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7pm - 9pm Friday

Friendly Potential Radio

Friendly Potential: hedonistic dance-parties, and blissful radio shows. Each week the crew play music they love, and air sets from national and international friends. Tune in as they dance around the cosmos, one galaxy at a time.

You can find and download all the shows, as well as other mixes, over on SoundCloud, Spotify, on Apple Podcasts, or wherever else you source your episodic audio.



Ep.51 w/. Albrecht La'Brooy (Analogue Attic/Butter Sessions // AU)

Ep.50 w/. Keepsakes (S.L.A.M // UK/NZ) & Jaded Nineties Raver (NZ)

Ep.49 w/. DJ 6TS (Braindance/Clique // KR)

Ep.48 w/. Stinky Jim (Round Trip Mars // NZ)

Ep.47 w/. Yaeji (Godmode // US/KR) & Lowquid (Jelly Bean Farm/Averted Vision // NZ)

Ep.46 w/. Kane Ikin (Type/Latency/Echovolt // AU)

Ep.45 w/. Poly Girl (UK/NZ)

Ep.44 w/. Magnetizer (Not Not Fun/Goaty // US)

Ep.43 w/. Borusiade (Cómeme/Correspondant // RO/DE) & Hugo Jay (Coastal Haze // NZ)

Ep.42 w/. son.sine (Delsin/Nurture // NZ) & Borrowed CS (3BS/Margins // NZ)

Ep.41 w/. Frankie Cosmos (Bayonet // US)

Friendly Potential Ep.40 w./ Eluize [Night Tide // DE/AU] Guest Mix

SKY H1 - Huit [PAN]
Deadboy - Glass Lake [Ten Thousand Yen]
Deltawerk - Sample [Atomnation]
Trikk - Florista [Innervisions]
SBTH - Diffondersi (Alternate Version) [Lossless]
Between Ourselves - Content Aware Scale (Aera Rmx) [RePublik Music Recordings]
ConSequence - Touch [Jack Trax Records]
Mculo - Nah No Claps [Posterboy Records]
Conforce - TKY [Delsin Records]
Tiefschwarz (Official) & YAWK - Calling Home (Eluize Mum's the Word Rmx) [Studio Kreuzberg]
I:Cube - Cash Conv [VERSATILE]
L.U.C.A. - Sirene [Edizioni Mondo]
Lena d'Agua - Tao [Strangelove Music
Isabelle Antena Official - Otra Bebera [Les Disques du Crépuscule
Pigbag - Six Of One [Y Records] 
Per Cussion - 42nd Street Heartbeat [Genlyd] 
Mogwaa - In The Mood [self released through Clique Records KR] 
Lena d'Agua - Jardim Zoológico [Strangelove Music] 
Martha and the Muffins - Black Stations/ White Stations [Current] 
Yukihiro Takahashi - At Speak Easy Club [Yen Records] 
Michael Chapman - Lescudjack [Emotional Rescue
Man Jumping - Aerotropics [Cocteau Records] 
Andre Carr - Island Man Medley [Harmony] 
Jasper Van't Hof - I Le [Virgin] 
Bharat Karki & Party - Calcutta Calcutta [EM Records] 
Tornado Wallace - Today ft Sui Zhen [Running Back]

Friendly Potential Ep.39 w./ Black Light Smoke [Hafendisko/Scissor & Thread // US] Guest Mix

Featuring a storming mix from the inimitable Black Light Smoke (US). Black Light Smoke has just released his new EP 'Fire In My Head' on hafendisko. This EP, his first since 2014, follows up his incredible run of 12"s on Scissor and Thread. T. Margos rounds out the show.

Vermont - Chemtrails [Kompakt Records]
*Black Light Smoke*
Imre Kiss - Non [Lobster Theremin]
Supreems - PGesus [Lobster Theremin]
Efde - Just Did It [Voyage Direct]
Raär - Santori [Who's Susan]
Black Light Smoke - Fire In My Head ft. Dana Hom [Hafendisko]
Marcello Napoletano - Survivor [What Ever Not]
Black Light Smoke - All Night Long (Deep Dub Mix) [Hafendisko]
Steve Bug - What’s Happened (Rod Remix) [RexClub Music]
Mall Grab - Menace ll Society [Unknown To The Unknown]
Black Light Smoke - Wise Guy [Hafendisko]
Gerry Read - Up Down Up [TIMETABLE]
Black Light Smoke - Signals [Hafendisko]
Brynjolfur - IO (Foot Mix)[Hafendisko]
Gino Soccio - Remember [Atlantic] 
Nagamatzu - Possession [Dark Entries Records]
*T. Margos*
Rising Sun - What Happened? [Fauxpas Musik]
Nu Guinea - Howls ft. Tony Allen [Comet Records]
Montezumas Rache - Wu Du Wu [Second Circle/Music From Memory]
Plus Instruments - Love Is Enough (Jamie Paton Cloudy Dub-out) [[Emotional] Especial]
Ands Mega - Sentinel [Logical Records]
Vox Low - Some Words of Faith [Correspondant]
Daniele Baldelli - Archetipo [Mondo Groove]
Rheinzand - Infiniti [Les disques de la mort]
King Ghazi pres. Abu Sayah - Houran (DJ Sotofett Versatile Mix) [VERSATILE]
Jose Manuel - Sisi [Optimo Music/Optimo Trax]


Friendly Potential Ep.38 w./ Slow Porn (My Favorite Robot/La Dame Noir/Meant // FR] Guest Mix

Featuring an hour of indecent dance music fromSlow Porn (FR), aka Remain (Meant Records) and Phred Noir (La dame Noir records). Slow Porn are celebrating the release of their compilation of 'Prise de Vue vol.1', out now on My Favorite Robot Records. Gussy rounds out the show.

MARVIN HORSCH - Sun After The Rain [FILM]
*Slow Porn*
--No Tracklist--
Space - Carry On, Turn Me On [Vogue]
Breaker 1 2 - 2 [Forbidden Planet (Official)]
Palms Trax - Forever [Lobster Theremin]
Adesse Versions - Pressured [Make Love In Public Spaces/Love Fever]
Modini - Fear [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
It's Not Over We Hustle Harder - Collective Consciousness [Itsnotover]
Rick Wilhite - Drum Patterns & Memories (Moodymann Mix 2) [Rush Hour Records]
Pépé Bradock - The Charter [VERSATILE]
Too Funk - Sidewalk [Ferox]
DJ Sneak - Funky Rhythm [Robsoul Recordings]
Chicken Lips - Do It Proper [Kingsize]
Martyn - Masks [BRAINFEEDER]
Sound Stream - Inferno [Sound Stream]
Florian Kupfer - Discotag [WT Records]
DJ Ford Foster - Clankers [Bad Mums]

Friendly Potential Ep.37 w./ Pacific Heights [NZ] Guest Mix

Featuring "The Hidden Half" mix from Pacific Heights. Simon rounds out the show.

"This mix 'The hidden Half' is a flow of the things beneath the surface. The naked eye can’t make them out, but linger long enough and the mist clears. Be patient in the ways of the samurai and the caterpillar will turn into a butterfly in front of you. "


Mr. YT - Morning [Apollo Records]
*Pacific Heights 'The Hidden Half' Mix*
Flako - Black Dance [Project Mooncircle]
Legowelt - Wild At Heart [BAKK]
Mark Pritchard - Give It Your Choir ft. Bibio [Warp Records]
Dialect - Sunset Park (In the Dark) [1080p]
BLANCAh - Learning To Fly (Kris Davis Remix) [Steyoyoke]
Nosaj Thing - N R 1 [Innovative Leisure Records
Percussions - November 2011 [Text]
Kiasmos - Burnt [Erased Tapes]
Weval - I Dont Need It [Kompakt Records]
Percussions - Ascii Bot [Text]
GUERRE - Premier [Yes Please]
Nils Frahm - Says [Erased Tapes Records]
Chaos In The CBD - Accidental Meetings [In Dust We Trust]
Mr. G - Transient [Bass Culture Records]
Mark Henning - Trojan [Cityfox]
Hammer - At Once [Optimo Music]
Zombies in Miami - Flashback Mantra [YAYHF/Hippie Dance]
Inga Mauer - My Flights Without You [shtum]
Radio Slave (Official) - Another Club [Rekids (Official)]
Jared Wilson - Getting That Feeling [Super Rhythm Trax]
Omar-S - Party Marty [FXHE]
Mr. YT - Evening [Apollo Records]
Turner Street Sound - Stoned Mix [Butter Sessions/NOISE IN MY HEAD]
The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me [Warp Records]

Friendly Potential Ep.36 w./ k2k [Inky Waves/Margin // NZ] Guest Mix

Featuring an straight-up dance set from k2k [ INKY WAVES/MARGINS], ahead of her performance at Laneway Festival NZ. Simon rounds out the show.

IMYRMIND - The Grief Master [Money $ex]
--No Tracklist--
Michal Turtle - Are You Psychic? [Shout/Music From Memory]
Leo James - What Happened To You [Neubau]
FRANK AGRARIO - Uno Y Dos (Jonathan Kusuma Rmx Two) [Tom Tom Disco]
Moiré - Façade ft. James Massiah [Ghostly International]
Hove - Portes du Soleil [Light of Other Days]
Kasper Bjørke - Choir of Young Ravers [YAYHF]
Helen - Zanzibar [Discomagic/Dark Entries Records]

Friendly Potential Ep.35 w./ Scuba Diva [NZ] Guest Mix

For our first broadcast for 2017, we're joined by Jimmy Mac, aka SCUBA DIVA. Sam Harmony rounds out the show.

Brian Eno - An Arc Of Doves [Editions EG]
*Scuba Diva*
Roy Ayers - Liquid Love [BBE]
Idris Muhammad - Peace of Mind [Kudu]
Beastie Boys - Electric Worm [Capitol]
Liquid Liquid - Scraper [99 Records]
Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business [Rough Trade]
Whitefield Brothers - Yakuba [Field/Now Again]
D.R Hooker - Forge your own chains [On/Now Again]
Bob Marley and the Wailers - High Tide or Low Tide [Tuff Gong]
Dorothy Ashby - Soul Vibrations [Cadet]
MF Doom - One Beer (Inst.) [Stones Throw]
Cortex - Troupeau Bleu [Disques Espérance]
Seaside Lovers - Evening Shadows [CBS]
Johnny Hammond - Can't We Smile [Milestone]
Hauromi Hosono & Friends - Coral Reef [CBS/Sony]
Doug Hream Blunt - Fly Guy [Self-Released/Luaka Bop]
Gidge - Elegy pt.II [Atomnation]
*Sam Harmony*
Jon Hassell - Solaire [ECM]
Ras Michael & The Sons Of The Negus - Black Vibes [Trojan]
Beshara - Shadow Of Love [Sub Zero]
Jean Adebambo - Reaching For A Goal [Third World]
Kante Manfila - Diyagne [Celluloid]
Awa Poulo - Poulo Hoto Ngari [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Winter Consort - Juniper Bear [Epic]
Herbie Mann - T.V.E [Atlantic]
Hermeto Pascoal - Santo Antonio [Warner Bros.]
Vangelis Katsoulis - Earth Beat [Utopia/Into The Light Records]
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango [Progress Record]
Trio Zero - Twilight [Capitol]
Vangelis Katsoulis - Enigma (Young Marco Remix) [Into The Light]

Friendly Potential Ep.34 - Best Of 2016 w./ Sam, Tom, Gus, & Simon [Friendly Potential//NZ]

Sam, Tom, Gus, & Simon picked some of their favourite releases for 2016, and Simon stitched them all together.

Huge thanks to all our guests this year, and to people who helped along the way. See you in 2017. x

Steve Hauschildt - A False Seeming [Kranky]
Rouge Mécanique Musique - Cheap As Coke [Self]
PSYCHIC MIRRORS - The Bells Of St Christopher [Cosmic Chronic]
Anderson .Paak - The Waters ft. BJ The Chicago Kid [OBE]
Yves Tumor - The Feeling When You Walk Away [PAN]
Montezumas Rache & Dominik Von Senger - Rheinfahren [Golf Channel Recordings/Emotional Response]
Joe Tossini & Friends - Wild Dream [EFFICIENT SPACE]
Trevor Dandy - Judgement Morning [PMG]
Chinaski - Street [Uncanny Valley]
84PC - Shkarim Ba Afela [Multi Culti]
Philippe Chany - Fiction [Dark Entries Records]
Richardi Mac - Told You So [Spacetalk]
Nu Guinea - NG Theme [Early Sounds Recordings]
Mr. Macdonald - East Dry River (Calypso Edit) [Fly By Night Music]
Pye Corner Audio - Ganzfeld Effect [Ghost Box]
Jayda G - Fathom Five [1080p]
Omar-S - Heard'Chew Single ft. John FM [FXHE]
Crooked Man - Happiness (DNA 5) [DFA RECORDS]
Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda - Priestess [Clarity]
Jay Daniel - Paradise Valley [Technicolour]
Steven Julien / Funkineven - Begins [Apron Records]
Black Spuma - Gabula [International Feel Recordings]
Parple - Sacred [Hivern Discs]
Jonathan Kusuma - Police & Snitch [I'M A CLICHÉ]
Val G - Frostbite [Vanity Press]
Mori Ra - On The Edge Of Flip [Forest Jams]
Bjorn Torske - Fuglekongen [Smalltown Supersound]
Telephones - Datajungel [Running Back]
Peter Zummo - How Does It Feel [Optimo Music]
Marie Davidson - Naive To The Bone [Minimal Wave/Cititrax]
Benedikt Frey - Out Of Here ft. Javolenus (Roman Flügel Rmx) [Hivern Discs]
Marcello Giordani - Italo Deviance - OH! Superman [Θʀ⊿cu⌊⊕ ʀ⋵cøʀɖs]
Pearson Sound - XLB [Self]
Hieroglyphic Being - Crocodile Skin [Technicolour]
Demdike Stare - Overstaying [Modern Love]
The System - Almost Grown [Music From Memory]
Will Dimaggio - Fusion (Broadcast Mix) [FUTURE TIMES]
Badbadnotgood - Time Moves Slow ft. Samuel T. Herring [Innovative Leisure]
Jenny Hval - Conceptual Romance [Sacred Bones Records]
Lontalius - Light Shines Through Dust [Partisan]

Friendly Potential Ep.33 w./ Underspreche [Optimo // IT] Guest Mix

Featuring a hybrid live/DJ set from Underspreche [Optimo Music/Italy], who are celebrating the release of their debut LP 'Invito Alla Danza'. Sam Harmony rounds out the show.

"Alive-DJ Set is the name of our hybrid live where we use to play vinyl enriching the set with a live session composed by drum machine, synthesiser, vocals, samples and effects. This kind of environment give us the chance to create something new experimenting on tracks we already love giving our touch. it’s all about inspirations and everything is improvised.
We were very happy to recorded a mixtape for Friendly Potential, where you could find also some re-edits we did exclusively for you." - Marika Underspreche

Suzanne Kraft - Fragile [Melody As Truth]
Underspreche - Flash Of Inspirations [Optimo Trax]
Tzusing - Emotional Eater [LIES Records News]
Omar-S - I Just Want [FXHE Records]
Underspreche - Mi Luz Es Distinta ft. Sandra Restrepo [Optimo Trax]
Larry Heard Presents Mr. White - The Sun Can’t Compare [Alleviated Records & Music]
Roberto De Simone - Il Coro Delle Lavandaie [Archeo Recordings]
KMFH aka Kyle Hall - Dr. Crunch [Wild Oats Music]
Underspreche - The Lady Of The Knight [Optimo Trax]
Dolo Percussion - Dolo 5 [FUTURE TIMES]
Underspreche - Jefe (Aera Re-Edit) [Unreleased]
Jun Kamoda - イルリメ - The Clay [Mister Saturday Night]
Fango - Rectum (Underspreche Re-Touch) [Unreleased]
LuvJam - Forest Of Nip [Cocktail d'Amore Music
DJ October - Oct01 [October]
Underspreche - In Turbine [Optimo Trax]
Florian Kupfer - Erika [Technicolour]
Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque [Soulsheriff]
Burial - Come Down To Us [Hyperdub Records]
*Sam Harmony*
Steven Julien / Funkineven - SSS (90s Cut) [Apron Records]
Leon Vynehall - Paradisea [Running Back]
Shanti Celeste - Sun [Secretsundaze]
GONNO - ACDise [International Feel Recordings]
Fudge Fingas - Untytled [Firecracker Recordings]
Entro Senestre - Rosegold [WT Records]

Friendly Potential Ep.32 w./ Malcolm S [NZ] & Josh Keys [Spin Club // AU] Guest Mixes

Featuring a set of originals from Malcolm S [ghost wave//NZ], and a mix of heaters from Josh Keys [Spin Club//AU]. Simon also joins in.


Pye Corner Audio - Approach [Ghost Box]
*Malcolm S*
Pleasure Land (Ken Burns Mix)
Street Hydrant
Fruit & Flowers
Sun & Moon
Third Ave
Lord Echo - Just Do You ft. Mara TK [Soundway Records]
Dan Kye (Jordan Rakei) - Like You Wanna [Rhythm Section]
Gnork - No Gravity [Magicwire]
Mathew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert - Pollen 4 Life (Dub Mix) [Hypercolour/ Glass Table]
Chaos In The CBD - Natural Taboo [Craigie Knowes]
Autechre - Yulquen [Warp Records]
*Josh Keys*
--No Tracklist--