top 11 countdown

Tuesday 27th January 2015
1 Two Cartoons (nz) Horizon Approaching112
2 Embedded Figures (dn) EVE12
3 Princess Chelsea (nz) No Church On Sunday56
4 Leno Lovecraft (nz) Paradise Planet82
5 DPTRCLB (nz) I Wonder62
6 Kane Strang (dn) In Thailand39
7 The Violet-Ohs (dn) Shultz24
8 Tom Lark (nz) Something To Tell You95
9 Groeni (nz) Fraynew-
10 Mongo Skato (nz) Turismoc104
11 Tuxedo Do It43
hp Proton Beast (nz) Vis Viva
hp 2 Weird Together (nz) No Compromise

Dunedin tracks: 3
New Zealand tracks: 12
* = last week
# = weeks on

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