top 11 countdown

Tuesday 26th August 2014
1 Shunkan (nz) Sideway Sleepers16
2 BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)new-
3 The Canals (dn) I'm A Hypocrite (And You're Naive)28
4 Summer Thieves (dn) Love Is Lost94
5 Us (dn) Today (ft. NPC, King Kai and MicSure)83
6 Little Bark (nz) Hmmm54
7 Lontalius (nz) Light Shines Through Dust104
8 Opposite Sex (dn) Supermarket64
9 HEAVY (nz) Coming Outnew-
10 Kaytranada Leave Me Alone (ft. Shay Lia)new-
11 Spoon Do You32
hp Action Bronson Easy Rider
hp 2 Ha The Unclear (dn) Growing Mould

Dunedin tracks: 5
New Zealand tracks: 9
* = last week
# = weeks on

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