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Late Night Trucking

11pm - 1am Friday with Mandroid

Late Night Trucking

Riffing with William

Wolfskull - Spider Bite
Horsehead Nebula - Bull Castle
Benjamin James Watkins - Metanoia
Not Even Owls - None Gallery 2009
grvdgr - track three
Richard Neaves / Lee Noyes - Un repent
Alex Mackinnon - Loathed and Paranoid
Eves - Palms
Grunge Genesis - live 2009
Chamber Vulgaris - Tsunami no Oritaka
Piano Queen Rainbow Star Telephone -demo
Christian Mcnab - Images To Sleep Beside
Axe Handal - Everyday's A Saturday 


Riffin with Jackson

Hella - Yubacore
Chug - Oozing
Isaac Hayes - Theme from shaft
Lightning Bolt - Flooded Chamber
Skeptics - Sheen Of Gold
Cakekitchen - Mr Adrian's Lost in His Last Panic Attack
Trash - Glider To Sam
David Kilgour - Fallaway
Seth Frightening - Selfisssh
King Loser - New Age Power
Sandra Bell - The Country Girls
Terrified - Bad Luck
Robert Scott - Near To a Beautiful Park
Bjork - Stonemilker
Alaistair Galbraith - Stormed Port
The Renderers - Bottomless Pit
Snapper - Hang On
Terminals - Batwing
T Rex - The Slider
Alec Bathgate - Monkey Puzzle
The Futurians - All Reactors
Wolfskull - A Thousand Eyes
Bilders - Son Of Cronos
David Kilgour - Backwards Forwards
TKOP - The Sleepwalker


Riffin alone

Robbie Motion - Sounds of Home (the night)
Devandra Banhart - Seahorse
Cabaret Voltaire - Voice of America
King Loser - Neurons
Chug - Easy Beat
The Contortions - Contort Yourself
Opposite Sex - Long Dead Night
Terrified - Bad Luck
LBGP - Vain Hopes
Joy Division - Sister Ray
The Futurians - All Reactors
Loves Ugly Children - Six Pack
Die! Die! Die! - Year Nine, Yeah!
Mint Chicks - Opium Of The People
Sunn 0))) - Big Church
GPOGP - A Fraud. Abroad
Crude - Yer Dreams
Axe Handal - Dogsweater
Snapper - Killzone 44
Talking heads - Artists Only + Stay Hungry (live)
TCRR - Two Horse Pony (losers)

Riffin with jo

Opposite Sex - Complicity
Darcy Clay - Jolene
TCCR - It's Only Tragic
Sandoz Lab Technicians - Lost In The Crystal Mines
Nairobi Trio - Nuages
God Bows To Math - Oil of Vitriol
Gold Metal Famous - Gold! Metal! Famous!
Chris Knox - One Fell Swoop
Faith No More - Just a Man
Alaistair Galbraith - Starless Road
Chance the Rapper - Chain Smoke
Redwood Trail - Firelight
Lips - Traces of Teddy
Battles - Leyendecker (DJ EMZ remix feat Joell Oritz)
Batrider - Homie Gnomie
Dead C - Garage
GPOGP - Feast Of Trumpets
PHF ft Roy Irwin - Problem
Elan Vital - Albtraum 


Talking heads - New Feeling / A Clean Break
Sleeper's union - Psilocybin boy
Death Grips - Runway N
Boredoms - Action Synthesizer Hero
GPOGP - Ceramis Miscarriages
Opposite Sex - Regicide
Birdation - Hen's Teeth
Bardo Pond - Cracker Wrist
Lightning Bolt - Mohawkwindmill
Golden Axe - No Food
Dead C - Stations
Alastair Galbraith - Policemen On Ether
Bad Sav - Ruiners
Battles - Ddiamondd
Aphex Twin - s950tx16wasr10 (earth portal mix)
Panda Bear - Slow Motion
F in Math - 
Thundercat - Lotus and the Jondy
Batrider - Hawaii


Riffin with Veeta

F in math - Fi8sh of Pre- history
Elan Vital - Albtraum
Bardo Pond - Sleeping
Batrider - Can't Keep up
Talking heads - Psycho Killer (live)
Alaistair Galbraith - Forest Flower
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing - Feast of Trumpets
All  Seeing Hand - Geronimo II
Talking heads - Don't Worry About the Government 
Battles - The Yabba
Seth Frightening - Bully
Goblin Mix - Travelling Grave
Aphex Twin - Cliff
Look Blue Go Purple - I don't want you anyway
GPOGP - Ceramic Miscarriages

Riffin byyerself

Dead C -  The Magicians 
Bardo Pond  - Magick Square
Garbarek, Jarret, Danielsson, Christensen - Solstice
Battles - Luu Le
Center Negative - The Bureaucrats Are Dying Off
HDU - The Shark And The Pilot Fish
From Scratch - 6,7,8
Elan Vital - Albtraum
Snapper - Rain
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing - Scrying
Murdabike - Murdatracking
Death and The Maiden - Wardance
Aphex Twin - Syro u473t8+e (piezoluminesence mix)
Cloudboy - Red Rubicon
Earth - Tibetan Quaaludes
The Aesthetics - Hombre
King Loser - Centre of Things
The All Seeing Hand - Geronimo
Lightning Bolt - Dead Cowboy
Health - Die Slow
Swans - A Little God


Riffin' with the Griffins

Gorrilaz - kids with guns
Boredoms - Turn table boredoms
Count Basie - it's alright with me
Django Reinhardt - Improvisation
Devo - Satisfaction
Aphex Twin - 180db_
The Slits - I heard it through the grapevine
Outkast - Spaghetti Junction
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing - Nine of swords
Earth - Thrones and Dominions
The Roots - Web 20/20 
Bon Iver - re: stacks
Lightning Bolt - Mega Ghost
Mr Oizo - Ham
The Roots - Don't say nothing
Death and The Maiden - Civilisation
Mablib - Mystic Bounce
Flying Lotus - Stonecutters
Miles Davis - Darn that Dream
Hella - Yubacore
Wu Tang - Seventh Chamber Part 2 - Conclusion
Thundercat - Lotus and the jondy 
Ozomatli - Superbowl Sunday
Can - Vitamin C


playlistin' riffin

Cloudboy - Tebo
Aphex Twin - Mould
Devendra Banhart - Seahorse
Sebadoh - S Soup
Batrider - Lighten Up
Alastair Galbraith - Vincent
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Iron Lemonade
Baths - Exit the Mine
Battles - Atlas (DJ Koze mix)
The Dead C - Garage
Thought Creature - Favourite New Machine (Golden Axe mix)
Opposite Sex - Regicide
Acid Mother's Temple - Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky 
King Loser - Neurons
New Gum Sarn - New Gold Mountain
Astro Children - Yonsi
This Kind Of Punishment - Out of My hands
The Communist Rainbow Relationship - It's Only Tragic
The Mint Chick's - Welcome To Nowhere
Mr Oizo - Tricycle Express ft.Gaspard Auge 
Salad Boys - Daytime Television

Riffin with Karl

Eye - skyline of a distant city 

Opposite Sex_ super market 

Venetian snares - c8 Diversity\ 
street chant stoned again 
Trash - telecom south 
GpoGp - Rainbow islands 
snoop dogg - drop it like it's hot 
boom bip - the unthinkable feat buck 65 venetian snares mix 
Jay kill Rolling -shampoo for my real friends, real poo for my sham friends
dead c - bad politics 
Kero kero Bonito - Picture this (felicita rmx) 
LBGP - I don't want you anyway 
Gordons - machine song 
fuckault - let them dream (rot rmx) 
toy love - squeeze 
3ds - Jewel 
iso12 - the madrid connection 
wolf eyes - urine burn 

Riffin with Troy

Boredoms - jungle tatai
Bardo Pond - just once 
Dead C- waves
Snapper -dry spot 
wolf eyes - the driller
Liars - the other side of mister heat attack
Melvins - lovely butterfly
Lightning Bolt - 2 towers
Psychic Maps - Waxeyes
Mogwai -cody
Troy live set
Nick Drake - cocaine blues
Troy live set
Boredoms - B for  boredoms
Konono no. 1 - Fula Fula
Antipop Consortium - Ping Pong


riffin 10/8

Bad Sav -Labradoodle
Seth Frightening - Into the Water
Opposite Sex - Regicide 
Death and the Maiden - Bioluminescnce 
Boom Bip - The Unthinkable ft buck65 (venetian snares mix)
Gorrilaz - November Has Come
Mr Oizo - Cut Dick
Iso12 - Sapphire City
Chug - Sassafras
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Gold Splatter
Of Montreal - An Elvardian Existence
Ax Handal - Dog Sweater
LSD Fundraiser - Ascendancy
King Loser - Centre of things
Battles - My Machines (Pat Mahoney and Dennis Mcnany mix)
Devendra Banhart - So Long Old Bean
Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U
Bardo Pond - Magick Square
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Early Birds Of Babylon
Dead C - Sky
Caroles - Hollow Trophy
The Residents - Lizard Lady (live)
Wolf Eyes - Stabbed In The Face