top 11 countdown

Tuesday 24th March 2015
1 Kane Strang (dn) Full Moon, Hungry Sun12
2 Death And The Maiden (dn) War Dance22
3 Cool Rainbows (nz) Universe92
4 Fazed on a Pony (dn) Leave73
5 Shunkan (nz) Our Namesnew-
6 Tame Impala Let It Happennew-
7 Yumi Zouma (nz) Song For Zoe & Gwen43
8 Kendrick Lamar The Blacker The Berry54
9 James Pants Artificial Lover33
10 Nakey (nz) Oh Yeah, Fuck Yeah112
11 SJD (nz) Little Pieces103
hp Seth Frightening (nz) Deliver
hp 2 Vera Ellen (nz) Modern Girls

Dunedin tracks: 3
New Zealand tracks: 10
* = last week
# = weeks on

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