Patel (NZ) -  With Wings falling
Repulsive Woman (Dn) – Rough Around the Edges 
Merk (NZ) – Hang
Bully – Kills to be resistant 
No Rome – Cashmoney
Pup – Sibling Rivalry 
Jennifer Chung,  Joules - Broke
Fazed on a Pony (Dn) – Gutter Moon
Scott Mannion (NZ)  - Do it for you 
Reddi Rocket, Daaliah, LUNADIRA- Caroline Cover 
Gesaffelstein, The Weeknd – Lost in the Fire 
The Japanese House – Lilo 
White Mail (NZ)  – Clicks
Ben Woods (NZ)  - Lozenge 
Soaked Oats (Dn) 
Polaroids of Polar Bears (NZ) – Brown Boxes
Ruby Fields – Climate 
Motion Picture Blur – Marianne 
October (NZ) – All she does is stare
Blood Orange -Charcoal Baby 

Pls call me Miss Yuen now. I teach Taishanese.🤙

In todays show, I mentioned an uplifting post by Ron (whom i chatted to awhile ago @payformycoffee) which had me feeling abit #OOF. This week I taught a class!! YOWZA and in my mother tongue language !! Was honestly the most shooketh/random/anxiety-ridden experience of my week. Also, where are my chubby cheek brothas, breathers, breathetts and sistas at? This Chubby Cheeks - Not as cute as you think (Animated Story) is the HILARIOUS boi for you and as chuckled on air, this video if you wanna educate yourself on some facial yoga. Wanna achieve facial gains?! Get that swOl cheeky look?! Get flexing with those reps fam. 


Imugi (NZ) – Dizzy
SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott , Game of Thrones- Power is Power
Dateline (NZ) – If you want it 
Big theif – Cattails 
Aldous Harding (NZ) – Zoo Eyes 
Soaked Oats (NZ) – Driftworld 
Tandems ’91 – Nightshift 
BLOO, niahn, Nafla - I’m the one 
Flyspray  (Dn)– Flyspray 
Fanfickk (NZ) – Cotton Candy
Mermaidens (NZ) – Fade
Julia Jacklin – Good Guy 
Pickle Darling (NZ) – In Heaven 
The Japanese House- Maybe you’re the reason
HONNE, RM, BEKA – Crying Over You 
Porches – Country 
Marlins Dreaming (Dn) – Funeral Service 
The Schizphronics- World of our own
Gnarls Barkley -Who’s gonna save my soul 
NIKI-  lowkey 
Jay Park-  Dank  
Cairo Knife Fight (NZ) - Big Face 

What's a phone book? Sorry, computer sayz no.

sorry for the lack of track listings! but don't worry, i still gotchU. these are the new bois on heavy rotation this week from my #whatpanyaos? playlist.


oh and p.s i talked about a funny  GIF thing and just HAD to share as seen on the Subtle Asian Traits FB page. hopefully from this, you'll get me from today's podcast HA. 

Dominic Fike- 3 Nights 
Miles Monaco - late night 
Bleu House – Waste My Time 
Maggie Lindmann- Would I
Oh my muu, phoebe’s guitar - Let's fall apart
Junyang – How’d You Know That
Fern – Lie 2 Me

Need me some friends & looking b r o o d y

"Christina, you're brooding." - How to call a sis out 2k19


Nadine Shah-  Fool
Hatchi – Without a blush 
Flyspray  (Dn) – Flyspray
Swallow the Rat (NZ) – New Cross
Certainty (Dn) –  Light Up 
Three Quarter Marathon (Dn) – Portrait Stare
Destroyer -Times Square
Slushii- Stay
Karencici, Junoflo- Go on
Polaroid’s of Polar Bears (NZ) – Brown Boxes 
Francisca Griffith (Dn) – Stardust 
A.U.R.A (NZ) – Who decides 
zeauk – burnt polaroids 
Barrie -Michigan 
Cyndie Lauper – Girls just wanna have fun 
Se.A, FIXL – Trouble (FXL Remix)
Diana Gordon – Woman 
Jaden Smith – E
NAO – Orbit 
Daya- Insomnia
Saint Fiction- Home
Dead Little Penny (NZ) – Depression 
The Venus Project (NZ) – Numb 

Mustard yellow turtlenecks are my jam

Hey fam. It’s been a hectic week. ‘Hectic’ is well and truly an understatement. Our hearts have never been so full, so open and so flowing with community spirit and support for our Muslim fam in NZ and abroad.     

Moving forward, in todays show I talked about my recent EXTRA stint on a Monday night – what the heck was Christina up 2?!? And at 3am?? And why was she wearing yellow??!! Fully confused?? Has she become a thicc lemon?! Did she metamorphosize into the ultimate human-criss-cross-chip?! 


Dunedin’s Fringe Festival has kicked off!! YOWZA.  Something that has caught my eye is the TRICKSTER GAME 001 (think Escape meets Dunedin Botanic Gardens and SOME). Gather the troops and go have some intelligent fun on my behalf! Tickets will be snatched v quick so get yours here!!!

Have a safe one and as always enjoy.

Seinabo Sey- I owe you nothing 
Embedded Figures (Dn) – Paradise Lost 
NOIXES, Miles Monaco- Hold You Down
Blood Orange, Steve Lacy – Out of your  league 
So Below (NZ) – HARD (Memory Rmx) 
Lykke Li – Deep end 
The Japanese House  - Maybe you’re the reason 
Uzuhan, Jeebanoff – Mama We Made It 
Grimes – California 
Solange-  Down with the clique 
The xx- Say something loving 
H.E.R – Say it again 
Fazed on a pony (Dn) – blue transporter
NIKI – Spell 
Earth to Zena (NZ) – crooked mouths  
ASAP FERG – East Coast ft Remy Ma (Clean) 
Boy crush (NZ) - Holy Water ft Chelsea Jade  
The Weeknd – The Hills 
Track-  Artist
Ian Sweet – Spit 
Kehlani -Butterfly 
Cub Sport- Party Pill 
Taliltha- GIRLS.
Meer (NZ) – DIRT
Preoccupations – Antidote 

Christina the phat little piggy

I realised this is my 20th show and I am s t i l l  a terrible R1 hOsT.

 I shared a new personality test that has popped up on my radar, the Enneagram personality typing system, a totally new boi to me, so I gave it a onceover and shared my (super savage) personality type. GO GO GO and find yourself and feel typified, just tape here. I also spieled about Jimmy Zhang and with the help of his friends, he transitioned into the ultimate Asian Fucc Boi.    


Miloux – me and mine 
Mundy – To You I Bestow
One inch Punch - Pretty Piece Of Flesh
Earth to Zena – crooked mouths 
Hans Puket (NZ) -  Fuck my life 
RL Grime, Joji, Chief Keef-  OMG 
Spinster (Dn) – Brains (in a jar)
The Japanese House – Maybe you’re the reason 
Snail Mail – Pristine 
Louis the child – world on fire feat (Ashe)
Pale Waves- There’s a Honey 
Soaked Oats (Dn)– Houdini 
NAO – orbit 
A.C Freazy (NZ) – Alien 
Lizzo – Juice 
Mary Lou Villegas – Generation 
Lunadira, Anuar Roslan – ur cute but boring 
Lontalius (NZ) – All I wanna say 
Jamie Woods – ZORA

LIVE PHONE SESH: A conversation w/ Ron from @payformycoffee.

It's officially the end of week one out here, of semester one at Otago Uni. The freshers are out and so are measles (IKR WTH!?). So what better; to hide yo kids and hide yo wife, than to listen to a podcast about a cool dude, writing cool tings?  

In my first EVER live show phone interview, I spoke with Ron, a 20 something year old who writes a bit. Travels a bit. And does his best to document life’s realities. All on the Instagram (@payformycoffee). Ron’s a millennial poet, a social writer, a social media enthusiast and quite possibly, the most relatable person ever. Ron writes exactly how he and we feel, with a writer voice that speaks candidly, genuinely, taking your words within your head, from your memo pad, your internalisations; into thoughtful reflections to yourself. Ron writes so honestly that it speaks to the millennial being – or just anybody that feels the same feelings, that we all feel. 

We chat about all things related to his account and then SOME. It was a glorious technical mess, but we both had a rad time. 

Enjoy the listen. 

Follow Ron's Instagram & Twitter 

Haan808 (NZ) -Beyreza 
Bidquette (Dn) – Nearer to you 
Yaeji – One more
Tiny Ruins (NZ) – Holograms
Earth to Zena – crooked mouths 
American Football – Silhouette 
Dead Little Penny (NZ) Depression 
Dbldbl x Trapjaw Kelpie – Bumpy  
Adrienne Lenker- Cradle 

*bombarding Ron w questions*

French Concessions (NZ) –  Empress 
Sasha Sloan – Older ( ! A RON Request !)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Keep Chooglin 
Mel Parsons (NZ) – Blame 
Gentle Bones-  I wouldn’t know any better than you
Chase Atlanta – YOU TOO.
Alec Benjamin -Boy in the Bubble 
Mongo Skato (NZ) – Beautiful U R


Kylie Jenner pls don't come for me.

I had an allergic reaction fam and this is what I looked liked early this week.

(scroll for uncanny resemblance of Kevin the Sea cucumber from Spongebob)

that's enough laughing. 


The Japanese House – Lilo
Kody Neilson (NZ)  – Bics Birthday
Miles Monaco- emergence theory 
Kuren – Lose My mind 
Earth to Zena  (NZ) – Crooked Mouths 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ) – Hanoi 6
Snail Mail – Pristine 
Estere (NZ) – Nomads
The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk)
Lucky boy^ (NZ)- Can’t get enough 
Beach House – drunk in L.A
The Echo Ohs (NZ) – Dog Bone 
Ralphie – Post Animal    
Jess B (NZ) – Take it down ft Rubi Du
Iggy Azalea – Black Widow (Tiga Rmx) 
Modern Heaven – Swimming Pool 
Praises – Anyone’s Anyone 
The Rothmans (Dn) – Wavelength 
Getter, Joji -  On My Way Out 
Childish Gambino – This is America  
Midnight Fusic -Lovesick
Dora Tran – Change your ways 
Church of Goya (NZ) –  14 crowns 

Image result for cucumber on spongebob

恭喜发财 x Happy Chinese New Year 🐖


Today's show like my red packet, gifted from my 奶奶 (grandma) was both t h i c c and giving. I talked about 'What is Peppa' a hilarious, yet heartwarming promo video produced by Alibaba, to it's Chinese audience. I talked about the infamous red packet/ envelope, that everybody is waving spastically with joy; and obvy I had a little help from this chica at  Why Red Envelopes are Given Lunar New Years | LittleArtTalks to explain it's historical roots. I also shared a glimpse into the zodiac/ horoscope for my gorgeous pals born in the year of the pig. If you're into horoscopy stuff and wanna see what maybe coming thru for your 2019, here's the link (consume with discretion and lolz, pls). 

Sorry for the lack of tunes in today's podcast, will 10000% make up for it next week!


Snail Mail – Pristine
Miles Monaco- Green Light
Cosmos Midnight – Get to it ft Winston Surfshirt 
Lizzo – Juice
Julia Jacklin – Pressure to party 
Milk (NZ) -  Benzo 
The Echo Ohs (NZ) – Dog Bone  
Joji – No fun
Jonathan Bree (NZ) – You’re so cool 
Bathsalts (NZ) – Re-View
Neil Young - Bandit 
10 CC - How dare you
Broods (NZ) – Peach (Bad Sounds Rmx)
The Japanese House –  We talk all the time  (NEW nEW!!!!!!) 
The Beth (NZ) – Idea intent
Soaked Oats (Dn) – Shuggah Doom 
Maxine Funke (Dn)-  Right Scene Wall
Little Dragon -Timothy 
MCTR, Miles Monaco – Personal 
Tiny Ruins (NZ) – Holograms

Old Man's Beard L O L .

HEYLO. What's up from this sauna of a weather! In today's show I brought you up to date with my summer school situation, espesh with the exam TT out  a l r e a dy.  oh ma gosh. Anywho, I talked about what's cute this week a.k.a my bean of a sibling became a fresher at her high school!! I also shared a smol chat about the Old Man's Beard. What is this you might say? Hint: Not a beard and most definitely not a man either. Tune in and ye shall find.


Dictaphone blues - when your simulation crossed mine 
Aporia – Stereo Moon
Of Montreal – Gratuitous Abysses 
 Suzanne Vega - Small Blue Thing
The The - Uncertain Smile 
French For Rabbits (NZ) – Highest Hill 
Half Waif – Lavendar Burning 
Esae – a car going nowhere
Gaussian Blue – Within (all the love we had)
Julia Jacklin – Head Alone
King Krule – Biscuit Town 
YokoZuna (NZ) – Yes Ft Heavy and Laz Randa
Pickle Darling (NZ) – Biology 
Missy (Dn)– Hate Me 
Zeke – eros
Alexander Briggs – whatever helps you sleep 
Spoon – Can I sit next to  you 
Aksak Maboul- Modern Lesson 
Lizzo -Juice 
Painted Blind-  Lovers and Fools 
Ansel Elgort – Supernova 
Thin Lips – Chosen Family

Chow Chow m'love (ᵔᴥᵔ)

Happy friday fam, in today's show I played nothing but the GoOdz. I kicked off with my lackluster summer school update (a.k.a. midterm exam, how u do?). I also chatted about my latest, yet so very nostalgic show that I am rewatching called  'The Point of No Return'. An incredibly OG Cantonese TV series that I grew up watching as a peanut, and also how I came to learn Cantonese! If ya wanna watch (no subtitles unfortunately, soz fam *sad reaccs*) the link is here

p.s you might be wondering why the title of this show sounds/looks sorta funny?! The reason for that is this little cream puff I discovered over on IG.



Richard Houghten – Away
MGMT- Me and Michael 
Angel Olsen – Special 
Alt-J- Pleader 
Fever Ray – Musn’t Hurry 
Miles Monaco- Gravity 
So Below (NZ ) – Close
Earth Tongue (NZ) -  the wall of pristine order 
Yaeji – One More 
The Echo Ohs (NZ) – Dog Bone 
Space Bats Attack! (Dn) - Mizar   
Deykwan, Dora Tran – All those times
Charlotte Gainsburg- Such a remarkable day 
Repairs - Eyes closed 
The Mentalist Collective (Dn) – Need a little time away 
Womb (NZ) – Feeling like helium  
Courtney Barnett -  Need a little time
The Japanese House – Maybe you’re the reason  
The  Beths (NZ) - Great no one
Jet Jaguar (NZ) -  Call 
Fazed on a Pony (Dn) – Natural Toast 
Deaf (NZ) – Slav Defence  
Anna Miracles –  Kiss Me AP Remix 
Brockhampton – TAPE 

midterm exam already?! elo! 🙏

happy friday upper-c-siders!! (should that be a thing?!). in today's show i talked briefly about what's up in summer school land i.e. got me a midterm to prep/study for, so will be staying head down and tailz up for this shizzu. I also delved into a few videos released by Asian Boss discussing about What Does Democracy Mean To The Chinese? [Street Interview] and interestingly Why Uber Failed In Korea .

super worthy of a watch and don't forget about the comments to! they always provide great perspective on these topics! 


Meer - 1953 ft Siobhan Leilani 
Gaussian Blue - You're Something i cant be without
Repairs (NZ) - Eyes closed
Leftfield, Cheshire Cat  -  Chant of a Poor Man
Charlotte Gainsburg - Such a remarkable day 
Sarah Mary Chadwick (NZ) - Sit down and pour 
Die! Die! Die! (NZ) - S I N I S T E R  
Dora Tran- Change your ways 
Laney Blue  (Dn) - Dreaming 
The Japanese House -Lilo 
Lontalius - I was more than 
Billie Eilish - when the partys over 
Minh - Blame
Eb & Sparrow - Working
Dbldbl (NZ)- Peach tea 
Tailwhip  - Men i trust 
Milk (NZ) - Benzo 
Cat Power- Stay
Drake - Own it  
LANY- I don't wanna love anymore
The Vamps, Maggie Lindeman - Personal 
Deaf (NZ) - Slay defence
Benjamin Love - Something to believe 
Estere (NZ) - Grandmother


hello 2019. it's been a minute.

ello and good afternoon. kicking 2019 summer school week with a chill one. chill sounds and new ones in today's show. oh and boy, have those Lime scooters been a HOT minute in Dunedin.

p.s please don't be a noob like me and actually remember to apply the brakes... #safetyfirst


Bidiquette (DN) -Drive slow
Jordy Waelauruw, Ezra Kunze  - Flashback 
Beach House - Drunk in LA
Fabulous Arabia (NZ) - Henry 
Murmur Tooth (NZ) - Memory 
Spawts (NZ) - Blue Light Devils 
Jian - Breathing Underwater 
Hot Chips - Dancing in the dark
Tiny Ruins (NZ) - School of Design 
The Echo Ohs (NZ) - Dog Bone
B-52 - Rock Lobster 
B-52 - Planet Claire 
Adrianne Lenker - Cradle 
Sunday Morning - Eleven
Florist - Glowing Brightly 
NF - Let you down
Gorillaz - Humility 
Repairs (NZ) -Eyes Closed
Modern Heaven - Swiming Pool
Lordsun - I can't fall in love 
Half Waif - Lavendar Burning 
Leftfield - Open Up
The 1975 - I always wanna die (Sometimes)
Robyn - Honey 

Chapter: 12 Twenty Two.

Happy Friday friends! In todays show I touched on a vegan based doco screening The Big FAT Lie that I went to see, dropped a delicious- filled spiel about my encounter with 'let them eat vegan' a 100% locally owned vegan deli in Dunedin, tucked away on Albion Lane (TYSM Deb <3). I also themed this show with a bit of 22 flavour, as I turned the spicy age of 22! For a bit of fun I shared some special learnings I have accumulated this year, now as a wise ol' 22 y/o. #bowtomeplz


The Mentalist Collective – Need A Little Time Away 
The Weeknd -Wicked Games 
Lontalius, Cutmylips – Mooncatch 
RM -Moonchild
Jay Author -Kanchi 
SZA, Calvin Harris – The Weekend – Funk Wav Remix
Chelsea Jade (NZ) - Life of the Party
Kanye West - Love Lockdown  (Flying Lotus Rmx)
Avantdale Bowling Club - Years gone by
Kendrick Lamar - DNA  
La Roux - In For the Kill  (That doesn't sound like Skraam Remix) 
Spawts - Blue Light
Missy (DN) - Hate me

- - - then I disappeared for a bit to chill with Erin's sleepy doggo and forgot a few tracks sorry x ....

Christoph El Truento (NZ) - HOOHA
Namesake (NZ) - Kowhai
Reality Club - Hesitation 
Estere (NZ) - Tokoloshe ft Raiza Baiza 
Thomston (NZ ) – Acid Rain 
Post Malone - Better Now 
Phantom Island - Hearts Heats
Moody v and the Mentrual Cycle (NZ) - WitchX
The Japanese House – Follow My Girl 
Ryan Mitchell Grey – Cholula